Thursday, June 9, 2011

Do Not Take The Summer Off! A Narrative by Bossy Ruthy

Urgent message from a mom and grandmom:

Krista Phillips needs our prayers and support. Our love. And if you could offer that to her, and prayers for little Annabelle who's story you'll find HERE...

I would be most grateful.
Because I can YELL at you anytime. I've proven that.

But this baby and her family needs us, our love, our prayers, our support.

I met Krista through Seekerville, and she's delightful.

But I'd ask you to do this even if she wasn't.

But don't you dare tell on me.


I only pretend to be nice.
Or maybe I only pretend to be mean.
I confuse myself.
What I don't pretend about EVER....

Is work.

Hi, my name is Ruthy and I'm a Martha-type.
I do not need an intervention.
I do not need a pill to make me sleep, I'm quite tired at night, thanks so much.
I love to write. I have waited all my life to write. Ergo:
I write.



My work ethic hasn't changed since becoming published.
(Thank You Melissa Endlich and Joan Marlow Golan!!!)
If anything, it's grown because...
This cute guy and little kid are eating my CAKE BATTER out of the bowl. Really???? These two are part of my inspiration for great heroes who do well with kids. And note the baby on floor... And the Keurig in the background. Country Casual, that's my name. Writin's my game.

Seriously. How cool is that? How amazing and awesome is THAT????

In all seriousness, a strong work ethic is your best friend.
Cheryl St. John and I joked about it last week, but it's true.
Many new authors fail because they don't work hard enough.

Should I repeat that?
Like once wasn't enough?

Do not let this happen to you. Plan your work. Work your plan. This is effective in sales, in marketing and yes, in writing. It's too easy when you're self-employed to let EVERYTHING affect:
Your time
Your work.
Your day.
Your week.
Your month.


Life offers stumbling blocks regularly. We've discussed this. We all know it. And yet, we still find ourselves behind the 8-ball when the chips are down. If it happens once, it's unfortunate. Twice, it's a shame and we all commiserate.

More than twice???

Usually that means your work time isn't afforded the deference it deserves. And don't give me a pity party, please. Are ya' kiddin' me? This is me with the six kids, ten grandkids, eight puppies to sell (well, six now) four dogs, one of whom is due to deliver next week, a cat, a kitten, chickens, fifty acres, yard work, oh, and let's throw the full-time job in for fun. And a beloved father-in-law who's been in and out of hospice and health crises for five months. Dad's got a great constitution that keeps fighting and he's in advanced stages of Alzheimers. So that keeps my sweet husband over at Mom and Dad's a lot, and that's okay. That's how it should be.

And most o' youse know me well enough to know what gets left for whenever: housework.

And this week I realized that with my current work load, I needed help so I bit the bullet (with Teeeeena's kick in the pants, thanks Teeenster) and spent the bucks and hired a virtual assistant, someone to help organize and expedite mailings, keep my reader letters directed to me so they don't get lost in the "IN" box, help with a coming newsletter, and just generally be a virtual secretary whose job hours can grow with my career. And I hired her because:

I'd rather write. I love to write. I wake up, longing to see what happens.

I rarely do pity-parties for anyone, least of all myself, so if you find yourself in time constraints continually, re-plan. Re-strategize. Re-prioritize. Re-something, please. Pretty please. Because:


Really. Truly. Delightful fun. And Patty Smith Hall did a great job of pressing the point as well. I'm sensing a theme...

Working hard equates success.

Remember Edison and the 5,000 attempts at a working light bulb? And his famous quote: "What if I decided to stop at 4,999?"

You can do this. Yes, you can, it's just a matter of delegating time like we talked about last week. Remember the post on "Counting" by Kelly Stone? AWESOME!!!

What an effective yet simple way to become accountable. And people who like to take off for the summer for a variety of reasons, tend to want to take off for the holidays (Oh, December is SLOOOOOW in publishing), parts of winter (Oh, I can't get up early, it's soooo dark and coooooold!), of course Easter (I have to hide eggs, I must make a cake shaped like a bunny and then one shaped like a lamb, and you know we can't celebrate Easter/Resurrection Sunday WITHOUT EASTER BREAD, RUTHY!!!)

Oh my stars. And that brings us right back to summer.

If you don't work a plan (especially for us pantsers and plantsers), you're cutting yourself off at the knees.


Whoa. Yuck. ;)

Do not tell my young friend Edwin I put this pic up. He'd be chagrined to say the least. Sweet young man. Shame about his legs, though.

Yeah, I'm bossy. I'm short, but I talk big. And I try to emulate the habits of successful people, most of which come down to this:

Work hard. Or as Nora Roberts likes to put it: "Don't give me any drivel about your muse not working, or writer's block. It's your job. Do your job."

She may have added a word or two that I deleted to maintain Seekerville's "G" rating.

I brought finger food today so you can write and eat at the same time. I'm very clever that way. Bagels, straight from New York (no, we didn't buy them two weeks ago. Sheesh. I've got an 'in' with a great bagel shop near Union in Park Slope). Cream cheese. Lox. Fresh, sweet onion, thinly sliced. Apples. Coffee, all kinds. And a chocolate basket to keep you from needing to rummage in cupboards hunting up just one piece.

We've got ya' covered.

And I'm giving away two copies of "Small-Town Hearts" today to two commenters. And your comments don't have to agree with me (although I'm not saying that HURTS, I love it when people agree with me, because I'm bossy and opinionated, quite annoying, actually). But this charming, sweet candy-store book is flirty and fun. And talks a lot about chocolate. So come in, sit down (near your keyboard, of course) and let's strategize work avoidance...

My best advice? Me and Nike concur: Just Do It.


  1. I have never, EVER been first on a Seekerville post. But I do take the Seeker posts to heart, which is why I'm still up and online. I was...writing.

    Soooo glad I got met my writing goal for yesterday, just under the wire, BEFORE I read Ruthy's post. As much as I look forward to meeting you, Ruthy, I gotta say I'm good with waiting until I have a few polished stories under my belt. Until I, like you, am published. Maybe I'll just wait until...

    Ah Ruthy, you know I love you. You're a Yankees/Derek Jeter fan and you write great romance.

    I'll pass on the snacks since it's bedtime for me. I'll check back in later today to see how others are faring beneath your blistering pep talk. :)

  2. Preach it, Ruthy!

    We gotta work if we wanna see our books on the shelves. That's all there is to it, right?

    I battled a humdinger of a case of Second Book Syndrome, and I'll tell ya what got me out of it. Writing. Yup. Even though I felt like my story was as exciting as dryer lint, I slapped some words on the page. I had to. I'm a writer with this here nifty doodle thing called a contract. No writing = No more contracts + no smiling agent. That's no good.

    So, I'm plunking my backside in the chair first thing tomorrow and hanging out with my characters.

    Thanks for the bagel. Since it's virtual, I slatered on the cream cheese. Yummers!

