Monday, January 10, 2011

Senior Editor Tina James is in Seekerville!!!

Janet here. I'm thrilled to have Tina James in Seekerville today!! She's a terrific editor, wonderful to work with and the nicest person you'll ever know. And Tina's got news!!! News that involves the number four.

To celebrate her visit the Seekers are dressed in historical garb from whatever era appeals to us from Biblical times to World War ll. So for me that means lavish hats, dainty gloves, drawstring reticules and parasols. I'm wearing net gloves, Adelaide's lovely hat from Courting Miss Adelaide and a floor-length frilly dress from 1901, the timeframe of my March release Wanted: A Family. The S-shape corset underneath makes me look like a strutting pigeon. You'll recognize the look if you've spent a long day at the computer and can't straighten up. LOL

Since the Seekers are exhausted from holiday cooking and baking, we're hosting a potluck today and asking all of you to bring your favorite dish, historical or not. Let's party! I'll choose the winners of the four January historicals Tina so graciously offered from those commenters who get into the fun of dressing up and bringing food. Let's show Tina a great time in Seekerville!! Without further ado, here's Tina!

Hello, Seekerville!

My name is Tina James, and I’m the senior editor of Love Inspired Historical and Love Inspired Suspense.

January is an exciting month for Love Inspired Historical. This month the Love Inspired Historical series increases from 2 to 4 titles every month. This means if you enjoy compelling, engaging stories of romance, adventure and faith set in times past, we have twice as many wonderful stories for you to enjoy!

And if you’re a writer who loves writing inspirational historical romances set in earlier eras ranging from Biblical times through World War II, then this is a great opportunity for you to try to write a Love Inspired Historical and submit it to us. Because that next Love Inspired Historical author could very well be you!

Do you have what it takes to be a Love Inspired Historical author?
• Do you have a story with an exciting blend of romance, faith and historical detail?
• Can you craft an emotionally complex story with likeable and believable characters?
• Does your story focus on a strong romance, but also includes a compelling and sustainable conflict that arises naturally from the characters?
• Does your story have an element of faith that is well-integrated into the plot?
• Is your story uplifting, entertaining and inspiring and doesn’t contain explicit sensuality or graphic violence?
• Is your story historically accurate and gives a sense of the time period?
• Does your story have a unique premise that incorporates saleable themes?
• Does your opening chapter grab the reader’s attention from the first line of the story?
• Do you have a distinctive, appealing author voice?
• Can you write at least one to two books per year?

If you found yourself nodding vigorously to these questions, then polish up that manuscript or proposal and submit it to Love Inspired Historical today!

I’m seeking manuscripts approximately 70-75,000 words in length and set in various countries and time periods. I am always looking for exceptional stories set in the West. But I am actively focusing on acquiring manuscripts with non-Western settings, too. Americana (post-Civil War), European historical eras (e.g. Tudor, Regency and Victorian England, eighteenth-century Scotland, etc.), twentieth-century (turn-of-the-century through World War II) and foreign settings are all welcome.

Some innovative story ideas that I would be interested in seeing include—stories about women pioneers; stories about bounty hunters; royalty themed stories; stories about World War II adoptions; stories about immigrants coming to America; stories with a Pearl Harbor setting or Titanic setting.

If your voice, characters and plot fit Love Inspired Historical, I encourage you to submit your project to me. For new authors, please submit a detailed synopsis and complete manuscript and for previously published authors, please submit a detailed synopsis and three sample chapters.

Want to learn more about Love Inspired Historical? Then see our writing guidelines at

Happy writing!


Janet again. Thanks Tina for being with us today and sharing the excitement that Love Inspired Historical is releasing four books a month! What an opportunity this is for readers and writers!!
Did you notice Tina's desk? I've got some work to do. LOL
Aren't the Love Inspired Historical January covers gorgeous? Kudos to the Art Department! As you can see, I couldn't resist showing off the March cover of Wanted: A Family.

I brought banana cream pudding for the dessert table. Melt in your mouth delicious. And chicken and noodles to pile on a mound of mashed potatoes. Yum! The best part--nothing has a bit of calories. So share your food and the outfit you're wearing, the carriage or Model T you're driving, the prop airplane you're flying--anything that takes us to another time, another place.

We're so excited about this party we've added more fun. If you arrive in Seekerville dressed for the party you can ALSO win one of ten Seeker Surprise packages. More details here. Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.


  1. Squeee!!!! I'm the world's biggest fan of all things historical so this addition of two more books per month excites me! Woohoo and I did I mention I LOVE the covers...yep they're gorgeous!

    I love a costume party (although I've never been to a "real" one) so I can't wait to see what everyone will be wearing. Your dress sounds beautiful Janet, S corset and all! I chose an Edwardian Dress so I wouldn't be stuck with a bustle and yards of material but there are beads and sequins galore. For those who are having a hard time finding a costume might I recommend The Met Museums site (here's shortened url ) They have gorgeous clothing and accessories from a lot of different time periods. Here's the link to my dress, you can zoom in to see all the details. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.


    Considering the weather outside is frightful and I might not make it back to a computer due to snow I thought I better ride into this party on my horse Ruby and drop off these vittles.

    Back later!!!

  3. Ms. James, great to see you in Seekerville.

    I'm posting tonight as the storm that's hitting the Atlanta area may knock out power and I might not get to make this party.

    For me, the time period is late 16th century Japan and I'm arriving to this party on horseback. The treat I'm bringing to his party is kasutera. Portuguese traders first made this dish here when they arrived in this country almost 50 years ago. They told us the word meant "pound cake." However, as they couldn't find sugar when they arrived, they used honey as a sweetener.

    I've also brought tea for brewing, if someone has hot water boiling.

    I love a good historical. Hope you like mine when I submit it.

  4. I'm driving in my Cadillac Roadster for the party with the hero of my newest WIP because I just looked up that tid-bit. Just a plain old cotton work dress though because I really should be working (writing) instead of partying. :)

    I'm bringing a platter of smoked meat, because anything smoked tastes good.

    My crit partner and I are excited about the jump to 4 a month. We'll be submitting soon. I'd read on some other agents blog that 75k for a historical wasn't enough to build a story world and I immediately thought about my own word count and the LIH line and didn't let that get to me.


  5. Good evenin', everyone. My name is Livy O'Brien. Mrs. Hillman told me about this historical party. Please forgive me if I'm intruding....

    I'm from an unknown coal-mining town just south of Chicago. Along with my mentor, Mrs. Brooks, I run an orphanage, and we are so blessed to have a passel of kids in our care.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all.

    Oh, I almost forgot, here's a pot of chicken and dumplin's for the potluck, mostly dumplin's if you get my meaning.

    I'll just sit over here by the stove if you don't mind. It's mighty cold outside tonight.

    Oh, and you say the honored guest's last name is James? She wouldn't be any relation to Jesse, would she?

    I've heard a LOT about that man recently.

    Oh, no relation?

    Well, that's a relief!

    I'll just sit over here by the stove while we wait for the rest of the guests to arrive. It's mighty cold outside tonight.

  6. Good job, Walt. I should've come as the blizzard that has already canceled work for me tomorrow.

    Instead, I'm coming as my great-great-great grandma Lucy Dutro.

    I got my good looks from her.

    But they say she had a heart of gold and lived to be 99 years old. Who knows, maybe she was CUTE when she was a youngster like ME.

    Welcome to Seekerville, Tina.

    I brought a live chicken for the potluck. I'll have it gutted and fried before you can get your bonnet hung on a peg.

  7. So wonderful to see you in Seekerville, Lady James! The do at the Wentworths last evening was smashing, don't you think?

    The Countess of Dean's cover is beyond wonderful!

    I'll take some of that tea, Sir Walt.

    Lady Camy

  8. Welcome Ms. James. Hope you enjoy the party! Congratulations on expanding the line. All the best to those who submit!

    I just rode in on one of the finest Arabian mares you ever laid eyes on. Yes, they are a novelty here in the West, but I wouldn't be without her. Steadfast, loyal, a true "drinker of the wind". See? Not even breathing hard... Sure you can pet her. She loves people, but she's picky about who rides her. So be careful there.

    I brought some confections for dessert. I'm not sure what they are (I'm no good in the kitchen...) but they sure look tasty!

    Thanks for the invite! Suspect there is no chance any of us will be dressed alike today! This is gonna be fun!

    (Walt, stay warm. We're north of y'all and expecting 2-4" tonite.)

  9. Whew! I'm finally here with the coffee pot. It's the old fashioned kind that sits on a campfire.

    Howdy doo, and welcome, Miss Tina.

    I'm hanging out with Calamity Jane in Dodge City, Kansas, and I've got my bullwhip wrapped around my shoulder.


  10. Evenin' Mrs. Hillman. Thanks for the invite.

    Ma'am? Oh, sorry, yes, this here's apple cider for the potluck.

    You're welcome.

    Who? Livy O'Brien? No ma'am, I don't believe I've met the lady.

  11. It's past my bedtime, so I'm here in the kitchen bouncing around to keep my bare feet off the cold floor. I'm wearing my Laura Ingalls Wilder era white flannel nightgown with matching night cap, and I'm waiting for this blasted stone to heat on the wood stove so I can put it in the bed at my feet.

    LI historical is one line that I'm thinking of for my books. The one I've actually started and the two that will follow it are set in 1880s Louisiana. In the first there is some leftover Yank-Reb animosity, a serious crisis of faith resolved, and a widow's scandalously short engagment (she'll marry a mere six months after her husband's death). But it is so far from finished that it's a little ridiculous even to think about pitching it to anyone.

