Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Seeker Writing Spaces: A Virtual Tour

Good morning, Seekerville! Myra here. Having just moved into (and I use that phrase loosely!) a new house (new to us, anyway) AND attempting to get my home office organized enough to be usable, I’m too brain-dead to think very deeply about composing a writerly Seekerville blog post.
Here I am, in makeup and earrings, no less, to show you  my new office!

So today, instead of witty words of writing wisdom, I offer up a sampling of Seeker writing spaces. Some may inspire you.  Some may leave you with a renewed sense of pride in your own working arrangements.

Others may make you wonder how a particular Seeker gets any writing done with all the cleaning and preening she must be doing 14 hours a day to keep her office (and herself!) looking so good!

Let’s begin with Missy’s writing space. Here’s how she describes it:

“I have taken over a bookshelf and some storage space in my college son's bedroom. But I actually do my writing on my laptop in the family room. My family tries to be patient as I spread out over the course of writing a book! It becomes a battle of the couch cushions. :)”

Missy and her MacBook on the sofa
Hmmm, doesn’t look like much of a battle to me. Missy looks like queen of the family room with her nifty little MacBook. And she’s dressed and wearing makeup! Who writes with makeup???

Next up we have Sandra. Oh, my, if this doesn’t make you envious, nothing will! Sandra has this to say about her workspace:

“I write best while traveling in my motorhome. Too many chores at home. I put my computer on the dash and hubby points the window toward the best view.  ‘Here is your lakeside office.’ or ‘Here is your beach office.’ or ‘Here is your mountain top office.’ Am I blessed or what?”

Sandra enjoys the view from her motorhome office.
Let’s just hope hubby doesn’t put the motorhome in gear and then go racing around any sharp curves while Sandra is in creative mode!

Next we have two views of Janet’s office. For the first photo, obviously Janet straightened things up so her office would show well in the picture. At least I hope so, because if this is how it usually looks when she’s hard at work, the rest of us are WAY outclassed!

Janet in designer office and designer zebra top!
Now be honest, folks. Don’t you like the next photo best? It shows a much more normal-looking workspace with papers strewn haphazardly across the desk. However, Janet looks too gorgeous and put together for an average writing day!

Janet looking sharp as usual but with a much messier desk!
Oops, here’s another super-neat office. Cara welcomes you into this epitome of organization. What a clever storage unit, and we can’t help but admire those gorgeous Ladies of Summerhill book covers on display! I don’t see any signs of a computer, however, so Cara must be out working in her sunroom.

Cara's home office--too neat for words!
Julie provided pix of two work areas--her “real” office and her “nature” office.  Typical of a Julie Lessman novel, she was somewhat more verbose when providing her descriptions:

“I share an office with the love of my life, who sits about two to three feet behind me in a tiny 11'x12' room, so it gets REAL cozy ... especially whenever I put lip gloss on because I always share with a kiss!! Keith is an artist who needs music, and I am a writer who needs quiet, so he's kind enough to wear headphones, but the finger drumming about sends me through the roof. Consequently, I've taken to writing in the lounger in the hearth room in front of a fire during the winter and outside on the lower deck in the spring/summer/autumn.”

Julie at her "real" desk, obviously waiting for a kiss from hubby!
“In my official office, you will notice the essentials: pictures of Rhett and Scarlett, pictures of my hubby, Kleenex (a MUST!!) and a candle. This office picture was taken in the evening, so no hazelnut coffee, but come morning, my feet are up on an ottoman outside on the lower deck, and I have hazelnut coffee, Kleenex, lip gloss, a mirror (to capture those facial expressions, don't you know!) and the phone. Keith and I visit throughout the day, when he comes down or I go up for more coffee, and it's not unusual for me to be working in the dark on the deck with fireflies and the sound of locusts. All in all, a WONDERFUL writing environment!!”

Now this is the life! Lookin' good, Julie!

Okay, Julie, you had me at “fireflies and locusts.” Our new home has a lovely screened porch overlooking a forested backyard. I may be doing a LOT more writing “out of office” in the coming months!

Except . . . here we go with the makeup thing again. What’s with writing and makeup, gals???

Okay, okay, I get it! For the picture, riiiiiight? But another MacBook girl--you and Missy are women after my own heart!

Next let’s visit Tina’s office. Now THIS is a woman I can relate to! Let’s call it “creative organization.” Everything within easy reach, and I’m guessing Tina knows how to instantly put her hands on whatever she needs. Tina chose to let the photograph speak for itself, and so shall I.

Tina's office, a place for everything, and everything . . . somewhere!
Next stop on the tour is Debby’s office. She almost chickened out of sending me her photo because she feared her office would be the most cluttered of them all. I assured her it definitely is NOT! Like Tina, she can probably lay her hands on anything she needs with minimal shuffling. We’re creative right-brainers, right? Normal people could not begin to understand our organizational systems!

(Notice Debby’s “Writer’s Prayer” is right there on top.)

Debby's office. Creative genius at work!
And now, without further ado, we step through the hallowed doors of my own home office. It’s still a work-in-progress, but at least I have the essentials in place. Books galore, including another bookshelf across the room that’s even taller (and, right now, MUCH messier). Notice several shelves are dedicated to my dear Seeker sisters (which could someday require an entire room, at the rate things are going). 

Myra's bookcases. (At least the ones you can see.)
And here’s my computer desk. Mouse pad with homemade ergonomic wrist rest.  Coffee mug warmer. Reference books within easy reach. Supplies close at hand. Character photos next to the computer. Plus an enticing treetop view of our forested backyard.

Myra's desk with backyard view.
Then there’s the treadmill and treadmill desk just waiting for me to leap from my padded chair into calorie-burning mode (could be a looooong wait). Oh, and lest I forget, my two faithful writing companions, Gracie and Shadow, always underfoot. Literally.

Gracie and Shadow, Myra's live-in muses.
Comments, anyone? Care to describe your own writing space? Include a link to a photo if you dare!

