Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend Edition

Today Seekerville asks the question..
Who's your favorite Archie cartoon couple?

We Have Winners

Please contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules in the right lower column of Seekerville.

Monday Seekerville was thrilled to have special guest Stephanie Bond. Stephanie has written over fifty novels for publishers such as Bantam, St. Martin's Press, and Avon/HarperCollins. She currently writes for Mira Books and Harlequin Books. We hope you didn't miss The Appeal of the “Community” Romance Novel. The winners of 5 copies of Baby, Drive South, the first book in her Southern Roads trilogy are: Emily H, Jackie S, Michelle Stark Kurns, Valri and Hilleary Peterson. Thank you, Stephanie for spending time with us and your generosity!

On Tuesday, Seeker and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson shared Pace Yourself, using narrative and dialogue in pacing--how and when to speed up or slow down the action. The winner an IOU for Myra's next book, A Horseman's Heart, due out in August from Heartsong Presents is Casey H.

Apologies from Seekerville! On Thursday, midday, Blogger crashed, taking with it Ruth Logan Herne's post. Blogger was still inoperable on Friday for our guest post.

We have good news! We've rescheduled our guest and we'd like to give you another opportunity to win a copy of
Small Town Hearts, by Ruth Logan Herne, which releases on May 24th. So two MORE winners will get them on or about the release date. Just leave a comment today. Winners announced next Sunday.

And we've managed to save Ruthy's post from our Feedburner link. You can check it out here. While comments were lost, all is not lost. And we have two winners from Thursday, pre-Blogger crash: Erica Vetsch and Mary Bailey, who will receive copies from Ruthy when Ruthy's copies arrives.

Saturday brought us The Best of the Archives and First Five Pages Critique with Camy Tang's, Contest Judge Comments. The winner of a Seeker anonymous five page critique is Jan Drexler.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: We are excited to have Revell and Love Inspired Suspense author Lynette Eason with us today in Seekerville. Find out more about Lynnette on her Infinite Suspense website!

Tuesday: Join Steeple Hill Suspense, Guidepost Books and Zondervan author, Camy Tang for her post, What I Learned From Reading, today in Seekerville.

Wednesday: Debby Giusti will be blogging in Seekerville today and talking about Giving Back. She'll be giving away 5 copies of her May Love Inspired Suspense, The Officer's Secret, the first book in her Military Investigations Series.

Thursday: Seeker Cheryl Wyatt is back! Cheryl will be posting on how animal characters can enrich our stories and endear our characters to readers. Join her for Snoopy & SEAL Team 6. And, she's giving away three copies of Steadfast Soldier, which features a heroine who uses rescued animals to rehabilitate humans.

: Seekerville is DE-LIGHTED to welcome Bethany House author Karen Witemeyer with Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

Seeker Sightings

Missy Tippens will be featured in her first ever video interview on The Borrowed Book on Wednesday the 18th. She'll also be giving away a signed copy of A Family for Faith.

Missy Tippens, along with Seekerville friend, Lindi Peterson, will be signing their recent releases at the Canton Festival of the Arts May 21-22, Canton, Georgia. For directions or more info visit

CID Special Agent Nate Patterson, the hero in Debby Giusti's May release, The Officer's Secret, will be blogging on the Craftie Ladies of Suspense this weekend.

And Debby will be blogging at the Craftie Ladies of Suspense, on Wednesday, as well.

Debby will sign The Officer's Secret and launch her new Military Investigations series at Omega Book Center, in Peachtree City, GA, on Thursday, May 19th, from 4:30 - 7 PM. Call 770-487-3977 to order a copy for Debby to sign and mail to you. Proceeds from the event will benefit nine-year-old Bridget O'Connell, who has end-stage kidney disease and needs a transplant.

Debby will sign The Officer's Secret at the Georgia Romance Writers meeting on Saturday, May 21, in Decatur, GA.

Brenda Novak's Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes 2011 has two weeks left!

Seekerville is
giving away a Kindle loaded with Seeker Books and & Autographed Books!

Come on out to the auction. A great cause and some great prizes!

