Saturday, October 8, 2011

Friends Are Forever

Friends are Forever
By Missy Tippens

Since it’s Saturday and the middle of a birthdaycelebration, I thought we’d take a break from writing topics today and talkabout…


Y’all are a wonderful group of friends. (Thank you!) And Ithink we have something special here. We have a love of reading and writing incommon. We support each other. We have FUN together! And some of us have evenmet in person and shared friendship that way as well.

If you think about it, it’s kind of strange thatwe feel like we know each other so well even before we’ve met in person. Iimagine if we tried to explain it to our friends at home, they might thinkwe’re a little weird. :) But it’s true nonetheless. We spend a good bit of timetogether around here.

You know, the original Seekers email each other every day. ALOT. In fact, since we banded together and started our email loop in August2005, we’ve sent 95,862 messages as of Friday morning. :) That’s 95k messages(and countless words) of encouragement, sharing of funny happenings, asking forprayer, brainstorming titles (with Mary and Ruthy throwing in hilarious onesthat cause spew-on-the-screen moments), brainstorming story ideas, whining, sendinghugs over rejections, giving pep talks (and threatening to knock upside-the-headanyone who considers giving up), griping, talking about family, sharing ofpraises, celebrating, crying, sharing market news, cheering each other on,leaning on each other, and on and on.


With you who’ve hung out with us on unpubbed island…and whoare also now moved to town with us…we’ve shared your pain of rejection, yourcelebrations, your prayer needs, and your joy of first sales. We’ve enjoyedyummy cyber food and coffee you bring and the wisdom you generously share withus. We love you and thank you for hanging out with us these last four years!And we look forward to many more.

And speaking of hanging out with friends…Ruthy and I havebanded together to open a shop on Seekerville Main Street. It’s all about ourfavorite things: pastries and coffee! After you leave a comment here telling me to enter you in my drawingfor a cute Bath & Body Works tote bag and Starbucks giftcertificate, I hope you’ll pop over to our Yankee-Belle Café. Yep. The NewYorker (who bakes like Susie Homemaker) and the Southern Belle (who doesn’t)share recipes and fun with you. So y’all / youse click here to come sit a spellwith us on our outdoor patio. :)

But first! Tell us what’s special about your friends? Feelfree to honor someone today! And don’t forget to tell me to enter you in the drawing if you’d like to be included.

Love and friendship,


  1. Hi Missy! I love all those pics you guys, it looks like you all have a blast together online and off...and is that Casey I see there too in that first pic? ;-) Friends are awesome aren't they? I love that you can tell them anything and that they are always there for you. It's great to have someone to talk books with too. Before I started blogging I only had one or two friends who shared my taste in books but now...WOW! I love the camaraderie and close feel that blogs like this one and others I follow create.

    I'd love to be entered for the giveaway. Thank you!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  2. As someone who was lucky enough to spend the evening in the company of the incomparable Mary Connealy, I can truthfully say friendships are invaluable!

    We had a great book signing, met lovely folks, and didn't get arrested when we went out on the town later. :D

    I'd love to be entered in the giveaway!

  3. What a fun post Missy :) And our world got a little more connected through friends just a few weeks ago!

    I have such a wonderful group of friends...I have 4 heart friends that are truly the sisters of my heart and then I am lucky enough to have another small group of lovelies...that bring such joy to my life.

    I adore how many messages (95k... AMAZING!) you as a group have sent back and forth. To me that is the beauty of email numbers right there!

    I would like to be entered in the giveaway.

    Now off to visit the Yankee-Belle Cafe...cutest name ever.

  4. Hey Mossy,
    Looks like I could be first. Love the bakeshop Idea. Looking forward to awesome recipes

    I have four sisters who are my dearest friends.

    But I have a friend named Lori Warren who has been my friend and loved me through good times and bad. I know if I need anything an ear, a shoulder, (body parts, I am a writer) and prayer, she'll be there.

    She has a gentle and beautiful spirit. My cheerleader when I don't have the strength to say a Rah. She is my fifth sister.

    I'd do what I can for her too.

    Put me in for the tote please.



  5. Ah man three people posted while I was plugging in letters on my phone.

  6. And forgive me for calling you mossy Missy. The phone corrected for me.

  7. I would lvoe to be in the drawaing! And I didn't know there was more to the seekerville city that what I saw... Now I have to go poke around!
    Friends. Life is hardly worth living without them. I have friend that is almost completely my opposite- in temperament, looks, taste in books, etc. But we agree on the big topics: God, family, honor, loyalty.

  8. I love the photos too. but dont enter me. Renee I know what you mean about friends who love books I have a few but not that many who loved christian fiction. Since getting online and being introduced to blogs etc i have so many who share my love for books.
    I have more online friends than 3d as my friend calls them. I have been lucky to meet a few when I was in Canada 4 years ago. and then more of the Aussie ones also.
    My best online friend I am going to meet one day. I hope to come to america in about 18 months and visit Georgia Shes up near the TX border (she works in TX) We have been friends for many years now and have never met but are still very close.
    I actually was in a wedding 3 years ago for an online friend I and another lady were bridesmaids and neither of us had met the bride in person.

  9. Oh wow Ausjenny that's so cool that you go to be in a wedding for an online friend and it's great that you're going to meet more of your friends. I wish I had that opportunity!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  10. May and I consider each of you our FURiends, in good times and not so much... But mostly good!

    Agreed. Yankee Belle is about the most wonderfullest ever. :)

    Don't enter me. I've been blessed enough already... Unless it was to be with Erica and Mary on the town. THAT had to be fun!

    Have a fabulous weekend! Keep writing and reading!!

  11. My special friends are encouraging, supportive and have Care Bear hearts.

    My Seeker Sisters!!

  12. Renee, I just need to get a job and I have an interview on Wed and really want it to be the one. then save up.
    we had a travel expo today so have lots of brochures on Canada and Alaska. its really cool meeting online friends.

  13. I love the friendship offered by the Seekers and Seeker friends.

    At the conference in St. Louis, one of those Seeker friends and I crossed paths A LOT, and I came to consider her a very personal friend. Hi, Rose Zediker!!!

    Okay, the coffe pot's ready.


  14. This is a fun post. Everyone is so friendly!
    Oh yes, please enter me in the drawing.


  15. I spent a little time at the Yankee-Belle Cafe just last night. Through Facebook I have recontacted friends from a long time ago. It has been fun.
    Please enter me in the giveaway.

  16. I think one of the reasons why this blog has done so well is because of the genuine friendship among the blog authors. Friends, however you have them, are lovely things.

  17. excuse my ignorance but who are the cardinals and what did they win.

  18. Jenny:

    The Cardinals are a major league baseball team from St. Louis, Missouri.

    They won the first round of the National League post season playoffs tonight.

  19. My husband is my best friend. Our life is endless sleepovers, watching movies (even romantic comedies which are my fave). . .we just recently moved so he's my only close friend right now where we're at. I'm so glad I found you guys!

    Please enter me in the drawing to win Bath and Body works and Starbucks!

