Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Library-A Writer's Delightful Friend

Hello Everyone. Sandra here.

It is great to be back in Seekerville and especially today because I have in my hand my first sale release of THE PRICE OF VICTORY.

To celebrate, I will be giving away a copy of this hard bound book.

And if you read on you will find more surprise prizes.

So grab a cup of coffee (I hope Helen has been here) If not, I do have some chocolate velvet brewing and it will be ready soon.

THE PRICE OF VICTORY is a hard bound book because Avalon Books (the publisher) specializes in books for libraries. They are specially bound to withstand the handling of many readers who will be checking out the books.

Will you help me out and call your local library and ask for THE PRICE OF VICTORY by Sandra Leesmith.?

Why is this important?

Well, the obvious reason is it would help my sales and support my position with Avalon. smile

But there is a benefit for you also. Every time you check out a book at your local library you are supporting this community resource.

With the economy problems, many communities are looking for ways to cut back expenditures. However, during economy crunches, people depend upon their libraries more than during flush times. The librarian can substantiate his/her budget requests if there is a high demand for books.

For example, when I was teaching, I used to walk my kindergarten class to the library every week. My thirty students would each check out 20 books, giving them a wonderful source of reading material. But the bonus I didn't expect was from the librarian. She informed me that the increased number of books checked out each week provided her with a bigger budget to buy more books.

So support your local library and check out books.

Did I mention that you could ask for THE PRICE OF VICTORY??

I don't always read every book I check out, but I glance through and read the first five pages. I also get a feel for what is in demand. And of course the library is a great place for resource material that you usually only need for the current wip. You can return those books and materials and save space in your office.

Along this note, your librarian will be your best friend when it comes to research. The Resource Librarian is there to help and they LOVE meaningful projects. Give them something to find and they are in heaven. Read Julie Lessman's blog post for more information.

Now you are probably saying, "I don't want people checking out my books. I want them to BUY them."

This is true, but there are plenty of readers out there who do not know your name. Many librarians support local authors. In Scottsdale, Arizona, the librarian invites local writer groups in and provides rooms for meetings, events and presentations. Often librarians feature the local authors and invite them in for speaking engagements. The librarian in Tempe takes paperbacks of local authors and puts a hard bound cover on them to make them more durable. Your librarian is going to make sure everyone in town knows about the local authors. So make sure she knows about you.

They also know their clientele and watch out for the latest books in the genre their clientele are interested in. For example if you come in often and ask what's the latest in inspirational romance and check out every inspirational romance available, they are going to keep their eye out for you. They will purchase books with their regulars in mind, so if regulars check out inspirational, they will order more of that genre. This is a great way to support our genre and the library as well. Remember, many famous authors "arrived" by word of mouth.

Oh and be sure to ask your librarian for a copy of THE PRICE OF VICTORY.

(I know Ruthy. You are going to scold me for being so blatant. LOL) But hey. I'm excited about my new book.

Most libraries are up to date on the latest technology. Our library in Tempe offers classes on social media, the Internet, etc. You can download library books onto Kindle and other electronic readers.

So enjoy the library. Take your friends, relatives, children, grandchildren and spouse. It can be a fun outing. Instead of meeting your girlfriends for lunch (which involves expense and calories) meet at the library instead. Make it an adventure of discovery.

And when you go you know what I'm going to ask you to do??? LOL

Okay, okay, enough promotion. I did promise more surprise prizes.

During my last post I didn't receive my picture book covers until the end of the day. You Easterners were already in bed. So I want to show them off again.

Anyone who comments and shares ways their library has been useful to them will be included in the drawings.

One drawing will be the above mentioned copy of THE PRICE OF VICTORY.

I will draw two names more.

One will receive a copy of: PERCIVAL THE NAUGHTY PRAIRIE DOG.

The third winner will receive a copy of HECTOR WANTS TO PLAY

Since its summer and those two bicycles on the cover of THE PRICE OF VICTORY are sitting on the beach and The Fourth of July is around the corner, how about some snow cones and funnel cakes. Pick your flavor and enjoy.

And those of you at RWA, I'm trying not to be jealous. Have fun and make the most of the conference experience.


