Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Is Sprung

Spring is sprung
The grass is riz
I wonder where
The fun-time is?

It’s March, anyone else have spring fever? Audra here, and let me tell you, I've got a case of spring fever -- BIG TIME!

Spring fever is kinda hard to realize when northern gales are blowing, sub-zero temps blanket the land and there’s even a snow watch in San Francisco. How weird is this winter?

Well, weird or not, I can’t deny I’m looking forward to longer, warmer days and the smell of rich, freshly turned earth waiting for the seeds of summer to be planted. Usually, I’m not a huge fan of the warmer seasons. Give me a foot of snow on the ground and hot chocolate in a mug, and I’m a way happy camper. But this winter was different. I don’t know if it’s the cold that’s settled in along the Front Range of Colorado or the persistent cloud cover we’ve had, but I’m ready for sunshine, spring breezes and the sweet smells of spring to surround me.

Spring fever.

I sit at my desk at work and find my attention wandering across the room so I can peek out the window at the dormant garden beyond the glass. In the summer, the bushes and plants are groomed by the Master Gardeners to showcase the native plants growing in the area. At home, rabbits are chasing each other around all over our back acreage…you know what THAT means, LOL! In the evenings, I walk the dog for exercise (both of us need it) through the neighborhood down the street and see hints of green in flower beds where spring bulbs are beginning to push through the mulch and dirt.

All of these signs hold the promise of warmer days to come. But at the moment??

It’s distracting as all get out.

How in the world am I supposed to get any writing work done when all I want to do sit out on the deck and drink a diet Pepsi?? I have revisions to finish, contest entries to judge and research for my next proposal to snoop out. I even have decadence supreme at my disposal in the form of a desk top computer, a laptop, and a netbook – all available with all my book materials on all of them so I can grab the computer of choice and go with the muse when she hits me.

Lately, my muse is the prime culprit in my focus demise. If SHE wants to read a book at the patio table, who am I to argue? Computers? Ms. Muse deceitfully whispers it’s time to check email or justifies the time to finish my latest Mahjong game.

Thankfully, I have been able to concentrate long enough to finish our tax prep and take care of the applications needed to support college kids and their hunt for ever elusive scholarships and financial aid.

I’ll tell you though, those were some painful hours spent trying to find receipts and bank statements.

What does all this have to do with writing, you ask? Lots.

What writer hasn’t been distracted by seasons, events and holidays? Christmas may be a big distraction when deadlines loom, but I’m talking about not being able to string two coherent sentences together in my revisions, reading and rereading contest entries for content and, really, is it that hard to find appropriate keywords so Google will lead me to the information on bull riders I’m looking for?? Frankly, I’m rather worthless right now and hoping confession is not only good for the soul, but concentration cleansing too.

I don’t fight it. I do take longer walks, daydream a bit more, and long for the pile of chores scattered across my desk to just take care of itself. Yes, I indulge in the promise of spring, but GUILT keeps me from getting too carried away.

And HOPE holds the carrot of fun and relaxation AFTER I finish all my chores.

Funny how your mother’s voice never seems to fade away : )

Anyone else having this problem??

Spring fever. What does it mean to you?

Leave a comment and a lucky springtime daydreamer will receive a $10 Amazon gift card to help chase away the winter blues and make way for spring time smiles.


  1. It means getting antsy to get outside with the BOB and take the girls to the park! I can't wait to WALK outdoors.

  2. I find myself wanting to head to the beach so I can read.

  3. you know all this talk of spring is depressing for the aussie gal wondering where summer went cos we sure didn't have much of one. Oh Perth did they sweltered we drowned well not really but it was one of the wettest summers in so long and not that warm overcast more than not. my best 2 weeks of summer were in Hawaii. I am hoping for an indian summer. I do love spring I love the warmer weather not the cold weather.

  4. Spring fever for me means...

    getting super excited for spring break and getting to see my family again!!! Just a little over 2 weeks! Oh, how I miss them!

    And then after that...

