Saturday, November 5, 2011

Weekend Edition

Keep your eye on for upcoming events and surprises. You don't want to miss a giveaway or announcement! Let me repeat-take your cursor and click on the link. NOW!!

Don't forget our Golden Heart Entry opportunity -in honor of Divas Anne Barton and Lisa Connelly who won the 2011 GH in their categories, Seekerville is giving away one reimbursement of the GH entry fee to one commenter who enters the 2012 GH. This giveaway will remain open until the RWA GH deadline of November 15th or the contest is closed due to reaching the maximum entries. Forward Seekerville a copy of your email from RWA verifying entry into the contest to enter our contest!!

We Have Winners

Contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules here. All prizes are distributed within 6-8 weeks of winner announcements. Send us a note if we dropped the ball.

Last Saturday, Super Agent Natasha Kern was our special guest. The winners of the following books by her authors are:

9 am winner of A Vision of Lucy by Margaret Brownley—Elizabeth B
9 am winner of Code Triage by Candace Calvert—Joanne Sher
10 am winner of Her Rodeo Cowboy by Debra Clopton—Cindy W
10 am winner of Out of Control by Mary Connealy— Sally from Newport, VA
11 am winner of Belonging (Where the Heart Lives) by Robin Lee Hatcher—Jan Marie
11 am winner of A Horseman's Heart by Myra Johnson—Whitney
12 pm winner of Dreaming of Home by Glynna Kaye—DaisyTea
12 pm winner of Reclaiming Lily by by Patti Lacy —Katie Hart-Freelance Writer
1 pm winner of What the Bayou Saw by Patti Lacy — Natalia Gortova
1 pm winner of An Irishwoman's Tale by Patti Lacy — Pamela J
2 pm winner of Rhythm of Secrets by Patti Lacy—Amanda Stephan
2 pm winner of Julie Lessman Winner’s Choice or any of Julie’s books—Linnette Mullin
3 pm winner of Beyond All Measure by Dorothy Love—CaraG
3 pm winner of A Family for Faith by Missy Tippens— Lady Dragonkeeper
4 pm winner of Ten Plagues by Mary Nealy—Jo
4 pm winner of Within my Heart by Tamera Alexander—Sherida D
5 pm winner of Deeply Devoted by by Maggie Brendon—Aly Logan

Monday the prize vault was open for the Contest Update. Winner of Wake Up Your Muse by friend of Seekerville Jan Christiansen is Trinity Rose. Winner of the coveted pink and white Seekerville pen and a copy of Oklahoma Reunion by Tina Radcliffe is Mary Vee and the second winner of a pen and Oklahoma Reunion is Lyndee H. Our five page critique winner is Annie Rains.

Debut Love Inspired Historical author Jessica Nelson will be Double Dog-Daring you today! Winner of Oklahoma Reunion is Valri and winner of Seeker BOC is Janet from Jackson County.

Love Inspired author Winnie Griggs shared with Tracking Your Backstory on Wednesday. Winner of her October release--Once Upon a Thanksgiving: Season of Bounty\Home for Thanksgiving (Love Inspired Historical) by Linda Ford and Winnie Griggs is Katie McCurdy.

Tina Radcliffe, Albert Einstein and a wet noodle teamed up to bring you thirty lashes. Somehow, somebody decided because I offered to chat that I am wise. I am not wise. Just wanted to get that disclaimer out there before the winners are listed. Winner of a five page critique is Connie Queen and winner of a phone chat to discuss your issues, not mine is Edwina.

Love Inspired debut author Lisa Jordan was our guest today with Scrapbook Your Writing Journey. Winner of her November release, Lakeside Reunion is Jessica R Patch.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:Who is that guy?A hard look at secondary characters. And a chance to kill them off non-violently with Barbour and Bethany Publishing author Mary Connealy. In a total abuse of poor overlooked Thanksgiving Mary is doing a giveaway of a signed copy of Cowboy Christmas.

Tuesday: We welcome back the Grammar Queen to pontificate once more on the power of punctuation. Our topic of the day will be the lowly comma. When used correctly, we hardly notice this tiny stroke of the pen (or keyboard), but when the comma is misused or (heaven forbid!) missing entirely, whole kingdoms can topple! Grammar Queen will be giving away another copy of Anne Stilman's Grammatically Correct, so brush up on your grammar skills and join in Tuesday's class discussion.

