Monday, October 31, 2011

November Contest Update

This isn't just a contest's also your last chance to comment before midnight when we pick the winner of the Seekerville month-long birthday party grand prize, a Toshiba Netbook with all the trimmings.

For those of you new to Seekerville, once a month we present a run down of contests for published authors, unpublished authors and toss in some fun stuff.

The contest vault is open. This month's writer prize is Wake Up Your Muse by friend of Seekerville Jan Christiansen!

The reader's prize is the coveted pink and white Seekerville pen and a copy of Oklahoma Reunion by Tina Radcliffe. (moi')

And because it's our last day to party, let's giveaway a five page critique. But you have to tell us you want to be considered!

Let us know what's going on in your contest world so we can cheer you on. And while you're at it give us some suggestions for future contests you'd like to see us hold here in Seekerville.

Published Authors

The National Reader's Choice Award. Author registration open from Oct. 1 through Dec. 1, 2011.Books must be received by January 15th, 2012.

Unpublished Authors

Seekerville is giving away one reimbursement of the GH entry fee to one commenter who enters the 2012 GH. This giveaway will remain open until the RWA GH deadline or the contest is closed due to reaching the maximum entries. All you have to do is submit a copy of the RWA confirmation email to us at our Seekerville contact email. One winner will be chosen from all the confirmations sent to us, and announced no later than December 2 2011. (once again: you not only have to enter the GH, send us proof of entry but you have to comment in Seekerville) You can enter the GH now before the 1,200 entry slots are filled and send your msc to them by the deadline.Note the GH requires a completed manuscript.

We hope you didn't miss the recent post on the Golden Heart by two 2011 winners, Anne Barton and Lisa Connelly. Check it out here.

Hook Line & Sinker. Deadline is tomorrow (November 1st) but you you can still enter electronically. Hone your skills in hooking an editor or agent.Three Hudson Valley RWA members, at least one published, will critique the first three pages of your manuscript. The five entries with the highest scores will be ranked by Harlequin editor BRENDA CHIN.

DEADLINE EXTENDED!! Final deadline: November 6, 2011, 5:00 p.m. PST. (
I love this contest and have judged it every year for the last three years. Do yourself a favor and enter. ) First 15 manuscript pages. Top 4 winners in each category are sent to an editor. Winners have 2 weeks to revise the 15-page entry prior to editorial review. All electronic.

Harlequin/Silhouette Series:
Susan Litman, Silhouette

Single Title/Mainstream Contemporary:
Meredith Giordan, Berkeley/Jove

Mystery/Romantic Suspense:
Allison Lyons, Harlequin Intrigue

Historical (Before 1945):
Allison Byers, The Wild Rose Press

Paranormal (Specialty/Time Travel/Fantasy):
Sue Grimshaw, Ballentine/Bantam Dell

Becky Monds, Thomas Nelson

Pikes Peak Fiction Writing Contest. (Membership in the Pikes Peak Writers is free!) September 15, 2011: The 2012 PPW Fiction Writing Contest opens and begins to accept entries. November 15, 2011, 11:59 p.m., Mountain Time: Deadline to submit contest entries. All electronic. Check the guidelines as this contest is also open to short stories. Basically the synopsis and first chapter. (synopsis up to 1,250 words and first chapter up to 4,000 words)
Keep an eye on the website. Finalist judging list is incomplete at this time.

2012 Contest Categories
Children's (Ages 8-12)
Young Adult (Ages 12-18)
Historical Fiction
Science Fiction/Fantasy/Horror
Short Stories (all genres)

The Write Stuff Contest. Deadline December 1. Winners in each contest received $100 cash! Online contest. First 15 pages. All electronic.

Contemporary Romance – Sara Megibow, Nelson Literary Agency
Historical Romance– Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks
Paranormal Romance– Laura Bradford, Bradford Literary Agency
Adult Mainstream Fiction– Jessica Alvarez, BookEnds Literary Agency
Young Adult Fiction– to be announced.

Great Expectations. (My favorite contest I never finaled in!) Early bird entry fee deadline is December 10. Regular deadline is December 30th. First 25 pages and micro synopsis.

This contest is open to all authors who have never been published in book-length romantic fiction as well as authors who have not been contracted or published in the entered category during the last three years (during 2009, 2010, or 2011).

Single Title Contemporary ~ Meredith Giordan, Berkley

Erotic Romance ~ Katherine Pelz, Berkley

Historical Romance ~ Sue Grimshaw, Random House

Inspirational Romance ~ Natalie Hanemann, Thomas Nelson

Specialized (FFTP) ~ Talia Platz, NAL

Mainstream with Romantic Elements ~ Emilia Pisani, Pocket Books

Romantic Suspense ~ TBA

Young Adult ~ Elizabeth Bistrow, NAL

Everything Else

WOW: Women On Writing Fiction Quarterly Contest. Open September - November 30th, Midnight (Pacific Time). "WOW! hosts a (quarterly) writing contest every three months. The mission of this contest is to inspire creativity, communication, and well-rewarded recognition to contestants. The contest is open globally; age is of no matter; and entries must be in English. We are open to all styles of writing, although we do encourage you to take a close look at our guest judge for the season and the flavor of our sponsor, if you are serious about winning. We love creativity, originality, and light-hearted reads. That's not to say that our guest judge will feel the same... so go wild! Express yourself, and most of all, let's have some fun!"

Maximum: 750--Minimum: 250 The title is not to be counted in your word count. We use MS Word's word count to determine the submitted entry's word count.Open Prompt: Open to any style and genre. From horror to romance!

Entry Fee: $10.00 We are limiting the amount of entries to a maximum of 300 stories. Please enter early to ensure inclusion. If we reach 300 entries, we will disable the PayPal buttons.

Check out the great prizes, including cash! Final judge is Literary Agent Andrea Hurst.

Are you a poet or short story writer? Poets & Writers magazine has an online listing of upcoming contests here.

That's it. Go forth and contest and see you here at 12 midnight EST for our grand prize winner announcement.

Cheerful & Grumpy


  1. Wait....Seekerville has pens now and they're pink? I soooo want one! :-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  2. Man! I had no idea that there were that many contests for unpubbed writers! Thanks for the info!

  3. It's really been a great ride here this past week. I will continue to follow this site. Sure, the prizes are an incentive, but nothing can replace the generous spirit shared here for writers of all skill levels.


  4. I totally signed up for the National Readers Choice Awards judging so thanks for that info! I participated in a similar contest last year and I really enjoyed it.

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  5. Let me clarify. There is one pen.

    I have it. The rest of them went to the multitude at the ACFW conference.

    Who knew pink pens were so popular.

    There will be more pens..soon.

    But right now, I have it.

    And it can be yours!!!

  6. I already own Oklahoma Reunion (It was fab! Ryan rocks my socks.) but PLEASE enter me for the 5 page critique.

    Contesting! Well, CHASING THE LION won the General Fiction Category this month in ACFW Writer's On The Storm Cat5 Contest. I used the feedback from that to polish it up and sent it off to the ACFW Writers of the West Rattler this month and will get those results in February in time for... drum roll please... GENESIS! (So glad I didn't enter last year. It wasn't ready by a long shot, I just didn't know that then.)