Random News

  • Check out Because It's May at the Nelson Literary Agency Blog, Pub Rants. Lots of agents up for grabs at the Brenda Novak Auction.

You've got to read this...

Finally, congratulations
to all our friends of Seekerville
who are ACFW Genesis Finalists!!

We'll be cheering in St. Louis!


  1. Great to have blogger working again. it was frustrating but then I remember yahoo groups and also Yuku and ezboard forums which were way worse in there hiccups and blogger do it so seldom that we notice that I realise its not the end of the world although I didn't realise how often I go to blogspots in a day.
    I would love to enter to win Ruths new book. Blogger had just come back on thursday as I was heading to bed so didn't get a chance to comment on the post then and when I got up it was out again.
    I use to buy archie comments so love the reminder of them.

  2. Thanks for another chance to win Ruthy's book. I kept trying to leave a comment that day, but it was down each time I tried. I can't wait to read her latest book.
    cynthiakchow (at) earthlink (dot) net

  3. Congratulations to all the winners. And yes, would love to win Ruthy's latest. :) may at maythek9spy dot come.

    MUST say... WAHOOOO to Cheryl. Seeker Cheryl Wyatt is back! Cheryl will be posting on how animal characters can enrich our stories and endear our characters to readers. Join her for Snoopy & SEAL Team 6. And, she's giving away three copies of Steadfast Soldier, which features a heroine who uses rescued animals to rehabilitate humans.

    This is a subject NEAR and DEAR to me. My hubby and I returned from the Joni & Friends Wounded Warrior Getaway earlier this month, and as surely everyone knows, animals are splendiferous for rehab. In fact, one lady warrior this time brought her fabulous new friend, a Golden named Bosley. He has truly changed her life.

    Way to go, Cheryl!!! Kudos. May the K9 Spy is Snoopy dancin' right along with you and the SEAL team!

  4. oh gosh - in all that excitement, have to say, I was never an Archie fan...

  5. YOU WERE NEVER AN ARCHIE FAN??? I am a total Betty fan. Totally.

    I was a complete Archie comic book collector.

  6. Betty fan all the way :D and Moose :)


  7. I loved Jughead oh an betty was good.
    they were cool to buy and they even had some christian ones at one time. I use to read them at the dentist (yes I spent alot of time there!)

  8. oh that was I use to buy Archie comics not comments.

  9. So good to be back at Seekerville!

    Congrats to all the Seekerville winners and Genesis finalists!

    Complete Betty fan here, which was odd because I usually cheer for the brunette.

    Looks like a great week coming up in Seekerville.


  10. Congrats to all the winners!!

    And super congrats to those who finaled in the Genesis!!

    Looks like next week will be a blast in Seekerville. Animal characters are some of the BEST. I always have an animal in my stories. Perhaps because they've enriched my life so much. I think they make characters utterly human: fallible, relatable, authentic. I could never love a hero/heroine who didn’t like animals!!


  11. Oh wow did I win Myra's book?? Make my morning!! Along with the brand new baby calf in the front field and a brand new baby cousin. It's been quite the morning! ;-)

    Blogger was aweful, wasn't it?? At least everyone had the same problem so we all understand. :)


  12. Congrats to all the winners!!! Looks like a great week, Tina.

    And I'd love to be put into the drawing for the 5 page crit next week. Please, oh please.

  13. I'm with Pepper. Please go ahead and put me in the ball cap, Fedora, or whatever it is you guys you use for the First Five Pages critique next week.


  14. Pepper and Whitney are in...........................

    Helen, you don't look like a Jughead.

    Hey, where have you been??

  15. I MISS MY LAPTOP!!!!!!!!


    Just sayin'.

    HELEN!!!! Missed you even before everything went catawumpus! So, Betty... Yes. Gotta love Betty, and I was an Archie fan. Oh my stars, so stinkin' fun!

    And thank you to all of you who struggled through this week's nonsense with us! We're tough. We can take it. But I missed you THIS MUCH!!!!!