Wednesday: Revell author Julie Lessman joins us to talk about Playing Favorites . Win your choice of a 5-page critique or a signed copy of one of Julie's books including her new release, A Heart Revealed.

Thursday: Stop in and hang out because Query Contest Coordinator Ruthy is doing a not-so-brief lesson on the art of writing an excellent query letter. Join her for good old-fashioned practice and leave a comment for a chance to win any one of Ruthy's seven books, including the sold-out Winter's End and the not-yet-released Yuletide Hearts.

Friday: We are delighted that we can spend Veteran's Day with Tricia Goyer! Tricia shares on stories hidden in the heart and will be giving away copies of Remembering You, her new release, which is a lovely tribute to Veteran's Day. You don't want to miss Friday!

Seeker Sightings

Congratulations to Glynna Kaye. At Home In His Heart is a 2011 Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Nominee!!

In her honor we're giving away a copy today (print or ebook). Just let us know you'd like to win this amazing book! Winner announced in the next Weekend Ed.

Myra Johnson's latest Heartsong Presents release, Gateway Weddings is now available.
Three Missouri women enter the gateway to life, love, and longing. Will these three couples be open to the plan God has for their lives—and loves? Learn more in the latest issue of Family Fiction, where you can also find a Myra Johnson Q & A.

The Black-Eyed Susan Acoustic Cafe in Angelica, NY is offering "Breakfast With Ruthy" on Saturday, November 12th from 9-11 AM. Come join Ruthy as she talks about her "Men of Allegany County" series and enjoy a continental breakfast and good conversation. Reservations are suggested and you know Ruthy would love to see you there!

Mary Christmas!

We're excited to announce that Mary Connealy will release a Christmas novella in ebook format next week along with a novella by Robin Lee Hatcher. More details as they are available. Keep watching our webpage for updates.

A Home for Christmas by Mary Connealy:

A spinster with a master's degree who is a world traveler, librarian by day and concert pianist by night, marries a Nebraska rancher with an eighth grade education. Their worlds are so far apart that each is afraid to admit their marriage of convenience is turning into a love match. When Christmas draws near Adelaide must decide if she can give up her hopes of owning a beautiful piano so her husband can have the stallion he needs for his ranch. And Graham may need to sell his perfect brood mare, the ideal mate to his stallion, to fully express his love for his wife by buying her the Christmas gift of her dreams.

Mary can also be found on Friday, November 11th on Lena Nelson Dooley's Blog with a giveaway of Ten Plagues!

Julie Lessman Sightings: October 11 to November 14, 2011-Join Julie at Book Reviews by Lady Katy blog for a Q & A session and a chance to win a signed copy of any of her books including her upcoming release, A Heart Revealed.

October 31 to November 14, 2011-Join Julie at Debbie Lynn Costello's blog, The Sword & the Spirit blog, for a chance to win a signed copy of her new release, A Heart Revealed.

Random News and Information

Debby Giusti at her recent booksigning. (Click on photo to enlarge)
Debby poses with bookseller Karen Duncan as they prepare to draw the gift basket winner.

Have a great week. And keep writing....


  1. Congrats to all the winners!!!

    Looks like a great week ahead!!!

  2. Yay for the winners!

    And I'd love to win a copy of Glynna's nominated book!

    Congrats Glynna!

  3. Congratulations, winners!

    The coffee pot's ready.

    WE tells us what you DID.
    WE tells us what you're DOING.
    WE tells us what you're GOING TO DO.

    WE keeps us straight.

    Thank you for WE.


  4. Helen's a poet and I didn't know it.

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!!

    Cute Helen :)

  6. WHAT?? I didn't win anything? Man, I'm like Pavlov's dog and the bell has rung... HA! Congrats to all the winners and it's an odd day when I don't win something on Seekerville...
    The WE is one of my favorite days because all the great links at the bottom. Can't wait to check them all out. :D

    Hellen, you're so funny! It took me a second to figure out what you were writing about...

