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GUEST BLOGGER PATTY SMITH HALL: TICK, TICK TICK ... Time is Ticking Away! (and Book Giveaway)

Sixty seconds in a minute,

Didn’t take it; didn’t choose it,

But it’s up to me to use it.

I don’t think my fourth grade teacher knew how much that little saying of hers was going to play a part in the person I became. Always a bit of a go-getter, that’s probably why I found the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in 2008 so, well ... annoying! Truth is I didn’t want to go. I tried to tell myself it was because I was still recovering from a month-long illness but that wasn’t it.

I was frustrated by my lack of progress on my writing and the thought of facing my writing friends made me cringe with shame. For eight years, I’d been taking online writing courses or going to conferences, writing a little here, a little there, but always frustrated. Most of the girls I had started out with in ACFW were multi-published and here I was still struggling. And I had no one but myself to blame.

So when I landed in Minneapolis, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Yes, I knew there would be wonderful classes on Point of View, Deeper Characterizationthere was even one on how to survive the conference! I’d prayed that God would lead me to something, ANYTHING that would get me past this sense of failure and help me figure out how to write those immortal wordsThe Endmore often.

And wouldn’t you know? God not only showed up, He showed up in every class I took, opening my ears up and allowing me to hear the three simple words that lead me from pre-pubbed to publication.


Now, I know what you’re sayingwow, Patty, how can you be such a doofus? But the honest truth is that while I was taking all these writing classes, I never heard anyone talk about their personal daily word count. If you don’t know what it is, daily word count is the number of words you focus on writing each day. For example, say you want to write 1000 words a daythat’s your daily word-count goal.

Every class I took during that conference, the author graciously shared their own daily word count and I have to say I was surprised. Most wrote anywhere between 1000 to 1600 words a day. By my third class, I was doing some figuring in my notebookif one typewritten page equals 250 words, then 1000 words is four typewritten pages. Let’s look at this over the course of a year:

If you write 100 words a day = 36,500 words in a year(Almost a completed Heartsong)

If you write 250 words a day = 91,250 words in a year(a Love Inspired Historical, a Love Inspired or Love Inspired Suspense, 2 Heartsongs)

If you write 500 words a day = 182,500 words in a year(almost two 100K books; 2 Love Inspired Historical; 3 Love Inspired or Suspense; 4 Heartsongs)

If you write 1000 words a day = 365,000 words in a year(3 100K books; almost 5 Love Inspired Historical; almost 7 Love Inspired or Suspense; 8 Heartsongs)

I think you get the picture!


So once I was back home, I decided on a word count that I felt worked best for me500 words a day. And for the most part, I stuck with it. I went to the library every afternoon after I got off work and wrote until I made my word count. Before I knew it, the story that I had only written 15 pages on before the conference suddenly had 100 pages, then 200 pages. I discovered that 500 words a day was too easy and I needed to stretch myself bit more, so I upped my word count to 1000 words a day.


Since that conference, I’ve finished two books and am almost done with a third. So today, I want to encourage you to really think about what kind of writing goals you want to set for this next year. What kind of daily word count would you like to meet every day? Share your goals today and you’ll be put into a drawing for my debut novel, Hearts in Flight.


Serving her country as one of the Women's Army Special Pilots is Maggie Daniels's dearest wish. But there are obstacles to overcome above and beyond the enemies in the Pacific, including her overprotective family, skeptical fellow pilotsand handsome, distant squadron leader Wesley Hicks. Whatever it takes, Maggie will prove herself to Wesley, until she succeeds in winning his admiration … and love.

Wesley can see that Maggie's a first-class pilot. She's also too fearless by half. The war has cost Wesley so much already. Can he let go of his guilt for a chance at happinessand can he learn to trust in God … and Maggie … enough to believe in love for a lifetime?


A romantic at heart, Patty Smith Hall is an award winning, multi-published author. Her stories of encouragement and hope can be found in Guideposts, Journey and Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul. Her Genesis award-winning manuscript, Hearts in Flight, will be released by Love Inspired Historical in July, 2011. Patty resides in her home state of Georgia along with Dan, her husband of 28 years.


  1. Your LIH book comes out next month - Congratulations!!!

    Amazing how people influence us and sometimes we never get a chance to thank them :)


    This blog has the Holy Spirit's fingerprints ALL over it, my friend, and I am incredibly encouraged AND determined to pay attention to word count. I have always wondered how many pages a day other authors clock, so I was glad I wasn't too far off the mark.