  1. I buy way too many books, but the library has been helpful to me in so many ways. Growing up we never had money to buy new books, I would dream of it, but I could not. I discovered that the library would buy books I wanted to read, if I could get a couple of my friends to request the same book! By requesting books they did not have, the library started buying much more Christian fiction and found it was quite popular. I got a job at the local library at age 15 (almost 16) and worked there until I was 18. I loved it! We practically live at the library, with my boys and help them get their budget, by checking out lots of books and audio books. I have noticed from using the library, the selection increases and I encourage everyone, especially if you can't afford to buy all the books you want to read, ask your library for the ones you want! It never hurts! martha(at)lclink(dot)com

  2. Here's the coffee pot, with timer set for 3 a.m.

    Like so many Seekers and Seeker friends, I grew up as a book worm. My mother, whose dream was to be a librarian, took me to the library and let me check out all the books I wanted in the summer. Of course, we didn't have an abundance to choose from. It was a very small library in a very small town.

    After Mom retired from her factory job, she signed up with the Green Thumb program for senior citizens, and worked part-time in that little library!

    The library here is so small that I haven't been in for awhile. I need to rectify that and ask for The Price of Victory!


  3. Hey Sandra. I'm excited for you too!!! Will definitely ask our librarian for The Price of Victory.

    My book just released and our head librarian has already arranged for me and May, the K9 Spy to speak to the kids during the summer reading program. She makes a point to have local authors come and seems to be willing and able to help.

    Our library is a beautiful, welcoming place and is loved by many in our community. We are blessed!!!

    Also of note - just in case this is of interest to anyone - saw this on Facebook a little while ago: http://publishingperspectives.com/2011/06/self-published-ebook-authors-earn-living/

    Thanks for an interesting article Sandra! Have a good evening all!

  4. Ooooh! Loved this post! I've worked in academic libraries and our local library for almost 15 years. The last position I had was running the Summer reading program- and I'm jealous that KC is speaking to a SR program there! How fun!!
    Also, Avalon is the publisher I just sent my contemporary to (full requested) and I would love, love, love for them to publish it. But I heard 10-12 months for a response, so I'm not even going to think about checking the mail until Jan or so... and even then is too early.
    Definitely having your book put on the 'to order' list! (but I think we have a standing Avalon order anyway...)

  5. Congratulations, Sandra!!!

    I brought some fresh cantaloupe and grapes for breakfast.

    I know our library allows the homeschooling groups to use their rooms. One of the local writer's groups uses a room too. I know in the past we've had a difficult time getting our librarby to buy requested books.

    Our local ACFW meets at a library that is central to members. Most of us live an hour away, but they are kind to allow us to use their meeting room.

    christinainspirationals [at] gmail dot com

  6. okey dokey did it! my library has on online 'suggest a title' link. I'm lucky my library buys a lot of christian fiction - there's often a waiting list for some. I wish they'd up the ebooks - they finally started having those with Overdrive (they've had the audios longer but ebook formatting keeps changing and they were waiting).

    I've always loved the library and have been using mine a LOT the past few years - more than usual. I kept buying too many and have piles - now I see w hat I live and check out new authors without the permanent clutter though I shudder to consider books clutter but I do have too many for my lack of organization and space! I've gotten a lot of new authors by trying them out from the library.

    My mom used to take us to the library when we were kids - my brother could've done without it but I loved it since reading was my one pleasure until I discovered band in 6th grade. I still remember one snooty librarian looking at my stack of 12 books and making a comment about not being able to read all of those and my mom speaking up and saying I could and would be reading them all and back for more in less than the checkout period. It hurt my feelings but after that she never said a word no matter how many I checked out(and probably half my stack were rereads of favorites!) Just went by 3 libraries yesterday evening - one of the counties i"m in has a lot of branches and my dad wanted to ride around some so I headed down to the main branch then hit 2 more on the way home! There are at least 9 in the system and another being built just past the mall and they do transfers to a closer branch and now do free interlibrary loans for books out longer than 6 months!


  7. My local branch knows me by name and I can attest to everything Sandra has to say about the importance of connecting with this resource. I'm on a tight budget and have been able to still benefit from many craft books and reference materials, some of which I had checked out for a solid three months.

    I also got to experience some big time grace this past week. I had an inspirational romance new release on my car seat that got coke spilled on it. I took it in prepared to have to pay for the book, and they wouldn't let me. Said it was still serviceable and they knew it was an accident. I almost started crying right there, thanking them and praising the Lord because when I say tight budget, I mean tight budget.

