Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tina and Ruthy's Excellent Adventure in NYC!

We have so much to share and interestingly (or not) enough we have different perspectives as we share about our trip.

Ruth is a New York City veteran (0f sorts), and Tina? Her first trip ever to the Big Apple.

First, Ruthy's tales from the road with photos:

So there we were, cruising across Interstate 86, straight through the heart of Allegany County AND WE HAD TO STOP! This is the real, bona fide, amazing true-to-life Angelica, the town Ruthy based "Jamison, NY" on! Note that Tina is standing in the RAIN... proving that we were, in fact, in Angelica.

Further proof!

And here is The Teeeeenster buying a copy of Reunited Hearts from Karen Ash, owner/proprietor of the Angelica Sweet Shop, a shop that looks a lot like Megan Russo's sweet candy store in "Small-Town Hearts"

Okay, here is our buddy "Elnora's" book in the display case at BEA! We love seeing Seekers and friends of Seekerville be successful!

Janet Dean's book!

Oh, and here... Oh my stars, THE HERSHEY STORE! Can you believe it, how wonderful is this? Surrounded by chocolate.

Ah... bliss. ;)

And the M& M store. Can you just imagine working at an M&M store??? They had to drag me out kicking and screaming, but it was soooo worth it!
And know what?

NO ONE NOTICED. Not one person.

Because it's New York.


Oh, and here is a pic of the nice security guard that ALMOST arrested Tina. No, I'm not lying, I had to chase the paddy wagon down, plead for her release, pledge her innocence and promise the cop a free copy of Small-Town Hearts for his wife!

NO LIE!!!!!

And of course, the highlight of the trip was having time to play with Melissa and Rachel, our delightful Harlequin editors! After showing us around the Harlequin offices on Broadway, we relaxed over dinner, talked and ate delicious food including bread pudding... Who'd a thunk they'd have bread pudding at a French restaurant in NYC?

Wonderful! And what a treat for Tina and me!

Seeing Tina experience New York City made the whole thing worth it. As for her list below:


I always make eye contact. It drives my son crazy. He says they'll know I'm a tourist.
I say: "Who cares? They'll know I'm nice."

I gave directions to people. Got them lost. It was actually fun. Next time I'm going to do it DELIBERATELY because people trust my face.

Silly people. ;)

I think Tina is becoming a NYC lover. Really. Truly.

And the feeling is mutual: NYC loved the "Radcliffe."

Now, Tina's tale from the road with photos:

In all honesty I've avoided New York the city most of my life. I'm from NY State but a city girl I am not. I was pretty amazed by how clean, friendly and maneuverable the city is. Of course ignorance is bliss so what actually happened in my 60 some hours in the city may merely be a figment of my imagination. However I do not recall being fingerprinted or booked at any point.

I would now like to publicly apologize to all the folks on the sidewalk I may have cut off and to the subway riders whom I stepped on. I would also like to apologize on behalf of Thelma & Louise to those two sets of tourists whom SOMEONE gave wrong directions to. I pray they are not still wandering lost in the city.

I had help on this journey courtesy of advice given to me by seasoned travelers and NYC professionals. They came in very handy, so I added a few random items that I learned all by myself to the list in case any of you are headed to RWA NYC.

1. No cabs are available from 3:30 until 4pm. Ask Ruthy about that one.

2. Either wear sneakers the whole time or bring sneakers to change into. You will be on your feet all day and the city is cement. You will be tired. Your feet will be tired. Factor that in.

3. Have your money for the Metro ready to put in the machine. Do not take your wallet out in public. Plan ahead.

4. Walk with confidence, even if you are lost. Especially if you are lost. (Ruthy has this down-tourists asked her for directions)

5. If lost, stop in a fast food place, and go into the restroom before opening up your map of New York. We simply hid our map and glanced at it surreptitiously. Works well also. Map of NY here.

6. Starbucks are everywhere. Thank you, God.

7. If the cab driver says the credit card machine in his cab is broken. Get out. Immediately.

8. Learn the city walk. Purse in front of you, no eye contact.

9. Do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk.

10. Pedestrian WALK and DO NOT WALK traffic lights are only suggestions. USE CAUTION WHEN CROSSING STREETS. If in doubt stay close to babies in strollers. Cabs and other vehicles apparently do not run over strollers.

11. In restaurants they ask if you want tap, mineral or Perrier. This confused me.

12. Plan to sweat. I'm from Denver. 120% humidity was a novelty of epic proportions. RWA is going to be hot folks.

13. That said: New Yorkers wear black in the heat. This was an interesting phenomena I will further investigate.

14. In Denver I ground myself by looking west. The mountains. There is no way to ground yourself in NYC unless you have a GPS device surgically implanted in your gluteus maximus.

