Thursday, December 2, 2010

Novel Writing Made Easy

Can you believe it’s December already? Where has the year gone? My Christmas present cookie jar still has moths flying around in it. Hmm, I better get creative choosing presents this year. Or start crocheting up a storm, LOL!

Okay, so now it’s December. For everyone who participated in NaNoWriMo last month, I congratulate you on your courage and efforts. To everyone who completed their 50,000 words, tell me in the comments and I’ve got a copy of my debut book, Rocky Mountain Hero ready to send to one lucky NaNo-ite : )

As I worked my way through NaNo this year, I found myself easily distracted. Sure, I finished my rough draft at lightning pace, but I still needed to pull off along the side of the writing road occasionally to catch my breath and snoop through favorite blogs. One of my favorites is The Writers Alley and on that day, a post by Julia Reffner on organizing your writing caught my attention.

YeeHaw. A topic very near and dear to my heart : )

Not only did Julia pique my curiosity with her topic, she gave links to FREE software programs for those of us who have more thoughts scribbled on sticky notes that the law should allow.

FREE. Did you catch that? FREE.

Let me introduce you to a FREE software program every writer should have on their hard drive, yWriter5 by SpaceJock Software. Goofy name, but kids, this program understands how to organize the muddled (ie. creative) mind.

Here’s a quick list of its features:

· Organize your novel using a 'project'.
· Add chapters to the project.
· Add scenes, characters, items and locations.
· Display the word count for every file in the project, along with a total.
· Saves a log file every day, showing words per file and the total. (Tracks your progress)
· Saves automatic backups at user-specified intervals.
· Allows multiple scenes within chapters
· Viewpoint character, goal, conflict and outcome fields for each scene.
· Multiple characters per scene.
· Storyboard view, a visual layout of your work.
· Re-order scenes within chapters.
· Drag and drop of chapters, scenes, characters, items and locations.
· Automatic chapter renumbering.

Simon Haynes designed yWriter5. He’s a software designer and programmer. He has twenty years programming experience and is also the author of the Hal Spacejock series published by Fremantle Press and distributed by Penguin Australia. If you’d like to learn more about him and his programs, visit Space Jock and take a peek at his creative processes.

His philosophy for yWriter5 works with scenes rather than chapters. He has this nifty Index card screen that allows you to write out your scenes and then gives you the ability to move them around like a story board. Personally, I have issues with successful sequencing when left to my own devices. This method makes it easy for me to move scenes around and play with the timing of the plot.

Another great feature of this software is the simple character chart. The chart allows you add characters intrinsic to all the books of a series without having to recreate the wheel, so to speak. I can add all the character details and idiosyncrasies I want and not kill a single post it note.

The overall user friendliness of this software makes me look forward to writing. I finished my 50,000 word rough draft for NaNoWriMo and am now loading the scenes into the yWriter5 program. I love the simplicity of seeing my plot lay out before me. I can design my chapters to fit my characters’ scene and chapter goals.

And did I mention this program is FREE??? Fits beautifully into my tight budget and I’ve just given myself a Christmas gift without feeling like I’ve shortchanged my kids or other relatives. Or friends. : )

Check it out at Spacejock

Besides giving away a copy of Rocky Mountain Hero to one lucky NaNo finisher, I’m also giving away another copy--just because. Winners will be announced on Sunday in the Weekend Edition.

Be of good cheer! Christmas is almost here!

Blessings to you all : )


  1. Good morning to some.
    Good night to others.

    Me? I'm on the good night side of life. I've set the coffee for 4 in the morning and I have bagels and cream cheese in the fridge for the early risers.

    I'll see you in the morning!! MT that is, LOL!

  2. Hi Audra:

    Coffee pot's set.

    This software looks interesting, but don't know how well I would utilize it. I'm so set in my ways that it would require CHANGE! Gotta think about it.

    Put me on the 'just because' list because I didn't do NaNo.