  7. Glynna, congratulations!!!! So seriously Snoopy Dancing for you in upstate New York! You rock!

    And congrats to all of our Seekerville winners as well! Pink pens...


    Okay, okay, okay, calming down here. Trying to remain calm.

    I'm writing a synopsis today. I'm going to pretend I love writing these babies. That's my weekend goal. (NOTE TO VINCE: ONCE I HIT 20k IN A NEW BOOK, I CAN TACKLE THE SYNOPSIS WITH SOME DEGREE OF ACCURACY)...

    Teeeeena, great WE and I cannot wait for Mary's novella to be released online. OH, YAY!!!!!!!

  8. OK. Another great week for which I was totally AWOL. Congrats to all the winners.

    Ruthy, I've never wished I lived in New York before, but I'm wishing it now. Sounds like you're gonna have a blast.

    I absolutely want to be entered for Glynna's book!

    Sounds li

  9. Yaay! Congrats to all the winners. I am happy to have won another five page critique :)I really wanted that phone call from Tina though. You'll have to offer more of those, Tina.


    And thanks for the congrats on the RT Reviewer's Choice Award nomination. That really took me by surprise!

    It's SNOWING here--the sticking-to-the trees, roof tops and ground kind. Guess I'd better get my Christmas shopping plans moved to the priority list!

  11. Congrats to all the winners!

    YAY! A Mary Connealy novella.

    Myra, the cover of your new book looks lovely.

    Ruthy, I'm scouring the stores for Yuletide Hearts so I'll be ready once it pops up there :-) So excited!!!

    Happy a wonderful weekend.

  12. Oh and Tina,
    Wonderful WE - as usual.

  13. CONGRATS to all the winners, and THANK YOU TINA for the terrific job you do on the WE !! ~ Mary Conneally in the wreath was such a cute idea! Gave me a chuckle. :) And this coming week in Seekerville sounds WONDERFUL--the posts, the prizes, and I know there will be tons of food (am trying to come up with some *new* goodies to bake and bring---ya'll are probably about "peached out" by now, LOL). ~ Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  14. p.s. Glynna - - CONGRATULATIONS!!!! SO happy for you! ~ And Helen, LOVE what you wrote...and I really need some of your COFFEE.... ~ Hugs, PJ

  15. PEPPER! Look at you in that new pic! Gorgeous as always girl!

    And yeah - I'm in for Glynna's book :D. Forgot...

    carolmoncado at gmail dot com

  16. Congrats to all the winners!

    And Mega Congrats to Glynna!! Please enter me for the chance to win a copy of her book.

    Looks like a great week ahead.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend!!


  17. Congratulations to all the winners!

    It's a dreary overcast day in SE South Dakota....just perfect for me to start revising my WIP.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  18. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Congratulations, Glynna, on the RT nomination!! We're proud of you and your book.

    Congratulations, Mary, on the Christmas novella. Fun to share the eBooks with Robin Lee Hatcher! Can't wait to download it on my Kindle.

    I'm reading Pam's Stealing Jake. Loving it!

    Thanks for the coffee, Helen. Hoping more caffeine will ease this headache.

    Have a great weekend all. The sun is shining this morning. Cold and beautiful here! Sorry about the snow, Glynna, but I'm sure it's gorgeous.



    HELEN ... talents in poetry you've kept underwrap -- who knew???!!! :)

    MARY ... SUPER CONGRATS on the Christmas novella ... you are gonna ROCK!!!

    VIRGINIA SAID: WHAT?? I didn't win anything? Man, I'm like Pavlov's dog and the bell has rung... HA!

    LOL ... October does kind of prime the pump, doesn't it, though??? Glad you were a winner.

    TEENSTER ... yet ANOTHER fabulous WE!!


  20. Pepper, love the picture. AND I love pestering you on facebook...

    Why are you here? Go finish the book.

    Go along, now. Shoo....

    Hey, I'm leaving triple snickerdoodle cookies for you all. I played with them with Nolan yesterday and we came up with THREE DISTINCT cookies from one recipe.

    That makes everybody happy!

    Leaving some with the lot o' youse. Regular snickerdoodles, dusted with cinnamon sugar, M&M snickerdoodles, glazed and glazed with sprinkles.