    The WIP (That I want to win that critique for) is a category historical romance, so there will be more contest opportunities for that than for LION. I'll be looking forward to the next update Tina, and like you say, you can't win if you don't enter.

  7. Lyndee, you sweet thing you.

    I might even part with the other pen hiding under my pillow for such a nice comment.

    Okay, fine. I'll fess up. I have TWO pink pens.


  9. No guts, no glory, right Nancy?

    So proud of you.

    You're a true contest diva. And I love you for it.

  10. I'm wondering if Tina ever sleeps?!

    It's been a great party. I appreciate all that I've learned from ya'll (that's as southern as this California girl transported to Arkansas gets)

    I have tons more to learn and look forward to soaking up all the knowledge you guys (that's better) have to share.

    Happy Birthday Seekerville!!!!!!!!!!1

  11. Yes, Pinson dudette. That's the idea.

    You lose 100 percent of the contests you don't enter.

  12. Who knows Tina maybe somebody will write their first novel with that pen someday. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  13. It is hard to believe November is upon us already. I think I say this every year.
    And it hard to believe I've been hanging with you all for so many years.

    You're like a good cup of coffee. A close friend.

  14. Interesting you should mention, sleep, Jamie. I tried for two hours. So why fight it.

    There is a hilarious picture of Ruthy and I on our trip to Tulsa that is on Facebook.

    We drive into Tulsa after circling it ten times at 10 pm. I slept three hours.

    Ruthy struts into the diner all chipper. Seriously, chipper. Ruthy is always chipper. She says, hi honey to the waitress.

    I grumble to anyone who is listening...I do not know her and head for a corner booth.

    Mary takes our picture. Ruth is wide eyed and bushy tailed, I look like I am strung out. My eyes wide. I am seriously tired. I am incapable of speech and I am pretty sure Ruthy wrote 1000 words on her WI when we got to the hotel.

    I will post the aforementioned picture at the bottom of the contest post. Give me a second.

  15. Yeah Tina I know I need to enter to win, of course there's apart of me that would like to know I'd win if I entered.


    BTW. You haven't sent my snow yet.


  16. I have a pen :D.

    And a copy of Wake Up Your Muse. And is that the one you were signing in Tulsa, Tina? If so, I have it too ;).

    I entered GOTCHA this week [along with... uh, Jan D., what was the other one we entered? Rattler? Yes, I entered Rattler.] Still debating Golden Heart [MS is done. I think. It's been done about 8 times now] but I just won [on *gasp* another blog!] a gift cert that I can use for Christmas presents and use THAT $ toward GH. Also contemplating Great Expectations.

    We'll see.

    If I wasn't doing laundry. I'd be in bed.

    If we cross anyone's mind, a prayer for my daughter's excema would be appreciated. She's allergic to laundry soap etc and I forgot to wash her new clothes before she wore them. Then we had a swim party today. Afterwards was not fun.

    Think Phoebe and Charlie Sheen on Friends with chicken pox.


    Were there other prizes today? If so, I'm in for them :D.

    carolmoncado at gmail dot com

  17. Tina P. tell me about it! It's so crazy that there's been a huge snowstorm on the east coast already. I don't know about you but I'm ready to skip winter all together. As we speak I'm looking at the thermostat in my house and it's set on 56 degrees. I swear I live with a bunch of polar bears.

    BTW Happy Halloween:
    Why did the ghost go on a diet?

    She wanted to maintain her ghoulish figure.

    Hehehe. Yeah I know don't quit your day job Renee.

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  18. Carol, Mary has that copy of Jan's book. I am giving away a brand new copy to support our fellow writer.

  19. Small print, Cookie Diva.

    Seeker Book of Choice.

  20. Oh and Radcliffe, I have your book so no need to put my name in the draw for that the pen might be cool, even if it is pink.


  21. Tina you look a whole lot better then I do when I'm feeling grumpy :)

    Forgot to mention that I'd love to be entered for a five page critique.

  22. Here's a tip. Family member here has eczema. Tried prescription med but it has some nasty links to cancer. Mentioned it to a friend. She tells me her son has it so badly he looks like the Elephant Man. Her words, not mine. She says plain old Jergins lotions resolved it. I tell this to family member. They have eczema around eyes and on various body parts. Healed. It works!

    Praying for your daughter.

  23. OOH, you are feisty tonight, Pinson.

    Snow coming your way. Pink snow.

  24. Yeah - I'm so in for a Seeker book of choice :D.

    And a critique.

    I'll even think about sending the first 5 completely unedited, unreread, unadulterated first draft pages of my NaNo project if I win :D.

    And yes - I already have your book too Tina :D.

  25. Renee remember I got transplanted from Colorado to Arizona and were still pretty, I miss my seasons and that bit of snow too. Of course if the weather hangs in for too long. I pray for spring. Here it's almost spring/ summer continually. They can get a freeze some times, we'll see.

  26. yeah I'm a touch feisty... I ate sushi for dinner.

    Thank heavens it won't be yellow snow.

    I'm sure you expected that line

  27. Thanks, Tina. We've tried just about everything and it was pretty under control until this week when she wore brand new winter clothes and I didn't make the connection until tonight. It's why I'm still up. Took everything out of her drawers and am waiting to put it into the dryer so she has clothes in the morning.

    I may have some regular ole Jergens around here somewhere...

  28. Tina,
    Two pink pens, lol. You really crack me up. I'd wanted to attend the ACFW conference last month, but I held off because we were awaiting our little granddaughter's birth. And she arrived on that Sat, so I would have missed it had I attended. Next time...and I will hopefully, procure a pink pen then, :)


  29. Okay not trying to gross you all out but my hands get extremely dry and cracked and they bleed and itch (sorry didn't mean to gross you out) but I love Skin MD lotion. It doesn't have a greasy feel at all and absorbs quickly unlike most lotions in the stores. It gets a bit expensive but it's worth it IMO. I've never tried Jergens but I'll bet that works great too!

    XOXO~ Renee

  30. Tina P, there's something to be said for knowing when a MS is ready for contest. I shudder to think what I almost sent to GENESIS last year. Just to give you some idea, it was Duel on the Delta this year that set me straight and that original first chapter no longer exists, LOL.

    What I do is choose carefully (considering genre, entry fee, and final round judging) and enter for the feedback. ENTER FOR THE FEEDBACK. Don't enter to win. That way, when you do, or you final, it's a serious bonus. And if you have your agents researched and your query letters ready to go, you can drop that win or that final (if announced prior) into that query letter and send those babies out right then.

  31. I would put in for the critique but I just had one.

    Don't want to bug too many people out were I to win.

  32. Well congrats on the grand baby. Lots of babies in the last few weeks around here. Ruthy and Julie both had grand babies.I of course am much too young for that.


