Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Are You....

Today's post comes to you from the shores of Unpubbed Island. For those of you unfamiliar with this terrific island, it's the place all 15 of the Seekers started.

We're proud of our humble, and sandy beginnings.

Pull up a hammock, because whether you're unpublished, newly published or multi-published, there are still nuggets of sandy wisdom to be gleaned here on Unpubbed Island.

A few things to consider:

1. Where you are is a wonderful location. Don't let today slip through your fingers because all you can think about is tomorrow. Become totally committed to savoring each minute of your presence in this day and this place on your writing journey.

Once you leave today behind, it's gone forever.

2. Whose yardstick are you measuring with? Living with 14 talented women isn't easy, and the hard part isn't sharing the single shower. The real challenge is living day after day with 14 TALENTED women. Anyone can cheer a friend when they are face down in the sand. But the true test comes when YOU are face down in the sand and they're wearing a hand woven crown of banana leaves on their head. Can you cheer for them from your heart? Sure. Once you stop measuring your success by someone else's yardstick.

The yardstick in your back pocket is uniquely yours. It's the only one that matters.

3. Get the sand out of your ears. The downside of today's communication modalities (texting, email, Twitter, Facebook) is that it encourages self-centered communication. What you have to say becomes the most important part of the communication. In your next real conversation I encourage you to listen. Hear the subtle nuances of inflection and tone. Pause before you respond. Fight the urge to interrupt, because truly, how can you respond until you hear? And how can you grow unless you hear?

If you don't take time to listen, how can your fictional characters?

4. Reaching tomorrow's dream begins by living it today. Planning is only a very small part of reaching your dreams. If you want to be a published novelist, live today like a published novelist. It doesn't get any plainer than that.

Take action today.

5. It's absolutely true that quitters never win and winners never quit. Resist the urge to constantly evaluate how far you have to go, instead, turn around and look how far you've come. Listen to that still small voice that says don't ever, ever give up.

6. Faith is not optional. Sure it's a walk in the dark, but faith goes hand in hand with expectation. Not just ordinary expectation but confident and joyful expectation.

Okay class dismissed. Help yourself to the giant fruit bowl of mangoes, peaches, pineapple, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and of course toasted coconut wedges.

For those of you who are new to the island:

Please review the following posts then head to the Spa for your free massage. We'll then meet you at the Coconut Shack for our afternoon mixer and Newbie Orientation. Map of the island can be found here.

Today's prizes come straight from the island.

So what do you think? Are you right where you're supposed to be?

Comment for a chance to win one of three corked bottles of sand with a message inside, straight from Unpubbed Island to keep on your desk.

And...one lucky visitor gets a coconut from the island (no, we aren't kidding) along with the Seeker release of their choice (if it's available on Amazon).


  1. I feel like I'm always behind. Can't explain this feeling, but it's always that way. Catching up seems impossibe.


  2. You are right where you are supposed to be. I haven't been caught up in years. Get used to it. Make peace with it.

    You only get caught up when you are dead.

  3. Hi Tina:

    I have found that the smartest people at any cocktail party are the ones who say the least, listen the most, and when they do talk, it’s to ask a question that proves they were listening and understanding what the speaker was saying.


    P.S. If talking was more important than listening, God would have given us one ear and two mouths. : )

    P.P.S. Mary: According to the laws of fiction, Sidney is not dead until one has read “Sharpshooter in Petticoats.” : )

  4. Im feeling behind in my study. trying to catch up abit today but hit yet another huge stumbling block and now need to find another person who works in payroll. (why cant anything be simple this semster!). I think I know whats its like to be on the island.
    Im not an author but I am trying to finish study to find a job (I have 8 weeks and I need to find something)

  5. LOVE this post, Tina - - thank you!!! (my "Seekerville Keeper" file is overflowing!). ~ I have recently truly accepted that I AM right where I'm supposed to be during this season of my life. Since I had to retire from teaching a few years ago (due to my back) I've loved being able to write and be at home more. But, I have to admit I have missed teaching kindergarten a LOT. Maybe one day the Lord will show me I'm ready (physically) to return to that career, but right now I have peace that I'm supposed to be at home--writing! (and...surrounded by cats *grin*). ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  6. Walt, I think that comes with having kids. I really AM behind- on the laundry, dishes, dusting, mopping, etc. But just make sure you're caught up on hugs.
    My dad used to leave out a coconut from 'SAnta' every year at Christmas. You know, because he ahd to fly over Hawai'i to get to our house. :D

    A friend just gave me the book 'Jesus Calling' and there are a lot of devotionals in there about resting in God's Presence. Funny that after I take some time, I don't feel so far behind, even though I wasn't doing anything 'real' while I was resting there. :)

  7. What a lovely, lovely post today. Such a good reminder to savor where we are in the process. Each step is precious and beneficial.

