Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend Edition (Daylight Savings Time)

Every October Seekerville celebrates our anniversary in the blogosphere and we say thank you to the Friends of Seekerville (those who post and those who lurk) for their support. Once a year is obviously not enough. Today we want to thank you for reading our books and sharing them with the world via interviews and reviews.

And if you haven't read all of our books, today you may get a chance to catch up.

Two commentators will win the Seeker inspirational romance book of their choice (currently available) and one commentator will win a $10 Starbucks card for a beverage to sip while you read our books. Winners announced in the Weekend Edition. And remember, if you like a Seeker book, tell someone and pass it on!

We Have Winners

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville.

Sunday's Weekend Edition
winner of Mary Connealy's Sharpshooter in Petticoats is Michelle V.

Monday Friend of Seekerville KC Frantzen was our hostess with Gotcha Covered. Prizes were donated by the gracious Sandra Byrd. Winner a 10 page manuscript critique is Vince and winner of a book - one of Sandra's adult titles or two of her YA titles is Cathy Shouse.

Wednesday Seekerville had a lot going on! We helped host an Anniversary Bash at Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book Blog. (Barbara announces the winners of Seeker Books and a Seeker Kindle on Monday, March 14).

We also had a treasure map post here. Winner of a $25 Amazon gift card is Cynthia Garcia.

Julie Lessman
was your official Seekerville hostess on Wednesday with her post Digging Deep...Unearthing Story Ideas From Your Own Backyard. Winner of her choice of a signed copy of any of Julie's books is travelingstacey.

Thursday Ruth Logan Herne presented, It's Raining Men: Take Two. Winners of the first book in her Men of Allegany County series, Reunited Hearts are: Helen Gray, Edwina, Renee Ann,Jackie S, Andrea Strong.

Honorable Mention prize for searching out the mis-used word and playing along even though they showed off Ruthy's FLAWS!!!! are Walt and Kirstin Arnold. (you get a surprise from Ruthy)

On Friday Seekerville welcomed Laurie Alice Eakes with Risky Business. Winner of Laurie Alice's 3-in1 release Jersey Brides is Karen Lange.

The Best of Seekerville From the Archives and Five Pages Critique presented Sensory/Emotional Triggers. Winner of an anonymous Five Page Critique is Kirsten Arnold.

Next Week in Seekerville

Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean is your hostess today with Let Your Characters Write Their Story. Don't miss this opportunity for a chance to win a copy of Janet's March release, Wanted: A Family.

Forge Books author Deborah Coonts is our guest. Join us for Writing Can Kill You.

Today we welcome the Grammar Divas, Darlene Buchholz and Annie Ortmann. Their post is called Show Don't Tell: Skin in the Game. These grammatically and dramatically correct divas will be offering one commentator the opportunity for a critique (5- page synopsis and first 15 pages.)!

Barbour author Mary Connealy shares with Mary Higgins Clark's Roller Coaster Fiction. She'll give away a copy of Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook.

Today we're bringing you a YA author with an amazing book! Stop by and meet Terry Lynn Johnson and you might win a copy of her debut release, Dogsled Dreams.

Seeker Sightings

Join Debby Giusti who is blogging on The Love Inspired Authors Blog on Tuesday, March 15th.

Check out The ABCs of Writing With Mary Connealy.

Cara Lynn James will be interviewed at Casey Herringshaw's blog, The Audience of One, on Monday, March 14th. She'll be giving away
a copy of Love on Assignment.

Congratulations to Cheryl Wyatt on the sale of her new series to Love Inspired.

Eagle Point Emergency is a romantic medical miniseries featuring a combat trauma team who return from war to open a civilian trauma center in rural Southern Illino
is. The books will begin releasing early to mid 2012.

RT publicists are featuring Cheryl on Wednesday March 16th at Written Voices Blog and Christ
ian BookWorm Reviews.

Julie Lessman reveals the cover for the second book in the Winds of Change series. A Heart Revealed is now available for preorder.

