Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Toast To Seekerville by Anne Barton

Every holiday party has one.

The guest who’s had a little too much egg nog. You know her. She hovers shamelessly around the Christmas cookies, laughs too loudly, and hugs anyone who wanders within a 15 foot radius. Worst of all, she blabbers nonstop about how much she LOVES everybody.

Today, Seekerville friends, that endearingly obnoxious person is me.

I guess this time of year brings out my sappy (some would say intoxicated) side. Please forgive me if I get a little sentimental, but isn’t that what the holidays are for? Reflecting on the good things in life? Family, friends, faith, and yes—Seekerville.

This place has come to mean so much to so many. To me, it’s a place to learn about the craft and business of writing. It’s a place to receive encouragement and share struggles. But mostly, it’s a place to come and meet up with friends. They can inspire you, kick you in the behind, make you laugh, and make you cry—all on the same day. Oh, good grief—somebody pass the tissues.

There are certain things you can count on in Seekerville. Good coffee (thanks, Helen!), good food, good advice, and excellent company. The comments section feels like your best friend’s kitchen table. You can help yourself to whatever’s in the fridge, pull up a chair, and be yourself. That’s pretty special.

And so, in honor of the wonderful women of Seekerville, I’d like to propose a toast. Ahem. (Imagine me standing, swaying slightly, and singing to the tune of Cheers. Off key, of course.)

Making your way in publishing today takes everything you’ve got.

Taking a break from proposals and queries sure would help a lot.
Wouldn’t you like to get away? (From revisions. Just a short break.)

Sometimes you wanna go (to the sandy beaches of Unpubbed Island)

Where all the Seekers know your name (and Captain Jack visits, too)

And they’re always glad you came (especially if you leave a comment)
You wanna be where you can see, our dreams are all the same (the Rita!)

You wanna go where everybody knows your name (and the coffee’s hot).

To Seekerville!

Well then. Now that I’ve embarrassed myself, it’s imperative that you do the same. It will make me feel better.

Share a toast! You can see that I’ve set the bar quite low. Your ode to Seekerville can be short, long, sweet, funny, or in Latin.

One toaster, selected at random, will win a $10 Barnes and Noble electronic gift card.

I’ll be circulating with the champagne bottle, refilling glasses (not just mine), and hugging.

Have I told you how much I love you guys?

Anne Barton began swiping romance novels off her mom’s bookshelf when she was thirteen and continues to help herself to this day. It was during a semester in London that she fell in love with the city, its history, and its pubs. Once back in the United States, she married a man who, sadly, is not a peer of the realm–but a great guy nonetheless.

Anne tried on several careers before finding her true callings: teaching long division and dreaming up stories about dukes. She’s currently an elementary school math teacher by day and the award-winning writer of witty, provocative historical romance by night.


  1. CHEERS...Now what's my cheating. lol

    I agree you are intoxicated.Kidding.
    great the cheers revision


  2. We have so many "-villes" in Tennessee, perhaps that's why I'm so at home here.

    Anne with an "e", you've expressed my thoughts so well, not sure I can add much (oooh, poor pun, that.)

    To the ladies of Seekerville: may your heroes be heroic and your heroines sassy, may your words flow freely, and your settings be classy. May your friendships hold true and your families understand, I'm blessed to have found you, as you've each escaped to the mainland.

    Egads that was awful, but it was heartfelt. The bar was low and I succeeded in lowering it! Ha!

    Happy 2011 all!

  3. Anne, this is going to be so much fun!!

    Can't wait to see all the ballads composed in Seekerville's honor.

    Vince, I'm counting on you to write something SPECTACULAR!

    And, Anne, I think you hit the nail on the head: stopping by Seekerville IS like going into your best friend's kitchen, opening the fridge and helping yourself to whatever's there (Watch out for Mary's pizza. It's been there a couple of months.)

    And everybody knows you by name. that is sooooo true here!

  4. Climbing out from under a pile of laundry to raise a glass to my seeker-sisters (And brothers, Walt and Vince!)

    Happy New Year, writer-buddies!

  5. Making your way thru the publishing maze takes everything I've got.

    Taking a break from my revisions to make a coffee pot.

    Wouldn't I like an entire day?

    Sometimes you have to go. Where all the Seekers know you're INSANE.

    And they still love you the SAME.

    You want to go where POV and conflict are all explained.

    You want to go where everybody buys your book.

