Friday, December 3, 2010

December Contest Update

December is here and with it the last of the year's contests
a peek at the 2011 contest offerings.

The prize vault is open and today I'm giving away
a package of See's Cinnamon Lollypops
and a copy of The Rancher's Reunion to read while you eat your pops.


Published Author Contests

Contests for books with a copyright date from January 2010 to December 2010.

The Colorado Award of Excellence:Deadline January 8, 2010

Award of Excellence: Deadline January 7.

The Bookbuyer's Best:January 8.

The Write Touch Reader's Award:Deadline January 10.

The Golden Quill:Deadline January 10.

Bookseller's Best Award: Deadline January 15, 2010

Judge a Book by Its Cover: Deadline January 15.

The Holt Medallion: January 31.

Unpubbed Contests

Great Expectations. Early Bird Discounted Deadline December 11, 2010. Regular deadline is December 30. Great Expectations is no longer accepting mailed entries. Electronic entry fees will be processed through Paypal. Mailed entry fees will be deposited January 15, 2010. Entry consists of a single page query letter and 25 manuscript pages.

Note the Eligibility Requirements:
  • Entrants must be unpublished and uncontracted in book-length romantic fiction, or
  • Published authors must be unpublished and uncontracted in the category entered.

Final Round Judges:

Contemporary Series, Victoria Curran, Editor with Harlequin Books

Erotic Romance, Katherine Pelz, Editorial Assistant with Berkley Heat

Historical, Megan Records, Associate Editor, Kensington Books

Inspirational, Natalie Hanemann, Senior Editor with Thomas Nelson

Mainstream with Romantic Elements, Danielle Poiesz, Editor Pocket Books

Romantic Suspense, Elizabeth Bistrow, Editor, New American Library

Single Title, Holly Blanck, Assistant Editor with St. Martin’s Press

Specialized, Talia Platz, Editorial Assistant with New American Library

Young Adult, Meredith Giordan, Editor, Berkley Books

The Twenty-Ninth Annual Delacorte Press Contest for a First Young Adult Novel
. Deadline December 30, 2010. The prize of a book contract (on the publisher’s standard form) covering world rights for a hardcover and a paperback edition, including an advance and royalties, will be awarded annually to encourage the writing of contemporary young adult fiction. The award consists of $1,500 in cash and a $7,500 advance against royalties. The contest is open to U.S. and Canadian writers who have not previously published a young adult novel.

Marlene Awards:Deadline Opens for entries on December 15, and ends January 15. All entries must be paid by PayPal and submitted electronically. Each entry will be read by three judges and scored using a 50 point scale. The lowest score will be dropped. The winner of each category will receive a Marlene Medallion and a detailed critique of her or his submission by a published author. Entry is synopsis and the beginning of the manuscript up to 35 pages total.

Final Judges and Critique Authors for each category:
Single Title Contemporary Romance
Final Editor Judge: Amanda Bergeron, Avon
Critique Author:Jane Porter

Series Contemporary Romance (long and short)
Final Editor Judge: Patience Smith, Harlequin/Silhouette
Critique Author: Amanda Berry

Historical Romance
Final Editor Judge: Leah Hultenschmidt, Sourcebooks
Critique Author: Janet Mullany

Paranormal/Fantasy/Futuristic Romance
Final Editor Judge: Latoya Smith, Grand Central
Critique Author: TBA

Romantic Elements
Final Editor Judge: Holly Blanck, St. Martin’s
Critique Author: Gemma Halliday

Young Adult
Final Editor Judge: Kristin Daly, HarperCollins/Balzer + Bray
Critique Author: Gwen Hayes

Just For Fun

WRITER'S Journal, Write to Win! Contest. Deadline December 20th. Maximum 1500 words, and stories must start with the starter phrase, may be dialogue—author's choice. The starter phrase is: The $420,000 price tag...

Contest Prizes: First: $150.00, Honorable Mentions: One-Year Subscription to WRITER'S Journal. Winning contest story will be published in the WRITERS' Journal.