One lucky commenter on today’s post will receive a copy of Organizing for the Creative Person: Right-Brain Styles for Conquering Clutter, Mastering Time, and Reaching Your Goals, by Dorothy Lehmkuhl and Dolores Cotter Lamping. (Winner’s choice of paperback or Kindle edition.)


  1. Wow, Myra. Oops. I meant to send you a picture of my writing space.


  2. I am apparently the only honest Seeker in the bunch.

    A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind you know.

  3. hey, I'll play, why? Because I'm procrastinating. And I don't hardly wear makeup anymore, heck with the 4 year old and 7 month old I hardly remember deodorant. I will not, however, be in the picture because I'm in my jammies--I write after everyone's asleep, seems the noise of 2 or 3 AM showers affect Hubby's sleeping rhythm. I possess a wall in the living room.

    Here's the photo link (I think)

    I didn't cheat, that's what it looks like right now, diaper bag exploded on floor, and a stack of boxes full of electronics I know nothing about that hubby thought I'd have time to put on ebay. Uh, sure.

  4. I'd like that motorhome office! My office looks a lot like Tina's and Debbie's.

    I have a question for Missy and Julie. I also have a MacBook Pro, but it gets too hot to sit on my lap. Does yours get hot? I got mine in '07, maybe the newer ones are cooler?

  5. Fun post, Myra! I love the variety in the Seekers' writing spaces. ;)

    As for me, well, I'm rather OCD. I usually have several stacks of books hanging around my dorm room or my room at home, and my friends/mom occasionally enjoy moving my stacks in some small form or fashion, thereby requiring me to move them back. I am VERY OCD about my books, LOL! And if someone gets on my bed, I usually have to smooth it after they get off...

    I love being organized (ie: having a planner during the school year, planning out themed weeks on my blog, etc.)! There's not a whole lot to my writing space--I just need a journal and/or my laptop and I'm good to go. ;) Now that I'm at home, I have a nice view of our lovely backyard, complete with colorful flowers, a nice lawn, and my sister's adorable bunny (in a hutch). And earlier this summer there was a blue jay's nest right outside my window, in the umbrella over the picnic table!


    P.S. No need to enter me in the drawing. I think a book about organization should go to someone like Tina... ;)

  6. Haha, Mary! And Tina, I don't feel so abd about my desk now...

  7. Makeup? Who wears makeup with their jammies? Okay, granted I don't spend all day in mine, but I don't put makeup on either.

    I can give you a peek at my space... at least the room that is officially mine. My MacBook and I spend a lot of time together in the family room, or out on the deck, but I do have my own space. I broke down and did a blog post on it a couple years ago, with pictures (http://wp.me/phaYw-86). Since then I've shuffled my desk closer to the window and made room for a small table that fits in right to the wall. You just can't have too much desk space (or floor space, for that matter).

    We live rurally, and my office window overlooks the back deck and the woods beyond. If I focus on the view I don't see the mess behind me, and that's a good thing because clutter deadens the creative side of my brain. As long as my desk is reasonably tidy and I don't look anywhere else, I'm set to write.

    Congrats on your recent move, Myra, and your new office. It looks shockingly organized. :)

  8. Hi- my writing space is a creatively cluttered study! The feature I love most about it is the ten banana leaf characters swinging from the ceiling above the piles of books, paper etc. These happy folk play and dance above my head as I write and I find them an inspiration.

    If you would like to see them, there are several photos on my blog post at http://alturl.com/evjyr

  9. It is interesting to see everyone's writing space. Since I mainly work from a laptop, I move around my home quite a bit. Previously, my office was a cubbyhole in the laundry room.

    I've lately been morphing back to that laundry room. I have a lot of papers around as I'm revising and they take over the house, if I let them. I can relate to having the sofa cushions fill up. ha

    No one mentioned if they have strict writing hours. With having a laptop and working all over your home, do you have trouble getting away from the writing and relaxing at home?

    I notice none of you go to a coffee shop. That's one of my preferred places but it gets a bit expensive buying a drink to sit there :) Plus, it kind of offends my kids sometimes. Not sure why. At 11 and 17, they can't ignore me if I've left the premises, I guess. I often feel they don't notice my being around until I announce I'm leaving. lol

    I'd love to win the book.

    cathy underscore shouse at yahoo dot com

  10. I'm with Mary, only I DID have a shovel, but it was in the garden. With me and the poison ivy.

    I'm moving into Janet's house NOW.

    And I want her totally toned upper arms as well. Dagnabbit, Janet, that's 2-for-2 and unfair, I'd say.

    Here's a tidbit: I SLEPT IN TINA'S OFFICE... in Denver, two years back. And it was AWESOME! ;)

    Myra, wonderful. It's almost enough to inspire me to clean...


  11. Love the pictures of Seeker work spaces, Myra! Noticed you're missing a few. :-) I'm impressed with how put together your new office is. Knowing you, I'm sure the entire house looks the same.

    Tina, you're a hoot!

    Melissa, great bookshelves! We all have them. Proof writers are readers first.

    Ruth Ann, love the banana characters!!

    Sorry about the poison ivy, Ruthy! Terrible stuff. Hugs from my toned arms. ;-)

    Coffee's on! Where's the food?


  12. Fun post, Myra, thanks for the peek inside the Seekers writing spaces.

    My writing space is my living room. I tend to write like I read, which means music (usually Country music) playing (usually loudly) and me on the sofa. I tried setting up an office in the backroom once, but couldn't focus with all the structure and order.


  13. I'm with Mary. I meant to send a pic...and I did...only waaaay too late. That's okay though.


  14. What fun, Myra! A peek into all these spaces where Seeker creativity flows!

  15. So many MacBooks around! I'm a hold out. I've thought about switching from PC to Mac so many times, but then, what would I do with all the satelite components (netbook, desktop-numerous desktops as backup, haha, software, etc.? I'm just too ingrained in the PC world.