    Mary Connealy is one of the authors who is SO adamant about her daily word count, and I SO admire that, but you have REALLY inspired me to do it too, so THANK YOU again, sweetie!!

    Belly up to the breakfast bar for an omelot and pancake/blintz station, Southern hash-brown potatoes, maple-cured bacon and lots of Southern Pecan coffee in honor of Patty's Southern roots.


  3. I'm setting out tea (decaf) for us late-nighters until Helen gets here with the coffee.

    Patty, your story makes me wish I was able to go to the ACFW conference this year. I know I'd love the classes, but the camaraderie must be the best! Next year, maybe.

    I had no idea how much difference setting a daily word count goal made until I set one back in January for the Novel Track. It's like compound interest: magical. Every month that I set a goal I make amazing progress, but the months that I don't...well, you know...

    My goal for the month of June is 1500 words per day, and so far I'm making it. I love to see the story develop!

    Please put me in the drawing for the book - historicals are my favorite animal.


  4. Love historical novels. Please enter me.

    Also, I found many new authors at the book signing at the Bloomington MOA after the Minneaplis ACFW conference. My home territory!!

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  5. Love the look of your new book. wow breaking down the works a day into books is a good visual for us readers.
    Would love to read your book.

    By the way totally of subject mum turned 92 today.

  6. Coffee's here. Have at it!

    I'm pretty good at word count when I'm writing a story.

    My goals are a little less clear cute when I'm revision or rewriting, which is the case right now. Each ms requires different steps--cutting, adding, editing, etc.

    Looking forward to your book.


  7. Seriously Patty, how about the first line of your bio?!
    Multi- published! Wahoo!

    Congrats on THAT and on your latest.

    This IS just what I needed. Another piece of the writing puzzle in place. Puts me in good company if I'm alongside Julie. :)

    Happy b'day AusJenny's Mum! May at maythek9spy dot com

  8. Sheesh, one more thing. Jan? Tell me more about your experience with word count too. You've noticed a difference since January? How did you decide 1500?

  9. Hi Patti!

    I'm a firm believer that setting goals leads to success with writing (and probably anything!)

    Congratulations on your LI Historical.


  10. Congratulations! Can't wait to read this book since my uncle was a pilot in WWII.

    I am printing out your word count list!

    Peace, Julie

  11. Welcome to Seekerville, Patty. A July 2011 release? WooHoo! Way to go!

    Isn't it just amazing how a few little words multiply and multiply until you've discovered you filled an entire msc AND there's still time left in your year.


    I absolutely love how you've broken down the word counts and equated them to specific fiction lines. Definitely brings daily pages into perspective.

    Thanks for joining us Patty. And the breakfast spread! Mmmmm, Southern Pecan coffee, my all time favorite!

  12. Eva Maria--You're right! There are so many times I wished I could go back and tell someone how much they've changed my life. So now I make it a practice to tell them NOW. Thanks for coming by.

  13. Patty,

    Congratulations on your LIH book. I can't wait to read it.

    I agree, it's amazing how much more I've accomplished since setting a daily word count. Before it was too easy to fall behind, or let a day slide by. My DWC is 1500 and I get excited when I can keep typing and get a few more.


  14. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJune 8, 2011 at 8:15 AM

    Thanks for sharing with us Patty! What a great way of visualizing how many words are in each different line. I would love to win your newest book! I just finished Soaring Home by Christine Johnson who also had a heroine that was a female pilot but her book was set around World War One.

    Happy Birthday to your Mum Jenny!!!

    I brought some fresh fruit to share!


  15. Julie, thanks to you as well as the other Seekers for having me today. And I love the southern breakfast, especially the pancake bar!

  16. Jan, I'm praying for you as you work on your daily word count, and that God would provide a way for you to go to the conference. Thanks for coming by today.

    Linda, thanks for coming by this morning. There were a lot of great writers at that booksigning in Minneapolis.

  17. Jenny, tell that mom of your's Happy Birthday! We just celebrated my grandmother's 90th with a big party and SHE LOVED IT! And as always, love seeing you here--thanks.

    Helen, you sound like you've got the whole word count thing beat! Congratulations!

    KC, you're such a hoot! And yes, you can notice a BIG difference in your manuscript right a way. Try this--write down the word count of your WIP today, then pick a number(make it a doable count like 500 words a day--that's two typed pages.) Then check your count on June 30th. Think about this--last summer, I started a new book on July 1st--I had absolutely nothing down on this book. By July 31st, I had a 37K rough draft of the entire book.