  3. Oops! Too late with the coffee. You took care of it while I was typing.

  4. Headin' to bed now. But I won't be up by 4 am that's for certain! Coffee or no.
    Great tip, Audra. I could use something like that to stay organized rather than fumbling around in excel which doesn't really fit my needs. I like that idea for gifting yourself for Christmas and think I'll do the same.

  5. Wow! I'm so excited to see this program! And the post it note comment had me laughing so hard I worke up the baby sleeping behind me... I have notes scribbled everywhere: on post its, on napkins, on receipts, on the back of grcoery lists. I worked hard on the Nano but don't have the word count becuase it's not typed and is soo disorganized. Am running oover to Spacejock right now!

  6. Audra, thanks for giving Christmas gifts early! The software sounds like it would be a great fit for the way I think and it is FREE. Wow.

    Put me in for the "just because"!

    Putting out pumpkin pie for breakfast. Eggs, anti-oxidants, dairy, and carbs...breakfast food of champions.

    Peace, Julie

  7. I knew Julia had her own blog but not about this group one. Looks great. I found myself skimming through a bunch of posts and adding it to my bookmarks. So many great blogs out there--what am I still missing?

    This software sounds incredible. I also write in scenes first and they are organized on index cards. I think this would help me do 'scene and sequsl' (Camy, yes, I paid attention) Thanks for a great resource, Audra!

    Pumpkin pie for I come.

  8. Hi Audra, its about to be goodnight here. its hard to believe its Dec. Today was my last day at Tafe which is like community college for the year. Summer holidays now for 2 and a half months. Have the tree up and half decorated. And you talking about cookie jar reminds me I have cookies (or biscuits as we call them) to make as christmas gifts. They are easy to make and fun and a gift appreciated by people. I tend to give them to some of the people who help in the year like the bike shop that services my push bike really well. Ok im rambling I need to go to bed but would love to read your book.

    PS Julie Lessman is on my blog today at with a giveaway also.

  9. Wow! This is wonderful. I love the name Seekerville.


    Since I totally missed yesterday's awesome session with Roxanne, I MADE MYSELF STOP WRITING THE ENDING OF A BOOK to get over here before the work day urchins arrive.

    Audra, first, I'm over-the-sky impressed with these options. AMAZING STUFF!!! And I know that when you're dealing with a book it's easier if you 'lay it out' and visualize things as they go. These look like wonderful tools, chica, thanks for sharing them.

    And I did bring some Ruthy breakfast today, homemade cinnamon rolls inspired by the Cinnamon Festival on Psyche last night...

    And no, I didn't stay up for it but I caught the opening minutes after choir practice, and it was a HOOT. I'm dying laughing just thinking about it.

    So cinnamon rolls, an apple cinnamon candle from an amazing candle store not far from Mary Connealy...

    And yes, if you're scoring at home, that was a SHAMELESS PLUG.


    But it IS Christmas, and online shopping rocks the big Kahuna. Really.

    Cinnamon twist coffee. Sweet cinnamon creamer. And salted-cinnamon chocolate.

    Oh my.

    Dig in and let's play with Audra, because I'm fascinated by how this all works and maybe tonight I'll download a little and play....

    MAYBE.... ;)

  11. Hi Audra! I absolutely LOVE yWrtier! I used it for the first time with my NaNo story (which I didn't finish, but got 30,000 words written!) I wrote directly into the program and even changed the background of the little screen to a soft moss green. lol I can't believe all the things this little program can do. One of the cool things is it can pull your chapter/scene summaries and make a synopsis. Amazing!

    Congrats on winning NaNo this year! That is quite a feat!

    And thanks for the shout out to The Writer's Alley. It's nice to know we made your blog list! ;)

  12. Pumpkin pie for breakfast.

    Oh, perfect.

  13. I finished my 3rd NaNo. It took me two years to write "Going Home With Phoebe."

    This year, I wrote more of a memoir instead of a true novel. In '93, our family of eight kids traveled from Maine to California and back in a month. I had fun using receipts, photos, videos and lots of discussion to help me fill up my 50,000 words.

    That novel-writing program looks great. I think I'll try it out.