  6. Okay, sing this to Suwanee River:

    Way down upon Unpubbed Island
    Far, far away…

    That’s where our Pam is yearning, biding

    The time for her to get away!

    Long the days and nights of waiting,

    The waves are breaking sloooooowwww…

    But Captain Jack’s upon her, waiting, with latte and espressooooo!

    Soon her grass hut will stand quite empty,

    Palm branches wavin' ashore...

    Whilst we toast and help our dear friends enter

    The land of published author!

    For we stand as one together

    Everywhere we go... o...o...o

    Oh, Dear Lord how we'd love to enter

    The bestsellers lists we know!

    Oh, that was fun. Way fun.

    Annie-banannie, welcome back, Sugar Plum!

    What a lovely, great and wonderful post and I'll stand tall (as tall as 5'2" allows) clapping for you as you grasp that gold ring/dubloon, whatever!

    Happy New Year, chica!

  7. I'm almost misty eyed. Almost.
    Anne, your toast was spot on, my dear. I've always said this was the Cheers bar for me--such a nice place to hang out with an incredible group of writers.

    "To Seekerville!"

    love the additional verses as well. Only Ruthy could use Suwanee River. Honestly are you down on one knee as you belt that out?

  8. RUTHY!! I mean, really, Ruthy? I will have that going through my head all day.

    You are in so much trouble.

  9. Tina I agree with you. All these are going to be in my head today. sigh And you had some corny verses too.

    Okay, I'm in. Think of the tune for O Tannenbaum
    (Hey it is the Christmas season still)

    Oh Seekerville, Oh Seekerville

    How corny art thou now

    Your friends are corny when summer days are bright

    We eat and laugh when winter snow is white

    Oh Seekerville, Oh Seekerville

    How corny art thou now.

    Oh Seekerville, Oh Seekerville

    You give us so much pleasure

    We share our hopes and dreams all day and night

    We share craft tips and hints as they come in sight

    Oh Seekerville, Oh Seekerville

    You give us so much pleasure

    Oh Seekerville, Oh Seekerville

    You fill our hearts with treasure

    Our friends come visit us and play

    We think of you each and every day

    Oh Seekerville, Oh Seekerville

    You fill our hearts with treasure

  10. I'm having too much fun. Forgot to welcome you Anne and thank you for the chuckle today.

    Fun way to start. With a song in your heart.

    Oh oh, look what you started.

    Thanks for joining us.

  11. Okay, so "To Seekerville" was a pretty lame toast.
    Sincere. But lame.

    There once was some girls named the Seekers,
    who loved God, writing, laughing and Jeters,
    They gathered up steam to put umph in their dream
    We salute with a chorus of Eureek..ers

    Amazing the things we’ll do for a bookstore gift card.

  12. The ONLY way to remove that Suwanee River ditty from your head is to replace it with:

    It's a small world, after all!
    It's a small world, after all!
    It's a small world, after all!
    It's a small, small world!

  13. Good morning! Sorry I'm late, it took a while to find the Advil. But now I've got a mimosa in my hand, so look out!

    I think we should start out with a champagne brunch. Spinach feta quiche, chocolate french toast, fruit salad with honey lime dressing . . . and champagne.

    Oh my gosh, I just scanned through the comments. These toasts are awesome!

  14. Bri, cheers! *clink* Thanks for being the first brave soul to join in. I'm not intoxicated, dear--it's morning for heaven's sake--let's go with "tipsy." :)

    KC, your toast ROCKS. And it rhymes. The sentiment is perfect, and I esp. love the last line. Cheers!

  15. Aw, Anne, this is SOOO cool!!! And fun!!! Seekerville definitely gets in your blood and your brain ... although not as badly as Ruthy's mention of "It's a Small World," thank God!!

    I'd be lost without The Seekers, and the Seekers would be lost without all the wonderful Seekervillians. Oh, heck, who am I kidding???? I'd be lost anyway, but Seekerville is sure a fun place to do it!

    And, uh, I'd make a toast, but I don't drink this early in the morning ... :)


  16. Pam, whose turn is it to clean out the fridge? I didn't want to mention it, but the microwave is a little scary too.

    And yes--no pressure, Vince, but we expect something amazing, LOL.

    Cheers, Erica! Happy New Year to you too.

  17. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 29, 2010 at 8:40 AM

    I am so happy to be part of Seekerville! I am glad that I found this place. To everyone at Seekerville be blessed and have a great New Year. I can't wait to explore the up coming year with all of you!