  8. Virginia! A dear Seeker gave me Jesus Calling. Oh my! Learning to live one day at a time is the most difficult thing I have ever attempted.

  9. Great post, Tina! Everyday I thank God for where He has me right now.

  10. Thanks for an excellent reminder of how important it is to savour the distance we've come and to recognize that we are exactly where God needs us to be on our journey.

    It's so easy to want our goals achieved *right now* but having something just beyond our current grasp isn't a bad thing. It's good to have a dream even while we're sitting on the sand with our notebooks on our laps enjoying the sunshine and sea breeze while wracking our brains for the next scene and chapter.

    Wonderful post, thank you!

  11. Thank you for the encouragement and great advice! :) I need to remember to truly listen more and to enjoy life here on Unpubbed Island.

    Only a couple more days until I head home for summer vacation! I'm definitely ready for some sunshine! Anybody up for a rousing rendition of "Here Comes the Sun"? ;)



  12. Great post! I know I'm right where I need to be and was blessed to learn patience and trust in God's timing long before seeking to write professionally.

    It took over a hundred years for Noah to build the ark. Abraham waited fourteen years for the promised son Isaac. I have waited two years and counting for my husband to come back home. And I'll be on unpubbed island as long as it takes! If I know I've worked hard to make my chances of getting off as strong as they can be, the rest is up to the Lord. But I'd sure love a seekerville message in a bottle to talk to in quiet moments. No volleyball lying around to paint a face on LOL.

  13. Thanks for this post, Tina. I've always been one to try to plan out my life, and you'd think after plan after plan failed I'd learn. Not so much.
    But with writing I've really tried to suppress those urges and enjoy the process and the stories without focusing on the NYT Bestseller list. :o)


  14. Thank you Tina. Beautifully said.

    I'm on hiatus. No guilt. Even here I am right where I need to be.

    I believe that months of focusing all my non sleep and non work hrs was right and a rest from it is right also.

    Do you Seekers really know how much you have blessed us along our journeys as well?

  15. Amen, Amen, Amen!!!! I LOVE this post. So encouraging and so very true! We need to stop comparing our journeys. They are all uniquely beautiful and God has so much He wants to teach us - and so much of that has nothing to do with signing a contract.

  16. Tina,
    Thanks for such an inspiring post! I always feel lacking and like I can't catch up, but you're right, we need to make peace with it.


  17. Vince--love the 'if talking was more important than listening God would have given us two mouths and one ear.' Never heard that before.
    I'm in with the listening aspect. You can learn a lot if you listen.
    When I get to feeling overwhelmed and crazy I just have to step back and think about why I'm where I'm at. What have I done to make my situation crazy--then I work on it. Because God's plan is mapped out. Mine, sometimes not so much!

    belindapeterson at tds dot net

  18. Hard to figure out where I'm supposed to be when I have no idea what I'm trying to do :) Do love this article though and will be saving it in my article file to remind myself that I'm right where I need to be at the moment. Thanks!

  19. Another Seeker Keeper, brought to us today by Tina!

    Most has already been said. This reminds me of the Scripture about God knowing the plans He has for us, giving us hope and peace. Especially real after returning from the WWG.

    Would ADORE a bottle. May at maythek9spy dot com

  20. Loved your post, Tina! You're one very wise woman and writer. Listening is an art. So few really listen since most of us have so much to say. I'm working on listening more, especially for God's quiet voice. And trying to live in the moment. Neither come easy to me. Thanks for the mental rap on the knuckles. I heard "Sit up straight and listen." I needed that! :-)

    Walt, Jesus Calling, the devotional that's been mentioned today, says our agenda, to-do list can become an idol. Getting everything done that we want done may not even be what God wants us to do. Lots to think about.