  20. Jenny - that is amazing that you were bridesmaid for your online friend without having met before - very cool!

    I have two best friends: one I met in high school, the other I met at uni. And even though I live so far apart from both of them now, we're always there for one another. Weeks can slip by without contact, but I know I can call on them at a drop of a hat.

    Oh and of course, my sister is also my best friend! We're SO different it's funny really, but we have always loved just being the two of us, no other siblings :) She's the one who introduced me to Christian fiction (I didn't know it existed!) and our differences have come out in that respect too. She likes quite a different Christian fiction to me, but it works great for our blog :P

    Please don't enter me in the draw :)

  21. Thanks Helen G. I thought it was sport just didn't know which one or who.
    Helen W it was exciting there were going to be 3 online friends as bridemaids but Hurricane Ike kept one away. But I got a trip to Canada out of it. Still have the outfit never worn it again as the skirt was to lose before and now is even worse.
    It was exciting never been in a wedding party again.

  22. Good morning Seekerville! Friends, in my opinion are a necessity! My very best friend s my husband but my best girlfriend I've known since 7th grade. I lost track of her for 30+ years. When we reconnected it was like we had never missed those 30+ years. It's a long but special story. Because I was trying to find her, my husband, who I'd known n high school found me. :)

    I would love to be entered into your giveaway...Love Bath & Body and Starbucks!!!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  23. Missy (and friends),

    A wonderful the pictures, too. And thanks for including me in your 'circle of friends.'

    Oh yeah, please include me in your wonderful giveaway today. Thanks :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  24. Missy, a sweet post, indeed! Hugs! do you know when I followed my heart and started writing, I found some of the best friends a girl could have. We connect on so many levels & I'm grateful for each of them.

    Bath & Body Works & Coffee... a few of my favorite things.... would love to be entered in the drawing.

    christylashea at gmail dot com

  25. Obviously the MN police are NOT doing their job.

    I've got family in Minnesota, Vetsch. I'm calling them. NOW.

  26. Um, I believe Missy is a little mossy.

    Film at eleven.

  27. Care Bear Motif t-shirts:


    I love Care Bears. Just love 'em. And I had a "Grumpy Bear" boy...

    And he loved that bear! The storm cloud. The lightning jag.

    Now I'm getting all verklempt.

  28. Good morning, Renee! It really is great to have friends with simliar likes--like reading. Also football! :) Do you have a group of friends you watch Steelers games with? We definitely have certain friends we discuss the Falcons games with. :)

  29. Erica! As soon as a I saw your photo I thought of you and Mary together. She told us she was looking forward to seeing you. I bet you had a blast! If I lived just a little closer I'd love to come to your signings.

  30. Oh my goodness. Missy and Ruthy! I know y'all are so excited about your new shop. That's exactly what I'd like to do. I love to bake and I've always wanted to do something like that. Wish I could visit it in person. Wish you great success!

    When I think of friends no special one person comes to mind. I have several friends that I know if I called on them for anything they would come to my rescue. I do want to honor my two girls though. They are grown and married but I know they would do anything for dear old ma.

    Yes, I would like to be in the drawing for the Bath and Body Works tote bag and Starbucks gift certificate! Who wouldn't want that!

  31. Christy, thanks so much for dropping by this morning! (or should I say last night?) :)

    Heart friends are wonderful. They're the ones we have for life.

    You know, I have two heart friends from college. We don't talk very often, and only see each other when I go home to Kentucky, but I still feel like they're my sisters.

    And then I have writer heart friends as well! And close church friends. And then Lindi, who's both and writer and long-ago church friend (before we even started writing) who I can call for anything.

    Thanks for sharing about your friends!

  32. Oh my goodness! Just hopped over to the Yankee-Belle Cafe site and love it! Put it on my favorites. Thanks bunches for the recipes too. I'm a baker so I know I will try them. Love name too!

  33. Hey, Tina. Yeah, the best of friends hang through the bad times as well. Don't you just love the ones who are cheerleaders?! :)

  34. By the way, since the cafe is called Yanee-Belle where y'all from?

  35. LOL, Tina P! Don't you love the auto-correct feature on the phone? :) Mine once changed a word to omniscient when I was talking about my daughter. She got a kick out of that one. :)

  36. Virginia, sounds like you and your friend balance each other out nicely! :)

    As for the website, for now, we just have the link up to the Cafe. But there are more shops to come, and I'm not sure what Tina has planned for the website layout.

  37. Jenny, that's such a cool story about being in a wedding for someone you hadn't met yet! It truly is amazing to meet people online and to bond so closely with them. The Seekers had been friends for about 4 years before we finally all got together at the same time to meet in person.

    I love that term 3D friends!!!! It's perfect. :)

  38. KC, I agree!! It would have been so fun to be with Mary and Erica on the town. Can you imagine how much trouble they two of them could get into?? We should be there to prevent it. May can nip at their heels to keep them in line. :)

  39. Jenny, we'll be praying for that job interview!!

  40. Helen, thanks for the coffee this morning! I knew I could count on you to make me look good. :)

    So fun that you and Rose grew close at conference! Isn't it get how you can run into certain people over and over even in a group that large? Definitely a God thing.

  41. Mary, Facebook HAS been wonderful! I've been able to get in touch with friends who go as far back as elementary school! I love it. :)

  42. Janet Kerr, thanks for dropping by! I got you entered!

  43. Melissa, that's so true! Friends truly are lovely things!

  44. Annie, we're glad you found us! Moving can be so difficult. And trying to make new friends (and find a new hairsylist and doctor!) can be downright painful.

    I'm so glad you and your husband have each other and enjoy each other! You're blessed!

  45. Helen W, your high school and college friend sound like my college friends. Even though we don't see each other but about once or twice a year, we've remained close since we graduated. I know they'd be here in a heartbeat if I needed one of them.

    It sounds like you and your sister have a blast together! I love that. :) My sister and I are close as well. In some ways, we're just alike. And in others, we're very different--ie. she's so much more assertive than I am that's it's almost comical at times. :) I keep aspiring to be more like her!

  46. Tina R, I just saw your comment. Yes, Care Bear hearts!! :)

  47. Cindy, what a sweet story about finding your friend AND a husband to boot!! :) Thanks for sharing. You'll have to tell us the longer version someday. :)

  48. Karen, thanks for being a part of our circle of friends!

  49. Christy S! Another in my close circle of friends! Yes, I'm so glad that Lindi brought us all together on the Faith blog! And that we've been able to be close through Georgia Romance Writers and our ACFW WORD chapter as well. It's so nice to have local writer sisters!

  50. Missy!!! Hugs, girl! We still need to get together, don't we. :D

    Request #1 - Can we please have hot black tea in the coffee shop? I think I'm the only tea drinker here, but unless is a vanilla frap or extra sweet latte, I just can't do the coffee thing. Pastries? Oh, yeah! I'm all over that. Shortbread and scones go great with hot tea!

