Monday, January 3, 2011

Hakuna Matata

Don't worry, be happy.


Easy for Timon and Pumba to say.

But they weren't trying to prepare a blog post and the internet kept dying on them. Yes, there were wild beasts chasing them, salivating at chomping on them for dinner, but that is nothing compared to not being able to get my post up in Seekerville on time!!!


Now that I have the internet fixed (more on that later), I'll share what's on my heart, but I'll have to ad-lib since I can't open the brilliant original information my sister-in-law emailed me. Not her fault, just one of the many technilogical issues I faced tonight.

So, here we go ... sans her great bullet points and scripture references.

A couple of weeks ago, she gave a devotional at church about worry, and I asked if I could share her talk in Seekerville. We all tend to worry too much, stressing about everything from our finances, to our health, our children, our jobs.

Matthew 6:27 reminds us, "Which of you by taking thought can add one cubit unto his stature?"

This is non-productive worry. So much of what we worry about never comes to pass. And by worrying, can we really change things? No, we can't.

Newsflash! As I got to this point in my post, my internet went out again, so of course I'm slightly worried that it won't come back up and I won't be able to post this blog.

But I'm not losing faith! I'm going to keep typing, and believe!

The whole point of my post that might not see the light of day is that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

But, you say, some of my worries are huge.

Life-threatening illnesses, the threat of losing a job, fear over the fate of a wayward child, making house payments, meeting your contract deadlines, or where the next meal will come from are not small stuff.

Practice Philippians 4:6. Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

Instead of worrying about these issues, pray about them. Worry won't change the outcome, but prayer can. And while you're waiting on an answer, your prayers will soothe your worried heart like a balm in Gilead.

I could let this half-baked post worry me, but my hope is that you will know my heart. Internet problems, files that wouldn't open, and, would you believe... I had to re-type this entire thing into blogger because it wouldn't let me copy and paste from Word. I've never had that problem before!

But I'm not going to worry!

I'm going to be happy instead!

Just take your problems one day at a time, and pray about them instead of worrying.

Also, today's prize is a copy of Secrets of the Vine by Bruce Wilkinson.

Holding my breath as I hit the "Publish Post" button, but I'm not worried.


  1. Pam, thanks so much for this post. What a wonderful reminder to start the year.

    Not that I am up with the night owls or the really early birds because I am worried about paying for a wedding in the fall. No, not me!

    I have always loved those verses of Matthew. They ring true each time I read them.

    May your worries be few and your joys be plentiful this coming year!

    Warm milk for those who want to get back to sleep.

    Peace, Julie

  2. Pam I love those verses! And this whole message, the whole Internet fiasco, the files that will not open...

    Oh, that God!

    He DOES have a sense of humor, doesn't he?

    And I bet I like this post even better than the original because it's so in the moment. And the message is "in the moment". It works perfectly.

    I think it's important to be concerned about things. I think it's important to live our lives showing God's word in our good example "Preach the Gospel unceasingly. When all else fails, use words."

    But I also think that worry, real worry, shows lack of faith to some degree. Faith is easy to talk about, so much harder to do.

    You rock, Pammers. Every time I think of you lately, I hear this lovely Brit carol:

    "I saw Three ships come sailing in, on Christmas day, on Christmas day!!!"

    I wonder what that means????

    Love you.

    Must go attack revisions. Had one of those early AM epiphanies which only means I wasn't thinking hard enough before I think.

    Grab the moment.

  3. Excellent post! Worrying is a waste of time but it's also kind of addictive. LOL
    Taking Philippians to heart today...

  4. I love this post Pam. No worries. It's spot on because it's 'life'
    Whistle in the dark, right?

    Most of what we worry about never comes along. THIS IS SO TRUE!

    Worry is also a nice way to let God know you really don't trust Him. And it doesn't just 'not add a moment to your life' but it's not good for your heart, your sleep,, your health, your humor, therefore your family and friends.
    Kind of a crummy witness to our faith as well.

