Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Who loves to play games?
How many of you play games with your family and friends?
How many of you use games to relax?
How many of you use games to avoid work?

I play games for all of the reasons above.

I love to play pickleball. It relaxes me, gives me exercise and is a fun time with family and friends.
I play Freecell or Mahjong to avoid work, problems, dealing with something. sigh

My Seeker sisters like to play games.

Tina, author of Rancher's Reunion and Oklahoma Reunion, says, "The only game that matters is Scrabble. I love it and have the Deluxe edition and two types of travel editions. I also play it online."

Cara, author of current release Love By the Book, plays Canasta, Whist Bridge, ping pong, badmitten, and croquet.

Most of us have played games and we all like to win.

( I won those medals last week at the Pickleball Tournament in Bend, Oregon. Two gold and one bronze.)

If you aren't out to win, then really, why play?

So have you ever thought of writing as a game? A game you want to win?

I like to think of writing as a game.
There are rules to follow.
Grammar rules (Just ask the Grammar Queen)
Submission Rules
Guidelines for each genre
Contracts to abide by
Publicity obligations
You need to practice to become an expert.
Read in your genre
Write, write, write
Critique, revise, edit
You have goals to strive toward
Words per day
Time frames to write
Requested manuscripts
Winning involves a prize
Recognition-Best Sellers List
Accomplishment, etc.

So are you willing to do all that it takes to win?

Julie, author of A Hope Undaunted (now in book stores) thinks of writing as a game. She says:

When I first started writing at the age of twelve, which is when I wrote 150 single-spaced pages of what today is my debut novel, A Passion Most Pure after reading Gone With the Wind, my favorite games were Miss Popularity and Barbie, Queen of the Prom, which pretty much nailed my approach to writing in the beginning. Beautiful girl meets beautiful guy, sparks fly and Barbie ends up with Ken for life.
In my late teens, my writing was akin to another favorite game of mine called Risk, because that is exactly how I played the writing game, taking risks with edgy and frank poems and being somewhat of a literary rebel. But some forty years later, I am a lot wiser and certainly more subdued (hard to believe, I know!) person whose writing life kind of feels like Chutes and Ladders -- up one day, down the next, climbing the ladder of success before I sail down the slide to reality.
Now with three years under my belt as a published author, I'm finally starting to see my writing life like dominoes -- it's God's plan and design how and where the dominoes go, looping and swirling in an anointed design to bring people to Him. I am only one, single domino and it is His anointing and grace that allows me to be part of a wonderful chain reaction that whooshes through people's lives, touching them with the gentle breeze of the Holy Spirit when each and every domino falls in line with His plan and purpose. And the good news when you play God's game? Everybody is a winner!

And Julie is so right on.

Isn't life itself a game?

A game full of challenges, twists and turns, rules and guidelines?

And don't we want to win?

Remember though, we don't always win every game. But that doesn't mean we quit. We just bring out the pieces and start again.

Janet's analogy of writing as a game brings out that very point. Janet, author of Wanted A Family, says: I like to play bridge. A game where the players strategize, not just depend on luck. Though things like the cards bridge players are dealt are out of our control. Events in publishing such as the opening and closing of lines or an editor just buying a story similar to yours are things over which the author has no control. However both a bridge player and a writer can strategize. The strategies that the bridge player and writer hone will make a difference in whether they win or lose. As writers we strategize to hook an editor and hopefully garner a sale. In bridge you need to know how to bid, the risks you will take to get the contract. Yes, the winning bid is called the contract. J In writing we decide the genre, where the story will go, what kind of risk/effort we will take/make to get that publishing contract.
In bridge, if I get the bid, I strategize how to play the cards to make the most of my hand. In writing we strategize to see how to get the most emotion out of the story, how to add twists and turns that keep the reader turning pages, all those things we do that will help us write the best story we can.
A bridge player needs to know how to defend against the opponents we’re up against. In writing I see opponents as negative people in our lives who oppose our goal. But opponents can also be those mistakes new authors make that keep them from a sale. Craft issues like too much back story that slows the pace are kind of self-defeating practices we must overcome if we hope to win.
Remember in bridge as in writing, losing is part of the game. In bridge when we lose, we deal the cards again. Hopefully having learned how to do it better next time. In writing, we write another story, hopefully having learned something from the rejection. Losing does not a loser make.