    I'll try to be back later wearing something, perhaps...Vivien Leigh (Scarlet O'Hara, Cleopatra...Oh the choices are endless).

  12. What swell news, and what fun to see everyone all dolled up!

    I'm coming straight from the pier on Coney Island in the 1920s! Don't mind the shoulderbag; I know it's not fashionable, but sometimes a girl just has to carry her things with her. Now if someone could just explain to me what those giant buildings are doing back there, and where Luna Park went...

    Corseted women, I understand that too. My favorite historical costume is probably my 1770s Colonial dress, which I sewed myself (including stays!). But I'm much more familiar with the 1920s, hope to write a novel set then...and besides, this frock is so very comfortable.

    I took the subway straight from Coney Island to get here! And I brought us a big platter of Nathan's Hot Dogs. Mustard, onion, and relish on the side. Have you ever had one?

  13. Im hanging around in the better part of town during the Australian gold rush at Ballarat around the time of the Eureka Stockade.
    I can hear the miners digging in against the troopers.

    Of course my dress is Blue (not the green of the one I am wearing)

    I am bringing Pavlova topped with cream and what ever fruit you want on it. I am also bringing Lamb roast.

    I love Historical fiction in fact of my top 10 reads of last year 7 were Historical. I would love to read one set in the gold rush in Australia or early settlement with the convicts or even the free settlers in my state.

    I love the LIH I love the different eras and subjects.
    Please enter me.

  14. I thought I should put a link to my photo if you want to see it.

    Julie I didn't know Luna park was anywhere but in Australia I learnt something.

  15. What a pleasure it is to have you visit Seekerville again, Tina. I've long been a fan of Steeple Hill and the LIH line in particular, having enjoyed great stories by some of my dear writer friends. Congratulations on the expansion of the line.

    I arrived in a stagecoach, a nine passenger model. Since I'm more mature than some of the youngsters on board, I was spared the jump seat in the middle and reclined against the brocade-covered back.

    The heroine of my story was kind enough to loan me her lovely gown, a purple taffeta creation with--dare I say this with gentlemen present?--five petticoats, one with lace imported from France. My boots are dusty and the silk violets at my throat mussed, but I shall attempt to exhibit an air of decorum nonetheless.

    Since I've traveled a great distance and have yet to settle into my new place across the street from the mercantile, I paid a visit to the restaurant in my hotel and purchased my heroine's favorite: peach and pecan pie, which I'm happy to contribute to the festivities.

  16. Hello? Mrs. James?

    I do hope it’s all right for me to be here. My name is Jecoliah Endicott, but you may call me Liah. I was on my first locomotive ride to the Territories when a fellow passenger, a Miss Anita Mae invited me to your party.

    Since I’m far from my home in Winnipeg I wasn’t able to prepare anything myself, but I queried the staff at the Assiniboine Hotel and they’ve supplied this basket filled with a delightful assortment of tea breads.

    Yes, thank you, I did enjoy the ride. Well, that is until I was escorted to the baggage car. Can you believe a robbery was in progress and the thieves needed me to — oh, dear me — Corporal Bisset advised me not to divulge any details while the matter is under investigation.

    Yes, that would be the same Corporal Patrice Bisset who is stationed at the post here in Regina. He is the most dashing North West Mounted Police officer, isn’t he?

    He rescued me, you see. He was traveling with his son — a lonely little boy if I ever saw one — and yet when the bullets started flying, Corporal Bisset burst right into that baggage car and saved my life.

    But I really shouldn’t be discussing it.

    No, I don’t mind you asking a personal question.

    My hair? Oh, I’d rather not say. It wasn’t my choice, you see. In my line of work — ah — do you mind terribly if we talk of something else?

    In just a weeks 1889 will be upon us and soon my hair will have grown out again. I really don’t want to ruin my stay by dwelling on such a disturbing occurrence...

  17. I'm blizzarded in for sure and planning to spend the day at the Seekerville party.

    Tina, thanks for helping to warm my winter.

  18. Tina, I have been so excited ever since I heard the news that LIH was expanding. Such a hopeful sign when a line grows, especially in this economy! I love being transported in time and often learn something about history I didn't know.

    To echo others, I have been thrilled with the cover art as well. Kudos to the art department!

    I arrived today as Florence Nightingale. My choice was inspired, in part, by nursing my husband through the flu last week. I read her biography as a young girl and she has been one of my favorites ever since. It was a real toss up to come as Florence or Clara Barton.

    I chose Florence because she was an upper class, rich, British woman who defied convention. She believed she was called by God to nursing at a time when upper class women just didn't do that sort of thing.

    But the clincher for me was Florence was a well-known writer as well as nurse and statistician. She advocated for women all her life. She also turned away the men who fell in love with her. That doesn't exactly work as an HEA but she was happy with her life and work.

    I love medical historicals with women nursing in battlefields or hospitals, female doctors, folk healers. The wonderful thing about the medical theme is the different angles of different time periods. Different attitudes toward women in the medical professions, folk treatments and superstitions that linger, and advances in medicine provide a lot of fodder for stories.

    Thanks again, Tina. Thanks to all for such a fun day.

    It's a cold snowy day here...or will be soon. Chicken soup and ginger tea are brewing for those with the sniffles but I also have an assortment of tea time goodies for later.

    Peace, Julie

  19. Ah bid you good mornin', Miz Tina. Ah now hail from the sweet, small city of Auburn, New York, a fine place, here by the grace of God and the good Governor Seward and his wife.

    Ah have seen much in my time, an' that's a fact, and ah love how your books bring my time, and that of others like me, to life. Those long, cold, dangerous railroad runs, the dark nights of foot travel, the brave souls who housed my brothers and sisters. Their stories are close to my heart.

    Ah brought jerked meat and biscuits along. Such as this sustained us as we crouched in the weeds along mosquito-infested creekbanks, doin' our best to hush the young-uns as we traveled north by God's holy light, the North star. And gracious he is, or ah would not be talkin' with you this day.

  20. I'm ridin' a horse and wearin' men's pants and loose fitting shirt( I believe in being comfy!)

    here's some chili, velveeta/rotel dip with tostitos, little smokies in bbq sauce, onion dip and ruffles, chocolate!


  21. This is very exciting! The covers are gorgeous!!!
    Thanks for the info, ladies. :-)

  22. Miz Helen, Ah am grateful for the coffee and ah have brought some additional sweet creams with which to mix it.

    Please, all. Feel free to use the creamers with your tea as well. And if you are iced in or snowed in, ah will add that bein' here in Seekerville will warm you this day. You might want to draw up a chair by the fire like Miz Livy, there.

    She's such a sweet thing.

  23. So far, so good. My power is still on. I may get to enjoy this party after all.

  24. Good morning,

    I've brought for your culinary delight, an old-fashioned chocolate pie. It's just as good with Miz Helen's coffee as it is for dessert after dinner.

    We dress up for dinner here in the South, so I'm wearing my best blue silk flapper dress, silks with high heels and the longest strand of pearls you ever did lay your eyes on. My hair is adorned with a blue silk orchid. I look right fine if I say so myself. Not that I'm prideful, mind you.

  25. Its time this lady goes to bed as from all the noise and talk around town I think the next days may be action filled. I sure hope the miners will be ok what they are fighting for is worth it.
    I helped the other ladies make a special flag with the southern cross on it.
    I heard the miners swear an oath under it tonight.
    "We swear by the Southern Cross to stand truly by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties."
    I hope tonight isn't the night they have to fight.

    We shall see in the morning. Night all.

  26. What fun! Although I have to say that my machete arm is exhausted from the trail out of the jungle to Seekerville. Sorry about the outfit, though. My peg-legged trousers, panniers, boots, and,... oh would you look at this white shirt? Let's just say the Liberian jungle has struck again. The good news is I brought fruit in abundance, plenty of uji (thin rice gruel), and of course, smoked cassava for breakfast. Enjoy the drums! These Kru bushmen really know how to liven up a party, and, as an added bonus, the talking drum can send any message you want over 100 miles away. I can't stay long, as I have patients to see back at the mission compound, but thanks for having me.

    Stepping out of the jungle for the moment, I am thrilled that LIH is going to four books a month. The new covers are fantastic! And, while my missionary romance is set in 1918 Liberia, I love that stories now encompass WWII.

    My question for Tina, or any of the Seekers: How many of the LIH are included in the book club selections (I download to my e-reader) and what do you look for when you choose a book for the club?

    One last thing, please exclude me from the drawing as I purchase all of the LIH line for pleasure and research.

  27. Alas, I am languishing abed with the 'flu so I'll have to miss the party. The wind has picked up and it's blowing somethin' fierce through the chinks in my window. Praise be for thick cotton flannel. I'm wearing both nightgowns and grammy's paisley shawl to stave off the cold.

    I made scones though and had some preserves ready to take to the party. I'll see if my faithful dog, Simba, can carry them over. He could use the exercise. But if the basket arrives empty you'll know he succumbed to temptation but I beg you to take pity on the sorry old cur anyway and give him a spot by the fire to warm up a bit before making the trek back home.

  28. Thank you, Tina, for the information about LIH! I'm currently working on a historical that I hope to submit within the year, so it's wonderful to hear there's interest.

    Just finished my new buckskin dress and moccasins from one of the warrior's latest kills. They also brought home a nice bison. So, I brought along venison and bison jerky nicely spiced and gauranteed to fill you up. :o)


  29. Welcome Tina and thank you Janet.
    What fun. Costumes. A variety of food. And two more historicals per month. What could be better? And if they all are as wonderful as Janet's, we're in for a treat.