15. You may get lost, you may be hot but you will eat the best food in the entire world for much less. This is pretty much the YUMOLA capital of the world.

I was very excited to meet my favorite book character Olivia at BEA! We're going to do lunch
the next time I'm in the city. (Caroline Tolley taught me all about doing lunch, BTW).

At BEA we chatted with lovely RITA winner,
Kristan Higgins (My One and Only).

Another shot of the lovely Melissa Endlich, Senior Editor and Rachel Burkot, Editorial Assistant. I don't know who the woman in the middle is. But she IS perspiring.

And finally, while I missed Sarah Dessen at BEA I am totally sure I stepped on the same carpet tile she did. (OMG!) I did see Elin Hilderbrand, but her line was soooo long! She was GORGEOUS. I still like her books (looks not withstanding) :)

Thank you to all the publishers who were so sweet even as we accosted them for freebees, especially the nice guys from Abingdon Press, and Arcadia Publishing and of course everyone at the Harlequin quadrant who took time to chat, and RWA Prez, Dorien Kelly, and Linda Winstead Jones at the RWA booth.

A special thank you to those nice guys with the Turkish Delight who prevented us from starving to death as we walked BEA.

Ruthy and Tina collected some great books from the generous publisher's represented at BEA.
So two of today's commenters will be winners of a surprise book package!

Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.


  1. It sounds like the two of you had a wonderful adventure! It also sounds like the two of you have the makings of a new plot brewing! I enjoyed your post!


  2. Wish I could have been in the back seat, sorta like a fly on the wall, during that trip

    Thanks for sharing.

    We plan to go to dinner out of town today in honor of our (Ruthie's number plus 10) wedding anniversary.

    Then, for a gift to myself, I plan to register for ACFW conference.

    Coffee's brewing.


  3. It looks like you had a wonderful time, and since you didn't make the NBC Evening News, I assume the Big Apple is still standing! :D

    Great memories for you. Thank you for sharing them. I'd love to hear more about your tour of the publishing house. :)

  4. Allow me to clarify. The security guard did not almost arrest me. This was in front of Rockefeller Center. He merely asked me not to sit on the ledge. He was worried about me.

    We are now friends on Facebook!@

  5. Harlequin was cool. It is the former Woolworth building. Gorgeous architecture. High security-I had to show my photo ID to get in and promise not to accost any editors.

    We saw no slush piles. Do you supposed they hid them?

  6. It sounds like you two had way too much fun. Wait a minute... you can never have too much fun. I sympathize with the humidity thing. I just got back from two weeks in Florida, where I spent the entire time feeling like I'd wet my pants. Lol. That was probably TMI.

    So can you explain to this sheltered island girl the significance of the credit card machine being broken in the cab?

    Thanks for sharing your adventure. It was fun to read!

  7. Well I think the person who shared that info with me was telling me to watch for unscrupulous taxi drivers. Those who tell you they can't make change and the cc machine is broken.

    Ruthy and I took the Metro everywhere. Ask her about that.

    It was interesting..

  8. Interesting adventures, Bill and Ted. Or Tina and Ruthy. Seeing both points of view was fun. Thanks for not head hopping.

  9. Thanks for letting us share in your adventure! Looked like lots of fun!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  10. Ah, got it. I met a couple of those types in San Francisco. Either they couldn't make change, or they didn't even offer change - just assumed it was all theirs.

  11. Oh wow sounds like a great adventure.
    number 8 about not stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. I would go along with that it really bugs me when people do that in the city (hey and Im the country hick!)
    Also the walk with confidence like you own the place got that down pat. (so thats why I get asked directions!)

    am wondering to cabbies nap between 3.30 and 4?
    and I do agree with the sneakers. when I go to the city my feet and calves hurt because here we have grass to walk on or dirt but but hardly any cement footpaths so when I hit the city with all the cement my legs ache.

    Thanks so much for sharing looks so cool

  12. Sounds like you both had a great time. Thanks for sharing :)

    adamsfammys at yahoo dot com

  13. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! *jumping up and down excitedly* It's been waaaaaaaaaaaaay too long! Lol I have missed you guys, or should I say ladies, soooooo much. You have no idea. But honestly, I've been completely ignoring the blogosphere. My last post personally was March 30 (until tonight). Have been having a rough time of it and didn't want to bother anybody. It was pointed out to me a couple different times that I add too much stress in other people's lives so I kinda hung low and only kept in touch with a few people. Sorry about that. I'm trying to slowly immerse myself back into it now though.

