Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love Inspired Historical Day in Seekerville With Associate Editor Emily Rodmell

Today Seekerville is celebrating the Love Inspired Historical line.

"Captivating historical romance: love and faith throughout the ages."

Please join us in welcoming Love Inspired Associate Editor Emily Rodmell who was kind enough to agree not only to spending time with us but to judge a Love Inspired Historical pitch contest. Details on that and today's giveaways after our question and answer session with Emily.

What is Love Inspired Historical, and what are you looking for?

Love Inspired Historical is an inspirational historical romance line that publishes books of 70-75K words. We accept all time periods up to World War II. We love Westerns and publish a lot of them, so send them our way. But we’re also really interested in finding a lot of books in different genres and time periods. We’d love to see more Regency, Scottish Highlands, Medieval, missionary, Biblical and other unique settings.

Why submit to Love Inspired Historical?

The Love Inspired franchises have been growing in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Love Inspired went from 4 books a month to 6 a couple years ago, and this year Love Inspired Historical doubled its output from 2 books a month to 4. That means that we need double the amount of authors. We’ve already acquired about 20 new authors since the bump, but we have room for more. LIH is a great place for both published and unpublished authors to submit. We’re one of the few places that doesn’t require an agent, so it’s ideal for new authors with fresh ideas looking for a start. We also can publish our authors multiple times a year. So if you’re published at a house that only wants one book a year from you and want an extra outlet for your work, feel free to send us something. The Love Inspired lines have huge readership numbers that allow you to reach a large number of readers who auto-buy LIH and might not ordinarily pick up your other work.

What are some tips you can give writers targeting LIH?

Read other LIH books and our guidelines to get an idea of what we’re looking for. Then be original. Come up with ideas and plotlines and settings that are your own. Our editorial mantra for the year is “unpredictability”. We want to buy stories that hook us on from the beginning and keep us entertained until the end. We want to see elements that surprise us in a good way. Don’t try to write to a formula. Give us something unique and special that still fits within our guidelines.

What are some examples of recent LIH books that you’ve published that you’re excited about?

Because of all the opportunity for new authors at LIH, I’ve been thrilled to be able to buy some great stories that have recently hit the market. In Lacy Williams’ Marrying Miss Marshal, the heroine is a town marshal in the old West. I loved this story because it was great to see a new take on a woman in a man’s job. In The Reluctant Outlaw by Karen Kirst, the heroine is kidnapped by a gang of outlaws and thinks the hero is one of them. The story keeps you engaged and you can’t beat the hot guy on the cover. And I’ve been thrilled to work on Christine Johnson’s recent series of books set in Michigan in the early 1900s. The hero in the first book (Soaring Home) was a pilot, and the heroine dreamed of being one and wouldn’t back down until he gave her a shot. In her newest book, The Matrimony Plan, a rich heiress thinks she wants the high society guy but finds that a penniless preacher might be the perfect one for her.

Who can acquire for Love Inspired Historical?

Senior Editor Tina James, myself and Elizabeth Mazer are the official members of the LIH team, so we get most of the LIH submissions. But Love Inspired Senior Editor Melissa Endlich and Love Inspired Editorial Assistant Rachel Burkot can also acquire books for LIH.

Melissa Endlich, Emily Rodmell & Rachel Burkot

How does a published author submit to Love Inspired Historical? And may an author writing for another Love Inspired line submit to LIH?

An author published with a different publishing house, should send (or have their agent send) a proposal (synopsis & 3 chapters) to one of the members of the LIH team at 233 Broadway, St. 1001 New York, NY 10279, or if we’re on an email basis with your agent, they can contact us that way. Current LI & LIS authors should contact their editor to discuss if it would be the right move. We prefer that current authors not spread themselves too thin between the lines. So unless you’re able to write a minimum of 2 books a year for each line, try to stick to one specialty.

How does a unpublished author submit to Love Inspired Historical?

Unpublished authors should mail a query letter and synopsis (3 chapters are also acceptable) addressed to one of the members of the LIH team. If we like what we see, we’ll request a full manuscript. So please only query us if you have a full manuscript ready (or almost ready).

Above photo -Joan Marlowe Golan, Tina James & Elizabeth Mazer

The word count for Love Inspired Historical is 70 to 75 thousand words. Is that computer word count? Is there any wiggle room?

That’s computer word count. There’s no wiggle room in the published books, but if you’re slightly over or under at submission, it’s not a deal breaker. We can work to get it at the right number. But my advice would be to submit within the right range.

Your guidelines explain what periods you are looking for but are any time periods saturated? Can you clarify what biblical fiction is and is not?

No time periods are saturated. Westerns are the most popular with readers, so we’re always happy to get those, but we also want to find other unique and interesting settings to bring our readers. The sky’s the limit. Be original. For us, Biblical fiction would probably be the best if it was a fictional character set in Biblical times.

What is the level of sensuality accepted in Love Inspired Historical, and does it vary according to the time period of the book?

Love Inspired Historical books are sweet across the board. When you’re thinking of how sensual you can get, look at it this way. The books should be something that you would be completely comfortable reading and passing along to either your grandmother or your 12-year-old daughter. If it would make you uncomfortable to do so, it’s probably too sexy.

Do you have any POV preferences for Love Inspired Historical?

We require that there be both hero and heroine point of view in any LIH story and prefer not to see additional POVs, but occasionally do make a few exceptions (villains, ect).

What about references to specific religions in reference to historical settings. Is that allowed? How is it handled?

We prefer that specific denominations not be highlighted since we have readers across the spectrum, but it’s handled on a case by case basis. Your best move is to be general.

Thank you, Emily for taking the time to answer all these questions in detail! And check it out, Seekerville made Emily's to do list!!

Bio: Emily Rodmell is the associate editor for Love Inspired, Love Inspired Suspense and Love Inspired Historical. She also coordinates the continuity series for the lines. She is a former Florida girl who lives for sunny days and good books. Find her on Twitter at @EmilyRodmell or on the Harlequin message boards at

Seekerville is thrilled to share a Love Inspired Historical Pitch Contest.

We're keeping this very simple. All pitches will be read by Associate Editor Emily Rodmell. The top two will receive a light critique of a proposal. The contest will run from 10/20/11 through 10/24/2011. Details on the contest tab above. Please note, this contest is open to PUBLISHED AUTHORS as well as UNPUBLISHED AUTHORS. So start practicing your (max) six sentence pitch. Any pitches that are put in the blog comments today will be deleted.

If that isn't enough Seekerville is delighted to share our special giveaways today, made possible by Love Inspired Historical authors and Associate Editor Emily Rodmell. We'll be giving away books and/or prizes every 20 comments until we reach 300 comments. Additionally, one commenter will receive a set of the entire month's LIH releases courtesy of Emily Rodmell.

