Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Edition

What could be better than a cup of tea, cookies
and a great book to read?

Leave a comment about your tea time and/or reading ritual for
a chance to win a cup of tea (cup included), cookies
and a great book (or two)!
Winner announced in the next Weekend Edition.

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Last Sunday Seekerville celebrated Love Your Pet Day in the Weekend Edition. Thank you to the friends of Seekerville who shared their photos! Winner of a $10 Amazon gift card is Susan Lee.

On Monday Missy Tippens had A Light Bulb Moment! The winner of a $10 online gift certificate is Tori Lynn. The winner was chosen by random drawing and you can read all the wonderful and creative entries here.

Miss Manners to the Rescue! Tuesday we welcomed Judith Miller with a great post on manners and research. Winner of A Bond Never Broken is Barb Shelton.

Wednesday Glynna Kaye shared What's Holding You Back? Part 2: Square Peg / Round Hole. Winner of Second Chance Courtship is Whitney.

Cara Lynn James shared Common Errors in Scenes, Part 2. Winner of Love on Assignment is Christine.

Friday Sue Schmidt was our guest with her post I See Jesus. Winner of her book Finding Faith through Fibromyalgia is Linda (Desert Rose).

Saturday Best of Seekerville from the Archives was Janet Dean's post, The School of Hard Knocks. Winner of the First Five Pages critique is ....DOUBLE HEADER~~~ Kelli H and Beth Steury.

Monday: Monday Seekerville's own Pam Hillman is your hostess!

: Today we are going green with author Judy Christie who'll be chatting about Living With Joy as a Writer. Stop by to chat and for a chance to win one of THREE copies of The Glory of Green. Book Three of The Green Series from Abingdon Press.

Wednesday: Today Love Inspired Historical author Victoria Bylin talks about Friends, RWA and a Bobble Head Heroine. She's giving away a copy of her latest release, The Outlaw's Return too!

Thursday: Love Inspired author Audra Harders will lead the fun in Seekerville today.

Friday: Another month, another Contest Update. The prize vault is open!

Janet Dean will be guest blogging on Petticoats and Pistols March 5-6.

Tina Radcliffe's The Rancher's Reunion contest ends on February 28th, so be sure to stop by The Sullivan Ranch website to enter!

Friday, March 4, join Tina at Words Seasoned with Salt, as part of the Love At First Thought series.

Mary Connealy got Cold Called at Casey Herringshaw's Blog! Check it out here.

Myra Johnson
will be featured on Words Seasoned with Salt on Monday, February, 28th as part of the series, Love at First Thought, The Beginning of Stories.

  • Harlequin has announced a number of changes to its editorial department. Editorial Director of Harlequin Mills & Boon UK Karin Stoecker will retire on April 1 after 32 years with the company. Effective March 1, Glenda Howard, Tessa Shapcott and Birgit Davis-Todd have been promoted to senior executive editors for New York, London and Toronto respectively, reporting to Dianne Moggy. In addition, Kelli Martin has been promoted to senior editor, Kimani Press. (Publishers Lunch)

That's it!~Have a wonderful writing and reading week.


  1. My tea time? The truth is that I rarely drink tea. However, I drink coffee at ALL hours. As for my reading ritual, it's anywhere and anytime I can.

    Currently up late as I'm fixing my wife's virus software. However, as most it involves downloading and waiting, I'm editing as well.

    wmussell(at)hotmail(dot)com to be included in next Sunday's giveaway for this Sunday.

  2. Multi-tasking. Way to go, Walt!

    I'm a coffee drinker but with a penchant for Soy Chai Latte and Vanilla Honey Chamomile at night.

    Yeah, I keep a book with me at all times for a chance to read. I hate wasting time.

  3. I have been drinking tea and reading all my life. A couple of years I gave up caffeine, but not my tea because it's too big a part of my life! I like to make myself a tall mug of Earl Grey decaf with a little bit of agave nectar and half and half. Then I settle into my recliner, put my feet up, and enjoy reading while I slowly sip my tea. I get grumpy if I have to miss my tea break.

  4. Hi Tina:

    I enjoyed your link to Donna’s visit to Harlequin. Is It Worth It? Of Course It Is! by Donna Alward (Harlequin Blog) It’s a visit to the home office with pictures.

    I just want to mention that Donna is now doing an online read, Remember Me, Cowboy at

    and everyone is having a lot of fun. The story is very good and Donna gets right in there and talks about writing. It’s really like a big critique party!

    There’s one week left. I suggest you give it a look-see.