    Tina and Ruthy, you look like you had a faaaaaaaaaaaaabulous time in NYC!! You lucky, lucky ducks you to spend all that time together : ) I would've totally joined ya at the M&M store lol except not right now because I'm sick. I'm not really eating much of anything and keeping it in me at least lol.

    *hugs all around* I've missed you all a lot, I really have. Even though I've been MIA, I haven't stopped thinking about you or praying for all of you. CONGRATS Pam officially in Seekerville lol : ) Miss you all, but love you more.
    Talk soon,

  14. What, no scarves?!

    I was waiting for the gen-u-ine knock off scarves or purses or something... But M&M's will do. Or wait, BOOKS!! Yes!

    So, really? No slush piles?

    What surprised you about BEA? How did you too end up going? Is it something you register for or open to public?

    It just sounds like a blast. Thanks for sharing the adventure(s) ladies! May at maythek9spy dot com

    And Hannah, so glad to see you! Missed you!

  15. New York, New York! I love New York! What a blast you two have had - I'm almost green with envy!
    So glad you two had such a great time!


  16. I wanna go to NYC! sounds like great fun but I don't think I'd leave the chocolate and candy places willingly! I didn't know NY was humid - I know it's awful here in Houston though.


  17. Kathy, YES!!! ;) And it's funny you mention that because Seekervillians love to plot, don't they? And there's some serious eye candy in the Big Apple.


    Come with us next time. Although Tina's really good at riding shotgun and reading maps. SO THERE, TOM!!!

  18. Clarify/shmarify.

    Almost arrested. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    Which is better than "almost dead" which was almost the situation in Washington Heights...

    But we lived to tell about it (although Blogger ate that part) so you'll just have to imagine two purse clutching oldie-but-goodies on a street corner in an INTERESTING part of town.

    'Sall I'm sayin'.

    Erica, the offices are white. I mean the whole thing: white. That way every Harlequin thing stands out against the white walls. Or they had a sale on white paint at Lowe's. Who knows?

    We got to chat with Joan Marlow Golan. Rachel dragged her down the hall (kidding, she came willingly because Tina and I have BEGGED for a writers' spot for sooooo long) and it was lovely. We made Tina James talk to us, too. And they all send their love to all o' youse!

    They love Seekerville and they STOP BY OFTEN....

    Those are their words, not mine. Just 'cause someone ain't makin' a comment, don't mean they're not checkin' things out.

    Y'all are hearin' me, right?????

  19. Valerie, you're so welcome. Here, try some of these little lemon pastries, so tasty. AND...

    I got to see a real Magnolia Bakery.



    Not every train stops at every stop.

    I knew that.

    BUT... Not every train has one of those clever little light-up signs along the roofline saying where you're going.


    Hence the 20 blocks we had to walk on Wednesday... And gentle perspiration in the humidity.

    GULP. :)

    AND the fact that I hollered (such a dolt) for Teeeeena to get back on the train at the Brooklyn Bridge stop to go to Fulton Street, when I could have looked COOL and just gotten off at BB and walked to Harlequin because it's in between the two.

    Nope. I'm not cool. But my shawl was cool, so that's okay.

    AND... We got to glimpse the amazing progress on Ground Zero. So glad to see the buildings rising up... Can you imagine 24/7 work crews?


  20. First off, nice wheels! Man, that's a hot looking car! :) Thanks for a great post. I enjoyed the two different perspectives. Although they were both different, it sounds like you both had a blast!

  21. Ah, Jenny, Cabbies between 3:30 and 4:00....

    Shift change.

    Approximately TWO gas stations in Manhattan. I'm not even kidding. So the cabbies have to gas up and park their cabs while the next drivers take over.

    So all these people are waiting for a cab, hailing them left and right, and the cabbies are lined up into the street waiting to gas up at the BP station near the waterfront.

    There had to be 50 cabs there.

    All waiting.

    While people walked in the humidity and heat because they couldn't get a cab. Very interesting. But I LOVE walking in NYC. The only way to experience it.

    Oh, oh, oh....

    John Lennon's house. Well. Whatever you call it. Did you know they filmed Rosemary's Baby there?

    I did not know this. Savvy tourists informed me. And it has GASLIGHT TORCHES at the front gate.


    A little spooky.

    I kept waiting for a gargoyle to come to life and chase us into Central Park West.

    Didn't happen. Good thing. We'd have spilled our Starbucks.

    I love coffee. Have I mentioned that?

  22. Love the pics! My students hop on the train and ride to NYC all the time, but it's been a while since I've been. Looks like you all had a great time and schmoozed with lots of interesting book people. But what was that someone said about humidity? That's how we know it's summer . . .