STRIDE Gum Contest! Do people say your ideas are ridiculous? Perfect, that's just what their looking to finance at The Vault! Tell Stride Gum all about the most ridiculous thing you've always wanted to do and why and you could be a monthly winner of $5,000! Contest ends December 14. To participate, you must submit an essay in five-hundred (500) characters or less (counting all characters including spaces, punctuation, numbers, etc.) describing what ridiculous idea you have always wanted to do and why (the "Theme"). Submit your essay, along with the fully completed Official Entry Form.

Happy Holidays and Happy Contesting!


  1. Coffee pot's on!

    Never heard of See's, but I LOVE cinnamon. Started The Rancher's Reunion last night. Going to continue shortly. Enjoying.

    Only have one contest entry out at this time. I think I'll wait for the Genesis to enter another.


  2. Hello Helen! Thanks for the coffee.

    Tina~ I'm in for the candy and/or the book.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

    I turned on my computer to write a book review that I'm planning to post on my blog tomorrow (ok technically later today). Instead I emailed CarolM, and caught up on my Seeker comments.

    Still haven't written that review. I've never written a review before, so I'm kinda wingin' it. The book is not a Seeker book, since everyone knows how I feel about Ruthy's book, I decided to do a different one.

    My plan/hope is to do one a week.

    Going to look at some online reviews to get feel for it, then dive in. Wish me luck!

  3. I'd like to be entered to win the book and the lollipops. Thanks for the chance!

    nancyecdavis AT bellsouth DOT net

  4. It's Friday already?

    Put me in for the book and the lollies. Turns out I have a friend who loves See's pops. Can we say, "Christmas present"?

    Andrea, I love writing reviews and look forward to reading yours. I have different styles depending on where I post. I am sure your voice will shine through! Writing blessings.

    It's 36 here this morning so I brought hot chocolate and Russian tea for the non-coffee folks. And there is this great French bakery up the street so croissant and pain au chocolat for all!

    Peace, Julie

  5. Those ornament pictures are gorgeous! :D

    I'd love a chance to win the book and lollipops. Thank you!

    I just finished my paper for Literary Criticism...PHEW! :D Time for bed... (I'm a Pacific coaster, so it's earlier here!)



  6. Yay. Contests. Love the updates. However, like Helen, I think I'm going to wait for Genesis.

    On an unrelated note, in case anyone hasn't heard, J&J is recalling 12 million bottles of Mylanta. Does this mean Ruthy has to change her pet phrase?

    Always up for a book.

  7. Helen, I will not tell Warren Buffet that you never heard of his personal candy company.

    We don't have it here, but it's big in the mid-west. I've found See's Candies in airports.

    Lovely and those cinnamon lollies look splendorific.

    Oh my stars, this is Ruthy's first venture into the butt-kicking scenario of PUBLISHED WRITER CONTESTS....

    Wait, where are those headache pills again?????

    I think I've got the vapors...

    Or maybe it's just gas. Wait, vapors.... gas....

    Same thing.

    Okay, NOT dying.

    Anyway, the contest circuit awaits and TEEEEEENA!!!!! thank you for a great contest update, you lovely woman, you.

    I'm drinking pumpkin spice latte and sharing with all. The Keurig is on and ready to fill your every coffee pleasure. Dave brought home (yes, I was CRYING because I ran out...) two different coffee creamers in the GINORMOUS size: Italian Sweet Cream and Belgian Chocolate Toffee.

    Oh mylanta, I'm drying my tears and so happy right now.

    Andrea, look at you doing reviews!!!! That rocks, chica! Tread gently at first. Less to regret later.


    Amber, Literary Criticism....


    Good girl gettin' 'er done!

    Walt, darling, I think I CAUSED the recall. See 'vapors' above.

    12 million bottles.

    Who woulda thought they make 12 million bottles AT ONCE????

    A frightening thought.

    I think it gives my pet phrase more ooomph now that it might be embroiled in class-action lawsuits, don't ya think, Walt?

    Hey, I brought some strawberry and cream cheese filling for those croissants Julie grabbed us.

    Julie!!! They're sooooo wonderful! Thank you, Dahlink!!!

