Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winnie the Pooh and Writers Too!

Today you're in luck because the local chapter of the
Winnie the Pooh and Writer's Too is meeting at the Hundred Acre Wood.

We'll observe and dissect what kind of writer they are and maybe you'll see yourself or someone you know.

Bears just want to have fun!

This writer wants to have written a novel. He's a master procrastinator and makes several trips to the snack table (just a bit of hunny) as the rest of the group is settling down to plot storm.

"Oh, bother..."

"Think. Think. Think."

Truth be told, he'd rather help you with your story. Maybe read your first three chapters and tell you how to fix that nasty external plot issue, because he really doesn't want to work on his manuscript.

This writer is a Tigger of a character.

Bold and larger than life he practically bounces into the room. He's passionate and high energy. An outgoing, self confident competitor. Yes, he'll tell you he's entered and is going to final in the Genesis and the Golden Heart...and you know what, he probably will.

Even if he does occasionally overestimate his writing talent, and his ego can be difficult to see around; it's hard to dislike such a cheerful guy.

"TTFN, Ta Ta for Now!"

This Rabbit has actually organized the meeting. He's dependable like that. Everyone likes Rabbit and he's got lots of friends and family.

Intelligent, decisive, organized. Yes, that's him.

He's also motivated and a multi-tasker. Already today he's done his due diligence on ten agents and mailed a sparkling partial and query letter to them all.

Okay, yes, he's been accused of being bossy and pushy and grumpy when you get in his way..., but gee, someone has to tell YOU what to do.

Owl removes his glasses as he prepares today's lesson for the writer's group. He's quite eloquent as he expounds on his theories of why some of the member's haven't sold their book yet.

In fact, he tends to go on and on with his unsolicited advice and questionable wisdom, in quite a superior manner, which is odd, since it seems, ahem, he hasn't sold his manuscript either!

Then he turns and bestows a charming smile upon his fellow writers and WHOOOOOO can stay irritated at such an intelligent fellow?

" Oh, well."

That's Eeyore's mantra as he looks around the room with a low opinion of his fellow writers.

He's sarcastic, caustic and he isn't wearing blue by chance.

Disaster follows this writer every where he goes. His manuscripts have gotten lost more times than they've arrived.

On the other hand, he has the soul of a poet and a true capacity for compassion. Did your judge give your entry a 50? Eeyore will put a loving arm around your shoulders and share that he received, (sigh), a 30.

Never underestimate Eeyore, he's intelligent and deep.

Yes, he's small and timid and squeaks when he talks, but Piglet is the writer to have on your team.

He loves a challenge and he'll bravely conquer his fears to not only write his portion of that continuity series, but he'll offer to pitch it to the editor for you!

Piglet is always positive even if he's trembling.

"Oh, dear! Oh, dear, oh dearie, dearie, dear!"

Meeting will adjourn as soon as you tell us who your favorite character is.
Post a comment for a chance to win a hunny of a surprise pack. Two winners!! Winner's announced in the Weekend Edition.

Oh, and Winnie The Pooh is coming to theaters July 15, 2011!
I smell a field trip.


  1. Oh. My. Stars. I'm FIRST! And it's POOH! Ha, Kav. I beat you! ;)

    Since I haven't made it to bed yet, I won't start the coffee, but will instead put on the teapot. Chamomile, anyone?

    My favorites, and probably the characters most like me, are Piglet and Eeyore. No comments from the peanut gallery, please. Ahem.

    But I'm a sucker for Pooh. Bears like honey, and I'm a Pooh bear, after all . . .

    Pooh? On the big screen? Count me in, please.


  2. I have to say Tigger is my favourite but I would say I am more a Pooh bear. I dont write but I will help others clean there house before mine or I will find other things rather than do what I should (As you can see well cant see but I started cleaning my room only didn't get far besides putting a few clothes away!).
    But Tigger is a go getter and a tiger and what can I say I love tigers.
    I found out the people I clean for have a Krups (did I get it right) and I saw how they used it so if you want to try my first try?

    would love to be in the running.

  3. Eeyore is by far my favorite Hundred Acre Wood resident. However, I am definitely a Pooh writer. Procrastination is my super-power. No one does it like me.

    But I'm working on that.

    I love surprises...especially the Seekerville variety.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

    PS Tina~ I'm heading there now to shoot off an email with my address it it.