    Request #2 - Please include me in the drawing. I LOVE Bath and Body Works!!! I give myself a Christmas present every year from there. :D

    Now, I have a very special friend. For those of you connected to me on FB, she's in my profile pic right now. Her name is Tricia and she has been my proofreader extraordinaire since day one of writing "Finding Beth." I have learned so much about self-editing because of her. She's my grammar queen and she also helps me keep things real.

    I have to run because my writer's group meets in less than an hour, but I had to pop in and say "hi." I've been missing you all terribly the past couple months. As to why we all get along and feel like we know each other? We're Blue Monkeys living in a brown monkey world and nobody gets us like we do! :D


  51. LOL! Yes, Ruthy, I think I am gathering a little moss her on the couch this morning. Maybe time for a walk. ;)

    Grump Bear, huh? Like mother like son????

    Nah. You're too cheery for that. :)

  52. Patsy, I truly look forward to the day when my children are grown and become friends! Of course, it'll be a few more years. The youngest is only 15 now. :)

    Speaking of which!! She got her driving permit yesterday!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!! Y'all will get to watch me gather a few more gray hairs. And maybe an ulcer. Here's hoping I survive this third (and last) young driver. :)

  53. Patsy, Ruthy is from western NY. I'm originally from Kentucky (grew up in southern KY) but have been in Georgia since 1984. :)

  54. Some of the best friendships have developed online for me in such circles as Seekerville. Sometimes, friends online seem to “get” you more than those you see face-to-face. They are often some of the most encouraging, giving, supportive, fun friends of all.

    Cheers to you, dear online friends!

    Totally cute tote. Go on and enter me. I have a thing for bags!



  55. Linnette, you got it!! I'll add tea to the menu! I love tea as well! But since I'm addicted to coffee, I tend to forget about it. :)

    Having a friend who'll also read for you is wonderful!!

  56. Whitney, I've got you entered! I have a thing for bags as well. When I placed an order and got the bag as a freebie, I nearly had to have someone pry it out of my hands! LOL But I knew I wanted to save it for today since we're officially opening our bake shop. The bag was perfect!

    You know, my husband thinks the number of tote bags around this place is outrageous. He'll be thrilled that I'm giving one away! :)

  57. Hi Missy! What a great post!! I am so blessed by Seekerville and your wonderful posts!

    I'd love to be entered into the drawing. Thanks so much!

  58. I love how you Seeker ladies are friends and truly in-like with one another. It's an awesome move of God to find kindred spirits who are so supportive.

    Please enter me in every contest you may have. Really, I could use a prize, critique, note, etc.

    Love this island.


  59. Amanda and Vanessa, thank YOU for blessing us!

  60. Good Morning, Missy and Everyone!

    60 messages at 7:14am (mountain time) I the only person who sleeps???? Ha, Ha!

    The nice thing about friends is we acquire them during certain stages in our life because God knows what we are needing and who can provide it! So, far I've been lucky enough to hang on to my "old" friends who aren't writers but support my dream and new ones (WAVING BACK TO HELEN!!)who share the same dream.

    And yes, Missy it's hard to explain to people but the friends we make here at Seekerville, are friends in every sense of the word even though many of us haven't met in person.

    But let me tell you how wonderful if was in St. Louis when I ran into Ruthy and Sandy and they recognized me at the same time I recognized them and we hugged like old friends!

    Friends...can't have enough of them!


    PS Mary, you notice I didn't add that I had to STALK you at a signing until you relented and said you'd be my friend! : )

  61. Missy, I'm a southern gal myself. I live about 1 1/2 hours north of the gulf coast in Mississippi. (Hurricane Katrine country!) Town is called Laurel - born here and lived here all 54 years of my life. (They don't let me out much!)

  62. Missy,

    I hopped on over to Yankee Cafe first. Fun site. I love the colors and the recipes.

    I've been blessed with such wonderful friends and I'm amazed every time I talk to them, email them or the blessed times I get to see them in person.

    Today I'm going to the Navy football game with a friend I've known since 6th grade (so many many years). We were inseparable through high school then lost touch when we went to different colleges. But amazingly enough the Lord brought two Wyoming gals back together in the DC area and we've had a fantastic time (although her poor husband has to suffer through endless chatter and laughter when we're together).

    Please enter me in the giveaway. Thanks.


  63. Missy, I have the pleasure of knowing you an Debby from GRW, but I can't wait for the day that I get to meet the rest of Seekerville. Everybody looks like a blast.

    I signed myself up as a Cafe follower the first day I heard. I would love to in the drawing. My wife would love to get the B7B stuff. I'm always in for Starbucks.

  64. Some of my best friendships have come from people I've met online.

    I thought I'd be able to party with ya'll today but hubby decided the family needs to get away. We're going to a state park to take pictures of the pretty fall colors.

    I'd love to be entered into the drawing Missy!

  65. Whoo-eee! I stopped by the Yankee-Belle Cafe and picked up some of Ruthy's cookies,grabbed a cup of Helen's coffee and now I'm here to hang out with some of my BEST friends!

    It doesn't get any better than that.

    PS...Announcing the winner of my Seeker Loaded Kindle Giveaway today!!!

  66. Haha, Missy. Purses aren’t such a big deal to me, but I love totes.

    Glad I could help. ; )

    By the way, the cookies on Yankee Belle Café look scrumptious!


  67. /waves wildly/

    CARDS WIN!!! I like to think Ruthy's comment yesterday had something to do with it ;).

    I have two BFFs. One I've known for nearly 30 years now. We don't talk often but I love her to pieces. Her mom is my other mom [Jan Christiansen who pops in around here sometimes].

    My other BFF I've known for about 8.5 years now - about the time I found out I was pregnant with DD#2 who will be 8 in a couple weeks. I can turn to her for anything. And she works with DH so shes local ;).

    That was one thing I loved about ACFW was meeting friends, old and new. Especially Seekers/friends.

    Ruthy - I may have to try those cookies, as is, and see how they are. But I wonder if combining my secret with your recipe could make even more amazing cookies... I will have to ponder this... I do have to make cookies this morning but I'm making my regular ole recipe.

    Put me in the drawing!

    [I dreamt of Seekers and ACFW last night. I was buying all the Seekers at ACFW Panera gift cards and getting discounts on our hotel because the elevators... oy vey - they were even worse than the elevators were at the actual hotel... Two guys got stuck with their dozen toddlers and had to get them out 'the back way' - don't ask I can't explain it but it made perfect sense...]

  68. Ruthy - just read your comment from last night.

    Less than two months ago they were talking about firing LaRussa!!!! I thought they were nuts then and I think I've been proven correct. I'm thinking this is one of those stories they'll be talking about on ESPN [or ESPN Classic] in like 25 years about how they came back and doing interviews from old folks' homes and stuff. You know?

    Now if they can just resign Pujols...

  69. Reading about some of these best friends (like AusJenny's TX friend) gave me an idea...

    Today would be an awesome day to INVITE one (or all!) of our best friends to Seekerville to join in the fun. Let them know you gave them a shout-out here that you're best buds!