    I'll be sure to ask them to get Price of Victory. And assure them I won't spill anything on it ;-)

  8. The library has been important to me since I was a kid. We lived in a small town and there really wasn't much to do there so imagine my delight when a bookmobile started arriving! I checked out tons of books every summer! I have always loved books.

    I check out books at my local library all the time. The librarians are so helpful when it comes to helping me find books, faxing, copying, etc. Not only do I check out books regularly but I buy a lot of books too!

    I will check to see if our library carries, The Price of Victory, and if they don't I will ask them to please order it!



  9. Here most of the christian fiction our library has is what I have donated. I would say 90% is what I gave them. I know its popular and popular by just as many non christians cos its clean reading. Its hard to get Christian fiction in alot of the libraries here. I still donate some books there and others to the Church Library.
    They will try and find books in another library here for you but it can be quite hard.
    For any who have books and not sure what to do with them Libraries love the donations. (I know this isn't the same as requesting Sandras new book but if you have a spare book they would love it too).
    Love the look of the new book.

  10. GRR...

    Blogger kicked me out and I have a baby to feed.

    Sandra, will be back! Love this! Love the blatant plugs! LOVE LIBRARIES!!!!

  11. Morning, Sandra! Ah, sitting on a beach over the 4th of July weekend. Sounds like heaven : )

    I love libraries. Sadly though, since my kids have graduated from high school, I don't spend nearly as much time there. I've got to remedy that.

    You bet I'll posey in and request The Price of Victory! If they don't have it already, I know they will soon.

    I never knew the librarian's budget was determined by the number of books checked out. Just another reason to make a habit of taking my laptop to the library maybe twice a month or more and writing there after work rather than coming home and being distracted by the family!

    I brought some soft, chewy cinnamon raisin bagels for breakfast. Sorry, only plain cream cheese...I'm a purist when it comes to toppings, LOL!

  12. KC, thanks for the link to the article on self pubbing ebooks. I have a friend that's preparing to take that route. Sounds like a very lucrative proposition, huh?

    Ah, but then, we have to always keep the grass greener theory in mind.

    Still, those figures do make one drool : )

    Don't know if May appreciates bagels, so I brought tiny, homemade dog cookies just for her!

  13. I love buying books but I still go to the library almost every week.

  14. Hi Martha,

    What a great librarian you had to buy the books you requested. And how fun to work in one as a teen. Don't you just love to be surrounded by books?

    My office can attest to that. yikes.

  15. Helen, Bless you for having that coffee ready. Yum.

    Small libraries are fun. They are so cozy. When we travel we find them sometimes in really odd places. But hey, they have books. smile

    Bless your mom for following her dream. Oh that we can all do that.

  16. KC. Wow, you're brave. All those kids. Of course they are going to love May and her adventures.

    I saw your link to the photos the other day of your stack of books. How exciting for you. And as you say, "Pawsome."

    Best wishes on those. Try and get some of those in the libraries. Someone may pick it up and say "Oh I've got to order this for my friend."

    Thanks too for sharing the link. Always great to have resources.

  17. Congratulations on the release of your book, Sandra! This is a story I read in manuscript form and loved it! Great cover, too!

    I LIVED in libraries as a kid. Everywhere I moved growing up, my mom would take us to the library first thing so we could get a library card. Oh, and remember those long, lazy days of summer when you actualy had TIME to read to your heart's content?

    Your kids' books look adorable, too! Tell us a bit about where you got your ideas for those!

  18. Congratulations on your book! Our local library has been such a blessing to us. I home school my ten-year-old twins and the library has become their favorite 'field trip' I love that they love to read and the library has played a big part in teaching them the wonder of books.

  19. Sandra, this post is so timely. There is an article in the NYTimes which talks about school librarians being expendable with budget cuts. Next it will be libraries!

    In our economic times, so many folks are using the county library as a job hunting resource, a place to get free books they can't afford to purchase, and as a free entertainment resource for children with story times and book clubs. Of course, their funding is on the chopping block!

    I love all your book covers. You were blessed!

    Put me in the for drawing. I will ask for your book!

    Peace, Julie

  20. Virginia,

    Best wishes on your submission to Avalon. Yes, they are slow, but well worth the wait. The books are just lovely. I will keep positive thoughts to have you join our Avalon Author group.

    Avalon authors have a blog btw Avalon Authors

    I will be interviewed on this blog tomorrow. Check it out.