  33. Tina, I'll trade you for the winter!!! My cousin lives in Phoenix and he said I could come and visit anytime. If I ever get over my fear of flying I might take him up on that. Depending on how bad the winter is here, that may be sooner rather than later!

    XOXO~ Renee

  34. Carol, you are fearless. I'd just cry before I handed over anything first draft other than to my crit partner and first reader.

    The more craft I learn, the better the first drafts are starting to look, but still... too scary for me, haha.

  35. Thanks, Nancy,

    I agree with you totally one should enter for the feedback for sure.

  36. Radcliffe, I can relate completely, It us burden to be so young. But it it must be borne.

  37. Good luck to everyone entering contests.
    I entered the Rattler, but that's probably it.
    I hope to write most of my wip this month.

    No need to enter me in the drawing. I just received my copy of OK Reunion and hope to read it this week.

  38. I'm gonna go snuggle with Patton before bed you guys have fun...but not too much. ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  39. Laundry is done but had about 10 minutes left of the second ep of Once Upon a Time. So far I'm enjoying all of it but the dark evil queen parts ;).

  40. I can't believe how many of you are up tonight! Or this morning, however you look at it.

    Is it a serious problem that the Golden Heart will have too many entries if one enters at the last minute? I don't think I can or should send something, but I do think about it.

  41. And by the way, please enter me in everything--the pink pen, the book, the 5-page critique, and getting to meet Ruthy and Tina at the diner.

    That last one was offered, correct? :)

  42. I too have two pink seekerville pens I picked up at ACFW....well, actually not. My 5 year old saw me pulling them out of my luggage and asked if the pink pen was hers. Knowing I had 2 I said sure. Well, Miss 5 year old not only clamped onto the other one declaring it was hers as well, but if we even so much as touch the seekerville pens she becomes all territorial, so, that's to say, out of all the gifts lined up this month, this last remaining pen of yours, is indeed the prize that outshines all other prizes--especially if you're 5.

  43. Ohhhohhh a Seekerville pen. I want one of those.

    I've had a lost of fun here this month. Thanks Seekers!

    Jan K.

  44. Radcliffe, your eyes didn't bug out too far.

  45. As for contests, I said I was done with them in August. Well, I entered the pitch one of yours last week. :) Mainly because the penny-pinching me couldn't say no to the price.

    But my crit partner pushed me to enter the Rattler last week--if I didn't, he was all but about to hijack my chapter and put it in for me. I figured if he was all the fired up for it, I ought to enter just this one more time. Plus I love being able to see the preliminary judging list! The judges from the Genesis that came out of anonymity to talk to me about my WIP are on that list, and the Genesis crit feedback is so worth the contest fee, I'm hoping that the Rattler judging is of the same caliber, if so, I'll be content.

  46. And I loved the added photo. You don't look too grumpy, I see the smile wrestling against the downturned corners of your mouth! :)

  47. Wow I can't believe October is just about over! Time really does fly when you're having fun-which is exactly what we have been doing here at Seekerville! I have just gotten in to the whole blog thing and I love getting to know my favorite authors! Thanks all you writers out there for all the awesome books you provide us readers with. Keep up the good work!

  48. Thanks for the contest update.
    I am inspired!
    Like Anon said, its been a great ride these past weeks. I've so all your guests and postings.

  49. Here comes the coffee. Several pots since it's the last day of the party.

    I don't have any contest entries out right now. Considering one of those contests you listed.

    Do have 2 completes and 1 proposal out, though.


  50. No Melissa, that look of mine says I am going to suffocate you with a pillow when we get back to the hotel.

    I love your daughter's pink pen story!!!

  51. Oh my stars, I love that picture of cheerful and grumpy, LOL!!!!

    And all because my teeth are too big to fit in my mouth. I HAVE to smile. It's like a physiological rule. And that DINER WAS A-STINKIN-DORABLE!!! It was a "Five-and-Diner" in Tulsa, and so retro chic that I was hunting for Richie and Fonzie in the booths. Great place, really good food and WONDERFUL PRICES. LOVE IT!!!


    Teeeeena thank you for your lovely contest update. Love it. And you, but that goes without saying. When can we go to Oklahoma again? Soon???

    Aw, Lyndee... Now I'm smiling more, all day, just because of what you said.





    I'm so stinkin' jealous, Radcliffe!

    But I did hear that more are on their way, and that's awesome!

    Are we giving away something for the person who uses forms of the word 'contest' as often as possible? 'Cause if we are, Pinson grabs it.

  52. So many nice comments! Pinson, sushi??? Really????

    And yes, there is a "Meet Tina and Ruthy at the Diner" prize under consideration. As soon as Tina and Ruthy figure out a place to meet in the middle.

    It's gotta be Wisconsin, right?

    Also, we loved that twenty-five people entered the Query letter contest. I'm so proud o' youse, that you're listening to my ongoing diatribe about WRITE. WRITE. WRITE.

    And finish the book. 'Cause you got nothin' if nothin's finished.

    4:12 here. Time to write. Coffee...

    Helen. Love you. And pink pens rock, Melissa! You've got a smart kid there.


  53. Wow! I would love a Seekerville pen. I didn't know there was such a thing. :)

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  54. I'm not ready to 'contest' yet. My WIP is still a WIP so maybe the next go around of contests.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  55. I loved the sound of the pen till you said pink.
    (Renee unlike you I dont like pink)
    checked out the readers contest but not able to read as im an aussie,
    I have heard the Mia Bella soap is good for eczema I know it helped a little with my scalp issues for a bit. but I know a few friends in america that use it. Its a soy based soap.
    Love the photo, dont you just hate the ones who bounce out of bed so cheerful!.
    At the hotel last week I was rudely awakened by a know on my door saying room service. I get out and check it out and its breakfast. right room but I didn't order it and hes looks at the name Mr Hughes. I say thats not me. (Im thinking do I look like a mr hughes to you!) No a happy camper. poor guy over the way got the knock on the door at 11.30pm same issue and a 3.15am wakeup call that wasn't for him.

  56. Looks like I am in a minority of one on the dont love pink pens state.

  57. Wow. Look at all those contests to enter. I've got to get busy, busy.

    My fingers are crossed for the drawing at midnight tonight. That Toshiba looks really nice :)

  58. Seekerville has made my October a lot more fun! I've learned a lot... now if I just had something to write it all down with...

  59. Oh, I forgot to add: please enter me in the drawing for the 5-page critique. I need all the help I can get:)

  60. A Netbook is an amazing prize!!! I def. want to be entered. I also judge the Gotcha and think it's a wonderful contest too. Thanks for the update!

  61. Jenny, my niece Mandy doesn't like pink either...

    But she does let me dress her baby girl in pink NOW AND THEN!!! ;)

    Hey, Happy Halloween to you trick and treat types out there. We're on a country road. I always buy candy. No one ever comes unless a cousin stops in with a kid or two...

    But I loved trick-or-treating as a kid. ALL THAT CANDY.

    Oh, my little Ruthy version of a dream come true.

  62. Tina, you have me laughing. :) Thanks for clarifying that there is ONE pen. :) It will be fun to see who gets it. :) I take it they were popular at ACFW,too?