  8. Best wishes for all of you who enter these contests.

    I'm in no man's land. Can't enter unpublished. smiling

    But don't have a 2010 release for the pubbed.

    Next year.

  9. Ah yes - I got a nice looooooong email from Andrea sometime after I went to bed :). I posted my first Seeker review this week [it's Julie Lessman review month!] on my blog. All sorts of gushingness. It's kind of disgusting really. Or would be if I didn't <3 Julie ;).

    And I'm going to kick Andrea's tushie into doing some writing this afternoon too, right Andrea? Don't give me that look. I know where you live! [Okay - not really, but I bet I could find ya!]

    Contests... need to enter some. First need to finish edits for that full request - was going to work on them yesterday but was wiped. out.

    For all you NCISers out there... had DH convinced to watch the first couple of eps with me last night but then he watched the end of the football game instead :p. His boss told him he is so woefully ignorant of NCIS [he thought Bert was farting cow /sigh/] that I may have to divorce him. Of course, she is in love with Gibbs...

    Where was I? Contests. Right. I did fairly well in the Ohio ACFW one. Would have done better if I hadn't sent the WRONG STINKING FILE and got counted off for having contact info in there. And for having two spaces between sentences. One space between sentences is physically impossible for me to do without serious concentration. It's painful.

    Will check out some of these others later and need to shoot one of you Seekers an email about another one - my 'other mom' is running a little fun one on her website every week and didn't know if it's okay to post about it or...

    Anyway, it's dark. It's cold. I'm tired. Must mean it's time to get ready for class. :p Thank God that ends next week [mostly].

    Off to email Andrea :).

  10. Good morning SEEEEEEKERVILLLEEEE!!!

    Fa la la la la la la....more later!!!

  11. Several of these contests are for pubbed authors in a category they have not sold in, Sandra dear. Unleash your inner diva.

  12. I love stopping in here during the day to read all the comments! Sometimes I pop in before I leave for school and then come back towards dinner time (east coast time) and am amazed to see the whole conversations, networking, encouragement that takes place on this site. Blessings to all involved and best wishes to those entering contests!

    reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

    BTW, this week I read my first Mary Coneally book, Wrangler in Petticoats, (which I won here) and One Imperfect Christmas by Myra Johnson. Thoroughly enjoyed them both and will be writing about them on my little blog. Since I'm always compelled to share, I passed them along to share the joy with a few others!

  13. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 3, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    Wow it looks like there are a ton of opportunities coming up for writers. Hopefully by next year I will have something to submit. I would like either of the prizes! Good luck everyone!!

    fantum2004 AT sbcglobal DOT net

  14. Okay, Teenster, is this a test???

    I just got up and am a little (okay, a lot!) bleary-eyed, so when I saw the two Awards of Excellence with different due dates, I just figured it was me. I had a notion to enter this contest, but then I wondered which one was the best!! :)

    Thanks for the contest info -- this is perfect timing with all the biggie contest kickoffs beginning in January.

    Happy Friday, all!!


  15. Great Update, Tina. Notice how many contests are going electronic? Great for saving money, a pain when formatting doesn't cooperate!

    I think The Stide Gum contest is a hoot!

  16. I want to win your book! (Not so much the lollipops. But I could re-gift them.)

    Beautiful ornaments. My tree has my kids' homemade ornaments, mostly. And that's okay. One day I may have a showplace house.

    But that will probably be in heaven. And then you guys can come over any time!!! Party at my house for all eternity! YAY! I want you all there. :-)

  17. Mel, you've already got a showcase house, and you just gave me a great background for book conflict.

    Fank you.

  18. I've never heard of See's candy either. What kind of name is See's for a candy company anyway? Shouldn't it be See Sweets or something like that? I bet most of you haven't heard of Laura Secord though so we're even. :-)

    Thanks for the contest updates. I'm going to be brave and try at least one of them.

  19. This prize sounds great! Thanks for the giveaway. Looking forward to lollipops !

  20. RENEE ANN make sure and let me know if you talk about my books on your blog. I'll help you promote it.

    We all work together here.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the book.

  21. Oops - forgot to enter...

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  22. And Tina, when does your book get into the store? I've been watching for your book and Audra's every time I get near a rack of Love Inspired books.