    P.S. It’s just two days before Missy and Ruth’s new books are available at eHarlequin. Both paper and digital. If you get your book on March 1st, that’s the same as attending a premier!

  5. Vince, I am a huge, Donna Alward fan. Right now I am reading Proud Rancher,Precious Bundle.

    Thanks for the heads up.

    I already have Missy's book from the LP Book Club!!! Yipeee Skippy! Another good reason to join the Book Club.

  6. Linda, haven't tried agave nectar. Where do you get it?

    I make my Chai's at home with decaf Celestial Seasonings Chai, a dash of vanilla and two tablespoons of Vanilla sugar free non dairy creamer. Yumo! Tastes as good as the 3.45 version at Starbucks.

  7. Haven't made time to check the links, but will. Nice week in Seekerville! Congrats to the winners!

    I enjoy my chamomille with some honey if I'm splurging, in a tall china doggie mug that says "Woof" inside. :) It seems of late I'm reading for work more than anything, but if for fun, it's before the lites go out, propped up with pillows.

    Glad to see everyone. I've tried to stop by, but this week was SOMETHING. May at maythek9 spy dot com

  8. I drink tea every night and all day pretty much! In the evening, I heat up about 6 cups of water and make a pot full of tea and set it up with a cup, with a small snack like some nuts, some chocolate maybe two cookies....and a good book and blanket this time of year! It warms you through to your bones....and you can sail away to other lands in the books I read while sipping a cup of tea and the cares of the world .....melt away.

  9. Hmm. I drink tea, plain old tea, with my meals. When I read, or write, or play on the computer, or whatever, I drink Coke. I'm a Coke-a-holic.

    Guess I'm just a boring old bag.


    Coffee pot's on for those who like coffee.

  10. Thanks for mentioning our "premier", Vince! :) I'm really excited!! I wonder what Ruthy and I should wear along the red carpet?? :)

    Tina, I'm not a tea drinker, although whenever I do make it, I wonder why I don't do it more often. I love it. But I think coffee is just a huge habit. Of course, if I had to choose one, it would be coffee.

    My favorite teas are from Teavana.

  11. Actually, Helen, I drink more Diet Dr. Pepper than I do coffee! :) And I've actually been drinking water. Lots and lots of water.

  12. Ahhhh, Martha, I almost feel like I'm sailing away with you. Wish I could read for a while but need to get to bed. It's 1 am for me!

  13. Martha, I love the way you think! Sounds lovely!

  14. Helen!! You are not boring. It's like Missy said, I drink tea and wonder why I don't do it more often.

    We love you just the way you are.

  15. Missy, I'm wearing a spring floral to the premiere, being March and all. Fitted with a tiny train and a side-sweep apron front. With a ruffle, of course. I love ruffles! ;)

    I have a cold right now, so I've been drinking tea. And did you know if you warm up a diet Snapple, it tastes even more delish when you have a cold? I'm just sayin'...

    I loved the Publisher's Weekly article featuring Thomas Nelson and crew. Great publisher AND nice coverage. Did you guys SEE those sales???? And the upward trend???


    168 titles per year for Love Inspired. If that doesn't put us into write-thrust zone, what will?

    168 opportunities to get published EVERY YEAR.

    Just with Love Inspired.

    Of course, I'd like three of four of those for myself, LOL! ;)

    But that leaves 164 or 165!!!!!


    At least I hope I'm cutting most of that. Helen, in a few days you get to meet your namesake in Reunited Hearts. You will love her. She's amazing.

    I love her! And you.

  16. Oh, Tina, I loved the tour of Toronto with Donna!


  17. Martha, can I come live with you? I'll bring my own teacup. ;)

  18. As a teen, I used to borrow a pile of books from the library, arrange them on my bed so I could lounge among them, and read one after the other while consuming iced tea and cookies. (I usually fell asleep curled around some books.) In later years, I followed Helen's preference (sort of) with Diet Coke plus a stack of books I'd picked up cheap at Nowadays I make a pot of coffee, doctor each cup with creamer and Splenda, and curl up with my Kindle--which equals a stack of books!

    reneeasmith61 [at] yahoo [dot] com

  19. I've gotten through two of the links. The 'hate your writing' story was encouraging and I appreciate the new Michael Hauge template. Thank you Tina!

    Tea. Love it. I used to just be a teabag girl but I work with a Japanese woman and tea has become more of a ritual. Okay, I drink way too much of it to give up teabags. I just stay away from regular black tea with caffeine.

    My favorite bagged tea is Constant Comment. Mmmm what a great fragrance.