    Vince, I will picture a face with one ear and two mouths the next time I'm tempted to interrupt. LOL Love the image!

    I brought buttermilk coffeecake to go with the yummy fresh fruit.


  21. Tina -- all so true. The "you're in the place God wants you to be" is something that God's been impressing on me for the past week. Accepting "it is what it is" -- God knew before I got published that I wouldn't have free stretches of time to write due to day job demands, that I'm not a fast writer, that I'd still be writing a book in snatches of time over months & months & months. Knew there wouldn't be a lot of time to twitter and tweet and facebook. Little time or $$ to dash around the country for the "fun stuff"-- conferences and meetings and workshops or to do blog tours. But instead of being frustrated and beating myself up, I know that because I went into this prayerfully right from the beginning and continue to do so, I'm where HE wants me right at this very moment. And he'll help me do the additional things in his timing.

    That really brings peace to what could otherwise be a day full on discontentment. Right now he wants me to concentrate on the writing, on telling the stories he wants me to tell to the best of my ability.

  22. Tina,

    You hit the nail on the head with our measuring stick is only unique to us.

    Although it's hard sometimes, we just can't compare our writing progress to others because we are never comparing apples to apples.

    Thanks for the great reminder that we are right where we're supposed to be. For the last week, I've been getting a little impatient in my "waiting" for responses.

    RRossZediker at yahoo dot com

  23. Working on accepting it. Doing better about being genuinely happy for someone who announces something like a full request, a semifinal or even a contract rather than being envious. Usually some combo of the two, but the good stuff is winning out.

    And I'm still writing. Goal is still 3MSs ready for ACFW. I have a plan [such as it is] to do that. And I think [thanks to Pepper, Casey and Michelle] that my query letter just might be ready to go.

    Until then, I'll take that massage.

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  24. So appreciate this encouragement today! Thanks so much!!!

  25. Tina,

    Your timing is great, as usual. I spent the biggest part of Saturday and Sunday :( watching my daughter play softball in a town an hour away.

    I finally had the chance to delve into the book "Story" by Robert McKee (highly recommended by Harlequin editors.) He starts by explaining that learning to write well is an art. Talent plays a part but one has to learn the craft. Reading doesn't make one a writer (although it helps) just as listening to piano music doesn't make one a pianist.

    I'm still on the journey learning so i need to be happy, instead of feeling like a slow learner. And we are raising our kids and being there for them, which is of utmost importance. So things are as they should be, whether I'm feeling impatient and like a dunce. :(

    I've also learned from Seekers that getting something published adds pressures and demands which one needs to be ready to handle. So all this preparation is important!

    Sorry to be so long-winded. Hope it helps somebody!

    I just finished pineapple for breakfast and would love coconut. lol

    cathy underscore shouse at yahoo dot com

  26. Oh, this is wonderful.

    I sometimes gloss up my banana leaf crown.

    That's not good, and it's jerky, but I love this reminder of looking behind, seeing how far you've come.

    Not long ago someone asked me if I wanted to write for a big name publisher someday.

    For some people, whatever you do will NEVER be enough, so you can't gauge by their standards.

    To thine own self be true.

    And God.

    Hey, home-made banana-pineapple chocolate bread.


    Dig in and for you carb-watchers...

    Salad and beef sticks to the right.


  27. Oh, Tina, good answer!

    Walt, listen to her.

    It will never happen.

    Who wants to really catch up, anyway???

  28. Tina,
    thanks for this encouragement. MUCH NEEDED!!!
    Looking back to see how far we've come is so important- and recognizing all the people who have been there along the way. I think we forget (much too often) that we're not alone. There HAVE been encouragers, supporters, and dreamers along the journey with us - cheering us on. When I focus on all those people who believe in me (many times more than I believe in myself) there's a lift to my spirits (and I start building my escape boat again ;-)

    Thanks for the encouragement, Tina. You are awesome!!

  29. Oh, my I am so guilty of planning. Even my lists had lists. Imagine living totally in the present.

    Just try to wrap your head around the concept. We're taught by the world the complete opposite. That it's irresponsible not to plan, plan, plan.

    But it's not any more true than a beer commercial that touts live for the moment.