    A triple treat.

  21. Congratulations to all the winners! What a winning week in Seekerville.
    Tina, I always enjoy reading the WE. You really do write a good one.

    Helen, love the WE poem. :) Double meanings are always fun.

    Ruthy, hope your synopsis comes together well. I've written one so far, and it was difficult. Are ya saying it doesn't get any easier the more you do? Sigh.

    Please put me in the drawing for Glynna's book. BTW, a big congrats to YOU, Glynna!!

    Happy writing everyone!

  22. I'm on Monday and we can talk more about it then, but this novella I'm doing is based on my mother's mother and father.
    It's much fictionalized of course, but the fundamental story is true. My maternal grandmother was a world traveler. She had a master's degree. She was an amazing piano player and she had a grand piano in her country farm house. (they were Nebraska farmers not Nebraska ranchers, but c'mon, I write cowboys).
    And I asked my mom once, when did they get the grand piano? And mom has no idea. And her big sister has no idea. It was always just there, this grand piano taking up all of one room. I always thought it was sort of 'transported' there (as a child) because it was too big to have really fit in the house.
    And, almost weirder, my grandma lived the last two years of her life with my aunt. I was fourteen when she moved out of that house, sixteen when she died. My mom had eight kids, I was third, so the woman was very, very busy. And mom has no idea where the piano went. Did someone sell it? Take it? Mom has no idea and she asked and no one seemed sure. "Oh, I think someone sold it." (very vague) and of course all the children except my mom, who is youngest, have passed away before I could get my head together and just ASK someone.
    So the piano 'appeared' and then it 'disappeared'. It was very fun to play around with that piano as a gift of love from my rural, uneducated grandfather to his big city wife.
    I'll add here that I suspect that even with the college degree and the job and all the travel and accomplishment, I suspect because she was a spinster, my grandma was considered a failure. While my grandpa with the eighth grade education who owned a farm was probably a big success. I think they just measured people that way back then.
    Anyway, super fun to write. Except I kept hearing my mom in my head saying, "That's no how it happened."
    To the point I'm not sure I even want her to read it. What's the point's far from a biography.

  23. Pepper the Pirate
    Captain Pepper
    Jolly Pepper (Jolly Roger!!)

    Aye Matey.

  24. And ROSE, that's a new picture for you isn't it? I like it. I noticed it yesterday and didn't get you told it's great.

  25. And now I need to get back to work.
    I've got the third book in my Kincaid Bride's series nicely on the way with final revisions.
    And I'm loving it. But I've also got another novella to write and I'd like to get my attention turne to it because it's enticing me.

  26. Mary~

    I posted from my phone earlier and kept losing my comments, but I was going to mention the novella. I finally got fed up and went back to sleep (it was 5:30 am on Saturday, after all).

    I don't know about your mom, but I definitely want to read this story. You mentioned it on a giveaway blog recently, I had visions of having to wait years for it. I'm so excited to hear that it's coming so soon. Yay! now I just need some kind of e-reader capabilities so I can read it. I'm working on that.

    Sounds like this is gonna be a great week. I will, I will, I will stop in at least once a day.

    Later ladies. I have an afternoon movie date with some friends, and I've gotta get a move on.

  27. Looks like another great week in Seekerville...and the model on Myra's "Gateway Weddings" book is really cute.

  28. RUTH:

    Old Russian Folk Saying

    “Scratch a published pantser and underneath you’ll find a plotter.”

    BTW: who knows the real folk saying?

    This is the 21st Century: it’s time for plotters to come out of the closet.


    Grand Master of the 2012 Plotter’s Pride Parade.

  29. YYYYAAAYYY Glynna! Great WE - sounds fabulous. And I won a Candace Calvert book! wooo! :D

  30. Congrats to all the NaNo's for reaching day 5.

  31. Thanks Mary and Tina ( the other day when I didn't get back to comment). This is one of the pictures I had taken at ACFW conference.

  32. Congrats to all the winners! Mary C., I *heart* your face in a Christmas wreath!

  33. That basket Debby's holding is HUGE-MONGOUS! Whoever won that was one lucky lady!

    Under the weather this week, but at least it's a temporary sinus/cold/allergy thing. My heart truly goes out to friends with chronic illness.

