Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa…
By Missy Tippens

Okay, I’d like a show of hands. How many of you are already done with your shopping? And dare I ask how many were done by Thanksgiving? (No, don’t answer that, because I won’t like you if you were!) :)

For those of us who put off shopping or who have done most of it but are having trouble coming up with items for certain hard-to-buy-for people, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite things. I’ve also polled some other writer friends to see what Santa is bringing this year.

My new favorite thing is Isle of Candles Soy Lotion Candles! They're made of pure soybean oil. As they burn (at a lower temp than wax candles), you can take the warm wax and use as a lotion. Oh, my! My hands never felt better. It's amazing. And the fragrances are to die for. I bought the caramel vanilla and blackberry sage. Then later ordered chestnuts & brown sugar. They all smell yummy! And they smell good on my hands as well.

And speaking of candles…Mary shared a few of her favorite luxury gifts (along with this pitiful note: fyi...if I ever get ANY of this???? I buy it for myself.”)

Poor Mary. Made me feel sorry enough I almost ordered them all for her. Almost…  :)  Okay, here are her favorite things:

A Master's Hand Candle. Mary prefers the Cinnamon Candy but says she’ll take any kind.

Tetley's Earl Grey Tea with the drawstring teabag.

Harry and David Royal Riviera Pears

Oh, and one last request from Mary… “And just one small box of Godiva Chocolates.” Anyone out there feel sorry enough for her to send her one?? :)

My friend and critique partner Lindi Peterson would love an e-reader this year. I think that’s probably THE gift of the season now that they’re getting more affordable. Jennifer Hudson Taylor said she asked for a Kindle, and her sweet hubby got it for her early!

Oh, and here’s yet another to succumb to technology… Audra says her Dear Santa wish list is always boring. But easy for her family to fill! She says, “I soooo love little writing gadgets whether it's pens, staplers, tape dispensers...all the little things that make life easy on a college student Santa's budget. THIS year though, I'm going out on a limb and asking the Harders' Family elves to collectively wrap a Kindle for mama. We'll see how that works out.”

Okay, Audra. I’m pretty sure all elves are hanging out here today, so you should be good.

Lindi has also asked her husband for closet organizers. How cool would that be to wake up Christmas morning and find that Santa has put everything neatly in its own special place? (Hint, hint to Santa husbands everywhere!)

And speaking of romantic gifts like closet organizers, Cara has asked for a meat grinder! ;) Now that’s a gift to make you swoon. But, seriously, Cara would be thrilled if her hubby gets her the grinder attachment for her KitchenAide. And since he’s a practical guy, she may just find it under the tree.

Janet is wishing for a gift that’s secret. She doesn’t want her hubby to know her girls are getting it for her (pssst….it starts with a K and ends with a eurig.) She also wouldn’t mind a carousel full of K-cups to go with that…

Janet also mentioned (out loud this time) that she’d love pretty soaps for her powder room that are scentless. And would like pretty candles that are scentless too. I’m on this one Janet… Hey, found fragrance-free candles at Isle of Candles. Also found this cool site, Lizzie Candles.

Cheryl has also asked for a Keurig this year after hearing all chatter from happy Seekers who are now addicted to the thing. She also wants some new decorative socks. She says she loves new socks for Christmas--ones that are comfy and that have fun or pretty designs on them. She also would love some new Love Spell perfume from Victoria's Secret because it's her favorite (My fav is Strawberries & Champagne. Second fav is Pear Glacé. Just in case you’re wondering. ;)) Lastly, Cheryl would love some Wallflower refills (Warm Vanilla Sugar please!) for her Bath & Body Works Wallflower plug ins. Cheryl, you just send your family to visit the blog today, and we’ll make sure they take care of you. 

Fellow blogger Angie Breidenbach quickly whipped out a wish list that’s probably similar to any writer’s list:
--A photo/desktop publishing program
--An iPad (who wouldn’t be thrilled to find one of those under the tree?!)
--For great stocking stuffers? Gift cards to restaurants for take out during heavy deadlines.
--Oh, and Angie requests one last minor item: “Another contract would be the icing on the Christmas cookie!”

Another fellow blogger, Christy LaShea, came up with a wish list that’s most likely near and dear to any woman’s heart. She says…

For Christmas, I’d like a desk and chair (a comfortable chair) where I can have more room to set up my laptop and organize my bills and paperwork.

I’d also like for Santa to bring me a housekeeper, a decorator, a hairstylist/wardrobe consultant… all who will work for free because they love me so much. (I guess I’d better get to work because no one is going to fit all of these shoes except me!)”

LOL! Yeah, we can all dream, can’t we?