  18. Great post, Patty! I've found I can do 1800-2000 a day. But that's once I really get going. I take a lot of time planning a story first.

    Thanks for being with us! I love your new promo photo! And can't wait to read your book. :)

  19. Rose, I'm very goal oriented too--which just goes to show you what a real doofus I was for not enforcing a word count eariler in my writing journey. Thanks for being here.

    Julie--that word count list is a very powerful tool. Really encourages one that so little effort can add up quickly! Thanks for coming by this morning.

  20. Oh my gosh, I can't wait for the book and LOVED THIS POST!!!!

    Like Kelly Stone's the other day, this is such a simple way of looking at success.

    Patty, great job!

  21. Audra(I just LOVE your name--it sounds like it should be in a LI, doesn't it?)--thanks for having me on Seekerville today. I'm always amazed at hope prolific you guys are in your writing life--y'all are always banging out books!

    Kirsten, isn't it lovely to watch those words pile up every day? I know it makes me feel so good, like I've achieved something big! Thanks for coming by this morning.

  22. Laura, I LOVED Soaring Home--Christine did a great job writing that book and I can't wait for her next release due out in August or Septmeber.

    Missy, thanks for having me here on Seekerville. I'm the same way you are--when I first get started, it takes me a while to get into the story but once I'm in it, the words come. Like yesterday, I plucked out 2300 words--I had a scene that wouldn't let me go so I was writing as fast as my fingers would fly.

  23. I can certainly use more encouragement in this area! Not having deadlines (no contracts pending) is making me very unmotivated. But that's no excuse. I need to grow in the discipline department. Although right now, I've had to put writing pretty much on hold, but that shouldn't last more than 6 more weeks. In the meantime, I need to figure out how to be more disciplined with my daily word count. Thanks, Patty! And Congratulations again on your first book! YAY YOU!!!

  24. Ruthy, I live in awe of all you Seekers and your output. I mean, you've got such a full plate but yet you pluck out an amazing amount of work each and every day. Thanks for having me here today.

  25. Melanie darling girl, you've been typing your fingers to the bone here lately! And while I firmly believe in DWC, I also believe a rested mind helps the creative process. Thanks for dropping by today!

  26. Congratulations to your mum, Ausjenny! I hope she has a blessed birthday! (And you have a blessed day too!)



  28. Patty,

    This is a great reminder that what seems simple really isn't, but it can help a great deal. Do you think part of your success was committing to write the words at about the same time and in the same place every day?

    Also, how do you keep this up now that you're on the publishing track and need to do revisions, get out the marketing stuff, and everything else?

    By the way, did you get one of those big long revision letters when you signed or were you able to bypass that step? lol

    Plotter or pantser?

    Okay, I'm sure I've gone over my quota of questions for the day, but am just wondering how you were able to get this advice about word count to flow. Perhaps the goal helped you by-pass these other issues of what to write and what direction to take with characters?

  29. Would love to win the book....

    cathy shouse at yahoo dot com

    I thought about asking the previous questions anonymously, but you guys would probably figure out it was me, #1 questioner at Seekerville. :)

  30. KC ... You and me ... "good company," indeed!!

    PATTY ... you're more than welcome, darlin' ... we LOVE having you here!!


  31. KC asked how I decided on 1500 words/day for June-

    It wasn't anything scientific! My boys are away at camp for two months, so I knew I could devote extra time to writing. 500 words per hour is my usual pace when working on the first draft, and I set aside three hours a day for working.

    So far it's going well, and the first draft should be finished by the end of June. July will be different!

    And a big Happy Birthday to Ausjenny's Mum!

  32. Cathy, I'm a firm believer that if you don't ask, you'll never know!
    I believe that writing every single day did lead to my contract, but I have different places that I love to write. Like right now, I'm writing on my back deck before it gets too hot to sit outside. And in the evenings, I meet my husband at the park for our walk but always go an hour early so that I can write. Then I spend time plugging those words into my computer.

    My schedule now is write early in the morning(7:30-10) get cleaned up and go into my office from 11 to 2 then come home and do things around here. I meet my husband for a walk every evening around 5, come home, have dinner and spend some time with my husband then either work on blog post or judging contest for an hour before reading until bedtime. I do make phone calls during the day to bookstores or historical societies to set up signings and stuff.

    As far as my revision letter, it wasn't bad, just minor stuff that took me a couple of days to fix. And I'm equal parts plotter/pantser--I use to be all pantser but decided about two years ago that it really wasn't helping me so I took courses to learn how to plot. Now, I don't know how I wrote without at least an outline.

