Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Edition

We have a very exciting week ahead.
Join us as we celebrate love and romance and writing about it!


Valentine's Day Contest 2011

We Have Winners!

Myra Johnson reached out a mitten to Seekerville with How to Survive the Winter of 2010-2011 on Tuesday. Winner of their choice of a $10 Caribou Coffee or Starbucks gift card, sure to warm you up on a snowy day, is Apple Blossom.

Wednesday Martha Stewart aka Julie Lessman shared Stupid in Love! If you missed this post---go back and read it! Winner of her choice of Julie's latest book, A Hope Undaunted or a 5-page critique is Joanne Sher.

Hope you had an umbrella handy on Thursday. Ruth Logan Herne brought you...It's Raining Men! Hallelujah! Winners of her upcoming release, the first of the Men of Allegany County series, Reunited Hearts are Laney 4, Mary Bailey, Jan Drexler, Melanie J. Evans, Elizabeth and Jenna Victoria.

On Friday, Seekerville shared, The Smartest Writing Advice I Ever Got. Winner of a set of monogrammed note cards from one of Tina's favorite Etsy crafters, The Paper Mason. (Check it out here. ) is Susie Sheehey.

The Best of Seekerville from the Archives and First Five Pages Critique. Saturday Pam Hillman presented First Chapter Statistic. And if you check the comments she also shared Her 12 Stages of Contesting. Winners of the anonymous critiques are Cindy Best and Andrea Strong and Casey. Because WE HEART YOU and the Genesis deadline is looming!

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Dear Valentine....have we got a sweet day planned for you! Don't miss the fun!

Tuesday: Today is not for wimps. Stop by for a chat with Harvest House author Karen O'Connor. And she's giving away a copy of her latest release, The Upside of Downsizing.

Wednesday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti is your hostess today. The first book in Debby's Military Investigation series, The Officer's Secret, releases in May!

Thursday: Zondervan and Love Inspired Suspense author Camy Tang presents today.

Friday: Love Inspired Suspense author, Christy Barritt is our special guest today!

Seeker Sightings

Debby Giusti's May release, The Officer's Secret, is featured in Charisma Magazine (Page 27). Check out the Charisma Love Inspired issue online here.

And check out this Centerpoint Large Print Hardcover edition of Killer Headline. Available here from Amazon.

Julie Lessman's Friday, February 11th, Journal Jots is all about "No Regrets," so don't "regret" missing it!! Read it here.
February14-16, 2011 — Win a signed copy of your choice of Julie's books when she talk about “True Romance” at Sweet Treats and Inspiration Blog.

Julie can also be found on Words Seasoned with Salt, Monday, February 14th as part of the Love At First Thought series.

Camy Tang can be found Monday, February 14th on the Girls, God, and the Good Life blog.

Missy Tippens will be featured on
Words Seasoned with Salt on Friday, February, 18th as part of a new series. The theme is Love at First Thought, The Beginning of Stories.

Tina Radcliffe will be on Magical Musings Blog on Friday, February 18th, with several authors for a special romance event. Stop by for a chance to win The Rancher's Reunion.

Random News

  • Simon & Schuster UK will launch a chick lit microsite, Books In The City, on February 14. The site, edited by a character known as BookMinx, will "feature competitions, give-aways, exclusive content, author videos, interviews, articles, a blog and Facebook and Twitter feeds." (Publishers Lunch)

That's it for this weekend.

xoxoxo from Seekerville!


  1. Coffee's on!

    Looking forward to a sweet week.'


  2. Seekerville, will you be my valentine?

  3. Congratulations to all of the winners! Looking forward to the upcoming week.

  4. Oooooh! I won! Will email with my choice (once I decide what it is!). Can't wait for next week!!

  5. Wow -- what a packed Weekend Edition. I don't have time to delve into all the links this morning, but I'll come back. The Charisma magazine looks really interesting. I've never heard of it before.

    "Hope you had an umbrella handy on Thursday. Ruth Logan Herne brought you...It's Raining Men!" Rats, I should have brought a bucket and caught me one.

  6. Great articles! As far as publishing goes--we're living in interesting times.

  7. Looks like Seekerville is the "sweet" place to be next week.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

  8. Happy Sunday, Seekerville!@!!!

    May all your writing and reading and chocolate and candy heart dreams come true this week.

    Helen, thanks for the java!!

  9. Jillian, we haven't met!

    Hi and thanks for being a friend of Seekerville.

    Writer or reader?

  10. Rose, congrats on your awesome book signing yesterday!

  11. And Friends of Seekerville HEART y'all right back!

    Tina - how DO you do it?
    It was almost to the bottom before I *thwack up side the head* realized the candy hearts all SAID something...

    How cute is THIS?!


    Congratulations Debby!

    No sweetner needed for Helen's coffee today! Everyone have a fun day and I'm looking forward to next week. ;)

  12. Congrats to the winners!!!!

    Lots of cool stuff going on around here!!!

    Home from church today with a sick 3yo. Possible ear infection.

    Thanks to all who commented late last night =D. Hope to get some writing done today since I'm home [and DH supervised V DAY box making yesterday ;)] but taxes are also calling my name... if we could manage to get that back before the trip, it would be fabu!

    I've got left over cinnamon rolls from Panera for breakfast. Who wants one?