  3. I agree 100% - hard work is the only way to get done what needs to be done, whether it's something you hate but still has to be done (i.e. cleaning the toilets), or something you love. Like writing. I absolutely love writing - and I'll love it even more when someone pays me to do it :D

    Okay, I have to admit, I took a week or so off when I had to pack up all our stuff and move 700 miles...but I did get right back to the soon as I found my desk again.

    Don't put me in the drawing - I've already read "Small Town Hearts" and loved it. Really. Truly. I'm not just saying that.

    BTW - the chocolate basket needs refilling already. Is there any more around?

  4. Hey night owls!

    Way to go PatriciaW! :)

    Ooohh - Keli... I've not jumped in with both feet yet, more like toe in the water, but after this week... sheegads.

    diving in Saturday.

    So thanks Ruthy - you've done it again! Kicked me in where I needed it.


    (shame about the legs though?! Really?! ha! you crack me up)

  5. Here's a big pot of coffee.

    Ooh, I'm in trouble. I've been working on a rewrite, and the past few days have been like slogging through a lake of molasses.

    Think I've got the ending mapped out now. The goal is to finish it in a week.

    Will that get me out of trouble???

    I'm dying to get my hand on Small-Town Hearts. Reunited Hearts made my day.


  6. OK, I'm cracking myself up here. Just saw that I slatered my bagel with cream cheese.

    So, you might be wondering. Did I spread the cream cheese with a slate roof tile or mix in wood lice with it? Or maybe I chopped the lice with the tile before I did my slathering. Take your pick. It's late, and I'm off to ponder the possibilities while I soak in a Calgon-scented tub and read me some romance.

  7. .
    Plan your work.
    Work your plan.
    Plan to work
    a working plan.
    Work alone
    won’t make it rain.
    Rain alone
    won’t plant the grain.
    Work may work
    or it may not
    it all depends
    on what work

    Work and Plan
    but also pray.
    Odds are better
    God’s way.


    Back to work.
    I’d like to stay.
    But bossy lady
    Must be obeyed.


  8. congrats on hiring a virtual secretary.
    Now thats something I would love to do and be paid for. (I think thats why im doing business admin at present! and reports I know how to write them! ok so my grammar isn't good but.

    I do know about the working at home and the procrastinating I am studying at home and got procrastinating down pat! (add 2 weeks sick with food poisoning and a cold on top of it) but am making progress in my last assessment for the term.
    I guess its the same with alot of jobs or task if you want to do well you work hard on them.

  9. This message has been brought to you by the General George Patton School of Psychological Pep Talks.

    I can feel the sting of Ruthy verbally slapping me until I come to my senses and get BACK TO WORK.

  10. I love Vince's poem.

    A book that talks about chocolate a lot? Ohh I need to read that book.

    Seriously, Ruthy, I sense a theme too, and I'm seriously trying to count my hours, set a daily word count, and never take the summer (or December) off. Do you suppose I can get one of those virtual assistants to do my schoolwork, cook and clean.

  11. Wow Ruthy, I'm amazed at how much work you manage to get through in a day and still provide such yummy treats for Seekerville visitors.

    Thanks for the challenging blog post today- it reminds me of one of my favorite quotes “You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind.”

  12. I already have Small Town Hearts. =)

    But I still wanted to comment and say I think about my writing as my part time job. I don't use the "H" word... as in... hobby. But I do need to get better about putting words on the page even when I'm not feeling the story. I think I cover up for that by using that time to edit and polish earlier chapters. I'm now forced to examine how productive that is and how much is "looking busy" to my internal editor LOL

  13. I gave Patricia nightmares, no doubt.

    Sorry, honey, but I'm so proud you were writing!!! GO YOU!!!

    Oh, Keli my friend and absolutely adorable "I cut 75K from my novel" buddy.... YES!!!! There are times when we have to 'work' the novel, that it doesn't just spill into our laps. And you're doing it! You rock, chica! And hey, that sun-dried tomato cream cheese is the cat's meow, isn't it???? ;)

    Jan, just re-stocked the basket honey, straight from The Colonial Candy Kitchen in Small-Town Hearts (yes, shameless plug, LOL) and thanks for the heads-up!

    And you made an excellent point: there ARE times when we need to take time off. Illness, divorce, death, graduations, travel, Christmas and Thanksgiving and Easter... But when people get into the habit of time off, of fooling themselves and others, that's when it's problematic. It is a gutsy business. Do not for one minute think otherwise, my dear friends in Christ...

    And Jan, thank you for your kudos on Small-Town Hearts!!! I will smile all day because you liked it!

  14. KC, you finish those edits/galleys and then jump in, both feet, for sure.

    It is very easy to be our own worst enemy in this business. Stay tough. And May, too! ;)

    HELEN!!!! Oh, coffee, thank you. THANK YOU!!!! I'm so glad you loved Reunited Hearts, and I do believe that Small-Town Hearts is winging its merry, chocolatey way to you with one of the books I grabbed at BEA... You should have it in a day or two. And while my "Helen" doesn't appear in Small-Town Hearts, she gets a BIG role in Mended Hearts, due out in September.

    Bring tissues for that one. Just a word to the wise.

    Keli, I actually love lice with my cream cheese. And everyone thinks its just another herb, so it's all good, chica!!!

  15. VINCE!!!!



    I loved it. Totally. And I can't believe you ever need a Ruthy-harangue, but...

    You never know...

    And I hadn't reamed you guys in a while. Way overdue. I was actually starting to get a reputation of being NICE....


    Yeah, that's what I said. Enough of the Mrs. Nice Guy. I was making myself nauseous. :)

    JENNY: Oh, kiddo, sorry about the cold. Being sick. Never fun! But glad you've kicking yourself over the procrastination stuff. Good habits just plain make life easier. And they get easier the more we do 'em, don't they???

    Colonel Connealy, nice to have you on board. How's that insomnia working for you????

    And Mary's a perfect example of why hard work pays off AND cushions things. When life hands her a sudden curve, she's always ahead of the game and takes it in stride. She is my goal: to be like Connealy. Only in a dress.

  16. Suzie, isn't that a hoot??? The theme thing? And it was totally unintentional because several of them were guest bloggers.

    And I even e-mailed Sandra with a heads up so she wouldn't think I was targeting her and the tough situation she's in right now, because that wasn't my point or goal: It was just to work first, then deal as things happen. Oh, housework. Food. Suzie, I'm hearing you. Dave made tuna fish for after my choir practice last night... Simple works well for me these days! Maybe we'll do Zweigle's hots for lunch today...

    RUTH ANN!!!! I've missed you! Oh, I love that quote, it's so appropriate. Butt in the chair, make words happen. Very mathematical, don't you think??? Glad to see you, kiddo!

    NANCY... You've made a good point. While editing is a huge part of this job, FINISHING is bigger. It's so easy (for most of us) to write a killer beginning in the genre of our choice, and we know what the ending will be, it's the journey...

    And learning to make that journey enjoyable is another thing Mary taught me.

    Oh, crap. I'm being nice to Mary TWICE in one day. WHY???? WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF AND FEED HER ALREADY OVERLY-INFLATED EGO???

    Sigh. Sorry. Off topic.