    Thanks for joining us for such a fun day.

    My great grandmother came across the US in a covered wagon when she was sixteen (and flew in an airplane to see me when I was born seventy-five years later-talk about change) Anyway she loved the outdoors and passed along that love, so I'm dressed in a split leather riding skirt, cotton shirt borrowed from her husband and knee high moccasins her Ute friends taught her to make. I'm bringing fresh trout and rotisserie pheasant, both cooked over an open fire (her favorite food)

    btw she loved the adventure of that trip in the covered wagon--seeing the land and wildlife close up and meeting different people on the way. I inherited that love also since I'm doing the modern covered wagon thing in the motorhome. smile

    Thanks again for joining us.

  30. This looks like a great party! I'm just lurking for now but will be back after school to check out all the great costumes and food.

  31. I didn't know I had to be both clever and well-dressed. But, it is my duty and so I shall.

    Splendid wardrobes, everyone. Thank you, Miss James. Tell me, as it is 1837, are you speaking of the English Civil War of almost two hundred years ago? And what may I ask, is the Titanic?

    I must be off before the Prime Minister arrives.

  32. Okay, I'm posting another comment to see if the photo showing my school marm costume comes up. If not, feel free to delete it! . . . Here's hoping . . .

  33. Good mornin', Miz James! And welcome to Seekerville.

    Wish I could linger with ya'll today, but no time to change into my 'respectable' duds for a society gathering. Have to catch the stage to Phoenix early this morning, then will change into fancier duds when I get there. It will be a long, hard journey in this Arizona Territory of 1911. There's talk of again petitioning the United States Government to grant statehood to our fine Territory. We're hoping for 1912. I want to be there to listen to the discussions--and to put in my two cents worth for giving women the right to vote along with it.

    Hope y'all have a mighty fine day!

  34. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJanuary 10, 2011 at 8:09 AM

    Thank you for sharing with us Tina! I love the Love Inspired Historical lines and am really excited that they are going to have 4 books a month. I decided to come dressed in same dress Scarlett O'Hara wore to the Wilkes barbecue at the beginning of Gone with the Wind. I have brought some sweet tea and tea cakes for desert. Here is a link for a pic of the dress I am wearing in case you want to see.

    I had such a hard time choosing an outfit. I can't wait to see what everyone is wearing.

  35. Laura, I love that dress. I WANT that dress. I've wanted that dress since my waist was small enough to fit in any of Scarlett's clothes, at least after we'd both had three children. (I don't think Vivien Leigh had the 18 in waist any more than I did).

    I'm seriously loving the dress-up party everyone.

    Walt, how long did it take to find that photo?

  36. I'm unable to post this as a link but this is the dress I hope to recreate for the ACFW dinner:

    Who's with me?

    I'll have to loosen my stays after dessert.

  37. Just this last week I read a Love Inspired historical by Victoria Bylin. I really enjoyed it too!
    Here is the link to my attire, thanks to Renee:

    I have brought Moravian sugar cakes and hope everyone enjoys!

  38. Ladies, this sure looks like hoppin' party today! I should probably be cooking and I know I need to be cleaning, but instead I put on my party dress and came to join you today.

    Why Miz James, it is such an honor to have you join us in Seekerville today. I loved hearing about this, though I am no writer! Like everyone else, I always just love the covers of the LIHistoricals. They might be my favorite actually, for the most part.

    Now, I'm not sure if I dressed appropriately, but I just love this dress! Purple is my favorite color, obviously, so even though this is such a bold fabric to have chosen, I think it's perfect. Sure does raise eyebrows around town though, eh?

    Renee! Pfffffffffffft! Bustle and yards of material?! So worth it ; ) When I was in 8th grade my friend and I were partners for the History Fair at school. We had the civil war. We also got to dress up in the traditional garb thanks to one of our elementary school teachers (her and her husband participate in reenactments). It was so cool!! And everyone really loved them lol...the other time I really got to dress up was for 8th grade too I think? Hmmmm interesting lol. I channeled Scarlett o'Hara that year for Halloween. We curled my hair, I had a big floral print skirt, a shawl, etc. I loved it! It was so pretty lol. I tried to find the pictures we have of these, but couldn't :/ So I just had to describe it.

    Anyway, ladies, I pray you hold down the fort while I go and sit for a spell. My knees are being disagreeable today and it was a long ride here! But I'll be over here *points* in the corner :P So anyone want me, I'm still here!!

  39. I am bringing snow cream to this party, in honor of Huntsville's historic snowfall. (WE GOT 12 INCHES OF SNOW LAST NIGHT!)

    I am wearing my medieval dress in a beautiful shade of red, with ribbon lacing down the front and the sleeves and embroidered flowers on the front of the bodice and the skirt.

    Yay for historicals! I'm excited that Love Inspired is increasing from 2 to 4 books a month. Go, Love Inspired!

  40. Welcome to Seekerville, Tina! Love Inspired Historical going to four books a month is exciting!! And lots more work for you. How do you manage to do it all?

    I arrived at the party in a horse drawn sleigh snuggled under a pile of blankets with Charles, the man of my dreams.

    Wonderful to see everyone!

    Miss Adelaide

  41. Wow, Renee, love your gorgeous dress! Thanks for sharing the link.

    LIH does a fabulous job with their covers! I loved mine.

    Miss Adelaide

  42. Oooo Tina James! Welcome to Seekerville! Your wonderful post makes me want to break out the old manuscripts and continue writing my 1800's british gypsy novels again, LOL!

    Hmmm. Cowboys or Gypsies? Maybe I'll stick with cowboys a bit longer.

    Elizbeth Bennett is dropping off pork sausage and toast breakfast dish along with an array of teas. It was tough getting out of the cottage with the platters with all sisters wanting a bite!

    Gotta get ready for work and the weather outside is frightful!

    I'll be back!

  43. Walt, you look most dashing! Will sample the kasutera after the noon repast. A teakettle of hot water for tea is on the cook stove.

    Miss Adelaide

  44. So glad to hear the LIH line is expanding. I'm hunkering down for a blizzard also, so my wool coat will be buttoned up to the neck!

  45. Melissa, that sleek contraption outside is a Cadillac Roadster? Where's the horse?

    Miss Adelaide

  46. Wonderful news for historical writers! What a great way to start the year. I can still feel the earth bouncing from all the happy dances.

    If anyone needs a pair of Victorian lace gloves for dress up day, I just learned how to knit them. They're fingerless, but adorable.

    Danish wedding cookies on the table in honor of the celebration. Enjoy!

  47. Livy, we're delighted to have you here! Anyone who takes care of orphans is a friend of mine.

    Miss Adelaide

  48. Oh, fiddle-dee-dee, I'm late to the party and what a party it is!!

    Welcome, Tina James, and WELCOME two additional historicals per month -- I do declare that's the best news I've heard in a while. And I have to say -- the covers displayed are downright gorgeous!!! My compliments to the art department.

    I'm wearing my favorite historical costume worn by my favorite historical character, Ms. Scarlett O'Hara and am itching to read some Civil War historicals, so do bring them on!

    All I can say after Christmas and a cruise is what Mammy said to Scarlett "You ain' never goin' to be no eighteen an' a half inches
    again - never. An' dar ain' nothin' to do 'bout it."

    Sigh. Where's the grits?


  49. Pretty is as pretty does. Lucy sounds like a remarkable woman.

    Would you mind removing those chicken feathers outside, dear?

    Miss Adelaide

  50. Lady Camy, you look stunning as always. Countess? Who knew??

    Lady Adelaide

  51. KC, I used to be afraid of horses but after riding Shadow bareback, I got over that. Your Arabian mare is a beauty. Isn't it cute how she and Shadow are rubbing noses?

    Miss Adelaide

  52. Helen, give us a demonstration of your prowess with that whip.

    Miss Adelaide

  53. Welcome to Seekerville, Tina! So glad you dropped by to talk about LIH's big expansion.

    Enjoying 'seeing' all these beautiful costumes! This morning, with six inches of snow and sleet on the ground here in Atlanta, I borrowed some clothes from one of my heroines, Women's Army Special Pilot (WASP) Maggie Daniels. The army issue jumpsuit she loaned me is pretty big so I had to roll up the sleeves and pants' legs just to see my hands and feet! But it's her leather bomber jacket and fur lined pilot cap and gloves that I'm loving when I'm forced outside with the dog. All I can say is Maggie must stay pretty toasty up there at 30,000 feet!

    I download the LIH line to my nook every month so please don't enter me in that giveaway. But I would like to be thrown into the pot for the Seekerville giveaway.

    Patty Smith Hall

  54. Yay! I'm not late to the party. Thanks in part to accomplishing yesterday the first 1/12th of one of the goals on Gina's 2011 Goals List: Make it to church on least once a month.

    Anyhoo, my kind-hearted carriage driver bandied about in the frigid air to get me here on time. The dear man had ensured my white Victorian carriage was toasty warm inside during the travel. Of course, Seekerville Island is a tad warmer then Richmond VA so pardon me while I unbundle.

    Step out of fur-filled carriage.
    Snazzy fur
    Elegant fur-lined
    One-of-a-kind fur-lined
    Ever practical fur-lned

    I think I might have overdressed. This ivory, pearl-trimmed lace ball gown seems a bit much for Seekerville's sandy shores. Perhaps I'll just remove the matching ivory pearlized dancing shoes. The tiara stays.