  23. Sounds like you took the Big Apple by storm! Thanks for sharing your experience and the pictures.


  24. It was pretty fun traveling through New York with y'all. There were a lot of stuff I did not know... like I'm still trying to figure out the cab thing. I'm going to ask a seasoned traveler about that one though.
    Enjoy the day!

  25. Sounds like you guys had great fun. And the city tips-I think they're helpful everywhere.
    Thanks for sharing!

  26. Sounds so fun, ladies! Thanks for sharing!

  27. My brother's wheels.

    THANK YOU, SEAN!!!! ;)

    He rocks. Totally. If there was a nice guy of the universe award, he'd get it.

    But just enough snark to know we're related.

    Grinning in upstate.

  28. Hey, bagels.


    Straight out from the city. They say the water is what makes NYC bagels taste so much better.

    I don't care what does it, I'm only glad it DOES IT!

  29. Looks like ya'll had a blast. I hope to visit NYC someday.


  30. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraMay 31, 2011 at 8:12 AM

    Sounds like you guys had a blast! Thanks for sharing I wish I could have been there! Did you guys go to Serendipity's?? I have always wanted to go after seeing the movie. I am not a coffee fan but it just looked amazing.


  31. Yep, you are right about New York. Been there - done that! (I'm from Mississippi so NY was a whole new world).

    HaHa, I thought Tina really did almost get arrested!


  32. Your adventure sounds grand! I love all the stops, the antics, and the "advice"!

    My sister lives in NYC and constantly sends me cell phone pics of celebrities.

    Besides seeing Olivia, were there any standouts at BEA that you were thrilled to see? I know folks were thrilled to see YOU!

    Peace to you both, Julie

  33. wow...sounds like you ladies had a fabulous time...love the pictures, too....

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  34. Book Expo America. Publisher's trade show. I'll put links in the weekend edition on what the real pros had to say about what is coming for publishing.

    We were small fish in an enormous tank.

    I have been following BEA for years from a library perspective so to actually BE there was amazing. However it's really for publishers and those hoping to sell idea or products to publishers and librarians etc.

    The biggest stars we saw were Melissa Endlich and the lovely marketing people from Harlequin. In my world those are huge, stars. My life revolves around them.

    Other stars? Well lines are long, long long for book signings and my feet were tired, tired, tired :)

  35. LOVED this peek into your worlds, and NY.

    Gotta admit that though Ruthie is usually the one who REALLY gets my giggle on, Tina was the winner in the laugh department.

    Would LOVE to win that package!


  36. It looks and sounds like you had a fabulous time! Love the pics and the two tales of NYC. Haven't ever been myself, but have driven through many many times on my way to and from college. As far as the humidity goes, I don't think anywhere I've been on the eastern seaboard has been exempt from humidity once spring/summer hit.


  37. It sounds as if you both had a blast. I love NYC, and haven't been there in too long.


  38. The next time you guys go on a road trip, I'm stowing away in the luggage. Seriously. With a camera. And chocolate. (for the bribes when you find me).

    NYC sounds great! But the stop in the real Allegany County sounds even better :)

    Put me in for the drawing...and all of the books in the package are signed, right? Because Ruthy made Tina stand for hours in long, long lines...


  39. This looks like it was SO exciting. Did you all buy lots of chocolate at the M&M store? As a girl from Ohio where it can be humid, who now lives in Louisiana and it IS humid and scorching hot 300 days out of the year (MAYBE a slight exaggeration), visiting NYC should have been a breeze! Boy, a light breeze sure would be nice around here…

    The newspaper the other day said “High 900.” No joke. It felt pretty close, too. ; ) We’re looking at 99 and 101 this week. : ( Oh, for the north. :p

    Please enter me for a chance to win y’all’s surprise book!



  40. What a time! Isn't it fun to go somewhere with a friend, get lost, get found, have adventures?

    Several years ago, my good friend and I went to New York for a few days and it was a lot like this! We did the subway thing too, because we couldn't get a cab! (Must've been 3:30!)

    Thanks for sharing your fun, girls!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  41. Looks like a fun, productive trip, ladies! Thanks for starting my short week out with a :)

    Andrea Chermak

  42. Loved the grand tour, ladies. NYC sounds hot and crowded and busy -- but so much fun. Only 60 hours in the city? And you covered so much ground??

    Oh my oh my. Bet you had to stop to retread the tennys, huh??

    Loved the peek at Jamison, NY, too. What a lovely town, Ruthy. And quaint. You have my permission to set many books there, LOL!

    Tina, why did Ruthy have to bail you out of the paddywagon?? There is a story here that just got touched on. Shame on you!!

    More pictures please.

  43. Okay, forget about the paddywagon explanation. If I had read the comments BEFORE the post, I'd have seen Tina making nice with the security guard and Ruthy having to add her evil spin.