  16. Oooo, I want the view out of Myra's window.

    No, no, wait -- the deck office at Julie's house

    Oh, the motorhome--THAT'S the space I want.

    I'm so envious, I'm typing green.

  17. MYRA!!! This was SO much fun to see where everyone writes (well, some of us, anyway!). LOVE your windows in your office, and the laptop so close and accessible!!

    LOL, Mary!!! Keith said he expected you to take a pic of you writing in a cow pasture ... not sure what he meant by that exactly ... :)

    Missy ... if you write on the sofa, are your family around watching TV to distract you??? I would NEVER get writing done because I zone in on commercials, like I'm hypnotized.

    Sandra ... I'm jealous!!! I can read and write in the car, but there's something SO relaxing about a motorhome!

    Janet -- love the "designer" look with all those bookcases and zebra top, but the 2nd one is more like it ... or at least more line mine!!

    Cara ... you could be in Office Beautiful Magazine, girl!!

    Tina ... that's how my office looked BEFORE Keith and I cleaned it out last weekend!!! So I'm not "dishonest," just not crazy enough to show how bad it really was ... :)

    Debby ... now THAT'S what my office looked like BEFORE Keith and I cleaned it this last weekend ... :)


  18. Ruthy!!! You slept in Tina's office and she found you the next day???

    Melissa ... your "wall in the living room" is very nice. I like that you "possess it"!

    Christy ... my hubby bought me a laptop board for Christmas, so that really helps A LOT!! But yesterday, I forgot to take it down with me, and it was 95 degrees in the morning, so my lap got sweaty REAL fast. Keith forced me back inside, though, because he's worried about both me and laptap overheating ... :)

    Ruth Ann!!! The banana characters are flat-out ADORABLE!!

    Cathy ... the laundry room??? Really??? I think I'd be too depressed to work in there given my piles of laundry ... And I only worked in a coffee shop once when I was out of town, and suffice it to say that the food, coffee and activity were WAY too distracting to lose myself in Boston. :)

    Kirsten -- country music on the sofa??? I like the sofa part ... :)

    Audra, you would LOVE a Macbook Pro, sweetie, although it is an adjustment from a PC, but didn't take me near as long as I thought it would. I literally would be LOST without it!!


  19. Loved seeing the photos of the work spaces.

    My desk/work area is clean at the moment...only because I finally did something about it. When actively working, it tends to have papers strewn everywhere.

    Nice to see how different we all are! :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  20. CONFESSION TIME!!! I put makeup for the pictures, it's true. I used to put makeup on to go out to the mailbox when I worked a real job, but not anymore. Only once or twice a week now when I go to church and out with Keith ... oh, and for Seeker pictures, of course!!


  21. I need Mary & Ruthy's shovels. I didn't get the neat gene from my Mom.

    Too fun ladies. Thanks for sharing!

    (And makeup? Oh my. Only when I'm heading to town. DH graciously says he likes me just as I am. Isn't he a keeper?) :)

  22. MARY!!! You know, I could use a shovel to dig out from under my entire house after moving in a couple of weeks ago. Soooo slow-going!

    TINA!!! We love your honesty. AND your creativity. I totally agree. Clean desks are highly overrated.

    MELISSA!!! Thanks for sharing your photo! I totally love your writing space! I'm a bookshelf fanatic, and the fuller, the better! And deodorant is highly overrated as well.

  23. Okay, Jules you smart aleck. Next ACFW in Denver you are going to sleep in my office. hahahahahaha

  24. CHRISTY!!! Another MacBook girl--YAY!!! Yes, they do get a bit warm. At my desk, I have a laptop cooler thingie. When I use it on my lap, I set it on a channeled lap desk, and also have a pillow or two between my legs and the computer.

    AMBER!!! You sound entirely too organized! I do like organization. I like knowing where to find things when I need them. And most stuff around me IS organized. But once I dive into writing mode, all that goes out the window, at least in the area of my desk.

    VIRGINIA!!! See? That's exactly why I wanted to do this post. Creativity cannot be contained!

  25. CAROL!!! Thanks for posting the link to your office photos! I was thinking you were TOTALLY a neat-freak until I saw the crates pushed up against the wall! But another Mac girl--way to go! And a doggy under the desk--definitely my kind of gal!

    RUTH ANN!!! Totally charming! Love the banana leaf characters! What great inspiration!

    CATHY!!! See, if we went out to a coffee shop, we'd have to actually get some decent clothes on and apply makeup. But with teenagers underfoot, I can see why that might be a more enticing alternative.

  26. I love that Cathy's kids ignore her UNTIL she threatens to leave.



    and JULES!!!!

    Good one! I can feel the Teeeenster squirmin' from here!

  27. RUTHY!!! Cleaning is not the same as straightening up. I don't mind straightening up nearly as much as I mind cleaning. Hmmm, I wonder if Janet's arms are so toned because she works so hard at keeping her office neat. You can have her arms. I'll take her great hair!

    JANET!!! I am glad no one can see the rest of my house! It's taking shape, but we're still tripping over the clutter and cussing when we can't find something we really, really need RIGHT NOW!

    KIRSTEN!!! You are too funny! Can't write with all the structure and order??? But you can concentrate with music in the background??? I need semi-order and quiet!

  28. AUDRA and GLYNNA!!!! So sorry I didn't get your pix in time to include them! Maybe I can do "part 2" one of these days. We're missing a few other Seekers' spaces as well.

    You know, I don't think I could write without some kind of view. I like being able to shift my gaze away from the computer screen and let my mind drift while my eyes soak up some scenery. I didn't quite have that in my previous office--just a sideways glance through a curtain at a single oak tree and the street--so this is great!

  29. It's so much fun to see where everyone writes! I move from desk to desk, computer to computer to netbook. I used to have an office space all to myself, but no more. And yep, I do pout about it!