    Hakuna Matata!

  5. PS I love Ruthy's prophetic word. Pam - sells - three book series - the island is temporarily closed.

  6. Oh Pammers, I sooooo related to this post. There have been days when I wanted to throw my laptop out the window. There have been days when I longed for the days before the blasted computer was even invented.

    Oh my. But you are so right on not to worry. It is a waste and as Ruthy pointed out, really shows a lack of faith.

    But then, it wouldn't me mentioned so much in the Bible if it wasn't one of the issues we truly have to deal with as humans.

    Thanks so much for the comical reminder that we shouldn't sweat the small stuff.

    PS, Can't believe Ruthy stopped by with NO FOOD.

    My my, I do have some yummy oranges I had to pick because of the unusual frost. I sliced them and mixed them with coconut and walnuts. A yummy treat for sure because my oranges are delicious and sweet.

    I also have bagels, cream cheese and lox if you're into that. Truly, I've had enough sweets to last me for the rest of the year. There's also some flavored cream cheeses and just so you'll know, the bagels are from Einsteins (Walt, I know you'll appreciate them) so there's a variety of types.

    Coffee from there also and of course I wouldn't be sitting here without my chocolate velvet.

    What a great start Pam. So glad you made it on because I needed this message.

  7. Tis a small matter, but I'm worried about "hakuna matata" and what it means...


    (No seriously...)

  8. Great post, Pam
    And wonderful reminder.
    As I pack up my bags and head back off to work for the busiest semester I've had in 5 years, I'm fighting worry.
    It's good to know, God is in charge - and not some 'beat you over the head' kind of God, but a Father who works all things together for our good and His glory.
    It might not start off 'good', but somehow, as only He can, he takes our bad choices and hurts, and works them into something amazing for our growth and encouragement.
    The stories are too numerous to count.
    And though worry comes about as naturally as breathing, since God gives us each breath, I guess we can give Him each worry :-)
    Or should
    Like right now as I load up all my research stuff to trudge out the door....
    He's still workin' on me - but I'm so glad your internet connected :-)

  9. I wasted a lot of time in 2010 worrying about things beyond my control. This year, I'm surrendering those worries to the One who can shoulder them for me.

    Great post, Pam. Thanks for the reminder!

  10. Wow, you are speaking to my heart, Pam. I'm trying to let go of my worries but they keep sneaking up on me and I don't notice until I'm in a full-blown worry snit. So I'll remember worry/pray -- pray/worry...

    This could work unless of course I pray too much. You know, talk God's ear off. That might get annoying. Of course, not praying enough won't help with the worrying and it just might make God feel slighted. Yikes -- Thanks Pam, you've given me something new to worry about while I'm not worrying about everything else! I feel so much better...I think.

  11. Good morning Seekerville!

    Julie, make a point to pray about that wedding every day, and leave the worries in God's hands. I imagine it will go off without a hitch. Pun intended! lol

    The bride and groom will be so in love, they won't notice a few glitches along the way.

  12. How right you are, Pam! God knows that not only is worry not productive but it's hard on our bodies and minds. Hoping you weren't sweating bullets--whatever that cliche means :-)--while the Internet acted up like a disobedient child. I know I would! So obviously I need the great reminder not to sweat the small or big stuff, but to turn it all over to our God who can change things.


  13. Ruthy, I agree. It's a fine line between worry and concern over our circumstances.

    And I have to admit that I've faced so little of the things that some others here have, like a long-term financial crisis or long-term health issues. Who am I to tell people not to worry?

    Not me, but God through His word tells us that. I pray that when sever trials come I can be faithful to pray and not worry.

    My word veri was somasat.

    Where's Helen? Gimme somasat coffee!

  14. Jessica, isn't that the truth?

    Last night (okay, a blog post isn't exactly like worrying about a doctor's report that might be cancer) I could have let my computer glitches have me so stressed and worried that I couldn't sleep, but I didn't.