Please comment and tell us your take on games and share with us your favorite games. We'll have a drawing from the comments. The winner will have their choice of:

Price of Victory, my new release from Avalon.

Or a copy of one of her children's books. Your choice.

And since we're still in this heat wave, I put out a table with a selection of iced coffees, iced frapuccinos, iced teas including peach and raspberry flavored tea, fresh fruit smoothies, and chocolate milkshakes (made the old-fashioned way)

On a bed of cracked ice we have a variety of fresh fruits. I'm here in Oregon where we have yummy fresh strawberries, blueberries, peaches and apricots. I also have bowls of figs, plums, blackberries, raspberries, pineapple, oranges and apples. There is a large bowl filled with slices of different melons including watermelon, cantelop, honeydew and casaba.

Stay cool and best wishes on that game of writing you are playing today.


  1. Played games with my kids when they were little the fave was always MONOPOLY!!!! Now, that their grown, and after my divorce I was and still am even though I just remarried apart of an AWESOME single's group and we play games on Friday night's after we do our study time. The favorite game now is Imaginiff,you have a series of cards and you roll a dice, and move around spaces with the players names on it, and when you draw a playing card you get to ask a question about the person like this Imagineiff Andi was a rock and roll song which would she be? Puttin on the Ritz, Livin on a Prayer, Born in the U.S.A, or Call Me. Each player puts down a number face down and then they reveal. The most numbers that are alike say #2 would win and get moved. It is a lot of fun!!!!!

  2. Hi Sandra:

    This is very interesting. I wonder if the game chosen reflects the author’s writing style.

    Let’s see:

    Games of luck and pantsers.

    I’m a plotter and I like games that do not depend on luck. My favorite is chess. Luck should not play a part in chess. The player has the most control. (Luck is used, however, to determine what color you get to play.)

    I’m guessing that pantsers will like games where luck plays a large part. Pantsers are more likely to play team sports and be in critique groups.

    A bridge player is very depended on her partner. I would think that bridge players would have only one main CP who they highly trust.

    A marathon runner would probably be a loner and write very long books. A scrabble player would probably be a planster: a good amount of luck with gusts of high level planning.

    Do you think there is anything to this?


    I’d love to win a copy of your book. Vmres (at) swbell (dot) net

    P.S. My sil in now coordinating the Navy team in a 10,000 person bike run in Iowa.

  3. So, Imagineiff you're a published author. Right? I like it.

    In my family we play a game called Crazy Rummy - seven hands; each hand requires a different combination of sets and runs. I never win, but it's tons of fun. I think it sounds kind of like writing. With each effort a writer has to combine skill, words, research in a new and different way in order to come up with a "winning hand."

    My husband's family plays Pitch. I think that one speaks for itself. ;)

    Enter me:

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  4. What an intriguing post Sandra! :) I love Julie's analogy about the dominoes! :D

    My family and I are card-players. Our immediate family likes "gin rummy," and my dad's side of the family is fond of "May I." We can be quite competitive. ;) And I can see how the "writing game" takes competitiveness, too - especially when it comes to being published.

    We also used to play croquet (not as much anymore), and sometimes I'll end up playing some sort of computer game or something that I usually regret playing later - such time-consumers! ;)

    Please enter me for a chance to win Price of Victory! :) Thank you!



  5. Yay for Orygun! Waving at you from Milton-Freewater! (And that's not a typo, folks. But we're across the border from Walla Walla, so we never feel bad about the silly name.)
    We just picked 40 lbs of fresh Hardyblue and Reka blueberries soooo I've brought a pie, parfait, cobbler, and some big fresh bleuberries to eat out of hand.
    Now, I have to go Google pickleball because I've never heard of that in all my (29) years...
    Oh, and we're badminton fans when we're not play 'I Spy' (I run with a younger kind of crowd).

  6. Sorry, got so caught up in Oregon talk that I forgot to say I LOVED Julie's 'dominoes' and the fact she started her book at 12. :)
    Also, Vince, you're completely right. But what if you watch sports on TV only? Hmmm....