  4. Eeyore has always been my favorite! I have a ton of Eeyore stuffed animals, and a few mugs and shirts and... well you get the point.

    If you're an Eeyore fan and you've never read "Eeyore's Gloomy Little Instruction Book", I highly recommend it. It's filled with his best quotes, and some great illustrations as well :)

  5. Oh Tina

    You are something else. Wow. What a hoot. "Not wearing blue by chance." Ha!

    So so sooo clever and fun!

    Just one? Faves would be Tigger and Owl I guess.

    Love it. And the original illustrations... Brilliant!

    Chamomille please, Regina. One of my faves too!

  6. As a mom, I'd have to say I relate to Kanga the most. Wow, this brings back memories.


  7. The coffee pot's set.

    Can't pick a favorite. There's something in each character that describes me, and other things that don't fit at all.


  8. This is fun! I don't know if I could pick a favorite, although I just love Pooh and Piglet as friends--so cute! :) My favorite Winnie the Pooh movie so far is called "Piglet's Big Movie." It's so sweet and has great music!

    I don't know which of these characters I'd be writer-wise... I think I'm different as a student now than as a writer, because I've been sporadic in my writing and have yet to finish my manuscript. But I hope to change that soon, and then I guess we'll see! ;)

    Thanks for the great post and giveaway!




  9. Tina, this is such a fun post. If I had half your creativity, I'd be a happy woman. =)

    I've got some Piglet in me. I'm reliable and do what's required--even when my knees are behaving like castanets. Plus, I'm small.

    There is, however, more Pooh than I like to admit. I love helping others and will put off my own work to do so.

  10. Pooh's my man! Eeyore too.

    sleepy but working til 7..sigh..well at least I'm AT work til 7..trying not to overdo things but the guys here aren't cooperating fully...


  11. I'm a Pooh, I admit it. Oh bother.My brother is an Eeyore.I am not allowed to bring Pooh merchandise into his home, which is decorated in early American Eeyore...:-)

  12. So wonderful to start the day with a smile on my face. Thanks, Tina!

    Has selling The Rancher's Reunion (and a second sale to that!) changed your writing character?

    I am a Pooh-tig-bit. I have some of each of those characters. I procrastinate but am a high energy multi-tasker.

    But my favorite part of the whole Pooh story was The One Hundred Acre Wood. I so wanted to live there!

    Peace, Julie

  13. Oh dear. I have to go with the guy pushing the wheelbarrow.
    After all, someone's got to do it.

    I baked fresh bread. It makes great toast, but wait till the butter softens up a bit, okay? Or use the pumpkin butter.

    See you all later.

  14. Too cute! Eeyore has always been my favorite Pooh character, but when it comes to the writing club, I wonder if I'm him or someone else. I would love to say I'm Piglet, and sometimes I am. But more often, I'm sad to say, I'm Pooh Bear. Not only do I bring the snacks, but I eat most of them too. Then I spend far too much time reading others' works and "studying the craft" rather actually than working on mine.

  15. Good morning, Seekerville.

    Ha, Julie. It would be best if I say it before all the Seekers tell you.

    I am the bossy, pushy, tell you what to do Rabbit. :)

    Debra and I are twins, separated at birth.

  16. The Winnie the Pooh and Writers Too! is really fun. This is the beginning of the year. I'm a beginning writer. I'm frightened. I'm also determined to get started somewhere. I have a blog devoted to writing with nothing on it yet. I have it on private. Does it matter whether it's public or private? You've been awfully helpful. Thanks, Camy and others whom I know here.

  17. Look at you competitive girls!

    I LOVE IT!!!!

    Tea sounds lovely, Regina. Chai, please. ;)

    Oh, Pooh. I'm Tigger. With a hint of Pooh and bossy Owl thrown in.

    Eeyore annoys me. I just wanna slap him.

    I am not a nice person, but I CRY every time I hear "Back to Pooh Corner"...

    Oh, dagnabbit, now I see several of my Seekerville friends love Eeyore.


    If I leave this comment saying I don't like him, will they still love me? Visit me?

    Maybe I've got a touch of Eeyore in me after all!

    Waffling here in upstate NY.

  18. Tea, you are in the right place.

    We've all been there done that.

    Welcome aboard, and grab some food.

    I brought honey to go on the fresh bread (toasted) that Deb stopped by with.

    And Casey's making pancakes in the kitchen as we speak. She's 11 so I just know these will be the best pancakes EVER!!!