    The feel of gritty warm sand between one's toes.

    I wonder how long I can soak up the sun (while Capt'n Jack graciously keeps my lemondade goblet refilled) before the rambunctious 3-yr-old decides she needs food and a movie...or the dog figures out the cat is sitting on the window in prime attack position.

    "Oh, yes, Capt'n Jack, more lemonade please. Were you looking at my ankes? Yes?! Dear me, you're making me blush. Extra ice, luv, and a plate of Cowgirl Tina's vittles. Unless she brought her infamous roadkill pasta, and then I'll have some of Sir Walt's kasutera."

  55. Tina,
    Words cannot express what a joy it is to have you visit Seekerville. Gill says I gush too much, but what's not to gush about!?!
    Seekerville always adds a bright gleam to my morning, but your visit has made it more fantastical.
    Quick question:
    Do you know any way I can change my hair color? I prefer ebony to this (hushed tones inserted) horrendous red.

  56. Jake, thanks for providing the apple cider. You share the name of the hero of Wanted: A Family. He's a handsome fellow too.

    Miss Adelaide

  57. Does anyone want some of Marilla's cream puffs?
    They are positively divine.

  58. Oh, I forgot! Maggie's Aunt Merrilee gave me a plate of Applesauce cookies for the party. With sugar being rationed, Merrilee uses fresh honey to make them sweet--YUM!


  59. Well, I declare! There are imposters in Seekerville today.

    I am the real Scarlet O’Hara, and I find it quite unsettling that anyone else should claim my name.

    Rhett and I left Atlanta in the wee hours to get here in time for the party.

    Snow covered the ground, and the trek was difficult, but I was bundled up under a number of quilts and Rhett was a gentleman…at least, most of the time.

    I tried to talk Debby Giusti into joining us, but she’s working on a Love Inspired Suspense that must get in the mail by the end of the week.

    How silly of Debby to skip a party just because of a book deadline. Modern women are such strange birds.

    I see a number of ladies who look quite lovely, but I’m still the belle of the ball.

    My gown has 15 yards of burgundy changeable taffeta in a fully pleated and lined skirt, which is over 350 inches wide at the hem. The heavily gathered, sheer bodice is flat lined, boned, and closes with tiny mother-of-pearl buttons.

    The white sash, tied around my 17 inch waist, is trimmed with long, hand-made fringe. I’m carrying a petal purse and two burgundy velvet side combs adorn my hair.

    A party wouldn’t be complete without pecan pralines and rum cake.

    Rhett brought brandy and cigars for the gentlemen, and Debby tucked a large cast iron pot filled with shrimp and grits for the festivities.

    Tina, my dear, you look lovely, as always. So nice to see you in Seekerville. My, my, I do believe your waist is as tiny as mine!

  60. Andrea, nothing like a hot stone or brick wrapped in a rag or sock to keep our toes warm in a cold winter's night. Though now that Charles and I are married...

    Miss Adelaide aka Mrs. Charles Graves

  61. This comment has been removed by the author.

  62. Oh first, what absolutely lovely covers. You are certianly right Janet, kudos to the art department!

    I came dressed today as one of my favorite characters from one of my favoooorite novels. You probably know what I'm talking about already. ;)

    But I'm wearing a lace blouse (like the one Faith is wearing) and a plum overskirt with a satin cream ribbon bedecking my waist. Hair in a neat coife with a few strangling curls to frame my face.

    And my favorite dish...a new one we recently discovered, fried bread with chesse melted on it and decked with a delicious brushetta. YUM!

    I love historicals. And the LI line puts out some great ones!

    I'll try to drop back in later to show off my lovely head shot. :)

  63. I noticed some mention of my 18 inch waist.

    Margaret Mitchell was wrong. My waist is 17 inches.

    And Gone With the Wind was not a fictional story. Margaret used to come to her relatives' home in Fayetteville, Georgia--not far from where Debby lives. Doc Holliday owned the house at one time. He and Margaret were kin. Anyway, everyone was talking about me so Margaret took the story and wrote it as her own.

    And she embellished. I was most upset with some of the negative comments made about me. I am not a vixen or spoiled.

    At any rate, Margaret only sold one book, you know.

    Tina, there's so much more to my life that readers would like to know. Could I send you the unabridged version? Why it's only 3,000 pages long. Handwritten, of course.

  64. Tina,
    I'm working on a manuscript for LoveInspired historicals. I am often told I am verbose, too verbose in my writing, but I hold the distinct goal of fitting my romantic story idea within 75K.
    Oh what a thrill to write! My fingertips are tingling with excitement.

    And Faith O'Connor - you're billowing skirt matches mine. Very nice. Your golden hair is so lovely.

  65. Land sakes, there's a bunch o' fine ladies done come callin', and us with barely a crumb in the cupboard, but folks from upstate know hows to look out for one 'nother, it seems and the tables are laden with food.

    Mah friend is bringin' by some sweet dough made into kuchen, an odd German apple dish made by an Irish girl, but delicious. You will all be pleased.

    And Ms. James, mah adventures along the northbound trail have put me in personal contact and indebtedness to many fine folk whose romances might be of interest to many. As you know, ah had two great loves, the Lord has blessed me from on high!

  66. How FUN is this?

    A snow playday in Seekerville! (We had about 4" or so, and it's still coming down.)

    "Peace" Julie - there's a splendid Florence Nightingale museum in London. Apparently few know it's there (you probably do) and it is not frequented, but it is a MUST-SEE if you are ever there. A friend mentioned it to us so we sought it out. It's a bit dicey to find though...

    I knew a bit about her previously, but after that 3+ hour visit to the museum. Her influence is still seen in hospitals this very day. I suspect she was a woman of God, though we could find little direct evidence there.

    YAY Walt - Our power is on too! Still LOVE your costume! In fact, all the costumes are amazing!

    Melanie -a FOOT? Gracious. Appears you still have power as well.

    Miss Adel... er I mean Miz Graves, Shadow and Jaqarah appear to be getting along famously. She's such a flirt.

    2 imposters and the REAL Scarlett. I do declare, as I've heard her say, that is one strong character!

    I'm so glad to see Anne with an "E" is here! Pepper, she's another unforgettable soul. :)

    Forgot earlier to put in my email addy, just in case! may at maythek9spy dot com

    This is SO fun. Bet all manner of records will be smashed today! Way to go ladies!

  67. Oh, Mrs. Dean, I can't believe your party is so popular.

    Where is the guest of honor? That's her talking with Mrs. Lessman. Oh, how cute she is. And young!!!

    I've brought fresh buttermilk biscuits and some salt-pork ham. Charles said it's the best he's cured in years.

    Oh, by the way, have you seen a pretty little woman name Livy O'Brien? I brought her over last night with the intention of introducing her to Jake Russell, but she's disappeared.


    That girl is constantly going off somewhere, and it's not fit for man or beast out there!

    And, now, I can't find Mr. Russell either.

    Oh, well, hopefully, I'll be able to introduce them to each other before the party's over.

    Now, what can I do to help? Looks like we've got a crowd to feed!

  68. No fancy dresses for me . . . I'm coming to the party as a lady bounty hunter. I'm wearing buckskin and a hat pulled low so no one can see the fine slant of my eyebrows. My hair's cut short and I don't care. I'm getting the man who killed my husband, and I'll do whatever it takes to exact revenge.

    Cut to Chapter 21 . . . my lady bounty hunter is dancing with a man she swore to kill, the man who saved her life and earned her love.

    Chapters 2-20 . . . That's the hard part!

    It's nice to see you, Tina. LIH has been a huge part of my life for the past three years, both as a writer and a reader.

  69. Oh my stars, how fun is this????

    Sorry to be late, but the urchins needed my tender, loving care.

    MARY: say nothing. I AM nice.


    TINA!!! Thank you so much for coming over to Seekerville today! What a wonderful pleasure to have you here, and FOUR books per month.

    Forty-eight books per YEAR.

    If you are not being swamped with wonderful manuscripts, then there is something wrong, wrong, wrong with the current work ethic. What a great opportunity for people who heard of the total demise of historicals a mere THREE YEARS AGO!

    Honey, thank you for NOT LISTENING!

    And as you can see, I've brought Abigail Adams along, one of my favorite historic women. Talk about a gal who took it on the chin for our country.

    Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful!

    But right now I must get back to the children in Braintree... The farm supplies are waning as winter tolls on and animal feed is scarce.

    And did I mention that Quincy and Abby both have measles?

    Now if only I had a pin! But the blasted embargo has made such amenities scarce for the asking!

  70. Caroline Ingalls, I just saw Livy O'Brien approaching that fine young man off in the corner, but I fear she may have been regaling rather than flirting.

    Although we all know that flirting is not in a girl's best interests! A proper courtship, conducted under the fine scrutiny of parents is always recommended.

    Although John and I DID have our ways!

    But then, don't we all?

    Ah, that Livy....

    Mr. Jake would be well informed to pursue that relationship. She's worthy, that one!

  71. One of the best Seekerville days ever!

    Peace, Julie

  72. ANNE (with an "E") you made my dear. How lovely to see you. And where may I ask are your puffed sleeves?? Keep up with times my girl. And I'll take one of those cream puffs while I'm at it. ;)

  73. Faith,
    Puffed sleeves?
    The puffiest.
    Aren't your eyes blue?
    I would love to have sapphire blue eyes and a rose leaf complexion.
    Freckles are not romantic

  74. So fun. I wish I had the funds to dress up for real, but since there is no price on imagination, I'm going full out.

    I'm wearing a 1882 walking costume appropriate for visiting with a slender silhouette. The fabric is saphire blue lampas with velvet accents and sea-otter fur trim just like the one in Harper's Bazar. With the winter nip in the air, I'll need a cloak as well with gloves and matching hat.