Julie joked that she told her husband she wanted a chin tuck for Christmas but would settle for a black cardigan. But her hubby (putting husbands everywhere to shame) got Julie a 7-day Caribbean cruise with the kids instead. Wow. I’m speechless. Need to collect myself for a minute…

Okay, now to share some of Julie’s favorite things:

Hazelnut coffee or any flavored coffee
Pretty Christmas wine glasses
Cheap costume jewelry (from Kohl's!)
Sexy tops
Romance books/movies

She concludes her list by saying, “Uh-oh ... that could make me sound both cheap and easy, couldn’t it???”

Julie, honey, we’d never think that about you! But you might want to watch who you share that list with. :)

Myra shared with me one new thing she recently discovered, thanks to her daughter, is Scentsy products. Myra, Lindi was recently raving about these as well.

Myra also loves picking out an office wall calendar for the upcoming year--something with gorgeous pictures that inspire or transport her to another place and time. She added, “Of course, if someone wanted to send me on that cruise with Julie, I wouldn't object--LOL!”

I’m all for hitting up Julie’s hubby to include friends next time!

Debby said she hasn’t thought of a thing for her husband to get her. Debby, I’m sure someone on here can think of something they’d like to ask him for, so you better hurry! Of course, she did say she’d like:

A Copy of The Moral Premise, by Stanley Williams, and a large, zip tote from L.L. Bean to take to conferences.  Perfect for carrying lots of books!

Debby also said she’d ask God's protection for our military deployed far from home. For health for her family. And…drum roll…Book contracts for all Seekers and Seeker friends!

Yes, Debby is generous in her requests.

Now Ruthy…she has some simple—and also generous—Christmas wishes.

Ruthy’s favorite thing:  sponge candy.

And first on her Santa wish list: A contract for Pam. She says, “Yes, that's first because it has to be first.”

But Ruthy’s not totally selfless. She says she wants a pedicure because she won't spend the money on her feet but will spend twice that to get the big ol' poodle groomed!

Yes, Ruthy, dear, we give you permission to treat yourself. Besides, who wants to see your mangy toenails at RWA next summer??? Huh?? Remember that, please.  ;) 

One other Santa wish for Ruthy: Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash diet soda.  She says, “They only carry it at the holidays and it's the best diet soda ever. It's like a party in a can, like Christmas punch. I miss it when it's gone!” Mmmm. I’ll be looking for that as well.

Oh, and I almost missed one last sweet request from Ruthy: For baking time with grandchildren. She says, “They're so fun to have in the kitchen. It's a hoot. And they try so hard to help!”

I wish we could all join her in the kitchen this year. Wouldn’t it be nice to switch our virtual treats for the real thing? Maybe Santa can work on that. :)

I wish everyone here in Seekerville a merry Christmas! May you get everything you wish for. And above all, may we all experience anew the wonder of our Savior’s birth!

I’ll be giving away a copy of A Forever Christmas today. And since we’ve been talking about gifts…Let me know in your comment you’d like to be entered, and I’ll send a signed copy as a gift from you to a person of your choice. Now that’s gift-giving made easy! :)


  1. cool list of things all I wanted was a wrapped present under the tree. I got one now.
    Missy I would love to be entered and would have a copy sent to my friend Sheri. I read the book last year and loved it.
    I am so wanting to get a kindle.
    merry christmas everyone.

  2. I'm one of the first to leave a comment again tonight, but this time I'll be brave and put the coffee on. I'm making it in a Seekerville-approved Keurig coffee maker using one teaspoon of freshly ground coffee for every cup of filtered water the way Tina likes it.

    Missy's not gonna like me, but my shopping was done before Thanksgiving, however, I have a good reason. Our college daughter only got a couple of days off work to spend with us at Thanksgiving. She's Miss Christmas and wanted the tree cut, up and decorated with the wrapped presents beneath it before she headed back to finish her quarter.

    Since I miss our gal and wanted her to know we'd be ready for her when she comes home again on Christmas Eve, I did things her way for a change. Talk about a stress-reducer. I'm learning from my daughter and doing things her way from now on.

  3. I'm done with my shopping, thank goodness. I've been sick so I'm glad I finished early. I'd love to be entered and have a copy sent to my sister. She is having a hip replacement on the 29th and she will have plenty of time to read.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  4. Keli, thanks for taking care of coffee.

    My shopping is done. Gifts are wrapped. But I still have some stocking stuffers to wrap.


  5. I have most of the shopping done. Via Amazon on Friday. The UPS guy is gonna be busy at my house on Tuesday. ;) Gotta love it. Just need to figure out what I'm getting my 7yo daughter and maybe DH.