    In Mary's world she just shoots someone to create a jumble that pumps the reader to read on.

    In mine it's generally another character walks through the door, someone who must be dealt with. Or a STORM. Storms are great imagery, AND HUGE POTENTIAL FOR DEATH AND DESTRUCTION...

    We're writers who are literally surrounded by nature's drama this year, more than I've ever seen in my 32 years.

    (hahahahaha!) Nature's wrath outweighs anything mere mortals might attempt, so use the things at your disposal to shake it up a bit.

    LI's don't have the option of random gunfire, so I have to trim my wick differently, but it's the same idea. Whatever it takes to jump-start a scene. Grab a reader by the throat or HEART... Birth and death do that well.

  17. Ruthy if tried LIS or LIH you may get way with a gun fight. Thanks for the good wishes. I have now cancelled work tomorrow. I dont want to share and working at the bookshop was not fair on customers (more time for my assessment)

  18. When I sit down to write the time flies. I will be typing and look up an hour and a half later. I can write in the morning and it wakes me up. I can write in the afternoon and it keeps me from dozing on the couch. It's,it's...COFFEE, that's what it is or today it is iced coffee.


    I am more prone not to sit down and do it if I have too much freedom in my schedule. I am thinking I need to make up things just to keep to a structure. Or at least create a schedule I can see and know I am supposed to be writing from 9-12 and 1-4.

    And I really have to stay away from Facebook!

    I have got your book. Gotta keep rewarding your hard work!

    Peace, Julie

  19. Ruthy,
    Girl! I read this out loud to my hubby--laughing. So true! You make us laugh as you read us the act! Don't you love Nora's advice. I just wrote a guest blog post and used Nora's 'sit your behind (Hmm-G rated word here!) in the chair" quote.
    Lindi, who's sitting her behind in the chair. Promise!

    belindapeterson at tds dot net

  20. Ruthy, you have a larger than life personality, which is why I love you so much!

    I just bought your book last night when I swung into Walmart for my prescription.

    Yesterday Hubby mailed my final AAs back to sweet Rachel at LI. No turning back now. I need to finish book2 and beg/bribe Melissa to buy it.

    I'd love to hear more about your virtual assistant. I may be emailing you about that. With my day job and balancing my other duties, a VA may be the ticket to sanity for me.

  21. Ah, Ruthy. Wit, wisdom and a kick in the pants, all rolled into one. Love ya!

  22. Amen, Ruthy!

    Although, I don't see writing as work (maybe this will come later) but for now writing is my vacation. My time when I can escape to a place I want to visit and hang out with some great people, or not so great people but they get theirs. And I'm definitely not taking summer off. I've even enlisted my parents help, and when I go to Wyoming for a visit in July we're heading out to do some research for my wip.

    Thanks for the pep talk!


  23. Patricia. You're right. I never saw you first here either...

    I absotutely agree with you Ruthy. (and Ii writing is a hobby, then by all means do it only when you feel like it!)

    I do follow the 'Just do It' rule but I have to admit that I took a few weeks off when I got a bit burned out (it happens) and I know that I learned more in those weeks resting and reading than if I had pushed through. There's a season sometimes...or at least before you're published. But I think this season was part of the plan. I'd put too much emphasis on MY desire to write and put too little on all the rest of life which is important after all.

    I'd like to get paid to do what I love most also, so I push on.

    The bagels are delish!
    Stay cool, friends!

  24. Nag, nag, nag. It that all you do, Ruthy?? Sheesh.

    Personally? I'm sooooo thankful you care!

    I've got my every moment planned and in use. Revisions are coming at a snail's pace, but slow and steady wins the race, right?

    You're right about doing what you love every moment of the day. Hey, isn't that what we've worked for?

    Thanks for the kick in the pants, Ruthy. I knew I could count on you.

  25. Ruthy, you just shot me with a big dose of motivation. I think I'll go write while the day is still young. Great post!

  26. Julie HS, I'm the same way. The more I have to do, the better I attend to it. I'm not surprised we have that in common! So if I've got a 'free
    weekend, I make a list because then I'll make myself get the 'have-to's done because of the pressure of the 'like-to's' on the list.

    We humans are bizarre creatures!

    Lindi, LOL! I'm glad I made hubby laugh. Hubby's rock, even the less than perfect ones, girls. The less than perfect ones HELP us create heroes to long for... I'm SO NOT kidding... Mostly. ;)

    And Lisa, I'm going to do a blog post about the virtual assistant once we have this ironed out, but it's my daughter Beth. She's going to make all of her mistakes on ME and then go public, but I can tell you she's amazingly organized and smart.

    So as we work out the details and get this down (Beth's a graduate from the University of Rochester, and she loves detail... I do not love detail unless it's in a BOOK or a GARDEN in which case I do love details...) So I'll keep you informed as we get this underway. If she likes it, it's the perfect job to do with two small children at home and room to organize mailing, her mother's schedule, newsletters, etc. And we'll expand on this as we develop what parts of the job work well between us.

    And because it's 'virtual', she can do this for other writers from a remote location. Gotta love Internet and the postal service, right?

  27. Andrea, LOL!

    Andrea gets to hear my rants in person...

    And she's the one who quoted Nora to me years ago.

    Love you, Toots.

  28. Ruth, Great post! Whenever I do an interview and they ask me for a writing tip, my go-to tip is, Write something, anything, every day.

    Thanks for sharing such a great post!


  29. Nora (and others, I'm sure) also says you can't edit a blank page. I actually posted that reminder next to my screen when I hit a tough writing stretch last year. I was literally paralyzed because I was afraid to write something that would turn out to be "wrong."

    That's what the delete button is for :)

  30. Kirsten, good for you! I'm heading west with Dave for (this will sound soooo lame, but it's true) our FIRST VACATION EVER...

    And the laptop is coming because I'm going to have fun creating stories in the wee-smalls of the day, then spend the "normal" day touring with hubby.

    And that's my idea of a perfect vacation, LOL!

    Wait. I mean "Research Trip", of course.

  31. Deb, my upstate buddy, I totally agree.

    Sometimes we need to back away and then resume. It's like re-fueling. As long as we don't turn into an episode of "Friends" where no one goes to work and just hangs out at the coffee shop.

    Cause really?

    I don't think that exists, LOL! And Bill Gates used that example in a great motivational talk about how in the real world, young professionals actually have to LEAVE the coffee shop.

    So refueling works wonders as long as we leave the gas pumps eventually.

    And I find when I'm caught and unsure, I start a new project. It clears my brain and re-starts my engines. (I saw Cars recently, can you tell??? Love Lightning McQueen. And Mater)

    Whatever works, girlfriend! With you all the way on that!

  32. Audra, great mention of slow and steady.

    Not everyone's geared for speed. Slow and steady works fine.

    It's STOP that bugs me.


    (chuckling in upstate NY...)

  33. CARA-MIA!!! can't wait to boss you around in St. Louis, darling!!! ;)

    And HOLLY JACOBS!!! Love this girl, love her stuff, she's awesome...