Winners will be announced in the Weekend Edition, Love Inspired authors and Seekerville authors are not eligible for prizes so their comments will be not be counted. The cutoff for eligible comments is 12 midnight Pacific Coast Time.

Here's a look at our prizes. Be sure to say hi and thank you to these generous Love Inspired Historical Authors!

The following Love Inspired Inspired Historical authors are donating giveaways and will be stopping by to say hi.

Take a look at these awesome giveaways! Thank you Emily Rodmell, LIH authors and Seekerville.

Click on the Photobucket to peruse the prizes at your leisure!!


  1. Since today is bound to be a big day, I’ve set up a row of coffee pots. Wouldn’t want to run out.
    And, for my own pleasure since today is my own birthday, I’m also providing a big cooler of Cokes.

    Welcome, Emily. Thank you for hanging out with us and for the cool information.


  2. Helen - a ROW of coffee pots? That is brilliant. Thanks!

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My DH's was yesterday! How fun! Good thing there's no shortage of b'day cake here in Seekerville! ;D

    Emily - thanks for being here. I KNOW you'll receive some great submissions!

  3. Hahaha I agree with Emily the guy on the cover of The Reluctant Outlaw is definitely HOT! ;-) I just adore the LIH line and hope to find some time over the holiday to read a ton of these!!!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  4. Emily thank you for visiting with us today! Love the picture of the panda on your wall, specially because it earned me a book during one of your twitter contest :)

    Happy Birthday Helen! Good think there's lots of coffee, it is going to be a big day isn't it!

  5. Helen!! Thank you! Happy Birthday as well. 21 or 31?

  6. Welcoming Associate Editor Emily Rodmell to Seekerville!!

    And serious thank you's go out to all the wonderfully generous LIH authors for their prizes. Many will be stopping by to say hello to Seekerville today!

  7. I can't wait til April (I think April...) when I get to see my crit partner's first book in your line! Yeah! Looking for 300 comments? Wow! Gearing up for a busy day. We'll need Helen's row of coffee pots.

    But I'd really rather have Mountain Dew since I don't like coffee or Coke. Helen, would you remember that next time? ;) Or maybe I should get my lazy penny pincher rear off this chair and get some myself . . . or not. Sigh, baby crying, off I go.

  8. Ohhhh...that coffee sounds wonderful!

    Emily, thank you for your very interesting post. I'm not a writer, but have read several LI books. There are several of the historicals that look good and I don't think I've read any of those yet.

    Are any of you editors for the other LI lines or just the historical books? By the way. Emily, I love your hair. The side part is beautiful and sets off your face nicely!

  9. I'd love to win a book! :)


  10. I love LIH books! I my minor in college was history and my youngest daughter is now is college to become a high school history teacher! A big surprise to me! I never thought she liked it when she was IN school but I guess she did! I still love history to this day although I never did anything with my history minor in college! I soak in all the history I can get - I have my favorite time periods but I'm always eager to learn about all different eras! Throw in a little romance and it's perfect! Thanks for this post!
    I'd love to win any of these books although I might have read some - I haven't checked them all out yet!


  11. What a great list of LI authors and how nice of them to join the party. Reading the list of names brings to mind some great stories I've enjoyed.

  12. Thanks for the insight into LIH. I love reading Love Inspired books and the historical ones are some of the best!

  13. Ms. Rodmell,
    Thanks for sharing your insights. I've been reader of LIHs for years and I'm working on a submission right now. It's exciting to hear that the line is doing well and expanding authors.

    Lyndee Henderson

  14. It is exciting how many different time periods are included in the line! Don't you love those covers as well?? Gorgeous.

  15. Having insomnia is not bad when you can read a great post like this. Thank you Emily for stopping by Seekerville and giving us this insight. Do you see Historical Romantic Suspense ever becoming its own line?

  16. Hi Emily! I have a question. Do you ever get too many of the same type story? I ask because I love to read the "marriage of convenience" stories and have one set up for book #2 in the series I'm writing. Someone recently told me they thought the idea was worn out, so I started wondering, how do publisher's feel about it?

    Thanks for being here and sharing about LIH!

  17. Thanks for stopping by with insight into LIH.

    I've always written contemporary romance.

    After writing a historic photo book for Arcadia on Fairmount, Indiana, I wondered about a story set in Indiana in about 1890, to create a unique story around the gas boom.Is that a timeframe within your guidelines?

    I have read some LIH and the dialogue did not seem as "old fashioned" as some are, for lack of a better term. What are some ways a LIH stays authentic in the dialogue? I think that would challenge me the most. What are some of the other pitfalls?

    Thanks. I'm excited about all the prizes!

  18. Natalie "marriage of convenience" stories are my favorites, I hope the publishers don't think they are worn out!

  19. Appreciate you're coming by today, Emily. Very informative and exciting that you're looking for authors. I gather the stories submitted should be a romance. Or do you accept women's fiction stories for tor line.

    Also, do serial type stories.

  20. Sorry missed the words, Do you except serial type stories?

  21. Thanks for the interview. Too bad my book starts at the end of WWII--actually D-day 1945. It covers 40 years of a simple family in Santa Ana CA. There's some truth, some fiction, and hometown folklore--a story we all believed that we just recently found out wasn't true.

  22. Hello Emily,

    Thank for the comprehensive information!

    And, “Thank you!” to all of you generous Love Inspired Historical authors for your prizes. I would love to win a book!



  23. Oh, and thank you Seekerville too!!
    Jan K.

  24. Helen, Happy X1st Birthday!
    I'm grabbing a Coke since I don't drink coffee, even the virtual kind.

    JamieAdams, you'll want to check out Noelle Marchand's Unlawfully Wedded Bride. It's FANTASTIC! My interview with her recently generated the most blog traffic of any post I've ever had.

    Nancy sends a BIG HUSKY WAVE to Noelle and all the LIH authors stopping by today. It's a known fact I love the cowboys, can appreciate a gent in a cravat, but my heart belongs to the guys in the togas! Carla Capshaw, your LIH The Gladiator was the first LIH I ever read =)

  25. When I was a kid "Olden Days " books were my favorite. I read everything now but still have a soft spot for Historical Romances.

  26. Marriage of convenience stories are a favorite for any time period. There they are, married, living together, makes for some interesting tension. Love, it.

  27. Helen - happy birthday! And thanks for the Coke, I'll have one of those please :)

    Emily - I haven't read LIH yet, but I'm very interested to do so. I don't suppose you can have an Australian setting? Not that I have anything yet, but just curious.