  21. Christina,

    Thank you for the lovely fruit. It goes yummy with the bagels Audra brought. I guess it is early for snow cones. I wrote my post late afternoon and was hot and thirsty. LOL

    Thanks for reminding the home schoolers about the library. Of course it is a wonderful resource when you're schooling your children.

  22. Susanna, Thanks a bunch for all those requests. Woo hoo.

    And how fun to take your dad for a drive. I do that often myself. He enjoys getting out and seeing all the people, the scenery and activity.

    Then he sleeps well too. chuckle.

  23. Congratulations, Sandra! All your books sound wonderful, but I love the cover for Percival. :o)

    I'll definitely put in a call to the local library and request they get a copy of THE PRICE OF VICTORY!

    Growing up, my friend and I made weekly bicycle rides to the library throughout the summer. She was a voracious reader, as well, so we kept the small library on their toes with our requests. But they always came through.

    And I just have to be a snot, Sandra, but your poor little kindergartners each carrying 20 books. But good for them! :o)


  24. Nancy, What a great story.

    Yes, those library bound books are durable.

    And what a blessing that your library is such a great place for you. Your librarians sound wonderful.

    And thanks for mentioning the craft books. I use the library's Writer's Market also. That book is way to expensive and you have to get a new one each year. If you request them, most libraries are well stocked with craft books.

  25. Judy, Thanks for the support. I'm glad you are a library regular.

    Seems that many of us have wonderful childhood memories of libraries. Its a good lesson to remember when dealing with our own children and grandchildren. Instilling a love of books helps develop a love of reading. So important for them. smile

  26. Note to folks, our library uses the Illiad system to suggest a purchase. In addition to listing all the info about the book like ISBN and publishing house, it also requires you to suggest why the book is an important library purchase.

    Fortunately for us, we have a large inspirational section at our library AND a large cycling community in our area.

    For folks dealing with real people, be sure to give the librarian all the information about the book.

    I know I am stating the obvious. Can you tell I want this book picked up by all our libraries?

    Peace, Julie

  27. Jenny, It just makes me smile that you have supplied the library with all the Christian books. And why not? There is no sense in letting those books sit on our shelves collecting dust.

    Many readers discover an author in libraries or used book sales. Then they look for that author and yes, start buying that author's work.

    I remember one summer (years before writing) I bought an historical romance from a used book store. I loved it and wanted to read more. I ended up driving 60 miles to the nearest city and buying up every book I could find in the store. (sorry to say I don't remember her name. I think it was Angelique something.) But you get the idea.

  28. I go to our public library all the time. As well as checking out fiction books to read, I have checked out books about crocheting. I crochet and the library has crochet books with lots of patterns. They also have a free magazine shelf (which I love). I'll head that way today I think.

  29. Ruthy,

    You must be busy.

    No scolding.

    Hooray, I'm off the hook. For a bit anyway. smile

  30. Great post Sandra. I have found my library extremely helpful with aiding in my research. I also have been extremely blessed by a librarian in Camden, Maine where I've set my historical romance. She pointed me in the direction and tried to find answers to my myriad of questions via email. After months and months of research, my family and I traveled from PA to Maine to visit the town and lighthouse where my story is set. We also visited the library and met this sweet librarian who aided me immensely in my research. I couldn't have done it without her. So thanks to long-distance librarians too!

    Jodie Wolfe

  31. Audra, Thanks for the lovely bagels and cream cheese. What was I thinking? Snow cones for breakfast. LOL

    Anyway, you're right. The library is a great place to find some peace and quiet. Our library has little rooms you can check out. I spread all my stuff out on the table and go at it. So fun.

    No phones. No hubby interrupting with his "This is just a quick question." No pups bringing me chewed up shoes.

    Just me and my characters. smile

  32. Rose,

    You're perfect.

    You buy books and you go to the library.

    An author's best friends. smile

    And you write books too.

  33. I'll go by and request it later =D.

    One of the things we love about our library is the summer reading program. The first thing the kids get is a card with about 30 giveaways on it. Free Dairy Queen, Frozen Custard, Chick-fil-A, discounts at book stores, gift at another book store, bowling, etc. LOVE those =D.

    Otherwise, the books! Though my TBR pile at home and on the Kindle [hi Pam!] is big enough right now that I don't need to visit the library anytime soon for me ;). Will go for the kids this weekend most likely. Since summer school is over.