    I like that you guys list upcoming and current contests. I'm not ready to enter one this month, but maybe next month!

  63. Great Contest Update, Tina!

    Membership to Pikes Peak Writers is free?? It's a great organization; home of the original Plotting Board!

  64. Nancy, love your thoughts on contesting. :) I'm still fairly new, so I haven't written enough to have enough to enter in most contests, but the one I did enter earlier this year, I entered solely for the feedback. And it was good! And I did better than I thought, so that was an added bonus. :)

  65. Praying for your daughter, Carol. I have excema, too and it's a pain. I tried the med route but hated the thought of steroids for a rash.

    My solution? Curel, non-fragrance. Don't leave home without it. The trick is to keep the skin hydrated all the time.

    And of course, gloves for any kind of cleaning or dirty work...or just send your kids to that : )

  66. Thanks for the contest update, Tina.

    I have a short story, that if I can get 50 words cut, I might enter in the WOW-Women On Writing contest.

    Good luck to everyone who's entered or plan to enter a contest!

  67. Well, this is the best birthday party I’ve ever been to—and way unusual. How often is it that the party invitees are the ones getting all the tangible gifts? You are inspiring me to do the same on my birthday next month, although not on as grand a scale. What fun.

    Today, as my birthday gift to all the seekers, I will be ordering a book by each. (If that suspiciously sounds like another gift for an invitee instead, I plead guilty.)

    Thanks for the party.

  68. Oops, that's ECZEMA. Sheesh, you'd think I spell my own disease, LOL!

  69. Okay,I have read further, and I now know there are two pink pens (Do I hear three? Anyone?)

  70. Thinking on contests, I recently heard about one that Women of Faith does. Does anyone know anything about that? Is it a good one to enter?

  71. Sounds like I'll be entering a lot of contests this month, with all the great ones out there!

    So sad this is our last day to party. But hey, every day is a party here on Seekerville :)


  72. Oh, I forgot please enter me in the drawing for the five page crit. I sure could use it. LOL.

  73. So much fun stuff to take in! I, of course, am in for the five page critique! And… I want that pen! :p I already have Oklahoma Reunion, so someone else can enjoy it!

    Tina, I would love to enter Gotcha!, but I’m afraid I’m not ready! I am very interested in The Write Stuff and Great Expectations, and am weighing which one is better for me to enter. This will be my first contest, so I’m nervous and admittedly pretty “green.” I just wonder if I’m “good enough.” Ugh. But like Nancy said, you can't win (or receive feedback) if you don't enter. Any tips would be appreciated. : )

  74. Amanda, hey, young lady! So nice to see you!

    And Anonymous....

    whoever you are....


    Big smiles from Seekers who love it when people buy their books. Grinning in upstate!

  75. Entered the Gotcha! and The Rattler!

    Wahoo! Finished polishing my WIP. Sending it to my first readers today. I thought about entering the Golden Heart but...

    I love the Plotting Board. Color coded sticky notes works for me.

    Thanks for including me in your Birthday celebration Seekerville!

  76. I read Seekerville every morning. It's such a great way to start my day. If I could be entered for any prize, it would be the Meet Ruthy and Tina at the Diner Package. I'd even pay for my own travel expenses!

    (I've seen that some authors hold writing retreats right at their houses . . .)

  77. Thanks for the contest update. I might enter GOTCHA since they've nicely extended the deadline. :o)

    I'd also like to ask for a some advice. How long should I wait to hear from an editor before chalking it up to a no go and moving on? I submitted in April and according to their guidlines they estimate a 12-18 week turn around. So a few weeks ago, I e-mailed about the status and got an e-mail back saying they could confirm my manuscript was still being considered. But they've asked for no multiple submissions, and I don't want to be the idiot who waits for five years to hear back from one publisher when I could be moving onward and upward.


    Oh! And please put my name in the hat for any of the prizes.

  78. The party is almost over - kinda sad. But boy have we had a good time! We've also eaten waaaay to much food.

    Did someone say a grand prize is still out there - I want it!

  79. Thanks for the party.
    Thanks for the gifts.
    Thanks for the introduction to so many authors, aspiring authors, editors and agents.
    Thanks for all the info.

    Your posts have really opened my eyes to all the contests out there. I've been rethinking my strategy, though, after reading Ms. Kern's take on entering unfinished manuscripts in contests. Which is why I think your 5 page critiques are awesome. Winners get feedback without the pressure of needing a completed, polished story ready to send out.

    I do hope you keep throwing in those critique prizes. If you do, I hope to eventually win one.

    Please enter me into today's drawing for the critique, as well as any of the other prizes.


  80. LOL! Love the pic of cheerful and grumpy! Though grumpy doesn't look all that grumpy to me. ;-)

  81. I can't believe it's already the last day of birthday partying! Where did the time go?

  82. The have a great cookie recipe on Yankee-Belle today. Check it out!

  83. Ohh I'd love to win the reader's prize.
    Rose M.


    How do you people do it??? I'm so tired, I read Bridgett's post and thought, "OMG ... what the heck is a "plotting bird"???

    Who knew those pink pens were going to be so famous??? Pink is not my color, but I gotta tell you one thing ... I can find that sucker in my purse WAY faster than those gray Bics, guaranteed!!

    LYNDEE!!! SUPER CONGRATS on the grand bambino!!! Ruthy and me, too -- my first, her "only-God-knows" how many!!

    It's been a realllly GREAT month and I'm realllly sad it's over. Of course that could have something to do with a November 7 deadline and Christmas coming WAY too fast as well ...

    TINA!!! The pic of you and Ruthy is, to coin a phrase, "a-stinkin'-adorable"!!! You crack me up, kid, you know that?

    God, have mercy -- where's my coffee ...


  85. Oh my. 84 comments already.

    I'm with Renee and Ashley. I want a Seekerville pen!

    Happy Birthday, Seekerville! It was a great month. I think we all had fun, didn't we?

    The National Readers Choice Awards is my favorite pubbed contest. :-) Since that was my only win this year! It's fun to win. :-D

  86. Tina, I did not get a Seekerville pen!!! How did I miss those? Rats!!!

  87. Bridgett! Way to go! You ALREADY entered them. That's awesome!!!

  88. Great list, Tina.
    I just sent off two entries on Friday, but there were two other contests you listed that peaked my interest.
    May have to check them out.
    Otherwise, it's back to writing ;-)

  89. Okay, so I'm sort of leaning towards Great Expectations, but I have a question (and remember, I'm sort of green about contests!), but if your entry has a historical setting, but is an inspirational story, would it fit better in Historical Romance or
    Inspirational Romance?

  90. Kirsten,

    Forget about the manuscript for the moment as long as it is with a royalty paying publisher.

    Write the next one. If you sent it in April I guarantee that by the time you see it back you will be stunned by how much you have grown as a writer.

    Write the next one.

    Sadly I have had stuff with agents and editors for over a year.

    My big mistake..not writing the next one.