  14. Ooh, I love writing organizational tools, Audra! This looks great. But WHY is it FREE? I'm so suspicious and wonder what kind of spyware I'd be downloading into my computer. :)

  15. Glynna, he does a whole page to why is it free, but does include ways to pay/contribute. ;)

  16. Thanks for the info about ywriter5. It looks like it would be very helpful.

  17. What an awesome tool. I'll try it later today.

    I have a folder in my documents for each story I'm working on. But I have different versions and sometimes it takes me forever to figure out which one is the one I'm looking for.

    No need to enter me into the drawing. I received Rocky Mountain Hero last week and look forward to reading it this weekend.


  18. Hi Audra, I'm so impressed you finished nano. I was going to do it, but didn't. I did get a lot of writing done.

    This tool looks wonderful. I'll try it.

    I'm so excited about all the wonderful tools and things out there now. Great going.

    And how fun that you have your book in your hand to give out. ROCKY MOUNTAIN HERO sounds fabulous.

  19. Sherrinda, you've convinced me on the software. It's not that I don't believe Audra. I mean look at her. Would she lie?

    You see, I took a second look at Audra's title for the blog post today and I started to feel sceptical.

    Audra, really. :)

    Oh, I forgot. I brought pumpkin butter. It's awesome with cream cheese.

  20. Good Morning, Audra,

    I'm going to check the software program out later today when I have more time to devote to it.

    I did NaNo but kind of cheated because I only needed to get 31,000 to finish my rough draft, so that's all I strived to write so I don't qualify for that drawing.

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  21. Audra,

    This software looks like a super way to keep all my unorganized thoughts organized. I can't wait to check it out. And the price is right!


  22. Oh Deb Marvin, ye o' little faith!! Would I steer my fellow Seekervillians wrong?

    I finished my rough draft for NaNo and yWriter has this nifty little tool where it'll insert your rough draft in Word into the yWriter format.


    It imported everything into scenes and Chapters so with the click of one button, I'm ready to delve into my revisions all laid out nice and tidy : )

    AND it has a place for pictures!!

    I'm getting so excited, I have this nasty desire to call in sick to work to play with y'all and my yWriter!!

  23. Helen, Julie, Ruthy! What a spread for breakfast! And Deb brought pumpkin butter.

    I feel my holiday spread growing around my middle already...

    Oh wait. Cyber food. No calories.


  24. AusJenny, enjoy your holiday from school! I always loved that part of higher education.

    My kids come home from college in two weeks. I better have all the presents wrapped and HIDDEN by then.

    Pop over to AusJenny's site and say hi to Julie!! Winning ANY of Julie's books is a treat!!

  25. Carla, Virginia, Julie, one should never forget themselves when it comes to gift giving...especially if it's FREE.


  26. Tea! Glad you could join us! Hang around. We're a fun group!!

  27. Oooo - yWriter! I have it downloaded. I played with it. And gave up. Don't remember why. Probably a day I was short on patience.

    There are a couple others out there:

    *Schrivener - this is mainly a Mac App but they have a Windows beta version out - Nano winners get a 50% [I think] discount - like yWriter, played with the free sample beta version and gave up due to lack of patience ;) Since I'll have the discount, I MAY buy it

    *Liquid Story Binder - a Schrivener type program for Windows [has been around for several years]. In the past they've had discounts for Nano winners. I found a coupon code one day paid about $15 instead of $45. I've played with it the most.

    Both have free trials - based on days used not calendar days [though I believe the Schrivener free trial is about to be disabled until the official version comes out].

    Each of them has things I like and things I don't. One of them I couldn't get to indent to save my life. Another wouldn't double space. At least one doesn't use the same keystroke shortcuts that I'm used to [like cntl i for italics]. I do wish I could combine my fave parts. LSB has a timeline feature but not one I like. I wish I could find a good, free, timeline program.

    Anyway - I won NaNo this year :). 50289 was my official count. The characters were then tossed outside and are still being left to their own devices [which isn't good since the mob is after them].