  30. JULIE!!! I am so envious of your comfy lounge on the deck! I was looking at our porch space last night trying to figure out how to fit a big ol' padded chair and ottoman out there somehow.

    And AMEN on adapting to the Mac!!! I will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER go back to a PC!!!!

  31. JODIE!!! Thanks for being honest about how your office looks when you're in creative mode! And "different" is what makes the world go round, right?

    KC!!! We will all be in big trouble if/when videophones take over the world. Makeup purchases last me way longer than their expiration dates. (And I confess, I keep using them anyway.)

    RUTH!!! I think it's written in the teenage behavior code that you have to ignore your parents. Or at least pretend to.

    LIZZIE!!! What a cute profile pic! I didn't have a private office space until my girls grew up and moved out. Then I took over one of the extra bedrooms. One does what one must.

  32. Okay, I have been using WAY too many exclamation points for this early in the morning. Visiting Seekerville tends to make me hyper that way.

    Maybe it's because I've missed entirely too many days in Seekerville over the past several weeks. Moving is not for wimps. And this one--a partial move to an apartment for 3 months, then moving the remaining stuff into the new house last month, then moving out of the apartment into the house...

    That counts as 3 moves by my reckoning!!! And my aching body has felt every single one of them!

    Okay, Janet asked where the food is. I have neglected my hostess duties--AGAIN!!!

    Let's see what I can scrounge out of my fridge and pantry. I have some caramel-filled dark chocolate candy, some spinach-artichoke hummus and gluten-free crackers, a case of diet caffeine-free Dr Pepper...

    Any of that sounding good yet???

  33. Love the post! Love seeing how other authors tick.

    My space? It's on my couch with my laptop. I don't have a pic I can link to for you, but suffice it to say my family rarely has a spot to sit with my stuff piled next to me. I have a couple large bookshelves on the wall to my left, a rolling three-drawer cart, a tiny table big enough to hold my cup of tea, and to the right the length of the couch which is usually always full of books, my portfolio, papers, pens, highlighters, etc. My desk is not very conducive to long hours of sitting and typing. :D

  34. Tina, you're only the only honest seeker in the sense that you sent a picture.
    Now I feel bad. If my cluttered desk would have made you feel less alone, I've had gladly shared it with the world.
    Except I think my camera might be buried somewhere in the chaos, so how am I to take a picture, huh?

  35. LINNETTE, your workspace sounds quite charming! Sounds like you have all the essentials right there, plus a really comfortable place to sit!

    MARY, I promise I will give you equal time in a future post if you can ever unearth your camera and snap a pic. Then maybe we will host a poll on which creative genius has the most cluttered office.

  36. I love sneak peek posts, so fun.
    But where is the coffee and food?

    Tina, you're my hero. My desk looks more like yours, but I'm so dying to know the story behind the barbie looking doll pinned to the wall in the upper left corner. Do tell!

  37. Wow. I don't have any pics right now I don't think.

    I'll tell you about it though. Nice cushy bench. Table in front of me. Soda fountain nearby. Lots of pastries calling my name. Macaroni. Soup. Bread.

    Oh? Did you mean my HOME office?

    I should have taken a pic last night at my office away from home.

    You know.


    I get lots and lots and lots done there.

    Saturday, I squeezed out over 9K there. Sunday at home I squeezed out about 350 but it finished the rough draft of the MS :D.

    At home, I usually write in the big cushy chair in the living room. But we have a desk waiting to go to a friend's house and a desk chair my FIL gave us so lately I've been working there.

    I'd love to have a nice porch to work on. I'm afraid my allergies would drive me insane most times of year though.

    So glad to see that not everyone's offices are shiny :D.

    And writing in makeup is legal? Since when?

    carolmoncado at gmail dot com

  38. Tina...oh my. I'd go stark raving mad. No way could I write in that creative hotbed of a desk! LOL

  39. NANCY, I missed Tina's Barbie doll! Must take a closer look....Yes, verrrry interesting...

    CAROL, I LOVE Panera! But for eating, not writing. I'm not real good at tuning out what's going on around me, which is why I like my upstairs converted bedroom.

    ERICA, are you dissing Tina's writing space??? Hmmm, somehow it does not surprise me that you would be totally organized! Maybe you could give the rest of us some lessons!

  40. I also NEVER wear Leopard print shirts. They don't make a leopard big enough.

  41. You wouldn't have approved yesterday, Myra, when I was sorting through layers......they have a carbon date of centuries I'm sure....hoping the 'new' camera was down there somewhere. It's thin, it can get lost. I need a big old FAT camera that leaves a lump.

  42. What fun! I love seeing people's work spaces!

    Mine is a corner in the dining room, which I'm sharing with ants at the moment. Lots of baby powder on the baseboards (apparently they don't like it).

    Mine is in-between chaos and ultra-tidiness. I get a little crazy around too much clutter (no offense, Tina!!). I have neatly stacked piles which eventually take over the dining room table and have to be dealt with. Organized clutter! LOL.

    Have a great day, everyone!


  43. Myra -- do you ever run over Gracie and Shadow's paws when you rush to your treadmill? They look to be lounging in a very precarious spot. I speak from experience and my dog, Simb now views the 'rolleeee' chair as enemy #2 (right after squirrels).

    I'm envious of all your writing spaces but I think I love the inspirational views the best. I don't have one of those and now I'm pining for one.

  44. This is so much fun! I'm so happy to see that I'm not alone...

    My office does double duty with our school room, and right now it rivals Tina's. What really worries me is that all the bookshelves are full, and I'm bringing another dozen boxes of books home with me from Kansas next week (the last of our move - I'm right there with you, Myra).

    Here's the plan, though (I know you'll all like this). My office/school room is a 10 x 10 bedroom. My dear husband is going to build bookshelves for me that circle the perimeter of the room just above the door and window frames. That's 40 linear feet of shelf space!

    Combine that with the planned storage shelving in the closet, and we're gold.