    We weren't doing gifts between the two of us but I think he is and he has cash to do it with [bonus from work] and I don't and haven't been thinking about it since I didn't think we were. *IF* he does get me something, I'm betting on a sapphire/diamond ring of some kind [small, anniversary band type thing]. He's been looking at them since my setting on my wedding band was breaking this summer and my promise ring is now totally bent out of shape [got caught on the fireplace - it wasn't all that in shape before but still wearable]. He fixed my setting in my engagement ring for my bday last month. Good job ;).

    I'd rather go with Julie though, I think =D. And not just because I'd love to hang out with Julie for a bit. I did give my BFF Julie's books tonight for Christmas and she was SO EXCITED and said she was going to have to hide them from her grandma until she had a chance to read them.

    Of course, a contract of some kind would be good, but yeah, that's not happening ;).

    Captcha: payingle - that sounds really Christmas-y doesn't it?

  6. Keli glad you put the coffee one cos I only know how to do instant.
    Oh thanks for the reminder Keli,
    I did most of my shopping by mid Nov.
    I had a couple of online things to do that had to wait and one for mum today but besides the cooking been done for awhile just got them to deliver.

    I too would like to join Julie but that may be greedy since im going to hawaii.

  7. I would love to be entered for this giveaway; send it to my
    sister Sandra. Thanks.

    shopping is done and presents under the tree.


  8. I asked for a Nook for Christmas — I'm not picky. It doesn't even have to be the Nook Color.

    However, I doubt I'll get it.

    I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet. I ran out of money and don't get paid again until Christmas Eve. That's going to be fun — not.

  9. First, have I mentioned lately how much I love A Forever Christmas????

    So stinkin' nice, what a lovely book, Missy! Just love it.

    And your silhouette nativity. I put one in Yuletide Hearts because I LOVE THAT EFFECT!!!! The little boy grew up calling it "Shadow Jesus".

    Keli, that's a great idea. That pushes the time frame to get things done and gives you more time to enjoy them.

    (says Ruthy who is about to put lights on the tree so we can decorate it on Thursday night when my boys come home...)

    Boys at Thanksgiving do not usually care about trees. They care about food. Football. Their cell phones.

    Oh my stars. Crazy how they're so different.

    Oh, Arlene!!! Kudos to you for not racking up the credit card bills, though! I've had to do both (wait until payday on Christmas eve AND rack up charge accounts) because there's so much pressure at Christmas.

    Hugs to you. Do you guys remember Christmas Club Accounts? Those were great things where your work took $10 or $20 or whatever you designated out of your paycheck and deposited it in a Christmas Club, then sent you the check in October.

    That was a GREAT IDEA.

    Okay, gotta go light the tree. I'm not actively writing for five days.

    It's killing me. I'm in withdrawal. Someone may die. But not the little ones. I really, really like them.

    I'm leaving breakfast here. Hearty today: Frittata with sausage, eggs, cheese, home fries, onions...

    Bagels, plain or sesame seed.

    Flavored or plain cream cheese, Philadelphia brand (that originated in Philadelphia, NY, a tiny town up I-81 in the North Country where my first books were set)

    Juice: apple, cranberry, orange.

    And coffee. THANK YOU HELEN!!!

  10. I love hearing about all your Christmas wishes. Such fun.

    I bought a kindle for my birthday and it will arrive this week! Combo Christmas and Birthday. I even splurged on the 3G so I don't have to worry with the USB!

    On the giving gifts side, I am all done. That being said, I am going out shopping with a friend today and will surely find more gifts for the grandkids!

    Lastly, my husband and I discovered we bought gifts for each other that are the same size,weight, and price! I know what I got him. He knows what he got me but we are flummoxed as to how this could happen! Being married 30 years must have something to do with it.

    I did love Forever Christmas.

    Peace, Julie

  11. Missy - this is just too fun.

    Y'all crack me up... Seriously... gosh yes - please enter me - how could we not want to be entered with all these great ideas listed?! may at maythek9spy dot com

    We make a real effort to buy throughout the year so it's not so hard on the December/January budget. But yes, a few straggler gifts need to be found. Thanks for some marvelous ideas!!!

    Merry Merry everyone!

  12. What a funm post! I would love to read "A Forever Christmas!"


  13. Missy,
    Um, I hate to tell you this, but I was finished by the end of October and the boxes were mailed by mid November to those who won't be here for Christmas.

    I agree with almost everyone's wish lists. My list this year only had one thing on it and he gave it to me a little early....and has used it more than I have. LOL It's a HP mini computer and I absolutely LOVE it. (and apparently so does my other half)

    Thanks for the Isle of Candles site...I plan to order today.