    I'll take some of those cinnamon rolls. I'm using a DP drip again today but I've got a diet DP one here for anyone who wants that stuff. Was up until about 1 last night because the 3yo refused to go to sleep and he's not one I trust to stay in his room.

    But I got A Hope Undaunted finished. This is both happy and sad - happy because /big waffy sigh/ and sad because it'll be months before I have new Julie-fic to read.

    Maybe, if the 3yo will stay asleep long enough after his sisters get on the bus, I'll take a nap...

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  28. Sherrinda! Don't you just love this program?? How did you change the colors? I haven't played with it enough to learn the fun stuff.

    Sherrinda was one of my buddies in NaNo. She did a GREAT job with her word count!! Give her a hand!!!

  29. Yvonne, sounds like quite the adventure with all those kids! This was my first NaNoWriMo, but I'm hooked.

    yWriter would help you stay organized, especially with all the pics of the kids!

  30. Glynna, so far, so good on the spyware/malware front. My Norton scanned it as I downloaded and said it was okay...

    If you can believe cyber security LOL!

    I find new facets of this program all the time. What a treasure hunt!

  31. LIndi, thanks for stopping by!! Hey, if anything can help organize ME, I know it'll help normal folks, LOL!

    Connie, hope you enjoy Rocky Mountain Hero...

    Sandra, our world traveler. You're already way organized, but any little toy helps, right? BTW, I love holding my first book in my hot little hands!!!

  32. Rose, 31,000 words in a month is nothing to sneeze at! I wish my revisions would go as fast and fluidly as this rough draft did.

    Kristin, go snoop around the SpaceJock site. The man that developed this is amazing!

  33. CarolM, I putter around programs, too. There are tutorials for the ywriter that helped my pick my way through the features.

    I saw NaNo's 50% off offer on the Scrivener. It looks slick, but if the Windows program is just being offered right out of development, I think I might wait until next year.

    Glad you finished A Hope Undaunted. You're right. Waaaaay too long between Julie Lessman books, LOL!!

    Ah, that we all could write as fast as Mary Connealy...

  34. I got to thinking about that after i posted, Audra.

    LSB you only buy it once but you get all future versions for download so you don't have to buy it again to get the new/improved version.

    Scrivener, it looks like, it depends on how long ago you bought the last version - if you bought it recently, the update is free. If you bought it longer ago, it costs about half price [this is for the 2.0 Mac version - I'd imagine the Windows version will be similar].

    Speaking of Mary Coneally... I've got Lassoed in Texas just sitting here waiting on me... And Petticoat Ranch overdue at the library. EEP. Need to do that today!

  35. Oh, Audra, I'm so very glad you won't be killing anymore post it notes!! I was thinking I might have to quit being your friend if you continued.


    Thanks for sharing this great program! I wish I had known about it when I had my PC. Looks like he doesn't have a version for Mac.

  36. Thanks for this tip...I'm going to check it out. I'm also looking at Scrivener, but since this one is free...
    This was my first Nano and I really liked it! I did finish, but barely. =)
    btw, don't enter me in the contest since I already won your book on another contest. =)

  37. MaDonna -

    YAY! Doesn't matter if you barely squeak over the line or double it! You DID IT!!!


  38. Missy, just think, I've now done my part to save the world and all our trees, LOL! Never fear, I still have a variety of post-its around my office...but used sparingly, LOL.

    Take a peek at the Scrivener edition at NaNoWriMo. It was developed for Mac and has some really cool features. Sorry, it isn't free, but $45 isn't too much, is it??

  39. MaDonna! Participating in NaNo wins half the battle! Squeaking by even with 50,001 is a HUGE accomplishment!!


  40. This sounds great! Believe me, I need all the help I can get at this point. I've been struggling with moving some scenes around in my completed WIP, and I think seeing it laid out like this could be very helpful. I'll download it later today. For now, though, as much as I would like to just stay home and play with a new program (I'm such a nerd), I'd better get to work! Thanks for sharing!