    Until another child moves back home.

    Meanwhile, I'll just pretend my office looks like Janet's...

    Put me in for the drawing!

  45. Earbuds, Myra. Earbuds.

    And a booth in the back ;).

  46. MARY, I just have trouble thinking about those poor animals losing their hides. Even if they are Lycra or rayon. And to be honest, about 3/4 of all my possessions (including my clothes) could be carbon dated to the fourteenth century BC.

    Oh, and I actually still have a "fat" camera, one of the original digital types. It leaves a sizable lump but it does take good pix!

    SUSAN, I'm with you. Too much disorganization does become a distraction. My "normal" mode is "cluttered neatness."

    KAV, I don't know why these doggies don't learn. Shadow is always getting his tail or a hunk of fur caught under my chair wheels. But he can't stand to be more than six inches away from me at all times. Closer if possible.

  47. JAN, isn't moving the pits??? And I am certain all my books got together and MULTIPLIED while they were packed away between residences!!! What a great hubby you have for building you some new shelves!

    And while we're at it, let's just ALL pretend our offices look like Janet's. It's all in your mind...it's all in your mind...it's all in your mind...

    CAROL, I don't think my ears were created the right size for ear buds. I can never keep them in.

  48. Those noise canceling headphones then?

    Of course, at home, it's the 4 little kids distracting me... Panera can't be worse than that.

    Not often anyway.

  49. You all have such nice spaces! I love the bookshelves, and all the little things of inspiration that are unique to each author. If I get the chance, I’m going to have a house with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in one room at least! My writing space is a sort of catch-all right now. I hope to be able to spread out someday! Thanks for the peek into your offices!


  50. Whitney, I have to say floor to ceiling bookshelves are AWESOME. My writing space bookshelves? Yeah, that's the two in the living room with me. The other "office" which I should just dub "library" upstairs has built in bookshelves, when we saw them, my hubby said --"this means you want this house doesn't it?" :) I love going in there. But funny thing is, I think I need some more bookshelves.....

  51. WHITNEY, a writer can never have too many bookshelves.

    Except I don't think my husband agrees. Especially when he was the one lugging those book boxes up and down stairs for me during these moves!!!

  52. Melissa, that's so cute what your husband said. And I guess you did, since you have them =)

    Carol, I caught you finished your MS. Isn't that great feeling? Congrats!

    Mary cracks me up, like always. I bet if you had a map hidden away in your skirt and Gabe to help, you could find that camera, hehe.

    The more I get used to the nook someone gave me (because I would have NEVER bought an e-reader, lol) the more I see the benefits. Aside from the obvious storage problems it eliminates, the person who gave it to me said something interesting.

    "You know, I was at the bookstore, and I saw The Red Tent that I'd already read on my nook, and thought... 'Oh wow, I can't believe I read a book that fat.'"

    Not trying to hijack the discussion Myra, just wondering if anyone else has heard anything to this effect. I wonder if it's just another way e-books are changing not just publishing, but also maybe reader habits.

  53. *
    Special Note:

    Today is the first day you can buy “Love By The Book” as a Kindle. I just got mine so I know the link is working.

    However, Cara’s heroine, Melinda, looks so much like Charity O'Connor from “A Passion Redeemed” that it’s making me nervous. : )

    To Point:

    Whether your desk
    Is messy or clean
    It’s what goes
    On the page
    That will be seen.

    Romances like sausages
    Are a whole lot better
    When you didn’t get to see
    How they were put together!


    P.S. Sandra’s room looks like an ad for a creative writing school. I want to sign up for that life!

    P.P.S. Tina’s room looks like a big finger is about to come out of the sky and touch it! (I think we are spatial soulmates!)

    P.P.P.S. Cara’s room looks like the one they show the public. The real room is locked!

  54. Wow, I'm do jealous of those who have a super organized work space where you can also shelve your books as well. I have to share my office space with my husband, so it looks like it has exploded. I look forward to the day I can afford a new laptop so I can write anywhere in our home I like when my husband is on his computer.

  55. TINA ... good to know! I'll bring my compass ... :)


  56. NANCY, I have a Kindle but somehow I still read a lot more "real" books than the e-versions. I've heard some say they think they read faster on a Kindle--maybe faster turning pages? Or the way the eye scans? Who knows?

    VINCE, you are so right--it doesn't matter what a writer's work area looks like. It's how much we enjoy the books!

    CYNTHIA, I could NEVER share an office with my hubby! Talk about role reversal--he's the talker, I'm the quiet one! Even clear across the house and separated by a floor, I can still hear him when he talks on the phone!

  57. Ack, I am NOT sharing my writing space. Very sparce and I try to escape it as much as possible. ;-) My favorite place to write though is often in the middle of the action as I edit (couch often) or in a corner of the office and/or bunkhouse while writing rough drafts.

    Loved the pictures!! Though I did miss one from Mary...


  58. No wonder I love Tina--her office looks like mine, only more...more...more intense?

    Janet, can you write in that lovely, pristine environment? Really? I'm impressed.

    I've made a note to clean my office as soon as I get one more chapter written. Pinky swear!

    And Missy! You write in the middle of family room? With kids and hubby and dogs. Ah, do you have a dog? I know you have kids. Amazing. Really amazing.

    Julie, you look much too fetching at both your indoor desk and outside area. I want to be you! Surely where you live is cooler than Hot Atlanta! We're dying in the heat and humidity. Forget anything outside, except maybe a dip in the pool.

    Cara and Myra, you girls are neat freaks, as well. But I still love you!

    Waving to all Seekervillians who admitted to having a messy office! And Vince, love the poem!

    Sandra, take me for a ride in your RV. Pretty please?

    Heading back to my WIP to get the chapter written so I can start cleaning. Now that's an incentive!

  59. All I can say is that I want an In-y office and an Out-y office like Julie's!

  60. Speaking of cow pastures, every time I think about creating a writing space with a nice view, every direction is obstructed by a tractor or a hay baler or a bush hog.