    I put my hands on my computer and prayed that all would go well, and I could get the post up and ready to go.

    And when I went to bed, I slept.

    When we worry, we lose sleep, and our health suffers.

    Not good.

  15. Wow, Debra!

    A 3 book series was not what I got out of Ruthy's 3 ships comment.

    (I was thinking about the 3 glitches last night that nearly sunk my post. It was a fleeting thought though, and I didn't spend any time worrying about it! lol)

    But I'll take your prediction instead!

  16. KC, Hakuna Matata means "There are no worries" or "No problem" in Swahili.

    At least that's what the internet and Pumba and Timon say it means.

    I don't speak Swahili, though, so now you have me all worried that I'm cursing in Swahili! lol

  17. I've had days like that, days where for some reason I couldn't get my post to go and I'm ready to cuss at the computer. Eventualy I get it to work, but it annoys me all the same when it shouldn't.

    Great post to start the week. Now, if I could only get over this cold as it hampers my ability to channel Deep POV.

  18. Pepper said: since God gives us each breath, I guess we can give Him each worry

    I love this! It might seem small, but if we get in the habit of giving our worries over to God as often as we breathe, wouldn't we feel so much better?

  19. Lisa, I wonder if we can have TWO words this year?

    Hakuna Matata

    Hmmm, no?

    Well, maybe we can substitute PRAY for Hakuna Matata.

    It translates well, don't you think?

  20. Kav, I know exactly how you feel!

    Aren't we the weirdest people on earth?

  21. Headed off to the day job. Don't worry without me now!

  22. Oh, Pam, I can so relate to trying to get posts set up in blogger. Sometimes it can take up to 1-2 hours just trying to get the formatting to "hold." You finally think you have it all set-up, do a "preview" and the spacing between paragraphs is all off AGAIN -- either huge gaps or no space between them at all even though you'd carefully put in "white" periods between them to anchor them. So you try to fix it--AGAIN--and then you accidentally delete your photos and have to start all over again. NOT what you need eating up your already too-limited 'free' time.

    I've always heard that worry is "putting your faith in The Enemy rather than God." Yikes. But it's so very hard to fill your mind with other things, especially when you're exhausted or wake up in the middle of the night and the "it" that you were able to successfully keep at bay during the daylight hours is the FIRST thing that pops into your head. So then it's heavy-duty prayer and scripture time.

  23. Thanks for this uplifting post, Pam. So glad you were able to post it.

    Did anyone bring coffee yet? If not, I'll provide some good old Tim Hortons Canadian variety. Best coffee ever! (Sorry Starbuck fans!)

    Have a great, worry-free day everyone!


  24. Pam, sorry I'm late with the coffee. (I actually went to bed early last night!)
    Here's a huge pot, hopefully enough to get everyone through the day.

    My husband's mother used to worry about him--because he never worried about anything. Over the years together with him I've learned to worry less and less. But I still have some 'worry' moments here and there.

    The word I chose for the year is PRAYER, so I'll concentrate on praying more and worrying less.

    Nice reminder, and a good way to get the new year rolling.


  25. Great post, Pam. I admit, I am a worrier, to some degree. I try to pretend to be laid back and calm, and I can fool some people, but those closest to me know I worry way too much. But God is not finished with me yet, and I'm making progress. :-)

    God bless, Pam!!! I Hope you have a wonderful and prosperous 2011.

  26. Yay, Pam! It posted! You gotta love these kind of days.

    You've set a good goal before all of us for the new year. Don't worry. Not an easy task, but one we should all definately put into practice.

    I'm finally back from my holiday visit home. I missed my Seeker friends.

    It's a little chilly here today. Thinks its time for another cup of hot tea. Anybody want a cup?

    Count me in the drawing please. Thanks!