  28. I have to say I do love the LIH books. have read a few on the list to be given away and a few there I really want to read.
    I love the different time periods too. I hope oneday an aussie story will make list.

  29. Thanks Nancy I will make a point of checking out Unlawfully Wedded Bride.It sounds good.

    I'm reading Carla Capshaw's The Champion now. Great book, she draws you right in and the cover's not too bad either ;)

  30. Jamie I think the Champion is the best of the three books Carla wrote although all are special in there own way.

  31. Jamie and Jenny, The Champion is on my wishlist! Not just because of the cover, either, though it's pretty great. Anyone who knows me knows I do love a good gladiator story. ;-)

  32. Thought I'd dry by before hitting the hay and you all are already deep in conversation. Wow!

    Emily, it's all great to hear from you and your updates on LIH!

    Nancy, Jamie and Jenny, *thank you* for reading my books. I'm so glad you've enjoyed them!!


  33. Oops! Can you tell I'm sleepy? Of course, I meant "drop" by not "dry" by. I better get to sleep. See you all in the morning. :-)

  34. Ok, I'm totally thrown! I've read a lot of LIH and I always thought POV of hero AND heroine was a matter of author choice. I never realized it was required!!

    Now I'm looking at my LIH-targeted manuscripts in a totally different way. Ohhhhh.

  35. Helen, happy birhtday!!!

    I'm having an ice cold coke from the cooler. I love coffee but the Coke just hits the spot!

  36. I absolutely love the Love Inspired line and I love Historicals so the LIH line is for me.

    Thank you for the post today. I'm just a beginner but I have been considering targeting the LIH line. So thank you for all the wonderful information.

    May you all have a blessed day in Seekerville today.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


    (now in harmony):

  38. Emily! Thank you so much for being here today! What a wonderful month, and girlfriend, I laughed at the sunny days comment....

    But I'm tickled pink you're in the Big Apple now! YAYAYAYAYAY us!

    I love reading historicals. I do not write them, but love them to pieces. Emily, a friend recently asked me how to make her opening chapters of historical "SING"...

    I defer to the expert on board: What's the best way to make opening chapters stand out to an editor? Make them want to buy the book or read on?

  39. Melissa, I've got the cooler of cokes (Southern all-encompassing use of the word, what are they thinkin' down there????)...

    Plenty of Mountain Dew. AND ANDREA...

    Who is back writing again, my dear girl!!!! I packed PLENTY of Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash, both diet and regular... Andrea and I have discovered THE WORLD'S GREATEST SODA. It's like a Christmas party in a can. Love it!

    Helen, you're eleven?????


  40. Ruthy, ELEVEN for Helen? I cracked up laughing so hard thinking the whole time, how did I NOT see that first? :-p
    I will have to try this soda you speak of. It sounds interesting.

  41. Welcome Emily!

    Has LIH found any trend in that a book set in 1930s Depression era book would be a harder sell than say, one set in early 1900s/turn of the century?

    Thank you to all the authors supplying giveaways! Thank you Seekerville and LI!!

  42. wow...what a fabulous giveaway celebration today...please count me in :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  43. Good Morning everyone! Happy Birthday, Helen!

    And welcome Emily! I'm so excited about the growth of LIH over the last few years--I feel so honored to have been a small part of that with the release of my debut novel, Hearts in Flight. Emily, you and the other editors at LIH(Melissa, Joan, Elizabeth and my own fantabulous editor, Rachel) have done a great job with a line that is still relatively new(only five or six years old.)

    Love marriage of convenience stories so I don't think they would ever grow old--maybe a little twist to it would catch the editor's eye.

    My question is what do you absolutely NOT want to see--is there a certain time period or theme that just makes you cringe when it crosses your desk?

    I'll be back later--I'm going to go spend the day with my ailing grandma. Hoping I can get the chocolate delicious cake recipe out of her today~~

  44. I love reading the LI line of books. I have read several, they make for a great read. There is some great info in your post. Please enter me.

  45. This is so exciting! I love to hear more about LIH and also agree that Kirst's cover was excellent!!! Thanks for sharing ladies!

  46. Goodmorning Seekerville. On the way to the airport to meet MAry and mystery guest. Will check back in an hour.

    I brought bagels!!!

  47. Good morning, all. And happy birthday, Helen.

    Lots of great info, Emily. Like Ruthy, I don't write historicals, though I can definitely appreciate them.

    Question: What era would you say is your cutoff for being considered historical? Would you consider something set in the Vietnam era?

  48. Not only do I want to thank the Seekers for their generous giveaways, but also for the great guests they invite onto the site.

    Welcome Emily. I love guidance/info from your side of the desk. And the pitch contest-- what an opportunity for writers. Thanks, too, for your book giveaway. A month's set of LIH books is a researcher's (and reader's)dream.

    You've given me a lot to think upon. Being blessed to grow up around a great-grandmother, great-aunts and uncles as well as grandparents has always kept me aware of their places in history.
    You've made me remember that I once wanted to tell their stories.

    I hope you find lots of new authors in Seekerville.

  49. 50 comments before 7 am and you. Know it's going to be another busy day in Seekerville.

    Thanks so much for stopping by, Emily. I love the LIH books and look forward to submitting something to you.

    Mary Curry

  50. Helen, Birthday Blessings! May the year ahead be full of them.

    Thanks to Emily and the LIH authors for all they do to make my reading experience so wonderful. I was so thrilled when the LIH line expanded to more per month.

    Emily, is there a time period you wish authors would explore more? I would love to know as others have mentioned. I have been thrilled every time a new era pops up. First century (yeah, Carla!), WWI (which seems to be neglected), WWII, Civil War, colonial....

    I have to say I LOVE when I learn something about women who are pioneers in their careers in the past like women fliers or women doctors. Just sayin'! :-)

    Tina, I think the LIH readers are especially blessed with wonderful covers. I remember the first time I saw Janet's Courting Miss Adelaide. I love the guy covers but that one made me grab that book.

    Pumpkin scones are hot out of the oven. Cinnamon butter on the side.
    Peace, Julie

  51. Nancy....

    Ask Andrea Strong for proper full-tilt verification:


    And they only sell it (Why????? Oh, WHY?????) this time of year.

    So I'm stocking up. So is Andrea. Because it's that good.

    In fact I might just send some to Emily. New Yorkers unite!

  52. Thanks for stopping by Seekerville today, Emily.

    The LI Historical book covers are goregous!

    I pitched two ideas to Elizabeth at the ACFW conference, so I need to get busy and get the books written so I can submit!

  53. HUGE DAY IN SEEKERVILLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Emily, thank you SO much for coming to our humble abode AND for holding a "pitch" contest to the Love Inspired Historical line!!!