    I know, I know, January, but aren't they sometimes EARLY?????????

    C'mon! I need those books!!!!!!!!

  23. Tina, thanks for the contests update.

    Sandra, you're not alone in no man's land, I'm right ther with you!

    Have a great weekend everyone and good luck to all who enter the contests.

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  24. Sorry Jules, one is the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence.

    I'll fix it when I get home.

  25. Thanks, Carol for supporting Seekerville11

  26. We should be on the shelf (Rocky Mountain Cowboy and The Rancher's Reunion) around Christmas.

    Helen, did your book arrive?

    Don't forget, I have a contest on the book's website

  27. Mary See started See's candy.

    It's awesomeness. Trust me.

    Better than Godiva.

  28. Sorry Helen. You got the book!!!


  29. The important thing on reviews Andrea, is not to give away too much of the book and especially not the ending.

  30. Fun contests--thanks for the list! I was considering the Great Expectations one but the story I really want to enter is 3 K words over the mark--I'll have to think about it. Have a great weekend.

  31. Thanks for the contest deadline reminder, Tina! I'm an addict, I'll admit. I'd already entered three but have a couple more on that list I want to enter.

    Sees is great candy. The cinnamon lollypops sound good. The Rancher's Reunion even better!

    It's Friday!!!!!


  32. I bought a box of See's Chocolate once. they sell it in the Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha...also owned by Warren Buffett.

    But I bought it for a gift, then forgot I'd done it. I mistakenly left it in my basement where I park.

    So, a month (or six) passed while the candy soaked in the lovely aura of my moldering basement.

    Mushrooms and rodents thrive.

    I found the candy. Unscathed--in the sense of being nibbled by vermin--but too late and too scary to give as a gift to whoever. So I tried a piece myself.

    It was not good.

    I don't think this was Warren Buffet's fault.

    I'm sorry, I should have told you all to have a hanky ready for this touching story.

  33. Tina,

    Sure appreciate your updates on these. Thanks so much. LOVE See's - yes please may at maythek9spy dot com

    YA is there, just need a little bit younger (middle grade) and I'm in!

    Keep 'em coming though - might have to do a YA just to see. Go Melanie!!!

    Have a great day y'all! Good weekend. And thanks for the coffee and grub. :)

  34. Laura Secord.

    Nice stuff.


    Nice stuff.

    Stever's in Rochester, NY.

    Nice stuff.

    I love being familiar with candy. It makes my heart happy.

  35. Mary, I just called Warren and he said he'd be right over to remove the vermin (dead and alive) clean the basement, spray febreeze, and....

    He said it's STILL, even with all that done, not to be considered the best place for candy storage.

    And you tried a piece.

    Oh mylanta (12 million bottles, can ya' believe IT???) girlfriend, I can't believe you did that.

    But I have been that desperate.
    So I can believe it.

  36. I tried a piece because everyone says it's so good.

    I've never tried it again.

    Rumbling in the back of my brain is the knowledge that this IS NOT FAIR.

    However, I know where the Godiva store is in Omaha. (It moved, but I TRACKED IT DOWN)

    And despite all the See/Godiva talk, I still usually just go for the Snickers.

  37. Oooh, fun prize, thanks for offering it! I just love the cover of your new book more and more the more I see it. ;)


  38. Andrea, I'm with you on the reviews. I either like it or don't, and it's hard to put into words.

    But if I just go to Amazon and give it 5 stars without EXPOUNDING on why I liked it, people probably think I didn't read it.

    I need to get better at writing reviews.

    Have we had a "lesson" in Seekerville on this topic yet???

  39. Ruthy~ I'm starting off only with books I like. That way I only have to say nice things. I'm a pretty blunt person, and I'm sure someday I'll say something that offends someone if I'm not very careful.

    I plan to find the author in cyberspace and inform her that I'm reviewing her book. I won't do that if I ever post an unfavorable review. That would just be cruel.

    I haven't posted the review or contacted the author yet. So much to do today. Need to get back at it. Carol is gonna kick my tushie this afternoon and I need to be ready for it.