  7. Ok I have to say I had never heard of Pickleball. looks interesting. I love games. I would have loved to play games with mum but she didn't like playing them she played when we were kids cos its expected but not when I grew up.
    I love scrabble too and monopoly and the aussie game Squatter but I always ended in drought! Like rummykin and card games.
    I also like spider solitare and got hooked on bejewelled. I like puzzle games. I miss not having someone to play games with.

  8. Sandra, what a hoot!

    I don't play games. I know, I know, I'm a dolt. I get that. My kids are too competitive... I leave the room/house/neighborhood/town when they get the RISK board or Monopoly set out.

    I'm soooooo not kidding.

    But I love this analogy! It totally works. And when I get a little extra time on my hands... I write. That's my down time. It's what I do. And I love it.

    Andi, LOVE that pic, oh my stars!!!!! Wonderful! And grabbing coffee and food. I love food. Have I mentioned that lately???

  9. So why is pickleball less running than tennis? smaller court?

    Well, I've learned something new today.

    I love Boggle and Bananagrams. Both are easy to travel with as well.

    Another game I play a lot is try to get all the housework done as quickly as possible. The winner? Me. Then I get to write!

  10. Ooo, I love Scrabble! But only without the dictionary cheat and allowing the use of proper names.

    Hmm, I guess I like to adlib on the rules, huh?

    Love how you equated writing to playing games--and listed the criteria. That pretty much sums it up.

    You've got to give the editors what they expect up front. After you have some experience under your belt ie. multiple published books, then you can start bending the rules and making them yours.

    Sort of.

    You never know in this business.

    Beautiful metals, Sandra!! On to the Olympics!!

  11. Hi Andi, I'm with Ruthy. I LOVE this photo. It should be a cover to a book.

    And the game Imaginiff sounds like great fun. I'm going to look for it because we have a group of friends who camp together and we always play games in the evening. They would enjoy it I'm sure.

    And Andrea has a great what if.

  12. Hi Vince,

    You've added a whole new dimension to this post. I love it.

    Hmmmm, I'm a plotter. But I've never tried chess. Might have to do that. Because I do not enjoy games where luck determines the winner. I'm like you. I like to develop my skills.

    But the writing business does involve chance as well as skill which makes it so frustrating. And interesting.

  13. Hi Andrea

    Great imaginiff question.

    We could also say imaginiff you were on the best seller list.

    Or imaginiff you were sailing off unpubbed island.

    I'm roflol with your comment about Pitch. Soooo true.I've never laughed so much as during that game. I mean people that are normally calm, cool and collected get so rowdy.

  14. HI Amber,

    Yes, I had to take the computer games off my computer that I write on. I would say "I'm going to play one game to relax." And that one game would turn into ten. yikes.

    I love gin rummy also. Hubby won't play it with me though.

    I love Rummy Kub also. Great fun. I play that a lot with my Dad.

  15. HI Virginia

    Waving back at you. I love Oregon.

    Thanks for those yummy blueberries. And the blueberry pie and parfait cobbler. They go great with the coffee.

    If you like badminton, you'll love pickleball. The court is the same as a badminton court. The paddle looks like a giant ping pong paddle. They play it a lot in the Pacific Northwest.

  16. Hi Jenny,

    I used to play scrabble all the time with my mom. I miss her so much and miss playing with her. So I understand what you are saying.

    And don't let me near spider solitaire. That game is too much fun. What level do you play? I'm still on level one. Level two just looks too daunting.

  17. Hi Ruthy,

    So writing IS your game.

    Of course it is.

    We all met because we were contest winners.

    And you're still winning. smile

  18. Hi Debra,

    I love your analogy of housework as a game. What a great way to look at it. Get it done quick so you can win writing time. woo hoo

    I love Boggle. Word games are so fun. I've never tried bananagrams though. I'm learning new games also.

    And yes, pickleball is a smaller court. It is the same as a badminton court. You can put four pickleball courts on a large roomy tennis court.

  19. Hi Audra,

    Yep, we can play imaginiff we were so popular we can make our own rules.

    Oh my.

    Watch out if any of the Seekers or Seeker friends get there. lol

  20. Sandra,

    Great analogies. My favorite game is Phase 10. It can be a long game as you work through each phase, synonymous with the time and commitment it takes to be a writer.