(click on the cover to see it enlarged)


Next to "THE END", our favorite words in Seekerville are ....


Thank you for spreading the word about Seekers and Seekerville, hosting us on your blogs and for reviewing our books on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, eHarlequin and

Have a great week.


  1. Like it is hard to not like a Seekerville book ;)

    So many fabulous authors so little time. :o)

    It is truly a wonderful honor to share my love for your books on Critty Joy <3's books.... and the valuable tips I have learned here and the new authors discovered here make me so glad y'all reside in this lovely corner of the interwebs.

  2. Love the Seekers! Love their books! 'Nuff said. :-)

  3. Coffee's ready!!

    Goody, goody, gum drop. I get Ruthie's new book with ME in it. I had planned to look for it in Springfield next week. Now I don't have to.

    Don't have time to read all those links now. Church in the morning, and we're losing an hour. Need to get some sleep.

    My Tips notebook is getting thicker from all the articles I print from Seekerville. THANK YOU for the unselfish way you share with and encourage others.


  4. Congrats winners and congrats Cheryl on your contract! :-)It's always fun chatting with you ladies. I don't always get to make it here everyday to comment but you're always in my heart :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  5. Congratulations to all the winners! And we are all winners, since this blog gives so much to each of us! Thank you to everyone who participates on Seekerville!

    Cheryl, Congratulations! Your new series! It sounds very exciting!!!

  6. Thanks for the plug for my blog. I love the seekers book and am currently reading love on a dime on my new kindle. Hoping to buy 3 at the end of the month.
    Congrats Cheryl on your new contract.

  7. Thanks for celebrating, Seekerville!

  8. Thanks so much to all of you guys for posting reviews of Seeker books! We heart you all!

  9. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We love you and appreciate you!

    And thanks, Tina, for posting all those links. I've discovered some new blogs! :)

    Now, to bed. I thought our atomic clock had changed, but it hadn't. It's almost 4 am! (Of course, 3 am is bad enough.)

  10. Congrats to ALL, and wow Cheryl - go get 'em!

    Lots of blogs to review - thanks for a great list.

    *yawn* happy Daylight Savings Time!!

  11. I so LOVE those Seekerville books!

    And since I lost an hour's sleep (in addition to not sleeping well anyway) thanks Ms Helen for the coffee!!

  12. Ah, Crittyjoy, you're a treasure. And the tips???

    Life should be all about sharing. Always.

    Bless you.

    Kelinator!!!! ;) Hugs to you, did you leave food? I'm starving. Stale cookies? M&Ms??? Nothing????

    Helen, yes!!! The book with you in it, my friend! And you manage to be a presence throughout this series and I don't think I've created any characters better-drawn than Helen Walker, the CEO of Walker Electronics.

    Sage and savvy. I love her!!!

  13. Eva Maria, back at ya'. The back and forth, the chats, the brainstorming that goes on here...

    NONE of that would be possible without the entire village of Seekerville gathering 'round the tables of food. Talking. Eating. Praising God. Praying. And then more talking and eating, of course.

    And let me just say, I'm glad God made men.

    I'm just sayin'.... ;)

  14. "We heart you all???"

    Camy, I need an interpreter here.

    Is that like the t-shirt thing? With the heart in place of love????

    Sign me,

    Slightly confused in Upstate, but...

    Loving Seekerville. And all my buds.

  15. Missy, that's a hoot!

    We have one that changes, but I couldn't remember if it was the one that changed correctly or the old one (that died a year or so ago) that was on the OLD daylight savings time...

    A little disconcerting TWICE A YEAR when your clock changes on the wrong weekends.

    But a great twist to put in a book. ;)

  16. Okay, Sunday morning FEAST FOR YOU ALL!!!!

    Step up to the buffet and sample as you wish:

    Ham, with or without pineapple sauce.

    Sliced steamship round of beef...

    Sausage, bacon or scrapple...

    Eggs, scrambled, with cheese and green pepper....

    Eggs plain...

    Hand-picked selection of NYC bagels because NO ONE does it better than NYC when it comes to bagels...