    I gotta tell you that the covers for LIH in the last few years have been AWESOME, each better than the next and SOOO addictive!! Truly, NEVER have I been more "inspired" to read Love Inspired than now with the caliber of authors and covers LIH has been putting out, so THANK YOU!!

    HELEN, a bank of coffee pots is DEFINITELY a good idea 'cause looks like we're gonna need it!!


  54. Hi Emily,

    Thanks so much for sharing all the information on LIH and submitting to that line.

    If I've submitted a story to the Harlequin Historical line, can I submit an inspirational story to LIH at the same time? Or is this a big no no?

    Thanks again,

  55. Good morning Seekerville, Welcome Emily, and Happy Birthday to Helen!!! I really enjoyed Emily's interview, and LOVE LIH books (my very favorites!). Had the honor and pleasure of meeting with Melissa Endlich at ACFW last month and am diligently working on my ms. to send to her. *smile* ~ How exciting (and kind) that Emily is offering to do the pitch contest---WOW! ~ In honor of our special guest AND Helen's birthday today, I "went overboard" with my baking (yep, ALL Georgia Peach desserts, LOL): warm peach cobbler, peach muffins, and I also brought along some yummy peach butter to spread on biscuits (right out of the oven). ENJOY!! ~ Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  56. Happy Birthday Helen!! Have a blessed day!

  57. Happy Birthday, Helen! I hope your weather is nicer than mine this morning.

    Emily, thanks so much for visiting. Judging by your To-Do list, you have a very busy schedule. It was great of you to come by and let us know what kind of opportunities Love Inspired has for us.

  58. HELEN!!! Uh-oh, I obviously need to hit that bank of coffee pots becauseI cannot believe I forgot to wish you

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y H E L E N !!!!!!!!! Hope it's the kickoff to the best year yet, my friend!!

    Hugs and more hugs,

  59. MELISSA J. SAID: "Or maybe I should get my lazy penny pincher rear off this chair and get some myself ..."

    LOL!!! Maybe you should, sweetie, 'cause you'll need to get up and get movin' to keep up with this day, right???


  60. Welcome, Emily! I've picked up several LIH's lately -- the covers you all are coming out with for that LI line in particular are awesome! Very eye-catching and quality-looking.

    And thank you so much for hosting a pitch contest! Here's hoping you find some real winners among them!


  61. Oh, wow! So many books in the giveaway pile today!

    Hi Emily! (waving madly from Georgia) I so love how LIH is expanding into different settings and time periods :) Two of my favorites are Carla Capshaw's gladiators and Renee Ryan's WWII Nazi/spy stories. Of course, I still love a good Western and the LIH ladies really know how to pull me right into the heart of one.

    Here's hoping you get some great pitches cause it eventually means more great reading for all of us!

  62. Good Morning Emily and welcome to Seekerville.

    Thank you for sharing with us today. I am thrilled that historicals are back in the loop since I love all the interesting tidbits of history I learn amidst a tender romance.

    And thank you LIH authors who will be visiting us today and sharing your books. woo hoooo

    Happy birthday to us.

  63. And happy birthday to Helen. Thanks for the coffee and sodas.

  64. Happy Happy Birthday Helen! Hope you have a blessed day!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  65. Welcome, Emily!

    What a line-up of giveaways from wonderful authors!

    I just wish I had a manuscript ready targeted at LIH. :p

    Happy birthday, Helen! I would love a Coke, but have pretty much sworn off (not completely!), so I'll stick with my Decaf. : ) Have a wonderful day, and eat lots of cake!


  66. Good morning and welcome to Seekerville, Emily! We are so excited to have you with us today (of course I am, Emily is my editor!) I'm blessed to be part of the Love Inspired family and seeing all the lines grow by leaps and bounds? Sensational!

    British historical romance hold a special place in my heart -- right up there with cowboys. Go figure. But diversity is the name of the game, right? Just have to be careful my rugged cowboys don't mistake a pair of breeches for chaps, LOL!

    Emily, you acquire and work actively in all the lines. How do you keep everything organized?

    You and the entire editorial team and staff rock!

  67. Happy Birthday, Helen! I see Ruthy has already sung the appropriate song, so thank heavens I don't have to sing...

    I love Cokes. And cokes. And soda. And pop. Just hold the ice, please!

  68. Oohhiee, I see a lot of good books in the LIH line. I'm reading Second Chance Bride by Jane Myers Perrine, which isn't new, but the beautiful cover put it on my TBR list.

    I wonder if Colonial set stories would be good for LIH? Think of the wonderfully talented Laura Frantz, a bit toned down perhaps, to fit LIH's guidelines. There may be some already.

  69. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HELEN! I know since you have cokes - there must be diet cokes - my caffeine addiction!

    Emily, thanks for a great post and fabulous give-away. Definitely count me in!!

  70. Good morning to everyone! Happy birthday, Helen! Thanks for this opportunity to "speak" with Emily.

    Hi, Emily! Unfortunately, my completed historicals are too long. I'm working on a new one now aimed at LIH, but am not in a position to pitch yet. Drats!

    Two questions:

    First - You talked about being able to write at least two books a year for Love Inspired Historical. Is that a requirement, or do some authors only write one?

    Second - I know the H&H are supposed to meet as soon as possible. In the book I'm working on, they meet at about 2,800 words into the book (page 10). Is that acceptable? (The heroine is mentioned in a first scene conversation the hero has since he's expecting her arrival in town.)

    Thanks so much, ladies. I always enjoy the LI books. Thanks for the giveaways!

  71. Good morning, Emily. Thanks soi much for being on Seekerville today.

    I'm just about to head out the door to go to a booksigning in TULSA OKLAHOMA with TINA RADCLIFFE and RUTHY'S COMING!!!!!!!!!


    And since there are 72 comments here already at 7:31 am, I don't think you'll miss any of us much, though Tina may have magical powers to check her blogs through the day.'s an amazing thing.

  72. Checking in from Denver International Airport. Okay, I hid the cake and you guys still found it?

    What's the weather like in NYC, Emily.

    I've been pretty jazzed because this year Denver has had a real autumn! Beautiful trees. Normally we've had a snowstorm or two by now.

  73. Good morning. You guys sure do get up early around here. :) Thanks for having me. There were lots of questions, and I'll try to answer as many as I can. If I can't get to them all, maybe some of the fab LIH authors that show up can pitch in.

  74. Emily- thanks for the information today. I've tried writing historical, even halfway plotted my story out, but found that I couldn't really connect with that genre. Eventually someone wound up murdered and suspense/danger ensued. I also hated the research required, and since I teach history part of my day I required of myself total accuracy which stymied my ability to write that story.

    I love reading historical novels though, and I'm always looking for those great stories that others excel at writing.