  70. Yes, Rose! I know just what you mean. There have been times at conferences where I've just about cried when I finally met someone in person! :)

  71. Patsy, I bet it's beautiful there! Maybe both you and I can learn some yankee baking secrets from Ruthy. :)

  72. Kirsten, that's so amazing that you re-met in DC!! All the way from Wyoming. Wow!

  73. Fun post! Friends truly are invaluable. Rose said we acquire some friends in different times of our lives. So true! I've got friends I've known since elementary, junior high and high school with whom I'm still in touch. In fact, I'm driving through the snow today to meet with my oldest life-long friend.

    As a military wife, I've also made friends during our assignments here and there. These friends know the traveling life. We've been able to encourage each other and share life through that filter.

    Latest, I have a group of gals I call my "Go Through Life" friends. We're doing life together. I know that I can call them with a minute's notice and they'll be there to pray with, laugh with, help with child care or anything else. We just do that for each other. I've never had a group of friends like that.

    I'm enjoying making online friends too. :)

    Please enter me in the drawing. :) The bag looks fun.

  74. Walt, the tote bag is just a bag (nothing in it). But I bet your wife will still love it! And I don't blame you one bit for wanting the Starbucks card just for you. hehe

  75. Jamie, have a great time today!! We're actually starting to see some fall color in my area of Georgia!

  76. GOOD MORNING SEEKERVILLE! And I second Missy's THANK YOU to all our Seekerville friends who make this such a great "home" to hang out at!

    HELEN W -- You said "I have two best friends: one I met in high school, the other I met at uni." UNI? My alma mater University of Northern Iowa??? Or some other UNI?

  77. Holy Pumpkin Pie!!!

    77 comments already.

    I am astounded.

    Snowing in Denver.

  78. HELEN W -- When I asked about UNI, that was assuming you might not be native Australian!

  79. I love how flexible Vanessa is.

    Any prize. Okay, but you might win a critique by Captain Jack.

  80. I'm with you, Rose! 70 comments and it's not even 8 am!

    On a Saturday!

    Friendships are so special. I absolutely love how the Lord brought us together. I mean think about it. The Seeker formed because we were all contest divas knocking each other out of 1st place in'd think the last thing we'd do is get along!!!

    Never doubt God's wisdom, even when you think He seriously needs to rethink some of His decisions, LOLOLOLOLOL!!

    I love my Seeker sisters and wouldn't give ANY of them up!

    AND, I love the friendships I've made through Seekerville.

    Pepper? You are such a joy.

    CarolM? What a fun, sweet spirit.

    I could go on and on...

    Missy, I love this topic. And of course, Missy and I are twins separated at birth...years different time zones...

    God is awesome!

  81. Very touching post, Missy. Wow, 95K email exchanges. It's hard to imagine, but I'm sure it's true.

    I've found that I actually am able to connect to my writing friends a little better because it's a cyber friendship. When things change, people move, when you're just trying to get away from work, your cyber friends are stil where you left them. I've never been a phone person so email friends are great, but I do still need the occasional person to person contact.

    And, the writing friends I've discovered since I began pursuing this thing called publication (not writing because I've always written)have been some of the most steadfast friends I think I've ever had.

    Would love to be entered into your drawing Missy!

  82. Tina, it's snowing there already??

    This southern girl is shuddering. January is soon enough. (Actually, it is nice when it snows at Christmas, but it rarely does here.)

  83. Pam, have fun giving away that Kindle! Such a great contest!!

  84. Hey, Missy, WONDERFUL post!!!

    When I think of “friends” at large, immediately the Seekers come to mind. I consider friendship with these remarkable ladies one of the greatest blessings in my life and I still marvel at the goodness of God in joining us together.

    But when it comes to a singular friend who has had the greatest impact on my life, it would have to be my prayer partner and mentor, Joy. I met her when I was a 23-year-old hardnosed agnostic who was so angry at God that I actually used to say I wanted to burn Gideon Bibles in hotel rooms. As a wild child of the 60s and 70s, I’d tried everything to be happy—from astrology and tarot cards … to transcendental meditation and witchcraft—you name it. My vocabulary would have made a sailor blush. Suffice it to say that I was pretty angry at God.

    Then one day, this annoying gal at work approached me. I hated her because she came in humming every day, happy as a lark while I was utterly miserable. And then it happened—one life-altering moment when she and I were alone—I looked up from my typewriter and said, “Just what in the heck (except my language was a bit saltier back then) makes you so happy all the time?” She said, “I’ve been praying you would ask.”

    Oh, no, a Jesus freak, I thought to myself, but I found myself going to lunch with her, badgering her with questions and accusations. I don’t remember now if it was weeks or months, but either way, I met Jesus Christ through the remarkable patience of a God-sent angel by the name of Joy—pretty appropriate name, eh? I owe her my life.


  85. Carol-of-the-crazy-dream :), don't you love it how our friends' families become our own? I know I'm so thankful for families around here who've taken my kids in and treat them like their own! (waving to the Lipscombs, Hagins, Stills and Dufresnes!)

  86. Julie, what a blessing. I'm sure Joy found great joy in your bonding friendship, too.

    I know I have : )

  87. UNI????

    Who goes to a school named UNI????

  88. Jeanne, we've had a life similar to the military. My husband is a United Methodist pastor. So we get moved around. Thankfully, we've been able to stay most places for several years. And we've been blessed to be here for 11 now! But I understand how you pick up new friends at each place. I'm still in touch with friends from past churches. Am still on the email prayer list from the last church. Those are connections that will be lifelong.

    And now that we've been here as long as we have, I truly feel a part of the community and part of my friends' lives. It's a great feeling!

  89. Carol, I'm cheering your boys on.





  90. Good morning, Glynna! I think she just meant university. But I could be wrong! :)

    Y'all, Tina and Glynna have had SNOW!!! Can you imagine? It's going to hit about 80 here today. I'm still wearing my flip-flops every day. I just dread having to put on closed toe shoes!

  91. Readers and writers are some of the nicest people I've ever met, collectively and individually.
    Maybe it's the love of God and books that makes it that way, but it is that way.
    I'm not a coffee drinker or a bag person, but best wishes to everyone else, and thanks for another great day in Seekerville. =)

  92. LOL, Tina! I'm trying to imagine a critique by Cap'n Jack!

  93. Audra, my sister!! Before the Seekers even formed we had an email friendship, sharing so many of the same experiences and struggles. Amazing how God brings us together!

  94. Dianna, I agree. Email has made life easier to keep in touch. Can you imagine if we made friends at conferences and had to write snail mail??!! LOL

  95. Julie, your story has always amazed me. Just think of the women whose lives you've now touched because of one woman who prayed you'd ask her about her about her joy in life. :)

    Thank you, God (and Joy!) for giving us Julie as our friend!

  96. Nancy, I'm glad you dropped by this morning! And yes, I've truly found that writers and readers are wonderful people.

  97. Sweet post Missy!

    Ausjenny, that wedding story was really neat!

    I agree with Melissa, friends are friends :)

    Thanks Seekers for providing us with a place to meet!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  98. Eva, thanks for dropping by to visit with us today!