  44. Oh what a fun post, I loved it! And Tina, just had to laugh about your "bold" list. Too funny!

    Ruthy...ahem...what must I pay for that story about Tina nearly being arrested???

    And YES I finally know what BEA stands for: Book-expo America. I was googling it the other day and came up with all kinds of weird ones. Glad to have that one off the list of "must-know".


  45. Sounds like you two had a blast! And lots of fun telling us about it too ;).

    Better than the dream I had last night in which Ruthy sent me a Facebook message and basically... well, she said really, really, mean things! Not just the stuff she gets accused of around here [it can't ALL be true... can it?] but mean things!

    Like give up writing. You're no good. etc.

    Okay - maybe it was my own self-doubt and insecurities being channeled by a Ruthy like character in my dream.

    But I woke up crying!

    And, well, that could have something to do with the constant eye watering from allergies.


    But I still felt all outta sorts when I woke up!

    Because even if Ruthy thought those things, she wouldn't have said them like that.

    /shudders and thinks happy thoughts - like thoughts about the cookies in the kitchen/

    /shares cookies with the island/

    Except the island is unSeekerInhabited - so the rest of us unpubbeds get them =D.

    Would love a chance at a book. Since I just wrote one.

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  46. Sounds like an amazing adventure !



  47. Oh, Ruthy and Tina's excellent adventure!! I'm so jealous!!

    And I'm still laughing about the humidity Tina. Welcome to the real world. When I was in Denver for ACFW, I thought I was going to DIE! The very life got sucked out of me. I even had to buy lip balm at the airport! Could barely swallow.

    Okay, enough of that. You get my drift. :) Tina, I wish I could have seen you trying to drink the air. hehe

    Great post, ladies!!

  48. By the way, why can't you look anyone in the eye?? Is that what marks you as an outsider? Are you supposed to look bored to be a local?

    If so, I'll be like Ruthy and look like a total dork. I always look and smile while strolling down a street in Atlanta or wherever. :)

  49. Humidity is one thing. Wet 24/7 is another.

    Today it is breezy, blue skies in Denver. I can see the mountains. I am in heaven.

  50. It sounds like Thelma and Louise had a fantastic trip! And the pics are great. You two look like kids, but then again, you are!!!

  51. This post is so precious, Ruthy and Tina. Warmed my heart, it did.

    Tina, I'm so glad you included your list - especially the part about not opening a map in public and leaving a cab if the credit card machine is broken. Except now my jitters about RWA in NYC are starting again. Yikes!

    I tell you, though...I'd rather read about a Ruthy and Tina adventure any day over a Thelma and Louise one. Just sayin'.

    BTW Ruthy - I'm blogging about New York's Mission Coffee House and Blackwell's Island over at the Inkwell today. Do you know any tales about the lunatic asylum or other buildings on the island below the Queensborough Bridge now known as Roosevelt Island to liven the discussion?

    Anita Mae.

  52. Awe, thanks Anita.

    If there is insider info on an asylum that serves coffee, Ruthy knows about it.

  53. My nephew says, in the city, the way to get your bearings is to look for satellite dishes. They all point south.
    It's the equivalent of moss growing on the north sides of trees.

  54. He also said, Memorize the words, 'sorry can't help you.' say it over and over to pan handlers. Don't get your billfold out because sometimes they work in teams.
    It is the mark of tourists that they look up. New yorkers never look up. And tourists cant help it. So you are immeditately marked as a tourist, so back to the panhandlers and 'sorry can't help you' and not getting your wallet.

    And he said as long as the streets are busy youre not in danger of violence, pickpockets maybe but not violence.

  55. Disclaimer:
    I know NOTHING about New York City. Less than nothing really because what I do 'know' is probably wrong.
    So better to take directions, no matter how useless, from Ruthy.

  56. Humidity = bushy hair.

    Which we had, but only the first day. Much dryer and GORGEOUS the second day.


    The first thing the Teeenster noted to me was how green and colorful NY (the state) is....

    Oh, yeah. Gorgeous colors, even with just spring resurgence going on. Brilliant greens and jewel toned flowers.

    And Teeeeena WAS close to arrest. Okay, it might have been CARDIAC arrest, but arrest it was!

    And we only bought a small pack of M&M's.

    Yes. It killed me.
    But the other side of that coin is writers spend a lot of time on their behinds.


    We have to be more careful than most. So a handful of M&M's....

    And we gave the rest away.

    Self-preservation at its finest. AND...


    I considered it saving myself from myself.

    But I cried, a little. Just a little.