    Mary Connealy had 11 books done while being rejected. BE A MARY CONNEALY. Once she sold she had lots of product to sell.


  91. I want to know who this anonymous wonderful person is who buys are books.

    Who are you?

  92. oos..I mean our books.

    Seriously. You are buying all our books?

  93. Thanks, Tina! And not to worry I've written three manuscripts since submitting and currently working on number four with two more plotted out. So, I'm writing. And preparing to submit another possible series to another publisher.

    I just didn't know if there was a moment when you should pull your manuscript from a publisher. But if you've waited a year that gives me some sense that I might be jumping the gun.


  94. I missed my usual before bedtime reading of Seekerville - my almost 18yo son was Skypeing (is that a word?) with his, um, "friend that's a girl that yes, he's in a relationship with long distance but doesn't talk to his mom about it".

    I wouldn't mind, except he hogs my computer.

    Yes, Carol M. - it was the Rattler we both entered! What a great way to start a weekend.

    The other contests...I'm thinking I need to buckle down and finish editing the rest of the mss first. You can spend only so much time on the first chapter...besides, someone's waiting for it :)

    Enter me for the drawings, please! I can tell the pink Seeker pen is THE coveted prize, but I'll be content with a book.

  95. Carol, Prayers coming at your daughter.

  96. what a great month this has been! you guys are seriously energetic! look at all of the comments!

  97. Happy Last Day of the Birthday Bash to US! Happy Last Day of the Birthday Bash to US!


    Tina, when I'm really tired, I'm barely coherant, let alone able to appear CHEERFUL!!!

    At the ACFW conference, I signed up for an appt. with an editor on Saturday after staying up until 2:30 AM talking shop with Raj.

    What was I thinking??? I scrambled my words so bad, I doubt the editor would ever want to work with me. And it wasn't just pich nerves.

    No...this was BAD, really bad. Trust me! I've blocked that editor's shocked face from my mind. I'm not even sure who it was! lol

  98. Pam that is too funny... er I mean to say I'm sure it's not as bad as you think. ;)

    I can so see myself doing the same thing. When I'm sleepy I don't make a whole lot of sense. (Just read my late night comments on here)


    Did that wake y'all up?!

    10yo stayed home today. Bout broke my heart to wake her up at 8 but had to take 4yo to preschool. She's going to hang out with me this morning and us this afternoon after we go pick him up. She's feeling much better but a day to chill after as bad as it was last night is a good thing.

    Stopping at Walmart on our way to pick up the 4yo and will get some Jergens most likely since I couldn't find any at the house. I think it fell and busted the more I think about it.

    Okay - house needs to be shiny before starting on NaNo so I'm wrangling the 10yo into helping. She gets to do stuff like sit there and put all the blocks in the trays so they can stack while I, like, clean. ;)

  100. Don't forget to give us your suggestions!!

    " And while you're at it give us some suggestions for future contests you'd like to see us hold here in Seekerville."

  101. What a great month this has been, Seekers! Thanks for all the prizes, the tips, the great conversation and the fellowship of writers who love Jesus.

    I haven't been thinking of any contests, since I'm still working on the second draft of my WIP, but I plan to get a lot of work done on it in November. It's my own personal NaNoWriMo, even if I'm not writing something brand new.

    Although I might dust something old off, and enter one of those short story ones...

  102. Whitney, I don't know if anyone answered your question yet, but definitely, I would suggest entering it in the Inspirational category. Historical judges will not be expecting an Inspirational story, and there are other reasons I won't into!

  103. Good luck Nancy, Bridgett, Pepper and anyone else who is entering the contests this month! I pray your feedback is constructive and that it helps you all become the writers God intends you to be.

  104. What a great way to celebrate! :) Of course I'd love to be included for books, netbook, a critique...Thanks so much! :)

    Have a great week all!
    Thanks and blessings,

  105. I agree with Melly. If you have an inspirational category, utilize it. You will have judges more favorable to your genre.

    But every once in a while I have entered a non inspy category because there wasn't an inspy one, simply to get story feedback. Because a good story is a good story is a good story. But it is a risk.

  106. Carol, your GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNING SEEKERVILLE made me think of Ty Pennington and Extreme Home Makeover, LOL!!!

  107. oooh TWO PENS? Tina, you were holding out on us then... Glad you fessed up.

    Wawzah 108 comments already? Wshew! Way to go out with a birthday BANG in Seekerville!


    I'm hunkered down writing the sequel to May's book so for now, no more contests. (May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy is entered as a published work. I guess we'll hear how it does early next year some time. May has her paws crossed!)

    Because of you ladies, we did enter one last year and the feedback was VERY helpful. Thank you so much!

    Have a PAWSOME last day of October... (can it be?!)

  108. The Gotcha gives really good feedback, for anyone who is considering entering. :-)

  109. Ashley -

    OR... Robin Williams in Good Morning VietNam. That's what I always hear in my head... Though Ty is up there a close 2nd. :)

  110. Annie, my fingers are crossed too. I definitely need a new laptop.

  111. The competition I'm in right now is to get words on the page. :D Breaking 10K this week is the goal!

  112. Great info as always, Tina! Thanks! Hoping lots of Villagers enter the contests!

    Love my pink and white Seekerville pen! Nice to know others will get to enjoy them too.

    Happy Halloween!


  113. KC Frantzen: I have never seen Robin Williams in that movie. It is a movie right? is it good?

  114. Love the Tulsa picture! Sleep deprived Tina and our Energizer bunny Ruthy. Giggling.


  115. Happy Monday Seekerville! Thanks for the contest info. Tina (LOVE that pic of you and Ruthy--BUT you don't look grumpy--just "thoughtful"*smile*). ~ I've been writing with a Seekerville pen recently and it's become my VERY favorite pen to use (yes, it's pink--my FAVORITE color!). Cannot remember WHO gave it to me at ACFW, but I love it! ~ Don't have any suggestions, but I DO appreciate all the information you provide for us. ~ Hugs from Georgia (where it's a GORGEOUS Autumn day!), Patti Jo :)
    p.s. Brought some cinnamon coffee cake to share---goes great with Helen's coffee. ;)

  116. Ruthy,
    I'm dressed up at work today :-)
    Just gave a mid-term exam as a masquerade princess.

  117. Thanks for the update!!

    LOL on the photo!! Was Ruthy pinching you or something?? ;) Tina, you have such a beautiful smile. You should show it off! :)

  118. Aha! Now I see the explanation on the photo. LOL Poor Teenster. Ruthy in the morning. I can just imagine! LOL

  119. No contests this month - I'm NANOING!!!!! But maybe December - and next year.

    But I still REALLY want Wake Up Your Muse. Enter me PLLEEZZZZZZZZ.


  120. I SHOULD have grabbed a pen at ACFW, but well, I thought I better let someone who hadn't heard of Seekerville before have one. :) Pepper got one though. I ALWAYS get what Pepper gets. The girl has good taste. :)

  121. Pepper - how fun is THAT?!

    Ashley - yes - we really enjoyed it. It's loosely (how loosely I don't really know) based on a true story... See what you think...