  18. Tina, I love this: "Sometimes you have to go. Where all the Seekers know you're INSANE. And they still love you the SAME." What a great chorus. That last line is priceless too!

    Happy New Year, Ruthy! Beautiful imagery in your toast. (I'm talking, of course, about the bit with Captain Jack.) That tune makes me want to put my arms around the shoulders of the people on either side of me and sway to the music. (Lucky I haven't had more mimosas, or there would be Rockette-style kicks, too.)

  19. Cheers, Debra! I agree, Seekerville is one of the nicest places I know. And LOLOL on your sweet toast! What a fabulous line: "who loved God, writing, laughing and Jeters." Too funny--thank you for the laugh.

    Sandra--Hahaha!!! Oh, Tannenbaum/Seekerville??? That song will really be stuck in my head. And Seekerville really IS a treasure.

  20. Wonderful post!

    The below is done without the benefit of coffee. However, it is brewing. Since I'm still in the holiday spirit, it should sound like a familiar tune. (If not familiar, it's supposed to be Jingle Bells.)

    Writing through the blues, with a coffee mug in hand.
    O’er the edits I go, making my story grand.
    Sending queries out, praying I won’t crack
    Hoping for a full request and yes, a book contract.

    Seek-er-ville, Seek-er-ville, Seeking all the way
    Oh what fun it is to write and be published one fine day. Hey.
    Seek-er-ville, Seek-er-ville. You brighten every day.
    Oh what fun, it is to share, a glorious writing day.

  21. I knew this was going to be fun!

    Ruthy, an Ode to Pam and Seekerville all in one??? That was so sweet.

    And, Walt, that's brilliant!

    I'm headed to work with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.


    Impressive, dude. ;)

    Now I'm humming Jingle Bells.

    And laughing at Teeeeeena.

    My day is now complete.

  23. Ooops.


    Excuse me. The good news is I can taste things again and my head is NOT spinning 'round.

    Remind me next year to NOT GET SICK on Christmas Eve. So, Anne!!!!

    Advil, huh? Did we share our germs? So sorry, sweet thing, but the mimosa is a GRRRRREAT idea for a cure.

    Multiplied by three, please.

    One of my highlights of my first National RWA conference was getting to hug Anne and Keli.

    Oh my stars, that was the best. Wonderful, wonderful. I get ver klempt thinking of it.

    But it might just be my runny nose.


  24. Here, Here!!!!

    No embarrassment needed. I'm with you Anne. :-)

  25. WOW!! Loved your post, Anne--you had me giggling out loud as I read (attracting unusual glances from my kitties!). ~ I'm not able to visit Seekerville regularly as many folks do, BUT...when I'm here I LOVE IT! Not only do I learn a lot from these posts, but I feel uplifted from many of them (and enjoy the back-and-forth banter, LOL). ~ And to show how much I appreciate all the great posts, I brought some Georgia peach muffins--HOT out of the oven! ~ Happy New Year from Georgia, Patti Jo :)
    P.S. For some reason, I cannot stop humming Suwanee River! ;)

  26. Oh, my, such talent you have, Anne!And look at all the wonderful odes your venture has triggered!

    So, being significantly less rhyming clever, I merely propose a toast:

    TO OUR MANY FRIENDS OF SEEKERVILLE who brighten each and every day. Without you we'd just be 15 lonely writers out here all by ourselves. (Laughing occasionally at Mary or Ruthy, of course.) But how amazingly fun you all make coming here. Even though I don't get to play on our Island beaches as often as I'd like due to Ye Olde Day Job, Seekerville is my first visit when I start up the computer each day. So THANK YOU FRIENDS OF SEEKERVILLE from the bottom of our little Seeker hearts for making this a place for such fun and friendship!

  27. What a fun day.

    I seriously don't think I'm up to playing in the same league here.

    I'll give it some thought and maybe come up with something, but in the meantime, while I'm thinking, I decided to say hi and tell you all how many times I've laughed reading the comments.

    And Anne's Advil is for yesterday's hangover.

  28. I love Seekerville, though I've been more of a lurker these days. TIpping my hat (I don't wear hats, but if I did, I'd tip it.) to these incredible ladies and the wisdom they share. God's handprint is on them, for sure.


    May your words flow freely,
    Your fingers fly fast.
    So that you editors jump for glee.