  75. What? No breakfast buffet? Oh my, this just won't fly.

    How about scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage on the side, a variety of toasts and bagels, and a fresh fruit platter.

    The fall weather is gorgeous here in Colorado this week. And seriously, ROCKY FORD CANTAULOPE IS SAFE TO EAT!!

    Gotta plug the home team here. I've segregated a platter of sliced melon off to the side for those who still raise a brow, but truly try it. It's the sweetest, juiciest cantaulope you've ever tasted.

    Keep those coffee pots full, Helen!

  76. Such a great contest!


    jmschwindt0306 at gmail dot com

  77. And a big Seekerville, HI AND WELCOME to our Love Inspired Historical guests.

  78. Ruthy is going to Tulsa, too? What a grand book signing this is going to be!

    Mary, Tina, Ruthy -- what a group to draw to. Have fun ladies! Enjoy Tulsa to the max and sell lots of books!!!

  79. Wow, quite the party today, and it's still early!

    As one of the new LIH authors with her debut novel releasing next April, I'm super excited to see Emily here and hear about some of the new things LIH is doing.

    I just got a sneak peek at my cover, and let me add that the cover artists for the LIH line are very good at putting HOT men on the front. :-)

    Oh yes, and everyone needs to get on Melissa J's back and tell her to submit one of her mss that already fits the word count to LIH. It's a prairie romance that features a hero who's been jilted by three other mail order brides before the heroine even arrives. Doesn't that sound fun?

  80. Tulsa will never be the same! Wish I lived closer, it sure to be fun! We're having malto meal magic muffins, help yourselves. The kids love em... I think it's the name.

  81. Melissa Jagears!! The door couldn't be open much wider!! Get thee to the Pitch Contest.

  82. My fabulous editor is here! :) Emily, welcome!! We're so glad to have you with us today. Thanks for offering the pitch contest to our readers!!

  83. Mary told.

    I have a laptop and a portable wifi device. I am set. Mary drives I chat on Seekerville.

    I have a flight delay here in Denver so I am settling in.

    Just had another delay...going back to gate 38. Have changed gates twice now. We are still looking at a 731 departure, Mary.

  84. Oh, I love Prairie romances and mail order bride romances. Melissa J please hurry up and submit!

    How was that Naomi? Congrats on your book, can't wait to read it as well.

  85. Welcome to Seekerville, Emily! Thanks for all the great information. I love LIH books and their covers. It's wonderful to see a Christian line expand and give writers new opportunities. I have an agent, but I think it's so great that you don't require one. That's so helpful to new writers.

  86. Here's my attempt to answer some of your questions. :)

    I do acquire for all three lines, LI, LIS and LIH. While LIH has the most opportunity, we do still buy great books from new authors for the other two lines. I just bought a new LIS author Jodie Bailey a couple months ago. As far as the rest of the team, Tina and Elizabeth focus on LIS and LIH, and Melissa and Rachel focus on LI.

    There are no current expansion plans, but you can submit slightly suspenseful historicals to the regular LIH line.

    Marriage of convenience stories are classic and haven't gone out of style, but you have to make sure that there's a good conflict to keep the reader interested.

    We don't do women's fiction in LI.

    We don't currently have any Australian set books. People ask about that a lot, but we can only publish what people send us. So if you want to see books set there, tell your writer friends to send some in.

    There were a lot of questions about time period and settings. As I mentioned in the post, we're open to any setting or time period up to WWII. Nothing is over saturated. And I'd love to see new and unique settings. If you ever want to see what we think was missing in any of the lines, look to the continuity series. That's where I get to choose my own settings and storylines and have our fab authors write them. For LIH, we just finished Alaskan gold rush and have a "Coming to America" series next.

  87. Oh, Tina, and Julie and all those with Bali envy. I have saved up my paperback LIHs to take with me on that 30 hours of flying time. I have uninterrupted reading time AND a back up plan for my Kindle They are the perfect length and will take me places other than a crowded cabin for 15 hours at a time.

    Another question, how was the length of LIHs decided? I know other lines have changed lengths and was wondering.

    Peace, Julie

  88. Mary spilled the beans!! The special guest is Ruthy! I'm so jealous. Y'all will have so much fun!

  89. A few more:

    We do try to keep dialogue relatable and as accurate as possible, and I spend a lot of time (along with the copy editors)editing out anachronisms. So it is great when authors do their research and make their dialogue work for the period.

    To make your opening chapter sing, avoid overdoing the backstory. That can bog down a chapter faster than anything. It should be inserted in little bits, not big chunks.

    As long as the hero and heroine meet in the first chapter, that works for us.

    The two books a year comment was only for current LI/LIS authors who want to write for more than one line. While we do look for authors to be prolific, we understand it takes new writers some time.

    If you currently have a submission in with HH, please do wait to hear back before submitting to LIH.

  90. Oh my goodness, I love me some Love Inspired books. A friend at church got me started reading them. And I'm so glad she did!

    Helen, is today really your birthday? It's minie too! My oldest daughter's is tomorrow. Hope you have a great day! (I'm bringing a strawberry cake or maybe death by chocolate cake - well how about both)

  91. Don't you love Kindle? I currently have 101 books on mine and most are from the various LI lines.

    Oh, I still have towering piles of books in my TBR pile, but the convenience of Kindle when I travel is wonderful!!

  92. Good morning Emily.

    I love that Love Inspired welcomes new authors. Everything I've read says that you are wonderful to work with.

    That's so awesome.

    I'm going to be gone most the day so ya'll have a good day at Seekerville.

  93. Happy Birthday Dear Patsy!! Patsy is one of Seekerville's faithful readers.

  94. Tina, Mare, and now Ruthy,

    The three amigos... just don't have too much fun.

    Oh okay you can have a lot of fun. You're to anyway whether, I say so or not.


    I get to have a blast at the Dentist... Whoooee
    How come people don't get together to visit the dentist?

  95. Happy Birthday, Helen,

    Here's praying you have an awesome day.

  96. Emily, welcome to Seekerville. I love the expansion LIH is doing, particularly missionary and Biblical. I claim to be the first person to have purchased Debbie Kaufman's "The Doctor's Mission." (I bought it at a book signing at M&M.) Also, I love Carla Capshaw's books.

    Please enter me in the giveaways.

  97. While my cakes are baking think I head over to Yankee-Belle Cafe for some of the bread pudding.

  98. Wow, big day......count me in! Am loving it.

  99. I appreciate the answers, Emily!

    Now...back to work for me.

  100. Emily, my H/H meet in chapter one but he is unconscious so I have a prologue in his POV that establishes the setting. (There is no background story in my prologue)Are prologues acceptable?
    Thank you so much for coming by to answer our questions.