    Congratulations Missy and Ruthy!

  20. TTTTTTEEAAAAAAAA!!! I have been waiting for this post my whole life! (well, maybe not...but I'm totally not a coffee person)

    I love a cup of orange zinger tea with a good book, or my Bible. Nothing better.

    And a book ALWAYS lives in my purse. Unless I'm reading it. Then it's in my hands.

    Enter me :)

  21. I've loved books since I learned to read. My grandmother taught me to read before I entered kindergarten so I was reading books from the first grade room while everyone everyone else was still learning "this is an a". Through the years my reading ritual hasn't changed too much. Devour a book as fast as possible and move on to the next one.

    I enjoy tea, especially in the fall and winter. I use a glass kettle to heat the water and I have a specific mug just for tea. I must admit, though, that I am a coffee drinker. Day or night, any flavor.

    Congratulations Missy and Ruth! I can imagine how excited you are!

    Thanks for the book! I'm looking forward to reading it!

    teaching by writing at yahoo dot com

  22. Congratulations to all the winners!

    I think I drink equal amounts of coffee and tea, especially when I'm writing.

    Loved the Publishers Swoon Over Romance article.

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  23. Yay, I won the pet photo contest! I just emailed my address to you. Thanks!

    ~Susan Lee

  24. I have to side with the coffee drinkers. Although, sometimes a nice cup of Earl Grey does the trick after a particularly rough day. As for a reading ritual it's wherever, whenever. Anytime is a good time for a book.

    Thanks for the link to Donna Alward's blog. And her free read, Remember Me, Cowboy is a lot of fun.

    Congratulations Ruthy and Missy!!


  25. I enjoy roasted dandelion tea!! Tastes like coffee, and is very good for your body (liver, etc.) I understand!!! I also drink coffee, regular tea and love to read any chance I get!!!
    Love the artwork on Seekers today!!!

  26. LOL, Joann!! You are a hoot.

    Roasted dandelion tea! Interesting. Growing up my Dad battered and fried up dandelions. I have to check this out.

    I'm like you Rose, equal parts tea and coffee.

  27. Susan!! Out of lurkdom. Way to go and congratulations!

  28. Christine, don't forget to contact us via our contact tab above with your snail mail address so we can send you your book.

    Joanne, I forgot the e in your name. A thousand apologies.

  29. Debra, I am using the updated template as we speak. Love Mr. Hauge and he will be at RWA National in NYC this year. Zippity Do Dah on that.

  30. I have tweaked our comment settings per some suggestions from the Blogger Help Forum. Let me know if this helps those of you trying to comments.

  31. Hi Tina:

    I just put a request for your book, “The Rancher’s Reunion” at the Tulsa library. I went to your site today and thought I accidentally hit the Tulsa Library shortcut!

    I think we need to do as Mary advises: have all your friends and relatives check the book out. (Mary knows marketing).

    I’m glad you’re a fan of Donna Alward. I read her first book when it came out and I was hooked. She is very psychological for a romance writer. She also writes mystery novels. Did you know that?

    Also, sometimes Donna’s books come out months earlier in England. I read “Proud Rancher, Precious Bundle” months ago.

    You know how they say: “A debt paid early is twice repaid”? Well, I think that . “a book read before everyone else is twice enjoyed”. : )


  32. Vince, I think we need to revise the Guerrilla Marketing book and call it Mary Marketing for Sissies.

    I like how you think!!

    I have an email request in to Steve's BTW to do a signing there this fall.

  33. Hi Missy:

    About what to wear to the Premier: I suggest a Diane Von Furstenberg “Wrap” dress. It’s classy and comfortable. Very appropriate. Of course, this is from a man’s POV.


  34. I am headed over for the Donna Alward free read download now.

    I noticed that she has a link to another free read on her website.

    Seekers and our guests are very smart. We like to buy books but we like free books as well!!

  35. Oh, I'm so excited! I think this is the first time I have ever won anything. :) I'll e-mail my address directly.

    I hate to be so "un-quaint" since I love most things old-fashioned, but I HATE hot tea. Don't boo-hiss me yet! I have tried to like it. Really, I have. But when every sip turns the gag reflex on-- well, you know you've done all you can for the noble cause.

    My redeeming quality? Iced tea! Yes, please. Luzianne Iced Tea over lots and lots of ice that just covers the glass in chilled frost.

    But back to those warm, cozy beverages. I love a good cup of coffee. Does anyone else enjoy trying new flavors and perhaps mixing flavors? I sometimes read while drinking coffee, but has anyone noticed how really awkward it is to hold a book open with one hand and keep your eyes on the page without turning over your mug? Ah well. Maybe it’s just me being clumsy.