    May your books bring mucho pocket change,
    Your purses brimming with coin.
    And may your words touch people's hearts with God's peace.

    Yeah...a poet I am NOT.
    Love you all, you Seeker gals! And Anne, you outdid yourself! Awesome post!

  29. Ah, a woman after my own heart--in love with Seekerville!

    I'll propose a toast--to all the Seekers and the regulars (like me) who love them! Thank you for providing such great writing advice and wisdom. Thank you even more for your friendship! You guys are so sweet and supportive, and I love you!!! *sniff sniff* Truly.

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. Okay, worked to hard at this. :)

    Sung to the tune of
    Oh Little Town of Bethlehem

    Oh Little Isle of Seekerville
    How near you are to shore
    One simple Call
    And then we’ll all
    Sail off forevermore

    We hear the mainland calling
    And always there’s advise
    All aimed a changing Unpubbed Isle
    To retreat paradise

  32. Oh my.

    I don't think I can manage to keep up with any of those! A poet I ain't.

    But... I promise to give it the old college try. Once I get some caffeine in me. I'm impressed at what Walt could do without any.

    Until then, here's a toast for you...

    Three cheers for Seekerville!
    Hip, hip hooray!
    Hip, hip hooray!
    Hip, hip hooray!

    Does that count?
    /takes big swig of eggnog/ Please?

  33. Hi, Julie! It's 5 o'clock somewhere. Here's a Bloody Mary with tabasco and a crisp stalk of celery. For inspiration. :)

    Laura, cheers to you! I know Seekerville will give us lots to celebrate in 2011. Isn't Madam Zelda going to be here tomorrow? Maybe she'll give us some insight.

  34. Walt.
    Good stuff.

    I can see where this is all leading. So of course I'll be back for more.

    And just think, our favorite fortune teller is on her way later in the week.

    Pam, Capt Jack called. He's got some friends looking to rent your space and heard it might be available soon.

  35. Walt, FAB toast. This is my favorite: "Sending queries out, praying I won’t crack;
    Hoping for a full request and yes, a book contract." Crossing my fingers for you.

    Hi, Jessica! We're shameless, aren't we? *fills both glasses*

    Ruthy, sorry you're still sneezing. NO fun being sick at Christmas. I hear champagne kills germs . . .

  36. Patti Jo, thank you! Georgia peach muffins = YUM. And I'm with you--as great as the posts are here in Seekerville, the comments can be SO entertaining. Happy New Year!

    Beautiful toast, Glynna! And LOL, "Ye Olde Day Jobs" can really interfere with our beach frolicking. ;)

  37. Mary, thanks for clarifying about the Advil. And could you please stop talking so loud. And maybe draw the curtains a bit.

    Your toast sung to O Little Town of Bethlehem (my favorite Christmas song!) is seriously GREAT. We are getting an impressive collection of Christmas carols here.

    Hi, Sherrinda! You are TOO a poet. I love this: "And may your words touch people's hearts with God's peace." Cheers to you!

  38. Hey, Melanie - my word verification was just "melys." :) Like I told Tina, I'm an official Seekerville fangirl. We should start a club, LOL.

    Carol, hip, hip, hooray! Of course that counts . . . as long as you share the eggnog. Big cheers!

  39. Share? You want me to SHARE?

    Oh, okay. There's an endless supply right?

    Hmmm... captcha is goless... I'm not quite sure what to read into that...

  40. Anne, you don't need to START a club, this IS the club.

  41. Good morning, Seekerville! (Well, it was morning a couple hours ago, LOL)

    You gotta understand that I'm a night owl so this is terrible, but I had to jump in... well, first I asked my son to sing The Wheels on The Bus to make sure I had the cadence right... but you still have to improvise haha...

    The writers at Seekerville write and write,
    Write and write, write and write,
    The writers at Seekerville write and write,
    All through the island

    The published Seekers sign and smile,
    To promote their books and improve their looks
    The published Seekers must write more,
    To stay in the rat race

    The unpubbed Seekers write and edit,
    Blog and post, improve their craft
    The unpubbed Seekers can’t lose hope
    ‘Cause their turn is next!

    Anne, what a bang to end the year. Thanks. :D

    Anita Mae.

  42. Let's all lift our rum bottles while Captain Jack leads us in a chorus toast of:

    Yo ho, yo ho it's a WRITER'S life for me!

    Here's to a great WRITING year for everyone!