  99. My friends are from a group much like Seekerville. I am honored to be a part of the Writer's Alley.
    Krista, Sherrinda, Pepper, Casey, Angie, Cindy, Wendy, Sarah, Julia, who have become my friends, my partners, my sisters. Blessings on all of you...and to the Seekerville new friends who I met at ACSI in St. Louis.

  100. This post makes me want to light a candle and sing "Friends are Friends Forever."

    Linette, the coffee bean is one of God's greatest creations. But because I'm your friend, I won't hold the tea bag dangling from your cup against you. :)

    Patsy, Hi girl. (Waving from the Alabama line) If you look due East you might see me. My son went to school at USM.

    Yah! I met a new friend today.

  101. 99 comments already! It's only 9:30 here in the west!

    (Missy, please enter me in the drawing for the cute Bath & Body Works tote bag and Starbucks gift certificate!)

    I'm so glad there's Seekerville. Sometimes my family teases me about my on-line friends, but pooh on them. I love it here.

    Where else would I find friends who share my indulgence of both books and chocolate?

    I'm sharing some Ghiradelli Chocolate Indulgence brownies for a mid-day snack, just in case we're running low...

    ...and now I'm off for our weekly hike in the Black Hills. Wind Cave National Park is our destination this morning - the home of an almost genetically-pure herd of Bison. (We'll try to avoid them on our hike.)

    Have a great weekend, everyone, and Happy Birthday, Seekerville!

  102. Mary V, that's a great group of sisters you're a part of!

    Bridgett, LOL on the teabag. :) Yes, we're inclusive around here. ;)

  103. Jan, try to come back to us in one piece! No stampedes allowed!

  104. Missy,
    I'm sitting on a porch in the north GA mtns., with 2 women from my church for a girls getaway weekend. Even though both are younger, we are close and enjoy spending time together, laughing, sharing and talking about things of the Lord.

    I've so enjoyed visiting Seekerville every day and learning from each Seeker. And I'm looking forward to hanging out on Main St.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

  105. I'm definitely going to check out that link :)

    I love my writer friends, especially my crit group. They've been there for me, particularly in the last year--supporting me through personal things, a new baby, and a few rejections. I don't know how I'd make it through without them.

    And I'd love to be entered in the giveaway! Thanks!

  106. Oh Missy! What a sweet post (just like the lady who wrote it *smile*). The Seekers (and Seeker friends) are truly special folks, and I'm thankful I've "discovered" you all to hang out with online (and have been thrilled to meet some of you in person!). ~ I wanted to share about my 4 VERY BEST friends from high school (who are still my very best friends to this day). All 5 of us were close friends in high school, and one day (during our junior year) I'd commented that none of us were dating anyone at the time (except 1 of the girls) so I jokingly referred to us as the "Lonely Hearts Club"---well, that name stuck....and here we are over 3 decades later (yikes!) STILL best friends and (although we're all married) we STILL call ourselves the Lonely Hearts Club (sometimes just LHC for short!). We've been in each others' weddings, celebrated childbirths, and been there for each other when we've lost parents. I honestly don't know what I'd do without these ladies, because now that we're a "mature age" (LOL) we realize we have something very special. (And I must add---these 4 friends have been super supportive of my writing, and keep telling me they cannot wait until I'm published---yep, they are TRUE friends!). ~ Sorry this is so long, but I did want to share about these very special blessings in my life. Hugs, Patti Jo :) p.s. Please enter me in your drawing. pattijomoore(at)yahoo(dot)com THANKS! :)

  107. We could arrange a Captain Jack critique.

    Couldn't we?

    And a Madame Zelda one?

    And dare I suggest, Marlena Fortune????

    These people are ICONS in this industry.

    Someone should call them.

  108. Talk about friends! I made Julie's Journal Jots yesterday!

    WOOHOO! Horrid pic [especially next to those two cuties ;)] but *I* got a shout out for world's best cookies!

    PLUS I won a book! That's as good as Seekerville ;).

    Different good? Because one is not necessarily better than the other... but both are way cool :D.

  109. LOL Ausjenny, I think we're in the same boat. I'd definitely be meeting a lot more of my friends if I had traveling money. Best wishes with your interview!

    XOXO~ Renee

  110. Missy! I actually don't have a group of friends to watch Steelers games with. I stay at home with dear ol' dad and we watch the games together. :-) It's nice.

    XOXO~ Renee

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. I quite agree, Ruthy put those ICONS to work.

    Really Radcliffe it's snowing? You are going to send me some right?

    I like the tea idea. I am tea totaller with cream and honey.

  113. Enter me in your drawing for a cute Bath & Body Works tote bag and Starbucks gift certificate! Thanks!

    I have a group of friends (originally 8 of us) which started out as an online crit group in the late 1990s. This group has been with each other through all kinds of life upheavals and trials, joys, even the death of one member through cancer, and we still pray for each other daily. This summer when I had a terrible event occur, two of them sent me flowers and all had words of encouragement to get me through.

    Though we are spread across the country from each other, I can't imagine facing not only publishing trials and joys, but also life's trials and joys without them! Our hearts are forever entwined.

    How could we get through things without our friends?

  114. I have my dear friends, but my very bestest friend is my hubby Danny, of course.
    He listens to my dreams, sees me at my worst and has been by me for 30 plus years.

    We have those conversations about what we'd do if we lost one another. I just couldn't imagine.

  115. Oh, Edwina, that sounds wonderful! I know it's a glorious day in the mountains. Shoot, it's a glorious day here just south of the mountains. :)

    I'm about to go eat lunch on the deck. I wish you could all join me for salad (leftover from a new Mexican restaurant I tried last night) and a turkey wrap sandwich!

  116. Cindy, critique partners are the best! They totally "get it."

  117. Patti Jo, thanks for sharing about the Lonely Hearts Club!! :) I love it. It's great that even though you all ended up with husbands (who are, I'm sure, much better guys than those boys who didn't ask you out in school!), you've stayed together as friends and through life's journeys.

  118. Great idea, Ruthy!! :) Maybe Tina will get on that. hehe

    Carol, that's great that you made Julie's headlines! :) I loved the photo!

  119. Renee, your dad sounds like the perfect game partner!

  120. Tina P., be sure to drop by the Yankee-Belle Cafe on Monday. I'm already putting together a post for tea drinkers! :)

  121. Crystal, it sounds like you have an amazing group of writer friends as well! It's so important to have ones who will pray for you and be there at the rough times.

  122. Tina P, what a great tribute to your hubby! You should send him here to read it. :)

    Tina P's hubby, you're amazing!

  123. Wow! There are over a hundred comments already. (Somebody is dealing with allergies and slept in too long).

    Friends-I've always had a hard time making friends. I tend to hide behind the potted plants, but I'm learning to move from the back row. Some of my bestfriends I've met online. Crazy, I know and maybe a little sad. I just see to have a hard time getting people to warm up to me. Now, one of my closest friends does not have that problem. She enters a room and people tend to congregate around her and she leaves writing conferences with tons of good friends. She makes everyone feel special and doesn't hesitate to pray or offer advice.