  57. Ruthy, I think it was very noble of you to give away a 44 ounce bag of M&Ms.

    Over the weekend, some friends and I went to see Captain Jack Sparrow. I brought along a box of peanut butter M&Ms, thinking we'd share them during the movie. It turned out that one of my friends had just eaten cupcakes and didn't want any, and the other doesn't like peanut butter. I was forced to eat all the M&Ms myself.

  58. And Tina, I will NEVER make you stand in the rain. Promise.

  59. Didn't you STAY with your son, Ruthy? So three or four days hotel rent?
    Nah, my kid will put me up for a bag of M & Ms. Okay FINE! I'll get him a BIG bag of M & Ms.
    But I changed his DIAPERS. He OWES ME!!!!!!!!

  60. Melanie, I appreciate your appreciation.

    For somethin'. ;)

    I'm not even hardly MISSING those M&Ms because....

    I fell in love with my son's girlfriend. Every mother will give up 44 oz. of chocolatey goodness to absolutely LOVE their son's girlfriend.

    This is a known fact. ;)

  61. Wow yours guy sure had a blast. You also packed a ton of stuff into your trip. Yall are braver than I am, I can not say New York is a place I want to visit, too many people. However the hersheys and M&M could definately go for that


  62. P.S. I think changing from 'Thelma and Louise' to 'Excellent Adventure' was a wise choice.

  63. Thanks for sharing about your trip! Looks like so much fun! I went to NYC on a mission trip in high school and I'm pretty sure I looked like a complete tourist! Thankfully we survived with no trauma! : ) I'd love to have a chance to win!
    Blessings, Stacey

  64. Sorry I've been out. Between grieving, my writer's network meeting, van repairs, Memorial Day shopping and cooking, cleaning for the in-laws to come in among all other mother/wife duties, it's been a tad crazy around here.

    Love you, Ruthie! I'll try to get back to you gals soon. I miss being here!

  65. So, when y'all comin' to North Carolina? We have Starbucks, too. I don't know about bagels, but we have barbecue. And humidity!

  66. My hair exploded the minute I landed in the EMPIRE STATE.

    But you know what Sandy, I have relatives in NC. (Raleigh) and it's on my travel list for 2012.


    Tina Radcliffe

  67. What a fun day at Seekerville!!! Hearing about your trip...seeing the pictures....THANKS for sharing!

  68. My hair doesn't explode, Tina. It drips.

    I'll be on the lookout! :-)

  69. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us, Ruthy and Tina---sounds like a FUN trip! The only time I've been to New York was years ago when I visited West Point (had a date with a cadet at the military academy there). Did I mention it was YEARS ago? *grin* ~ Loved viewing all your photos too--you both look so cute in the pictures! ~ Glad you had fun, but happy that you're back in Seekerville now. Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  70. Oh my stars, last little cutie just got picked up....

    And I needed to stop back and drop off bagel sandwiches for tonight!

    Andrea, I saw you sneaked in earlier... Hey, girlfriend!

    And Casey... no money. Just knowing that I saved Teeeena from incarceration is enough, don't you think????


    Anita, my computer balked at Inkwell today. Don't know why. But the whole Blackwell Island asylum is a huge blight on New York history.

    Oh my stars, what a horrible place. They had the PRISONERS from the prison next door guarding the mentally ill...

    Can you just picture how TOTALLY WRONG that was????

    Oh mylanta.

    Bagel with fresh lettuce and white tuna with just enough mayo.

    Oh, I'm so happy right now!

  71. Naw, we stayed in a great Holiday Inn in Fort Lee, NJ. And the shuttle took us over the George Washington Bridge (BIG BRIDGE to NYC) every morning and brought us back at night.

    Frank aka Alfredo was our morning driver. Great guy. And Angela, in the hotel? And Dennis????


  72. Hilleary, it's soooo not scary. Just fun. And amazing. I've used that word a lot today.

    And Sandy, I'd love to surprise you! :) Raleigh, here we come!

    Linnette, some days we just have to take time to breathe. Bless you, honey. Hugs to you from upstate.

    Jackie, mine does the exploding thing too, but I have this frizz-eeze stuff from... umm...frizz-ease, or something and that helps.

    Patti Jo, loved going! And loved coming home.

    And loved getting my laptop back! YAY SCOTT, my super laptop cleaning guy and wonderful nephew.

    Bless you, dude!

  73. So, what do they DO to/with people who make eye contact in NYC?

    Because I'd never survive. lol

    Eye contact, conversation in line at the deli, on the street, at the bus stop, on the subway.


  74. I think it's 87 today in the big apple. Glad you missed that! It's crazy green here this spring. The rain can stop anytime.
    I'm so glad you two had such a nice trip, safe and fun, and for sharing it with us.