    Toppings for the bagels include cream cheese assortment, jellies, salmon, onions, your choice...

    Muffins from "Merry Muffin Mayhem"...

    Fresh butter.

    Orange juice. Apple juice.

    Mimosas made by none other than Captain Jack himself.

    Danish provided by Jackson's Bakery of Rochester New York...

    Potato bake provided by Ruthy... Home-made, to-die-for high-carb, high-calorie goodness, hot and cheesy-melty... Do not miss this!

    Texas toast for the non-bagelers among us.

    Relax. Sit back. Enjoy. This feast is all about YOU!

    Let us wait on you hand and foot because God truly blessed us when he gathered us all together in Seekerville.

  17. Congratulations to all of the winners! Is there a job out there where you can just read blogs all day? :)

  18. Thanks to all of you for the reading pleasure.

    Thanks for the new blogs I am about to discover from your list.

    Thanks Ruthy for the big old breakfast.

    Not really thankful that I am up this early but it will be worth it later when I am puttering in the garden late in the day.

    Peace, Julie

  19. Ah, me lovelies, 'tis a fine Sunday mornin' and the ladies of Seekerville have run me ragged this week, ye ken???

    First havin' all kinds of fun to blazin' on the island with Miss Barbara Vey and her crew of friends (although 'twasn't exactly a HARDSHIP to entertain the ladies, savvy???) and then....

    They drug me off to a shopping emporium the likes of which an old pirate like me has never seen...

    But thoroughly enjoyed. And from what I saw in that shoppers paradise, me thinks that the lovely Miss Victoria has precious few secrets, indeed!

    But I'm here now, and ready to fill your requests at the coffee bar. I'm yours, ladies, except for a possible mid-day nap, ye' know, catchin' up on me beauty sleep an' all, or just catchin' up on the ladies!

    Although I'm wonderin' out loud why no one's invited me to come visit their blog, knowin' these gals like I do.

    The way only a bloke who's shared an Island with fifteen women COULD know them.

    And I can be bought. ;)

    So step up and let the thank you party commence!

    Mimosas all around! And latte's for our just awakening!

  20. Ahhh, my favorite blog with the nicest ladies around. You gals are awesome and I have learned so much from the wisdom you have to offer! Keep it comin'! :)

  21. You're thanking us? We should be thanking you for all the wonderful advice you give.

    In honor of DST, I've made more coffee. Going to a different church this morning as one of my nephews is performing there.

  22. It's wonderful to have so many friends in Seekerville! Thanks to all of you who buy our books. A special thanks goes to readers and writers who take the time and effort to write a review! I'm squeezing you in a great big cyber hug!!!

  23. Congrats, Cheryl, on the new series--very exciting!

    Julie, your cover for A Heart Revealed is absolutely gorgeous. Wow!

    Thanks for another great Weekend Edition!

  24. Great weekend edition, as always. What fun to see all the covers lined up.

    Congratulations to all the winners.

    Julie, you have another beautiful cover!

  25. Thanks so much for including me here! No matter how busy my day, I try to stop in. And I'm always glad I did. Blessings!

  26. Congratulations to the winners!

  27. How easy to love many great authors and so many great books!!! I just wish for more time to read!!! Thanks, Tina, for the new links...will check them out. I learn so much from all you Seekers!!

  28. Congratulations on your anniversary, Seekerville!

  29. Congrats to all the winners!

    Julie, A Heart Revealed has a beautiful cover! Really very much the way I picture Emma. I guess I was sort of thinking Sean would be on the cover. Haha.


  30. I have to second Walt's comment that we should thank all the Seekers for all the great advice and encouragement, as well as all the awesome reading they give us!

    Congrats to all the winners and to Cheryl for the contract. The new series sounds so great!


  31. Oh, bah.

    Don't thank them, lamb chops. It is I, thanking you, for keeping the women busy so I might bury more stores o' rum!

    Wouldja be takin' a bit o' a stroll wi' me, lasses?