    And enter me in the "just because" drawing. No NANO for me this year, unfortunately.


  41. AUDRA!!! Oh my, this is HUGE!!! That is, if I can figure it out -- I tend to be computer-illiterate, so navigating this new program is SO very scary to me ... you know, the old dog, new-tricks scenario??? THANK YOU for the great tip, but uh ... say one for me, will ya???

    Can I tell you, Audra, that I simply CANNOT WAIT to read yours and Tina's books!!!!! Hate to wish my life away, but January CANNOT come soon enough to suit me!!

    And, JULIE H.S., YES!!! Pumpkin pie for breakfast is THE BEST!! Especially if it's my mom's special Bourbon Pumpkin pie -- WHOA, BABY, what a kick (not alcoholically since that all bakes out, but the spicy tang it gives??? MOAN GOOD!!!)!

    YVONNE, CAROL & MADONNA -- YOU GUYS ROCK FOR FINISHING NANO!!! And anybody else who attempted it??? You rock, too, because you definitely wrote more than I have this last month ... :/


  42. Thanks for sharing this info. I'm going to check out that software now!

    I would love to read your book - sounds great!

  43. How about an online family tree. I've found a few but they're clunky.
    I'm trying to get dates in order in my mind and I'm struggling to figure out when the ancestors came to America, built their house, how many children, my mind is muddled. (Yes, even more than usual)

    Also, I think I'm getting a cold and I may have a fever.

    Or I may just need to take this sweater off, one of those two things.

  44. And Ruthy's wrong about the candle shop. It's
    Masters Hand Candles"

  45. I'll have to try this software. Free definitely fits the budget, and I'm willing to try anything at this point.

    Put me in for the "just because" drawing. My NaNo total of 6989 (I think) was far from a win.

    Have I ever mentioned that I want to sit with you and just watch TV someday. You always mention my faves. Psych is set on my DVR with a "new episodes" timer, so I never have to miss one.

  46. Regina, girlfriend, there are tutorials! Walk you through, step by step. I love it!

    Yes, I'd love to stay home today, too but not gonna happen...

  47. Julie, how's the day going in Australia? I'm going to jump over there as soon as I get a break.

    Does everyone know that Julie is the queen of sticky notes?? LOL, I've always wanted to be like Julie...

  48. Mary, I'd love to do an online geneology of my family. When I have time. I'll post a reminder on a sticky note.

    A cold? Poor babe! I've added hot tea to the buffet with a pot of honey and a bowl of fresh cut lemons. My mom always swore hot milk with bay leaves and honey did the trick for a sore throat.

  49. BTW Novel Writing Made Easy is a cruel title, Audra.

    It's never easy. :)

  50. Andrea and Ruthy, Psyche sounds like a such a hoot! I wish it came on at a convenient time for me to watch it. We are very recording challenged at our house. I gotta catch episodes at the mercy of network programming.

    Although NCIS reruns are on ALL THE TIME. Good thing, otherwise my laundry would never get folded.

  51. It may be cruel, but it caught your attention, no?

  52. Andrea Strong!!! You know how to work you DVR?

    I am in awe.

    I haven't recorded a program since 2003.

    Our tv is now so complicated I can barely turn it on. And Heaven Forbid I push the wrong button.

  53. Oh my gosh, MaDonna, Carol, everyone....

    ANY progress over and above anything considered "YAWN" typical during NANO is SPLENDORIFIC!!!

    You guys rock the big Kahuna. I'm making a pitcher of mimosas to celebrate. You guys so totally deserve it.

    And cheese cannolis studded with Ghirardelli semi-sweet chocolate, dusted with cinnamon sugar.

    Oh my stars, have I mentioned how much I love the holidays?????

  54. This sounds great. I can't wait to check it out! Anything that will organize my writing will help. :)

  55. Thanks for the post and reminder, Audra. I remember checking out the Ywriter program a bit ago and wondering if it'd work for me or if I just lose my mind trying to figure it out.