  75. It all sounds like you both had a great time in NYC. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Love the car, Ruthy.

  76. Never thought of NYC being humid.
    dont do humidity!
    In Hawaii they have lots of the panhandlers now too.

  77. Ruthy, I'm sorry for upsetting you about Blackwell's Island. I don't think there's a sanitorium or asylum around that doesn't have some horror stories. I didn't think twice about it.

    I did read about the part that you mentioned and thought it strange, but no stranger than so many other things. Do you think perhaps I'm jaded? *sigh.

    The whole purpose of the post was to show the need for a coffee house - preferably a Christian one - to give an alternative to the bars. And really, the circumstances weren't that different than the need for coffee houses in Britain in my preceding post.


  78. Cool pics! Sounds like you had an awesome time. andantespirit08@gmail.com

  79. I forgot you were close by Debra.

    Rain,rain and more rain. But it sure is green in WNY!

    Tina Radcliffe

  80. Oh, man, I'm with Missy -- SOOOO jealous!!!! You guys look like you had a blast, and Tina, you look FABULOUS, girlfriend. Okay, be honest, you two -- how many guys hit on you in New York besides cops and people asking for directions???

    I absolutely LOVE New York, mostly because it is SO colorful and people SO don't care what you do or how you look, bushy humidity hair or not.

    Glad you had fun, but SO glad you're back!!


  81. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip. Lots of wonderful experiences. The bookstore and sweet shop looks great. I would be browsing in there for awhile.
    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  82. Thanks, Ruthie!

    BTW, I enjoyed the pics! Looks like you had a great trip. :D

  83. Oh my gosh! A MOST excellent adventure. And you guys are too cute.

    Thanks for sharing the photos and tips. I feel like I'm all set for NYC now!

  84. Pammers, we need to start our own secret society for NYC people who make eye contact. Truly, this could be the NEXT BIG THING.

    Deb, I'm afraid I'm a bit flushed today.

    I don't do ninety-two...

    I do eighty. Anything more than that gives me an attack of the vapors. Puppies are crying... Oh, mylanta, they don't like 92 either.

    Babies! :)

    Pat Jeanne, hey, girl! I love road trips. Have i mentioned that?

    AND ANITA!!! You're kidding, right? I wasn't upset, oh my stars, I was just amazed when I saw that they used the prisoners to GUARD the asylum.

    Who DOES THAT?????

    And who was the reporter that went underground to write about the conditions? Was that Nellie Bly?

    Amazing stories.... No, I wasn't upset, it was a century and a half ago, but I had no idea it had a coffee house attachment.

    Very interesting.

  85. Rose, love the pic of the horse. Tell us more.

    Who is he/she? Yours? A special friend???

    I love horses.

  86. Julie, we stopped counting the guys after we ran out of fingers and toes. Ridiculous, really. But a compliment, none the less.


    Glad to be back, we MISSED you guys! So much. And you will have so much fun in NYC next month.

    Really. Truly. Experience it.

  87. Cynthia, Angelica is just beautiful. Winsome. The five churches surrounding the Park Circle... Just an inspirational setting. Lovely.

    And Anne, oh so fun! Maybe when RWA comes back around to NYC in 4 years we can play together.

    But I had so much fun getting into trouble with the Teeeeenster!

  88. Sounds like you had a blast! From both POV!


  89. Just a quick note off topic:

    Rose and Mary - I'm driving through your neck of the woods (down I-28) tomorrow around noon-ish and will be waving in your directions!

  90. Fantastic post, ladies!

    I have always heard of BEA, but don't know much about it. How are the books chosen to display there?

    This may be off topic, but I thought it was very cool you met the people at Arcadia Publishing. "My" publisher! Made me wonder if my Arcadia book was there.

    I'd love to win books.

    cathy underscore shouse at yahoo dot com

  91. I can't believe it took me all day to actually comment on Thelma and Louise's adventure.

    Tina, I went to New York for the first time every about four years ago. It was my wife and my first vacation without the kids. WE went for Christmas, saw the Rockettes, and enjoyed the wonderful holiday festivities in New York.

    Yes, I wore black.

  92. Thanks KC. I really missed you too. Thanks for the welcome back. *hugs*

  93. Lady DragonKeeperJune 1, 2011 at 2:27 AM

    Ah, that looks so cool! I'd get lost in New York, I think ... I've never been to a big city like that, LOL. Thanks for sharing through photos and words!


  94. Hannah, we've missed you! And kiddo, I'm sorry you're sick, but hoping the end of your freshman year finds you looking forward to summer. A little time off! The change from high school to college is a rough one. You hang tight. God is plotting your footsteps even as we speak.