    Jodie Wolfe

  21. Good morning, Sandra! I've never been too much into board games, but the ones I did enjoy required some growing level of skill. Always had fun at "Trivial Pursuit!"

    Just have to mention again that I LOVE the cover of your new book!! :)

  22. Hi Jodie,

    I'll have to try Phase 10. Sounds interesting, especially if it has phases tow work through.

    And an analogy to writing. smile

  23. Thanks Glynna, The cover is different isn't it? Makes it interesting.

    Now Trivial Pursuit is one game that I can never win. I just don't remember all that stuff. My dh though is a whiz at it.

    There is a game similar that we play with our friends though that is a hoot. Battle of the Sexes. The males ask questions to the females that males would typically know. And the females ask the males questions that typically females would know. This game is a fun game for a party as it is good for a lot of laughs.

  24. Sandra, congrats on your pickleball medals! Is it a sport I could handle? Most handle me. :-) One day I'd like to learn Mahjong. The tiles are so cute.

    We're playing lots of games with grandkids now like nines, boggle and yahtze. I don't have patience with long drawn-out games like monopoly.

    Vince, you're right about this bridge player. I prefer one, lately two, critique partners. A group is too many people to please. And to understand how they see things.

    Julie, Chutes and Ladders drives me nuts. Bad luck is the only luck I seem to have. :-) Love that you now see writing like a game of dominoes.

    Sandra, thanks bunches for the frappicino! It's hot and I already need a pick me up.


  25. Hi Janet,

    Loved your analogy of games. And its a good point to remember not to quit or give up if you lose a round or two.

    Don't you play golf also? You'd love pickleball.

  26. I don't know if I've ever thought of writing as a game before.
    But it's fun.
    It's what I did for YEARS in my spare time,and that makes it recreational.
    So why not.

  27. I do crossword puzzles and sudoku. Are those games?

    I used to play SCabble online with Tima, but frankly I just whipped her so thoroughly it got embarrassing so we quit.

    Tina's version of events may differ slightly.

  28. Not SCabble

    That typo is NOT representative of my skill at the game.

  29. Scrabble is for Pansters too, Vince.

  30. Hi Mary,

    Yes, why not? For years, writing was my recreation and relief from the stress at work. Love it.

    You beat Tina at Scrabble. woo hoo. i'm impressed.

    Sudoku and Crossword puzzles. Yes, those are games. And what would Vince say about that???

  31. Hey Tina, Aren't you defending yourself?

    So Mary beat ya?

    I can just imagine the words you two came up with.

  32. Price of Victory for me! :D

    I haven't ever really thought about writing in this way. Maybe mine would be like a game of football. Here's how plot happens for me: There are opponents at every turn. You can see the goal, but getting there is another issue. You have to get from one end of the field to the other, one step at a time knowing you're going to be tackled multiple times during the trek. Yet the only way to get to the goal is to use wise strategy working alongside the teammates God's given you; focus on the steps ahead knowing that man plans his ways but God directs his steps - you never know when thought you planned to go right an opening straight down the middle appears; persevere no matter what... sometimes you have to focus on getting past the ten yard line; never quit - keep your eye on the prize and you will make that touchdown.

  33. Oooooh Linnette, Love the analogy of writing to football. You must be a fan. Thanks for sharing that with us.

    I especially love the phrase "never quit"

    So important to remember. Keep on working out, developing skills and make that touchdown.

  34. Well I admit to sudoriferousness when playing Scrabble with Mary, but only because she overwhelms me with her mastery of the English language.

  35. Vince had an interesting thought on pantsters liking games of luck. I'm a pantster, and I think I agree. I'm NO GOOD at chess, where I have to strategize moves in advance. I just don't think that way.

    For me the best analogy to writing is music. You can't expect to sit down and play the masters after one or two lessons. More like 10 *years*. But all along the way as you learn & drill those rules, rules, rules, you also begin to absorb the way music works. What works, what doesn't, and intuitively understand WHY, even if you can't always articulate it.

    That's how I see writing (for me). Lots of practice---both reading & writing---and eventually you start to FEEL when to break the rules all on your own.