    Flipping them now. Tea, grab a plate. Real maple syrup, twin berry or Mrs. Butterworths.

    Your choice!

  19. I love Tigger. I will have to see this movie.


  20. FUN post, Tina.
    I'm a Eeyore writer. Yeah. That's it.
    TTFN ;-)
    And I'm going to get straight to writing....
    as soon as I eat some fresh bread and half a cup of tea...or two.
    Honey on my suit?!?
    Oh bother.

  21. Oh Tina, This is toooo cute. I love Winnie the Pooh and Pooh Corner.

    Man I used to be a rabbit, but I think Pooh is influencing me lately. LOL

    Debra, homemade bread. I used to do that too. sigh. Love the smell of bread baking in the oven. Yum.

    I still have some oranges off my tree.

  22. Welcome, TEA!

    Stick around, we'll show you the ropes.

    This is all about the journey, no matter where you are on the road.

    Grab a hammock on unpubbed island or a treehouse in hundred acre woods.

    Glad to have you!

  23. Okay, I want to say as a writer, I'm Piglet because Piglet is my favorite Pooh character but um...gulp.....

    I'm Rabbit....

    Fun post!

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  24. I'm probably a Piglet with a little Rabbit thrown in kind of writer.

    My favorite character, though, is Tigger, because Tiggers are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber; their bottoms are made out of springs. They're bouncy, bouncy, fun, fun, fun! :o)


  25. I LOVE all things Pooh!!!!! When I worked in my school library I used to only where Winnie the Pooh clothing. It was kind of like a uniform for me and the library was decorated ala Pooh. If a student really wanted to diss me they'd insult Pooh and company. That could cost you your library privilges for a week.

    But I digress.

    I had Ruthy pegged for Tigger right off. You might say it just kind of leaped out at me.

    I'm not sure that I could pick a favourite but I do have a very soft spot in my heart for poor ol' Eeyore. He's peering at me right now from around the corner of my computer looking hopeful. I think the poor boy is misunderstood. Sigh. I mean it was ages before Disney started selling Eeyore clothing when lots of the other critters had their own line. And...sigh...you might feel a little dispondent too if all you had to eat was thistles. And your house was destroyed. And you were repeatedly bounced into the river. There are reasons Eyeore is the way he is and we should apply a little more compassion and understanding.

    Oh -- and you forgot Kanga, Tina. Every writing group needs a mother figure, don't you think? And Roo could be the child in all of us.

    This was so much fun. I'm going to be reciting Tiddly Pom all day now. It'll drive my boss crazy. Bahahahahahaha!!!!

  26. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJanuary 4, 2011 at 8:26 AM

    I would have to say my favorite is piglet. Most likely because I am small my self. What a great way to identify different types of writers.

  27. gosh Ruthy would slap Eeyore?! sniff. What's funny is my best friend is Pollyanna Sunshine yet she adores Eeyore but can't stand to be around negative people. totally scratching my head at that but oh well!

    I finished Rocky Mountain Hero - good story but I could've done with a bit less fishing and cleaning discussion - blech couldn't finish my sandwich(was reading during 'lunch' at work on night shift and almost lost it just with the bit that was there). For me it could've gone from a couple of photos to having them nicely cooked by the time I turned the page! :-)

    well off to bed with me!

  28. Hi Tea! You can leave your fears at the edge of the Hundred Acre Woods because there's nothing to be scared of in Seekerville...except when Ruthy goes off on a rampage, but we've kept her meds constant, shouldn't be a problem...

    I so want to be a Rabbit when I grow up. Wouldn't it be great to have all your tasks finished by noon giving you time to garden the rest of the day??

    Will be humming The House on Pooh Corner all day now. Not a bad thing, LOL!

  29. What? No fishing in a high mountain stream?? Susanna! What fun is that? LOL!

  30. I love this, Tina!

    I’m Eeyore. I’ve always said I was Eeyore. But then I can see a touch of Rabbit in me too.

    Julie and Ruthy are Tiggers. Just sayin’

    I love all the characters, especially Piglet. I have a friend who's always reminded me of Piglet, although I've never told her. She might be offended!

    For some reason, I love the secondary characters even more than Pooh? That's weird.

    And I don’t think Owl is a writer at all. He’s an editor or an agent.