    Just because I dress in the highest fashion, doesn't mean that I'm one of those helpless females, though. I'm a Texas gal, after all. Therefore, I drive my own piano-box buggy. It's a dainty thing with a lovely floral border painted along the box seat. And in a warm dish at my feet, I've brought my aunt Betty's chicken and dumplings. Enough to share with the whole crowd. And what gathering would be complete without some lucious chocolate cake? Don't you worry none. I've got one of those tucked in here, too.

    Thanks for the invite. I truly adore LI historicals an am pleased as punch to see they are expanding their line.

  75. Great snowy day to enjoy the party! And thanks for a chance at the FOUR books!

  76. Welcome, Tina! Thanks for visiting with us today and allowing us to throw a party in your honor.

    Y'all may not recognize the photo. I've come today as Susannah Wesley, known as the "Mother of Methodism" since her sons John and Charles founded the Methodist movement.

    She's an amazing woman who had to keep a household running during several absences of her husband. (she birthed 19 children, though not all survived.) If y'all don't know about her, be sure to read up on her. Very interesting woman!

    One thing I particularly admired was this (from Wikipedia):

    During a time when her husband was in London, defending a friend against charges of heresy, he had appointed a locum to bring the message. The man’s sermons revolved solely around repaying debts. The lack of diverse spiritual teaching caused Susanna to assemble her children Sunday afternoon for family services. They would sing a psalm and then Susanna would read a sermon from either her husband's or father's sermon file followed by another psalm. The local people began to ask if they could attend. At one point there were over two hundred people who would attend Susanna’s Sunday afternoon service while the Sunday morning service dwindled to nearly nothing.

  77. Missy!!
    Represent, girl! I'm Methodist and totally agree that she was an amazing woman! Lol....I got to write about her and Charles in one of my religion papers last semester!

    *fist pump* Oops...*shyly look around and melt back into the crowd*

  78. Oh dear. This party is rocking.

    Love Debbie Kaufman's setting. I watched Downton Abbey last night and fell in love with the clothes, not that they'd last long in the jungle.

    Keli-age does have its advantages.

    Jecoliah - love your hair, everyone wants natural curls, don't you know?

    Miss Melanie. I saw your medieval dress before--it's beautiful.

    I'm sorry I'm just a bit excited to have so many celebrities here. Rather than take a seat and watch (I fear a hair-pulling cat fight in a moment over those delicious finger foods) I have work to do at my desk. The empire calls. In fact, my word verif. is PRESURES.

    (this really is Victoria's dress I'm wearing and I think it's helping my mojo today.)

  79. What a fun day! So nice to 'meet' Tina and get the inside scoop on the LI Historical line. (One of my favorites, btw).

    I'm at work now so will have to return later with my costume. (The office might frown on my big dress which wouldn't fit behind the keyboard anyway!)

    But I did bring pecan coffee cake to go with Helen's delicious coffee. Enjoy everyone!

    LOVE THE COSTUMES everyone! So creative.

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  80. Pssst, Mrs. Dean. Something horrible has happened. All these people think they're on an island and not on the bitterly cold prairies at all.

    What do you mean we are on an island? Why, just a few moments ago I was in Regina wearing a heavy woolen coat and carrying a muff.

    However, I see what you mean. Or rather, I feel it. The humidity here is quite...cloying, wouldn't you say?

    How do those women wearing ball gowns survive in this heat? Phew. Because I need to travel light, I'd left my finery at home and dressed for comfort. I now feel my outfit, also made of wool, was the wrong choice. Yet honestly, I could never have imagined such a party at this.

    Mrs. Dean? Do you think I'll ever find my way back to the prair--
    Wait, I see a scarlet uniform... yes, it's Corporal Bisset.

    Ah, I think I'll wander over and see how he--I mean his son--is doing...

  81. Hannah I'm clumsy as it is so me in a bustle would NOT work! :-P I love your purple gown.

    Adge I'm glad I could help you pick out a costume for the party, I love your choice!

    Janet seeing the cover of your book made me remember I didn't choose a hat to wear...oh well I'll just arrive dripping in jewels.

    I can't believe Elizabeth Bennet is here but she better keep her eye on Darcy. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  82. Aren't we on Prince Edward Island?
    No, that can't be right! There is lush, tantalizing, warm sand on the beaches.
    Though I love the majestic rocky cliffs of Prince Edward Island (great scope for the imagination), a tropical destination is wondrously inviting.

    Oooh, look - my puffed sleeves are fluttering in the salty breeze

  83. JANET!

    Leave those feathers alone.

    I'm saving them up for a feather bed.

    Only fifty more chickens need to die for me to have my dreams come true.

  84. LOL, Hannah!! Feel free to fist pump around here. ;)

  85. Welcome to Seekerville, Tina! I'm sooo excited about Tina's post today, AND the costume party, AND the fact we have SNOW here in Georgia!! (of course, it's covered with ice so I can't build a snowman *sigh* but it's still lovely to see out my windows!). ~ I've come to the party as my favorite character from the Civil War classic, GONE WITH THE WIND, Melanie Hamilton Wilkes. And I'm thrilled to see that my dear sister-in-law Scarlett O'Hara has already arrived (more than once, it seems!). She always looks so lovely, but I prefer more modest clothing so I'm wearing a sage green satin dress with slightly-puffed sleeves, a high neckline adorned with a few pearl buttons, and a corset underneath, of course. I'm wearing a matching bonnet over my neatly-combed brown hair. My dear husband Charles accompanied me in our carriage, and I'm thrilled to be here. Everyone is so kind and gracious to me, and I hope you wonderful folks will enjoy the Georgia pecan-praline coffee cake I brought along. ~ Oh, it's just fine to call me "Melly" if you would prefer---that's how dear Scarlett addresses me! ~ Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo Moore :)

  86. Thought I'd stop back in (internet connection is a bit sketchy out on the Wyoming the a tipi). What a lot of fun, just like a pow wow!

    Love everyone's costumes!


  87. I'm in the depths of despair, ladies.
    I cannot see the pictures of your extravagant constumes on my computer.
    Does anyone have a way to help me figure out this computerized contraption?

  88. Debra M, I love your photo! did you photo shop it??

  89. Welcome, Tina James! How exciting to see the Love Inspired Historical line going to 4 books a month!

    Oh, everyone looks just delightful in their finery. I came as...myself...along with a vintage typewriter, where I am pounding away on my latest work-in-progress, which just happens to be a historical.

    Tina, thanks so much for sharing in detail the settings, eras, etc., you'd be interested in seeing.

    For the pot luck table, I've brought a big crock pot of homemade split pea soup and some cornbread fresh from the oven. Enjoy!

  90. Julie B, thanks for the hot dog! Who knew such a delicious thing existed.

    Miss Adelaide

  91. I'm back. I passed on Vivien Leigh and went for Elizabeth the first.

    Giant hoop skirt, gorgeous collar and a pearl-studded updo.

    It's 1588 and I'm headed for a ship to oversee my navy in their preparation to fight--and defeat--the Spanish Armada.

  92. I love reading and I've come dressed in a long flowing red dress, a corset and sleeves that reach to my knees. There's all kinds of beading and my hair is braided at the top and flowing down the back. I'm from medieval times in case you haven't guessed and I'm here on my white horse which I borrowed from my knight and shining armor.

    I've brought a few things to eat- Irish bread, shepherds pie and several mugs of beer.

    This is fun since it is snowing here in GA and I can't leave the house!

  93. AuJenny, you look most genteel in full skirts and that lovely bonnet. Thanks for pitching in on the potluck. The boards are groaning under all the food!

    Miss Adelaide

  94. Keli, you're a dear to come that distance in what had to be a bumpy uncomfortable ride.

    Your gown is exquisite, but I couldn't help noticing you aren't wearing a hat. My shop is open if you lost yours.

    The peach and pecan pie is melt in your mouth delicious!

    Miss Adelaide

  95. Jecoliah, my heart goes out to you for all you endured in that train robbery!!! What a nightmare. Don't give your hair a thought. Tell Anita Mae I send my regards.

    Miss Adelaide

  96. Great-great-great grandma Dutro, Stay warm in that blizzard, my dear. Tina James in Seekerville is enough to warm anyone's heart.

    Miss Adelaide

  97. Hi Janet!
    Thanks for having this event! I'm dressed as Hawaiian Henry Obookiah who passed away in 1818. More on Henry in a second...

  98. Florence Nightingale/Julie Hilton Steele, that naughty Luke teased my dear sister-in-law, Mary, calling her Florence Nightingale. But really it was the highest compliment. Mary has gone on to be a doctor. I worked to influence others to allow women to get the vote, but alas, it didn't happen. Maybe one day.

    Miss Adelaide

  99. .
    Hello Miss James:

    Who am I?

    I was born the year before Columbus discovered America. My theological writings were so well received that the Pope awarded me the title: “Defender of the Faith” -- a phrase I proudly put on my coinage.

    I established the Church of England; I am considered the greatest Tudor. Two of my children became queens, two kings, and one has a popular drink named after her.

    I wrote many love letters which are still quoted for their penetrating sentimentality. I am the prototype of the modern bad boy. However, if any of my wives are here today, I’ll have to make an early exit. To paraphrase another great leader and gourmet, Sir Winny, nagging is something up of which I will not put!