    I have a little over a month, and then I can go home in May for summer break! I cannot wait!!! My mommy and I can go and see the lupines again. :)




  5. YES, I'm having this problem.

    I'm almost done with revisions on my wip. After that I intend to take a break, breath the coming spring air, clean my house, and NOT FEEL GUILTY about the time away from the computer.

    I'm always drained at the finish of a manuscript, but it's worse this time.

    So break time is coming.


    Coffee pot's set for the morning crowd.

  6. Audra, apparently you're not the only one with this issue... (And Andycallie, Walt, Ausjenny, Amber and Helen and KC)


    Loved the photos accompanying your post today. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing a taste of Spring, Audra! Definitely something only in my DREAMS until at least May.

  8. I absolutely love spring. Watching the trees and plants come to life once again, I feel like it's a fresh start. When spring arrives I know it won't be long before my hummingbirds are flocking to our feeders. :)

  9. Audra, obviously a universal feeling!!! By March, everyone's antsy. The animals are twitterpated. The birds, likewise. The kids are dying to get outside and play in ... mud.

    Oh, yuck. Thank God for washing machines.

    Bulbs are sprouting on the south side of my farmhouse. The north side? It's like the dark side of the moon there, and it flowers WEEKS after the south side this time of year. Great lesson in soil temps and their effect on plant growth, LOL!

    I'm leaving Denny's to do breakfast this morning in honor of our sweet Mary Connealy. She's buying pancakes for EVERYONE...

    Dig in!

    And Helen, I'm with you. Sometimes ya' gotta just stop and get things done.

    And then dive back in again.

  10. Spring means spring break for us teachers. Spring break means a week of free time to write, write, write!!

    The students have NO idea that teachers anticipate the breaks as much or more than they do. I can't complain, though, since we had more than the usual number of snow days. They are the only reason I have as much writing accomplished as I do! I can't wait for spring since I'm usually cold from October 1 through May 1.

  11. Morning Audra,

    Hmmmm Spring fever. So that's what you call procrastination and wishing you could just sit and read.

    I can't exactly call it that since it is gorgeous here in the Arizona desert this week. Lovely spring weather, warm sunny days. Anyone want to come visit? That would be an excuse not to work. LOL

    But sounds like we all need a dose of fun. I"m always up for that.

    And Ruthy, how did Mary get pancake duty? Not that I mind Denny's pancakes.

  12. This winter has been crazy and long, and for once I'm ready for it to end and get on to the next season.

    I've also found it hard to stay inside and focus on my ms revisions. I pick up the laptop and instantly find 50 other things I "have" to do before I can get started.

    Thanks for the post, Audra, it's good to know I'm not along.


  13. Spring fever for me means flowers are blooming. We already have wild daffodils, now I am just waiting for the rest.

  14. So, we're a little behind here, up in the snow belt, but the March sun is so amazing!

    The temps = not so much.
    But you do have me dreaming of spring today, Audra. Lovely post!

  15. Good morning everyone! Can't you just smell spring in the air? The blueberries, strawberries and maple syrup?

    Oh wait. That must be the pancakes from Denny's. Lovely spread. I just ordered a side platter of scrambled eggs and bacon before I get a sugar rush from all the goodies. All on Mary's bill, of course. Thanks, Mare!

    andycallie, Walt, Jillian, adge, Amber - all great reasons for spring to hurry up and get here...and stay!

    Walt, the beach? Ahh, that sounds lovely.

    Glynna, poor babe, my heart really does go out to you. Who'd a thunk that parts of Arizona could be snowed in for WEEKS after all rest of the nation??

    And then there's Sandra, enjoying the gorgeous weather other parts of Arizona have to offer. Mysteries of the world!!!

  16. Good Morning, Audra! I love saying your's my sister's name. :)

    It is already spring here in Texas. The trees are budding out, the roses are starting to shoot up, and the birds and squirrels are going crazy! Poor little squirrels...lots of road kill. :(

    I have been itching to clean. Clean the house, clean the carpet, clean up my name it, I want to cull out and freshen up.

    I'm excited about Spring Break, when I get to stay home for a week with time to write and edit. Heaven on earth? I do believe so!