    Thanks for sharing! I would love to be entered to win your book, Sandra! Sign me up!


  36. Hi Tina:

    OK but I’m going to challenge your word “Pansters”. : )


  37. Darn tootin' I do, Teenster.

    I like totally school Tina with werds 'n stuff.

  38. My favorite game is the card game SPOONS. I think I carry the same tenacity that I have to win that game into getting published, even when it comes to wrestling on the floor because two of us have grabbed opposite end of the same spoon.
    Getting published is just as much a contact sport... in my opinion =)
    You've got to really want it and expect to get banged up and sent back to GO many times. If it were easy, I don't think it would feel as good.

  39. Hi Emily:

    I agree that music is a wonderful analogy. It takes a very long time to master, lots of practice, and after reaching a certain level, talent takes over for the rest of the way.

    Like Mozart, I always have this feeling that writing favors those who wrote novels as a child. And that’s something I can’t go back and change.


  40. Hi Sandra...thanks for the analogies:) I like what Julie had to say about the dominoes...writing does feel like that. Our family plays monopoly, which is one of my favourite games:) Lots of strategy and risks, with many twists and turns...feels like writing.
    I would love to be entered for a chance to win 'Price of Victory'...love the title:)

    lornafaith at gmail dot com

  41. Emily, I'm with Vince. Great analogy.

    Both are in the entertainment business so it fits that they have similar qualities.

  42. Vince,

    You're challenging Tina?


  43. Hi Nancy,

    Wow wrestling on the floor for a spoon. You've captured my interest. smile

    Tell us more about that game. I've never heard of it.

    If its an analogy to writing, its gotta be good.

  44. Thanks, Sandra! I'm not particularly a football fan, but couldn't come up with anything else that seemed to click with my writing. :D

  45. Nancy, Spoons is hilarious! Love it but haven't played in years.

    Hubby is 6'4" and has hands the size of hamhocks.

    I don't play spoons with him, or he will-a breaka my fingers!

  46. Hi Lorna,

    Yes, Julie's analogy was great.

    I love monopoly also.

    Happy writing

  47. Pam, Now I'm more intrigued that ever.

    Is this a Southern game?

    I want to know more.

  48. Hi Sandra:

    Challenge Tina? Well, I’m sure not going to take on Mary!

    I could even be wrong now that I think about it.

    Is there, by any chance, a rivalry between cooks who use pans and those who prefer pots?

    Ruth may know. Pansters vs. Potsters.

    I’m afraid I’d rather be silly than grade papers.

    BTW: I love your cover, in fact, I think it is one of the best we’ll see all this year.

    I don’t know if it is just me but I kind of think it is a little risqué. Has that occurred to anyone else?


  49. Whew Vince, I wouldn't take on Tina either. No way.

    Now pansters versus potsters? Interesting question?
    And what is the difference between a pan and a pot? My dad's wife who was English was adamant about the difference between a teapot and a tea kettle. Do you know that one? I'd rather guess there is the same emotion for a pot versus a pan.

    Risque? Well that is in the eyes of the beholder, Mr. Vince.

    I thought it looked playful and fun.

  50. I love children's board games and card games: Mousetrap, Monopoly, Trouble, Uno, Phase 10, Old Maid, Go Fish... Love them all.

  51. May the K9 Spy here...

    GAMES?! WAWZAH! Thought you'd never ask! YES please. Toss and fetch is my very very fave. But I also like Hide and go seek. Dad and Mom added a new layer too. They say "Cold" or "Hot" depending on how close I am (or not) - but really it's their tone of voice that does it.

    Anyway - good training for a spy.

    Guess what? Mom and I decided to start a brand NEW game. Wanna learn? We want to help this 7 year old author/illustrator raise funds to get a seizure dog. http://dog4evan.blogspot.com He's a young entrepreneur, working to get one.

    We are donating $4 for every one of my books sold, and giving a discount on the book too. I wrote about it on my Facebook page. :)

    Let's play a game and see how much we can raise to help him! Wouldn't that be FUN?! I think so!

  52. No one has mentioned the games we play at our house - Settlers of Catan, Carcassone (for family games), and my dear husband and I will play Cribbage or Backgammon for hours...or until I get tired of losing.