    Happy birthday Patsy!

  101. What a post! I don't write Historical fiction, so I won't clutter up Emily's time with a pitch that isn't what she is looking for. :)

    BUT I know several authors who have recently published in LIH--Jessica Nelson's book is set in MY hometown!! And I've loved seeing what they keeping putting out. Love seeing this genre expand!


  103. Emily, it sounds like you have a fantastic (and fun) job!

  104. Welcome Emily. It's nice to know there will be more LIH books available every month.

    Happy Birthday Helen! Thanks for the coffee.

    Carla, I love your books. I think I have three. Do you have more?

    Hot cowboys and gladiators! I'll take either. My favorites are those who fight for the women they love.

    Wimpy heros need not apply!

  105. It's been a dream come true working with the editors over at Harlequin. The whole team is amazing!

    Also, be sure you're following Emily on twitter: @EmilyRodmell. She's my 'go to' check everyday.

    Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to write for Harlequin!

    I don't have a marriage of convenience story, but I do have a proposal in for a marriage of inconvenience...I can't help it, I love the classics :)

  106. So excited about the authors that will be stopping by today! and the giveaways every 20 comments.

  107. Wonderful post! Thank you so much for posting and doing a pitch critique, Emily!

    I am a fan of LIH novels, and am so excited they're looking for new authors!

    Amanda Barratt

  108. Good morning!

    I've never read LIH but I'd love to be in the drawing for one of them.

    Too many comments to read at 8:30 a.m. right now, so I'll come back later when my work isn't beckoning!


  109. ANOTHER birthday today??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, PATSY!

  110. Welcome Emily!

    So glad to see you here - it's going to be a hopping day.

    I'm busy revising my first LIH submission, and my second book isn't anywhere close, so I'll be passing on the proposal contest - but what a great opportunity!

    On my way to the breakfast buffet...

  111. Okay! This is a must read post. However my internet time is up until I get some things done. I will be back....

  112. Happy Birthday Helen and Patsy!!!!

    Eat lots of cake. You both have a good excuse!

  113. Welcome to Seekerville, Emily! The Seekers are always delighted to have you here. Wow, from the number of comments already, your visit is generating excitement!

    Thank you for offering the pitch contest, a great opportunity for writers! I love writing for Love Inspired Historical and encourage everyone with a heart for inspirational historical romance to enter.

    If you haven't read Wanted: A Family, I'll be giving a copy away today. I'm proud of the cover and the back cover copy. If you're thinking about writing for LIH, today you'll have a chance to win books that will give you an idea of what kinds of stories fit the line.

    Happy birthday, Helen! Happy birthday, Seekerville!


  114. Tulsa is going to be rockin' this weekend!

    Tina, Mary AND Ruthy in the same place? Wish I could be there!

  115. Okay Helen, our cakes are ready. Oh my goodness, would you look at how many candles are on those cakes!!

  116. Happy birthday, Patsy! A fun party day in Seekerville!


  117. Janet - Wanted: A Family is on my keepers shelf along with a passel of other LIH books! Loved it.

  118. Emily, thanks for stopping by today!

  119. Happy birthday, Helen and Patsy!

    Interesting that LIH is open to Biblical fiction. I don't think I've seen any yet, but I'd love to read those. Emily, has LIH published any Biblical fiction to date?

  120. Hi Emily:) Thanks for sharing about LIH books:) I love historical romance and love so many of the LIH books!
    Thanks to all the LIH authors who have generously donated books to giveaway:) I would love to be entered for a chance to win!


    lornafaith at gmail dot com

  121. Good grief, I thought I was getting to this fairly early and I practically had to read a BOOK to find the end of the comments!

    Good for Emily! And good for Seekerville.

    As a lover of American history I'm delighted to be writing for Love Inspired Historical as well as their other lines. The book I've included in this giveaway is a big favorite of mine.

    Valerie Hansen

  122. @Noelle Marchand, your new book was great!

  123. hey y'all, keep praying for Andrea's little boy.

  124. Welcome, Emily - and happy birthday, Helen!!

    LOVE this place.

  125. just read through the list of authors stopping by today and I'm so excited! I read books from all of those authors~

  126. Oh Emily,
    So glad to have you here.
    I just bought Karen Kirst's book and love the beginning already. It's set in the Smokies, which is close to where I live - AND since I'm targeting one of my historicals for LI historical, I wanted to see what her Appalachian twist might be :-)

    Thanks for being here! What a great amount of info.


  127. Ruthy,
    I will let you know that if I ever used the term 'cokes' to refer to pop in my family, they wouldn't know what I was talking about.

  128. I haven't read a whole bunch of the LIH titles simply because there are only so many hours in the day. But I do enjoy them. The last one I read was Cheryl St. John's Marrying the Preacher's Daughter, which was a fun read.

  129. So enthused to hear from the authors that will be stopping by today!

  130. Helen, I would definitely take some coffee... even virtual coffee!

  131. Two upcoming titles I'm looking forward to, because they are set in other countries, are Regina Scott's The Honorable Gentleman (London) and Debbie Kaufman's The Doctor's Mission (Liberia).

  132. Oh my goodness, Helen. I just saw what time you posted your first comment. Do you ever sleep? Grandbaby is calling - gotta love him!

  133. Tina and Ruth good luck on your tour!

  134. What a terrific party! And what a great opportunity for new authors!

    Something cool happened earlier this month...I was in the Walmart book section while the distributor was stocking the October LIHs. I got to see her take "Marrying the Major" out of the box and put it on the rack. Fun moment!

    Good luck to everyone with their submissions and today's drawings for free books!

  135. Thanks to the wonderful authors for the great giveaways!!

  136. Helen, I would take a virtual coke. lol. ;-)

  137. I knew today was going to be a wicked exciting day around Seekerville.

    Thank you, Emily, for visiting and for taking so many pitches!

    I was privileged to read Marrying Miss Marshal before it came out, and I enjoyed it very much!

  138. I've loved seeing the LIH line grow and expand. And I have a 3-book series that just might fit where it wouldn't work for other houses. Looks like I need to polish it up a bit and get it submitted. :) Perhaps I'll try that pitch contest first. Hmm....

  139. Thanks for the coffee!

    What an exciting day - Hey, Emily!

  140. SMOOCHES to Patricia W for reading Marrying the Preacher's Daughter! You made my morning.

  141. What's for breakfast today? I've only seen mention of coffee and cokes.

    I'm thinking the pumpkin spice muffins I saw a recipe for in the paper the other day might hit the spot.

  142. Happy birthday to Helen and Patsy!

    RUTHY IS GOING TO TULSA???? With Tina and Mary???