    Any and all will do.


  32. Daylight Savings, morning to you all. Hope this week is a productive writing and reading week for everyone!

  33. Congrats to all the winners! You guys are AWESOME, why wouldn't your books be promoted??? :) Thanks for making this writing journey so very FUN!

  34. Crittyjoy, you are so sweet! That comment made my day.

    Keli, we love you too!

    Helen, thank YOU for supporting us with your presence, encouragement and AWESOME coffee.

    Renee, thank you so much! For sure, we miss you when you're not here.

    Eva, thanks! I'm so excited about the new series. LOVE what you said about us all being winners. YES!

    Jenny, thank you! By the way, I smile everytime I see my keychain because it symbolizes your thoughtfulness. :-)

    flchen1, would love to know what your name stands for. LOL! Thanks for stopping by.

    Camy! So glad you didn't have to brave tsunami waters for me. Grin. I echo Camy's comment. YOU GUYS ROCK! Our blog wouldn't be what it is without your community of support.


  35. Congrats on a new series, Cheryl! And thanks for including my blog on your list. I think I've reviewed a couple other Seeker books over the past year or two as well! Now everyone knows Cheryl's books are auto-buy for me :D

  36. i love seekerville :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  37. Missy, I hate that we lost that hour of sleep. LOL! N's Polo video was so cute!

    KC, LOL! Thank you.

    Ruth! YUMMY BREAKFAST. Thanks for the virtual feast.

    Edwina, we love you too!

    Jillian, LOL. I wish there was that job! I'd apply for sure. What fun that would be. :-)

    Julie H. S., I feel your pain. I didn't want to get up this morning AT ALL. Stayed up late doing revisions and forgot the time changed.

    JACK! I see you recovered from all the young beach bunnies and island rum. How's your headache? LOL. Glad to have you back, even if you are a bit unruly when we take you somewhere. :-)

    Sherrinda, that is the nicest compliment! Thanks for your readership of our blog. We are so appreciative of all of you.

    Walt, tell your nephew we're proud of him too! Thanks for your support of our blog. Glad your wife's family is safe. We were praying big time.

    Cara, you said it perfectly!

    Anne, thank you! I'm stoked. Isn't Julie's cover GORGEOUS! Can't wait to read it.

    Rose, thanks for your support! I love seeing all the covers too. Especially since just a few short years ago, there were none. We hope it gives hope to all Friends of Seekerville aspiring toward publication.


  38. I have really enjoyed Seekerville. Read the blog everyday. It's a good place to learn about authors and their books. Not to mention Seekerville has great giveaways!


  39. Renee Ann, what a sweet thing to say. Glad it's worth your while.

    Adge, glad you stopped by!

    Jackie S, me too! Not enough hours in the day is there? I have so many books in my TBR.

    Cheri, thank you!!!

    Whitney, glad you stopped by!

    Kirsten, thank you so much! You are a tremendous encouragement.

    Tina, top o the mornin' to ya. LOL! I plan to finish my revisions this weekend.

    Casey, you all make it fun for us too! What a great community this has become. :-)

    Valerie, you just made my day! Maybe my whole year! At least I know I am on someone's auto-buy list! You don't know how happy that makes me feel! THANK YOU and I hope you love the new series too. It's tied to Refuge and the PJs will make cameo appearances. YAY!

    KarenK, we love you too!


  40. Patsy, thank you for those kind words.

    Valerie, you can bet you will be on my auto-buy list too! :-)


  41. Aye, Cheryl, lass, I've recovered mightily but 'twas a struggle. A bit of a crick in my neck from star-gazin', no doubt.

    Ah, but what a fine week for all me friends. Old...

    and new...

    And I see that Mary Connealy's brought more fresh beef for the table and a man needs to keep his fires stoked.

    So to speak.

    And a bit thirsty here, ladies, so I'm manning the coffee bar.

    Requests taken...

    Smiles guaranteed.