    I love Solitaire and other games like that on the computer - Mah Jong, Free Cell, Spider Solitaire, etc.

    And Tina, "sudoriferousness"? I prefer to "glisten"!

  53. I always loved Monopoly, too! And the game of Life. Oh, and Yahtzee.

    Another one I loved but no one ever wants to play with me anymore (because I always win! LOL) is Clue. :)

  54. Oh, Vince, I forgot about chess. Love that, too!

  55. Amber, we always played croquet when I was a kid. :) Lots of good memories.

  56. Can you believe I hate Scrabble and Boggle? I'm TERRIBLE at word games!

  57. My favorite game is Catch Phrase. For some reason we just laugh ourselves silly when we play that game.
    We rarely play it though.

  58. Interesting approach. I never really thought of it that way.
    Well, I'm a huge Bible Quizz fan, so I guess that's my game!

  59. Hi Patricia, I'm with you. I just need to find someone to play with.

    Sorry to be gone. Played some pickleball. smile

  60. Hi KC,

    Best wishes on your game. Sounds like a great cause and how sweet to donate part of your proceeds. woo hoo.

    Go May, go.

  61. ooooh Jan, I'm impressed. You know that word. whew

    I've never heard of those first games. But I do love backgammon too. I used to play cribbage but forgot how. Could probably pick it up quick.

    Tell us about those family games.

  62. Missy, That's too funny that you don't like word games. And you're a writer. Those should be easy.

    But we know words aren't, don't we? We're always struggling to find the word that fits best.

    And Yahtzee. I love that game. Do you know you can play that one by yourself? Sometimes I play when hubby thinks I'm watching some boring tv show with him. You can throw the dice on a towel and they don't make any noise. chuckle

  63. Mary, I can so picture you laughing yourself silly.

    I always picture you doing that whenever your poor heroine gets in some deep pickle. I just know you're laughing.

  64. Hi Faye,

    I love Bible Quizz. That's the only trivia type game I'm any good at.

  65. I'm with all the Scrabble people. The problem is, it's hard to find someone who wants to play with me :(

    BTW, I was just at eHarlequin, and the September Love Inspired releases are available for pre-sale. I bought Ruthy's Mended Hearts today and can download it on Sunday when it's actually out. I didn't know you could do that. Very cool!

  66. Pam, I laughed so hard I snorted coffee! Hands the size of hamhocks! We play spoons all the time here and my husband seems to have extra lonnnnnng arms!

  67. Hi Andrea, I'll play Scrabble with you. I'm in the same boat. No one wants to play. boo hoo

    Glad you were able to get Ruthy's book.

  68. Virginia and Pam, I'm still very curious about this game called spoons. Is it like twister?

    Ought to be fun with all the laughs we're getting with your comments.

  69. Played different games with daughter growing up; then grandson; now I mostly READ! And would love to read your new book, Sandra.

  70. Hi Jackie,

    Reading is great isn't it?

    If you win, I'll send the book.

    If you don't, please go to the library and ask for it. That would be a great help.

  71. SANDRA!!! Cannot believe I am SO late today!! Please forgive me, but it's been a day of leaving the house early (7:30 AM -- YIKES!), so I am WAY behind schedule.

    Great post, as always, because everyone loves games of some kind, right?

    Vince said: "A scrabble player would probably be a planster." LOL, Vince, you hit me dead-on!! Started out as a pantster who has been forced to plan, so your def fits me for sure.

    Scrabble used to be one of my all-time favorite games ... until my kids got in college and started beating me. Even then, though, I'd play until my son married a doctor, and not just any doctor, but a Scrabble-crazed doctor who had to win just like me!!! Haven't played since. :)


  72. Julie, is that a new pic? It's very pretty.

    One or two decks of playing cards (depending on number of people playing). Deal four cards face down to all players who are in a circle.
    Floor is BEST.
    At the center are spoons, one less than the number of players. (Like musical chairs.)
    The "Dealer" with the remaining cards takes one, sees if he or she would like to keep it or discard it.
    The goal of the cards is to collect the four suits of a single card (All Aces, All fours, etc.)
    Then you pass the card you discard and the person next to you picks it up and does the same. Soon every person is picking up and laying down a card and the first person to make four takes a spoon from the middle.
    Then mass chaos reigns as everyone else has to grab a spoon.
    The person without a spoon at the end gets a letter in the word SPOONS until they spell spoons and are out of the game (Or if playing the short version, no spoon, you're out.)
    Every person who leaves the game takes a spoon until it comes down to the last two people.
    It's a fun game but can get very... violent, LOL and should NEVER be played with plastic ware.
    EVER, LOL (because they break and people get cut. I know, haha.)

