Saturday, January 8, 2011

Weekend Edition

This weekend Seekerville is busy as we prepare for a Historical Costume Party we're throwing, on Monday, January 10, to celebrate Love Inspired Historical as they expand from two books monthly to four.

Our special guest is
Senior Editor Tina James who will be giving away the entire January Love Inspired Historical release set.

Additionally, if you arrive in Seekerville on Monday, January 10 dressed for the party you can win one of ten Seeker Surprise packages. But you must be dressed as yourself in costume or as a character from history and/or fiction and the movies.

Party guidelines match the
Love Inspired Historical guidelines which span the historical time line up to and including WWII.

You can describe your character in your comments or change your Blogger photo to show us your character.

Just don't be late to the party!

(To change your profile picture. Sign in to Blogger. Go to Dashboard. On your left you will see your picture and the option to edit.)

We Have Winners!

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville. We'd like to remind you that accepting a prize via email conversation means you acknowledge the rules.

Monday Pam Hillman shared Don't Worry, Be Happy, with Hakuna Matata. The winner of Bruce Wilkinson's book, Secrets of the Vine is Misskallie.

Tuesday Vince broke attendance records with his post Author Branding & Author Tags: What’s Best for You?
Winners of the Name the Tag Contest are Aus Jenny and Adge. And the random winner is Martha Ramirez. Prizes are: the Seeker book of their choice (as available).

On Wednesday Audra Harders brought you What's Your Choice? Winner of Rocky Mountain Hero is Aus Jenny and winner of The Rancher's Reunion is Joanne Sher.

Thursday we brought you to the monthly meeting of the Winnie the Pooh Writers with Winnie the Pooh and Writers Too. Winners of a hunny of a Seeker Surprise Package are Tanya Dennis and Regina Merrick.

Friday's January Contest Update winners of a Seeker Surprise Package are Anita Mae Draper and Patricia W.

Saturday's The Best of Seekerville from the Archives and First Fives Pages Critique winner is Walt.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Love Inspired Senior Editor Tina James is coming to Seekerville. She’s also giving away January’s Love Inspired Historical romances! To celebrate her visit the Seekers will be dressing in historical garb and pitching in on an amazing potluck that will leave you salivating. For a chance to win, join us in the fun. Describe the outfit you’re wearing from a favorite era, drive up in your carriage, Model T or on horseback—we have valet parking, and bring a tantalizing dish to share. Hope to see you there!

Tuesday: Today The Grammar Queen Returns.

Wednesday: Learning to hit the "High Notes" with AN EPIC, NO LESS ….. (and a giveaway)!

Thursday: Contest Entries: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly with pretend guest appearance by Clint Eastwood playing (YUM!) Rowdy Yates. Come and join Ruth Logan Herne as her quest for a clean office yields positively FRIGHTENING reminders of what was vs. what could be!

Friday: We're delighted to welcome back Rose Ross Zediker, especially since her debut Heartsong Presents, releases this month. Join Rose for Lessons Learned from NaNoWriMo. Stop by for three chances to win Lily of the Field.

Seeker Sightings

Mary Connealy can be found on Mindy Oberhaus' blog Divine Imagination, beginning Monday, January 10. Stop by for a chance to win a copy of Sharpshooter in Petticoats.

You can also find Mary beginning early Sunday, January 9 on Lena Nelson Dooley's blog. With a Sharpshooter in Petticoats giveaway.

And ...
be sure to stop by Pepper Basham's blog Words Seasoned with Salt for some insightful Mary Connealy and Mary Nealy comments.

Glynna Kaye's February release, Second Chance Courtship has been spotted by book club readers and via eHarlequin early bird orders!

Don't forget, Love on Assignment, the second in the Ladies of Summerhill series, a January release, is now available.

And Cara Lynn James is the FEATURED AUTHOR on the ACFW site Fiction Finder, starting tomorrow, Monday, January 10, 2011.

You gotta have friends. Especially those like Keli Gwyn!