  17. Ausjenny, your entire end of the world needs some relief. Glad you enjoyed Hawaii...not a bad place to daydream about either, LOL!

    Helen, you are awesome (besides the fact you keep us caffeinated). Revisions almost finished? Can I send you mine? I mean really, you're in the groove, what's a few more miles of words for a friend???

    Christine, enjoy that Spring Break! My daughter is persuing a degree in Ag Ed and gets to observe in the class room this sememster. She can't believe what spring fever does to 7th graders...I have to laugh and reminder what she was like at that age!!

  18. Although winter has always been my favorite time of the year, I'm definiately ready for milder temperatures.

  19. KC, great find on the Novel Journey! Yep, maybe I need a Sgt Carter to whip me into shape. I've certainly been feeling rather Gomer Pyle-ish lately...

    Kristen, distractions are my life, only right now, they almost make me feel psycho. Stick with it, kiddo. You are not alone!!

  20. Ruthy, south side vs north side of the ol' homestead...sounds like you've got a "dark side of the moon" thing going on here, LOL! Thank goodness we don't have the mud! I'll bet your kids are loving it though. Thanks for the pancakes-lovely how you take the credit for Mary's donation, LOL!

    Deb Marvin, don't despair! Warm weather is just around the corner!You guys did get more than your share of snow this year, but look ahead and think of how GREEN your yards are going to be this summer!!!

  21. Sherrinda, you have a spring break looming ahead of you, too? Make the most of that week and then before you know it, summer break is here! I really wish our office would close for a spring break of sorts...maybe not a full week, but hey a long weekend here and there would be grand!

    Give your sister a hug from me and tell her Audra says hi : )

  22. I definitely have spring fever. I hope the snow is over for this year.

  23. HI Rose, your name alone makes me smile. Of course, all the rest of you is awesome, too. But Rose just fits into my musings so well today : )

  24. Oh man, look at the time. Gotta get ready for work. See y'all in a bit.

    Don't let the pancakes get cold!

  25. I also enjoy mahjongg way too much. I SHOULD BE doing my income taxes. Here in Canada we have till April 30, but I am dogsitting the dog in my blog picture for most of April, and since he likes to lie down on the floor beside me where all my paperwork tends to go, I'm thinking I'd better get those taxes done NOW!

    Good luck with YOUR to-do list! If you find the top of your desk, please don't rub it in. I doubt I ever see my desktop again (other than on my computer screen, LOL).

  26. Well, apparently spring fever means an actual fever this year. My husband and I (as well as the rest of our community) got the flu last week just as the forsythia and cherry trees bloomed. I usually get out and walk or hike twice a day this time of year. But I have found myself looking out the window and gazing wistfully at the robins in the backyard and the cardinals building a nest in the front.

    But we are getting better. The world just seems happier this time of year. So it's good medicine for sure.

    Peace, Julie

  27. Audra, you need to head south, honey! It's gorgeous down here. The flowering trees are blooming--Japanese magnolias, flowering cherry trees, plum and peach trees, and Bradford pears. The daffodils are beautiful and the birds are singing. I wish I could bring you down here for a few days. It's really nice. But in a couple of months it will be so hot I'll thank God for A/C and wish I could go to the mountains, certainly not the beach!!!

    I have found that I can hardly write a lick at home. I don't know what it is. But on the way to somewhere and back, with my husband driving, I can write like the wind. My best writing days are Wednesdays. I get over 1,000 words in the car on the way to church, then I skip church and write in the church office or the choir room (I know, I know, it's horrible and I think my pastor is on to me) and then on the way home I get another 400 words. It's madness! I'm just so distracted at home. Soon I'm going to try going to a coffee shop and sitting there to write.

  28. I don't think it counts as spring fever exactly, but I do need to go take a walk. I've been meaning to start taking long brisk walks...for about the last ten years.


  29. If I'm buying breakfast at Denny's I'll order pancakes for 1000 people, for about fifty dollars.

    An economical place, Dennys.