  73. Hi Julie,

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new photo. woo hoo girl.

    Scrabble huh? sounds like we better have a scrabble marathon some day. We could book unpubbed island.

  74. Nancy,

    What a hoot.

    Thanks so much for explaining the game. Now I see why Pam doesn't want to play against the long arms of a 6'4'' man. I was thinking it was like twister from all the comments but it sounds more like Pitch. lol

    I am going to have to get this one going some time. It sounds like FUN.

    Hey should we get a game going at ACFW? We'd shock the crowd for sure. LOL

    We ought to have a game weekend at unpubbed island. With all the game players out there we could have a blast.

  75. Nancy, thank you!! Yes, it IS a new pic -- finally bit the bullet and had new author photos taken!!

    And, Sandra, a Scrabble marathon??? Oh, honey, not on a bet. But a Spoons marathon??? Yeah, now THAT I can do!!


  76. I played all kinds of games when I was a kids--lots of sports, Monopoly all day long during the summer, bridge, whist. I don't know why I don't play much of anything now. But I imagine when Damian is older I'll start playing board games again. Or don't little kids play that stuff anymore.

  77. Hi Cara, I'm sure Damian will love games if he gets to play them with his grandma. smile

    Julie, You're on. A spoon marathon. whoo hooo

  78. I'm off for a swim and into the spa.

    I'll be back in an hour.

    Ta ta

  79. Sandra I have to play with the 4 suites its harder but more challenging.

    At Friendship center which is on a Thursday Morning at the church with craft and games. I use to play with one of the men who came a few others would play but Eddie and I loved playing the others played just to join in. We loved to play and we had a good time playing each week. its so much more fun playing with someone who is enjoying the game rather than someone who is playing just cos they feel obliged to play.

  80. lol at all of you. Fun games? Well, I'm not big on board games, but who can resist CLUE or Twister, or even a good game of Battleship?

    Nancy-- I remember "Spoons" very well. My family is big on card games, and Spoons was all always my favorite. I don’t remember if you mentioned this, but when you played, did people start taking the spoons without anyone noticing? We would be playing, and someone would notice a spoon was gone, and no one knew how long it had been gone, and suddenly it was a grab-match. OH! Which brings me to Musical Chairs. FUN! Did anyone else get that connection between the two? Lol. Charades can be fun, too.

    Julie! It IS a lovely picture, you photogenic lady, you!


  81. I agree with Vince, those bikes are WAY TOO CLOSE... there's canoodling goin' on, for certain!

    I like pots. And pans. That's so 'nineties', Vince baby.

    Mary plays games with my HEAD all the time. She's a brat.

    Teeeeena just bosses me around.

    Tea pot vs. tea kettle...

    The kettle boils the water.

    The pot steeps the tea.

    Very UK friendly lingo.

    I love analogies for teaching. Very parabolical. Jesus was one smart dude. Great examples.

    I need chocolate. I have none. This is SERIOUS.

    My heart is sad, just a little.

  82. Sandra Lee Smith, did you JUST SAY YOU PLAY YAHTZEE WITH YOURSELF????


    Oh mylanta.

    Oh my stars.

    Oh my.... I can't think of anything else to lament.

  83. Wow Jenny, four suits. I'm impressed. I haven't even tried the two. Well I tried but wasn't serious.

    Four!!!! whoa girl. I'm totally impressed.

    And you're right. It is more fun when people really want to play. My hubby just goes along. I love it when friends come over who really try and outsmart me.

  84. Hi Whitney, All games count. And as Vince pointed out earlier, the type of game you like might relate to the type of writer you are. my my

    Spoons does sound fun. And it does sound like musical chairs. That game can get rough also. smile

  85. Ruthy, Yes, I did say that.

    Have some chocolate.