    It looks like the program has gone through a rebuild since I've seen it. I may have to give it ago. I've tried others, maybe that will work.

    Has anyone given the program.

    Btw Audra, congrats on getting so many words down.

  56. Audra, this organization software scares me way more than I can say. And NaNoWriMo? I tried that once. Only once. It gave me severe writer's block, the only time I've ever had writer's block.

    I know. I'm weird. I don't know what to do about it.

    Pray for me. I'm supposed to be interviewed on TV tomorrow. Pray. Please.

  57. Ruthy, I'm about to get in my car and drive to NY to get me some of those cannolis. (Sorry, cyber food just isn't the same as the real thing.)
    Be there in about four days.

  58. WOW! Thanks for posting Julia's links. VERY cool. I'm such an OCDr that those charts made me drool! LOLOLOL!


  59. Hi Ann, I appreciate ANYTHING that will try to keep me organized, LOL.

  60. Tina, I don't know what the prior versions looked like, or what they did. I know I find yWriter5 pretty easy to understand.

    Sometimes I'll double click on something without meaning to and a cool screen will pop up. Then I can't figure out how to do it again.

    Thanks for the congrats. First year I've tried it. Will definitely do it again.

  61. Melanie, honey, deep breaths. You'll be fine during your interview. Just smile and be yourself, they'll love you and ask you back for more!

    If I leave now, I'll bet I can meet you at Ruthy's in four days. Ruthy's cannolis and Deb's pumpkin butter. Sounds way too good.

  62. Cheryl, whenever you post a how-to in Seekerville, you make my head spin. I'd love to see the world through your eyes, LOL!!

  63. Sounds like a neat-o program, Audra! As a confirmed Mac user, I recently started using Scrivener, which sounds like it does a lot of the same things. It took me a couple of afternoons to thoroughly go through the tutorial, and I'm still learning.

    But I do love how it lets you keep everything related to your wip all in one place. I find something on the Internet and can add that page right into my research section. Or a photo, map, etc. I can even open up my "celebrity" character photos and have them right beside the manuscript to inspire me as I write.

    I have to agree with Mary, though--"Novel Writing Made Easy"???? You have GOT to be kidding!!!

  64. Audra, this does look very cool...though I'm hyperventilating at the thought of being that organized! I might try it but I have an older laptop and I'm afraid of jinxing things.

    Don't enter me in the draw because I ordered both Rocky Mountain Hero and The Rancher's Reunion this morning before I went to work. December is going to be a good reading month. :-)

  65. Audra - NCIS rocks. My MC in my NaNo project is Tony ;). Not really but you know.

    Ruthy - I'm riding in with Mellie for mimosas and cannolis!

    I'm in class but giving a test and thought I'd ask here...

    A friend of a friend is about 14 and wants to learn about writing. Any suggestions for blogs/books/magazines for teens/teen writers?

    Back to watching for cheaters...

  66. He also has a software for keeping track of submissions - who, what, when, where... I may download this and take a peek. Thanks for informing us.

    I did NaNo in October. Does that count? If not, put me in for "just because."

    lr dot mullin at live dot com

    Off to bed for a much needed nap!


  67. Myra, which catches your attention, Novel Writing Made Easy, or Neat Tool For Organizing Your Writing?

    Creative license, please!

    I noticed the Scrivener was orginially designed for Mac. I think I'll wait a year or two for them to work the bugs out for their Windows version.

    I love all the bells and whistles these programs offer!!

  68. Kav, thanks for ordering our books!

    Walk on the wild side, Kav! Try it, you'll like it!

  69. This program sounds like a lot of fun, and a PRFOESSIONAL step up from my excel process. It even looks like it has an excel (or some type of spreadsheet) platform.

    I'll have to check it out. Might download it to dh's computer just in case Audra's wrong about that spyware. lol

  70. You're right, Linnette. It looks like he has lots of software, both free and not so free. I've checked out the tracker program, but learning one new program at a time is about all this little brain can handle.

  71. Oh, man, how did I mess up The Master's Hand url like that????

    I should be flogged. Beaten. Made fun of by hordes of straggling, suffering people.