    And congrats on the contest win from Wisconsin RWA! Good job, chica!

  34. As someone who does take the summer off (from the lunch lady day job) I'm taking your kick in the pants to heart. It's way too easy to say I've got ten weeks I can... but then that can never seems to get done.

    It's near the middle of the year and I'm reviewing my goals and making new plans to finish the year more successfully than I started it.

    thanks for the encouragement!

  35. Andrea, I love that! "Can't edit a blank page..."

    That Nora's pretty darn smart.

    And so is Andrea but I don't want to be TOO NICE in public because it plays havoc with my reputation.

    Being nice carries way too much responsibility.


    They get away with A LOT MORE.

    I'm just sayin'...

  36. Thanks, Ruthy, for the kick in the pants. And I know exactly how Keli Gwyn feels with the whole 'second book syndrome'. Forcing myself to finish the first draft and THEN go back and deal with all the stuff that's gotta's a challenge for a Type A-er like me who wants things perfect before moving on. Ain't gonna happen. Just gotta keep on keeping on.

    Please enter me to win a copy of your book! I'd love to read about the Men from Allegheny... :D

    Thanks for sharing!

  37. Lizzie, love your web page! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you've done a little bit of everything and have a GREAT imagination.

    Me, too.

    My list of hairnet and nametag jobs goes on forever, but what a great real world education to carry over into my writing.


    You go, girl! And start that summer right... And feel free to check in and get a regular pep talk. I MIGHT even be nice. You never know.

    But I'll always bring good food. ;)

  38. I've got a copy!!! Found it at Walmart. So, this is one drawing you don't have to include me in. Though I would LOVE to have an autograph from Ruthie! :D

    Sipping hot tea, grabbing... something for breakfast then off for a day of errands and a docs appt. I'll catch ya'll later!

  39. YESSSS!!!!! What a shot in the arm, Ruthy!!!! Although I have never been partial to shots ... ahem ... this particular one is well aimed and great medicine to chase the slug bacteria away, so THANK YOU!!!

    Back to work ...


  40. Aw Ruthy--Someone after my own heart! I'm such a stay on target person when it comes to my writing now. Even when I can't sit or stand because of my back, I'm writing flat on my back.

    And the girls in my writing group have gone to calling me the enforcer because the first words out of my mouth are 'What's your word count for the week?'

    But it pays off in the end--trust me!

  41. Summer off? Ha! In my dreams! But I do think it's important to pace ourselves, ensure we're taking time to get our marching orders from The Man Upstairs so we don't drive ourselves right into the ground (or over the cliff?) or get ourselves lost in a mess of our own making.

    Having self-discipline in this business is so important. Carving out time to write is essential if we're serious about getting/staying published. We all have differing energy levels, health levels, commitment levels, so we need to be careful of comparing ourselves to others and what they have been gifted to achieve.

    We need to realistically evaluate our own situation--and then prayerfuly see if we can take it a step farther. Find a little more time to write. Write a little faster. Write a little smarter.

    With each book I learn something new that will enable me to use my time more effectively as I write the next one. Ways to plan ahead. To keep on top of things. It's a learning process. But the important thing is to keep on moving!

  42. WOW! What a post, Ruthy! For some reason, I was prompted to check your blog -- right now! Your message was EXACTLY what I needed.

    Lately I've been almost paralyzed and unable to write. That stupid fear thing that's NOT from God. I think about writing and my characters nearly non-stop, but that doesn't increase your word count. (To be a writer, you have to ACTUALLY write, not just think or talk about it.) I've been letting myself get distracted, and to be quite honest, being my own worst enemy.

    I prayed hard on this dilemma yesterday and last night and I was convicted...big time! So, I got up this morning and began to revise and get refreshed in my story. Then out of the blue -- go to Seekerville NOW. I did and well, there you were. Telling me (well, everyone really, but I feel that God used you to put up one of those billboards I frequently ask for) to quit making excuses, get my rear in gear and plant it in the chair and WRITE!

    So, thank you, Ruthy. I, for one, am blessed by your bossy (your term, not mine), tell it like it is, no beating around the bush, just do it attitude.

    I like you already and we haven't even met. I sure hope you're going to the ACFW conference in St. Louis. I'd like to thank you in person for your words of wisdom. I've already thanked God.

    Now......write on, sister! I'm certainly going to.

  43. Well you woke me up this morning, Ruthy! Nothing like being yelled at first thing!

    I'm planning on taking a couple of days vacation soon just to get back to my writing (or editing really). Still trying to come up with some new ideas. I envy those writers who have too many ideas rolling around in their heads. Me, I need to drag one out, kicking and screaming!

    Thanks for the nag - I mean pep talk! I'd love to win your book. The cover is so cute!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  44. Haha, Ruthy! Love the pics, especially the poor, knee-less fellow. : ( And that baby about to scream bloody-murder? Well, who doesn’t feel that way at times? LOL. But, if you must have a pity-party, plan it so it doesn’t interfere with your writing. Do it at the day-time job. ; )

    True and somewhat painful post, covered nicely by a layer of good humor, like Miracle Max’s miracle pill: “The chocolate coating makes it go down easier.”

    I think I have a promised copy of Small-Town Hearts, but I can’t remember for sure, so don’t put me in the drawing.

    And the Nike’s slogan came to mind when leaving a comment a few days ago on Seekerville! What a motto for writers, but actually, for most everyone pursuing a passion… or just trying to eat their daily serving of vegetables which might happen to be Brussels sprouts. That’s what that poor baby is really crying about.

  45. your posting made me laugh...what a wonderful way to start the day, thank you, ruthy :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  46. Hooray -- a Ruthy peptalk and a Vince original! They both just perked me right up. I've been wilting in all this heat and admit to stopping because of it. I mean really, when you get a blister on the inside of your hand, just under your thumb, from the constant friction of your sweaty skin against your overheated laptop...well, it's just plain time to stop. I believe in suffering for your art and all but I have my limits. But the heatwave is supposed to break tonight and the weekend is looking good!!!!!

    Thanks Ruthy (and Vince). And don't enter me in the draw because I already have your it, loved it and waiting for the next one. September right? And then Christmas? I hope so!

  47. You are so right, Ruthy. I promise, I do have a plan, and I am working the plan.

    More or less.

    And I never take off for the summer. But this summer has been a little, shall we say, different? But I have a plan for that too. It's going to work. And I will not accept defeat. Besides, my next book comes out in ... five months!!! YAY!!!!! And I'm going to the Christy Awards dinner in ... 32 days! Yay again.

    Keep up the good work, Ruthy, but give yourself a break, you know, if you actually happen to need one, and I'm not sure you ever will. But, just sayin'.

    And I so wish you could send me some mallow cups, but they would be melted before they hit the Alabama border. Murderous heat. Um, but maybe you could send them by refrigerated truck? Just a thought.