  14. Hi Missy, How fun to read everyone's list.
    My wish is impossible but God's working on it. I wish I could be with both families. Mine here in Arizona and my hubby's in San Diego. sigh.

    But I'm tripping back and forth so am seeing them both during the holiday season. Its still a toss up for Christmas day. smile

    I wish for good health for them and for all of you Seekers and friends.

    Keli the coffee is a lifesaver.

    Ruthy the buffet is yummy.

    ps. Thank the Lord my shopping was done the week after Thanksgiving as I have lots to mail. But sad to say the Christmas cards are still not done. They may arrive after Christmas.

    FOREVER CHRISTMAS is a fantastic read and a great gift idea. I gave away lots of seeker books to my friends. They love Christmas and getting those.

  15. I think I'd swap Julie's cruise for my meat grinder. What do you say, Jules?

    All I need to buy is a box or two and I'm finished. I'm going to hit Wallmart early this morning.

  16. Keli, normally I'd tell you what I think of overachievers, but you had a great reason, so I celebrate your early shopping and envy your free time NOW. You go, girl. I'd love some of that shopping inspiration to rub off on me, LOL!

    Julie, good you buying your combo Birthday/Christmas present. And 3G. I'm just hoping my family thought about ordering one for in time to get here...BUT I will be happy with whatever Santa leaves under the tree. The economy is tough all around...Paper are clips and staplers are very nice, too.

    There is a mystery gift under our tree already. It's tag says to Mom and Dad, signed KD (our Corgi). Hmm, heavy package marked fragile. She did a great job wrapping even without the use of thumbs. Really, I haven't a clue what's in it. Definitely will be a surprize Christmas morning!

    Missy, I'm reading A Forever Christmas again to get in the mood for the holidays. Sarah and Gregory show how the best Christmas's are the simple ones filled with love.

  17. Missy,
    If you're going to leave all these wish lists, where do we get the addresses? ;-)

    My shopping was done as of last Thursday. I ordered my last present on Thursday. All are wrapped except two, because I'm still working on making one of them - so...almost there.

    My hubby and I don't buy presents for each other for Christmas. We wait and go out after Christmas for an overnight somewhere as a gift to each other - and then shop at all the after-Christmas sells :-)
    It's been a great tradition we've had for the past 6 years. Our anniversary, Christmas, and my birthday all fall within the same 2 weeks, so we just save up all our gifts for that time. It's a lot of fun and you get double the gifts for the same price as before Christmas :-)

    Jules, combo birthday/Christmas presents...I've never been a fan ;-) Most of my b-day presents come wrap in Christmas paper :-)

  18. Jenny, You're alway so nice to think of Sheri. I hope she's doing better.

    I'm wishing you a merry Christmas from way down here in Georgia!

  19. Pepper,

    Happy Anniversary
    Happy Birthday
    Merry Christmas

    Wow. A grand slam.


  20. Keli, I guess I'll be able to still like you since the early Christmas prep was for your daughter. I know we all go to great lengths for our children! :)

    And actually, I've seen how it helps to shop early. And I did a good bit online around Thanksgiving this year--while there were some nice sales.

    Thanks for the coffee this morning! Here's a refill for those of you who visited so early (and last night).

  21. Linda, I hope you're feeling better now! It's a terrible time to be sick. My son got the flu right before Thanksgiving, and I had visions of a long, drawn out December. But thankfully, no one else in the family got sick.

    You're sweet to think of your sister. I'll be praying her surgery goes well!

  22. Helen, I should have known you'd be all ready! You seem to be very organized and on the ball. (And I promise I said that nicely!) :-)

    So what type stocking stuffers do y'all get? I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do this year. I already have the iTunes giftcards that I know they'll expect. But beyond some candy bars and lip balm, I'm drawing a blank.

  23. Carol, you might want to get hubby something small. Just in case! Boy, I sure hope you get your ring!! And then you need to try to stay away from the fireplace. In fact, I think it's a good excuse to make hubby do all the fire-building and fireplace cleaning. :)

    Okay, I've got your name on our list for those going along with Julie. I wonder if having us tag along will ruin the romantic cruise??

    Nah. We're a fun group. :)

  24. Oh, Jenny, you can come with us on the cruise too! Although, that means you have to take us to Hawaii with you. ;)

  25. Robyn, I've got you entered! And boy, you're another who is done with presents under the tree.

    Can y'all believe we put our first wrapped present under the tree last night???