  122. That's right Janet, brag that YOU ALSO have a pen...

    Y'all are cruel.
    Suddenly, the pink and white pen is the must have item at the conference.

    When I helped businesses with their items for trade shows, etc. a number of years ago, Beanie Babies were all the rage. We ordered some little pandas dressed in a vest with the company's logo. They went like crazy (and thus our objective was met - get people to the booth).

  123. KC Fantzen: I might just do that. ;-)
    Pepper, you must be having fun with that! At least you have Halloween spirit. It seems like everyone I know feels that dressing up for Halloween is childish. You go, girl!

  124. Totally fun, KC
    And the students just roll their eyes or say 'cool costume, wish I'd dressed up'

  125. KC: what a cute idea! The beanie babies can still be a hot item. We were at a festival a few weeks ago, and the beanie baby toy prizes were going quickly at one booth. :-)

  126. Melanie,

    ...and what a fabulous contest TO win! I'd say it is one of the more meaningful ones!

    Ok - off to take on the day!
    Y'all remember, May is having a drawing tomorrow evening for a prize pack. Go to and sign up for May updates. The winner will receive a copy of the book, the Mini-May plush toy AND choice of pet treats (May approved of course)!!

  127. Tina: I have to agree with CatMom: you look more thoughful than grumpy. :-) Have a blessed day!

  128. Cheerful and grumpy? Lol Who wrote that? :)

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    I'm not entered in any writing contests right now but am diligently working away writing 1k per day! :) Good luck to everyone entered in contests!

    Eva Maria Hamilton at gmail dot come

  129. Case,
    I must like what you have so much, I stole your ACFW notebook ;-)

  130. TINA TINA - wait! I want the pink pen! My college daughter (actually she's not in college anymore, duh! She's a 3rd grade teacher now!) is OBSESSED with pink! I need a pink pen for her Christmas stocking! She would LOVE. LOVE, LOVE to grade her papers with a PINK pen! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! I know, I shouldn't beg, sorry! I just want it :) PS: I really want your new book in MY stocking :) (oops, is that considered begging too?)

    Good luck to all those who enter the contest! What talent you all have!


  131. Look what happens when you take time out for breakfast~130 comments!

    I agree with everyone else about the picture, Tina. Not grumpy. Maybe a bit "deer in the headlights". After all, Ruthy is looking pretty chipper (maybe TOO chipper) for going through what you described!

    So you can change the caption to "psychotic and worried". Or "cheerful and realistic". Or maybe just "Chip and Dale"?

    I'm still thinking on your question about future contests for Seekerville. Anyone else have any good ideas?

  132. Coffee... if I'm this desperate for more, the lot o' youse must be feeling the same!

    Here you go. Fresh stuff. And the Keurig's available.

    Check out those flavors. A Keurig should be on almost everyone's Christmas list.

    I am addicted. Yes. I admit it.

    Shame on me.

  133. Hmmm, the one time I don't copy my comment and I lose it.

    Tina, what is it you like about Gotcha? I've never entered that one before. I'm still debating on GH, guess I better make a decision soon.

  134. Bridgett, I've never gotten the hang of the plotting my board. One of my writing friends loves it, but I can't seem to figure it out.

    Congratulations on entering the contests.

  135. One last 'Happy Birthday' to Seekerville!
    And here's to a great November month! :)

    Ganise G. Clermont

  136. Ausjenny, if you win the pen I know someone who would enjoy it! Hahaha

    BTW I received my book from Joyce Magnin last week and my books from Christine Johnson so THANK YOU authors and Seekerville for the lovely gifts. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  137. I like the score sheet and I like the fact that I know the coordinator and her heart is really for the unpublished author. They consistently support inspirational fiction too.

    The coordinator judges formatting so there is no dickering on silly formatting issues.

    Here is the score sheet btw

    BTW you should always ask for a scoresheet preview before entering any contest.

    Then tweak your entry to the contest score sheet.

    Silicon Valley RWA

    Title of Entry xxx Entry # xxx
    Targeted Publisher xxx Judge #
    If Series, Targeted Line xxx International? xx


    5= Perfect, can’t find a flaw. Get out the champagne and caviar.
    4= Great job, but needs some minor tweaking. Pat yourself on the back!
    3= Off to a great start, but needs more work. Concentrate on problem areas.
    NOTE: This is the baseline score, where all entries start.
    2= Shows promise but needs major revisions. Get out your red pen and chocolate.
    1= Back to the drawing board, but remember, writing is a skill. Mastering it takes time, patience and a, “don’t give up” tenacity. So hang in there and keep trying.

    Judges, please expand on your responses whenever possible and comment on ALL scores of three or less--that’s what makes the GOTCHA! great.

    Presentation of Entry: SCORE ___5___/ 5 POINTS

    ___5___1. This entry is 15 pages or less and follows both common industry standards and the GOTCHA! contest rules. (SCORED BY COORDINATOR)

    Opening: SCORE ______/ 20 POINTS

    ______2. Does the opening page GETCHA? Does it pull you into the story?
    ______3. Is the situation plausible and intriguing? Does it grab your attention?
    ______4. Is the right amount of information revealed? Or are the first pages bogged down with description or back-story?
    ______5. Is the reader sufficiently grounded? Do you have a sense of time and place?

    Characterization: SCORE______/ 15 POINTS

    ______6. Does the hero and/or heroine show strengths and flaws? Do the characters come alive?
    ______7. Are his/her actions and reactions appropriate and consistent?
    ______8. Do the characters make you care? Are you emotionally invested in the characters?


    Story SCORE______/15 POINTS

    ______9. Is the storyline fresh and appealing, even if it contains familiar romantic ingredients?
    ______10. Does the story show potential for strong internal and external conflict?
    ______11. Does the hook at the end of the entry make you want more?

    Dialogue/Narrative: SCORE______/15 POINTS

    ______12. Is point of view clear at all times? Are any POV changes handled smoothly?
    ______13. Does the dialogue sound natural and distinctive for each character and move the story forward?
    ______14. Is action balanced with dialogue and narrative? Are descriptions and details pertinent?

    Writing Craft: SCORE______/25 POINTS

    ______15. Is the entry presented professionally with few typos or grammar and punctuation errors?
    ______16. Is the writing easy to read with interesting word choices, varied sentence length and structure? Are any transitions smooth and easy to follow?
    ______17. Are there instances where characters' reactions and emotions are shown rather than told?
    ______18. Are the senses used to create a vivid picture and enhance the mood?
    ______19. Does the entry follow the conventions of the category/sub genre?

    Emotional Reaction: SCORE______/ 5 POINTS

    ______20. Does the entry hook you from the start and never let you go? Was the entry a "Gotcha?"

    Judge's Name (optional)

    Published in Romance? Other Genre?

    Unpublished? Pro pin Member?

    Contest Finalist? Which Contests?

    Years of Judging Experience? Trained judge?