    Carol~ I'm gonna send you a nice long summary of my novel later today, but I have a ton to do before 2:30 so I better get at it.

  40. So, Walt, exactly WHY is J&J recalling 12M bottles of Mylanta.

    Enquiring minds want to know.

    On second thought....

    Just keep that little tidbit to yourself, k?

  41. Andrea, that's the perfect way to go about it.

    Keep it positive. Leave the bad reviewers to Broadway.

    And CAROL!!! Good job kickin' patoote over here. Tough love is mah favorite kind, don't you know???

    Making pumpkin pie bars. I haven't had them in years.

    I love them. Found the recipe on line.

    I'm sending cyber hugs to Mary because she's sick and NOT WHINING.

    I'm so proud.

  42. My son brought me chocolate from Belgium.

    It was okay, but not as good as Hersheys, IMO, even though officiandos say Hersheys isn't real chocolate. But it's what I'm used to, so I like it! lol

  43. Once we hit January the contests will start with a bang. So get those entries ready and save some of your Christmas money.

    And really Cindy..GREAT EXPECTATIONS is a great contest and very well organized, IMHO. Tho I have never finaled in the sucker.

  44. Looks like a busy year.

    Count me in the drawing, please.

    lr dot mullin at live dot com


  45. See's candies are wonderful! You should taste their chocolate! I don't know if it's an out west thing or not b/cuz I'm not sure that I've seen any since I moved to the South. Love the beautiful ornament pics you have posted!~blessings~

  46. Real Cinnamon is very good for you! I'm curious to try the lollipops.

  47. Tina:

    Christmas money is already designated for CONFERENCE!!!

    But I'll manage the ones that really look right for me.

    Yes, your book arrived---and I'm about half through it. I used to read a book straight through. But if I do that now, the eyes stream and the head pounds.

    Thanks so much for the pleasure.


  48. Oh, My, Gosh! See's has cinnamon lollipops!?! I am a native Southern Californian transplanted 9 1/2 years ago to Northeast Indiana. They tried selling See's candy here for about a year and then it was no more. It broke my heart because I LOVE the See's lollipops...and I love cinnamon so that would be the BEST! Sorry, guess I should have commented on the rest of the blog, but when I hear See's Candies I get excited! Would love to be entered to win! Thank you for the chance!

    Smiles & Hugs,
    Cindy W.


  49. Cindy W you have excellent taste. I love See's lolly's too.

  50. The review is written and posted on my blog, which you can find if you click on my name above.

    Check it out and let me know what you think.

    I notified the author of the book I reviewed. She checked it out and left some very nice comments on some of my other posts, too.

    I'm flying high in the writer's sky tonight. Had a great time with Carol and her "other mom" this afternoon. I managed to gain 400+ words on my WIP, and make a new friend.

    400 isn't a lot, but it's more than I had when I woke up this morning.


    You'd be proud of Carol, she's a very effective taskmaster : )

  51. I'm confused (not unusual)..Andrea did you and Carol already know each other?

  52. Thanks for the list. Loved that the winner for the YA contest gets published. What a great contest for anyone who writes that.

  53. EVA!! How the writing??

    I know it totally makes you wish you had a book completed in every genre for times like this. Need a YA, here ya go!

  54. Tina -

    We met here last week or so but don't live very far apart. We got in chat this afternoon and I kicked her tushie into writing ;). We got in group chat with my 'other mom' and did Flash Fiction Friday together.

    Then I took a 3 hour nap this evening ;). Think Andrea wore me out!

    Off to check tonight's post :).

  55. I'm in for the candy and book too! I'm planning to enter Great Expectations :) Will see how it goes! LOVE the contest update. REALLY do.

  56. Love See's candies and the lollipops sound great for stocking stuffers. Love to win your book.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  57. I would love to read the book you've put up with the cinnamon lolilpops. I am a cinnamon lover but would read THAT book regardles of having something to go with it or not. :)
    I'm looking into entering the contest for 2011 - this wip is making headway and I don't want to work on the any more contest entries until this is out there somewhere. :)
    Thanks for the potential opportunity to indulge.