    For a clue watch:

    I have brought a feast worthy of my table!

    Spit roasted boar, Grilled Beavers' Tails, Whale meat, whole roasted Peacock, roasted swan, vegetables, spiced fruitcake, marzipan, wine and ale. Of course, as always, it’s all you can eat.


    I like to read Tudor romances the best, of course, but with my Latin background I feel more comfortable with Roman Empire period romances. I like your authors, Michelle Styles (I’d wish you could capture her for Love Inspired) and Carla Capshaw.

    Do you have plans for any more Roman romances? I have many ideas for this period.



  100. Oh dear,
    The king is on the island.
    We should as his sixth wife how she outlived him.
    And...btw, his second wife's name was also Anne...with an 'E'

  101. Hi Tina,
    Happy New Year and congratulations on your new position and the expansion of the Love Inspired Historical line! I’ve been reading Love Inspired for years and am thrilled to see it grow.
    Serendipitously, I just mailed off a 74K manuscript called Samuel’s Promise to Elizabeth Mazer. She and I spoke about this novel a couple of years ago. The novel took three years to complete.
    The book is based on a true story of one of the most fascinating times in history – the first missionaries who went to Hawaii in 1820, then known as The Sandwich Islands. I’ve written several nonfiction books, including one on Hawaiian spirituality, so I’ve read literally hundreds of books on this subject and am somewhat of an expert .
    In real life, Henry Obookiah was a native Hawaiian who stowed away on a ship bound for America after his entire family was murdered by warring Kahunas. Once he arrived in the States, he was taken in by a family, educated at Yale and grew to love Christ, eventually translating the Bible into the native tongue.
    The Foreign Mission School in Cornwall planned a trip to Sandwich Islands because of Henry, but he unfortunately passed away from Typhus in 1818. Samuel Ruggles was the only one of the original missionaries to ever personally meet Henry face to face.
    My story is about Samuel’s promise to spread the word of God in Henry’s place. He only has one problem – he is unmarried.
    He meets Nancy Wells, a new secretary at the school, who is on the verge of joining a convent. After a hasty introduction and rocky beginning, they marry in order to fulfill the mission requirements and because of their individual callings to serve God. Samuel makes a second promise - to try and love her.
    Can Samuel keep the promises he’s made to his friend Henry and his new bride? Will Nancy and Samuel survive treacherous waters to arrive safely in their new home? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out!
    May I email you a copy of this to review? Thank You!

  102. Hello everyone,

    Sorry I’m late to the party. I just arrived wearing a blue empire-waisted Regency gown. I’m delighted to be here. Everyone looks wonderful in their costumes. Thanks for your enthusiasm for the Love Inspired Historical series.

    Tina James

  103. Moses/dear lady, I commend your courage and strength as you led your people out of slavery.

    Thanks for the biscuits. They're a favorite of mine.

    Miss Adelaide

  104. Miss Andrea, It's 1591 where I am and we have just heard of this "Armada." Usually, it takes at least two years for news of events in your part of the world to reach mine. We might have heard sooner, but the visitors that usually come to our country did not wish to discuss it.

  105. My dear Miss Adelaide, I was so hoping you'd help me with a hat. You do such lovely work. I trust you to come up with a fetching bonnet, one with some silk violets on it, perhaps.

  106. Vince, if you like Roman romances, be sure to watch for Carla Capshaw’s August 2011 Love Inspired Historical, The Champion.

    Leah Leonard, it is wonderful that you’ve submitted your manuscript, Samuel’s Promise, to Elizabeth Mazer. Since your manuscript is already in-house, you don’t need to send me a copy of your manuscript since I’ll just touch base with Elizabeth regarding your project. Thanks.

  107. Hi,

    I am dressing up today in one of the items of clothing my heroine wears in the ms I recently submitted to LIH that takes place in 18th Century Scotland.

    This Scots wool arisaidh lovingly preserved since 1748 is keeping me quite warm today and I'm thankful considering how frigidly cold it is outside. My thermostat is in the 20s.

    I've also brought some oatcakes that my characters munched on during a visit to Glasgow. Enjoy!

    And thanks for hosting a wonderful party!

    The biggest thing that stuck out for me was Tina's comment that unpublished authors should submit their whole manuscript. Did everyone else catch that?

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  108. Thanks, Tina. Love your costume! :)

  109. Tina, it's good to see you on Seekerville. I'm honored to be among those in the first month of the 4/month LIH's. And the artists really outdid themselves this month--gorgeous covers!

    For my addition to the potluck, I'm bringing Texas caviar, which is a dip made with blackeyed peas, diced onions,tomatoes,celery, and Italian dressing.

    Now back to my next book--I'm on deadline!
    Blessings, Laurie Kingery

  110. Whew! It's finally lunch break at the Munitions plant. Let me adjust the red bandanna around my head and smooth my dark blue work shirt. I want to look presentable for Tina James!

    Great news that LI Historical line is expanding. Although I haven't written a historical, I love reading them and your LI Historical covers are beautiful. I'm glad you came to visit Seekerville today.

    I brough pickled beets and dill pickles that I canned last summer. I raised the vegetables myself in my victory garden.

    Gotta go eat my lunch and get back to work.

    Rosie the Riveter

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  111. For potluck, I brought some fresh fish I just caught, yams, and breadfruit. Of course no Sandwich Island meal would be complete without poi, made from our local taro root. Enjoy!

  112. Dear Anne, trying clicking "no" instead of "yes" when the little message box pops up. Terrible thing it is to be sure.

    SCARLET! Oh my dear, we need to sit down for a cup of tea. I am afraid my author made grevious errors on my manuscript as well. To think I was simply foolish for Collin is a MONUMENTAL understantment.

    I was simply putty in his hands. ;)

    But don't ever tell HIM that, he won't ever let me live it down. A woman has to have at least one domain- her own kitchen!

    Charity was supposed to join me today...I don't see her yet. Maybe later...

  113. What a delightful affair this party is! I'm wearing a simple muslin afternoon dress in the Regency style.

    Great news about 4 titles per month from LI Historical, and I agree, the covers are great. I'm enjoying the diversity of historical time periods - right now I'm reading and enjoying Renee Ryan's Dangerous Allies, and I have my eye on Sara Mitchell's January book, A Most Unusual Match, as well as Mandy Goff's February release, The Blackmailed Bride. More books, yippee!!

  114. Miss Adelaide,

    Yes, I remember, I do love you and Mary so!

    Janet, Florence Nightingale also was all for women's rights. So you got it all covered one way or another.

    peace, Julie

  115. I'm wearing my WAVEs outfit in honor of Evelyn from one of my WWII books. The hat is a wee bit annoying, but I love the stylish cut to the skirt and jacket. I can see why the uniform alone attracted women to that branch during WWII.

  116. My dear, Miss Marvin. You are so sweet to mention my curls and not their shortened length. The only word I can possibly use is bushy like an overgrown caragana bush. It's only turned that way since the men cut it-- oh, and now I spoke of something I said I wouldn't do. Please, may we change the subject?

    I've just heard that man over there...Henry someone...yes, the large man with the funny hat...say he brought Grilled Beaver Tails. Oh my, can this be true? It's one of our native delicacies. But you must have it prepared by an expert butcher - the glands, you know.

  117. Thanks, Janet and Tina, for this party. I've been reading historicals like wildfire lately. While I have a story idea is my head, I don't know if I'll ever get it on paper. I just play with it in my daydreams. :D

    I'm bringing my Grandma's famous Chicken-n-Dumplins, Green beans flavored with bacon, cucumber and onions in vinegar dressing, and country fried trout. I'm wearing a calico dress - pioneer style, matching bonnet and ruffled apron, and lace up leather boots.

    Please include me in the drawing. :D


  118. Hi: Mrs. Graves:

    You are my favorite heroine from the Old American West (of course to me this is Science Fiction). You also have a great cover art.

    Another favorite heroine is Akira who can be found in “Highland Blessings”. Unfortunately while we were contemporaries, she was about forty years too old for me. I’d have married her for sure!


  119. My Dear Jecoliah Endicott:

    You are so right about cooking Grilled Beaver Tails. I always use my best cooks. They go wherever I go. But do you know why Beaver Tails were so popular? Back in my time it was a sin to eat meat on Friday and we all thought Beavers were fish back then. That’s true.


  120. Miss Adelaide, this is a wonderful party. Thanks for inviting us all here.

  121. Oh, what a truly magnificent announcement! I am here in my custom-made shirtwaist and maternity gown with ample space at my ever-expanding waistline. Unfortunately, I cannot fasten my more fancy gowns and walking dresses. So for now, I am limited to the more simple garb and basic outfits. But my silk hat with a purple feather pinned to the side, my cameo, and my lace-up boots lend an air of grace to my waddle. :)

    Tina, it's so great to have you here with us in Seekerville. I've been told by many I should put my pen to paper for Love Inspired Historical.

    Just one question.

    When you mention "new authors" are you referring to unpublished anywhere, or just unpublished with Harlequin/Steeple Hill? I've sold 11 books to Barbour, but have some others they felt didn't fit their house. Would I still need to send a completed manuscript, or could I send the first 3 chapters and a synopsis? Thanks!

  122. BTW I did change my profile to show the cover with the outfit, but it didn't show up on the comment. Weird!

  123. I've just finished luncheon on the veranda, but later on I shall serve tea, lemonade and tea cakes with pink icing. Doesn't that sound lovely? Please join me.