  33. Congrats on your next book coming out. Very interesting about the writing of the books.

  34. Wonderful advice and congratulations on your book! I set daily/weekly goals. I find if I don't write them down, I drift away. It's nice to look back and realize how much you've actually achieved!

  35. Welcome to Seekerville, Patty!! Wonderful post! Can't wait to read your debut, Hearts in Flight! Will I see you at RWA?

    Word count is vital but like you, I didn't "get" that for years. Deadlines make that far more clear. :-)


  36. Your new Love Inspired sounds right up my alley...I love to read about women in the military in a historical setting. Keep up the compelling work :)


  37. An author after my own heart! Welcome, Patty! It’s nice to know that someone who writes (or doesn’t?) like me has finished two books and is nearly done with the third. This post sounds like I could have written it. Lol. But let me ask you, making a daily word-count goal is easy when you know what you want to write, but what about those times when you sat at the computer and stared at a bright white, and blank, screen?

    An ideal word-count for me? Hmm. 850+ words per day. But, I would be happy as long I wrote something worthwhile in the precious moments I do find time write.

    Thanks for the inspiration. Your book cover is lovely! I would love to win a copy!



  38. Great post!! When I'm writing my WIP, I shoot for a minimum of 1-2K a day. And I LOVE when I hit 10K a week. (that didn't happen though on my last WIP). I love looking at all those numbers, inspiring!

    Thanks Patti :)

  39. Sometimes I have trouble sticking to my word count of 1000 words per day, but then I'll write more the next day. Anything to keep panic at bay!

  40. Thanks for the advice, Patty! And congratulations on your upcoming book!

    Right now I'm trying to edit my ms before the ACFW conference, and trying to come up with new story ideas at the same time. But I still feel like I'm spinning my wheels, getting nowhere because I'm not actually writing. GRR. I'm the type who needs to concentrate on one set of characters at a time. Maybe I need to set a page count for revisions each day - that might work.

    Really hot here today. Staying indoors in the air conditioning!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  41. What a great cover! I love how her skirt is reaching back, along with her gaze, although it almost makes it look like she loves flying more than the guy at her side. *grin*. It's a very romanctic cover!
    And yes, daily word count is so good for me too! Congrats on your sale and here's to many more!

  42. This was a great post! I didn't get the word count 'problem' until NANOWRIMO. I realized that I wasn't hardly writing anything at all, just thinking about it A LOT. Now, that novel is finished, the sequel is almost done, and a historical is halfway finished. Now I have trouble getting thigns under the word count for the publisher I'm aiming for!

  43. P.S. Melanie, thinking of yoyu today as my two year old pulls at my leg. :) I know you'll pour love into that little person while you have them!

  44. Great words of advice. I'm starting to look ahead to edits/revision of my novel in the near future. I'm still recovering from shoulder surgery and sciatica issues, which don't allow long stretches on the computer at one time.

    For me, anywhere from 500-1000 words a day is quite doable. Thanks for these words of encouragement.

    Jodie Wolfe

  45. I'm really glad that I read some of the previous comments, some of my questions were answered!

    Thank you for your post. I had always wondered what people had set for word counts. It means that when I set myself at 1000k a day it is close to normal.

  46. Reading your post made me realize that I need to have consistency. When I first starting writing I had a goal of 85,000 words for my first story. I finished my first draft in about 3 months at 86,000 words. But now I've got A LOT of editing and my momentum is lagging. I think I need to make some realistic daily goals and stick to them! Thanks for the post. Your book sounds right up my alley! : )

  47. Oh, oh, oh....

    Lunch on the East Coast.

    Chicken salad lady finger sandwiches. With cucumber sandwiches. And dill dressing.

    Oh, yum.

    I'm filling a chocolate fountain for the fruit just because it's June... If you haven't started your New Year's Resolution diet, you're probably not going to do it NOW...

    Patty, doin' great, chica! Try the chicken salad with grapes and almonds. Oh my stars, I love it!

  48. oooooh BOY do I need this! YIKES! I WAS really good about this with my NF - but I need to get back on the bandwagon for my fiction. REALLY need to.

    Gonna set one starting in July (right now I'm working on research/characterization and stuff). THANK YOU!
    please enter me (even though I have 10 different books I've won in the past several months and assorted and sundry sites that I've won that I have yet to read LOL)


  49. Hi Patty!!!!!!!
    I'm so sorry to be so slow to check in. What a day.
    Im home from work and you'd think I'd just have nothing but time on my hands. NOPE.
    Great blog.