    He does bear a striking resemblance to a couple of agents I know! lol

  31. I love them all because strengths balance weaknesses, and their weaknesses somehow become strengths.

    And I love the honey. Ruthy, did you bring orange blossom or sourwood? I'll take either.

  32. Welcome Tea!

    The Seeker Sisters are the BESTEST! Scour the archives and get your printer ready. Much wisdom and so mant tips to savor and review. :)

    Great day in the treehouse everyone!

    *my veri word is "ductud". That's a Eeyore word for sure...

  33. Ruthy, remember the last time you slapped me?

    Last night, I think it was.

    Yep, it just proves once again that I was right:

    You're Tigger, I'm Eeyore.

    'Nuf said.

  34. Wonderful post, though I disagree with the comment that Eeyore has a LOW opinion of the other writers. I've always thought that Eeyore had a low opinion of himself.

    As for me, Tigger is my favorite, if only because both my sons loved Tigger when they were younger.

  35. Wow! Great post!

    Just tell me when and where for that field trip! Had no idea there was a new Pooh movie coming out!

    I think I'm a combo. A bit of Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, and Rabbie with a desire to have Tiggerness. And, if I'm honest, some Owl too.

    I do have some friends who are totally those know it alls who have never even tried to be pubbed but feel free to tell me exactly why I won't be :p.

    But!!! After 8 [yes, eight!] hours at Panera yesterday and a couple more hours at home, the edits are DONE! Except they added another subplot :p. It's fairly self-contained in one chapter, but I do need to scatter a few mentions of it later one including a convo between hero/ine about it. So today is adding the convo then doing a final? readthrough and adding tidbits here and there before sending off [dear God please let me get it done and sent off] to the editor who requested it.

    Off to do it... If you hear whimpering, it's me under the bed, not Piglet.

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  36. Oh my gosh, this is hard. My be easier if my bootie wasn't still frozen numb after my morning run. What was I thinking when I said I'd run the 10k. Nope, it's the 5k for me. Wait, I wonder if they offer a 2k....

    Can't I just get a medal for wearing a snazzy hat?

    Back to Pooh...

    I do like to procrastinate. Hmm. Nah. I think I'm a bit more industrious than Pooh.

    Since I know I need Rabbits in my life, I can easily say I'm not a Rabbit. While I wear glassess, I'm no Owl. Or at least no test I've taken says I'm one...even when I tried rigging the test. (FWIW, it's practically impossible to cheat on a personality or spiritual gift analysis test.)

    Tigger bounces too much for me to be one. This white girl can't jump. Okay, won't. Still...somebody stop him. He's making me woozy.

    Love Eeoyre! He's such a cuddly grumpalumpalus. I do look good in blue, almost all shades. But I'm certainly not him, becuase if you tell me a judge gave you a 50, I'd either say "umm, that was me who judged you" or "stop whining because you aren't the first one to get a 50."

    I'm not Piglet. When I see editors, I become either mute or an idiot or both. However my oldest son says my voice is squeaky in the morning.

    I think I'll be Christopher Robin. Or Kanga. Maybe Roo? What are they like? Oooh, I could be Lumpy. Have you seen my rump? I'm definitely lumpy.

    I think I over-analyzed this test.

    Good gravy alive. I could be an Owl. Oh the brilliance of me!

  37. Pam,
    Are you sure Ruthy doesn't have a touch of Rabbit in her.
    you know....
    (voice drops to a whisper)
    the 'bossy' part ;-)

  38. This is too much fun! My favorite is Eeyore, of course. He plays to my dramatic melancholy side.

    But, I'm more like the small insignificant Piglet with a touch of Pooh. I brave things out, knocking knees and all, even if it is last minute you can count on me.

    I have no hide nor hare of Rabbit in me.

  39. I relate to Piglet quite a bit.

    Very cute post, Tina!

    Now, I just need a Rabbit to stay after me, motivate me, and help me get organized!!!

  40. Hahahaa! This is so incredibly adorable. :-) Great post Tina! I'm afraid to say that I might have a bit of Winnie the Pooh in me. *cringe*
    Thank goodness for Hunny!

  41. We can be Lumpy?!

    I'll be him!

  42. Well, I'm feeling rather Pooh-ish lately. After 40k words, I've hit that dreaded Muddle.... Could use a Tigger motivational moment.



  43. My goodness, that is so cute. My daughter has her nursery done in winnie the pooh things. I really love pooh and piglet. They are my favorite. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Tina, thanks for the delightful visit with Winnie the Pooh and friends. My favorite is Pooh. Though I love them and have some characteristics of each, depending on the moment. LOL

    Thanks for the pancakes, Ruthy!


