Friday, July 1, 2011

Live From RWA Part 2

Today we bring you more photos from the RWA Conference.

Don't forget, tonight is the gala Awards Ceremony! We'll be rooting for Mary Connealy, Pam Hillman and our Seeker friends who are finalists. See the complete finalist list here.

Details on tonight's event coming to Seekerville on Sunday!

Watch the posting of the 2011 RITA and Golden Heart award winners—as they’re being announced—on Friday, July 1, from 8:00–10:00 p.m. ET on the RWA website (, Twitter (, and Facebook (

Follow the RWA tweets at (#rwa11 hashtag to get an inside look at what’s happening at the conference.

From the eHarlequin Pajama Party:

Laura Marie Altom, Winnie Griggs, Margaret Daley & Camy Tang

The Harlequin Blogger Tea:

(with Fascinators made by the Digital Staff!)

Janet Dean & Romance Reviewer Nellie Dilger

Agent Meredith Bernstein & Tina Radcliffe

Carina Press' Angela James

Director of Digital Publishing, Harlequin
Malle Vallik

More Random Photos!

Barbara Vey, Beyond Her Book Blog

Dana Corbit

Missy Tippens & Laura Scott

Mary Connealy & Tina Radcliffe

Tina R, Deb Kastner & Danica/Dream


KC Frantzen said...

Who knew the "lonely" life of an author could be so. much. fun???

Thanks for sharing the photos. We're rootin' for you ladies! Exciting!!!

Praying too.

Patty Smith Hall said...

Love the pictures! Only wished I was there too!

Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful time!

Walt Mussell said...

More great photos. Wish I was there.

Eva Maria Hamilton said...

Thanks for sharing!!! Looks like fun! Enjoy every moment!

Ausjenny said...

I love the photos and info. its like being there.

Judy said...

Thanks again for putting faces and names together! I have books from almost all these folks! Just found an older Winnie Griggs book today and bought it. Thanks for letting us be a part of NYC while sitting back here in front of our computers.

Virginia said...

HOW FUN! It's so great to see pictures!

Nancy Kimball said...

I love how no matter who it is, they're smiling. Thanks for making the "armchair conference" possible =)

Patsy said...

Love the photos!Looks like everyone is having a great time!

Ruth Logan Herne said...



Coffee's ready! Bagels and donuts. Later I'll share Mary's Lemon Cake and Oatmeal cake with broiled topping, just for youse!


Oh, teeenster, thanks for sharing! I've been following on Facebook too, so fun!

Renee Ann said...

Love the pics! What a great time you all are having. Hope you continue to enjoy. Blessings!

Glynna Kaye said...

Thanks yet again, Tina, for a glimpse of RWA!!

Rose said...

Looks like you are all having a BLAST!

Love those boa's.

Linnette R Mullin said...

Are we having fun, yet?

I think so! Great pics, ladies! Going now to check out that finalists list.

Audra Harders said...

Love the pics! Thanks for bringing NYC just a tad bit closer to Colorado.

Following on facebook and twitter. I'm exhausted by the time I get off the computer, LOL!

Can't wait for the GH and Rita Awards tonight!

Linnette R Mullin said...

Congrats, Keli Gwyn!!!

Linnette R Mullin said...

Congrats, Pam!

Congrats, Mary! Looks like you're in great company! :D

Anonymous said...

wish I were there darn it! looks like so much fun!

Jan Drexler said...

You guys are having too much fun! Wish I was there with you. And I'm with Judy, I love seeing the faces that go with the names.

Thanks for breakfast, Ruthy :)

Julie Lessman said...

Oh, MAN, I woke up this morning downright bouncy and bubbly over the Ritas and GH tonight -- Mary and Pammy, I'm praying for you!!!

The pix are great and the parties sound WONDERFUL!!


Digging for Pearls said...

Great photos. Looks like you're all having a wonderful time.

Jodie Wolfe

Pam Hillman said...

Wow! Love the pics and the updates. Looks like y'all are having SO much fun.

And the awards are tonight.



Faye said...

Pictures are great!
Loved the fascinaters!

Tina Radcliffe said...

Okay, my feet hurt and I am buzzed off Swedish Fish. But looking forward to tonight.

Donna Alward's workshop with Fiona Harper and editor Bryony Green was EXCELLENT!!!

Pam Hillman said...

Only 3 1/2 hours only until the RWA awards ceremony!

CatMom said...

Thanks for sharing more pics - - looks like everyone there is having so much FUN!!
Blessings, Patti Jo :)

Jackie S. said...

Congrats to all....thinking of you!

Tina Radcliffe said...

Hey, I forgot to mention that today I took the Metro ALL BY MYSELF from Soho to Times Square and walked from 42nd to the hotel. The important thing is I did not get lost. :)

PatriciaW said...

Good job, Tina! Thanks for the pictures.

Had to let the #rwa11 go because it was addictive and felt like I was a voyeur. LOL!

Jan Drexler said...

I'm on pins and needles about the awards! Go Pam and Mary!!!

Linnette R Mullin said...

Waiting to hear who won...

Pam Hillman said...

Friend of Seekerville, Anne Barton won the Golden Heart the Regency category. Congratulations Anne!

And Ruth Kaufman won in the Inspirational Category! Congrats to Ruth!

Pam Hillman said...

And the 2011 RITA Winner of the Inspirational Category is

In Harm's Way
by Irene Hannon

Congratulations to Irene!!

Pepper said...

Congrats to the winners!
Love the pics

Kayleen said...

Good luck and prayers to everyone!

Tami Brothers said...

Another awesome day. Thanks again for sharing this with us!