  48. Ruthy,
    I was so caught up in what your post had to say (see earlier comment), I forgot all about that you're giving a book away. I'd love to be entered in the drawing.

    shollaway2008 (at) gmail (dot) com

  49. I'm looking at that picture of your husband eating batter and I can HEAR you in the background saying, "Wait! TAke another bite, you blinked. I need this picture for Seekerville."
    And your poor husband growling, "I hate cake batter, will you finish already?"
    And you saying, "One more shot, and make sure the kid is eating batter, too."
    And your poor husband saying, "CAke batter isn't good for kids. I'm reporting you to Child Protective Services if you don't finish taking the stupid picture!"
    A lovely day in the life of Ruthy.

  50. Emily, I LOVE getting thanked for yelling at people.

    My kind of tough love. And you're right, type-A's need to just push on...

    Keep going.

    Fix it later. Because it's too easy to get bogged down in details that might (we all KNOW this) be absolutely non-essential by book's end.

    Push through. You've got it girl!

  51. Linnette, oh thank you for buying it! I'm smelling those royalties from over here, honey!!! ;)

    Hugs to you and yes, if you win an autographed one, you can then pass that one on to someone else.

    I'm all about sharin' the Ruthy-love...


  52. Jules, you of the mega romance, like I have anything to teach YOU, girlfriend!!!

    But thank you anyway, 'cause I love ya'.

    And we named one of our Goldendoodle puppies "Little Bit" after Faith in A Passion Most Pure. Love that girl!

    AND PATTY SMITH HALL... Oh, I knew we were on the same page, darlin'...

    Get 'er done!

    No whining zone. (Well, except MY whining. God bless the Seekers. I'm just sayin'... :)

    Loved your post and that go get 'em attitude. Wonderful!

  53. Glynna, you're right of course. And cute. And smart.

    I'm hoping my straggler friends will recognize themselves and give themselves the slight kick in the bootie they need. Hence the hard tactics.

    And this is why Seekers work well together. Glynna's the kind and gentle hard-working one.

    I'm... A little different!

    But it's like going to different churches, isn't it? As long as the path is Jesus, does it matter which building we walk into? If any?

    Same with writing... As long as the end result is a finished book, we're rockin' the big kahuna!

  54. How much more productive would we be if we weren't permitted to eat chocolate until we achieved our word count? Kindles and Nooks would run out of memory.

    Great post. We love writing so it seems more like fun than work (yes, I mean that, lol) but work it is. Thanks for the encouragement and for the example.

  55. Sue, LOL!!!! Nothing like being jerked awake...


    Nagged: YES!!!

    And pummeled.


    Love you back.

  56. Ruth,

    Just wanted to jump back in and say, Ditto! LOL


  57. Whitney! Dudette, send me your snail mail addy to

    I don't remember you on the list, but that's why I've hired Beth.

    Because stuff gets/got lost in the whole laptop debacle and crazy family stuff.

    I'll get my assistant right on it. ;)

    This is actually fun.

  58. Karen, you're welcome, sweetness!


    And KAV....

    I hate blisters. And sunburn. And the combination. I'm such a stinkin' BABY then.

    Really am. And then I hate myself for being a whine-o-saurus.

    Umm... put a bandaid on it, honey and back to work wi' ye! :)

    And thank you for buying Small-Town Hearts! And loving our Meg RUSSO.... (hahahahaha!) And Danny...

    And chocolate. I LOVE when she bosses him around. Wonder where she gets THAT from????

    Laughing in upstate and just put a fan in the puppy shed because it was TOO HOT...

    Can't be cookin' the puppies! Not enough meat on 'em yet.

  59. Melanie, I'm so proud that you're a Christy Award finalist!!!


    And five months for book two, but that's nothing. And whether we start out fast out of the gate, or book by book (like Audra was talking about) as long as we keep moving forward, it's progress.

    Forward progress vs. STOP

    That's what I'm sellin'! And no Mallo Cups in ALABAMA??? Can this be true?

    What is wrong with you people??? I might have to come down there.

  60. Mary, ROF, LOL!!!

    He loves cake batter. Yellow. And brownie batter.

    Won't eat 'em cooked, but loves 'em raw.

    And I make sure they're fresh chicken eggs (of course) from my uber-clean hen house.

    As if.


    But he's still kickin' around and Nolan's mom is VERY UNDERSTANDING of my eccentricities.

    Either that or I'm cheap. Yeah, most likely that: I'm cheap.

    Grinning in upstate.

  61. Hey, Connealy, did you see I was NICE to you?

    Like twice?

    What am I smokin'????

    (Can we say that in Seekerville? 'Cause I'm not really smokin' anything, it's just kind of a fun thing to say that intimates that I MIGHT BE SMOKING SOMETHING).

    But I'm not. Really.

  62. Kimberli, always a pleasure, Dudette!

    And yeah, I love what I do, just love it, BUT...

    That doesn't make 4 AM any easier. Or jumping back in at 6:30 at night because I want to get ahead of the game before a family weekend...

    Or because puppy customers are stopping by and I need to allow time.

    So yes, loving it is good! And then doing it...


    Even better. ;)

  63. Aw, Holly, thanks, sweetie. And I loved Homecoming Day.

    Just loved it. Like THIS MUCH.

  64. You were nice to me?
    I'd better go back, I must've missed that part. Next, the universe will tilt because it rocks the world when Ruthy is nice.
    And that makes everyone nervous.

  65. In fact, I think that Japanese earthquake happened shortly after Ruthy was nice the last time.


  66. Okay, you said your goal is to be like Connealy only in a dress.

    In Ruthy World that counts as nice, right? Label these things, girl.

  67. Found the second one. My joy in the journey, huh?
    You only say that because you think I'm KIDDING all these years.

    Hahahaha Mary's Eeyore act.

    I'd like to add here that shooting someone to solve all your plot problems works better in the old west than in modern day Allegeny County.

  68. OK OK OK,
    First of all, thanks again Ruthy. What a post.

    Second of all, VINCE. Oh Vince. If May, the K9 Spy is the mascot of Seekerville, SURELY Vince is the poet laureate.

    Third of all - WAHOO Christy award Melanie! You amaze me. Take care of that little muffin. God has a plan for him, and y'all too. This is eternal stuff you're dealing with here.


    May is truly ON THE WAY!!!!

    ** and now back to our regularly scheduled program...

    Both feet.

  69. I already own Small Town Hearts, and loved it!

    I wanted to just thank you for your timely post...I was just thinking how my life was getting in the way, I have no excuses now. Nose to the keyboard!

  70. Love your post, Ruthy. And, I completely agree. You have to keep pushing. Working a full time job may cut my writing time down, but it doesn't take it away. It may take me a little longer to get the draft finished, or the revisions completed, or the final editing done, but I still make time to get it done. Slower pace doesn't equal not getting it done.

  71. hi everyone! trying to type between scratching my lab's rearend - sigh - don't know why she prefers a lower back scratching to behind her cute little ears scratching but she's just that way.
    I don't write so I'll pretend I can't apply any of this to cleaning house or laundry and stuff like that!
    *ywan* wanna go back to bed and yes i know I'm supposed to be on day shift but my body still feels like it's on night shift.