    In other words, business as usual.

    Oh mylanta, sorry, Mare, thanks for correcting me. And I can't wait for my "shhhhh....secret" candle order to come.

    Elves are at work!


  72. Andrea, it's a date!

    As long as NCIS comes first.








    Just love those guys. And I'm SO COOL with my DVR now. I almost never mess it up real bad. Almost.

  73. Do Not Baby Mary.


    It's probably the sweater. Buy a fan, Cupcake.

  74. Melanie, I'll stuff yours FRESH when you pull up the driveway.

    Watch the potholes, Southern Girl.

  75. Oh, and pick up Carol on the way. And Andrea. And anyone who has a "Need Food" sign.

    We've got plenty.

  76. This sounds like I could waste days figuring out new software!!

    I did try to download it but my computer kept yelling at me. I don't do downloads very well - they always mess up!

    Will try again, or if I can catch hubby one of these days in a good mood, maybe he'll help me.

    Thanks for the tip, Audra.

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  77. Oooo -

    NCIS Marathon [I'll bring the DVDs] and canollis at Ruthy's! I'm so there! Andrea, I'll pick you up on the way to meet Mellie.

    Okay - so to a yWriter question...

    I prefer, generally, to write linearly. However, when shooting for something like NaNo or NovelTrack [or if I just plain got writer's block] I'll jump around to something I know I can write quickly or already know what I want to write, etc.

    So... If I'm in yWriter and I do scene 1 from ch. 12 and then a week later do scene 3 from ch12 and then s2 from ch 12 is there some magic button that will plop them all into the same chapter file? Or if things change can I just rename it all Ch. 15 because there was a hurricane that took up 3 chapters between 11 and the old 12?

    Etc ;).

    Captcha: wombooft - if you can use that in a sentence, then you get bonus points.

  78. Pam, you wound me. Audra wrong? Well, I have walked down that path, maybe once or twice.

    Fine, use hubby as a guinea pig. But I think you'll have a grand time playing.

  79. Ruthy, you are planning quite the soiree, aren't you? All the holiday favorites served hot and fresh??

    NCIS marathon??

    Mellie, Carol, Linnette too??

    You know how to really get the ol' drool juices going, don't you?


  80. I was sitting her messing with it thinking 'I can't find the corkboard' /weep/. But that's Scrivener :p.

    I am fiddling with yWriter since I was up insanely late last night with a 3yo who wouldn't sleep and am not going to be productive...

  81. I've tried yWriter before. It's a pretty good program (I used to be a programmer). But for me, at this point in my writing career, I had to abandon it. I needed to learn more about story craft before finding a tool before facilitate what I already knew. I can see me using a tool like this one, however, in the future.


    I got an autographed copy of Rocky Mountain Hero in the mail today.

    I am now dancing around my office with it.

  83. OMGosh, I love you guys so much!!!
    Carol, we are so THERE!
    And I want your books so bad, Audra! I have started buying my own Christmas presents, (since hubby is clueless) so I see an Amazon order in my near future.

  84. Tina Radcliffe, you bragger, I cannot SAY what I'm thinking right now because people would be shocked and amazed at me.


    Or they'd just pat me on the head and ignore me, like always.




    BUT I'M HAPPY FOR YOU TOO. (kind of, in a weird kind of way.)

    Although I still think you're a brat. Time for coffee. Want some? It's pumpkin spice.

    With whip or without????

  85. This looks great, Audra! Thanks for telling us about it.

  86. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 2, 2010 at 8:56 PM

    What a great program!! I will have to check it out since I really want to start writing. Congrats to all the writers who participated in NaNo. Thanks for sharing with us!!

    fantum2004 AT sbcglobal DOT net

  87. I'm late! Where did the day go?
    This software--free software--looks interesting, Audra Thanks for sharing! I'll check it out. With all the Post-It nots I use, I'm using up trees at an alarming rate.

    Can't wait to read Rocky Mountain Hero!! I know I've said that before but that doesn't make it less true.