    Beach sounds so nice right about now!

    carol at carolmoncado dot com

  34. Yes, Glynna, I do remember and long for those long lazy days of summer when we had time to read.

    What happened to those? smile

    The animal stories are inspired by all of the outdoor living we do. Often when hiking or sitting outside I observe all the antics of the animals. Nature is very entertaining.

    And all those years of teaching kindergarten, I remember how much the children love animal stories. They can relate to them. Sometimes children characters hit too close to home if you know what I mean. Its safer to relate to an animal with those attributes we all need to look at.

  35. Jamie, You're so right.

    Libraries are great places to teach children the wonder of books.

    Children learn to read when they see adults reading and enjoying it. After all, they want to do what we do.

    So read, read, read around those little ones.

    And when you're sitting quiet and reading a romance, you can justify it by saying you're being a role model for your children. smile

  36. Julie, Thanks for asking for my book.

    You are so right. Libraries are an endangered species in these times. But ironically so needed in these times.

    Keep going to your library folks and checking out those books.

    And support your school librarians. Remember, public schools are YOURS. You can go to the board meetings and help make the decisions that affect your children's education.

  37. Kirsten,

    How sweet of you to be concerned for those little ones. We pulled our red wagons from the playground so please don't worry about their little backs.

    They were in great shape though because we walked all the time. The district only allowed us two bus trips a year, but we managed to find lots of places to walk to. The parents used to tease me about how they needed to always buy shoes because we "burned rubber" walking everywhere.

  38. Julie, Thanks for the reminder that we need all the info.

    You can find it on the Avalon link in my post.

    But the ISBN number is:

    And the publisher is Avalon Books.

  39. Patsy, Great idea and thanks for sharing the crochet info too.

    Libraries have an amazing number of resources.

    Have fun and don't forget to ask for Price of Victory.

  40. Jodie,

    What a terrific story. A long-distance librarian helping you. How precious is that. And I love that you went to meet her.

    Your story will seem so believable and real. All that research will pay off.

    Happy writing.

  41. Carol, Wow, your library has a lot of community support. That is awesome.

    We traveled in the one area and the library there gave away a certain number of free tickets to local sightseeing places every day.

    Its a great way to get people into the library.

    And a bonus for those of us who go. smile

  42. CarolM, I used to take the kids to the library in the summer and come home with tons of books. Of course, the 20 minutes of reading a day AFTER we got home was a challenge, but we got through it.

    And the prizes they won...just for reading? Made it all worthwhile when we went to Dairy Queen and they could buy their treats with their own coupons!

  43. Congrats, Sandra!! I will certainly request your book at my county library! Your post is so interesting about libraries! My county library moved into a gym until their building could be remodeled.....what a challenge for them! They have handled it very well though and will soon be back in their building. All the staff is very helpful! I donate all my Christian fiction books to them OR my church library....over 200.

  44. Oh, I love libraries! The sounds, the smells, the books! I think I'm addicted!

    The first place we go in a new town (have I mentioned that we have moved a lot?) is the library. Even before getting a new bank account, new doctor, new driver's license, we get our new library cards. First things first!

    I'll be sure to request THE PRICE OF VICTORY - our library has an on-line request system.

    Pass me a snow cone, please. Where else can we have snow cones for breakfast?

  45. Gorgeous, gorgeous cover on that release, Sandra!!

    Checking in!!

    Today going to the Italian American Heritage Museum and then the Chinese Ice Cream Factory in Chinatown and Little Italy.

    Then to the Librarian Meet and Greet and the Literacy Signng.

  46. Congratulations on the release of your new Avalon book! Squee!

    I'm going to ask for it at the Rochester Public Library. :)

  47. Sandra,

    Congratulations on your book release!

    I love libraries, too! I've got a bag of books to give to my branch right now, so soon they will have a bunch of new inspirationals to give out!

    In my city we have about 4 branches and you can request books from any location to be brought in. This is how I get some of the authors I want, because my particular branch doesn't have a lot of inspirationals.

    Best of luck with your books. Love the artwork on your kids books! It's definitely eye catching!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  48. SANDRA!!! As far as I'm concerned, you canNOT drop too many shameless plugs for The Price of Victory because this release is HUGE, girl, and I cannot wait to read it!!