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  43. hey everyone!

    @Erica - I got Maggie and the Maverick in the mail! I guess it arrived the week I was gone but I started it this morning - could finish if work would cooperate! sigh...thank you!

    wow can I get virtually plastered too?! This has been a very trying month for me - dealt with inhome health care stuff all morning - my dad wanted me to look into it and now my mom is mad and denying they need any help. Not an easy road and I'm still in shock. I tell you I wondered a bit how that hero in Winter's End could be so stubborn and in denial but I tell you it all makes sense now :-( totally makes sense and wish we had Kayla to make things better. When I read that book I was relating to my dad who's still undergoing treatments but never thought my mom would get brain cancer(still not 100% confirmed but looks very much that way).

    anyways back at work and this past 3-4 weeks have been a blur. I was back on weight watchers and managed to lose more than 4 lbs this past week - they wantedt o know now I did it and I said you don't want to do it the way I did!

    any fudge left? might hit the sweets too!

    don't enter me- I could get in big trouble with a free giftcard from a bookstore! the last free one I got from B&N mastercard I spend double the card LOL!

  44. Oh, Susanna! Dagnabbit, I'm sending you cyber hugs big time.

    You know I based the hospice situation on my mother's cancer, right? With all the angst of losing someone you love, the hospice experience was great for our family. Healing. Time. Faith. Amazing growth opportunities.

    But the growth came through the pain of loss and weird family situations that I can't talk about publicly, but....

    Prayers for you.

    Oh my goodness, layers of prayers for you. For Mom. For Dad.

    And the weight loss? I so commiserate. God bless you, kid, and I'm glad you find time to stop in here and chat with us. And super honored that you loved Winter's End.


  45. Anita Mae, that was very cute! Wheels on the Bus is catchy. Thanks for chiming in, and cheers!

    Hi, Rose - yo ho, that's a good one! Captain Jack approves wholeheartedly. :)

  46. Susanna, Ruthy said it just perfectly. Big hugs to you, and take care of yourself, okay?

    I'll be keeping you and your parents in my prayers.

  47. May all your dreams come true in 2011.

  48. Anita Mae....
    The published Seekers must write more,
    To stay in the rat race

    Truer words were never spoken.

    Come join the rats, everyone. We're all leaving the rat dream. :)

  49. Thanks for the memories,
    The coffee and the jokes
    From all you Seeker folks
    The daily blog, the great eggnog,
    For keeping the fires stoked,
    I thank you so much ...

    Thanks for camaraderie,
    For all the good advice,
    For all being so nice,
    For persevering, always cheering,
    Giving life some spice,
    I thank you so much.

    And thanks also for The Rancher's Reunion, which just arrived in the mail! Looking forward to diving in!

    To the Ladies (and gents) of Seekerville: May your volumes be many and your edits few, and may all the good you've given us come flowing back to you!

  50. Oh my goodness, I've been absent from Seekerville since before Christmas and I come back to THIS!!!

    WOW!! Who knew we had so many wannabe lyricists in Seekerville??? Y'all should take these acts on the road! Do Vegas or Nashville!

    Seriously, Anne, what a delightful post! Thanks so much!

  51. thanks anne and ruthy..I didn't know it was based on your mom but figured you must've had some experience to have written that storyline - not like every other love inspired deals with hospice LOL! just a nightmare and I don't particularly want any growth..people keep telling me God has a plan and all that but right now I don't like His plan AT ALL! Keep thinking this is just another bad dream but I haven't woken up yet.
    I called a place today that is going to contact my dad - he said they can do the same thing as hospice if it comes to that but not sure what the difference is. I just want someone there and my mom's mad as all get-out that they don't want help and sure dont' need it, etc so looks like a battle and a half about to launch.

    and this Healthy choice dinner stinks..need more fudge and some of that spiked eggnog if whats her name left us any!


  52. Hi Anne & all the Seekers,

    I just wanted to add a quick AMEN to all the great comments. LOVE THIS SITE and all you GREAT people who teach us and encourage us!

    Here's to a great 2011 with many more new books to read!!



  53. Cheers, Runner!

    Mary, you Seekers aren't rats--more like cute little hamsters running nonstop on their wheels. Can't...stop...writing!

  54. EC--wow, that is some high quality music you're writing there.

    Excellent poetic soul.