    But my oldest got home yesterday, so we're feeling more in the spirit now, having everyone home. I think maybe we'll get some things wrapped today. :)

  26. Arlene, I can't tell you how many times I've been out running around like crazy person on Christmas Eve trying to finish shopping! You'll be in good company. :)

  27. Oh, MISSY, you had me on the soy candles!! The frivelous side of me LOVES candles, but the practical side of me gasped at the brilliant idea of using them as hand lotion too!! Already visited the site ...

    And I just finished wrapping presents yesterday, a first, I might add. Usually I'm wrapping all night the night before Christmas Eve and Christmas Eve. But because of the cruise, the 14-plus presents I usually have for each my hubby and kids have been GREATLY reduced, thank you, God!!

    CAROL ... thanks again, sweetie, for kicking into my royalty fund -- MUCH appreciated!! I just have one question I have been dying to ask you: What the heck does "captcha" mean????

    JENNY ... Hawaii is definitely nothing to sneeze at ... unless you have allergies! :) Have a GREAT trip, sweetie -- you've earned it!

    CARA ... let's see, swap seven days with the love of my life and my kids, eating, sunning and writing on my cabin suite's private deck for a meat grinder ... mmm, I'm going say no. The only thing I plan to grind on is the book ...

    PEPPER ... WOW, Happy Anniversary,
    Birthday and Merry Christmas ... talk about a busy month!!


  28. Ruthy,

    Shadow Jesus? I'm loving it!! Do we really have a to wait a whole year for that book???

    You know, my dad still does a Christmas club account! He's done it for years and years. Once we got married and had kids, he started sending the money to us to use to buy gifts for our kids. He always sends it around Thanksgiving so we have time to shop. It's a wonderful gift!!

    Thank you for breakfast! And for that tidbit on Philadelphia, NY. I had no idea!

  29. LOL. Now if you'd asked who hasn't done any Christmas shopping yet, I'd be waving both hands wildly! Gulp.

    Love the Soy lotion candles link! That is definitely something I'll look into after Christmas providing they ship to Canada.

    I'm kind of hyperventilating now that I've read how many of you have finished your Christmas shopping already. I need to go and breathe into a paper bag. :-(

  30. Oh, Julie, yay on your Kindle!! Happy birthday to you!!

    How cool about your twin gifts! You'll have to be sure to let us know what they end up being. Could it possibly be the same thing??? Or did you get him boxer shorts or something? LOL

  31. KC, I'm glad you've had fun Seekerville Shopping! ;) Thanks for the Christmas wishes.

  32. Sandy, it's no fair to open your gift early!!!! And to be using it?? I think that's against the law or something. :) (Says she who's wearing house slippers right now that were supposed to be for Christmas!) LOL

    Oh! If you think you'll be anywhere near Athens soon, there's a gift shop that sells the candles. It would save you shipping. It's called Southern Comforts in the Five Points area (S. Lumpkin st.)

  33. Good morning, Edwina! I've got you entered.

  34. Sandra, I'm sorry you're feeling torn over the holidays. I know how tough it is when the two families are so far apart. Ours are in Georgia and Kentucky (and my sister in Tennessee). So we have to alternate holidays each year. I'm glad you're able to travel, though, and try to see both.

    Thanks for sharing books as gifts!! Such a great idea.

  35. Cara, I think that's a fair trade. ;)

    Good luck finishing! I still need to get gifts for my sister and brother-in-law and niece and nephews. But after that, I think I'm done. Not bad for me! And still 5 days to go. LOL

  36. Audra, you're so sweet, talking about reading my book again. (The check's in the mail. Should arrive in time for Christmas.)


    I love the gift from the dog!!! What a fun family you have. Is it in the handwriting of one of the kids or is it hubby's?? I'll be even more impressed if it's hubby. :)

  37. Oh, Pepper, what a great idea!!! A romantic, shopping getaway!

    Happy birthday! Merry Christmas! And happy anniversary!!

  38. Julie, I'm really envying your simple gift-giving year, plus a trip on the horizon. Last year I looked into possibly taking the family to Disney World for one big gift for all of us. And my son asked if I was kidding. LOL He said, "Disney instead of gifts?? No way."

    Now I ask you, wouldn't you rather have a trip to Disney instead of clothes and video games??? [sigh]

    Maybe when they get older--grown like your kids. :)

  39. LOL, Kav!!! You crack me up.

    Calm down. No hyperventilating allowed. :) I'm sure you're not the only person on the planet who hasn't started yet. Just think of yourself as one in a million. ;)

    You'll do fine. Head to Walmart or Target first. You'll be able to get a lot done there. Then head to the mall if you must. Early in the day, though. Or better yet, try places like Kohl's or Belk.

    Of course, you can also order online and pay for 2-day shipping. It could save stress.