    Neither are the point. The real truth is there is a time for everything and everything has its time.

    When we remember that, then the things that are pressuring us on a daily basis totally lose their power and we can relax in the peace of knowing we really are, right where we are supposed to be.

    Generally, however you have to be an old fart to figure that out.

    If you could learn it now while you are young I would appreciate it.

  30. Oh, Man, Teenster, I feel like I should be beat over the head with that yardstick because of points #1 and 2!!!! I mean, come on -- I've been in this business for ten years and published (contracted) for five, so get a grip, Julie!!!

    No. 1 is CRITICAL -- to enjoy the journey, which is all of us know is not always easy to do when you have a deadline breathing down your neck, your plot is in knot along with your stomach and you see S.S. Accolade sailing by to somebody else's port of call.

    And No. 2 -- oh, gosh, somebody beat me over the head with that yardstick, PLEASE, and no, not you Ruthy!!! We live for God, write for God, but we don't measure success by God's measure, which will literally bury you in the sand. God help us to become the writers He wants us to be in every single aspect, from writing to success.

    Thank you for this excellent post and timely reminder -- I cannot tell you just HOW much I needed the kick of sand in my face.


  31. These apply to more than just people wanting to get published. I enjoyed the wisdom!

  32. I often feel like I wish I could write faster! Part of the problem, I think is I get distracted too easily...something I'm working on fixing. I do feel like I'm finally at a spot where I can really write the stories burning inside me and of course learn from other wonderful writers like all the Seekers:) I get discouraged quite a bit because it's all not going fast enough...but maybe that's part of the writer's journey?

    Thanks for sharing...awesome post!

    lornafaith at gmail dot com

  33. Adge, Seekerville is like that. :)

  34. Hmmm. Am I right where I'm supposed to be? Is that a trick question? Because if I answer 'no' then I'm doubting God's wisdom, but if I answer 'yes' I'm wondering what's up with God's wisdom! :-)

    I've been stuck in a quaqmire actually so thanks for throwing a lifeline. I was trying to savor the experience (Consideration #1)but I was getting kind of soggy!

    Now I'll concentrate on my listening skills while I dry out! Then maybe I'll be ready to tackle the other consideration points.

    You seekevillians rock!!!!

  35. You know Lorna I have stopped calling myself ADD. Example: Start prayer time, remember Mother's Day card. Look for stamps. See recycle pile. Dispose of it. Arrgh, didn't vacuum. Vacuum. Coffee is now cold. Heat coffee. Sit down again to pray.

    Rail on self for being unfocused. Instead I am going to be thankful for my Attention to Detail Diva qualities (ADD). I did all that stuff in under ten minutes.

    Take that you focused people.

  36. Kav, no condemnation. Simple let it go. Let it go. Let it go. Be at peace with where you are.

    Thank you Lord, for where I am and what YOU have in store for me.

    Think about it in my world, what it is like to follow the footsteps in the sand of these amazing Seekers. It took me a while to be able to do that and appreciate that my journey, my ministry is one that no one else can accomplish but..ME.

  37. Tina,

    Thank you for these beautiful reminders. I especially loved: "Become totally committed to savoring each minute of your presence in this day and this place on your writing journey.
    Once you leave today behind, it's gone forever."

    This is SO true. We have to learn to be happy NOW, in this moment. Not keep looking for some future event that will finally make us happy.

    I also love the part about listening! That is so huge. It's a skill that is getting left behind. I shall try to instill it in my kids (if it's not too late already!)

    Have a great day. I'm off to the spa with a coconut drink to listen to the waves!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  38. Hmmm, Teenster, this little gem sounds vaguely familiar . . . . ;>D

    But still trying to figure out why I was SUPPOSED TO BE in the ER with hubby most of yesterday. At least we know now it's nothing any more serious than fluid in the ears and allergies.

    Something I always try to remember when reasons aren't forthcoming: God's ways are higher than our ways. God's thoughts are higher than our thoughts. What we don't know, He does.

    So, if we're listening to His guidance, we can be sure that no matter what turmoil is going on around us, WE ARE EXACTLY WHERE WE'RE SUPPOSED TO BE.