    Walt, glad you wore black. So metro. ;)

    Cathy, I scoured the shelves for your book but didn't see it. But they had a great display going and the man running it was very nice. And excited that we knew one of their authors!

    And my Dragonkeeper friend, you'd have a ball. You would get lost, but you can never really be lost because there's police everywhere. They don't mind helping hapless tourists like us. They're so nice!

  95. OMG! I have always wanted to go to NYC but have been a little timid about doing so. Thank you both for sharing your experience and especially your tips Tina. Maybe I'll ask my hubby to take me there on our next anniversary. :)

    Many blessings to you all!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  96. Tina and Ruthy! I cannot imagine what happened to me yesterday that I forgot to come to Seekerville! No doubt post holiday madness. Forgetting Seekerville is close to forgetting one's children and leaving them behind in a rest park. It's just that hard to imagine. Thanks for a fun, exciting, terrific post! I cannot wait for RWA!!! And may I say you both look fabulous!!

    Hugs, Janet

  97. I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to NYC. I've only been there once myself, but I would LOVE to become a part of it, New York, New York! If I can make it there, I'll make it......sorry, got carried away. Loved the account of your adventures!

    Would love some new books to read. Please enter me in the giveaway.
    teaching by writing at yahoo dot com

  98. Looks like you had a great trip. Love, love, love NYC. And Tina, you can ground yourself. Avenues tend to run north/south. Streets tend to run east/west. Unless you're in the Wall Street area or some other such neighborhood where the rules don't apply. Also, you can always look for the Empire State Bldg top to know whether you need to go up, down, right or left of where you are.

    Don't listen to the cabbies, and always get an estimate before getting into the car.

    I'm betting that arrest story shows up in a LI.

    Wish I'd been there.

  99. What a great trip! Thanks for sharing that. I've never been to NYC--Tina, like you, I've been avoiding it. Give me a home where the Buffaloe roam and a mountain or two on the way. Great tips. I'll keep them in mind if my husband drives me there while I'm napping in the car.

    Ruthy, we just came back from Penn where during free time, we visited Lititz and--of course--Hershey town. I was happy for you.

    Thanks for taking us along.

  100. Sounds like you two had a BLAST!
    I loved reading the two accounts of how it went.
    Sorry I'm late but thanks for the great post!

  101. Oh, and Please enter me
    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  102. Ruthy,
    I've been done school for a month. Nothing to look forward to lol. Besides I'm working. That's all. *shrug*

  103. This NYC adventure was hilarious! Thanks for sharing! I don't see any reason for me to get that far east, so your trip has satisfied any questions. I had a good walk around with you tho - loved the trip! Thanks for sharing it so creatively (yeah, I know that's what you do!) :)

  104. I loved the observations on NYC. You're so right! New Yorkers do wear black, even in the heat. Must be something in the tap water!
    It was great to see you both!

  105. thanks for sharing you NYC trip sounds like fun.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  106. Thanks, Melissa E. (as in our editor lol).

  107. Hannah, gainful employment! Honey, that's a good thing these days with so many people hunting for jobs. And I LOVE the excitement of a job... The people you meet. The stories I spin in my whacko head! I enjoy watching your life unfold before you!

    And Faye! Hey, girl, I'm so glad yo made it by. NYC is amazing. I love going there. Pestering my son. Pestering Melissa and Rachel and the wonderful folks at Harlequin. And INNOCENTLY mis-directing tourists. Except that was so much fun I'm determined to do it on PURPOSE next time.

    Cindy, do it! Go there! My first trips to the Big Apple were like 13 years back. My boys qualified to run in the big cross-country invitational at Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. I wouldn't have missed it for anything so I hopped in the car and I've been heading there a few times a year ever since. It doesn't hurt that the YANKEES and one particular YANKEE are there, LOL!

    And food vendors everywhere. I love food.

  108. I love PA, Kimberli. With two boys in school in Philly, I spent a lot of time in Pennsylvania. Love the mountains, the valleys, the Amish, the quaintness of the back woods.

    And I love me some Philadelphia! :)

  109. Ah, Melissa E!!!!

    Thanks for stopping by! I know you were out of the office on Tuesday, so it's doubly nice of you to find us today!

    And thanks again (publicly) for hanging with us. Feeding us! Tina and I had so much fun and both we AND THE CAR made it home unscathed.


  110. I love your adventure. You two had to have fun and then some. Thanks for sharing.

  111. It really was fun. Exhausting but fun.

    In that same two days I saw Brooklyn, Manhattan, Lincoln Center, TWO Magnolia Bakeries, Central Park, The Dakota, Macy/Gimbles, Rockefeller Center, and lots of Starbucks.