    We'd best watch the papers for headlines coming out of Oklahoma this weekend... :D

  143. My name is Debra and I think I'm addicted to Westerns. It started out small, just a couple of trips to the library each week. Then it progressed to rat-holed grocery money to support sneaking out to the local bookstore. Now I have Westerns on my night table, bookshelf, and under the driver seat of my suburban. I'm thinking this pitch contest may be the very thing I need for recovery.

    Debra Calloway

  144. Wow, Seekerville is booming today! Hi Emily! The popularity and growth of the LIH line is so exciting. Thanks for all your information. It's nice to know there are many possibilities for settings/time periods.
    I got lucky with The Reluctant Outlaw cover-it's gorgeous! Lots of happy feedback on my outlaw. :)

  145. Wow! Looks like another popular topic in Seekerville!

    I love that Love Inspired is so open to new authors. As everyone knows, it's hard to break in in this business. And I also LOVE that LI Historicals are open to all time periods and settings, since I personally like to read books set outside the U.S. I love love love Ruth Axtell Morren's books, set in England in the Regency and Victorian eras. Her books are so romantic!

  146. As I was going through the photobucket slideshow, I saw some LIH books that I have not had the chance to read yet. They look great!

  147. yay! we're up to 155 comments! only 145 more comments until 300 is reached!

  148. I like the variety of time periods too, Melanie. I'd love to see more set in the U.S. but in time periods other than the settling of the west. Maybe the early industrial age in the northern and mid-Atlantic states? Even the south post-Reconstruction would be interesting. WWI or WWII?

    I'd not try to write historical--I'd get lost in the fascinating research--but I enjoy reading it.

  149. I personally don't like westerns as much. I like the really old history, such as, regency, biblical, and roman eras.

  150. PatriciaW,
    I love the early 20th century. LOVE IT!!!
    I'm writing 2 historicals during that time and it's such a fun age to explore.

    Though, I love to read about the West too

  151. Seekerville is quite the busy place today. I'm glad to hear that some of you have plans to submit to LIH in the future. It definitly is a golden opportunity, so strike while the iron is hot. Hello, to all of the LIH authors who've stopped by. It's great to work with you all.

    To answer a few more questions:

    Prologues are on a case by case basis. Most are unneccessary, but some work.

    And we don't actually have any Biblical fiction under contract yet, but we'd love to.

  152. Good morning Emily and Seekerville Family. Man, it's not even 9 here yet and so many comments. Yikes!

    I rec'd The Reluctant Outlaw the other day but haven't built up the courage to read it. It sounds so much like Emma's Outlaw. :(

    But I love the Love Inspired line and best wishes going out to everyone who's entering the Pitch contest. It's a great company and the peer support is outstanding.

    Good job, Tina.

    Anita Mae.

  153. I love LIH books; in past 2-3 wks. I have read 17....Janet Dean, Glynna Kaye, Merrilee Whren, Cheryl Wyatt, Christine Johnson, and others!!! Loved them!

  154. So, I just picked up an LI book by Lyn Cote, Lenora Worth, and Penny James from 2005 at my used bookstore. It is really good.

  155. Happy Birthday, great interview and great giveaways! Keep up the good work on the LIH books!


  156. Pepper, looking forward to reading your stories. LOVE the 1920's too. My mom was born during that decade and tells such fascinating stories about NYC and Harlem in particular.

  157. Wow, sounds like I need to be reading some LI books!

    I really enjoy WWII, Regency, and Industrial Revolution time periods. I think growing up in Nebraska, I got a little burned out on prairie and western stories, but I'm glad there's an audience out there for all sorts.

    Good luck to everyone who enters the pitch contest! My work is more YA and mystery than romance, but maybe someday!

  158. Pepper - what about a western set in the early 20th century?

    It was such an exciting time - the last round ups, the struggle of the Natives on the reservations living the old ways in a new world, the wild west clashing with the civilization of the luxurious industrial east, Teddy Roosevelt's love of the west that caused him to establish the National Park system, the mixture of automobiles and horses (remember Roy Rogers and the jeep "Nellybelle" in his TV show? Oh, wait, I don't!)

    (You young thing, you!)

    I think I've just given myself the settings for some future books...

  159. Patricia W - Write those stories down!!! Or better yet, if you can, record your mother telling the stories. What a treasure of memories!

  160. Jan,
    one of the books in my WWI series takes place in the West during the early 1920s :-)
    And I've enjoyed learning about the remnants of the wild west still in play at that point.

    HAVE FUN WRITING all those stories

  161. Thanks for answering my question Emily!

    Jackie you read 17 books in three weeks? Wow that's great. Lately I've been reading two or three books at a time. LI's fit perfect in my purse so when I have to wait somewhere I always have a good book handy. Then there's always a book at home to review for my blog and now I've added my kindle. I'm drowning in books and love it.

  162. Mary, Ruthy and Tina in Tulsa - together? And you didn't invite me? *huff* I could've used a bit more warm weather. Not that any of you are filled with hot air, of course. :D

    Happy Birthday, Helen. Hope you're showered with blessings this year. And I'll take one of those coffees, thank you very much.

    Thanks to the LIH authors, Emily and Seekerville for all the prizes.

  163. Well, PatriciaW-
    Mine won't take place in NYC or Harlem (though I can only IMAGINE the stories up there), but there were some amazing things happening down here in Appalachia. Also Johnson City, TN (where I currently live) was known as 'little Chicago' for all the bad reasons. LOADS of stories related to that :-)

  164. Dianna Shuford: Historical isn't for everybody, but then again, I never would have pegged myself as a historical author! Go figure! Still, you should consider the suspense line instead. Murders always work there, just not too gory!

    Hi Walt:
    Love your claim to fame. Was so happy to donate books to that literacy signing. I hear we raised over $2000 for the cause that day :)

    BTW: For those of you who don't know, Walt WON the inspirational category in the 2011 Maggie awards. Of course with such a fascinating historical Japanese setting, don't know how he could have missed :) Walt, get in that pitch contest now!

  165. Hey Emily, I have a question:
    How did you become a book editor? Did you specialize in a certain college degree?

  166. wowzers!!! Ya'll are busy! And I don't have time to read through them all :(. Have to write a test.

    Refreshing Helen's cooler with some Dr. Pepper and wondering how soon this thing will hit 300!!!!

    Emily - how wonderful of you to hang out and to offer to judge! That's fantastic! Almost makes me wish I wrote historicals.

    Almost. But the amount of research that goes into writing contemps is enough for me! :D

    This coming from a history major /cough/.

    I have a general question... There's a recent LIS set in a fictional country and deals with the royal family. Would something like that be possible in a [an?] LIH? Keeping within the other historical parameters of course - such as... fictional country during WWII or something.