Tina Radcliffe is excited that she sold an essay to True Love Magazine. My Worst Date Ever will be in the March 2011 issue.

And Tina's favorite designer at, Danikamon, has just finished necklaces for some of the prizes in The Rancher's Reunion contest. Photos and blurbs from contest entries are going up this week. So stop by.

Random News

  • For a limited time you can get friend of Seekerville, Melanie Dickerson's Zondervan book, The Healer's Apprentice as a free download on Amazon, CDB and Barnes & Noble. (Hey and you can dowload it to your iTouch too!)

That's it...see you on Monday.


  1. Looks like we're in for yet another great week.

    Coffee's on. There's also tea for those of us who prefer it.


  2. Like Helen said - sounds like a great week!

    I'm up WAY past my bedtime though...

    I'll have come up with a good costume for Monday.

    Ooooo - I've got it! Now if I can find it...

  3. I have a photo taken at sovereign Hill in Ballarat which is a a step back in time to the time rush will have to find this photo.

    Its so cool to win and to have my name twice I have emailed and asked one be redrawn as I dont think its right to win twice.
    Congrats to all winners.

  4. Jenny, you have to take your prizes.

    Random is random.

    You may not win again for years, lol.

    So enjoy it while Lady Luck is on your side.

  5. I don't know which dress to wear tomorrow, but I'm planning on making a dress (1830s)for the ACFW Dinner. I can't wait to play dress up.

    congratulations to the winners and thank you Seekers for arranging another groovy week.

    Cool News on Kindle's book-sharing option.




    I LOVE PARTIES!!!! YAY!!!!

    For today, though, I'm testing Susan Langley's (Reunited Hearts) Apple Strudel on you guys. I left out the raisins just in case someone isn't a fan, but let me know what you think, 'kay????

    Gotta tweak the recipe before it goes on line and y'all are my guinea pigs.

    But this is NOT a laborious assignment, LOL!

    And oddly enough, my word veri is:



  7. What fun! Dressing up...hmmm...I've always liked those fringy dreses the flapper wore but then again, I live in a prairie state so maybe a cotton bonnet and apron are more appropriate....

    May I follow Ruthy's example and put a shameless plug in for myself? I'm the featured author on this coming week if anyone would like to drop by and leave a comment. Thanks!

    Great line up. Can't wait for tomorrow with Tina James!

  8. Ooooh - does this look awesome! And I WON! Woo :D All the posts look good, but I ESPECIALLY can't wait for Ruthy's post. (Do I get anything for buttering up the Seekers??)

  9. YAY! I've won a critique.

    I have a picutre of myself dressed as a samurai. Do I dare bring it out?

  10. Sounds like it's going to be another great week in Seekerville! It's such a happening place...though I might just come down with the flu on Tuesday...just the words Grammar Queen have me breaking out in a cold sweat!

    Congratulations on all the new Seeker book sightings this month! And to Tina for making a sale to True Love Magazine.

  11. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJanuary 9, 2011 at 8:53 AM

    Congrats to all the winners! So I don't have an actual costume but I would love to dress up like Scarlett O'Hara.

  12. Good morning, Seekerville! Looks to be a beautiful day as I dig through my trunk for suitable attire for tomorrow's visit by Love Inspired Historical's senior editor! Getting the Model T dusted off, too. After all, in 2012 Arizona celebrates her brithday--100 years of statehood!

    AND WALT! OF COURSE you share that Samurai photo!!!

  13. Congrats Tina - that should be interesting reading!!! Your worst date EVER?! ha! Didn't Jay Leno or somebody do a segment or two on that topic? Hilarious... Can't WAIT!

    Congrats to all the winners this week! Double dip Aus Jenny! Way to go! Those double portions sound almost Biblical!! :)

    I'm packing the saddlebags for tomorrow. Good thing horses can swim well. It's quite a fer piece to Unpubbed Island!!! ;D

    Rose - plug away! I'm the featured author on this coming week if anyone would like to drop by and leave a comment. Looking forward to seeing you there.