  50. "I was frustrated by my lack of progress on my writing and the thought of facing my writing friends made me cringe with shame."

    I can totally relate, Patty. Sometimes I shy away from commenting on blogs for just that reason. But I've learned after much trial and error that it's a two-step process for me. First, writing every day, then setting a word count. Developing the discipline to write most days, at least 5 our of 7, is huge for me. I'm working on that. Then, I've given myself a 500 word count that's fairly easy to beat, which is as it needs to be right now. Success, success, success!

    When I've got the discipline down, the word count will go up. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    Get me to the ACFW conference!

  51. Am so anxious to read your book, Patty....more so since you live in GA (me, too)! Happy Birthday to Ausjenny's Mum!!!

  52. Well, I'm back--couldn't preach about DWC without actually DOING it, now could I? Now that I've got that done, I'm here off and on for the rest of the day.

    Rose, Thanks for stopping by today!

    Sherri, girlfriend! Congratulations on finaling in the Genesis! I hope you have that book finished because it won't be long before someone's going to be asking for it!!

  53. Janet, I wished I was going to RWA but we're moving the early part of next month and with finishing this next book and everything, I just can't. But I'm hoping that things calm down for ACFW in September. Thanks for having me here today.

    Kathryn--I love reading about women who do extraordinary things so of course, I want to write about them! Thanks for coming by!

  54. Whitney, that blank computer screen was the very reason I learned how to plot. When you have an outline or scene cards, you have some idea of where to start when facing that blank page. My apologies to the pantsers, but that's what helped me.

    Casey, I love those 10K word weeks too! Thanks for stopping by!

  55. Great post! More and more I am reminded that I need to have daily word count goals-ones that I actually stick to!

    Patty, I love the cover of your book! It's sure to catch lots of peoples attention. Thanks so much for sharing with us and reminding me to be more consistant!

    Yesterday, I got about 300 words. I think I'll start with 300 and increase it every once in while until I have it just right!

    please enter me

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  56. Cara, I have those days too, when getting those 1000 words down is like pulling teeth. But then you get one of those days like I had yesterday where I got 2300 words down--and I was feeling pretty good! Thanks for having me here on Seekerville!

    Susan, you're right! You do need to set a page count on those revisions, get that story out of the way and start the next one. If you get an idea for another novel, write it down--I keep a little journal where I write down a paragraph on this new idea, then put it away until I'm ready.

  57. Thank you, Jessica! I fell in love with my cover the very first moment I saw it! The art department at Love Inspired really outdo themselves with their covers.

    Virginia, another great support group is ACFW's Novel Track--it's just like NaNoWri. I think they do it three times a year and July just happens to be one of them.

    Jodie, I know how tough it is to write when you're recovering and in pain--the fact that you're getting 500 words down a day is fantastic!

  58. Just reviewed the comments, as this was the THWACK for the week and I needed it. :)

    So glad to hear about panster/plotter. I'm determined to be a former panster on book 2.

    Ok - back to the galley! YES. The galley!!! This is IT...

    Turns in tomorrow, book will be manufactured 6/22-23 and guess what? I'm going to BE THERE to watch it roll off the presses and binders!!! :)

  59. OHMYGOSH Patty I LOVE the Cover of your book. WOW!! Congrats!! Great to know more about your!!

    I can't wait to read your book my friend, it sounds intriguing! Thanks for the chance to win it! I'm SO EXCITED for you and your writing adventures


    Nora St.Laurent
    The Book Club Network

  60. Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my mum. I did tell her when I saw her lots of my online friends said happy birthday. I couldn't stay to long as I have a cold which has gotten way worse overnight. They dont want you at the nursing home when you are sick but I stayed away from the other residents. Mum hasn't had a cold in probably 10 years or more.

  61. Michelle, 1K a day is good--365K by the end of the year, almost 4 100K books. Keep up the good work!

    Stacy! Editing is the fun part! It's when the story really takes shape and becomes something MORE! You can do it--that rough draft? That was the tough part of the job.

    Ruthy, thanks for lunch! I arrived a bit late but safed some space for that chocolate fountain--I'm crazy for fresh fruit!

  62. Joanne, I'll be praying for you as you get started in July. Just remember--there is truth in that old saying, 'Slow and Steady wins the Race.'

    Patricia, 500 words a day is a great start. Keep at it and I hope you see you at the ACFW conference in September.