    You can do it! We're here to cheer you on. :)

  40. Jules,
    The Advent Conspiracy is a wonderful book to gain perspective. I just wrote a blog about the right Christmas perspective on The Writers Alley today.
    Thanks for the well-wishes too.

    Thanks. Did you get my emails about how much I loved your book? Did you? I wrote a whole review about it. It was wonderful!

    So was Tina's, btw. It's my next book review to write.

    Thanks, Missy.
    Merry Christmas

  41. Hey, Pepper, were you a Christmas bride, too? Gwynly and I celebrated 23 years of togetherness yesterday. (I'd say "wedded bliss," but I have my moments. =)

    Like you, this time of year is one celebration after another: our anniversary on December 19, Christmas, our daughter's birthday on New Year's Day, and Gwynly's on January 11. Now you know the real reason I have to get my shopping done early. I'd be a basket case if I waited and had to do it all at once.

    I've often thought that waiting to go shopping at the after-Christmas sales would be wise. I feel pretty sure my frugal hubby would go for it, but our daughter--NEVER. I do the next best thing and shop sales all year long.

    Are there any other Christmas brides among the Seekers or Friends of Seekerville?

  42. That was a fun post, Missy!
    My favorite thing is Lindor dark chocolate truffles. Too bad my favorite things also make me FAT!

    And I know how Mary feels.

    Sending you Christmas hugs, Missy!!! And to all the Seekers. And wow, I wish we could all go on a cruise together! Would that be fun or what?

  43. Happy anniversary to you, too, Keli!! Happy wedded bliss..and otherwise. LOL

  44. Melanie, I'm having visions of us being tossed off the ship for disturbing the other passengers!! :)

    Mmmm, truffles...

  45. Hi Missy:

    I just checked and all your books are out of stock at Harlequin but all your eBooks are available.

    Is there any better reason to get an eBook Reader for Christmas?

    Really good Christmas books like Christmas songs just should not go out of print!


  46. Vince, thanks for checking. I found that still has some copies. That's the link I included. :)

    Amazon has had it, but didn't have any as of yesterday. I wish it would stay in print, but alas, it's a category book. Not a single title.

  47. Pepper, my mom did a very good job of keeping my birthday and Christmas separate. I wish I could say the same for others! It is tough with the December birthdays but there is definitely something magical about the time as well.

    This is the first year I have done a combo for myself but the Kindle is such a big present I couldn't help myself.

    Audra, I am in the process of reading your book and loving it. Just finished Tina's wonderful book as well.

    I foresee tons of Seeker esales for my kindle because you gotta have em handy even if you have the paperbacks at home!

    Maybe I should have asked for Amazon gift cards.

    Missy, I got my husband a compendium of his favorite comic...40 years worth. It is heavy as lead. I don't THINK he would have gotten me the same thing but I am wondering if he went in a similar vein.

    I love the idea of going away for Christmas or after Christmas...maybe someday.

    Peace, Julie

  48. Keli,
    My anniversary is th 17th and the preach and I have been married 16 years.
    My parents' anniversary is the 18th and my parents-in-law anniversary is the 24th. LOTS of weddings going on around Christmas in my family :-)

    My b-day is New Years Eve. EVERYONE celebrates my birthday ;-) Don't you see the fireworks?

  49. Julie - captcha is the word you have to type to verify you're a rDid eal person and not a bot.

    This one is SNERS - Super Nintentdo Entertainment Retro System?

    I would get DH something but I have literally no ideas. We've done the 'use our Christmas money to buy something together' thing sometimes in the past [like the 46" LCD with Mickey Mouse on it right now...] Any thoughts for a 7yo girl? I'm so blanking on her...

    I don't think I mentioned I'd love to be in the drawing. Is there anything better than dry generic Fruit Loops around here to eat? I need something else...


    carol @ carolmoncado dot com

  50. HEY!!! I didn't tell MISSY to beg for presents for me.


    Get any of those things as gifts for others and you're gonna be popular!

    Those candles are fantastic.

  51. I've maybe got a few more tiny things I could buy but I don't have to.

    I do need to do one major grocery shopping extravaganza. I'm looking forward to that.

    I'm hungry just thinking about it.

  52. My gosh. I spent ten minutes trying to figure out what 'Get the Poodle Groomed" was a euphamism for in Ruthy world.

    Then I remembered Ruthy really HAS a poodle.


  53. I've asked my husband for a housekeeper.

    He keeps saying that two healthy adults, who live alone together, in a relatively teensy house, oughta be able to keep their own house clean.

    Technically he's right, and yet evidence to the contrary continues to pop up.

  54. Missy, I loved reading all the Santa wish lists. What fun! One last wish from me--that our family portrait we're having taken will turn out great with no meltdowns.