    Yeah - we knew Mary had a split personality lurking somewhere... Wshew... read with the lights on!

    (It's c-c-c-c-cold here. All the !!! are helping keep me warm, ok?)

  14. Oooh! Historical writer me is sooo excited about tomorrow's party. I'm dreaming of having a gorgeous Victorian gown made, but, alas, all I have at this point is the plain calico number from my DD's Living History days. Sounds like I need to get out the iron today so I'm ready for tomorrow's fun, food, and time with good friends. =)

  15. Can't wait to hear what fantastic news Tina James brings to Seekerville!

    Remember to dress up for the occasion. For those that normally visit Seekerville in their jammies, I do believe there is a considerable array of historical nightwear from which to choose. Since it's snowing in Colorado, I think long johns complete with a trap door might suit, LOL!!

    Tina, I love the necklace from etsy! I gotta go browse! Congrats on the article, too! Worst date ever, hmm, how much time you got?

    Keli! You are so awesome to scan the book shelves and take pictures!

  16. Great edition! I already know who I think I am going to be. ;) Can it be a character from one of my favorite novels?? I might have to research dishes...

  17. Congrats Tina. And to all the other winners, too.

    And thanks to whoever pulled my name! I love suprises. Yay!

    I don't see it listed, but Cara Lynn James is the ACFW featured author this week starting tomorrow. You can check out the new ACFW site while you're there. :)

    We didn't get to church today due to losing our driveway under piles of blowing snow. :(

    But I'll sit back and have a spot of tea and dream about tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to it. :D

    Thanks again.

    Anita Mae.

  18. Debra, can't wait to see it!


  19. Rose! I will come over and see you! YAY for you, chica!

    Walt: YUM.

    Joanne, buttering me up works. Watch and see. ;)

    And Teeeeeena, congrats on that sale to True Love. So proud of you, girlfriend!

    KC, bring some food in them thar saddlebags, lil' lady! And Keli Gwyn: DID YOU DO IT???



  20. Thanks Tina,
    I am so excited it will be great to get some mail in Hawaii.

    I am watching more of the flooding in
    Queensland its heartbreaking and the amounts of rain some up to 12 inches yesterday add that to already swollen and flooding rivers this is getting really bad.

  21. Glynna,

    I'm looking for it but no luck so far. Will keep at it.

  22. Hey, thanks for mentioning my book, Tina! I think it's only free until midnight tonight, and you can get it for your Nook, Sony Reader, or just for your PC.

    But I am no longer reading my reviews. Giving away a free Christian book on Amazon is hazardous to my emotional health, but I'm learning from this experience.

  23. That's my fault, I was supposed to list it. Adding now.

  24. Ruthy, I did it!

    Gwynly and I sat on the right side of the church instead of the left, AND we sat halfway back instead of in the third row from the front. We did take the aisle as usual, but that's because Gwynly stands a full foot taller than 5'2" me and needs leg room.

    My moment of embracing change had ripple effects. We were in another couple's "spot," and they sat elsewhere. A third family sat in "our" spot. All of us used the greeting time to talk with different people than usual, which was way cool.

    I'm thinking I may be onto something here. Change can be a good thing. Who knew? Oh, yeah. You did--and many others. =)

  25. Still looking for the picture. No luck so far. It's about 20 years old, so it's been put away. I find it periodically.

  26. Ruthy, while we're on the subject of embracing change, I'll go one more. Yesterday dinosaur me did something I never thought I'd do. I figured out how to download the Kindle for Mac app onto my trusty computer. It was easy peasy!

    I may have said I'd never embrace e-books, but I'm choking on those words about now. I'm thinking I just might get a Kindle. Yeah, ol' stick in the mud me. Can you believe it?

    One of the first book's I ordered using the Kindle app was Melanie's debut novel, The Healer's Apprentice. I have a paper copy, but I was being brave. Aren't ya proud of me, Ruthy?