  30. I think I've had spring fever for months! I love winter, but this year I've been horribly distracted by trying to sell our house so that we can join my husband in the Great White North (Rapid City). But spring must be coming - we have house showings coming out of our ears! The boys and I do "spring cleaning" about twice a week, and I pray that the house will sell soon. So how do I get any writing done? Early in the morning before the day starts!

    Thanks for the pancakes! We have a showing this afternoon, so I certainly am not messing the kitchen up by cooking!

    BTW - I sent in my Genesis entry yesterday. It was a huge step for this newbie, and the one writing goal I had for the winter. Yay!

  31. No fancy toppings. Those cost an extra QUARTER.

  32. I ate so many pancakes at Dennys last week...I now offically AM a pancake.

    Only not so flat. :(

  33. Don't worry Mary, I like my pancakes plain. With butter. And REAL maple syrup. Do they have that at Denny's?

  34. Oh, it's still cold here and snowy, but as the snow is slowly melting away, you can hear the symphony of DRIPS from the eaves and grass is peeking through, I can't wait for the green of new life, the aroma of the lilacs and the snap of sheets on the line (and then the clean scent as I snuggle in bed). Man. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING!!

    Or rather green, because spring here = mud! :)

  35. Audra, great post. Spring for me means the air outside is warmer than the air in the cold basement where I write.

    But for those of us living in the Midwest, we know better than to get spring fever until--well--summer. You never know when Mother Nature is going to play an April Fools joke on you with a nice 10-inch blizzard.

    Mary, does this mean we won't be going to Denny's for pancakes on our next outing?

  36. Living at the very bottom tip of Texas, we have a totally different meaning for the Winter Blues. We're blue because we DON'T have winter. :)

    Our "seasons" go like this: nine months of blistering H-O-T summer, followed by 3 short months of spring, followed quickly by 9 more scorching months of summer.

    Anyway, I do love spring. I just wish it lasted longer and that we could get a couple months of fall and winter weather thrown in. :)


  37. Audra!!! Fun post today, girl!!

    Okay, I must be sick, because spring has the exact opposite effect on me when it comes to my writing -- all I want to do is bundle up and sit out on my lower deck with my laptop on my lap and cinnamon hazelnut coffee by my side!!!

    Just as the bunny's fancy turns to love, so does mine, and since my book deadlines are always in late spring/summer, it means come first sign of spring I am halfway through my WIP when all the romance REALLY begins to heat up, so all I want to do is write, write, write!!

    If anything, my hubby has to drag me away from the computer for a movie or dinner, which is pretty sad if you think about it. But then,there's always summer to loaf a bit more, riding bikes, taking walks and kicking back.

    Fun to think about, Audra!!


  38. Bah to spring posts when we have frigid temps up here and lots of snow. Though the sun is brighter and warmer. :-)

    If you want to know what spring fever is you just need to observe my dog once the squirrels start to stick their furry noses out of their nests. Every year it's as if he never saw a squirrel before and we have to go into training mode all over again. 'Heel' means my heel,not a squirrel's. 'Come' means to me, not to a squirrel. 'Fetch' means the ball...not a squirrel. And just because you can't climb trees does not mean you can bite the bark off the ones who harbor squirrels. Oh yeah, I'm reeeeaaaalllly looking forward to spring.

  39. I guess I'm not the only one distracted. :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  40. We're in Florida, away from our home but trust me, Audra, I've got Spring Fever! The lure of the Florida sunshine is a powerful pull. I'm on deadline so my once a day walk and once a week round of golf are about all the time I get outside. Yep, work does get in the way of a good time.

    Enjoy the signs of spring!

  41. I don't know why but Spring gets me in the mood for Spring cleaning. I guess it's the feeling of wanting everything light and airy, just like outside. I think in about a week, I'll start on that.

  42. It used to mean getting excited for vacation and being out of school. Now I think it's more spring brings summer which means a trip home to visit family.


  43. Spring means riding with the moon roof open and windows down; sitting on my back deck enjoying the beautiful weather; and unfortunately, in Atlanta, yellow snow - commonly known as pollen.

  44. So Melanie, did you get a touch of snow, too? I can't think of a single spot that didn't get some bizarre weather this year!!