    Jackie, so you're a Georgia girl too, huh? We're a special bunch! ~grins~ Hope you like the book.

  63. Mary, I'm always in awe of your word counts! And every time I turn around, you've got another new book in the bookstore! Thanks for having me here in Seekerville today!

  64. Faye, 300 words a day is a good start--and it's a lot better than an empty page. Thanks for coming by today!

    Nora! Man, have I missed you! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  65. Congrats on the book AND on getting your DWC done today!

  66. I don't guess I've really set a daily work count for myself. For the most part, I just try to write something. I do know that when I aimed at finishing my book by a certain deadline my word count was about 1000 a day. I need to get back to that. I'm revising right now, so it makes it a little difficult to do both. I keep telling myself to focus on getting my first book tight and sent to an agent and then I can start writing the next.

  67. Patty,

    Thanks for sharing your experience and for the reminder to set our daily word goals!


  68. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JENNY'S mother.Congratulations on your book. Please enter me in the giveaway.

  69. Linnette, when I get caught up today (is it 10:14 ALREADY???) I'll write those words too.


    The day is almost gone again...

    PS. I've been visiting other blogs checking out the beautiful digs, the hosts, the visitors.

    Lovely places, wonderful people, but there's NO place like my Seekerville home!

  70. Pammer, I'm still so excited about your sale! You had been in my thoughts so much in those days leading up to your announcement that I kept you in my prayers--I believe when God brings someone to your mind, you pray for them. I can't wait to download your book next month! Thanks for having me here today!

  71. Linnette, Congratulations on finishing your book! That's a huge achievement! Now tighten it up, send it off to your agent and get started on the next one!

    Edwina, thanks for coming by today. You always bring such a lovely presence whereever you are.

    Emma(great name, by the way!) Thanks for stopping by today.

  72. Thanks, Patty. I needed your blog today to ensure I keep up with my word count.

    I promise to write 1000 words each and every day...Girl Scouts Honor! :)

    Can't wait to read Hearts in Flight, which I had the pleasure of judging in a contest. Wonderful writing! Great story! Congrats!

  73. Hey again,
    I want to thank the Seekers once again for having me today--as always, they are some of the most gracious ladies in the publishing world, particularly Julie who has always been such an encouragement to me.

    I'll be checking in over the next few days--but if you have any questions, please feel free to visit my website, www(dot)pattysmithhall(dot)com.

  74. Debby! I almost missed you--but I'm so glad I checked one more time. . .

    Thanks for having me on Seekerville today--as usual, I had a blast!!!

  75. Patty,
    Thanks for the great post- and the gentle nudge :-)
    Your book cover looks lovely! Aren't you SUPER-excited?!?

  76. Patty, I am so looking forward to you book. Can't wait.

  77. Hey Pepper! Yes, I am SUPER EXCITED! A couple of weeks ago, I received my author copies and just cried like a baby! I'm going to have to carry tissues with me every time I go to Walmart next month! ~grin~

    Walt! I haven't seen you in forever! Thanks for stopping by!

  78. Hi Patty, I love Love Inspired books and can't wait to read your latest. Congratulations..
    Thanks for all the good info you gave us.

    misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com

  79. This post couldn't have come at a better time, Patty. Thank you. Last year when I participated in NANOWRIMO, I learned the importance of setting a daily word count and sticking to it. For me, it's a great motivator.

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  81. Thank your for the post Patty. My problem, when dealing with numbers, in everything in life is not having accountablity. In trying to lose weight I need someone to check my numbers to keep me on track. It's the same way with writing. I realize now that I need to set daily goals and then keep to them. I notice some authors have a gauge on their websites that keeps track of the word count for their WIP. I think that is awesome and would love to get one on my blog if for no other reason then it will stand out to me as a reminder.

    I love visiting Seekerville...I always learn a lot and sometimes get a little kick in the tush to wake me up...thank you for the kick this morning!

    I love the cover of Hearts in Flight. I love WWII Historicals!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  82. Patty,
    So true! Thanks for sharing this. Sometimes we have to look at things in black and white before we can grasp the reality.
    I must admit I don't have a 'daily' word count goal.
    Maybe I should try that.
    I'll keep you posted.
    I wanna win your book!!

    belindapeterson at tds dot net

  83. Great post, Patty! How about those who need edits, though? I try to allow another 150 to 200% of time estimated for edits. So I figure 1500 words a day may also require up to 3000 words that need editing and reediting when I am planning. Blessings!

  84. Hey,interesting interview!
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