  39. I fall in and out of discouragement/encouragement in my writing, and other things in life (i.e. job, finances, living arrangements), but God knows best and when it’s time, it will all happen overnight as it always does, and hardly ever in the way that you thought it would, albeit the best way.

    Life is such a journey and it’s easy to get ahead of ourselves. Taking it slow requires more stamina than that of an Olympic runner.

    I’m very intrigued about the prizes! Please enter me!



  40. Thank you for reminding me that every day can be a vacation and to value where you are. Sometimes life likes to bite, but you have to just move forward not get hung up on the problems and what bad has happened

  41. Yes! My God of the 11th hour.

    Always right on time.

  42. Appreciate that manna. Because the same God who put that dream in your heart will lead you to the promised land. Count on it.

  43. 'bloom where planted' comes to my mind...a great posting and question to ponder on today.

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  44. You're so right...I think I'll adopt that definition of ADD.
    I'm thankful to be on this journey of learning and growing in many different areas ~ God is good!

    Thanks for the perspective, Tina:)

  45. Tina, I wish I could hug you! I really needed this encouragement. It's so easy to get bogged down. I was so excited to finish my manuscript. I'm still glad to be that far into the process, but I never realized the self-editing, tweaking, layering process could be so long and tedious... at least for ones first wip (actually my second, but it's stuffed under the bed awaiting resurrection day). I finished my first major revision and am SO glad that's over with! Now, I'm tweaking and layering. Hopefully it won't take the months it took to do the major revision.

    Thanks for the fruit! And I'd LOVE to win one of your Unpubbed message in a bottle.

    Vince, I so get what you're saying! But I feel behind in every area of life. Think it has something to do with four boys at home. I really do strive to enjoy them while there here. I'll have plenty of time for other things once they're out of the house. On the other hand, that's easy to say about my 17 yr old. My 5 yr old is another story. :-)

    Mmm...time for lunch. Chicken burrito time!

  46. Oh, and by the way, the Unpubbed Island map is super cute. I hadn't seen it before. All of y'all's vacated huts since you set sail for the Published Mainland are packed FULL with new Unpubbed Stranded’s who spend their time skipping stones in Rejection Lake, praying at Meditation point, and rummaging through old manuscripts at WIP Caves. They also spend a good deal of time standing on the shoreline, the salty breeze tossing their hair and sprinkling their arms as they watch, and wait, for the first sign of the ship known as The Call’s full masts to top the horizon as it sails toward the island.


  47. Tina? You're mailing out a coconut?
    That sounds really yummy. Hard to fit in an evelope, though.

    You're first point....I call that 'wishing your life away'.
    It's so easy to think, "I'll do this as soon as the weather gets nice." or "I'll do that when the kids are back in school." or "I'll get to that when the house if finally clean." (Okay, that last one it totally fake, cuz I know my house is never gonna be clear)

    So, don't wish your life away.
    It reminds me of the Bible verse where the man said to Jesus, "First let me bury my father."
    The message to be heard there (because why wouldn't Jesus let the poor guy bury his FATHER???) is that it's not what you've got to do before serving Jesus, it's that your heart and soul aren't right. It's that THIS ONE MAN was not right with Jesus and Jesus knew it. If the man was right with God, he could have stayed and buried his father ... no problem.

    I...um...might've gotten off topic. Excuse me while I go back and read for a while.

  48. #3 is a real weakness of mine. I don't LISTEN. I know this about myself and I try to do better. I am TRYING. I think, after a conversation is over, "Why didn't I ask? She gave me an opening adn I think she wanted to talk about this.---but no-o-o-o-o-o-o I had to keep yammering.

  49. #4, live like a published novelist? You mean I can wear my tiara all the time now, instead of just late at nights, when everyone is in bed but me?


    Uh....all published novelist wear tiaras, right? Tina? RIGHT???

  50. #5 winners never quit.

    I can't seem to quit writing. So I guess I'm good with this one.

  51. #6 Faith is not an option.
    Like so much of writing the faithfulness I feel is a rollercoaster. Somedays I feel powerfully connected to God, other days I feel so weak and worthless it's just a sad, cold place where I live.

    what I've learned about this is: Don't trust your faith to feelings. Trust your faith to Jesus Christ. Amen

  52. What an uplifting post, Tina! I do my best to enjoy every part of my journey, even though some days my steps are slow and plodding and others my feet barely touch the ground.