    Hello Jolly Pepper!!

    Vince, loved the turn on "Scratch a panster". lol Only a bunch of writers would get a kick out of reading that.

  34. Vince....

    That's after 20K, my friend. So by then if you don't have a clue where you're going, you'll never type 'the end', right????

    So this is what I knew:

    He's older.
    She's younger.
    He's a Grinch.
    She's Pollyanna in a business suit.
    He's served his country well and his family poorly.
    She's got no family to speak of except for an aunt and cousin she loves and a half-brother she barely knew.

    But when her half-brother dies in combat and her sister-in-law is deployed, she must take charge of her two nephews as she opens her new retail destination shopping mall in time for the busy Christmas season.

    That was it. But it took me to 20K and enough to write that synopsis.

    Do you really plan, plan?

    Because I'd have to like, kill someone. Whoever might be handy, you know? But that was pretty darned funny.

    I will be the dissenter in your parade, the PANTSERS ROCK!!! alter-element.

    Take that, plotter!

  35. A great WE, Teenster! Thanks for keeping up with all the winners! And congrats to all.

  36. Mary, you did notice the HUGE CHRISTMAS WREATH, didn't you? Like the kind people put on their doors???

  37. Mary,
    How about Captain PepperJack? ;-)
    Sounds cheesy, doesn't it?

    I wanted to impress Jack with my fiesty costume! And let him know I stole his hat.

    Ruthy... I've been teaching 3 ten year olds how to sew American Girl Doll dresses today. Not a lot of writing, though.
    But...clean laundry, happy girls, and chicken & dumplings, potato cakes, green bea, and mac&cheese in the works.

  38. Jolly?
    I'm not jolly.
    I'm very serious.
    And pensive.

  39. It's hard to take you serious with that hat and your vest and poker in your hand.

    Where's the giant gold earring, Miss Pensive?

  40. Tina,
    I have on my very non-serious red dangling earrings with beads on them.
    Just so I could match Jack.

    But he was MUCH better at the eyeliner than me.
    And his walk is cuter.

    Oh well.

  41. Congrats to all winners. looking forward to hearing more of Mary's Grandmothers story.

  42. Congrats to everyone! Hip Hip Hooray!

    Another great week aheard, it appears!

  43. Congrats to all this week's winners!

  44. Hey -- Weekend Edition has switched to Saturdays! Who knew? And it's a great one too...though I'm slightly discombobulated now because I think it's Sunday and that means I have to go to work tomorrow but I really don't since tomorrow is Sunday but I'm reading the WE on Saturday which has me all discombobulated...did I say that already? Oy!

    And hey -- I checked with my Christian Bookstore and they have Myra's new release in stock. Whooohoooo! Now I just have to figure out when I can get over there an pick it up.

    Happy Fall Back Weekend everybody!

  45. Kav, it will be tough to get used to the new schedule! Only look at the bright side. You still have another whole day of weekend left! :)

    Don't y'all forget the time change tonight! You don't want to be early to church.

    (Sorry if someone mentioned this already. I'm just reminding myself) :)

  46. Another fabulous Weekend Edition, Tina! You rock!

  47. Hi Missy:

    Do you know how funny this is:

    “You don't want to be early to church.”

    Why? Do you think you’ll wake God up! : )


    NANO UPDATE: 18296 and smoking! I'm getting into the synopsis zone except I already have a 77 page outline and I know exactly how the story ends. It's such a happy ending, it's like a giant magnet pulling my pen towards the finish. I couldn't stop writing if I wanted to. : }

    BTW: Pantsers have never been able to plan an organized trip to the PPP. : )

  48. Woohooo! Congrats to Glynna and to all the winners. Have an Awesome Weekend everyone!

  49. Vince, we are going to tar and feather you with outlines.

  50. Congrats to the winners!

    And Mary, I love fictional stories that are actually based on an author's family history. I have one of my own I'm going to write someday, about my great-grandparents...

    Have a fabulous day, everyone!

  51. Hey everyone,

    Happy weekend! What a lot of prizes! How great is that!

    Congrats, Glynna! I'd love to be in your draw.

    And I love Myra's new book cover.