    Just random thoughts :D.

    Off to write the test then come back and try to catch up...


  167. I love Cokes. And cokes. And soda. And pop. Just hold the ice, please!

    Audra, do you call it pop, too? I thought that was just a Canadian expression?

  168. You know, I have to say, the generic use of "coke" For Sodas or Pops or Soda Pops weirds me out. I can't tell if all you have is coke and if I ask for anything else the person will say, "I told you, we have coke" and feel stupid or whether I'll get a list of possibilities--because technically Mountian Dew is in the Pepsi line. So, why don't they say "we have cokes and pepsis?"

    And gee thanks, Naomi, for ganging up on me. :)

  169. Lots of great comments already! I love marriage of convenience books too! They are so fun...especially when the heroine is so feisty! I happen to love the western LIHs. They are great!
    I don't drink soda or coffee so I'll just drink o j this morning to celebrate with all of you!
    Happy Birthday to Helen and Patsy!

    Hello Ausjenny - any job yet????

    Keep up the great banter everyone! It's so interesting!

  170. Anita I don't think it's just Canadians. In the Ozarks we usually say soda but pop works too.


    Glad Mary spilled about RUTHY!!!! coming so I can grab my Ruthy books to put in my pile I'm taking with me :D.


    Andrea and I will be there with bells on.

    Or something. ;)

    Emily - Almost makes me wish I wrote biblical fiction too :D. There's some great biblical fiction out there [Jill Eileen Smith's books and Jewel of Persia by... Roseanna White? spring immediately to mind] but I'd love more.

    Back to test writing [which I obviously haven't done yet since I skimmed the comments ;)].

  172. Emily:

    It never ceases to amaze me how open and accessible the Love Inspired (and Harlequin) staff are. I have enjoyed getting to know you and so many authors and staff.

    I have learned so much in the months since I first became involved with the "Harlequin" website and have become an avid fan.

    Thank you for all you do.

    Barbara Horn

  173. Okay, the coffee pots have been replenished!

    Cokes, diet Cokes, a full assortment of sodas added to the cooler.

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. If we gotta have'em we may as well enjoy'em. Right?

    Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes.

    Getting ready to go to a steak house we found last year.


  174. Here's a plot for someone. I've read several books where the hero is in a church with lots of single nice women. Does he marry one of those? No, he has to fall in love a newcomer who's bent on breaking all the rules. I always feel sorry for all those ladies left behind. What happens to them? Their last chance for someone eligible has just left the building. If anyone feels inspired to write a story about them I'm sure I would read it. Please, no ex boyfriends who broke their heart. Let them be single because no one has ever wanted to date them. I know lots of people in that situation.

  175. Emily, thank you for all of this great information! There is a ton of information on the Harlequin website you posted also.

    Happy Birthday Helen!

  176. Woohoo! I'm so excited to see my fabulous editor here in Seekerville today! Hi Emily!!

    I'm tickled to be part of the LIH line and love all the wonderful stories. And those covers are gorgeous!! LIH truly is open to wide-ranging time periods, which is a real blessing as a reader--and a writer.

    So exciting to see all the people visiting today. Since I got a late start, I'll bring in the chocolate chip cookies I baked last night for morning munchies.

  177. Carol,

    Funny you should mention LIH royalty. Actually the author of Princess in Peril (amazing LIS book, btw, you should all read it if you have the chance) is under contract to write a royalty LIH about the characters' ancestors. But we're open to more royalty stories if anyone wants to give it a try.

  178. Emily -


    That LIS, uh, jumped in my cart* the day I saw it on the shelves at my Walmart. Can't wait to read it - and LIH's to go along with it?! YAY!

    *my cart has strange magnetic properties - the oddest things have jumped in there... Most recently... LIs by Tina Radcliffe and Ruthy, LIS with a princess, and a NYT Best Seller by the very cool Erica Vetsch [okay - partially by but still...]

  179. Christine Johnson stopped by?

    Hi Christine!

    When editors mention an author's name as much as the LI editors throw Christine's around, we need to sit up and take notice.

    And read her books several times!

  180. Jan, alas, it's a bit too late to record my mom. Her memory is failing and many days, she doesn't know who I am, at least not right away. That on top of the fact we now live 1200 miles apart. Even worse for her sister who has complete dementia. I wish I'd thought about getting the stories down 20 years ago.

    Pepper, Johnson City sounds interesting. Chicago was a fascinating place in the 1920s too. Hey, so was Tampa, where I live now.

    More Biblical fiction authors who are definite reads: Ginger Garrett, Tessa Afshar and Mesu Andrews.

  181. Patricia W -

    I know what you mean about memories failing. My mom must be about the same age as yours, and she is now unable to speak. Her memory has been gone for several years - we celebrate that she still recognizes my dad most days.

    My dad, however, is my go-to guy for the historicals that I'm writing.

    ....and I've just given myself a kick in the pants to get my mom's stories written down while I still remember them!

    The 1920's and '30's were such a fascinating time, weren't they? I didn't think so when I was younger, so I let the stories just roll off my back...

  182. I like modern royal romance books. The only one I have read has been The Princess by Lori Wick. I might have to try . I'm not a big suspense reader though. I prefer cozy, British mysteries.

  183. Emily, thank you so much for sharing your insights into the LIH line. It's exciting to see that the books per month have doubled! Great news for readers AND authors!

    CAROL--another DP aficionado?

    Yes, I learned a few days ago that Seekerville is loosing Mary, Tina, AND Ruthy upon Tulsa this weekend. I was envious at first that they scheduled this AFTER I moved away from the area, but now I think I'm MUCH safer on the other side of the country!

  184. Anita Mae and Audra, I say "pop" too so you are not alone LOL!

    Helen I'm SO sorry I forgot to say Happy Birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I've brought along a cooler of Mt. Dew for those who prefer non-colas. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  185. So I was reading through this post again and I wondered are there any books set during the 1950s? It says that you guys want books up through WWII but I don't recall seeing any set in the 50s or 60s and I think that would be so fun. I'm not sure if these would be included in the contemporary line but either way I think they would be a blast to read.

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  186. Hi Emily:

    What is your policy on ‘stealing’ each other’s authors? I just loved a Winnie Grigg’s book, “The Heart’s Song” which was a Contemporary. It had about 12 major characters and a great setting. Can we hope to see any more Contemporaries from Winnie. (Please).


  187. Hi Emily:

    Would you consider a historical that takes place in 400 BC Greece if it is an inspirational story that demonstrates Christian values. There are some who consider Plato ‘the first Christian’ and some of the Church Fathers considered Plato a pagan saint.