  27. Thank you for this wonderful post, Pam! Unfortunately I've referred to myself many times as the "Queen of Worry"--not a title I'm proud of, LOL. As I've gotten older and my faith has grown stronger, I've gotten a little better about not worrying so much, but still have a ways to go. So I sure needed this reminder at the beginning of a brand-new year--Thank you again! Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo :)
    p.s. Was in a baking mood, so I brought along some Georgia peach muffins (again,LOL) and Georgia pecan pancakes (but I think the maple syrup is actually from Vermont!) ;)

  28. I'm sorry to hear about the techno troubles, Pam. But you were the victor. Take that, you pesky cyber critters.

    I think Ruthy's prediction rocks and that you need to keep your bags packed because your days on the Island are numbered. Can't wait to join the MASSIVE First Sale party that will be held in your honor.

  29. LOVE this post - and it is SUCH an awesome reminder. SUCH!

  30. I tend to worry. I know this. And then I, literally, make myself sick. :/

    I'm doing better overall but...

    Actually, I call it stress, not worry, but it's the same thing, really. At least for me. Usually. I could list the things I'm 'stressed' about and they'd look an awful lot like what I'm 'worried' about. I don't have a wedding to pay for, but I do have ACFW to try to get to and right now it seems just as daunting [of course, our wedding only cost about twice what I anticipate ACFW costing...]

    Anyway - today I'm going to try not to worry about everything and just get that stinkin' MS done...

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  31. Hi Pam:

    Worry is fear’s little sister.

    Both fear and worry have survival value.

    Worry made me go out in the cold last night to check and see if I’d locked my car. I didn’t. I was happy I worried.

    Yes, worry is a friend of mine. A friend who is welcome as long as he knows his place and does not become overbearing.

    Worry is a way of showing you care. Is there a mother without worry? Worry is the red light that glows on your instrument panel. You can ignore it but is that wise?

    There is something to be said for the Golden Mean. Moderation in all things.

    In a way, if you don’t worry, that’s something to worry about. But if you worry too much, that’s also something to worry about!

    Pam’s right: prayer is a very good answer to worry. I’ve read several times lately the phrase: “Let go, let God”. Pam’s post has given this phrase a real meaning for me. Thanks.

    I am a little worried, however, about Ruth’s three ships. I worry she is going to start the New Year like an oracle speaking in riddles. That would be worrisome. : )


  32. NO FOOD?????


    Sandra, great cover. I was up to my kneecaps in epiphany possibilities and....


    ran amok without food!


    Linnette, good to see you!

    Oh my stars, I LOVE the three-book concept for three ships.

    Of course the song is God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and in my head, they're transporting Pam off that Island...

    I would be okay with that, LOL! Best escort ever!

  33. Pecan pancakes.

    I'm SOOOOO there.

    And I generally get NYS maple syrup, but Vermont does a really nice job, too. We SHARE the maple woods of the Adirondacks, you know.

    Those Green Mountain boys? Oh, yeah, they liked to party hearty in NYS when they weren't traipsin' after the likes of Ethan Allen.

  34. Oh my stars, Vince, I'm loving the "Oracle" idea but that's what the "Z-Meister" is for, right?

    But I'm thinking those ships are God's transportation for Pam's ticket off that island.

    Can we spell: RETREAT????

    Island writing retreat with great food, to-die-for baristas like Captain Jack and cabana boys.

    And has anyone else ever noticed that EVERY WOMAN photographed as a beach or pool extra in Burn Notice is totally ripped and HOT????

    I have been to the beaches of Florida with Sandra. I'm just going to say: Reality flies in the face of fiction.

    I didn't even know they made that many different string bikinis.

    Oh my stars.

  35. Thanks Pam...
    surely you're not swearing in Swahili... surely not...

    Ooh - Ruthy - string bikinis... I'd be worried about this if it wasn't 34 degrees outside. ;D

    Love it Vince - worry is fear's little sister...

    Have a great day, everyone!