  45. I LOVE this!! Love it :) I would have to agree with someone who said Kanga is their favorite, Kanga and Roo were two of my favorites lol! But I also love Piglet : )

    And I've decided, Amber, that ummmmm I'm Pooh (for obvious reasons *wink* Now you know :P) and you're Piglet becaaaaaaaaaaaaause you're short and I'm not. ROFL!!!!!! Sorry....just had to go there : )

    My mom always, always plays her Pooh movies for her kindergartners every year lol. Usually it's on a day when there's a half day or something, but I still think it's pretty cool!

    I'll be back later probably and I really hope Amber sees this!! LOL!

  46. LOVED this post, Tina!! And I've always loved Pooh and all the characters--in fact, one of our bathrooms has been decorated in "Classic Pooh" for years and we don't want to change it! (even though my kiddos are grown *sigh*). When I taught kindergarten I often wore a Winnie-the-Pooh jumper and the little ones loved it (co-workers did too, LOL). ~ I guess my favorite of these characters today is Piglet--willing to work hard and go the extra mile even though he might feel fearful. But I guess I see a little of Pooh in myself (and in fact would really enjoy some HONEY on the pancakes Ruthy brought!) ;)
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  47. Gina,
    Debra = rabbit.
    Now, what can I do to help. Give me a task.

    Thankfully there are many characters in the Hundred Acre Woods!

    Tina, maybe we should check into some background at the hospital. You might just be right. (Maybe we were born in Batavia and separated to Roch and Buff?)

  48. This comment has been removed by the author.

  49. I am Snuffaluffagus... oh wait wrong neighborhood.

    I am Christopher Robin, I am boldly go into the hundredacre writing woods and...

    Okay... truth known, I'm a piggeryore, or a tigletyore or a eeygerlet.

    However you put them together. Like Piglet I want to get the job done and plug away, Like tigger I get excited by the small accomplishments and then there's Eeyore who gets bluesy because reality sits in and it sure takes the energy out of me getting done what I do, year after year after year. And Eeyore make get a bit distracted too. But I'm not like that at all.

    Look at the pretty flowers... red and purple and... I see a balloon over there, floating along in the blue sky over head. I think I'll plod along and take a look.

  50. Ruthy! I'm shocked at you! Slap Eeyore! Such violence! What did that sad little loveable donkey ever do to you? With a comment like that, I'm inclined to agree with you. You are not a nice person.

    Many loves you and I share, but here we must part ways. /sigh/ But I suppose I'll still love you.

    Tea~ You've come to the right place. I'm new too, but learning fast thanks to these lovely ladies (well, mostly lovely, it seems Ruth has a truly mean streak about which I've apparently been in denial. As I said, I'll love her anyway)

    After I commented before, I gave it some thought. I probably have a healthy dose of Owl in me. I tend to behave as though I'm an expert on everything. Like Owl, my expertise is often questionable.

    I'm no Pollyana Sunshine, but I'm generally a cheerful person. I think I love Eeyore so much because he's so sad and I want to cheer him up.

  51. Oh, you guys are a hoot. I think it's safer to ONLY identify myself and not others. LOL

  52. Carol??? 8 hours at Panera? Did they ticket you for loitering.

    8 hours?

    I am so impressed.

  53. Oh, my, I believe I'm a lot like Pooh when it comes to writing. I think of all these grand ideas, but I have trouble following through with it. It is so easier for me to procrastinate and do other things than to sit in my chair and write. Then I get to the point where I have a hard time motivating myself to get back to the story.

    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  54. Do you see that cloud floating overhead? It looks like a pirate ship.

    If I bounce, bounce, bounce I may bounce high enough to...

    Oh me, I have work to do

    But do you see that cloud overhead.

    I think I'll plod on over and take a look.

    Just call me Sybil of the hundred acre woods.

  55. Good morning.

    Sorry, but I am not a Winnie the Pooh fan at all. So I'll refrain.

    But the reason I had to comment, was for Audra. I LOVED the fish cleaning scene! Had to fan myself afterward. That is being sexy without being overt! I think Julie would approve in its 'edginess'. LOL. Great job, Audra!

    Enough said!