    And you are SO right -- libraries ARE our friends because they keep our books before so many people who otherwise would never get the chance to read them. And let's face it, that's what it's all about -- getting His Word out there, not making money. Uh, if it IS about making money, then I'm definitely doing something wrong ... :)

    Praying for an AWESOME launch for you, my friend.


  49. I love my library, Sandra! The librarians at my local branch have been really excited about my books and they do love to tell people about them. BLESS THEM! And they are very helpful when I am looking for research materials.

    I tell everybody to ask for my book at their local library. If you can't afford to buy it, please request it from the library! At my library, you can put a hold on it when you request it so that when it comes in, they will hold it for you and you can be the first one to read it!

    I also love to donate copies of my book to high school libraries. It's all about getting the book in the hands of those who will love it! The way I look at it, if someone reads my book at the library and loves it, I make a new fan. They may never buy my books, they may not be able to afford to, but they will check them out at the library and tell their friends about them, and might even buy a copy or two as gifts. I actually love it when someone tells me they got my book at the library.

    God bless you, Sandra! I pray your book is wildly popular! And just the first of many more to come. I won your beautiful children's books a couple weeks ago, and they are just adorable! What a wonderful way to introduce children to desert wildlife!

  50. Jackie, Wow between you and Jenny, the libraries are well stocked with Christian fiction. woo hoo

    And I can't even imagine moving all those books into a gym. What a job. But how fortunate that their building is being renovated. Shows community support.

  51. Jan, You crack me up. You get your library card FIRST?

    That does make sense because your library will have all the local resources on hand for you. And your librarian can make recommendations.

    Thanks for requesting my book.

  52. Okay Tina, Make me jealous.

    Have a blast girlfriend.

  53. Susan,

    Thanks for the support. Libraries are the best.

    The artist who did my picture books used to work for Disney. He's terrific. I just love his work.

  54. Hi Julie, Thanks.

    Did you notice I referenced your great article on libraries also? We are on the same page as far as libraries go. Hooray.

    Its a great article folks so click onto it.

  55. Thanks Melanie, Did the book come in time for your two year old?

    Yes, libraries are wonderful. And you can never discount the influence they have on developing an author's name and reputation which eventually does lead to sales.

    Thanks for your support. I'll request yours too because it is a wonderful book. Great for teens. And adults too. smile

  56. Hi Sandra:

    We have the newest library in the system about ¼ mile from my house built on a golf course. It’s probably the most beautiful public building in the area. Floor to ceiling widows with views of green landscape and the duck pond. WiFi. Community center. Next to tennis courts and the miles long jogging path.

    I’ve really gotten into the library since that beauty was built!

    I requested your book. I’m three for three on my requests so I’m hopeful. My sister-in-law helps run the Team Navy bicycle runs around the country. I believe she is going to Iowa next. When I was in Chama last year, just after the Crested Butte writing conference, we saw a bike run that had bikes stretched out over 20 miles! These are really big events. I’m really looking forward to reading your book.


    vmres (at) swbell (dot) net

  57. Thanks Vince, I hope you enjoy it and thank you for already requesting it.

    Your library sounds fantastic. It sounds much like our Maricopa County LIbrary in Gilbert. It has huge windows that look out over a manmade riparian area with lots of birds and wildlife. There are bike paths that run for miles along the canals from there.

    And I forgot to mention most libraries have wi fi. Thanks for reminding us.

    Oh yes, the library in Flagstaff also has terrific views. They have a seating area with windows that look out at the Franciscan Peaks which are the result of a huge volcano.

  58. Bless you for giving libraries and librarians a nod! I ADORE libraries. I work in two and frequent a third. Where would we be without libraries and bookstores? I don't even want to think about that!

    Question: Where can I get my hands on your books, Sandra? I've checked both amazon and christianbook but Price of Victory and your two children's books don't come up. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Kav, Bless you for asking.

    If you click on the link in my post for Avalon and the children's book, you will find my books there. Avalon and my children's publisher are slow in getting their things onto Amazon. I guess they want first dibs for now. smile.

    But, you can find the them here:



  60. Hi Sandra...I would love to be entered into the drawing! A love for the library was established at an early age for me. My mom used to take my siblings and I to the puppet show and story time that the librarian did. We loved it! We would also do the summer reading program. It sparked a life long love of books for me. Now I live in a small town and I live close enough to walk/stroll my kids down to the library. They have story time in the summers and my kids love it! There aren't a lot of choices, especially in Christian fiction (the library is pretty small), so I'd love to recommend your book to them! Blessings~Stacey

  61. Thanks Stacey, I am glad you enjoy the library with your children. How fortunate that you can walk there. That would be my dream. smile.