    Silicon Valley Gotcha! Contest Additional Comments:

    1. The entry's strengths:

    2. Areas that need improvement and suggestions:

    3: Overall Comments:

  138. Christina do you have Deb Dixon's GMC?

    I tweak the plotting board for my own use.

  139. KC and May got it :D.

    Robin Williams.

    Though Ty is a good choice too. He hadn't occurred to me.

    Did y'all see the 7 houses in 7 days build they did in Joplin last week?! Can't wait to see it air! January I think for the 200th episode.

    House is cleaner. 10yo is still home. Leaving in a few to hit Walmart and get some stuff. Not gonna get everything done I wanted to. Ah well. Life will go on. And everyone has clean clothes :D.

    Tina - thanks for posting that. I'd glanced at it but it was a while ago. Going to forget it and move on. I hope. ;)

  140. Good morning everyone,

    Thanks for the contest update. Think I need to check a few out!

    But I'm really gearing up for NaNoWri - my first ever attempt. So I have no idea how much time I'll have left over after all that writing!

    But by December I'll have more material for more contests!

    I have 2 proposals in with 2 different agencies, so in the meantime I am going to start a new story! Not quite a Conneally but aiming in that direction!

    Have a great day.

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  141. I think I had a pink pen from the conference. My daughter probably stole it. Pink is her color!!

  142. It's been a wonderful birthday month, and I imagine you're all exhausted! Take a little time to sit on the beach and watch Jack prance around looking for some rum. :)

  143. Just racing through all these comments already this morning. My goodness, we all must still be on an after-birthday-bash high!

    On the subject of entering a ms. in a non-inspy category, I did that once with ONE IMPERFECT CHRISTMAS before it was published. Since it's actually more women's fiction that a "real" romance, I entered it in the Mainstream with Romantic Elements category of the Winter Rose--and it WON!

  144. Good luck with NaNoWriMo, Susan. I'm not going to "write' during it because I'm editing, but since I only do that on certain days, I'm to push to edit 1,000 words per day, just to get farther and to try NaNoWriMo.

    Tina, are you Seekers going to be posting on NaNoWriMo at all? This is the first year I'd heard of it, and I'm curious to know how many others are trying it.

  145. I have a pink pen in my purse, but it's not a Seekerville pen :(

    Methinks you need to get more, seeing the demand here for them!

  146. I want a pen also! Wow I didn't realize there was so many contest for authors.

  147. Hi,
    It's been a great month. I would like to have a chance at all of the prizes except for the five page critique.
    Thank you,
    Trinity Rose
    wandaelaine at gmail dot com

  148. It's been a fantastic month here on Seekerville. So sad the month is nearly over. I entered the Genesis this year and the feedback helpful in improving my story. The encouragement all year long here has kept me on track. You ladies are so giving. Thanks again, Tina, for the contest update. Planning to enter WOW Fiction Quarterly Contest. Loved to be entered for the Notebook.

  149. It's kind of sad that October is over, it sure flew past for me, entering blog posts every day after reading the blogs (I learned lots too). I don't know what day for sure I started making comments, of course the Toshiba Notebook was the grand prize I was after as well as all the books by all you special authors that were daily drawings.
    Now there is a pink pen AND a book by Tina for the readers (me, me, me, that's what I am) in the pot for today? A special bonus for ending the month (or beginning a new one?) I do love pink and I do love Tina's writing style (I'd suggest her books to ANYONE).
    Pam Williams
    cepjwms (at) wb4me (dot) com

  150. Note to self: Add Pam J to your Christmas List.

  151. Yes Ruth, I need that coffee!! Not sure why but I can hardly stay awake today. I must get perked up because I have bunches to do!

  152. I agree with Erica, you all at Seekerville have really out done yourselves. Exhausting your time, energies and some finances. We should probably do something for you now. Don't know what but…

    Of course when I say we I mean everyone else…


    If anyone is interested… tpins313
    (at) let's discuss it.

    On another note… I think we should take a Seekerville BACK TO THE ISLAND CRUISE. (to Alaska :-?) Plan it for a few years from now so I can save up.

  153. Also if Cheery and Grumpy are planning a get together, I believe the middle should be somewhere around Phoenix...

  154. Bananas brown real fast here.

    so I've made some fresh banana bread, coming out of the oven just now, piping hot.

  155. Tina P. - I was thinking the middle for those two would be somewhere around Rapid City...

  156. WHO-HOO!! I absolutely LOVE Christmas!! (almost as much as I love all you authors' books)

    Why can't the middle be... like... Southern Colorado?

    Pam Williams
    cepjwms (at) wb4me (dot) com

  157. Alaska? I am pretty sure it's cold there.

    Phoenix in the spring.

    Desert Dreams Conference. Nothing like leaving the Denver snow for an April warm conference in Denver.

    And it's only 3 days and 200 bucks.

    Seriously a good deal.

    Desert Dreams

  158. Just read Oklahoma Reunion over the weekend, and loved it. I'm game for a 5-page critique, though, and of course, a pink pen.

    My how fast the month has flown by!

  159. I have to go back and read the comments, but I could do AZ in April. I've never been to AZ before.

  160. I was just wondering, Stephanie, how many Friends of Seekerville were doing NaNo this year. I'm am, and my NaNo name is PatriciaW. Love to buddy with anyone else who is doing it.

  161. Yay! I entered the Gotcha contest last week and there is another one here that sounds perfect. Thanks for the list!

    Oh, and a five page critique would be awesome--please sign me up. But don't put me in for Oklahoma Reunion, I just got a copy in the mail from a lovely Seekerville member ;) (thank you so much, by the way!) Have a super week!

  162. Tina Radcliffe, you temptress, you!

    Before I knew it I was checking airline prices to Phoenix in April!

    ...and then the mail came and reality (aka bills) sunk in...


    Of course, with God all things are possible!

  163. Tina,thanks so much for your commebns about contesting (is this a word?). I've never even thought to look at the score sheet before hand (see how green I am in this world?). Appreciate you posting the things Gotcha looks for.

    Stephanie, I'm doing my own personal NaNo for the first time this year. By "personal" I mean I have a WIP that is finally gaining momentum, and I want to write 50K words on it in November. I've seen a few others posting today who are attempting NaNo too. Happy writing to everyone who is!

  164. Tina, I don't have Deb's GMC book yet. It's on the to-buy list.

    Thank you for sharing the score sheet. I'll go check it out. I do like that they support Inspirational category which seems to be rare.

  165. Gosh, that pink pens more popular than a bride's bouquet about to be tossed at a wedding reception!

    It may be the last day of the birthday bash but this place is like a party every day.

    If I keep saying nice things can I get excused from mop detail? :)

  166. OH, I'm not sure if I need to mention this, but please enter me in all the drawings but the one for the critique. :)

    Tina, I just looked at the pic of you and Ruthy again. I'm just saying I wish I looked as good after three hours of sleep as you do! :)

  167. All these giveaways have me giddy with anticipation. Mmm... a pink pen, a good book, or a five page critique? Any one of them would finish my month of in great form. But first I have to reread that list of contests. There *must* be one I ought to enter. :)

  168. Check it out!!!

    New ACFW Promo video with the loverly FoS Pepper Basham and her Appalachian accent :D.