  56. lol--I could tell you who my favorite is, but I'd hate to have to tell you the one that reminds me of myself as a writer

  57. Tina, that was so much fun to read? Have you been thinking of this for a while? And which one are you?

    As for me, I think I must have a Hundred Acre Wood personality disorder. I see a little of myself in all of them at various times. I guess I'd have to say I'm a Rabbitety Piglet. But I certainly have my Eyeore and Pooh days, too. Since this isn't one of them, I'd better get back to my manuscript.

  58. Had to pop back in since the 3yo asked to watch Lumpy ;). I'll be singing along until he clamps his hand over my mouth and tells me to stop.

    And, yes, that is me whimpering under the bed. Piglet is with me since the sound of hammers in my neighborhood [building a new house a few doors down] is scaring him.

    Tina - 8 hours is a bit of an exaggeration. It was probably more like seven and a half ;). I left my house about 1. Left Panera about 8:50 [since they closed at 9 and all]. And they were insanely busy when I got there so it was about 1:30 before I actually popped open the laptop. Then I snagged a good table when some other people left but by then it was dying off a bit so I didn't feel too bad.

    No ticket for loitering, but a bread bowl with potato soup on the side. Because I'm weird like that. They were quite nice about my hanging out. There's always lots of people there with laptops, though I don't think any where there as long as I was yesterday [and it's not my first time... 3rd in the last couple months].

    Now, back to whimpering and shivering under the bed.

  59. My favorite character is Pooh, but I probably am more like Piglet.

    Cute post!

    Jodie Wolfe

  60. My book is available for FREE for one week only as an e-book. So, all your Nook owners, Kindle owners, and people who like to read books on your computer ... go get it! The Healer's Apprentice is free!

    Sorry, I know, I shouldn't self-promote, it's tacky and rude, but it isn't really like I'm getting anything out of it. The book is FREE.

    I'm sure Mary will say it's okay. She loves me.

  61. I had to jump in on this Rocky Mountain Hero talk. I'm reading it now, though Life has interfered to prevent me reading much of it. So I haven't read the fishing scene.

    Is there a fishing scene, and a fish cleaning scene? It seems odd that the same scene would prevent one reader from finishing her lunch, while causing another to fan herself. I guess I'll find out when I get there.

    But...I will say that, even just a few chapters in, I find Audra has a way with the steam factor. One of my fave. lines so far:

    "A dripping T-shirt encased her slender frame like shrink wrap around a gasket."

    That's a great way to describe her without the usual connotations attached to the phrase "wet t-shirt." Also, "shrink wrap around a gasket" that's such a MAN comparison. I loved it!

    I'm so looking forward to the rest of it. If I ever manage to get time...

  62. This is such a fun post! Let's see . . . Eeyore was always my favorite character. Maybe because I felt sorry for him. Every time he said, "Thanks for noticing me." I was like, "Aaaw! Bless his darlin' heart." :-)

    As a writer I think I'm a Piglet. I'm willing to work really hard even when I'm scared. Having all my friends in the Hundred Acre Wood helps keep me going.

    Around the house my siblings will tell you that I'm more of a take charge Rabbit. They say bossy, I say helpful delegator. ;-)


  63. LOL, Tina! I was going to ask you to tell me who I am. :) Great, fun post!!

    Tea, welcome! We're glad you're here.

    Yay on the edits, CarolM!! congrats! But man, I'm jealous. I could sit and eat every meal at Panera without any problem. Love the place!

  64. Hi Tina:

    Somehow I missed out on “Winnie the Pooh” so I can’t put these characters in context. (When I was growing up in New Jersey, ‘pooh’ was a bad word!)

    However, in reading these profiles, I did feel like I was in church and the preacher was talking specifically about me. My squirm index was quite high!

    If you include my three roles of non-fiction writer, copy editor and fiction writer, I probably exhibit at least some of all the negative characteristics mentioned in the post. : (

    BTW: Aren’t there any female Pooh characters? I really don’t know.


  65. @Missy - I wish I could too ;). My kitchen would stay cleaner, as would my bank account :p. I don't get to do it too often but it's a great place to get some work done.

    @Vince -

    Kanga, and in the newer incarnations [though probably not the one coming out this summer], Mrs. Heffalump. Otherwise, everyone is male...

    I'm wondering if I should be offended, but Kanga is the least likely to have her own diagnosis in the DSM-whatever-version-we're-on, so maybe it's okay.