  88. Well, I've been reading Audra's book and it's been a treat. I love it. So, whoever wins it will be very lucky, IMHO.

    I also have the software and it's been very useful. So nice that it's free.

    Abbi :-)

  89. Okay, home from work and hubby is fed. Don't you just love Meal For 2, meal in a bag?? Takes the guess work out of grocery shopping since I'm used to buying in BULK.

    Now it's just Gary and me.

    Deep sigh.

    I never thought I'd have Empty Nest Syndrome.

    Bright side!! The kids will be home for Christmas, heh,heh,heh.

  90. Hi Patricia,

    I could never use this program while working through my rough draft. BUT, once the ugliness is put on paper, it will take your words and magically shuffle them into scenes and chapters.

    I love it!

  91. You're funny, Melanie. Pass your cup or mug to Ruthy since she's pouring coffee.

    I'll take pumpkin spice. Tis the season, LOL!

  92. Cara, Janet, the yWriter5 is fun to putter around. I find new stuff it will do all the time.

    I must confess, Janet. I still have a stack of sticky notes...I can't go cold turkey...yet, LOL!

  93. Laura! Start writing. We're all behind you, here to cheer you on!

    God bless your efforts!!

  94. Oooo, Abbi! Thanks for the kind words.

    I don't know which is worse, writing the book or having others read it!!

  95. Audra,

    What a blessing you are and this is!

    I've been revising most of the day (and cleaning and checking email and news too) but couldn't end the day without a check into Seekerville.

    Congrats to you and all with NaNo.

    Will definitely be checking this program out! Thank you!!

  96. Melanie

    Enjoy that interview. They will love you AND your book!

    And pick me up on the way to Ruthy's will ya? I'll pay for the fuel...

    Mary, hope you are NOT sick. However... It's totally your fault that I'm sleep-deprived. I was helping John and Grace get out of the avalanched cave house. Sheesh.

  97. KC, I'm with you on that whole revising and check email...but cleaning?

    Not so much. It's not spring yet.

    Besides, dust is a country accent.

    Thanks for stopping by today. I feel like a nightcap, ha!

  98. Congrats to all who survived NaNoWriMo!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  99. Audra, I recently bought Scrivener. Am still learning it!

  100. A submission tracker? Oh my gosh! I didn't see that and it's what I desperately need right now. I've had three articles accepted in the last month and I submitted them all to about ten magazines each.

    Well, once they're accepted, the others really appreciate it if you tell them the article has been accepted so they can take it off the shelf (publication-wise). I've been going back and forth from my sent mail to my inbox! LIFESAVER!

    OR, less dramatically, TIMESAVER!

  101. Thank you so much for the inside scoop on the free software! I participated for the first time this year in NANOWRIMO and I must say, I have an entire new respect for all of the writers here at Seekerville and anyone who's been published. It's not easy to write 50,000 words and keep track of who's doing what and who's say what. Even though I have a full time day job, somehow I reached my goal and was a winner with 50,047 words. The story isn't finished, so I need to wrap it up and then go back and make it better. I've never written that many words in such a short period of time and honestly, I never thought I could. I plan to use this software because I have post it notes and pocket spiral notebooks filled with ideas, titles, character names, etc. Thanks!

  102. Wow, Jill, you wrote 50K in November with a full-time job???

    Congratulations, girl, that is simply amazing!

    I have 2 1/2 jobs and I KNOW how har that is.

    What's 2 1/2 jobs???

    Purchasing Manager 1 Full time
    ACFW Conference Treasurer 1/2 Time
    Wife/mother/cook/housekeeper 1 Full Time
    Writer 1/2 Time

    Oops...maybe that 3 jobs total.

  103. Thanks Pam! Yep, that sounds like 3 to me, 2 full time jobs and 2 halfs = 3! You go girl! :)

  104. I'm sorry, stopping in late. But I'm so glad you're an Alley reader and thanks so much for sharing my links for freeware. I hope they will be useful and fun for other writers.