    And Teeeena, thanks for finding another copy of Small-Town Hearts in the vault! SWEET! (no pun intended... hahahaha! Candy store story!!!)

    Working on a synopsis. Had to come over and see my S'ville buds.

  16. Congratulations to all the winners (AND to the Genesis Finalists!). ~ LOVED Archie comic books--I guess Veronica was my favorite (besides Archie). ~ Sounds like another great week coming up in Seekerville! ~ Blessings, Patti Jo

  17. What did I love about Archie comics?

    A lot.

    My favorite story lines were when Jughead and Dilton would team up to take out Reggie.

    As for the girls, did no one like Midge?

  18. And I'm in for the five-page crit for next week.

  19. Teeeeena, thanks too for your great links. I just read thru Books & Such about the numbers game, etc. Intriguing info there.

    Yay Helen - coffee break - hahahahhaaaa...

    Whitney - I could never love a hero/heroine who didn’t like animals!!

    That is true in real life too! Before I really allowed myself to fall in love with my hubby, he had to garner the approval of both my dogs. He did. Passed with flying colors. :)

    Been a drippy misty kind of day here... And the ants are marching two by two all over our kitchen counters. Took a trip in to town to get ant bait. They like it so far! We'll see if there are fewer ants in several days, like the box says. :)

    Bye y'all

  20. A big squeal from the Black Hills! Thank you so much for drawing my name for the 5 page critique! I'll be shooting it to you tomorrow!

    Archie comics? I only read a few as a kid, but I remember thinking Betty and Veronica were so silly to ever look at Reggie. Anyone could see that Archie, and even Jughead, had more going for them than Reggie!

    We have beautiful weather here today, and my Eagle Scout boys are recovering from a weekend of camping and spelunking. Our drive up into the hills to deliver them made us realize that the next car is going to be a Range Rover. Or maybe a Hummer. "Road" is a loose term when you get up into the canyons. It made me feel like I was in one of Mary's books...

  21. U R IN WALT!

    Yes, Love Midge, which is why I included her.

    And you know Ethel really just needs a makeover.

  22. KC, I totally understand. Don’t people know they (our pets) are like our own children?! Okay, I don’t dress the furry kids in outfits (I did dress our Pomeranian in some baby dresses when I was like, 10 or 11 and she HATED it) or carry them around in a bag or stroller. I always relate to your photo. : )

    Thanks, TINA! It’s exciting to be in the running with a double finalist in the Genesis! Woot!


  23. Thanks, Tina, for another wonderful weekend edition!

    Happy Sunday, everyone! It's turned cold in GA! Temps in the 50s. Brrrrrrrr!!!

  24. Congrats to all the winners!!!


  25. I spent hours reading and re-reading The Archies, and of course I wanted him with Betty!
    Congratulations to the winners!
    And, I'd like to be in the contest for Ruthy's book.
    Thanks for the weekend edition!

  26. There's a Ruthy book contst today? I thought it was this coming week. I'm in. :-)

  27. Yeah, two books of Ruthy's to give away.

  28. Thanks for the great W.E.!

    Congrats to the Genesis finalists!! I"m so excited for you!

  29. Was never an Archie fan either. I think maybe I'm too young to know them well.

    SNORT! :) :) (now I'm ducking)

    Actually, I never read any comic books. But didn't they have a cartoon on TV as well??

  30. Please include me in Ruthy's drawing! :D

  31. I really missed you guys when blogger was down. Weird, I know, but I did. See you tomorrow!

  32. I really missed everyone while blogger was down, glad to have you back.
    I enjoyed Archie comics. I never collected them myself, but I would sneak my brothers and read his :)
    Looking forward to a great week.

  33. I love comics, I read them everyday! But sorry, I've never read much Archie. Only a couple a very long time ago.

    Congratulations to all the winners!

  34. I have a box of Archie comic stashed away in hopes my kids will love them too. I was always rooting for Betty and Archie. Besides, Reggie was a better fit for Veronica. :)

  35. Soounds like another amazing week coming at us!

    Please enter me for Ruthy's book!

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  36. See I TOTALLY AGREE T Wilhelm!!!!