  42. LOVE this place. I learn SO much here (and win sometimes too LOL). Congrats to the winners.

    Oh - and I WANT my hour of sleep back? Can anyone help?? ;)

  43. Thanks for the shout out about my website, Seekers!

    Like Eva Maria said, you all give us the gift of your knowledge and will to share and teach and spread the word. Heart ALL Of YOU!

    And yes, I'm guilty... I'm one of your lurkers sometimes. This 9-5 thing I go to every day takes away from my websurfing... :)

  44. I just wanted to say that finding this site,was so amazing,too many delicious about books!Thanks again!

  45. The Seekers are fifteen crazy ladies with personalities and books ALL over the map, but you know what??? The component that makes Seekerville SOOO incredibly special and like a large family are the Seeker friends who support us, talk to us, befriend us and ARE family!! We couldn't do this without you guys, and we LOVE YOU LOTS!!!

    And, ANNE, ROSE, WHITNEY AND CHERYL -- thanks, guys, for your kind comment about the cover. Revell always does a great job, don't they??


  46. Ask me WHY Blogger is acting up.

    Why a post that was perfect at midnight is suddenly possessed.


  47. I give the gift of my smart mouth. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

  48. So many good books to read. Love this site.

  49. Ah, Blogger.

    A Pirate's Ode to Blogger:

    A friend to me,
    You are, kind sir,
    On every other Sunday.

    Except the one I need you for,
    When you pretend it's Fun Day.

    But not for our dear friends, kind sir...

    For their time should not be wasted!

    But I shall raise a glass in toast
    for all the great reads tasted!

  50. Congrats to Winners
    (I’m one)
    & to another
    Seeker Anniversary!


    I won a 10-page critique by Sandra Byrd. This will be the first outside look at my 120,000 word “Characters in a Romance”. Next step will be contests. I’m very happy – at least, for now. I feel like a mother bird kicking her chick out of the nest. : ) I’m polishing the ten pages right now.

    Do I send the entry to the Seeker email or to Sandra’s?

    TINA: Those are really great links. I love finding new blogs that offer interesting insights. BTW: Blogger is like one of those romance characters who take on a life of their own and won’t behave. You have to show them who is boss!

    RUTH: I’m writing the questions for the Trent Michaels “Reunited Hearts” interview. I’ll take question suggestions from anyone who wants to leave them here today.

    JULIE: Love your new cover. Is that Emma on the cover? Your covers are like a fashion history.

    CHERYL: Congrats on your new series. I think you have the most heroic heroes. But then you start with actual heroes. Pretty good idea. Will there be any PJs or ex-PJs in the Eagle Point Emergency center?

    Remember: Time is relative.


  51. Has anyone noticed that there's a pirate lurking in Seekerville today? He seems harmless...but that look in his's a bit unnerving. And he's given to strange outbursts of pirate rants.

    Cheryl, congrats on your new series with Love Inspired! I'm excited to start reading it! 2012 seems too far away. Luckily there's lots of other lovely Seekerville releases to help countdown to your release date! LOL

    Julie -- the cover is gorgeous -- very compelling and different. Love the tilt of her chin -- it's like she's daring me to open the book and start reading.

    thank you Seekerville -- you're definitely a blessing in my life!

  52. Vince, this is our almost 1/2 year anniversary. Big party in October.

    Sent it to the Seekerville email and we will forward it on. Your pages I mean :)

  53. This comment has been removed by the author.

  54. I love Seekerville! In fact, I just became a Follower. Yay! :-)

  55. YAYAYAYAYAYAY Cheryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot stinkin' wait, but you know that already ; )

    Julie, LOVE the cover, lady!! It's gonna be brilliant!

    Congrats to all the winners :D

    THANK YOU all so, so much for making this such a welcoming place. I may not be a writer, but I know if that comes into my life you'll all be super supportive. As it is, you already are and I consider you all a lil like family in a sense. So thank you so much for opening your arms to me, personally, and everyone else that you have also. Each and every one of you is spectacular!! I give you all *hugs*

    Much love,

  56. hi i'm typing with one finger peeking over my grandson's sleeping body. every time i lay him down he cries. so i don;t lay him is no hardship. :)


  57. wait! ignor that tina post! it was me! tina has no grandson

    i should just get off the internet

  58. I knew it was you who was in Blogger this morning. AHA!! Now I have proof!!!

    LOL, you should never,ever consider a life of crime. This is tooo funny.