  53. Mary, I am wearing my tiara now.

    And yes, I believe the last winner of a real live coconut was Katie Ganshert. LOL, poor kid. Wonder what she did with it.

    Yeah, another tough one. Faith does not = feelings.

  54. What a great post, I love it! Thank you, it's a great reminder that I can only do so much within a 24 hour period.
    I am right where I'm supposed to be.

  55. I am so loving that your name is December. What a great writer's name.

    Now I am thinking of changing mine to September. September Russo. I like it. I LIKE IT.

    Oh, sorry, off topic.

    Welcome to Seekerville. Welcome to the island. Have a coconut smoothie on the house.

  56. This post is definitely a keeper - maybe even the "print it out, frame it and hang it on the wall" kind! All five of those points hit me right where I needed to be hit, and then I went and read all the links - all in all I've spent an enjoyable morning on the island.

    What is really great, though, is that there is this place where we "unpubbed"s can come to gather information and encouragement. Thank you so much! I know exactly where my writing career would be without you, and it isn't pretty. But WITH all of you, I'm right where God wants me to be.

    Meanwhile, I have to brush up on my Captain Jack lingo while I wait in line for a massage at the spa.

    And, of course, please enter me in the drawing -

  57. Jan, that Jack can be bossy. I told him today was Orientation Day and to stay on his ship. But nooooooooooo, he has to corrupt, I mean meet all the newbies.

  58. I resemble that remark!!

    Don't dare impugn me honor. I was merely getting to know the ladies. Who knows, we may need extra crew in case those villainous rum pirates attack in the night!


  59. Heard a saying...in acceptance lieth peace.....I try to remember that and be content. Count me in for the drawing, please.

  60. August Russo.
    Go with that.
    It makes you sound wise.

    Also old and male, but nothing is perfect.

    A great writer name is a great thing.

    Mary Connealy boring. (excuse me while everyone dozes off)

  61. My favorite Captain Jack quote is: "I think we’ve all arrived at a very special place. Spiritually, ecumenically, grammatically. "

    And I've learned so much about the Seekers today - Cara? Top Gun? Cool!

    For those who don't know what I'm talking about, just follow the links!

    Now, September Russo sounds good. April Russo? not so much.

    "Mary Connealy" is a wonderful name. Just say it out loud - it rolls off the tongue with a kind of Irish lilt, doesn't it?

    Don't mind my ramblings. I'm just taking a break from trying to get paperwork in line for our house closings on Friday (for the sale) and sometime before May 26 (for the purchase). Deadlines require chocolate. Lots of it.

  62. Hurray for posts like this! I've spent way too much time not enjoying where I'm at in this journey because I always feel like I'm supposed to be somewhere else, or further along. It makes so much sense to embrace each step, take courage when we need to, and cheer others on as we go. Thanks for this message today, it was much needed :)

  63. Great post! I believe I'm right where I'm supposed to be, but I get really impatient for God to move me on to the next thing. I thought I'd mellow with age... not so far...

  64. Mary, you have a great name! My first name is legally Mary but I've always been called by my middle name, a family name... which I keep telling my parents is no EXCUSE.
    I love Missy Tippens' name- doesn't she sound fun?? And Tina sounds so dignified with the Radcliffe (makes me think manor houses.
    Fighting a toddler for the keyboard with a sleeping baby on my lap is reminding me that children are good messengers... Time to go read some books that rhyme, with talking animals.
    LOVE the map!

  65. A wonderful inspiring post, Tina. I've not reached my destination yet but keep moving forward. I'm learning the craft and waiting on God. I have my bottle of sand from the Island on my desk as a reminder to keep pursing my goal of publication. This post is a blessing.

  66. What great timing for this post. I have been feeling a little frustrated lately, it doesn't help that I have a bad cold, and needed the gentle kick in the pants to remind me. All of you are inspired, I feel blessed to have found this page. Thank you.

  67. You guys are so sweet.

    August Russo reminds me of August Rush.

    Jennifer ALlee! I mailed your book to a pastor I know and he loved it!!!

  68. Tina -- LOL on 15 women sharing a shower. That *would* be hard. But as long as there's room to plug in my straightening iron, I'm good.