    Oh, I have had difficulty in posting because I’m new to this blogging thing and I didn’t know which “identity” to choose. I think I’ve got it figured out, though.

    Thanks for the links!

    Please enter me in the contest:




  36. I agree Whitney. The perfect solution is a weighted leather bookmark. They hold the page while you drink you coffee.

    Or latte as the case may be. You can get them on Amazon but here is a link with a nice picture.

    Leather Weighted Bookmark

  37. Tina, the dandelion tea I mentioned is caffeine free, dandelion root (roasted) tea a vitamin health food store!!!!

  38. Will check it out, Jackie. My dad would love this!

  39. Susan, your name needs to come back 'in' style. Love it.

    JoAnne... dying laughing here! Didn't we have a tea party for something here? I think I threw it, actually. And it was quite well attended! ;)

    Roasted dandelion tea. I'm looking that up now... Oh, my. This website claims it cures everything except possibly trauma in the Middle East. Jackie, you might be on to something here!!! ;)

    And leather weighted bookmarks... I want my tooled with wild roses and running horses. Love tooled leather!

    Vince, I didn't know that about the UK editions. Interesting... And thought provoking.

    Are we slow producers? Are they fast readers? Do they send the production staff more chocolate???

    Curious minds want to know.

    Hey, try these cookies with our tea. Fudge-dipped shortbreads. So nice for a tea party! And Anita Mae did a baking thing on a Harlequin blog and made the cutest Valentine treats. I nipped some of her 'Stained Glass Hearts' to share. Wonderful idea!

  40. Newby here, having just discovered Seekerville night before last. I don't know if I have a ritual regarding reading, but I do read every chance I get & am rarely without a book wherever I go. But my favorite time is after everyone else has gone to bed, when everything is quiet, & I can curl up in a cushy corner squirreled away with a big mug of hot tea and my cat Jasper, and escape into another world until my eyes get so droopy I can't hold them open any longer.

    It's a little chunk of Heaven on Earth. Of course, adding chocolate to the mix makes it even heavenlier. :0)

    I'm so glad I stumbled across Seekerville--thoroughly enjoying it. Thanks!

  41. Lahlah! Welcome to Seekerville.

    Jasper! What a great name for a cat. Like Jasper Fforde.

    And yes, everything is heavenlier with chocolate.

  42. I actually like tea. I love having a pot of green tea sitting on the stove all day, and then putting some in the fridge for a cool glass at breakfast the next day.

  43. Tina, I love the tea cups. I am humbled by your skill at the Weekend Edition.

    and if I haven't said thank you lately, it's because I've had too many pancakes and my brain isn't functioning properly.

    Turns out pancakes have a whiskey like affect on my brain. Strange, huh?

    But I'll sober up soon. The maple syrup is almost gone and I'll have to go cold turkey.

    Or rather I'll have to go '''naked pancakes'''.

    Wow, that (go naked pancakes) is NEVER gonna be a wildly used saying.


  44. Ahhhh tea and books. I'm in heaven!

    Reading through the comments brought such lovely thoughts.
    Martha reminded me of my favorite line from a poem - from Emily Dickinson, "There is no frigate like a book to take us worlds away."

    Debra - I used to drink Constant Comment all the time. Love it.

    My current favorite tea is Darjeeling.I'm trying to like green tea, and it's growing on me, but it's still not my tea of choice (although I love Iced Green tea with Mint in the summer).

    Renee Ann - I remember back when I was in 3rd grade - I used to receive The Happy Hollisters in the mail (two per month). I have such a clear memory of grapping the books, a glass of milk and a stack of Social Teas cookies and disappearing into my bedroom to read.

    These days I drink tea with those Social Tea cookies. The beverage has changed, but never the magic of reading.

    Congrats to all the winners!

  45. Congratulations to all the winners!! ~ My tea time is actually COFFEE*smile* - - I LOVE coffee! And I must confess....I drink it all day. If you stop by my house at three o'clock in the afternoon, I'll have a pot of coffee on (maybe even freshly-brewed! LOVE that aroma). After I tackle my chores, errands, etc. I enjoy sitting down with a cup of coffee and reading (and yes, I love books by the Seekers!!). I especially enjoy my reading and coffee when several of my cats curl up beside me - - Bliss!
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo (as a matter of fact a fresh pot of coffee has just finished brewing as I type this, LOL).