    Mary, used my password.


  59. TINA you had me dreadfully curious there for a moment, since when did you have a grandson????? Then I read on.



    Why am I not surprised? Having a new one must go to her head... :)

  60. Oh, that's hysterical.

    Mary is Tina.

    Tina's ignoring Jack.

    Jack's chasing Kav somewhere in the deep North.

    Vince is logging in questions for a fictional but VERY HOT dude.

    And we could have LOTS OF FUN posing as Teeeena now and again....

    For a pound of sponge candy, I'll give out her password....

    Any takers???

  61. Angela, thank you, sweetie!

    But you might want to re-think that.


    No do-overs. Sorry!

  62. hi everyone!
    cheryl, yeah on a new series! but is Brock gonna get his story?! :-)

    yesterday we had my mom's funeral/burial and I think stuff is finally hitting me. I go back home tomorrow and my dad is coming down later that evening for his treatment. 4 hour drive - blech.

    any leftovers from breakfast?! I like breakfast for dinner...


  63. How can Tina tell I logged in as her?

    This feels very CIA to me.

    I'd force Tina to admit it, but I think I'll maintain my plausible deniability.

  64. I'll give you my password for a pound of sponge candy. I'll give you my first born for a pound of sponge candy.

    Valvo's from Silver Creek, NY. Next to Ruthy, hands down the best sponge candy in the world.

  65. Susanna,

    I am mailing you a Denver omelet!!

    You've had a tough few weeks.


    We love you!!

  66. Mary, I know you were in there because after you were in there several lines disappeared in the post.

    I had to go in and tweak.

  67. Hannah has a birthday this week!

    She's going to be an oldie but goodie like us.

  68. LOL, Ruthy, stop discouraging Angela.

  69. I'm very glad I found Seekerville. This week I spent some quality time with "Reunited Hearts"--Thank you, Ruthy! I was a winner in the earlier giveaway.

    And congratulations, Cheryl! I'm eager to read the new series, though next year seems a long way away.

  70. Susanna! So good to see you here. Prayers and cyber hugs coming your way big time.

    Vince, I'm happy to report that the series is connected to Refuge and the Pararescue Jumpers will make cameo appearances.

    Thanks everyone for your excitement!

    Seekers love you!

  71. Gotta get caught up on today's blog. But, honestly, I wonder if I'm ME?????

    Am I really reading Seekerville, or posting here, or is it somebody else?

    Too weird...

  72. ROFL! We have imposters in our midst. Pam, me thinks Capt'n Jack is impersonating you...


  73. HATE Spring Forward! An early goodnight to you, Seekerville.

  74. ooh thanks for the omelet - and the hug!

    glad that new series will be connected to the PJ series..maybe Brock will finally get a story LOL and the others who didn't get one - there are a few sisters needing a romance!


  75. So many fabulous authors here! So many good books to read!

  76. I wanted to come and thank the seekers for such a GRAND time this week at Barbs blog!

    It was GREAT to meet you all, and I am looking forward to following you all here !

    Capt Jack, u rock ! lol

    krykym at fullchannel (dot) net

  77. Cheryl, thanks for the prayers. Another tsunami is about to be hit, at least according to the Japanese TV station my wife is watching on-line.

  78. Thanks for stopping by, Lisa.

    Always lovely to have a sister LI writer in the 'Ville!!

  79. Kym, thanks for stopping by and commenting. We had so much fun at Barbara's Party.

    Frankly I'm still exhausted.

    We generally only party on the island for First Sales. We had to do a lot of cleaning to make the place presentable.

  80. Walt, didn't know there was another one predicted. Thanks for the heads up.

  81. Tina, they're now saying it's a false alarm (though CNN is still showing it as active) Apparently, there have been several false alarms today. This was another one.