  55. I especially just LOVE that you rhymmed cameraderie with memory. That is brilliant, and fun.

  56. Oh my. EC, that was simply...beautiful!!! The rhyming scheme, the rhythm, the sentiment, everything. Just awesome! You're a true poet. Thanks!

    Hi, Myra, and welcome back! It's always good to come home to a party. :) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Hey, Sue! I'm with you--can't wait to see what great things the Seekers have in store for 2011. Cheers, my Pixie sister.

  57. Another great post, Anne--as usual. What a wonderful way to pay tribute to the Seekers and those who love to spend time in Seekerville.

    I'm neither a songwriter nor a poet, and when you read my comment, you'll know it. However, I wracked my noodle, and came up with this--sung to the tune of Polly Wolly Doodle.

    Went to Seekerville,
    For to see my pals,
    Munching virtual treats all the way.
    They're an awesome group of guys and gals
    Who always brighten up my day.

    "Oh, my stars!
    Oh, my stars!
    Oh, my stars, I got The Call!"
    That's the news we long to hear
    As we prepare to shout and cheer
    For our Seeker friends one and all.

    I look forward to sharing in many more happy dances in 2011 as the Seekerville faithful shout out their good news.

  58. .
    O Seekervilliae,
    velut luna
    statu variabilis,
    fidem meam noto:
    de corde totaliter
    et ex mente tota
    sum presentialiter
    quero mihi similes
    semper in te glorior!

    Actually, while I know that Latin was requested,
    and requests should not be neglected,
    much of my Latin
    has been forgotten.
    So if you truly want
    the ‘spectacular’,
    I will have to use
    the vernacular.

    Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

    There's a bright golden haze on the island,
    There's a bright golden haze on the sea,
    Ruthy’s as high as a young girl’s sigh,
    with more stars in reviews
    than there are in the sky!

    Oh what a beautiful morning,
    Helen’s coffee just makes our day,
    I've got this wonderful feeling,
    Ritas & Carols are coming our way!

    All the awards are standing like statues,
    all the Seekers are writing like Pantsers,
    and they don't turn their heads
    at the things Mary says.
    cause the Nebraskan
    is Seekerville’s gangster.

    Oh what a beautiful morning,
    Tina’s at the Sullivan ranch.
    She’s planning a Seeker edition
    Where we all Oklahoma square dance!

    All the clicks of the AlphaSmarts are like music,
    As Camy mixes words with wasabi,
    A confused Tonto just asked Sandra
    did Camy just say kee-mo sah-bee?

    The breeze is so busy it woke Missy
    who should have been typing away
    Now Audra is checking with Myra
    and neither knows just what to say!

    Oh what a beautiful morning,
    Cheryl’s just jumped out
    of a perfectly good plane!
    She thinks she’s rescuing Janet
    but Shirley already jumped on the scene!

    While Cara is out on assignment
    trying to get Pam out of confinement
    Debby is writing suspense,
    drinking mint juleps,
    in perfect content!

    Oh what a beautiful morning,
    Glynna’s book comes out in two days!
    But not in the stores for a month or more
    So download “Second Chance Courtship!”
    the eHarlequin way!



    Since the Seekers
    are so dear to us
    Let us all meet next year
    in St. Louis!


    Hi Anne:

    Sorry, but this really is better in the English. It just loses something in the translation into Latin.

    Happy you were here today!


    *O Seekervillians
    Like the moon
    You are changeable
    See how I am faithful:
    with all my heart
    and with all my soul,
    I am with you
    I shall always glory in you!

  59. Vince, I am speechless.


    Going back to read it again...and pulling out my old high school Latin textbook.

  60. This has been soooooo much fun to read! Here's my ode to Seekerville with the help of Clement Moore.

    Twas the week between Christmas and New Year and all through Seekerville
    The Seekervillians were stirring; their collected hearts alight with goodwill.
    The coffee was brewing thanks to Helen’s deft hand
    And Ruthy’s decadent spread was anything but bland.

    While keyboards were busy composing words of good cheer
    For the Seekerville authors who have become so dear
    To the hundreds who stop by daily on their quest
    To seek out new knowledge from the very best.

    From the Writer’s Resource Room – we can’t get enough,
    Of Characterization and plot and other good stuff.
    Like agents and charts and contests and hooks
    And all things insightful for writing great books.

    The Seekers are diligent about sharing their craft
    So that all of their followers can create a fine draft.
    They impart of their wisdom so we can each find our voice
    With the genre and publisher of our very first choice.