  124. Mrs James, one question if I may...
    you mentioned submitting these manuscripts. Do you mean by mail as in stagecoach and rail? Or is there some other method acceptable in these changing times?

    And please forgive me if this question has been raised. I'm quite unused to a gathering of this size with its myriad conversations, eye-catching finery and enough food to feed the entire North West Mounted Police force for a month.

  125. Wow, Cara. I'm sitting by a campsite with a blazing fire, in the wind hiding from a blizzard chewing on beef jerky and drinking coffee thick enough to float a horseshoe.

    Our lives are all might different, Miss Cara.

  126. Melly, dear, it's a joy to see you here in Seekerville. Your dress is as lovely as you are.

    By the way, have you seen Rhett?

    Someone mentioned he was with Faith O'Connor on the veranda.

    Lemonade and tea cakes sound delightful, Cara. Shall I join you at three?

  127. Yes. Photoshop.

    There is enough food and fabric here to keep me happy for a month. And stories--I shall make it a royal decree that Four Love Inspired Historicals be available for all the people regardless of their station.

    What's that? Already done?

    Well, in any case I proclaim this
    the celebration of the year (party of the century doesn't even seem to cover it)
    Keep those Tudors away from the meat tray, will you?

  128. Oh my so much happened while I slept thankfully there was no fighting but on a serious note I did wake to hear the floods have claimed at least 7 lived in some flash flooding which came very quick with many missing.
    Its just devastating what is happening and the torrential rain in parts of Queensland is just heart breaking. When you see the weatherman in places that are underwater and can hear and see the emotion in there voice and see tears in there eyes makes it even more devestating.

    Ok enough glum and doom. This party had put a smile on this Aussies face. Seeing all the different people from the different eras. My next LIH is going to be Christine Johnston's Nov realeased. Oh and Tina I cant wait to read Carlas next book. Her ones set in Rome are great reads.

  129. Susanna, the groom has stabled and fed your horse. Relax by the fire.

    Miss Adelaide

  130. Yay! I am a big fan of Love Inspired Historical novels! This is great to know there will now be four a month.

  131. Debra, you look maaah-velous!

    Ausjenny, I saw more news reports this morning about the flooding. Truly devastating! Praying for everyone affected.

  132. Oh dear... *waves blushing face*

    I do glimpse my name and uttered from our very own Scarlet O'Hara. I do hope it was whispered with tones of love.

    Yes, dear we were on the veranda, lovely porch swing that. Such a peaceful little chat as well, though you have nothing to fear from me. Collin is the only one I have ever wished to spend my life with, or haven't you read that first chapter?

    Thankfully Charity and I have moved past that little episode now.

    Cara, shall we make it three some? Those refreshments sound divine.

  133. Deb mentioned Mr. Darcy.
    What does he think of red heads?

  134. Faith & Scarlet,
    Porch swings are very dangerous places.
    Plenty of scope for the imagination...and more.

    Oh, I'm feeling inspired. Off to find my pencil.
    This place is filled with kindred spirits

  135. Miss Adelaide, being an orphan myself from the streets of Chicago, I know all about taking care of orphans.

    Psst, don't tell Miss Pam, or that sheriff's deputy, Jake Russell, but that's where I was last night, trying to get a handle on some boys who are roaming the streets of Chestnut.

    I know the poor beggars are freezing, but I can't get them to come to the orphanage.

    Oh, dear, I've got to run. I just heard that someone robbed the mercantile.

  136. Edwina, I've never seen this new flapper style. Quite scandelous, dear, but I do love the pearls. I'm sorry I wasn't here to greet you. I had to mend Renee's hem. She caught it on Tina Cowgirl's spur.

    Miss Adelaide

  137. Debbie Kaufman, your life is one big adventure! I hope you get your story in print.

    Miss Adelaide

  138. Kav, give your loyal dog a pat. He arrived with the food intact! I have given him a bowl of warm milk. Will send him back to you as soon as he's warm. Influenza is terrible. Please know we missed you.

    Miss Adelaide

  139. Oh Anne, aren't they? Beth and Brady nearly fell prey to the temptation of one and


    I am afraid I am not as pure as the driven snow on such issues either...

  140. Wow, what a party! I'm thrilled that LIS will be expanding their historical line.

    I'm attending the party as the talented actress Maude Adams (for whom the stage part of Peter Pan was written by J.M. Barrie.) Maude is the template for my new heroine.

    And just today I finally got my hands on Rocky Mountain Hero (Yay! Audra, the cover is just as gorgeous in person!) And The Rancher's Reunion (Yay Tina, I can't wait to dive into this story!)

  141. Kirsten, you are most skillful with the needle. If you ever need work, call on me at my shop in Noblesville.

    Miss Adelaide

  142. Sandra, I've heard of this Janet but can't think where. You and your grandmother are an adventuresome pair!

    Miss Adelaide

  143. Debra and Renee Ann, you look lovely! As a milliner and seamstress, I appreciate the details of your splendid garments.

    Miss Adelaide

  144. Ah, Glynna, you have touched on a topic dear to my heart! I can only hope the vote will come to women before 1912! But alas, we weren't able to achieve it in 1897.

    Miss Adelaide

  145. Stopping back by.

    My oh my, what a cast of characters we have today! :)

    and the food! Whoa!!

    (not you Jaqarah...)

  146. Loves to Read Romance, your flouncy dress and wide-brimmed hat are gorgeous! Perfect for a picnic. Charles and I went on a picnic once. It didn't end happily. But thankfully that wasn't the end of the story. I'm sure you understand the ups and downs of romance.

    Miss Adelaide

  147. I am literally in tears [or awfully close]. I cannot find the whole tub [one of the rubbermaid ones sort of shoe box sized] FULL of old pictures. There's one of a lady who looks a lot like I did when I was in my late teens/early 20s.

    There's lots more in there. Old pictures. Like not long after the Civil War pictures. Including one with a kid who looks just like Tom Sawyer should have. And some of the girls in there were labeled. My great grandma was one of them. Her sisters were others.

    It's tearing me up that I can't find it. It's here somewhere. It has to be. But I can't find it. Anywhere.

    [I haven't read comments since late last night so...]

    If I can find it, I'll post it.

    captcha - inkywar - this just might turn into a war to find them, though I'm not sure what ink might have to do with it except that I'll print copies once I get them scanned...

  148. Debra, you're the picture of feminity and grace! I hope you will wear this dress to the banquet.

    Miss Adelaide

  149. Adge, the sugar cakes are delectable. The only links I understand are in a chain and right now they're kinked. Can you help?

    Miss Adelaide

  150. Project Journal, your dress is beautiful. Purple is a rich, exciting color! Would you like me to adorn a hat to match?

    Miss Adelaide

  151. Miss Melanie, you are a picture in that lovely medieval dress. The stitches are neat and tight. I'm impressed.

    Miss Adelaide

  152. Audra, you look adorable with those curls and that come hither look. But a man may misunderstand and take advantage of you. I will be happy to give you lessons in decorum.

    Miss Adelaide

  153. Cheri, Your gloves aren't sufficient in this weather. Please take this muffler to warm your hands.

    Miss Adelaide

  154. Thanks for the compliment on my dress, Miss Adelaide. I must confess that all I did was change my ink-stained cuffs and dab a splash of lemon verbena behind my ears before I arrived.

    I’m sorry to be so late in returning to this fine social event. But even though we’ve advanced much in recent years, the duties of a teacher in 1870 are quite time-consuming. After the students left my schoolhouse, I had to fill the lamps, which includes cleaning chimneys and trimming wicks. Then I had to fetch several buckets of water and replenish the coal supply because I’d let my older boys slip away without helping me. The floor needing extra sweeping due to all the snow tracked in from the playground . . . I must attend to my duties faithfully. After all, a 25 cent raise in my weekly pay is at stake!

    My walk to the boarding house didn’t take too long. I could have accepted a ride from those wild Johnson brothers, but Ma Benson warned me about them. Besides my fancy’s quite been taken by a kindly widower who is also renting a room. The school board generously allows me two nights for courting since I attend church services each Sunday. But I discovered that sitting in the kitchen while my gentleman friend makes pens for my pupils or reads aloud from the Bible doesn’t count as socializing. Especially if Ma B. keeps company with us. And when she begins nodding off in her rocker—why I’ve almost engaged him in a personal conversation on more than one occasion!

    My social life may not be as turbulent as Scarlet O’Hara’s or Faith O’Connor’s, but my widower friend is building a fine two-story house and his eyes are a sober, steady gray. Unlike that Teddy Johnson who started taking his meals at the boarding house lately. Last night he made free use of my first name and winked at me over Ma Benson’s boiled dinner. What will my widower think? Teddy’s eyes are a heavenly shade of blue, but that’s the only saintly thing about him!

    But I digress from this incredible social whirl—an ancient warrior, a royal personage, and so many lovely ladies—I haven’t had a better night out in ages . . .

  155. Kimberli, I would like to order a pair of fingerless gloves. Such a clever idea!

    Miss Adelaide

  156. Miss Adelaide,
    You are the perfect hostess. I am certain I could learn a great deal from you - and I have every intention of showing off manners that Marilla would be proud of...
    if my temper doesn't get the best of me first.

  157. Miss Scarlet, even with an expanded waist, you're stunning. So never fear.

    The grits are gone. You always were late appreciating the good things in life. At least that's what Rhett told me.