    I would take pictures, but it's WAY too embarrassing!

  61. CASEY, a bunkhouse sounds kind of quaint! Maybe you could commandeer it as your own. And I'm coercing Mary into sending pix of her office for next time.

    DEBBY, I just haven't had a chance to get my new office digs too cluttered with wip paraphernalia. Usually when I'm in the middle of a ms., I have stacks and stacks and stacks of notes, reference books, etc., surrounding my computer.

    PAM, maybe you could plant some morning glories or English ivy on the farm equipment to disguise it and add some ambiance. Except I guess they do get moved and used occasionally ...

  62. Back again briefly... wanted to say this column and all the comments is mandatory reading before I settle into writing each day. You guys always brighten my day with all the giggling and virtual munchies. Today you've also inspired an office cleaning binge. You DO realize that means I'm NOT going to be writing now. Aghhh!! Gee, thanks, everyone! Some cyber friends you are!

  63. I agree with everyone...this post was so fun! Great to see some out of the box places to write! I camp out on the couch in our living room. It's central to the house and I can hear what the kids are doing. But...there's rarely a time that I can write when the kids are awake...they're usually climbing on me, watching tv, etc. In fact, yesterday I was sitting on the couch typing and my son proceeded to climb up next to me, straddle my arms and sit down. My hands were sticking out still on the keyboard but there was little boy blocking everything else! Happy writng everyone! ~Stacey

  64. Now, now, CAROL. I am finally foregoing move-in chores to put in a little time on my wip, which has been sadly neglected for the past few weeks. It feels good to be making at least some progress again. At least my back is to the messy part of the room (and the rest of the house)! Most days I feel like I'm going around in circles!

    And speaking of munchies, I should probably offer up something for afternoon refreshments. What sounds good? I had no takers on my hummus and Dr Peppers earlier. I could go for a mimosa and some brie on French bread.

    Where's Cap'n Jack when we need him???

  65. I'm sort of tempted to send a picture. I know you'll all forgive me becaue you've already probably made the call that I'm a flake. (at best)
    Still, why remove all doubt that I'm normal?

  66. STACEY, when I first started writing seriously, my daughters were around 10 and 11. Not the age that they could climb on my lap (and definitely pre-laptop era!!!), but they were always great interrupters! The only writing I got done was when they were at school. And ZERO in the summertime!

  67. MARY, a RITA and Christy finalist with as many books under her belt as you have is entitled to have whatever office arrangement (or lack thereof) she desires!

    In fact, send on those pix! Maybe if we all copy your style, we can aspire to a similar level of success!

  68. Myra, I would NEVER diss Tina's writing space. :D

    I don't know about organized, but I do know that I'll use any excuse to procrastinate writing, and cleaning my office space tops the list of excuses.

  69. I am not sending a picture. I bared my soul with my HORRIBLE OFFICE in the spring, right? With the dead wasps from last year?

    It's actually clean now, but I write at the kitchen table. Near the Keurig. And the kitten-of-the-hour. Did I mention the Keurig????

    I do not know how Missy does it in the family room.

    Really. Truly. During the day, when the kids are at school, Missy? Fess up, it can't be at night. Please say it isn't. Please....

    Oh, the brie. THIS I'M EATING, Myra.

    One of my faves, caramelized fruit and nuts on brie with really good crackers. I will not think of the calories.

    Mary, how's your afternoon going, Sweet Pea????

  70. I could procrastinate writing for the next half-century if I wanted to. That's about how long I estimate it's gonna take to finish moving in and getting settled. I just have to close my eyes to the unhung pictures and stuff cluttering the kitchen counter and boxes blocking the hallway.

    Except now I need to go meet with hubby and the tree guy about an overabundance of branches that need trimming. Later, Seekervillagers!

  71. Vince, LOVE the poem! LOL

    Myra, charming? LOL Messy! Comfortable? You bet! We're renting a house in SC right now since we're still paying our mortgage in Missouri. So, our house here is very small! Six people living in a three bedroom, 2 bath house. There's NO extra room anywhere. The living room/dining room/kitchen are all open to each other and one little bitty hallway with the laundry closet in it connects the three bedrooms and baths. We HAVE to make the most of our space. :D

  72. Myra, So fun to see all the office variety. I love your new office and house with a screened in porch by the forest. How lovely.

    And dh did careen around a corner this morning. We were on the road so that does make it tough to write. But then, its a great time to get in my head and talk to my characters. smile

    Hey someone mentioned food. Its a summer afternoon and there is a Dairy Queen near me. Are you game for a Blizzard or banana split? Treats on me. I'm going to have a brownie sundae myself. yumm.

    So glad you're getting settled Myra. Hugs

  73. LINNETTE, been there, done that, with the temporary living arrangements. It's a relief to finally be down to ONE residence again!

    SANDRA, something from DQ sounds deeeelicious right about now! We're experiencing the hottest day of the summer so far! Just came in from talking with the tree guy, and it was H-O-T out there!!!

  74. Hi Myra:

    What’s the temperature where you are? We have 100 plus degree days forecasted for as far out as the weather men will go! I think you took all the cool air out of Tulsa.


    P.S. Please enter me for the book. I'm so glad you are getting Kindle books as a choice. vmres (at) swbell (dot) net

  75. We were supposed to hit 98 today, Vince. And it's a little more humid here than your neck of the woods. But a cool front is coming midweek so relief is in sight!

    See, one BIG reason we were glad to leave Tulsa was those F-R-I-G-I-D snowy/icy winters that no one warned us about! That part of the world goes from one extreme to the other!

  76. In case anyone missed the announcements . . .

    Our own MARY and RUTHY are finalists for the 2011 ACFW Carol Awards!

    See the full list here!

  77. My afternoon is going great!!!!
    How about you, Ruthy?
    I only wish we were all finalists because Seekers--and Friends are the BEST!!!!!!!!