    Plus you can see me and Helen at one point. If you look closely. At the gala. I'm standing. She's sitting next to me.

    I'm sure there's others as well... :D

  169. How exciting, Patricia W and Jeanne T! I hope you and anyone else trying it succeed in your NaNoWriMo goals!

    I'm going to contact some of the local English teachers in our community to see if they are doing anything NaNoWriMo-related so I could write a feature story on them for the paper (I'm a reporter). I'd love to highlight young writers and give them encouragement!

  170. Wait just a cotton pickin' minute, where's the food?! I think since it's the last day of the party we need to go all out so I'm bringing snowballs and hot caramel lattes topped with whipped cream and drizzed with even more caramel. It's still chilly so I figured you guys could use a pick me up! ;-)

    XOXO~ Renee

  171. I've got some Chili and Grilled Cheese sandwiches to share. Lots of soda too - take your pick - Pepsi or Mt. Dew

  172. Sent in my entry for the Gotcha contest.

  173. Renee

    I brought some Banana bread, didn't you get any?

  174. The problem with contests for me is the money. We're a one income family and unless hubby sees the advantage, there's no money for contests. I'm trying to sell some writing, but it's been a slow go for me this year.

  175. I'm beginning to understand why so many writers don't get published until AFTER the kids are out of the house. LOL It's definitely a challenge!

    Pink pen? Count me in! :D It'd make up for not getting to see you guys at ACFW. Not. But I'll still take it. :D

  176. OOH Good Point - I'm in for the five page critique if it's still open.


  177. Tina, I'm just checking back, did you SAY I could have the pink pen or not :) You didn't answer my post, you naughty blogger! I want it for my daughter's Christmas stocking! I was SURE you'd pick me out of everyone who has asked for it! My daughter is a teacher and I'm sure you love teachers the best! I'm thinking you need to get a whole lotta pick pens to accommodate everyone!!!!!


  178. My TBR pile is growing.

    Mended Hearts arrived from Amazon yesterday. Today I got books from Myra and Julie.

    Have to get my work done before I can read.

    Carol: Found us in the video!!

    Still thinking about what kind of contests I would like to see.


  179. Just checking back in here, and see that there's still discussion about Pink my dh says about me, I'm easily amused. I guess that's why we just celebrated our 33rd wedding anniversary, lol. But it also seems that a lot of you are also easily amused too! It's the little things... :)


  180. Carol M, Thanks for posting the ACFW video. I didn't know there was such a video out there.


  181. Tina P- Hmm okay banana bread--nuts or no nuts? I don't like nuts. :-( The local bakery makes banana cake with banana frosting and it's to die for! I love banana flavored stuff but I don't like eating a banana straight up. It's the texture I guess. :-P

    XOXO~ Renee

  182. Who wouldn't love a pink pen? But I'd really love a 5 page critique.

    Thanks for the contest info. I entered 2 this year. I'll try to fight the jitters and get one more in. I appreciate all you do to help get us published!

    Jackie Layton

  183. Renee you're making me hungry. I don't even have any Halloween candy to share. We don't get any trick or treaters back here in the woods.

  184. Someone mentioned chili??? Oh that sounds so good, but I'm in time-out from food.

    I ate enough yesterday at homecoming for the entire week.


  185. Count me in for Tina's book and a pen!!! This has been a wonderful month at Seekerville!!!

  186. Ooooh, today's Halloween, isn't it? I'd better crate the dog (she's NOT friendly to strangers!) and buy a bit of candy.

    We rarely get TorT'ers, but I'd hate for them to have to fight their way through a rabid dog, AND have to settle for LAST year's candy!

    Poor kids!

  187. This comment has been removed by the author.

  188. That deleted comment was mine - sorry. I'll try again:

    Pam - My soon-to-be-18yo son gave me these rules for handing out the candy:

    1) Homemade costume? 2 pieces of candy

    2) Store bought costume? 1 piece of candy

    3) Store bought costume that could have been homemade? 0 pieces of candy

    4) Twilight-style vampire costume on overage trick-or-treater? Take candy from them

  189. Oh Pam I know what you mean about crating the dog! We don't crate Coco but it's always fun to hassle with her on Halloween, she loves strangers, kids, and candy so every time a kid knocks at the door she's trying to push me outta the way to say hi! Last year she scared some poor lady half to death when Coco gout out and ran up to see the lady's baby in the stroller! Coco loves everyone.

    XOXO~ Renee

  190. Oooh, good rules, Jan!

    Renee, our chocolate lab, Ruby (RIP) loved everyone and would let kids pet her. She'd just roll over and we never worried she might bite anyone.

    She was a Christian dog...she went to church 4 times a week until she got to feeble to trot the 1/2 mile to church.

    Now, our black mouth cur that my son rescued from the pound is a different story. I wouldn't want to bad-mouth Dakota, but if Ruby was a sweet, Christian dog, then Dakota... well, let's just say she needs to do some repentin'

    But, the funny thing is that Ruthy hated (and I do mean HATED to the point of MURDER) other cats and dogs.

    Dakota LOVES cats and dogs, but hates people.

    It's the weirdest thing I ever saw! Can't I just have a dog that likes all the fauna???

  191. Ooh let me catch up!

    Plot board? Yeah, I tweak mine.

    Snowflake? Beyond my comprehension level.

    Banana bread? Yes please, with nuts.

    Pink pen? Yes. No wait, you can fight over the pen, I want the netbook. :)

  192. "I totally signed up for the National Readers Choice Awards judging so thanks for that info! I participated in a similar contest last year and I really enjoyed it."

    @ Renee (or anyone else) - Do you know what is involved in judging books if you are selected for this? It sounds like fun, but I'm curious about what I'd have to do ...

  193. Lady Dragon..etc.

    They send you a panel of books..4-6. You read them and score them on a scoresheet. Very easy. You get to keep the books.

    Tina at work now......

  194. Morning all. Have to say Halloween isn't really big in Australia. there will be the odd party etc but not much else and I am not unhappy about that considering they tend to feature on the dark side with witches etc. I have only ever had one person stop by for trick and treat the first year here and of course had nothing. not sure I would give anyway because its not a thing we do here anyway.
    Tina you were asking for suggestions of seeker contest prizes (I think) I love the idea of being able to name a character in a book.

  195. @ Lady Dragon- Tina pretty much covered it!

    @Pam- My cousin had a dog like that! They adopted him when he was like 8 weeks old and they always treated him kindly but somehow he wound up being a meany! His name was Snoopy but they called him Devil Dog, he was a heathen.

    The church that I go to in W. Va when I visit my cousins had their own Christian dog. It's a country church and the parsonage is right next door so they let the dog roam free during Sunday services. She always ended up coming in the door (they leave it open in summer) and she'd lay right in the aisle! So cute!

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  196. @Pam- Why does Ruthy hate cats and dogs? I took her as being a very nice person and lover of all things. LOL

    XOXO~ Renee C.