    Miss Adelaide

  158. Patty, your outfit amazes me but I see the advantage of wearing it. Stop in my shop and I'll tailor it to fit.

    Miss Adelaide

  159. Miss Adelaide,
    Your hat is the perfect shade to compliment your flawless complexion.

    I think no wardrobe is complete without an extravagant hat, puffed sleeves, and white lace in some form or other.
    Simply glorious

  160. Gina, dear girl, you must take more care not to show your ankles in front of the men. Especially Cap'n Jack. I've heard... Well, I can't repeat it here.

    Miss Adelaide

  161. Pepper, the color of your hair makes me wonder if you should add cayenne to your name.

    Miss Adelaide, a true blonde

  162. Oh, fiddle-dee-dee, two Scarlets at the party! Whatever shall we do? Rhett insists if he kisses you both, he'll know who the imposter is.

    Miss Adelaide, blushing

  163. Tiffany Amber Stockton—
    When I referred to “new authors”, I was referring to unpublished authors. Published authors can just send in a proposal (publishing history, synopsis and three chapters). Projects for Love Inspired Historical can be sent to me at:
    233 Broadway, Ste. 1001
    New York, NY 10279


  164. I'm so excited about the increase of the historicals. I always enjoy them. The variety makes it all the better.

  165. Jaqarah appears to have noticed Charles' horse Ranger. Poor Shadow will get an extra measure of oats.

    Miss Adelaide

  166. Pam, aka Ma, I'm delighted to meet you. I've heard you're a strong, loving woman and someone to be admired. Your Charles is a fortunate man, as is mine.

    Miss Adelaide

  167. Victoria, I'm delighted you got your man! The middle of a project is often the most difficult part, even for us milliners. Thanks for stopping at the party.

    Miss Adelaide

  168. Oh yes -

    Jaqarah appears to have noticed Charles' horse Ranger. Poor Shadow will get an extra measure of oats.

    She's a saucy chestnut. What else can you expect from redheads?

    Takes a bit to tame them... But it's worth it.

    Break out your fans ladies.

  169. Janet, love the idea for the costume party today. :) Just call me Lady Melissa, an American heiress who married some poor but handsome British aristocrat. I'm wearing a gorgeous full length gown (and a corset, unfortunately!), and my hair's piled high like a Gibson Girl.
    Just wanted to chime in that the entire team at Steeple Hill is super excited that LIH has gone from 2 to 4 books a month in only a few years. We have some of the best historical authors writing for LIH, and we'd love for you unpubs out there to join us!
    Happy Monday!

  170. Faith, you're the epitome of womanhood in your lovely genteel clothing. Unlike one of our guests who shall remain nameless but carrys on so about the size of her waist. Shocking.

    Miss Adelaide

  171. Leah, I'm intrigued. Do tell us more about this dear departed gentleman.

    Miss Adelaide

  172. Karen, gracious you are a vision in that stunning ensemble!

    We expect our women to be strong here in Seekerville. You'll fit right in.

    Miss Adelaide

  173. It is a grievous affair, Adelaide isn't it?

    Tsk, tsk.

    Yes, such a dear person should be remain nameless.

  174. Abigail Adams at our party!!! Let me introduce you to everyone, dear lady. Oh, wait! You have measles. Perhaps you'll come back later when you're feeling better.

    Miss Abigail

  175. I've been trying to envision what a 17-inch waist must look like on a real live woman. I don't think I've been able to claim that number since, oh, age 5 or so.

    Okay, I just measured my thigh a few inches above the knee--17 inches. Now I have something for comparison.

    I think I'm going to be sick.

    Go away, Scarlett. Go far, far away.

  176. Susannah Wesley, we're honored to have you here. I admire your desire to teach your large family the tenets of the faith.

    Miss Abigail

  177. Rhonda here arriving as a peasant girl from the Renaissance period. I love 1800's history and the Medieval/Renaissance period. I'm looking forward to reading more of the LIH!

    Thanks Tina for stopping by and telling us the good news!

  178. Adelaide. Is your brain becoming addled from all this excitement??? You just signed your name Abigail!

  179. Hannah, thank you for telling us that Susannah Wesley's husband's name was Charles. Such a strong name.

    Miss Adelaide

  180. Miss Adelaide, will there be dancing this evening?

    And an appearance by Jack Sparrow perhaps? He is such a charming man.

    Rhett? Why no, dear, he's not as charming as you. Now go find Faith.

    Waving to Lady Melissa. So nice to see you here. Stay for the dancing. And tell Miss Emily we long to have her join us, as well.

  181. What a fine affair this is, ladies. You have outdone yourselves and the air of excitement is, indeed, contagious.

    Might I sample one of those sugar cakes?

    And Lady Melissa, I have heard fine things about you from another upstater, a lover of romance and a wizened woman in her own right, but alas, she is tied to her work table and dast not leave it again, although this party is a true temptation!

    I believe this coffee is far better than what I remember. I could never fully embrace chicory beans.

  182. Sorry I'm late commenting but I was legitimately busy doing illigitimate tasks. You see, Danica and I are old west bandits. We tame wild Mustangs from New Mexico Territory and use them to chase down stagecoaches. We then rob the wealthy coach ladies of their dimestore novels.

    We had a coach coming through today so we sneaked off for a bit.

    Since we're equal opportunity bandits, we also rob trains. And possibly covered wagons. Don't want anybody to feel left out.

    After a long hard day of robbin, we drank terrible coffee and sat around a
    campfire reading our bounty and eating jerky we made ourselves from cattle we sneaked off someone's homestead. Mary's heroine maybe?

    We need nothing more.

    When bounty hunters find us, we kiss them according to LIH guidelines and they leave us alone.

    Since we dress ourselves as men, you've not been able to recognize us in disguise. Although the too-big-cowboy hats and ratty bandanas covering the lower part of our faces almost gave us away.

    That and the coffee grounds we've attempted to use to paste on fake mustaches and beards.

    Actually we've been here but you all didn't know it was us.

    We had a dime store novel written by Cara Lyn James' Love on a Dime heroine but Billy the Kid's brother stole it from us otherwise we'd give it away today.

    When we're not robbing people, we're the mild-mannered librarians in a localtown so no one suspects our thieving ways. We *might* use stolen books to stock our library and support our personal dime novel habits.

    Tina, THANK YOU for being here today!!!!

    Janet, wonderful hosting!


  183. Oh, cowpaddies!!!!

    SOMEONE just shared her measly measles. Deputy Doolittle's BOUND to recognize me now.

    Edwina, if'n them flappin flappers is scandalous, then I love 'em.

    Scandal's my middle name.

    Danica talked me outta pickpocketin' our editor guest today.

    But I wonder if she's packin' any books back with her and a ridin' the stagecoach back to Broadway...

    Cheryl Book Banditette #1

  184. Tina the Vintage gal, can I borrow Ruby for 'bout an hour?

    *eyes stagecoach approach*

    C the BB

  185. I'm loving reading all these delightful stories and soaking in all the wonderful fashions. But dancing? . . . My school board would never approve that for this school marm. I must leave that up to girls like Anne or Faith or Scarlet. But I would love to read some of those dime store novels. I think I could hide one behind my McGuffey Reader . . .

  186. On the other hand, KC that Arabian mare might be faster...

    C the BB

  187. Forgot to say, Lady James, that you look a might fine in yer perty blue dress.

    *scratches chin*

    Ya got-ny dime store books in that little satchel a yours?

    C the BB

  188. Lady Melissa, it's wonderful to see you here today too.

    Your corset is cuter'n a baby Apaloosa my darlin!

    My spellin' aint so good but hopefully them stolen dime novels I been a readin will help that out some.

    Thanks for a comin to Seekerville today.

    Gotta get ready to rob another coach...

    Be back soon.

    C the BB

  189. Tina, so glad you stopped back in and were able to wade through all the delightful stories to find my question.

    I'll notify my agent and start assembling some proposals. Thank you!

  190. I am afraid I will have to leave before the dancing. Duty does call you know and Collin will soon be here from the print shop with the car.

    Unless he cares to stay...

    I might be able to talk him into it with a few well chosen promises.

    And Miss Renee Ann, if you care to dance, I don't believe you find any tattlers in this group, dear.

  191. Ha ha--thanks, Faith! Perhaps Scarlet will spare me a partner when the dancing commences . . .

  192. C the BB

    She surely would be...

    But she is an honest girl. I don't know that she'd throw in with your gang. ;D

  193. It's been a great day, but I've got to call it. I hope to be lucky in one of the drawings. However, if I can only win one thing today, I hope it's a football game.

  194. Faith! Car...what's a car? A new type of horse breed? May I ride it to my stagecoach robbery?

    I'll even use my own saddle.

    C the BB

  195. Miss Adelaide.
    I could use some new hats, one can never have too many.

    I'll be in the library with the other royals watching Larkrise to Candleford. One must venture to keep up with things in the lower classes. And who can resist a love story?

  196. Cheryl Book Banditette #1

    I see you crossed the oceans and robbed coach I had to take to get back to the gold fields.
    (am thinking I want to be the wild colonial boy)
    But as he was shoot maybe not.
    I think I will stick to despising the troopers who are inflicting hardship on the miners. My own dear miner is struggling to make a living so we can get married but now the government is taxing the miners even more. The miners are at there wits end and will fight for there course.

  197. Lark Rise to Candleford . . . talk about beautiful costumes! Love the outfits for the dressmakers.

  198. Sue, thank you for bringing the delicious coffeecake. I just had a piece. I've never seen so much food in one place!

    Miss Adelaide

  199. I just went to the general store and got me some aniseed drops and some Raspberry drops and some lemon drops to share, the owner was really nice and added a few extra bits of candy for me such a nice man.