    Christina Renee

  124. Lunch time, everyone! Well, at least for those of you on the east coast. Time for turkey wrap sandwiches with carrots and spinach. And cheese. Cheese makes everything better! (kind of like butter. And bacon.)

  125. Lovely post, Missy. Isn't it awesome how God puts friends in your life?

  126. Missy - I like you!

    I'd cried after a reject from an editor [I was okay - really, honestly, but I wasn't used to being 'on' for 3.5 days straight and it was about last thing Sat before the pre-gala break] and I hadn't redone my make up. Plus I'm standing next to Casey and Julie. They're too adorable for words.

    Someone remind me to reapply makeup more often next year please!!!


    [And I would like to point out to Audra that *I* did not post that pic though I do have a copy of it ;)]

  127. Hi Missy & Ruthy,

    Nice cafe. Today is a great day for the patio, too!

    Love the little helper elves in the back kitchen! They must add the extra special ingredients.

    Don't enter me for the gift bag. Someone else will appreciate it a lot more - since I never take baths (only showers).

    Wishing everyone a delightful weekend.


  128. Oh my goodness Missy, that lunch sounds great! I'm grabbing some. :D

    I'm blessed to have 4 best friends. My sister is the best of all. She's one of the funniest, strongest, godliest people I know, and I'm SO glad I'm related to her. Maybe some of that will rub off on me. :D
    My mom is another best friend. When we girls get together, it's always a party! My BFF Noelle and I who met at homeschool graduation, are going to see Courageous, tonight. And last, but not least, my BFF Katy, who still thinks about me even though we live 500 mi. apart, is about to have a baby girl any day now. I thank God for these ladies.

    Also, can't forget the Seekers! I've only been hanging around this blog for a few months, but ya'll have been so welcoming and helpful! God bless you for it!

    I'd love to be entered in the contest. Dying to try Starbucks' new Pumpkin Spice Latte. Mmm!

  129. I really enjoy your posts. I am glad I found you guys and can be a part of your blog. Thank you for being my new friend. Oh and please enter me in your drawing.

    Glenda Parker

  130. Breaking news!!!

    The winner of Pam Hillman's Loaded Kindle (with 14 ebooks on it!!) is....

    Wendy N from St. Cloud, FL!!!

  131. Thank GOD for friendship!!!

    The Seekers and the Alley Cats have been such fabulous people to get to know! Wow- I'm in awe of you guys and so thankful for you.

    My mom and my granny (who now referees from Heaven) are/were my two best friends on the planet, plus my BFF of about 19 years, Jessica.

    Can't thank God enough for the people whose prayers, encouragement, and examples have inspired my life.

    And they all cook :-) Well. Which is just a plus. I try to make friends with people who cook well :-)

  132. Christina, I think the majority of writers are probably introverts. So it can be difficult to make friends. Meeting first online can really help. But I, too, know those people who draw others like flies! :) It can be a good thing to have a friend like that to hang out with in public. It can help give you courage. :)

  133. Hey, Linda! Thanks for stopping by.
    Carol, I know exactly how you felt at that point in the conference!! LOL Being an introvert, and spending 3 days acting like an extrovert, is DRAINING!! :)

  134. Hey, Sue! Boy, don't I wish I had helper elves in the background! Wait. Isn't that was kids are for?? ;)

  135. Natalie, sounds like you have the best of both worlds. Friends inside and outside your family!

    Enjoy the movie! I heard from a friend in Bible study (waving at Dottie!) that Courageous it was amazing.

  136. Glenda, thank YOU for being out friend!

  137. Thanks for letting us know, Pam! And congrats to WendyN who won Pam's Kindle!

  138. Pepper, you do have a great group at the Alley Cats! And your family must be/have been wonderful if they're anything like you. :)

    Plus, you're one smart chick for picking good cooks as friends! I have several, too. One friend, Amy, even started a business making cakes. I can always get hold of her when needed! :)

  139. Missy, you are one busy miss today! :D This place is rocking!

    Had a fabulous writer's meeting this morning! I'm so excited about what God is doing with our group!

    And God Bless you! for adding tea to the menu!!! :D

  140. Congratulations Wendy!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot com

  141. Bridgett! You're an angel! Thanks so much for not holding my tea loving ways against me! :D

    BTW, do we know each other? In another life, perhaps? Like a childhood ago? Saw your profile. Have you always been from where you're at or have you possibly lived in Missouri in your younger, younger years? Or maybe we're friends because we're both Seeker Geeks? I mean Peeps! Just curious. I knew a Bridgett when quite young whose mother's name is Janice. She moved to Florida or some such place and I haven't heard from her since. She enjoyed mustard on her french fries and had the sweetest smile. You look like you could look like her, so I just thought I'd ask. ;-)

    Regardless, we're buds now! :D And young earth buds to boot! Yeah!

  142. Great post, Missy. Love the topic.

    My bestest friend is Gwen, who's been critting with me for 3 yrs. I think she knows me better than myself although I'm probably not her BFF because she's had friends longer than me. But that's the way it goes. Haha

    My favorite online friends are the Seekers who let me hang out with them at my first ACFW conference 4 yrs ago because I followed Seekerville. I think I've now met every Seeker. :)

    Through the Seekers, I found my next batch of favorite friends who are now my Inky sisters at Inkwell Inspirations. Of the Inkies, I've now met Debra, Dina, Gina, Jen, and Lisa. I'm hoping to meet Barb, CJ, DeAnna, Niki, Susie, and Suzie at either RWA Anaheim or ACFW Dallas this coming year.

    And finally, I'd like to honor my husband, Nelson who's been my friend for 34 yrs and encouraged me to use the internet back in 1997 and to get back to writing in 2005. :D

  143. Oh, and yeah, I'm interested in entering the draw. The tote is spectacular. Thanks!

  144. Anita, you're blessed with your Inky sisters! A lovely group!

    And another honored hubby. We need to start a supportive spouse club around here. Reward them for being so wonderful!

  145. Oooo, Supportive Spouse Club. I like that.


    My hubby is a charter member. He's behind my doing anything I want -- as long as it doesn't get us kicked out of church, LOL!

  146. CarolM -- you mean that pic is posted somewhere...public? OMG. Well, actually I don't mind the pic, I do resemble that look more often then you think, but plz say the story behind it is hushed!!

  147. Audra, I think that's a pretty good line to measure behavior by! LOL

  148. LOL! Julie spilled the beans! Hee, and here I thought I could keep all my major faux pas a secret.

    In Seekerville? No way!!

    All right, for those who haven't a clue what I'm talking about, hop over to Julie Lessman's Journal Jots. While you're there, check out her adorable new (first!) granddaughter!!!

  149. Yeah for Wendy for winning the Kindle!! I hope to get one for Christmas this year. (Unless I win one!! haha)

  150. Things have really been hopping while I've been away!

    The hike at Wind Cave National Park got rained out, but we did see a LOT of wildlife. They must like the rain. And cold.

    Congrats to Wendy N for winning the Kindle!