  62. I LOVE libraries! I practically LIVE there! I have recommended books to my librarian friends who have recommended them to MORE people. I will definitly request your book Sandra! Your post was great I didn't know that about libraries and checking out books. I have definitly checked out my share!
    My best friend is a junior librarian so we swap books and she casually mentions to her boss which books she thinks the library should purchase.
    Again, I LOVE libraries!

    crazi.swans at gmail dot com

  63. Faye, What a great place to practically LIVE. I love libraries also.

    And thanks for recommending my book.

  64. Am busy. Brat.


    No scolding at all. I donate lots of my books to libraries to touch readers all over. Like the country. Not like all over THEM.

    That would be awkward.

  65. Awkward indeed Ruthy girl.

    I hope you're doing all my chores along with yours.

    I'm a total slug today and loving it. smile

  66. Okay, I'm feeling truly jinxed. LOL. When I click on your links, both in the post and your reply I get an error message. :-(

    And everyone cheering on libraries is cheering me up. My school board decided to close our board library. I'll be going to two schools in the fall (half time at each one) but I lose two months salary as I'll drop to being a ten month employee. :-( And they want everything online and e-based even in our elementary schools. They are even want us to take courses on digital storytelling. Sniffle. What's wrong with a good old hardcover book and a real-live animated librarian making eye contact with all those cute little kiddies?

  67. LOL. So I found the publisher and found your book, The Price of Victory, and got all excited when I clicked on the purchase button only to be told that their shop is down for maintenance...so maybe that is why your link doesn't work. I shall persevere though!

  68. Congratulations, Sandra! Love the covers of all your books, but especially the children's books. Didn't know you wrote for that group too.

    The library conversation has me thinking. Thinking I have way too many physical books. Donate to the library? To a hospital? Sell them? Give them to whoever will take them? Thinking...

  69. Hi! I would like to be included for the next Critique contest please! Thanks! :D

  70. Okay, you're right. My computer wouldn't link either.

    Try it this time

    Avalon-Price of Victory

  71. Kav, This time it worked. I noticed my first link had something missing. I was talking to my editor earlier and looks like they fixed it.

    Try it now and let me know.

    Don't forget to call your librarian and have her order it too. smile

    And I'm with you. I love those hardbound picture books and children love to be read to. They love to read with you also. So fun. I'm praying for your board.

  72. Patricia, Thanks for the compliment. I guess all those years teaching kindergarten are in me. I love writing those animal stories.

    After downsizing several parents and cleaning up several estates from deceased friends and parents, I've learned that it is ridiculous to let all this stuff sit around collecting dust.

    Books are to be read. When I finish a book I give it away. Books make great gifts btw. All my friends and family know that is what they're getting from me.

    Might as well support our industry. smile

  73. Dawn,

    You are welcome to sign in for a critique win. However, those are traditionally drawn on the weekends. Winners from my blog today are receiving books.

    Come back and visit us on the weekend.

  74. I wish my library would put donated books on the shelf. I asked one time because I have TONS of books and would donate them if I'd have a chance to check them out to re-read sometimes but they told me they 'might' look through them but they pretty much go on the FOL shelf and most of those might bring 25cts or sometimes a dollar depending on which branch. I even offered a tradesize first in a series they were missing - they won't buy anything more than 2 yrs old and this series builds on each book so you'd be lost. They finally caved on a J D Robb book that was like 5th in the series - refused then I put in an interlibrary loan request and apparently enough others did because they ordered about 4 copies of the title. I mean you can't skip and Eve and Roarke episdoe...sigh...
    they also have a huge selection of uncatalogued books that don't show up in the catalog - it's just luck of the draw to be in the right library at the right time and see a specific book and some are parts of series as well as the series romances like Love Inspired. I even offered to volunteer my time to catalog those suckers starting with one branch and working my way around but they just looked at me 'funny'. I'd still do it if they'd show me how it's done - I know there are some on those racks that are WL'd catalogued copies but people don't know about them.

    maybe I should open my own library! :-)


  75. Hang in there Susanna. Sounds like you have some great ideas. You never know. Someday one of them will happen. Be persistent.