    My shopping is done. Went to the mall with my dh yesterday to help him shop for me. He was the prince of patience as I tried on shoes and boots and tops. LOL We even found him a great looking blazer.

    Thanks for the link to unscented candles. I appear to be the only one who can't handle fragrances. I'd probably shrivel up and fade away with Cheryl's plug-ins. LOL

    Merry Christmas everyone!! Hope you get your wish at Christmas. Especially, our Debby's selfless requests for the safety of our military and contracts for Seekers and Seeker friends.

    Hugs, Janet

  55. Happy birthday and Anniversary, Pepper!! Your tradition sounds perfect!

    Walt, happy belated birthday!

    Have a great time in Hawaii, Jenny!


  56. Speaking of Christmas wish lists... A friend of mine posted this on Facebook a few minutes ago - so wonderfully illustrating what Christmas should be about even if they don't acknowledge [in this blog at least, I know nothing else about this lady] the Christ child - the spirit is still there.

    My Heart Grew Three Sizes and Now I Have an Enlarged Heart

  57. Missy:

    Stocking stuffers are just small dollar stuff that include anything from funny tee shirts, to candy, on-sale videos, nuts, shopping lists with magnets on the back for the fridge, gadgets and gag gifts. I usually throw in a container of de-icer for everyone also, sort of a reminder that winter is HERE.

    I've already had the pleasure of reading Forever Christmas. So send it to someone who doesn't already have it on their keeper shelf.


  58. This might qualify as being self-serving.


    But I just checked and Sharpshooter in Petticoats, my January release, is now shipping from Amazon.

    Of course it also says it's out of stock.

    Ho ho ho

  59. We're December 1st, so I was a holiday bride if not a Christmas bride.

    I remember an old guy I worked with who poo-pooed the idea of getting married in December:

    "You'll never have any money for a nice anniversary once the kids come along..."

    I laughed.

    He was right.

    Ah, the optimism of youth. We're still contemplating where to spend our honeymoon 37 years later.

    On the days we LIKE each other, that is! :)

  60. Aha, Julie HS, it's the year of the coffee table books!! They're always a nice gift. :)

    Mary, I know you weren't wanting to beg from readers. But you just sounded so pitiful, I couldn't resist sharing your plight. :)

    Cool on Sharpshooter in Petticoats being available now!! Another great gift item!

  61. Janet, I hope you make a lovely family photo! And I hope I get a copy again this year. :)

  62. Janet, I also meant to say how impressed I am with you having a hubby who'll take you shopping! Mine will go along to the mall, but unless he's there to buy something for himself, he brings something to read--and sits outside with the other dad/husbands who are waiting. :)

  63. Fun, Missy! Interesting to see what's on everyone's Christmas wish list!

    I think I FINALLY got the last of my shopping done this morning. If you don't count groceries and stocking stuffers. One set of kids and grandkids should be here in an hour or so--can't wait! The rest arrive Dec. 26.

    Pepper! My daughter & SIL were married on Dec. 18 and just celebrated their 17th!

    Uh ... that means I'm old enough to be your mother.

    Merry Christmas.

  64. Myra, have fun!! It sounds like a wonderful Christmas ahead.

    I did the groceries on Saturday. I was there nearly 2 hours. And spent WAAAYYYY too much. You'd think I was buying solid gold.

  65. *stumbles into anyone's arms whose willing to give a hug*'s been a tough, tough day and I'm so glad to be able to take a break and read this comforting post, Missy.

    Had my doctors appointment today and the carpal tunnel is definitely back. However, I have to wait until January 24 to go and see the surgeon again. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, meaning that I was taken off a medication and put on a new one. I'll be seeing my rheumatologist again in about a monthish. I don't really know what to make of this, but it has run me down today nonetheles...

    Sorry I don't mean to be unfestive. I loved hearing about what you all want and JULIE! Take me, take me lol...I could use a break and some heat ; )

    Okay, well I guess I'm gonna go try and rest for a lil while. Talk to you soon, hopefully,

  66. Hannah, sorry you're having health issues. No wonder you're having a hard day.

    Hugs, Janet

  67. This is a professional photo we're having taken, Missy. It'll add stress to Christmas, but will be worth if if we can take down the portrait that I dislike. Four people are looking in one direction, four in another. Guess who listened to the photographer's directions? The grandkids and grandparents. LOL

    Ah, my dh did shop for himself, but was remarkably patient waiting on me. Truly only gave me that look once.


  68. Oh have to say the cheaper Kindle the one without the 3G is out of stock.
    I was considering it cos I have a couple of vouchers at amazon and to buy books even $20 takes $25 in postage. and the irony is postage on the Kindle is about the same amount.
    (this is why I use christianbook their postage to Aust is so much better).