    Hot Spiced Cider's on the menu for a mid-afternoon break. And I'm shopping for woodstoves. Found one called the "Vermont Bun Baker". I think I'm in love. :D

  151. Hot spiced cider sounds SO good right now!

  152. The thing I love about so many of my teenaged friends is that they INSPIRE me to be a better person and follower of Christ.

    Wow, visiting Yankee-Belle Café just made me hungry for chocolate chip cookies --and I just ate breakfast! =)

  153. Dinner's cooking for you latecomers! I've got my favorite pot roast in the Crockpot.

    Beef roast
    1-2 packets of au jus mix
    1 jar of peperoncini peppers (liquid and all)

    Cook on high 4 hours or low 6-8 hours. Shred. Eat as is or pile on sub rolls and top with cheese.

    YUM! (I'm wishing I had the sub roll but don't. So I think we'll have it with mashed potatoes.)

  154. MMMmmm... Missy! That sounds so yummy! I'm going to write that down and add it to my menu! We love roast beef and those little peppers! :D

  155. Audra, I just love that photo!
    Jan, I'm glad you didn't have to risk life and limb today. heh
    Lady Dragon Keeper, I agree! Teens make wonderful friends, even if they're mainly just my kids' friends. I still get to have them over here at our house and watch them all interact. Fun! My daughter recently had a slumber party for her b-day. About 8 fifteen year olds. Oh, to be so young again! :)

  156. Hello Missy and all you Seekers! Wow, seems like I've been missing a party here today!

    This post about friendship is SO appropriate for me right now. My best friend, who was my college roommate, lives in the Dominican Republic right now, so I only get to see her when she comes homes for a visit, maybe twice a year. We can e-mail, but talking on the phone is not something we do very often, because of the connections.

    Anyway, earlier this week there was something I really needed prayer over, and she's been talking to me every day through Facebook, giving me the encouragement I've needed and reminding me that she's praying for me. It has been so wonderful!

    My husband is also my best friend, so I can't leave him out!

    Missy, the cafe you and Ruthy have out together looks wonderful and I can't wait to try some of the goodies. Please enter me in the drawing today (which is kind of ironic that Starbucks is involved, since I never tried it until both my husband and best friend dragged me there. Now I love it!)

    Have a great day, everyone!


  157. Pepper, we love you in Seekerville. And I'll be your friend and your Writer Mom...

    One of 'em, anyway.

    And PAM!!!!! You drew for the Kindle!!!!

    AWESOME, SWEET ONE!!!!! :)

    And I read Stealing Jake while traveling to and from St. Louis and what a total, wonderful delight it was. LOVED IT, HILLMAN!!!

    Just out and out loved the whole darn thing!

    And Jan Drexler just showed me a cool Bread mixer/grain grinder over at the Yankee-Belle Cafe...

    Oh my stars, I might be adding that bad boy to my Christmas list! I love cool stuff in my old-fashioned kitchen. Love it!


    Anita told us (over in the cafe) that she taught her boys to cook and bake. Me, too. AND... in college, they would call me with things like: "Mom, how do you make a turkey?" "Mom, how do you make a roast with gravy?"

    "Mom, I'm baking cookies for the team, can I bring back some of your baking pans this weekend???"

    I loved every minute of it and they still all cook now. Matt used to have me wait until he got home from Penn on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to make the pies... That was his special job.

  158. I trust my deepest secrets to my best friends.
    I would love to win this drawing. Starbucks sounds great!!


  159. Glynna Im not Helen W but you are right she is an Aussie and yes Uni is short for University.

    aussies shorten everything.

    Pam great Idea I am off to invite my best Georgia friend. to come visit.

  160. Woops Sorry Missy I meant shes near the Tn border I think she works there but I may be wrong.

  161. Missy, I feel like I know you and so many others through reading so many of your posts and books! How lucky that many of you get to see each other from time to time! I'm just glad there is Facebook so we can know you writers a little better!

    I, also, would love to be entered in the giveaway! Thank you so much!

    Valri W.

  162. Just keep rubbing it in, Missy. Tina and I are freezing here in the mountain country of the West and watching the snow fly while y'all brag about your warm, sunny weather. BUT because you ARE a dear friend, I shall graciously forgive you. :) Goodness knows, when it's 70's in July here in the mountains and the rest of the country is broiling at 100 with 100% humidity, we do our share of 'bragging' too!! (I don't have or even NEED air conditioning in the summer!)

  163. Stephanie, that's so sweet that you have the support of your friend from afar! I just love Facebook for that reason.

    Add another hubby for the supportive hubby club! And an extra thumbs up that he like Starbucks. hehe

  164. Ruthy, your boys sound like my oldest! He called a while back to ask how I make my guacamole. And also how we fried those green tomatoes a couple of summers ago. When he was home (I guess it was last spring break), he decided he wanted to make shepherd's pie for us and looked up a recipe. Cooked for us again while here on another visit. I'm so thrilled he can cook for himself and for his girlfriend! Makes me feel like I raised him right. :)

  165. Runner10, trusting our friends to keep those secrets is key. It's an amazing thing to have friends you know you depend on. Isn't it funny how you can usually pick up on that pretty quickly about someone? Although I know sometimes people do fool us and break our trust.

  166. LOL, Glynna! Yeah, you get to brag in the dead of summer. We get to brag in the spring and fall, and even in winter while you're out shoveling that snow!

  167. JAN....




    I had a Dutchwest (X large model) but they kept messing up parts for it... Parts are important if you heat with wood, right???

    And then I found out that their parent company has filed for bankruptcy.... so we started searching and this stove is not only beautiful, but the fire lasts forever.

    We heat with wood. I take my stove seriously. And...

    I like romantic fires. ;)

    We got the Fireview... and it's at a great price now because they're introducing their new hybrid.

    Hop over to and see what you think.

  168. Ruthy - I LOVE their stoves! So glad you got one!!!

    I can just see you, hot coffee in a steaming mug, pie in the oven, feet up on a footstool and a book in your hand, snow up to the windowsills,and that soapstone stove warming the whole house.

    Doesn't it make you want winter to get here quick?

  169. We're back from our road trip! A beautiful drive and dozens of pictures later we're happy to be home. We planned to walk around the lake, ya know to be healthy and all but we found this great little Catfish buffet and ended up eating way too much. I'm sure we didn't walk enough to make up for all the food.

    Missy I love tote bags and boxes. I collect boxes (one Christmas I got three different jewelry boxes because friends have a hard time being original when you tell them you like boxes) anyhow please remove my name from the tote bag drawing.

    I would feel bad if I won considering I don't drink coffee and here in the Ozarks they have not heard of Starbucks. I googled and the closest one is three hours away lol

    This is a great party, although some of ya'll made me cry with your stories. What would we do without friends?

  170. What I like best about my friends is that they love me through whatever I'm going through, good, bad, or ugly.


  171. Hey, Missy! You know I love you and all the Seekers.

    I have a sweet friend, Suzy Parish, who always rejoices with me when I rejoice, and commiserates with me when I'm sad. She never puts anyone down and always tries to build people up. She wants to get published as much as anyone else, but she is never pushy and never behaves in an envious or jealous way. She puts her family ahead of her writing goals. She is a great friend to me, so please put me in the drawing, and if I win, I will give it to Suzy! Because I'm a good friend too. *Big Cheesy Grin*

  172. My friends are encouraging, but honest. There are people who support me in my faith, my writing, my marriage - I love them all!