    So cheers Camy! And Pam! And Myra and Julie
    Yay Mary! Yay Glynna! Thanks Janet and Ruthy
    Praise Tina! And Sandra! Hugs Missy and Cara
    Hoorah, Debby and Glynna and lets not forget Audra!

    Here’s our undying gratitude for all that you’ve shared
    And the way that you show you obviously care
    About writing and writers and reading and readers
    You all make the most incredible, inspiring leaders.

  61. Okay, I'm still in AWE over Vince's toast. It's breathtaking. So many personal touches packed in there. And I see he provided the tranlation at the bottom. Thank you, Vince!

    Keli! I love your song! You've captured the heart and soul of Seekerville, I think (friends and food). You're right--2011 is gonna be a great year here. Stand back... *pops another bottle of champagne*

  62. My verse is not necessarily about all the Seekers, just the one closest to my heart at the moment (since I received her amazing book for Christmas, and I can hardly put it down).

    The dishes pile up
    The laundry amasses
    My eyes and head hurt,
    So I take off my glasses.
    I continue to read, for my greatest need
    Is to finish 'Lassoed in Texas'

    I'm not kidding either. I'm not getting anything done or getting any sleep, and it's all Mary Connealy's fault! Some of the blame goes to my sister in law, since she bought me the book. But mostly, Mary, it's on you.

    I'm in Ch. 4 of Gingham Mountain, and I'm having to remember Hannah's history so I won't get mad at her for making such horrible accusations against Grant. Also, I love the last name thing, so sweet.

    I'd love to win the B&N gift card. Since I'm a member there, it would be particularly useful.

    On a personal note...a friend gave me money for Christmas, and it's just enough to pay my first year dues to ACFW. She's one of my greatest supporters in this writing journey, and she was pretty excited when I told her what I'm planning to do with the money.

    Thank you so much Seekerville. You really keep me going. I thank God for you daily.

  63. Kav! Good grief, that is BRILLIANT. The last stanza is my absolute favorite:

    "Here’s our undying gratitude for all that you’ve shared
    And the way that you show you obviously care
    About writing and writers and reading and readers
    You all make the most incredible, inspiring leaders."

    Way to go, KAV! We're not worthy!

  64. Oh, they keep coming! EC. I give you a standing ovation!

    And then there's Vince. I will agree to that resolution to See you in St. Louis, Louis!

    This is the club, Mary. Darn tootin.

    Melanie and Anita Mae and Keli you rock, till Kav came in and knocked off my sock. yup. only had one on.

    I heard her exclaim as she flew out of sight, Happy New Year to all and to all a good write!

  65. Oh my, I had to return and what a hoot.

    Walt, you did that before coffee. I'm so impressed.

    And so many Christmas songs are NEVER going to be the same.

    You all are too much.

    Anne, see what you started. This is too fun and I haven't even had a mimosa or bloody mary.

    You Seekervillans ROCK. oops did I say villans. I meant Seelervillians. Or did I??????

    I can hardly wait for more.

  66. Andrea, loved your verse about Lassoed in Texas. I doubt there's any greater praise for a book than, "The dishes pile up
    The laundry amasses." Well done, and cheers!

    Debra -- "knocked off my sock." Singular. LOL!

    Sandra, I'm real good at starting stuff. Hehe. BTW, your post yesterday inspired me to write down my goals for 2011. That little push was just what I needed-thanks!

  67. Vince!!!

    You're been writing that since it popped up this morning, haven't you?

    It's a thing of beauty.

    Mary "Seekerville Ganster Emeritus" Connealy

  68. Andrea, the one good thing about household chores is....the dust and dirty dishes will wait for you FOREVER. They never go away.
    So later will be fine with them.

    I'm glad you're finding some sympathy for poor misguided well-intentioned Hannah.

  69. KAV!!!!

    Wow, I think we're going to have to copyright this comment section. Some of you have really written masterpieces.

    Anne you've inspired everyone!!!

  70. Did you know that eggnog can be spelled as one word OR two?

    Just an example of the valuable information to be gained when hanging around here.

  71. Thanks for such a wonderful post, Anne! And the comments are so much fun. You guys are such a riot.

  72. Vince just rhymed
    Wasabi with
    Kemo sabi

    I didn't think

    ...could be beaten but I was wrong.