    Vince, a 77 PAGE outline! Egads! That's half a novel! Wow. I thought my 2 page outline with about 5 pages of character sketches, goals and motivations and moral premise outlines was long!

    I've done over 11,000 words for Nano! And I'm excited at being creative again.


  52. Hi Tina:

    That’s an interesting idea but where are you going to get so many outlines? If you write them yourself, you might be converted.

    Susan: while I have 77 pages of outline, (I did the whole outline while on vacation) I have almost never looked at them. I know the story so well that at any give point in the story I know how a pantseresque change will effect the whole novel. This make it very easy to make major changes because I know if the changes will derail the plot. In a way, I have far greater freedom to pantserize than a pantser does. BTW: 11,000 words is great production. Keep on keeping on it’s working for you.


  53. Just stopping by to say hey. And let know that you can rest assured... I will have eye on you. That's what voye... I mean writers do. Watch people

    Congrats to all the winners

  54. Vince.



    We pantsers and plantsers can plan a parade trip.

    Just not a BOOK.




    Congrats, my philosophical buddy. Huge congrats. May this be the manuscript that catapults you over the top and into the stratosphere of publication!

  55. hahaha good point Vince. I'd have to WRITE THEM FIRST. Egads, what have i got myself into???

  56. Vince, yu remind me fo the author Frank Beddor, who wrote the Looking Glass Wars trilogy. He thought about the whole thing for years before he ever wrote one word. It was all in his head.

    I think that's something that just doesn't work with my butter bean sized brain. I have to write it out or it's gone... in seconds.

    I friended you on the Nano site! I was hoping the guilt would spur me on but last night was all about good intentions.

  57. Congrats to all the winners!

    Congrats, Glynna, for the RT recognition of your work! Whoo-hoo!!!

    Congrats, Mary, for the novella release!!!

    Such an exciting Weekend Edition!

    Thanks, Tina, for pulling the picture of my favorite book seller off Facebook! Aren't you amazing! Yes, you are.

  58. Waving!!!

    (I just returned home from the Christian Writers Guild Boot Camp in Chicago... Wonderful!)

    Congrats to all the winners. Will read more in a bit!

  59. KC Welcome back. Be sure to stop by later and tell us all about your experience in the trenches..or digging trenches as the case may be.

    Hi, Gwendolyn!

  60. Yay, Glynna. Woo hoo!

    Congrats to the book winners. And there's a whole passel of 'em aren't there. :D

    Looks like a good line-up, too.

    Whoever created Mary in a wreath is very artistic. Her hair just merges right into that ribbon. Nice. :)

  61. WOW! Our NANO participants are really racking up the word counts!!! Way to go!

  62. Just saw the 'Plotter Pride Parade' comment!

    HAHAHAHA! Are you going throw beads? Or pens?

  63. I guess they'll throw pink pens. Maybe one of us will be lucky enough to catch one.

    Congrats, Glynna! What exciting news.

    I want to know - did everyone else take their cursor and click that link NOW for fear of Tina's wet noodle?

    Pirate Pepper Jack! Love it - cheese and all. :)
    I played a pirate in my college production of Peter Pan. As I recall, my one line was Shiver me timbers.

    Janet, hope the headache is better. And Pam too - sinus headaches seem to be all the rage this season. Yuck.

    Mary, we had a huge baby grand in the house growing up. My policeman grandfather gave it to my grandmother as an engagement present. Now you've got me wondering what ever happened to it. Can't wait for your novella.

    Happy WE everyone. Dare I admit how many times I read Helen's poem wondering how we did and we are doing and we are going to do - and wondering who we are? *sigh* Nano words are eating my brain away.

    Great WE, Tina! :)

  64. Mary Curry, it's only day 5 and you are already showing signs of NaNo Dementia. Go eat chocolate and lie down dear.

  65. Didn't get a chance to visit Seekerville over the weekend but how nice to pop in and see all the sweet comments about my new book cover! (Walt, you crazy guy, you!) Exciting to know the book is actually showing up in bookstores!

    Y'all be sure to make it to "class" Tuesday. Grammar Queen will be taking roll!

  66. I am so happy to see that I am a winner. Thank you so much! I've just sent you my address.