    Have some chocolate and some chocolate cake.

    Have some chocolate and some chocolate cake and a chocolate milkshake.

  86. LOVE games! In fact, I just got in from playing a softball game a few hours ago. Growing up, our house was the hang-out house. Just about every weekend we would have finger foods (yum!) and friends and family would come over for a night of cards (spades, backup), group games (Scattergories, Balderdash, Love my Neighbor, Mafia, etc.), and fun! Great memories. I've never thought of writing being like a game. Good analogy, though. I like competitive games but I'm not highly competitive. I'm seeing the need for more discipline and pushing myself to finish goals in writing...and that is the case in other life areas, too. I would love the chance to win Price of Victory! Blessings~Stacey

  87. Hi Stacey, How was the softball game? Doesn't that just sound like summer? Love it.

    Yes, you do need to work toward those goals. And practice those skills. Just like you do in sports.

    Happy writing.

  88. Patricia, you just named all the games I emptied out of our hall closet that haven't seen the light of day since our kids started school! Amazing enough, all but Mousetrap and Ahh--Choo had all the parts

    Don't know what I'm going to do with them all. Not even our church preschool wants BOARD games.

    Can you believe it?

  89. Hmm, talking games, how about Wii Fit? That's sort of a game, right?

    I'd love to form an analogy but I'm too brain dead right now. Let me sleep on it.

  90. Hey Audra, There might be an analogy for wi and all the video games to electronic publications. We should ask Pam.

    I do know that the producers of the video games hire writers and screenwriters to write their games. They need to have characters, character arcs, plots, black moments, etc. Sound familiar?

    I'm brain dead too. Almost bedtime here. I'm sure the easterners are probably already there. Time for he night owls to appear. Hi there.

  91. LOVE playing games with my kiddos!! When they were very young it was usually Candy Land and Memory, but now that they're "grown" we LOVE board games, word games, trivia games, etc.etc.! ~ Thanks for this great post, and blessings on your week, Patti Jo :)

  92. Hi Patti,

    I'm so tickled that your family still plays games. Its a fun thing to do during get togethers.

    Happy writing.

  93. Lost our game tonight but won last night! I'm just excited because I was 3 for 3 last night and 1 for 3 tonight. Personal best this season! It does feel just like summer...especially with the 100 degree heat! But hey, that's what fun in the Georgia sun is all about! : )

  94. You'll have to google Settlers of Catan - it's a complicated game! Carcassone isn't quite as complicated, but strategy definitely comes into play in both games.

    That's my family - strategy, timing, and maybe a little friendly back-stabbing. Mostly me. They like to gang up on the weakest.

    What a bunch of animals.

  95. Congrats Stacey, A personal best. Sounds like a writer.

    Have fun and stay cool.

  96. Jan, You're too funny.

    I will look it up. Just the name sounds fascinating.

  97. Good night folks.

    Time for me to call it a night.

    Check out the weekend edition for the winner of today's book

    Remember to go to your library and ask for Price of Victory.


  98. I relax by playing pool on my computer. It's kinda like lifes goals sometimes they go right in the pocket, other times you bank off the side or spin around the pocket only to fly back out. Sort of like obsticles in life.

    Can you tell me what a game of Pickle Ball is like? I have never heard of it before.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  99. Morning, checking to see if any night owls commented.

    Cindy, if you log onto the site I linked to in the post, you will see videos and even the story of how the game started and why it is named pickleball.

    Here, I'll put the link here

  100. Such a great Post. I just came back from Franklin, Tenn at our state Senior Olympics and won the gold in tennis. 75-79 age group.I love this as in our game we played so good and then fell back a set and had to refocus and win the next game. Focusing on the result we wanted after coming so far.I would love to be in th draw.bevschwind at gmail.com

  101. I'm with Tina. Scrabble is my all time fav. But I love games of all sorts...I'm a bit of a collector of games. Especially Monopoly...we have all sorts...Elvis, electronic, Disney, Spiderman, Seinfeld...the list goes on.

    I mostly love games that make my brain have to think...it should be stimualted quarterly after all....don't you think??? :)

    I love Julie's description of writing as a game. I like to think of it that way. Great post.

    Please enter me in the drawing.