  66. Too cute, Tina! As Helen and others have said, I'm definitely a composite of each of these characters.

    I hope when I'm at my best that I can claim I'm most like Piglet, but I know I've done the Eeyore thing, and probably could be accused of being Owl at times, too.

    Woohoo, Melanie! Thanks for the heads-up about your book on Kindle! Just "bought" it!

  67. On the Fish Cleaning Scene:

    I loved the fish cleaning scene because it taught a moral lesson: if you are going to keep the fish you catch, you have to eat them. And if you eat them, you have a duty to clean them. This was the hero teaching the heroine’s son.

    I thought the scene was so funny because the hero and boy where trying to gross out the heroine by cleaning the fish in front of her. They are having a ball while she’s getting all hot and bothered.

    This is too good. Who else would even think of writing this scene?

    You just have to read this book, Rocky Mountain Hero!!

    I think a few words would meet the ‘fair usage’ in a review. So here goes:

    Page 79:

    His work-hardened hands guided her with gentle yet decisive motion. Her palms turned clammy, whether from the fish or her nerves she wasn’t certain. She did know that she hadn’t been this close to a man in years.

    “Ouch”. The muscles in his arm jerked.

    “Sorry.” She pulled away. He held on tighter. What a time to daydream. She tried to drop the knife into the sink.

    “Let’s try again.” His breath fluffed her hair.
    She shook her bangs out of her eyes. Gabe chucked in her ear. “Relax. I’m only letting you cut me once.”

    “Sorry.” Heat flashed down her neck.

    * * * *

    Way to go!


  68. Hannah,

    You are TOO funny! ;) Pooh and Piglet were such sweet friends, so I don't mind the comparison...and I am pretty short... ;)

    Got your text this morning, so I had to come over and check out your comment. :) Have a great day!


  69. I'm a Pooh. I hate to admit it, but over the years, I've helped more than I've worked on my own. Like Pooh, though, my intentions have always been good.

    I'm also a Rabbit. Perhaps a bit of Eeyore and Piglet... Hey, where's Roo? And Gopher? (I just love Winnie the Pooh.)

  70. Lol AMber!! Sorry to bother you in the morning (didn't think it was THAT early!?) but I just wanted to make sure you got back here since you'd already been here ; )

    Talk to you soon!

  71. Fine. I'm a pooh. I procrastinate my procrastinating.

    Then again, why do work when you can tell a Rabbit to do it and she happily will.

    Yes, my word veri is mingle...without an e.

  72. @ Audra - nope I'll pass on fishing though I'll sit and watch a hunky cowboy fish so long as he stands up every so often to stretch! I have ALWAYS been queasy with fish - those aquariums in the stores used to scare me because I'd walk by and see fish flopping in the floor and all I could think is how I'd feel not being able to breathe. :-( I'm very thankful my meat comes already ina package and ready to go and that my parents were meat eaters so I grew up used to it - otherwise I might be vegetarian!

    @Andrea - yes the cowboy is hot regardless of what's going on but all I could imagine were fish scales and bleck feel queasy again!

    @Vince - you're right about if you catch it you clean it and you eat it! I'll take that hands/body on cleaning lesson any day but maybe with them washing a puppy or cleaning dishes or something LOL!

    still a nice story though and ready for the other guys to get stories!


  73. Tina, this was such a fun post. I just love Eeyore and his nailed-on tail to death.

    One of my favorite quotes of all time is Christopher Robin to Pooh:

    "You must always remember:
    you are braver than you believe,
    stronger than you seem,
    and smarter than you think."

  74. OH HOW CUTE!!! This is soo, soo on target, Pam! LOLOL.

    Cheryl who hopes she isn't an Eeyore. LOLOL.

  75. Okay well I guess Tina posted this and not Pam. LOL! Too many Disney characters to keep up with. LOLOL!

    The last time we were at Disney in Florida, the Pooh ride had this huge computer-like screen with faux dripping honey down it on the opposite side of the glass than the side you could touch. If you ran your hand down it, the honey became disturbed and rerouted and it uncovered a picture of another Pooh character behind the honey. It was REALLY neat.


  76. Tina! I LOVE this post! LOL My boys were raised on Winnie the Pooh and I still struggle with who my favorite character is. I love Pooh for his heart. I love Tigger for his enthusiasm. I love Piglet for his fear-filled courage. Rabbit tends to get on my nerves and I always feel sorry for Eyeore - when I remember he's there. Owl...well, Owl is Owl. So, it would be a close three-way tie. As much as I LOVE Pooh and Tigger, I think my heart goes softest over Piglet. He's the most selfless of all the characters and is in a very real sense the most courageous. So, I vote for Piglet.