  76. Susanna - I did open my own library! There are certain books that many homeschool curricula use, but are hard to find at libraries. So instead of selling them when we are finished with them, I just keep them on my shelf and let my local homeschooling community know that they're available to borrow.

    Specific books, specific reader group, but it's still a library!

  77. Congrats!!! I love the library since I can't buy every book I want to read. Many times I end up buying a book eventually anyway. The neat thing is you can go on-line and request whatever you want and they let you know when its in. That's how the library has helped me out at this point. Does that count? Do I get included in the drawing?

    Funnel cake! Out of this world! Snow cones must follow since funnel cake makes you so thirsty. So its not one or the other for me, but both! :D


  78. Jan, that's totally awesome of you to have a homeschooling library!

  79. Jan,

    That's a great idea. And look how you are helping others.

    Thanks for sharing.

  80. Linnette,

    Of course that counts.

    Glad you like the funnel cake. It was Ruthy who introduced me to those in Orlando last year at RWA. yum They sold them on the boardwalk.

  81. Sandra, we have funnel cake in Missouri, too. They seem to prefer elephant ears here in SC, but its funnel cake all the way for me!!! :D



    And did you know that they dip Oreos and Snickers bars and Twix bars and all things good and really, really fattening into FUNNEL CAKE batter and deep fry them?

    How could this be bad, I ask????

    Oh, yum!

    Tomorrow I'm doing fried dough. I promised the kids. We've got a houseful every day this week and I want them to feel like it's summer vacation and funtime. One of my buddies is bringing a water slide over. Oh my stars. How fun will that be for the little ones????

    Awesome! And fried dough to boot! I'll bring some to Seekerville.

  83. Sandra,

    Big congratulations on your Avalon release. And your children's stories/color books. I love the little criters on the covers.

    I'll definately ask for your book at the library.


  84. Linnette,

    What do you mean by elephant ears???

    Is that something to eat?

    I'm always up for trying something new.

  85. Ruthy, Yowza No wonder we like funnel cakes.

    And fried dough and a water slide. Can I come play?

    Sounds like too much fun.

    Maybe they'd like to hear about Naughty Percival while they rest and eat their fried dough. smile

  86. Rose,

    Thank you for the request.

    Always great to hear from a fellow author. smile

  87. Hahahahaha! Ruthy, that made me snort. Awkwarrrrd.

  88. Great post, Sandra - - and a big CONGRATS on your new book!! ~ Some of my fondest childhood memories are of the tiny library in my hometown. Every summer my precious Mama would take me and some friends there to check out books for the "Summer Reading Program"--and I always enjoyed visiting the library AND bringing home a stack of books! ~ After I had children, visiting our local library was always a special part of each summer, and I still enjoy going now and then. ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  89. Patti Jo, What precious memories with your Mama.

    Thanks for sharing.

    It is fun to see the children enjoying the programs isn't it?

  90. Thanks all of you Seekers and Seeker friends. I enjoyed the support for our libraries.

    I'm off to bed. Have a wonderful week.

    Those of you in NYC. Keep on having fun.

  91. We do not have libraries here in Sri Lanka (not for popular literature - just only for students with reference books) but I visit Melbourne often where my children live and I adore the library there. I haunt it daily and gloat over the books there. It is such a wonderful library that I just love it.


  92. Congratulations on The Price of Victory. I love the cover art on all three books. Would love to be entered to win a copy of The Price of Victory.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  93. Mystica,

    I'm so glad you can visit a library in Melbourne.

    Maybe you will start a movement for one in Sri Lanka.

  94. Cindy W.

    Thanks. I love the cover art also.

    Blessings back at you. smile

  95. I'm a day late, but I called my library and asked them to order The Price of Victory!

    Also, I ordered the children's books. Can't wait to see them.

    Congrats Sandra!

  96. I buy too many books, also. However, for 2011, I've DECREASED my book purchases a lot and I've been taking my son to the public library instead. He loves checking out books and movies and it's fun to spend time with him in a such a wonderful and quiet environment.
    Ya know, I have fond memories, not of libraries, per se, but bookmobiles! The public library in my area, when I was a kid, had a bookmobile that came through town every other week. They had a loud horn that they'd honk to let you know that they were there! I remember checking out tons of books from the bookmobile and I also made special requests, too. Those were the days! Nice book cover, BTW! :-)