  72. And Ruthy...thanks for not cooking the puppies. That's only allowed in Asia.

  73. Miss Susanna,

    It's because we can't reach there very well. It's nice of you to do that for your FURiend... :)

    May, the K9 Spy

  74. It takes me waaay too much time to get my daily dose of Seekerville because I have to read all through the comments. It would never do to miss one of Ruthie's exchanges with someone, especially Mary. ;)

    Thanks for your "just do it" pep talk. With your life as an example I wouldn't dare complain about lack of time. Fortunately I'm not even tempted to take the summer off. For me, summer is when I can squeak in extra writing time. (I know, I know... I need to say that in a whisper.) Maybe it's because daylight comes earlier and stays longer, or perhaps it's just that many time consuming meetings are on hiatus, but my summer days seem a tad longer than days in the other seasons. I'm heading for the deck with my laptop right now.

  75. Love it! And here's another thing... When there are a million and one reasons NOT to write, and you still do because you're a writer and you feel driven to tell that story, it can really save your sanity. If I don't write because I'm busy (like not praying because life got really, really hard) then things just fall apart.

  76. Wow, 75 comments and it's barely after noon here!

    This is true. I concur. I will do better. I'll stop complaining.


    I feel better.

    But the house is still a mess.

    Just sayin'

  77. Keli, I think I'll just PRETEND you spelled slathered right the first time.

    The alternatives sound a little harsh and disgusting applied to your bagle!

  78. First, praying for baby Annabelle. She needs them so desperately and God has got this sweet angle and her family in the palm of His hand!

    Second, yes, yes, yes Ruthy! Writing is such hard, time consuming work, but there is such a joy in completing something and working hard to earn the prize--even if that prize is just getting something done that I've dreaded.

    Do it now, do it later, would rather do it now.

    It's my motto. ;-)

  79. Mary, Mary, Mary...

    I'm always nice to you.

    On the INSIDE.

  80. Michele, thank you! I'm so glad you liked Small-Town Hearts... Oh, Yay!!!!

    And KC, keep on keepin' on. And thank you, sweet thing. Really. Truly.

  81. Dianna, yeah! Exactly.

    Speed isn't the issue.

    Persistence is.

    You rock, Dudette!

  82. Oh my stars, we're talking about Dog's butts now...

    Well, talk about coming full circle.

    Pun firmly intended.

  83. Aw, Carol, GREAT ATTITUDE!

    Yes, yes, yes for some people summer opens up a stretch of time and you're so stinkin' smart to jump on it! You go, girl!!! That's the way to get 'er done!

    And Virginia, whose old-fashioned name I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE...

    Exactly. And I think if we incorporate prayer into every segment of our lives, those bits and pieces of time gone wasted previously...

    Why we can move mountains.

    Pammers, hey, "MISS-SOON-TO-BE-RELEASED-AUTHOR!!!!"

    Great title! :) And honey, I'll come clean yours as soon as I'm done with mine.

    Oh my stars. The good thing is that NO ONE ever got famous or touched lives by having a SPOTLESS HOUSE.

    That's just wrong on so many levels.


    Thank you for praying for Annabelle! I saw the update mid-day and it's just one of those situations that deserves a rallying cry. I love Amy Grant's "Better than an Hallelujah" for just that reason...

    God loves a good choir...

    But he treasures a lament.

  84. Wow, what timing!!!

    Small-Town Hearts just arrived in the mail, along with a Richard Mabry suspense novel.

    Thank you, thank you, Ruthie, from the bottom of my heart.

    To the rest of you:
    Neener, neener. Ruthie's always nice to me.


  85. Ruth, Thanks so much for the kind words about Homecoming Day! You made my day!


  86. Oh, WHOA!!!

    Helen and Holly both saying I'm nice????

    Are ya' kiddin' me?



  87. Ruthie, LOL You are nice. You might try to disguise it, but I can see it. Your niceness leaks out...sort of like my glee. No matter how much you try, niceness and glee just can't be hidden!


  88. Glee makes me think of leprechauns.

    Why? I have no clue.

    Now I picture Ruthy as a snarky little leprechaun who loves to poke fun and HAVE fun...when she's not poking ME to get to work!

  89. Excellent post, Ruthy. I'm glad you mentioned his legs because that is one of the worst photoshopped pics I've seen. Oh, wait, there was that fashion model with a chunk of her hip missing...

    Love the tea/coffee selection on your counter. :D

    btw - what's a virtual assistant? I know you said what he/she/it does, but is it a person on the other end or a software program?

    And I'm sorry if you answered this already, but there's 84 comments here and after reading 40 or so, I realize I'd better get back to my wip before someone gives me a kick in the pants, so I scanned the rest. :(

    Anita Mae.

  90. I can't argue with prioritizing and re-prioritizing :) I still have yet to plant flowers and it's June. Oh well, I've put it off because it just didn't make the top cut. And that's just the way it goes :)

    Ruthy, so glad you found a virtual assistant you like. Now if you could only hire a cleaning lady and never have to worry about housework ever again! :)

  91. Thank you, precious Ruthy! (and yes, I really DO think you are precious! After all, you sent me that amazing chocolate basket I won a while back--MMMMM!). This post was exactly what I needed today, because all week I've been needing to write and meaning to write, but...allowed other activities to keep me from writing. (okay, I've admitted it and feel better now) ~ I'm about to head to the Georgia coast in 2 days with my kiddos and sister (YAY--cannot wait!) and since my WIP is set in that area, I will be spending a good part of my time WRITING! (Am hoping that actually being in that setting will inspire me *grin*). ~ Just baked "blue dolphin" sugar cookies to take to the beach, but I'm also sharing with my Seeker buddies--Enjoy! ~ Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  92. I wish I could have a chocolate IV right now...but I guess I wouldn't get to taste it, so that would kind of defeat the purpose! : ) When I'm having a rough day writing gets put on the backburner. But what I really like about your post is the way you pointed out the positive effects of being diligent: work hard and you can be successful! I often hear the negatives of being a writer. I don't want to measure my success by the world's standards. So I'm going to make a plan and get busy! I've got too many story ideas in my head to just let them sit there! : ) Thanks, Ruthy! ~Stacey

  93. Praying for Annabelle and her family now.

  94. Ruthy's virtual assistant here.

    What an exciting new venture for both of us! I've always loved Ruthy's writing & am so proud of her accomplishments, despite the snarkiness!

    I've been happy to support her career, and may have given her a hard time about NOT having a book dedicated to me, but now I'm getting paid to keep her organized! Not a bad trade for no book dedication. :)

    Love you, Ru & I'll get right on those mailings once you tell me who wins the drawings today.

  95. Calm down, Ruthy.
    They're only saying your nice because they're so afraid.

    You can find peace with that, can't you, sweetie.

    Mary 'The Nice One' Connealy

  96. Beth honey, I can't believe there's enough money in the WORLD to keep Ruthy organized. I expect to see your name on the Forbes 500 list by next year.

  97. Have been praying for Annabelle. Hoping for an update soon.


    Ruthy - if I bring you cookies at ACFW will you at least pretend to be nice? Julie [and Keith] will tell you they're yummy...