  73. LOL, Mary -- being dubbed Seekerville Gangsta is priceless!!! Yay, Vince!

  74. Susanna, I've so been where you are. Hang in there.

    God does make good out of all things. Tough to believe, but it does happen. Treasure the joys with your folks. I'm praying for you bigtime.

    And Anne, glad the pep talk yesterday helped. Did me good too. LOL

    Anita Mae, I used to sing wheels on the bus all the time to my nephew. Saved me many times. But it is never going to be the same. chuckle I like your version better.

  75. A fun post, Anne. I raise my glass to Seekers and friends. May 2011 see success for those still seeking while we persevere with patience and look up. Enjoyed reading all the comments,too. Love this place. Rich blessings in the year ahead.
    Pat Jeanne

  76. OH. MY. GOSH.

    I cannot believe how talented this group is.

    Walt, Vince, Keli!!!


  77. Hi, Cara! I couldn't agree more about the fabulous toasts everyone's come up with. So witty and sweet and fun.

    Well said, Pat Jeanne! (Bonus points for alliteration, too!) Thanks for chiming in and Here, Here! *clink*

    Hi, Tina! ;)

  78. Loved the songs!

    Cheers Everyone!

    Here's my song - sing to the beat of head and shoulders, knees and toes:

    Fingers, keyboard, type, type, type
    Type, type, type
    Type, type, type
    Fingers, keyboard, type, type, type
    Oh my Seekerville!


    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  79. Anne, aren't you sweet!! Even when tipsy. ;)

    Now, I can't wait to go read all the toasts! Thanks so much for sharing with us today.

  80. Wow, I'm blown away!! What a talented bunch of people. Thanks for sharing all your creative genius with us today!! :)

  81. Ok first of sorry im so late but is egg nog alcoholic? I have never had it I have this idea egg nog is raw eggs in milk but I know Im wrong. But Its never appealed because of this idea and the fact its not easy to get in Australia.

    Ok this aussie has heard way to much english singing (and not in a good way) so to the tune of God save our Queen here is my really poor attempt to write an ode.

    God saved our Seekerville
    Long live our Seekerville
    God save Seekerville
    Give us books to adore
    long, short and wonderful
    for us to read forever more
    God save Seekerville

  82. Eva Maria - "Fingers, keyboard, type, type, type" is a great mantra. Thanks for coming by, and cheers!

    Evening, Missy! Glad you enjoyed the toasts--I did too.

    Hi Jenny! Egg nog is milk, sugar, eggs, nutmeg, and brandy (optional). The kind you buy in the grocery store doesn't have raw eggs OR brandy. I agree it doesn't sound too appetizing. That's why we have champagne too. ;)

    What a lovely ode! I like this: "Give us books to adore
    long, short and wonderful
    for us to read forever more."

    Thanks for having me here today and for sharing all the fabulous tributes to Seekerville. Happy New Year!!!

  83. Hi Mary:

    I’ve been writing that post ever since I could talk. I’m an old ad guy. I had to write a lot of ads each day with daily newspaper deadlines. To keep my job I had to be creative and fast and good. That made me a writing sprinter.
    I hate to admit it but most of that post was pantsered!

    I like the Gangsta version!

    It’s a term of endearment for someone who has probably bumped off more characters than anyone else in Seekerville. Even characters I liked! And I don't think it is going to stop! : )


  84. Hi All:

    I’ve had time to read all the posts. This sure was fun. The spirit is willing. So many good lines.

    Andrea I think this was perfect!

    The dishes pile up
    The laundry amasses
    My eyes and head hurt,
    So I take off my glasses.
    I continue to read, for my greatest need
    Is to finish 'Lassoed in Texas'

    I don’t think Lewis Carroll or Edward Lear could have done better!



  85. I vote for Walt! You guys are hilarious and I'm SO glad I found this site. A place to feel at home, even if it IS a desert (dessert) island!

  86. Wow!

    That’s about all I can say. I didn’t have time to read all the comments last night. Went to church, then helped my fil with some number crunching, but I couldn’t wait to get back here to see what everyone came up with.

    You all are amazing. I know I can’t top ANYTHING already done here, but here is a heartfelt shout-out!!!

    Oh, when the Seekers meet in St. Louie
    Oh, when the Seekers meet in St. Louie
    Oh, Lord, I want to be in that number
    When the Seekers meet in St. Louie!

  87. Thank you, Anne for a great post. Being a writer is a hard job! Please enter me in the drawing.
    Linda Cacaci