  82. Kym, so glad you stopped by! We have tons of fun here.

    Walt! I just saw that. Praying it IS a false alarm. Hugs to your wife and all our friends in Japan!

  83. Daaaaaang, Tina!! You are good! I DO indeed have a birthday this week lol! And oldie!? Who you callin' oldie, ma'am??? Bahahaha just kidding! I feel old *groan* goodness. I hope 19 treats me better than 18! Two more days :)

  84. Hugs to all the Seeker friends who make up our extended Seeker family!

    You're the reason we blog.

    You make it so much fun!

    THANK YOU!!!

  85. Ok I need to know what is sponge candy. (it sounds shall I say strange?)

    Cheryl glad you like the keychain I have one too.

    Hannah I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    All the identity changing is confusing this aussie. (we dont change our clocks and then its back til the beginning of April oh an extra hours sleep will be nice but when it suddenly is dark before 6pm wont be)

  86. Happy Birthday, Hannah!

    I'm praying this year will be the best ever!


  87. Kym,
    So good to see you in Seekerville! You were on Barbara's blog non-stop, right?

    Aren't you exhausted, honey?

    Grab a hammock and take a nap. Helen will have the coffee ready first thing in the morning.

  88. Walt, praying for everyone in Japan. Such a tragedy!

  89. Ausjenny, I had never heard of Sponge Candy, either!

  90. Oh its like our violet crumble or Crunchie (the honeycomb covered in chocolate) which I do love.
    not sure I would give my password for a pound of it but it is yummy. I actually love it in icecream like the new zealanders have.

  91. Congratulations to all the winners! ~ It looks like another wonderful week coming up in Seekerville! :)
    Blessings, Patti Jo

  92. Oh, Susanna! I'm so sorry, dear, you've had so much going on in your life!

    Please know I'm praying for you. And for your Dad. And you've been pretty darn tough throughout all of this.

    God bless you, honey. With continued strength, courage and peace.


  93. KYM!!!!

    Oh my gosh, you came over, girlfriend!!! Thanks for stopping by, did they feed you, honey? Did Jack get you something to drink?

    Or just go walking with you????

    Such a rascal!



    Remember, I'm the NICE Seeker.

    That's all anyone needs to know, right???

    And Melanie, quality time with Trent and Alyssa in Reunited Hearts is a wonderful thing. ;)

    I heartily recommend it!

  95. Crumble???

    Oh yum, sponge candy by any other name is still DELICIOSA!

    Jenny, no I don't want YOUR password.

    You send me candy.

    I'll give you TEEEEENA's. Then you can go into Blogger and mess things up the way Mary did...

    And post with Tina's identity.

    And I get chocolatey-melty goodness.

    Everybody wins! ;)

  96. Walt, non-stop prayers going up for this disaster.

    A humbling experience all around.

  97. Ruthy I like your thinking only I like chocolate too.

  98. thanks for the upcoming week's news

    love to win starbucks thanks.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  99. VINCE ... yes, that's supposed to be Emma on the cover. She was, before the scarring, supposed to be as beautiful as Charity.

    KAV SAID: "Love the tilt of her chin -- it's like she's daring me to open the book and start reading. Oh, Kav, thank you SOOO much!! I actually worried that the tilt made her seem too hard, something that is not Emma at all, so I appreciate your encouragement.

    HANNAH ... thank you, sweetie!! Hope you are having a VERY special week!! :)


  100. Who wouldn't like a Seeker's book? Someone from another plantet?

  101. Thank you so much! I've been wanting to read Laurie's book! This is a wonderful surprise. :)

    Thanks and blessings,

  102. Yay!! I'm so excited!! I can't wait to get your book, Julie! : )

  103. Oh my stars! I've been up to my eyeballs in blog revisions trying to move my blog to Wordpress. (I have a migraine!) And I didn't see this. I am SO excited!!! THANK YOU!!!

    Michelle V