  27. Keli I was wondering if you sat somewhere different. I did to partly cos someone else sat where I often sit so I sat a few rows back next to some other people.
    thats 3 different places in 3 weeks now.

  28. Keep searching, Walt. I want to see you dressed as a Samurai--and what you looked like when you were a kid. You can't disappoint us, now can you? =)

  29. Jenny, three weeks of sitting in new places? Wow! I'm impressed. I know what to say when I walk into church next week and look longingly at "my" spot: "Jenny changed seats. So can I." Thanks for the encouragement. =)

  30. Oh, Jenny, so sorry about this massive 'wet' you guys are experiencing. One for the history books for sure. The damage I've seen on the news coverage is so sad. So hard for those families. Water is so stinkin' destructive.

    Praying for strength and for the rain to stop. And sending cyber hugs to your beautiful country.

  31. GWYN!!!!

    I'M SO PROUD OF YOU! We used to make jokes about how deep-seated some people get about 'their seat'.

    But changing it up, moving around, you get to see so many more people. You rock!!!!

    And sometimes Dave and I will go to Saturday evening Mass, which is nice because so many old friends go then. But because I'm in the choir (do not ask why, suffice it to say the director is VERY NICE and loves me) I have to be at 9 AM on Sunday morning. Otherwise I'd mix that up more often, too.

    Good for you and Gwynly. I'm smiling and nodding at my little Grasshopper bud in California!

  32. Teeeena, put in double-pride tickets for the Kel-meister going out of her comfort zone TWICE in a day.

    Ooooo, weeeeee, honey! They gonna be talkin' 'bout you down to the General store, to beat the band. Steppin' out like that!


    Good job.

    Hey, tomorrow: One very special visitor will be bringin' a big cast iron pot of chicken and dumplin's.

    Make sure you guys sample it, 'kay?

  33. Seriously, I have the words of Neale Donald Wasch on my desk...

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

  34. Love that quote.

    Gotta push the envelope. Otherwise we get old. Boring. Jaded. Predictable.

    Did I mention old????

  35. Oh boy - tomorrow's sure to be fun.
    how do I change my profile pic?

    btw, Keli's picture looks GREAT!! Love the books she's holding too

  36. Argh. My Walmart doesn't have Sharpshooter.

    My sister bought it but isn't done with it and I so need it. And the library has like 13 holds on it. So I guess I'm stopping by a different one on my way to the doc's in the morning so I have something to read while I wait...

    And I still didn't go look for those pics and get them scanned...

    Ah well. I have the rest of the night and most of the day tomorrow ;).

  37. (To change your profile picture. Sign in to Blogger. Go to Dashboard. On your left you will see your picture and the option to edit.)

  38. Ruthy Its hard for me to believe whats happening where when we have dry weather here or is sunny. we have got rain today a bit but its nothing compared to the Queensland some of the rivers will peak at over 20 metres which about 40 inches in a metre so you can imagine how high the river will be.
    I can imagine what its like we only ever get minor flooding here when the creek overflows which hasn't happened in so long. A couple of places in Queensland had the one in onehundred and 20 years flood twice.
    the people affected are taking it well considering which is part of the aussie make up but to think it will go one for weeks especially with all the rain still falling.

  39. Fun! I love costume parties but it's sooo hard to decide what to wear :-(

    XOXO~ Renee

  40. Whoops I just revealed my costume early :-P Oh well I just finished watching Downton Abbey on PBS and was inspired to chose something from the Edwardian period :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  41. Hahahahahaha! Renee, I love it!

    Good job, kid!

  42. Hi all! Just love a costume party. I'm going for the Roaring '20s, particularly uptown NYC where the Harlem Renaissance was taking place. I've bobbed my hair and shunned my corset, preferring the new lighter weight undergarments. I'm wearing a low waisted dress with long strands of pearls and Mary Janes. My overcoat is wool with fur at the neck and cuffs, not very PC now but then, it was all the rage. I've also got a cloche hat, which just looks dandy.