  13. Can't wait for next week! Congrats to all the winners!


  14. CONGRATS to all the winners! And this coming week sounds like another fabulous week in Seekerville (am especially thrilled that Debby Giusti is the hostess one day--she's a sweetheart and awesome author!). ~ Speaking of awesome....Tina, YOU do an awesome job with these weekend posts--LOVE those cute "candy hearts" you featured with the cute sayings on them!). ~ I am feeling great today--because we are having a GORGEOUS day here in Georgia!! And to celebrate our beautiful weather, I've baked more Peach Muffins, Pecan Praline coffee cake, and mixed up some fresh Peach Punch (all made with Georgia peaches/pecans of course, LOL). ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  15. Thanks, Patti Jo. Please send us the coffee cake recipe...PULEEESE~

  16. Another FAB WE, Teenster!!! Congrats to the winners and thanks to Helen for setting up the coffee and ...




  17. I love seeing my name on the winners list! I'm looking forward to reading Ruthy's new book!

    It looks like we'll have a wonderful Valentine's week with Seekerville - I'm counting on it to help me get through the most romantic day of the year while my true sweetie and best friend is 700 miles away. If you think about it, please pray that our house will sell soon so I can join him!

    Okay, enough exclamations points - have a blessed Sunday. I brought some Blueberry Buckle for brunch.

  18. Wow, I did???? That is so very perfect as I need one so DESPERATELY!! (nothing like a little drama before the biggest love day of the year). THANK YOU SEEKERVILLE.


  19. Hi Tina! I'm both, but a newbie to the writing world. Thanks for the welcome! I've learned so much here.

  20. Congrats to the winners!

    Thanks to your wonderful encouragement, I entered the Genesis this year. I know there are weaknesses, so I don't expect to win this year. But, I'm hoping to get some needed feedback.

    Happy Lord's Day to you all!

  21. Congratulations winners!

    Cool Hearts Seekerville!

  22. Wow, great to see all you brave Genesis entrants!!

    Well that is totally cool, Jillian!

  23. Happy weekend, Seekervillagers.

    Great Weekend Edition as always, Tina.

    I read it and go quietly to my computer and wonder at the potential...unrealized potention on my part.

  24. hi everyone! ya'll made a boo boo - none of the winner names for Ruthy's books even comes close to my name...I was supposed to win you know!

    we could use some prayers right now - just got back from visiting my parents and my mom's not doing well and my dad's not handling it well either - he's sick himself plus being a bit spoiled and lazy(I had to get it from somewhere!) woke up this morning to him sitting on the end of their bed not talking and my mom mumbling in their bathroom' I don't know what to do' and him snapping 'I told you what to do'..she couldn't get dressed but once I figured out she didn't like the undies he put out for her and got a different pair she got her clothes on just fine and was ready to go. I'm really torn right now - I"m 4 hours away from them and need my job - legally I can take up to 12 wks of FMLA each year but I hate to use it then really need it later this year plus I can't afford it. ONe friend tells me there's nothing that would stop her from taking care of her mother (and they can't stand each other)and it makes me feel awful that I'm not. I know my mom didnt take care of her parents as the caregiver and she's a nurse - she was unable to physically handle her father and her mother was going to a rehab if she recovered(she didn't recover) and my dad's mom was in a nursing home so I know what they did in similar circumstances but still it bothers me. My dad can't seem to do anything other than tote her around in the car and fix some meals and I was surprised at that. anyways we're just having a bad time right now - I'm hurting and also angry that I can't just grieve in peace without having to worry about stuff and yes I'm a 44 yr old baby who didn't expect a sick mother until 20 yrs from now..

    ok on another forum I saw someone talking about this complicated good bread and figured what the heck since it's all virtual I'd go for the big case of 16 loaves - povitica from Strawberry Hill Povitca company - must be hard to make 'cause they charge about $25 per loaf plus shipping! I think if it's that good I'd just make myself learn to make it (or marry a rich man - Ruthy any of those cowboys you're writing about rich?!) I have dibs on a slice of the strawberry cream cheese one...


  25. Susanna - I'll be praying for your situation with your parents! I've gone through similar situations as my mom's Alzheimer's progressed and my dad was her full time caregiver - I know how frustrating it is to watch them struggle and not take your advice, and all the while you're trying to help them from a long distance away!


  26. Hey, Susanna,

    Find out if the state can provide any assistance, as in aides to come in during the week. Call the doctor's office and ask who you can contact for more information. Get a bunch of numbers not just one. If they can't assist call a local nursing home and ask for the Director of Nurses and ask her for names and numbers of local organizations, such as the American Cancer Society, the local Alzheimer's groups, Meals on Wheels etc. Check with your pastor for more contacts.

    After you pray, approach this as if you were a stranger assessing the situation. You must be as objective as you can. Not easy.

    Make a list of what you as an objective individual assessing things see as needed, from most important down. They attack the list one by one. You do not have to be the band aid for the entire list. Are you an only child BTW?

    Forget people who dare to make you feel guilty about anything. Guilt and condemnation have zero value and get nothing accomplished. However I would question anyone who would make you feel bad about your decisions.

    Praying for your situation.

  27. What is unrealized potentiation?

    Can you mix that will rice for a tasty side dish?

  28. woohoo. I won on starbucks on Tuesday. How do I receive the gift? where should I send my address or whatever is needed.

    Great line up for the coming week.

  29. ah, should have checked my email before I read the web site. I just had a message in my box about this. thanks.