    Thanks for this chance to share, and for a chance to win! I love stopping by to say hi.

  173. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraOctober 8, 2011 at 7:47 PM

    Thank you for sharing with us Missy. I agree friends are important and the ones I have met here and on the other blogs are great. Thanks to facebook and other social networks it's easy to keep in touch. I have love getting to meet all the authors and readers. My parents are even starting to know some of you because I keep talking about what's going on. Have a great evening everyone!
    Missy I would love the tote and the gift certificate would be great for my dad!


  174. Jamie, I'm glad you had a great drive!

    You're sweet to think of others with the gift card. I'll tell you what. I'll keep you on my list, and if you win, I'll do an Amazon gift card instead. The one in the photo is actually one of my own cards! :) I haven't bought the gift one yet. So I'll be glad to do something different.

  175. Aly, you're so right! Thanks for stopping by.

  176. Melanie, you sure are a good friend! I love that you'd give the prize to her! :)

    Karin, that support if so important. Sometimes we need that someone to push us. To pray for us.

  177. Laura, that's so fun that your parents are getting to know your online author friends! :) We appreciate you talking about us!

  178. I'm late today...YIKES!!! Sorry not to have stopped in earlier. Love your post, Missy, and talk of friends and sharing and Seeker love.

    It's been a wonderful 4 years on the blog. I couldn't be where I am without each of my Seeker buds and without all the wonderful Seekervillians who stop by each day to add their words of advice and encouragement. What we have here is special...just as all of you are special.

    Hugs and kisses to all of you!

  179. I'm still trying to figure all of this out. I appreciate all that share with us day in and day out. I'm in awe of the way you all inspire us. Thanks!

    I'd love to be entered in the giveaway. Thanks again!

  180. Audra - Yep. Julie ratted you out ;). NOT me :D.

    Sounds like ya'll had fun without me but we had fun at our MozArks meeting and later family gathering [my cookies were a hit!] :D.

    Is it bedtime yet?

  181. ALY (ANN) SAID:
    What I like best about my friends is that they love me through whatever I'm going through, good, bad, or ugly.

    The "good, bad, or ugly"??? Hey, sweetie, sounds like you need to tune in to my blog on Wednesday when my subject is "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Memories of a Published Writer," complete with Clint Eastwood music ... :)


  182. Hey, AUDRA ... sorry for "outing" you in my Journal Jots, but that pic is WAY tooo cute not to share, sweetie ...


  183. Hey, Debby! I hope you're finally rested after two conferences back to back!

    Jackie, we love hanging out with y'all!

    Carol, I didn't get to try the cookie recipe today after all. I'm out of butter! Couldn't believe it when I discovered a measly quarter of a stick!

    Julie, I look forward to the post!

  184. Boy howdy, what a party today!

    Mary and I had a great time today, though there were some glitches. Mary can tell you about them. :)

    She's still driving home at the moment, so if you could keep her in your prayers, that would be great!

  185. Missy you are too nice, in fact I bet it's really hard to 'out nice' you. :)

  186. I actually just talked to Mary on the phone. She is a crazy woman, btw.

  187. Oh, Missy...I'm probably too late, but I would love to be entered! This is my first chance today to get over to Seekerville. I couldn't resist commenting about friendships...because they have impacted my life tremendously! I, of course, have a special level of friendship with my husband, but I love and appreciate my special girlfriend relationships. God has blessed my life beyond measure with some of the most fabulous Christian women. As a teen, I prayed for a friend to help me grow spiritually. To this day, we still chat, pray with each other, and point each other to Scripture. We know our history and each other so well...we can just pick up right where we left off no matter how long it's been. When I was single, God provided several married women who were living examples of Godly wives and mothers. What a blessing. I learned so much from them and still keep in touch with some on a weekly basis. As a married woman, I've been blessed with other moms with little ones who are right there in the crazy life with me! I also began praying over a year ago for another woman who was older than me (and wiser) to be a friend. Once again, God provided an amazing friend who is kind, wise, and is a little further in life than I am. I am also blessed with a Mom that I talk to every day. I am so thankful for God's provision in this area of my life!! God bless~Stacey

  188. I don't want to call Mary while she's driving. That could be bad.

    Very bad.

    I need to go to bed, but now I'm worried about Mary driving home through the wilds of Nebraska...all alone.


    Mary, check in here when you get home so I can get some sleep. 'Kay?

  189. Well, I thought I posted on this topic very, very early this morning (there was like 7 comments then) but I'm not finding mine.

    My best friend is regular Seekerville visitor Melissa Jagears. She was my roommate freshman year in college. It took us about 3 weeks to click, but once we did, there was no looking back. I decided to room with another friend sophomore year. HUGE mistake, and I've regretted it ever since.

    We were in each other's weddings. Her mom took the pictures for mine, and my mom made dresses for hers.

    When I found Seekerville, I found the mother-lode of friendship. These ladies are amazing. Such a great blessing.

    It's too late to get in on today's giveaway, but I'm getting my comment in for all the others.

  190. One of my best friends-- writing and otherwise-- is Cathy Shouse. She introduced me to this site and it's spread the word to others. It's fun to read about other writers and talking almost daily to Cathy helps me stay enthused. Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks to all!

  191. My bbfs fall into the same pits I do, but we all do it at different times, so we can pull each other out. We borrow each other's faith when we need to, and can ALWAYS say exactly what we think/feel.

    And I'd like to say once again, thank you Seekerville folks for creating this site. You've encouraged me over and over and OVER. Bless you, Gail kittleson

  192. Missy--I'm late here posting--a day late! (And a dollar short, but that's a post for another day, huh?)
    Anyway--you guys have such a special friendship---I love it.
    And you of course have a very special place in my heart!!
    And hi to all the Seekerville ladies whom I love!! You guys are awesome! :)

  193. I have some great, encouraging friends in my writers group, but I have to say my husband is my very best friend. I can tell him anything without being judged. It's nice to come home from a busy work day.

    Home is truly a sanctuary.

  194. I just entered my first contest.
    Wrote my first book this year and now entered it in a contest. This has been an awesome year for me.
    Finally a grandmother of 6 is venturing out to see what I can do.
    Wish me luck and thank you Seekerville for the chance to seek.

  195. I've had a busy weekend and just stopped in to see my very good friend Kayleen's comment. I admire Kay a great deal and am blessed to be friends with her.

    Thanks for a great post that made me stop and celebrate the blessing of friendship.

  196. Great post. There is nothing like a good friend. And seriously in todays age of social media. You dont even need to live close anymore. You can now be close friends with someone you havent met that lives halfway around the world. What a great way to broaden horizons.

    If the giveaway hasnt ended, I would love to be included.

  197. Love the photos. Thanks for sharing.