    But thank you for the invitation. I'll start checking ticket prices : )

    LOL, I'm having a hard time sitting down to write no matter where I go. I envy your ability to write in the car. I can read, write, crochet...nothing!...while the car is in motion.


    Don't know WHAT my husband would think if we got to church and I told him I would miss the service to write. LOL!

  45. Mary, I put eggs and bacon on your tab, too. Hope you don't mind.

    Brisk walk? I have a Corgi. Do you know how many steps she has to take to match my slooooow stride?

    I think I'd see pooch revolt if I tried to bump up the speed.

  46. Angela, I'd be blue without seasons. I spent two years finishing my degree in Miami, FL. It's hot-hot and humid-hot and muggy-rain.

    I really do prefer fall and winter, but there's just something about the first couple weeks of spring that turn my brain to mush.

  47. Wow I think I have spring fever...literally. It seems around this time of year I ALWAYS get sick! I normally have a pretty strong constitution but when the first days of Spring come around I'm usually down for the count. Yes I'm sick right now and no I cannot wait for spring, bring on that mud and muck because that means warmer temps and rain instead of snow!

    XOXO~ Renee

  48. Audra - you need my Husky. Now THAT'S a brisk walk! But we've chosen a Corgi as our next dog. I figure about 5-7 years from now when we're looking for another dog, I'll be ready to walk "Corgi speed".

    I forgot to enter the drawing earlier - count me in!


  49. Fun post!

    Spring cleaning? Ahh, Patsy, let me ramp up your spring fever and give you my address!

  50. Oh Edwina! Just the thought of that much pollen gives me a headache. I finally broke down and went to an allergist.

    Three years and shots once a month later and I can sort of breath again!!

    Funny thing, when my nose was all stuffy and I couldn't smell anything, I completely ignored the sense of smell in my books. Now that I can enjoy fragrances, you'll notice my books are full of pine scent, cologne and just general mood sniffing : )

    Anyone else experience this??

  51. Did I hear someone say spring cleaning? C'mon over! My house can use it in the summer, fall, winter, too!

    When I first started writing, I remembered seasoned writers saying how they just let the housework and meals go when they were on deadline.

    Heh, heh, heh, on deadline? I use this excuse quite liberally and wherever the need might arise, LOL!

  52. LOL, Kav!! We have a coonhound with the same attention span. Love the galute for his floppy ears and soulful eyes, but I think the good Lord forgot to pour in all the gray matter before He sealed Hank up and shipped him off to puppy land.

    LOL!!! Squirrels, rabbits, our turkey. The excitement never wanes!

  53. Spring fever strikes me with the insane urge to declutter my house. I'm talking truckloads of stuff leaving.

    It also means the kids can FINALLY go play outside more which is good and health for all of us! LOLOLOL.

    Great post, Audra!

    Like Julie, I spent one night this week in the basement so unfortunately the advent of Spring also means tornado season which I do not enjoy.


  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. YES! I have spring fever.

    Nothing says "seasons are changing" quite like footie pajamas on the clothesline. The nights are still cool enough for the footies, but the days are pretty enough for the clothesline, which I'm too wimpy to use in the winter.

    I hung out the laundry for the first time since last fall, and I have windows open all over the house. It's wonderful.

    I'd love to win some Amazon $$.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

    I think spring is the best season of the year.

  57. Whats interesting here is the trees already think autumn is here often the trees dont start losing leaves til mid april early may this year some are already losing leaves and some are almost bare. I hope you all have a good spring as maybe then we will get a good spring when it comes. Last spring was wet and quite cool right up to November and even then it was wet. Summer has had a few hot days but its been more like spring weather or autumn weather with warmish days and cold nights. I have heard of many already using heating at night as its cooling right down to 40 or below over night. again today we are only going for around 68ish but I refuse to wear jeans yet.
    I have been pruning early this year also.
    But spring I do love the bulbs coming up (even if they start coming up in July)

  58. Andrea Strong, I love the footies on the clothesline image! Total spring/fall stuff there.

    Corgi speed????

    On oxymoron right there, LOL!

    Faye, welcome!!!! Nice to see you!