    It's the first day of the rest of my life... uh... new year... uh week... uh... day

    Can you tell I'm OVERWHELMED right now?

    Breakthrough, breakthrough - this is my word... Yes...

    And I won't worry. Nope! It'll all get done but all 18 wheels are squeaking right now!

  36. Great post, pam! And I bet you were thinking of me as you wrote it, weren't you??

    Yes, I'm known to be a worrier (like you, Patti Jo). But it's something I've been working on the last couple of years. And I'm doing better.

    Walt, it is hard to channel a character's POV when your head is full of crud, isn't it? :) Hope you feel better!

  37. Hi

    I swear to you all I don't have time to write more.

  38. Boy, have I missed Seekerville! Between the Christmas holidays and ALL the kids & grandkids visiting at one point and then getting sick after they finally went home, it's been crazy-exhausting around here.

    Hakuna Matata?

    Not so much.

    So timely, Pam. Obviously, quite a bit went undone over the holidays, and it would be very, very easy to stress about it and get down on myself for what I should have accomplished.

    But that does no good.

    Thanks for the reminder to pray and give it all over to God.

  39. Great Post, I need! And I'd like to win Bruce's book.

  40. Nicely written, Pam! When I did Beth Moore's Esther Bible study, she talked about how "what if" really means "I fear."

    When my mind gets into a "but what if" whirlwind, I have to remind myself the bigger issue is I'm letting fear control me.

    So what if "what if" happens.

    Did you notice how little Mary had to say? I bet she's been abducted by aliens. Do you think she'll bring us back souveniers?

    God is still on His throne, and I am still huddled safely in His hands.

  41. Hi Ruth:

    An oracle channels the words of God.

    A prophet warns us of what will happen if we don’t follow God’s ways and gives us signs for which to watch.

    A fortune teller predicts the future based on human intuition.

    For each there is a place and a duty.

    I think, ‘three ships’, representing the trinity, bringing the ‘good news’ and giving deliverance from the island, is definitely in the oracle category.


  42. Vince, I love having oracle status!

    I'm most unworthy, but I'll have fun with it and pretend that I meant to be an oracle, but you nailed the meaning behind the three ships.

    Such a lovely British hymn, and being Irish I don't say THAT too often. ;)

  43. Yay, Pam! Awesome post to kick off the new year!

    Why are we always so quick to forget who is in charge? God spoke and it became. He cares for the lillies of the field and the sparrows in the air, does He not love us more?

    I'm not normally the one who waxes philosophical - it's just the cold/flu drugs kicking in - but it is important for us to remember.

    Nothing that happens to us is a surprize to God. Wow. And since He won't give us more than we can handle, I guess we're supposed to rise to the occasion, eh?

    (I'm lifting my cup of hot tea) Here's to our new year. May we relegate worry to a back seat - maybe the trunk - better yet, off the back bumper. Worry makes gray hair and burns no calories.

    Why waste the energy??

    Terrific, Pam! Great job!!

  44. Amen. A wonderful post, and I'm glad you stuck with it. Thanks for sharing, Pam.

  45. Grreeeat now I have the Hakuna Matata song stuck in my to find my old vhs copy of The Lion King ;-)

    please don't enter me in the giveaway just wanted to say hi Pam!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  46. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJanuary 3, 2011 at 7:46 PM

    Thank you for sharing such a wonderful reminder for the beginning of a new year. Life would be a lot less stressful if we prayed about our problems instead of worrying about them. I am glad your internet behaved long enough for you to share with us.

  47. Pam,
    So glad the post worked!

    Lovely...and perfect for the New Year. No worries!

    I like to focus on living in the moment. Ah, such peace!

    Heading back to my deadline that looms so very close...yet, I'm not worried...

    Not yet, at least.

  48. Hey, I'm back!

    Why is it that after working all day at the day job, I had to come home and cook supper?

    Oh, that's right, I have to help feed Seekerville today.