    Missy,Sheri is a special friend, shes working but things are still a struggle for her and one day I will get to Georgia to meet her live.

  69. Oh, Hannah, I'm sorry about the diagnosis. I hope the medicine change helps.

    Hugs from Seekerville!

  70. Jenny, that's a great point about postage on books. I guess you don't get the super saver free shipping. That's the only way I buy. I wait until I get an order over $25.

  71. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 20, 2010 at 6:39 PM

    I love the sound of everyone wishes!! I really need to find the candles you mentioned. I am done with most of my gifts but I have a few more to get and I have everything to wrap. I can't remember if I have copy but I would love to give one to my cousin Ash.

  72. Missy,

    I'm a guy, so my wife buys everything. She starts picking up gifts in the summer and is usually done by Novemeber. Usually she does it without my knowledge. Therefore, in the words of Jeff Foxworthy, I'm as anxiuos to find out what I gave for a gift as the recipients are to get them.

    However, with my birthday over the weekend, I did acquire a Nook and am ecstatic about it.

    Missy, as I alrady have your Christmas book, I don't need to be placed in the drawing for one. However, I will be happy to have one sent to a friend if that is possible.

  73. Walt, I didn't get a chance to tell you over the weekend, so I'll say it now, happy birthday!! :)

    I'd love to hear all about your Nook, how it compares to a Kindle, etc.

    You're so funny about the shopping. You sound just like my husband, although he does buy one gift each year. Mine. So at least he doesn't forget that! (P.S. Did you get your wife's gift yet???)

    Yes, I'll enter you in the drawing to give to a friend.

  74. No if we want superfast postage its so much more. we dont get the cheaper postage. not sure why amazon is so dear. I know someone sent about 8 - 10 LI books last year for me it was $22. I bought about about $50 worth of books at Christianbook for about $15 postage.

  75. Merry Christmas Missy! LOVED your post and reading all of the Santa lists (Debby is such an ANGEL so her selfless wishes weren't a surprise*smile*). ~ A cousin recently reminded me I received 2 wonderful "gifts" early this year: A new son-in-law AND a straight spine!!! God is sooo GOOD! ~ I hope you and ALL the Seekers/Seeker friends will have a happy, blessed Christmas. Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  76. P.S. Sorry-- I meant to add to please enter me in the book drawing (I still don't have your Christmas book--so please enter me for either myself OR sent to a friend!). Thanks! Patti Jo

  77. Yes, Patti Jo, I'll definitely enter you!

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! So glad you're back is doing better.

  78. Missy,

    As lame as this may sound, my wife and I don't exchange gifts. However, I do fill her stocking (and mine) each year.

  79. I'm late for the party, but loved some of the gift ideas, especially the soy candle thingies!

    Definitely going to check those out.

    And Ruthy, you're such a sweetheart, putting a contract for me at the top of your wish list!

    Thank ye, darlin'! That's about the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

  80. Missy,

    I'm in bad shape with shopping. It's partly hating to shop, stretched finances, but also I'm indecisive! My kids seem to change their minds up to the very last minute (gee, maybe there's a pattern here).

    Today was their first day off for Christmas break and I was quizzing them on what they "really wanted." At 11 and 16, it's between $300 and $500, specifically electronics, for their favorite items.

    I don't buy much little stuff, so underneath the tree is bare.

    Would love to send my friend Jan a book, Missy.

  81. Hi Missy, what a sweet Christmas post. My wish list is so long I don't think it would fit in this comment space, but top of the list would have to be a book contract. Wishing yopu all the best and a very Merry Christmas.

  82. Cathy, I've the same problem with wishy washy kids! LOL I've learned to wait a while before buying. :)

    Debby L, I hope you get your Christmas wish!! :)

  83. I'm going to go ahead and do the drawing and contact the winner so the book can be on it's way and maybe make it for Christmas.

    The winner is...

    CarolM! Carol, I'll try to email you, but if I don't reach you, please email me at missytippens [at] to give me your friend's name and addy.

  84. WOW! I love Debby's Christmas gift wish best. Bring on the Christmas contracts!!! LOL.

    Great post, Missy. LOVE the last blue photo of the nativity image. Just love it.


  85. Cheryl, I found it on istock photo. They had several different ones, all beautiful.

  86. We have our celebration early as the children come from scattered places and they all want to be at their home for Christmas. It is great as we are done with the tree things and enjoy the candle light service at church.Would love to have the book-I pass them on to a daughter-

  87. Even though I was late coming to the party, it was really fun to read through the ideas people had for Christmas wish lists!