    It's crazy how REAL unpubbed island is to me! And I love it.
    Life IS pretty awesome here. (Don't get me wrong, if a rescue boat comes along, I'll doggy paddle out to meet it, but what's the hurry?) We've got margaritas, pirates, and more food than we know what to do with.

    Thanks for letting us all vacation here! Seekerville Rocks.

  69. There are lots of days when I WISH I were at a different stage in life (no more diapers, chasing my two year old--everywhere, and go-go-going all the time) but I KNOW that God has me right where He wants me. I'm being stretched and challenged in ways I never imagined. Even though it's hard sometimes, in the end I'm going to come out stronger and wiser (hopefully!). Then one day when mine are older and I see that younger, frazzled mom with little ones, I'll know just how to minister to her.
    God has taught me through every stage of life, even if I didn't learn my lesson until much later. So today I'm going to try and embrace where He has me and rest in the knowledge that He is at work! God bless, Stacey

  70. Hello again Tina (August? September?) - had to jump in one more time when I saw Capt. Jack on the island *wink*. ~ Also, several folks had mentioned the AMAZING book Jesus Calling, and I wanted to say that precious Debby Giusti sent me a copy at Christmas, and OH MY!!! It is a TREASURE!!! (just like Debby!). ~ Blessings, Patti Jo
    p.s. Now I plan to give my sisters a copy too!

  71. Wise, true and fitting words today. Thank you!

    I'm glad I'm not really on an island because when I'm at the beach I tend to become totally hypnotized by the wind and waves and I zone out!

    Must focus!


  72. That lovely Debby Giusti gave me mine as well! And I have passed on a copy to my mom and sister :)

  73. Gotta love cool names!
    Months of the year
    Seasons (either kind)

    I like September Russo - very nice! Sounds like a character's name

  74. And I still love Mary Bailey's profile pic!

  75. Stopping by late. Tied up today, but in a good way. And, yes, I did enjoy the moment.

    Lovely post with a powerful message, Tina. But then, you always provide something rich. Thank you!

    Jesus Calling! Love it. So glad others do, as well. :)

    In anticipation of May 4th, my father's birthday--he's celebrating in heaven--Jesus Calling says:

    "The more you give yourself to Me and My ways, the more I fill you with inexpressible, heavenly Joy."


    Thanks for bringing joy to our lives today, Tina!

  76. I HAVE POWER AGAIN!!! THANK YOU, GOD!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS! Seven days without electricity and internet is very humbling. I love utility workers. They are my heroes.

  77. What a fantastic post. Thanks for putting things in perspective.

  78. Great mottos to live/walk by, Tina. Such wisdom! Although, I must say, if I'm right where I'm supposed to be, then it's a little scary. My faith walk is truly tested because everyday is an exercise in trusting God without being able to see tomorrow.

    As always, I'm in for the drawings!

  79. Melly!!! Safe and powered. Thank you, God.

  80. Dianna! Walk in the dark, I tell you.

  81. Thanks! A fun message! and a great reminder!

    God bless you all!

  82. This post was SO timely for me. Three times in the past five days, God has tossed something in my path to remind me that His timing is what is important.

    I am right where God wants me - and I'm moving forward toward His next step for me.

    Waving from the island!


  83. I subscribe to the posts, so I'm a day behind and late in adding an Amen, especially to #1, 2, 5, and 6. And yes, after a long haul, I'm almost where I want to be. And I'm no longer nursing a crisp sunburn.

    As always, excellent advice and encouragement. I think I'll wear the dress I bought in Kauai ten years ago to honor this post.

    Oh, wait. I can't zip it up. Does anyone have a spar muumuu?

  84. Some days I feel tense and rushed. Some days I feel like a fish washed up on the island, floudering to get back to the water. However, I know in my heart that I'm exactly where I need to be right now. I don't even remember how I found my way to your island, but I know it was God's direction. Thank you all for your encouraging words and for a notebook full of Seekerville knowledge!

  85. Hey, Joanne, that's a wakeup call huh?

    Yes, some days, we're the bug, Jillian and some days we're the windshield.

  86. I never feel like I am where I should be. I always feel like I'm trailing behind the pack. I just keep trying....

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.