    So, we're having a breakfast buffet after dark. Biscuits, cane syrup, scrambled eggs, and sausage.

    Dig in while I catch up with everyone.

  49. Sounds like a good dinner, Pam. We had spaghetti. Only I'm out of beef, so it was noodles with tomato sauce. :) A little protein is sounding good right now.

  50. Carol, our wedding didn't cost a fraction of what it costs to go to a writer's conference.

    Oops, better not tell my dh that! lol

    You know, I was thinking about this thing called worry on the way to work this morning, trying to determine the difference between worrying about a problem vs. pondering a problem.

    I ponder a lot of things, working through the issue, talking to Jesus about it, trying to come up with solutions.

    I'm not a huge worrier, or at least I don't think I am.

    My biggest "worry" is when my children are travelling late at night or I can't reach them. The oldest is 21, and I don't worry about him as much as I did in those late teen years, but, that's my worry spot!

  51. Vince, yes, that niggling worry that we've forgotten to do something (like lock the car) is healthy. It's best not to ignore that kind of worrying.

    Better to just go check on it, or we might really have something to worry about come morning!

    A little common sense trumps the "no worries" mantra, doesn't it?

    Reminds me of the story of the monkeys. In stormy weather, the determined they would build a shelter as soon as it stopped raining, but as soon as the sun came out, they practised Hakuna Matata and played themselves silly.

    Rains came again, and they still had no shelter.

    And round and round the cycle goes.

    Nothing wrong with a little healthy CONCERN over our well-being.

  52. You know, I'm beginning to think getting me off the island isn't as much about my selling a book as it is about turning the island into a RETREAT.

    Hmmm, Ruthy, did you have Lawyer Boy buy up all the stock on the island while the rest of us weren't looking???

  53. KC, I'm pretty sure Hakuna Matata isn't a swear word. I talked to my West African buddy at work today. He doesn't speak Swahili, but does speak about 5 other languages.

    But he knew what Hakuna Matata meant.

    Course he has a 4 year old.

    That explains a lot, I suppose.

    Oh, of COURSE it's not a swear word. Disney wouldn't promote a song that started a gazillion youngsters dancing around singing "Don't worry, be happy. Hakuna matata...."

    I'm so relieved!

  54. Nope, Missy, you didn’t cross my mind. You’re off the hook this once!

    Poor Mary!! Too busy to play in Seekerville.

    Myra, I know what you mean. The further behind we get, the more we get frustrated. I just have to remind myself of all I did accomplish during the holidays and move forward.

    Jackie S., you’re in the drawing for the book!

  55. Pam!

    I wrote a similiar post for the Heartsong Presents blog using the same Bible verse. Two Great Minds!

    The heroine in my book is a worrier so it seemed appropriate for a blog post but in my opinion, it's a verse to live by.

    Hope your internets working again.

  56. Hey, I wanted to let everyone know that I managed to open my sister-in-law's devotional on worry, and there were SO many gems of wisdom in there.

    It was just as encouraging as I remembered it to be!

  57. Rose, the internet's spotty, and I've been trying to figure out what's going on.

    Weird situation involving wifi and 3G. When one's up, the other one's down. Sigh

    I'll have to pop over and check out your post in Heartsong Presents.

    Thanks for sharing.

  58. Very good post!

    I believe worry serves one purpose...To drive me to prayer. I'm not much of a worrier, for that reason. I have plenty of flaws, but thankfully worry is rarely one of them.

    Once in a while, when DH is an hour late getting home and not answering his cell, I'll get a little crazy. But that's about it.

    My husband is another story. He definitely worries enough for both of us.

    There is a quote that I'll credit to Martin Luther (though I'm not certain that's right...)

    "If you pray, why worry? If you worry, why pray?"

    To me that just about sums it up.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  59. What a wonderful reminder as we start a new year. Thanks for a fabulous post Pam! Happy New Year!