    I did end up getting a class this summer and so did DH which means ACFW is gonna happen =D. WOOHOO!

    I got a horrid contest result this week. Really really horrid [though even that judge said I could write - she just hated this particular piece]. So that's put a bit of a damper on me.

    But I love the 'just do it' advice. I've been thinking that a lot in the last couple of days - need 2500 words a day to finish the rough draft this month. If I could live at Panera that would help [7K on Saturday!] but alas, I can't.

    I have taken to taking the netbook with me to school to write some before and after classes and in the van while I'm waiting for the summer school kids to get out. Got 250 there the other day. 88 yesterday. And like 45 today. Something like that. But later, I'm going to turn on my WOW playlist and get to it. If I could get the kids to go downstairs like they're supposed to, I'd do it now, but they're being most uncooperative. So I'll do it later.

    Otherwise Ruthy might come kick my tushie.

    [Did I read somewhere that this book has a Downs kiddo in it? Or am I imagining it? It already jumped in my cart once, but I have a friend I'd love to give it to if that's not my imagination.

    carol at carolmoncado dot com]

  98. Did someone mention dog butts?

    I can't believe it took the whole day for me to get back over here. No nightmares here, Ruthy. When I lay my head, I sleep and snore (so says my husband) in bliss.

    Vince does not need a pep talk. Anyone who can write 100k words, no matter how long it takes to do it, does not need a pep talk. And Vince, I absolutely love that poem!

    Susan, I'm giving you a hug. I've been there. Make up in your mind that you are NOT fearful. Open up a new doc and type a word. Any word. Then type another one. Those first few paragraphs might be crap, but you'll be writing again. Another idea is, rather than trying to write the story, write down all the stuff you've been thinking about your characters and your plot, a brain dump of sorts. That might get your juices going too.

    Finally, a big "shout out" to Missy. I'm taking her Cinderbella class and it is FABULOUS! It's one of the reasons it took so long for me to get back over here today. We're only three days in but already I'm looking at my wip in a whole new way. Thanks, Missy!

  99. Why didn't I find this post sooner? (Um, didn't have my Facebook on.) Praying for that sweet baby at the top of the page.

    Thanks for the slap upside the head, Ruthy. Things have been so crazy lately, I haven't even opened up a manuscript. And I have some waiting on me! I've visited PanHistoria, my collaborative writing community, more lately, but that isn't getting my wip anywhere! :)

    Vince, loved the poem! True.

    Good to see so many faces I know, even though most of you may not recognize me in my musician guise, since you know me as Hope Chastain! ;)

    Please DO enter me in the drawing. I'd love to win the book (and the chocolate! *g*)! Thanks!

    Marion AKA Hope

    marion at marionfaithlaird dot com

  100. Ruthy girl,
    As always, your posts bring laughter and truth!! Love it, love it, love it!

  101. Ha, Ruth! I've always HATED, HATED, HATED my name. I was named for my great grandmother who was born in (wait for it) 1897. What were my parents thinking???
    In my nice private school, they made some really not so nice nicknames.
    But thank you anyway!! I only use it with friends... :D

  102. Received a Goodie Basket in the mail today from Ruthy. It was a give-away here on Can't wait to read the books - two of Ruthie's and one of Missy Tippins - both great inspirational romance writers! I gave the candy to to my husband since I'm being all self-disciplined and stuff. Thanks, Ruthy!

    (Don't enter me in the drawing.)

    Oh, and thanks for the kick in the butt. I think you've just cured my summertime slacker syndrome!

  103. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJune 9, 2011 at 7:15 PM

    Thanks for the pep talk Ruthy!! Hard work is the best bet when tackling anything. I would love to win a copy of your new book!! Since it's evening I brought some apple pies with caramel. Enjoy!!


  104. Are you retired military by chance? What an excellent and motivating post! You scared me! :) I love the pics, especially the Mallo Cup. Those have always been my mom's favorite. They are hard to find here in Charlotte.

  105. Holly and Pam, love you guys. Although you're not helping me keep my secret.

    But a leprechaun COULD be snarky. Or just cute. ;)

    Anita, a virtual assistant is one who doesn't need to work with you in an office or locale, they can work remotely.

    i.e.: Let's say someone else hires Beth to do stuff. They have a box of books shipped to her to send out as needed. She'll be keeping things on hand to make up baskets/bags for me. She'll be following up on book signings or meet-n-greet engagements so that I don't mess up.

    She doesn't do my nails. ;)

    She will be paid to give me time to do what I love best and what pays best: write.

    So I feed her economy (and other writer clients will do the same in the future if she loves this...) and she takes care of my peripheral stuff so I can focus on writing and blogging.

    I'm trying to think of a way for her to do my laundry, but that's a different job description, LOL!

  106. Eva Maria, I never said I LIKED my virtual assistant, although she's easier to take if she's REMOTE...


    Since she's my daughter, I actually do love her to pieces and she's got great organizational skills. And she doesn't cook or bake.

    Together, we almost make one whole person!

    Patti Jo, yes, use this time! And I'm LOVING the blue dolphin cookies. Oh, SO MUCH!!! Wonderful.

    And don't wait to be inspired. Golly gee whillikers, honey, I'll be pluckin' chin whiskers if I wait for the inspiration monster to strike... But since we love what we do, we should just jump in and do it. Make it a writing "Play-cation" and therefore tax deductible.

    Stacey, that's the thing about being a writer, isn't it??? The stories are there, it's a matter of taking time to extract them. Shape them. Mold them.

    I think of God as a potter and we're the clay.

    Same thing with our work of our hands, our minds. We can make a difference to people, but only if we try. You go, girl!

  107. Aw, Beth came by!

    Good job, honey, and way to sound normal! (We've been working on that at the home, and doesn't she do it WELL????)


    Mary, oh man, that's only too true. Although I can organize a STORY... I just mess it up when it comes to calendars... addresses... trips to the mall, the Post Office, the UPS store.

    Oh my stars, I'm pathetic.

  108. Carol, you're doing great to make use of your time that way. Seriously good/well/wonderful!

    And yes, the heroine has a younger brother Ben. Ben was born with Down Syndrome (big debate on Down's or Down and depending on whose website your on one is ABSOLUTELY RIGHT and the other, well... Isn't. )

    He's an adult now and prone to pranks, but his family is very invested in his well being.

    I worked with a couple of Down's Syndrome clients when I worked at BOCES... And had a neighbor growing up with Down's. And we have the cutest baby girl in church, Mary Beth... Nearly two and adorable. I've always loved working with kids with special needs (yes, Mary, I was mean to them too... Hey, TOUGH LOVE, right???)


    Why on earth wouldn't people LINE UP to buy it??? :)

  109. Patricia, you are such a sweetheart. God bless you.

    And thanks for giving Missy that nice shout out.

    Did she pay you, honey???? 'Cause she SHOULD HAVE!!!!


    I love Missy Tippens. I just love saying her name...

    Missy Tippens.

    I mean how stinkin' cute is THAT????