  78. Hahaaa! Love the pics. :-) My space is the couch and I've got pretty much nothing around me besides my one rectangle stack of papers. LOL

  79. I'm new to posting, but couldn't resist joining in.

    My house is so small, that there just isn't room for an office. My darling husband put a small desk in the corner of our bedroom with a white, five-shelf book shelf about two inches away.

    It's great!But if I'm honest, I do work all over the house. Living room, on the bed, in the bathroom...just kidding.

    Lastly, I wanted to say that I have follwed seekerville for may years and I think everyone who has contributed to this blog are some of the most wonderful folks I have had the pleasure of knowing.

    You do a great job for the aspiring authors and the published alike. Thank you for all you do!


  80. All of those look wonderful. Well, except for Tina's. (Sorry, Tina.) As much as I am NOT a neat and tidy person, I've learned that I work best with the least amount of clutter around me.

    No workspace here. Boxes of books in the garage. Stacks of books on the floor of Hubby's office. Another stack right next to my side of the bed. A smaller stack in my walk-in closet. I write on notebooks which must fit into my purse for writing on the go, and one of two laptops, which I prop on my lap while I sit on my side of the bed with my back flush with the wall (no headboard). Occasionally, I'll take a chair in the kitchen with laptop on lap still because it's more comfortable than typing for long periods on tables or desks, which are usually a tad to high.

  81. JESSICA, you said that a wee bit too smugly. May your rectangle of papers multiply unceasingly!

    JENNIFER!!! Thanks for joining the fun! Always a pleasure to meet one of our faithful Seekerville followers and to know we've helped somehow. That's the reason we exist.

    PATRICIA, you're right--tabletops are a tad too high for comfortably typing on a keyboard. I've been known to stretch out in the recliner or even sometimes in bed to work on my laptop. The more pillows, the better!

  82. Ruthy,

    I do have a decent sized laundry room.

    Julie, I have a lot of laundry piled up in there and do more laundry when I'm in there, so it's a win-win.

    Hey, I thought Stephen King said in "On Writing" that he used to write in his laundry room, or while working at a laundramat? Laundry in there somewhere so I'm hoping it brings me luck.

    My son initiated me to a MACbook Pro, my Dell slowly became jaded, and I took the new HP back within a couple of days. I guess I'm converted!

    Fun discussion, people!

    Do I get two chances for the book now? I could REALLY use it. I have been accused of reading about organizing/cleaning more than I organize, though. Kids, what would we do without 'em?

  83. Must take a break from Seekerville to see what's for supper. I don't hear any sounds from hubby to indicate he's stepped up to the plate. Or the stove or microwave either, for that matter.

  84. Headed out the door to visit at the nursing home, but just had to say


    Yay for Mary!

    Yay for Ruthy!

    Hooray for the Seekers!

  85. Wow, Tina just made me feel so much better! AFter looking at the other desks I was beginning to question whether I really had a writer brain or not

    I sometimes write at a little desk in the corner of our hallway (outside teh family room) That's a clear view of the kids, the bathroom, and the kitchen for quick and easy access to do the 'mom thing' :-)

    At night (or during kid-movies) I'll take my laptop with me on the couch and sit back with the kiddos.
    To do light research or check emails, I will take my laptop to my treadmill desk (constructed out of a wire shelf and bungie cords ;-)

    The WRiters Prayer is essential. I have one that I keep posted at my desk as a solid reminder of POV in life and eternity.

    Fun sharing, Myra. Are you enjoying Charlotte?

  86. Hahaha! Well, I didn't mean it smugly but was just referencing the post from a while back where I mentioned them. That said, I pray your curse turns into a blessing if those rectangles happen to be contracts. *grin*

  87. Myra, I'll be glad when we're settled, too. My 13 year old is not handling the move well. He's really homesick and doesn't want to be happy here. I talked with him until 1:00 this morning trying to encourage him to cry when he needs to cry, but at the same time to trust God and be submissive to his will for us. It's tough. He's hurting and you can't just take their pain away.

  88. I saw the list!!!

    Congrats to Mary and Ruthy!!! Wow, ladies! I'm so thrilled for you both. :D

  89. Myra, I love your two dogs. They're so much calmer than my papillon, Sparky. And your view is beautiful.

    Tina, my desk is clean, but the rest of my room isn't so much. Right now my desk is a mess. It feels very homey. My mind got healthier.

  90. Notice, I wasn't in the picture. I'm usually unfit for picture taking. I use my bedroom office when everyone's at home and the sunporch (my favorite writing spot) becomes Grand Central Station. Damian and Sparky can't resist joining me in the sunporch. No one respects a writer's work schedule. I could go on and on about that!

  91. Okay Myra,
    I took the challenge...and the pictures! Just now.

    Posted them on my blog- www.pepperbasham.wordpress.com

    And what little makeup I had on when I left for work this morning is gone now

  92. PEPPER, sounds like you have the writing spaces situation well in hand. And your treadmill desk sounds a lot like mine. Except instead of bungee cords, I have my desk secured with an old dog leash and zip ties!

    Definitely contracts, JESSICA! And the more, the merrier!

    Moving is hard on kids, LINNETTE. Praying your son makes new friends quickly and the new city starts feeling like home!

    CARA, the doggies are calm when they want to be. But NOT when we return home after being away for a bit. I have the toenail scratches on my arms and legs to prove it!

  93. WAY COOL, PEPPER! Thanks for sharing the pix of your workspace! What a darling desk--and handy, too. And having to get up to go get your research materials is one good way to sneak a little exercise into your day!

  94. Deb!!! 98 today in St. Loo!!

    Pammy ... just get a laptop, sweetie, and the world is your oyster ... uh, office, I mean!!


  95. Great poem Vince.

    I loved the office tour, ladies. When I have company, the cat litter box goes next to my desk (because the cat moves into her upstairs loft when all those big dogs come).

    congrats to Ruthy and Mary and Melanie!!