  60. What an awesome post even with all your internet problems. It spoke to my heart this morning. My brother use to always get on me about worrying. He would tell me, "Cindy, why worry? If what you're worrying about happens, you can't do anything about it and if it doesn't happen, you've worried for nothing." I have try to remember those wise words through the years and also cling to Philippians 4:6.

    Thank you for the reminder. I need it now more then ever.

    Cindy W.


  61. "If you pray, why worry? If you worry, why pray?"

    Great guote Andrea! Another one I've heard is:

    "Why worry when you can pray?"

    I like that one too.

    Yes, my hubby gets under the gun in summer with his day job and haying season. He works all day, then cuts hay late into the night.

    I remember going outside at 2AM and listening for the tractor and the whine of the mower. If you listen long enough, you can hear the difference in the ebb and flow of the noise as he moves across the field, so I'd know he was okay.

    Now, I just call him on his cell phone.

    Wonderful inventions, cell phones!

  62. Praying for you Cindy!

    We all need to make a pact to pray more and worry less!

    Happy New Year!

    See you on Tina's "Winnie the Pooh and Writers Too" post up today (Tuesday Jan 4th)!

  63. My New Year's resolution is to stop worrying about things I can not change and let God take care of them. It is hard not to worry when you have a child who has chosen the wrong path and you keep trying to set him straight. I now realize I can't change him, he has to do the changing and with God's help he can change.
    I have enjoyed reading the post and comments and hope everyone's New Year will be the greatest of all..

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  64. Excellent insight, Pam! Now this song is stuck in my head. LOLOL.

  65. Hugs to you, MissKallie! It's so hard watching loved ones, and especially our kids, walk an unsafe or unhealthy path.

    Goodness, it seems impossible NOT to worry, doesn't it?

    But as so many said in the comments above, we can still pray, and we can be concerned. Don't let the worry consume you to the point that you can't beat it back with prayer.

    Choose prayer first, and the Holy Spirit will help comfort your worry!

    I'm adding your son to my prayers, MissKallie. You're not fighting this battle alone.

  66. Hi Tina,
    Happy New Year and congratulations on your new position and the expansion of the Love Inspired Historical line! I’ve been reading Love Inspired for years and am thrilled to see it grow.
    Serendipitously, I just mailed off a 74K manuscript called Samuel’s Promise to Elizabeth Mazer. She and I spoke about this novel a couple of years ago. The novel took three years to complete.
    The book is based on a true story of one of the most fascinating times in history – the first missionaries who went to Hawaii in 1820, then known as The Sandwich Islands. I’ve written several nonfiction books, including one on Hawaiian spirituality, so I’ve read literally hundreds of books on this subject and am somewhat of an expert .
    In real life, Henry Obookiah was a native Hawaiian who stowed away on a ship bound for America after his entire family was murdered by warring Kahunas. Once he arrived in the States, he was taken in by a family, educated at Yale and grew to love Christ, eventually translating the Bible into the native tongue.
    The Foreign Mission School in Cornwall planned a trip to Sandwich Islands because of Henry, but he unfortunately passed away from Typhus in 1818. Samuel Ruggles was the only one of the original missionaries to ever personally meet Henry face to face.
    My story is about Samuel’s promise to spread the word of God in Henry’s place. He only has one problem – he is unmarried.
    He meets Nancy Wells, a new secretary at the school, who is on the verge of joining a convent. After a hasty introduction and rocky beginning, they marry in order to fulfill the mission requirements and because of their individual callings to serve God. Samuel makes a second promise - to try and love her.
    Can Samuel keep the promises he’s made to his friend Henry and his new bride? Will Nancy and Samuel survive treacherous waters to arrive safely in their new home? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out!
    May I email you a copy of this to review? Thank You!
    Leah Leonard :)

    PS - Janet, Thank You for hosting this! I am dressed today as Henry Obookiah, who you can see in my photo. Happy Monday!!! Leah

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