  110. Hope/Marion (I love that you use Hope and Faith as alternative names, that ROCKS!!!)...

    Glad the smack upside the head helped, honey. And I know about crazy, so that's never a problem. It's not letting crazy become a bad habit....

    Then it's a problem. And thanks for the prayers, the prayer chains we've got going on Facebook for Annabelle. And Shirlee McCoy told me about a little girl named Teresa, whose prognosis is just a matter of time.

    I know God will bless and keep these families, but I'd love to see them NOT go through this dark valley. It breaks my heart, mean as it is.

    Bless you all for jumping on board if you hadn't already. Love my Seekerville buds so much...

  111. Edwina, LOVE YOU BACK!!! :)

    And Virginia, kids are brats. And girl kids especially can be so Stinkin Mean....

    I love Taylor Swift's song out now:


    It's about mean girls/kids and how we'll rise above. A very famous and wonderful Queen Mayor of Seekerville taught me the best revenge is success.

    And she's right. So every time you guys get SLAPPED down by a judge for a contest, just tuck your chin and work harder.

    Success pays. Literally and emotionally. It doesn't make me NICE...


    But I'm definitely louder. Oh dear, that might not be good, hmm???

  112. LAURA!!!

    Apple pies??? Gimme!!!

    Oh my stars, I'm so excited! ;)



    Oh man, I wonder if there's a virtual psychiatrist around? Reasonably priced, of course!

  113. Jillian, no, just bossy and opinionated and mean. Kind of.


    I scared you?



    And it's not even Halloween. Can we say Halloween in Seekerville???


  114. I'll get a copy either here or at WM and give to my friends who have a son with Down/s. I bet she'd like it.

    Another way to keep on truckin' is ACFW's NovelTrack or NaNoWriMo. Even in non-NovelTrackWriting months, the list is active [though much less so] to help keep you on track. Accountability helps.

    And Casey's pretty good at kickin' rears into gear for word counts too...

  115. Do ya think you could clarify a couple points, Ruthy? I'm not sure what you meant...

    Okay, I got you loud and clear (still twisting my finger in my ear). (That sorta rhymes.)

    Agent is shopping first book (post sold novella) and I need to tighten up my time. Thanks for the virtual kick in the butt.

    And I'd love to read your book, so feel free to draw my name.

  116. Thank you so much for the chance to win this. This looks like an awesome book that I would love to read. Thanks again.


  117. ALways love a Ruthy post. It's a great pick-me-up.

    And speaking of great pick-me-ups, my copy of Small Town Hearts arrived today. (i.e. I don't need to be included in the drawing.)

    - Walt (who is trying to explain to his wife that, yes, he does write better in a coffee shop).

  118. Hi Ruth:

    I’m taking Missy’s plotting course, too. I was busy all day revising my WIP – and that was just the first five pages! (BTW: Do you know I’ve never seen a course on Pantsering. Now I wonder why that is?)

    You wrote:

    I love Missy Tippens. I just love saying her name...

    Missy Tippens.

    I mean how stinkin' cute is THAT????

    I’d say it’s just as cute as:

    Mary Poppins.

    …and it don’t get any cuter than that!


  119. Hi Ruth:

    I just read every post after working on my WIP all day long.

    Thanks to everyone who liked my poem. I appreciate your comments.

    I have a tip for everyone: make the Allegany Maple Fudge at the back of Ruth’s new book. It’s delicious and even a man can make it right!


  120. Hi PatriciaW:

    So glad it’s you in Missy’s class. The head of the Real Estate Commission Ed department is PatriciaW and every time one of your emails comes in, I think the Commission wants to talk to me. : ) (I have a real estate school.)

    BTW: I need the Bossy Lady motivation. I have fun writing the first draft because I write comedy and writing it is entertaining. What is really hard is editing all those pages. I think we all need motivation.

    See you in class.


  121. Shout Out For Missy & Lindi

    I’m taking the plotting class on-line and do you know what it is like?

    It’s like getting contest results back every day! Sometimes several times a day. Even better, in this case, the commenters are all published authors!

    I give this my highest recommendation.


  122. Great post Ruthy, very inspiring as well. I know it will inspire me when I start to procrastinate :D Which I often do.
    I don't much like excuses either so I never make any, I just come out and say I don't want to do it until I'm good and ready. All at my own pace.
    I've been a homemaker now for 12 years and I think it's gone to my head, I don't like appointments, I don't like time constraints and I especially hate being told what to do.
    I get things done at my own pace and if people around me don't like it then to bad for them it's their problem not mine. Could thing I plan to stay a homemaker for life lol

  123. Hi Ruthy! Wow, between Patty's post yesterday and your's today I feel encouraged and energized to really get motivated on my WIP.

    By the way Ruthy, I love ya just the way you are...if you weren't opinionated you wouldn't be Ruthy!

    Would love to win a copy of Small Town Hearts. :)

    Smiles & Blessing,
    Cindy W.


  124. Hey,couldn't agree more with you!

    niastrong21 at gmail dot com

  125. I totally agree that you have to work hard to get something done. Even if it is something you don't want to do.
    I'd love win the book!

  126. Wow, I missed the whole day, Ruthy! I'm sorry. I promise it wasn't just to avoid this post! :)

    Great post, by the way.

  127. Thanks for explaining, Beth. Good thing you're out of her arm reach. Just sayin'.


    Ruthy, my dear, I'm so glad you found someone to help. I'm looking forward to more books.

    BTW - if the box of books is sent straight to Beth, does that mean you're out of the autograph business?

    Anita Mae.

  128. Susan Holloway, somehow I missed your comment the other day!

    Blogger burped because I saw a reference to it, but no comment.

    Girlfriend, I LOVE how the Holy Spirit works, and I truly believe in that conviction, that transforming spirit, that holy momentum. I've seen it work in so many aspects of life.

    Go get 'em, TIGER!!! We've all hit dry spells, do not ever think for a moment that this is easy-peasy.

    If it was, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun when you finally get it done and it's GOOD!!!! :)

    Hang in there, and so glad I found you today!!!!

  129. Oh my stars, let's start from the bottom up, Anita Mae, my buddy:

    Author autograph "plates", the stickers that an author fills out and then sends on to Beth and she puts them in the book and sends it out with your bookmarks, etc.

    Sarah Palin uses them. ;)

    Nia, thank you! You're in, sweetums!

    And Valerie, good for you! Praying the post-novella gets grabbed ASAP! So proud of you, kiddo!

    Cindy, you're a peach. :) Thanks for loving me EVEN THOUGH I'M A BOSSY SNARK...

    My children will attest that it's not always my more lovable trait, but I HAVE gotten a few thank-you calls over the years.

    Which beats the heck out of being dragged onto Oprah and regaled for all the stuff I did wrong.

    PHEW!!! :)

  130. Becca, you're in, kiddo! And thanks for the kudos, it DOES sound awesome, doesn't it???


    Now I sound like Miss Piggy. I love Miss Piggy. And Kermit.

    And Phineas and Ferb.

    I need an intervention.