  46. Hey thanks for mentioning my cold call with Mary, that was so much fun!! Ruthy has a great lead for next month too, record voting so far!! :D

    I don't have a reading or tea drinking ritual, grab it when I can and tea is wonderful for a movie on a cold night. :)

    Great weekend ed and congrats to the winners! :)


  47. Wonderful weekend edition, Tina.
    Congrats winners!!

    I'm a British tea drinker. LOVE it!! That and Irish tea. Yum! Fixed the British way - milk and sugar.

    I carry my Bible, a novel, and my notebook in my purse at all times. I easily forget lip gloss and such - but those three are constant! :-)

    Like I've said before, writing and reading can happen at stoplights and in carpool line, but I prefer it at night with a cup of the fire. Oh wow. That just sounds lovely.

  48. Since hubby is a Brit there's a ritual with tea, the British ritual, with the cosy, etc. No lukewarm water, only the very hottest of water and only tea leaves will do. I make it that way for him, but I'm not a tea afficionado and will settle for a teabag. I love it when travelling with him in England where tea is also a light meal served on lovely dainty china. As to reading, it's wherever and whenever I can get the time. Great WE, Tina. Look forward to next week's postings.

  49. Can we listen to your hubby talk some time, Pat Jeanne? Does he sound like James Bond?

  50. I just finished, "Assignment: Bodyguard" by Lenora Worth and am about to begin reading "Hidden in Shadows" by Hope White.

    Typically, I snuggle up on my couch with a book, a cozy blanket, and a cat or two on my lap. :) On chilly days, a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate really finishes the cozy atmosphere while I escape into "fiction-land".

  51. A suspense reader!

    Kelli, you know you were one of the winners in the Weekend Edition draw for the 5 page critique, right?

  52. I love Tetley's English Breakfast tea or Earl Grey.

    But Tetley's is the best I've found.
    Twining also delicious.

    But I need decaf at night. I drink Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea in the evening. It soothes the savage breast.

  53. Totally agree, Connealy. I've seen you in person.

  54. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraFebruary 27, 2011 at 6:39 PM

    I make myself a cup of tea every morning to take to work. I wasn't a big tea drinker until I decide to give up soda. I switched to tea since I still need caffeine and was just trying to cut calories. I love to curl up with a good book and nice cup of tea when I am trying to relax. But I do carry books everywhere in case I get stuck in line. I like most fruit teas or just regular tea with honey & lemon or cream & sugar. Would love to win the prize pack!


  55. Yay! Congratulations to all the winners! And congatulations, Missy and Ruthy!

    This post reminds me of a quote from C.S. Lewis: "You can never find a cup of tea large enough, or a book long enough to suit me."
    My favorite tea is Plantation Mint with a tiny bit of sugar but I my sisters and I go through it so fast that I usually just drink black tea with cream and sugar or brew a pot of coffee. (We buy both tea and coffee in large quantities at Sam's Culb.)
    As long as it's over 50 outside, I'll sit on the porch swing with a book and my mug. I also carry a book in my purse all the time and often stay up WAY too late reading. That's when the caffeine comes in handy. ;)

  56. Oops, I forgot my e-mail.

  57. Mary,
    My favorite is Twining. Yum!
    But I've found Bigelow is a good blend too - it has a 'rose' flavor to its British Breakfast Tea.

    Twinnings' Irish Breakfast Tea is good too.

    We had small group at our house tonight and our resident Brit loved the Twinnings British Breakfast Tea. Made it feel more authentic when I had some. LOL

  58. Speaking of sweet husband just came into the computer room where I've been hiding all day ad asked if I'd like a cup of tea. I call that a sign!

    My reading ritual - Hot bubble bath, comfy pajamas, cup of Sleepytime tea and a good novel. Unless, of course, it's a real page turner, then I opt for strong coffee so I can pull an all nighter!

  59. Congrats to all the winners!

    Tina, I liked the link to the leather bookmark. Great fun changing the look from color to color! :)

    Ruth, thanks for the kind words about my name. I like it. :D


  60. Still on the leather site - love the valet key fob in Razzle Rose Pink! (Tina, see what you started?)


  61. I LOVE Earl Grey tea. There isn't anything better than drinking tea, eating cookies and reading. That is just Heaven.
    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Trinity Rose
    wandaelaine at gmail dot com

  62. I get up and have a cup of tea first thing in the morning. I love loose teas but I usually just have a cup of Tetley British Breakfast with a splash of milk. I settle in and read my e-mails and then my Bible and a devotion to start the day. Later in the day, I curl up with an herbal tea and a relaxing fiction book. I love tea and books.