    Spring = Mud

    For six weeks, minimal along Lake Ontario and probably any Great Lake. Cold water. Cold ground. Being on the south shore of a big body of water gives GREAT falls... so stinkin' gorgeous and long...

    Cold, cold springs because that lake takes a while to warm up. Hot chocolate and coffee will be the drinks of the day for a while, but...

    It's March. And that's amazing right there!!!! Hey, and I'm loving that some o' youse have Genesis entries going out. SWEET@!!!!

  59. Spring fever means not having to put on layers and coats and hats and mittens and boots and extra socks and lip balm and lotion and...and...and... just to walk to the mailbox. :)

    Longing for spring here too.

  60. For me Spring fever is getting outdoors! Freshen my mind!

  61. Longing for spring, too. My fav season. The Phila. Flower Show will be in town next week. That event will keep me going until spring's officially here. Then it'll be time to get out in my own garden and less time for writing. That's the drawback.

  62. I have had a bit of spring fever this year, which IS odd because I hate hot weather, WHICH is why I live in ... Louisiana???? Yeah, wasn't exactly by choice. I miss the vibrant autumns of Ohio and the gorgeous first REAL snow that winter dusts over the ground.

    It was a rough winter in many ways this year, and as the Dogwoods begin putting on their beautiful spring frocks, I do find myself enjoying the prospect of spring. This will be short-lived, however, since the temperatures will very soon be soaring. It’s already been 80 degrees down here.



  63. Pat Jeanne, you get spring about three weeks ahead of us in Philly. I used to drive down there to see my boys in late March/early April just to chase the spring. And you can watch it deepen as you travel down I-81 and Rt. 476....

    I love Philly! But not when they beat the Yankees, of course. ;)

  64. I have spring fever really bad!!! It's warm here in Florida and the trees are flowering already. It's hard to concentrate on writing, but I'm trying at least a little.

  65. Yes, Audra, we did get snow! A lot of it for Alabama. We got snow on Christmas morning, which was absolutely amazing, and we got 8 inches of snow a couple weeks later.

  66. Georgia is having Spring in March...early March! Daffodils are blooming. Red bug trees are flowering. Bradford pears are covered with white blossoms. Amazing this early.

    Yes, I've got spring fever. It's hard to write suspense when the sun is shining and the outdoors calls my name.

    I have your calendar on my desk, Audra, and love the pics of your beautiful Colorado! Thank you! :)

  67. Oooh, I've definitely had spring fever lately. I've wanted to plant flowers and get out for a walk--anything that reminds me of spring. But it's been beautiful in Colorado this week. I took advantage of it yesterday by taking my littlest to the zoo, and today by walking to shops to check out antiques. We even painted the house over the weekend to brighten it up and I feel so much more cheerful :)

  68. Lady DragonKeeperMarch 4, 2011 at 1:31 AM

    For me, spring fever means midterms! Of course, after is spring break, so that's good too. =)

  69. I too love the colder months and the snow. BUT, this winter needs to end. I'm tired of catching a chill and not being able to get warm. Spring to me this year is a time to thaw out and contemplate the rest of the year.

    I will say that even with snow on the ground, my daffodils have broken ground and I am waiting in anticipation of their beautiful yellow blossoms bursting forth saying "Yes, Spring is here!"

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  70. Audra,
    Spring does seem to creep up here in coastal NC without us realizing it! This week I suddenly noticed all the Bradford pears have already bloomed. Planted along the major roads in our town, they are hard to miss. It's like a switch has been flipped and I can sense the sun is closer and brighter. Yay! Is that somehow linked to the fact I haven't been productive this week? I think so! The dark and cold winter days were great for my writing. And as this is my first experience writing under deadline, I'm wondering how I'll fare as spring gets into full gear and my kids want to spend all day outside! lol

  71. Yes, Spring is already pretty in Georgia (but I am having allergies to the pollen already)! I do love Spring though.....and will be ready for the hummingbirds to follow!

  72. I also get antsy when the warm weather comes. I am in Florida so we usually do have warm weather most of the time. I end up taking revisions outside.
    Linda Cacaci