    (Please add me to the drawing.)


  77. Okay, Vince. Now I have to get Audra's book!


  78. well ya'll at least I had my priorities straight! instead of putting the book down and finishing my lunch I tossed the sandwich in the trash and kept reading LOL!

  79. Hmm, Eoyore has always been my favorite, though I have never really been that much of a Winnie the Pooh watcher -don't get that station. :) I did like it when I saw it though. Piglet is probably most like me though or I should say, I'm like Piglet. He's just so cute!! Not that I am insinuating anything here...:)

  80. Is this cartoon week?
    Did I miss a meeting?

  81. I thought the same thing Mary!! LOL.

  82. Tomorrow is Looney Tunes. Or perhaps the gang's all here already.... LOL

  83. ooh can someone do Peanuts next? I LOVE Peanuts!Poor Charlie Brown and good 'ol Snoopy!


  84. Susanna~ Pitching the sandwhich was definitely the right move. : )

    Vince~ You've had a special request. Are you prepared to work Peanuts into your post tomorrow? I'm partial to Linus myself.

    Ruthy~ You've been scarce this afternoon. Were we too mean to you, or are you off plotting all of our downfalls.

    Linnette~ Definitely get Audra's book.

    WV is 'menessin' It sounds like someone saying 'medicine' who really needs it.

  85. How fun, Tina!

    I relate to Pooh--procrastination and snacks! Mmmmmm! Me want cookie...wait! That's Cookie Monster.

    But I still love Pooh!

    And I loved Audra's book. Good job mentioning the scene, Vince!

  86. I love them all because they make such a fun group.

  87. Hi Andrea:

    I’d love to work Peanuts into the blog. But won’t we all be Snoopy writing “It was a dark and stormy night?” I know I’m Snoopy.

    BTW: Graphics are up to Tina.


  88. Hi Debby:

    Did you notice how Audra worked in the “physical proxy” of a flustered state by cutting the hero with a knife? Oh, Oh, Oh.


  89. /collapses on the beach with a fruity drink/

    I think it's DONE! Oh, Dear God, please let it be done! [I know many of you can relate...]

    I added a net total of 4712 words to the MS in the last couple of days. Maybe half were in the scribbles on the hard copy. More were from that blasted subplot that showed up yesterday.


    Captcha: foveting - is that like coveting food? Biggest Loser is on, maybe that's why that's where my mind went...

  90. Let's not die a cartoon overload death...Snoopy shall have his day...in the future.

  91. Tigger is my fave!!! Can't wait to see the movie this year!

  92. actually it IS a dark and stormy night here! Hope it clears off before I leave to go home in the morning.

    I think Linus and Schroder are my favorites in Peanuts - thought Snoopy is cool too - but Linus just sorta does his thing and has even shared his blanket and no matter what's going on Schroder just keeps playing Beethoven!


  93. This is such a fun post and all the comments are quite entertaining. For me, Tigger has always been my favorite. He just makes me laugh at his silliness. But, I'm afraid I'm not him, I'm more like a mixture of Rabbit and Piglet.

  94. Haha. I am totally Pooh Bear... I can think up great plots but then after chapter 3 or 2... or 1, I get stuck. Usually I'll share the idea with my sister (who is DEFINITELY Rabbit, and I can say that because she rarely visits, too busy writing...) and she'll take off with it and let me read the finished product and tell her what she needs to spruce up. :)


  95. I've already commented about which character I am, but I haven't been able to stop thinking about this post!! Well, this post and a little accessory to inspire along these lines: a PURSE recycled from a Winnie the Pooh BOOK!! Check it out: http://www.etsy.com/listing/37617426/winnie-the-pooh-book-purse

  96. I would say I'm a Pooh but my heart belongs to Eeyore.

    Loved the post today!

    Cindy W.


  97. Love Pooh Bear! Ya gotta get that honey before you can sit down and concentrate, right? But, don't ya just want to hug Eeyore?

  98. I love all these characters but I think Tigger makes me laugh. I can be a different one on different days. I love my Eeyore pajamas!

  99. what a fun post...loved it :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com


  101. i really love winnie the pooh