    By the way, the offices looked just as I expected...hmmmm, well, I wasn't so sure about Julie's so I'm glad she fessed up.

  96. Oh my stars, Myra, thanks for the shout-out!

    And Melanie (AGAIN!!!!)

    And I'm in a category with the beautiful and talented and totally nice Linda Goodnight and Irene Hannon.

    Oh my gracious sakes to Betsy. Are ya' kiddin' me? I'm over-the-top happy to be sharing print space on the page with gals like that.


    And I saw a bunch of Seekerville buds on that list! And hints of sales are in the air! And Andrea Chermak met me for supper tonight and (she knows me WELL) brought a bottle of Welch's Sparkling Grape Juice!

    I'm such a dork!

    I'm stinkin' amazed. And delighted!

  97. Maybe I should send you a "heading for a deadline" shot, too, Myra, as well as the between books view of my office! You know, "truth in advertising." :)

  98. Julie, I totally agree about a laptop. I love moving around the house--usually to get away from chatty people. And I hate to sit in one place for too long.

    I love the pics of everybody sitting at their computers with nice clothes and makeup. Don't any of you wear your pajamas or fuzzy robes and slippers in the winter??? Do you really dress up in your house to write?

    I know someone who does because she'd dress up if she went off to an office to work. I see her point, but I like comfort. I can feel just as professional in my pjs.

  99. CONGRATS to Mary, Ruthy, & Melanie
    AWESOME news!!!
    And to anyone else I missed on the lists. What a wonderful celebration!

  100. Thanks, Myra! So fun to see everyone's work space! And so glad you can't see mine!!! LOL!!!

  101. Mary, Ruthy and Melanie? I think it's time for someone to wake up Jack so the party can begin!

  102. Ah, yes, bring on Jack!


    Thanks, my friends. I'm just giggling like a stinkin' school girl.

    It's ridiculous, really, but see, I'm a proud graduate of the Mary Connealy School of Contest Entries:

    Expect to Lose.

    You Will Not Final, Therefore You Will Not be Consumed by Disappointment.

    These are great rules of thumb. ;)

    Which make today doubly nice, LOL!

  103. Thanks, everybody, for the congrats! Yes, it's stinkin' awesome! So excited. Only, like Ruthy said, I refuse to even think for a moment I will win. I know Mary's rules of absolute pessimism and I believe in them implicitly. And since I'm just back home from the Christy Awards, I can witness to the fact that those Christy people really know how to make a finalist feel like a winner! I had a fabulous time! Wish you all were there! No, REALLY! I wish you all had been there to help me feel less nervous and self-conscious!!! Yikes! I am ridiculously insecure. Note to self: Buy Beth Moore's book on how to get rid of insecurity.

  104. Wow! I'd love to have my writing space look like some of these, but mine looks a lot like Tina's with three dogs (a great dane, a mastiff-lab mix, and a terrier).

    I think we need an extreme office makeover.

    christinainspirationals [at] gmail [dot] com

  105. Next to romances, my next favourite book to read would be anything about organizing, so this one fits the bill. Even if I glean one item from it, it's sooooo worthwhile.
    Now looking at all those pictures and comments, I feel much better about my domain. Suffice to say, I've had some good days and some bad days as far as clutter is concerned. Today is a so-so day, at least "so" far, LOL! Maybe I can borrow that shovel Mary mentioned, LOL!

  106. Tina's space made me laugh out loud and gave me hope. My dad's the same way. He says he can find anything in 3 tries.
    Thanks for sharing!

  107. I'm showing Tina's office to my husband--maybe he'll understand there are other people out there with offices like mine.*LOL* Debbie's looks more like mine when I've worked REALLY hard to clean it up! Love this post, Myra--and you are lookin' great!

  108. Melanie! So exciting! Just think of it this way. It's an honor to be a finalist. I mean, just think of the number of authors who AREN'T finalists? So, you're already a winner. Go with that attitude and if you come in first it'll be that much sweeter. If you don't, you still have the title of "finalist!" :D

  109. I am with Mary ... my office needs a good shoveling out at the moment. I usually end up writing with my laptop on a tv tray table in the living room, curled up on the couch. In nice weather, I head outside to the patio and sit outside.

  110. Wow, this sounds like an awesome book I'd like to read in paperback!

    valerie at valeriecomer dot com

  111. Sorry to be so late in responding to the last several comments. Got busy again yesterday with more "moving in" necessities.

    DEBRA, we used to have cats (miss them!) so I sympathize about the litter box.

    RUTHY, yes, isn't it great that so many of our Seekerville friends are getting contracts and award nominations? Hmmm, should we feel like proud parents (or aunties)???

    GLYNNA, I don't think there's a Seeker here who doesn't understand deadline mania (and its effect on our writing spaces, not to mention the rest of the house)!

  112. CARA, I NEVER EVER EVER dress up to write!!! Loose tops, elastic waistbands, bare feet, and no makeup are de rigueur.

    MELANIE, what a great year for you! Congratulations again!

    CHRISTINA, maybe you could propose a new TV reality show based on your idea. I would LOVE an office makeover!

    LANEY, I have tons of books on organization on my bookshelf, too. Too bad I'm not better about following their advice! Simplifying would be #1 on the list.

  113. JACKIE, isn't it amazing that we can do that? I usually always know generally which stack something is in. It's just a matter of shuffling through enough times until I find it.

    SHEILA, thanks! And what really helps is having a door to close. My new house has plenty of doors, thank goodness!

    ME, you have the right idea. I'm thankful we're having a cooler day here today so maybe I can take the laptop out to the screen porch for a bit this afternoon.

    VALERIE, EVA MARIE, and any other late arrivals, thanks for stopping in!

    Glad everyone enjoyed the tour! Maybe I can convince the other Seekers to come out and play for an encore in a few months!