Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Edition

The third weekend of November and we're more than half way through NaNoWriMo.
How's your page count stacking up?

This just in...The Holt Medallion Contest is now accepting READER JUDGES.
Click here for more information.

We Have Winners

Contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules here. All prizes are distributed within 6-8 weeks of winner announcements. Send us a note if we dropped the ball.

The final results of the Seekerville Query Letter Contest are in and we're thrilled to announce that Melissa Endlich, Senior Editor for Love Inspired Books has requested a FULL MANUSCRIPT from each finalist.

Huge congratulations to finalists Elizabeth Bysiek, Clari Dees, Virginia Munoz, Melissa Norris, and Dianna Shuford!

Thank you so much to the twenty-five entrants who jumped into this contest. We're proud of all of you for having the courage to try and the success of these contests means that we'll be glad to do more impromptu contests in the future. So be ready!

Weekend Edition winner of Glynna Kaye's RT Reviewer's Choice Nominated release, At Home in His Heart is Mary Cline.

Winner of the ebook, Hot Cocoa for the Heart, the anthology featuring Friend of Seekerville, Walt Mussell is Debra Marvin.

Seven friends of Seekerville admitted they entered the Golden Heart. The winner of our Seekerville reimbursement of their Golden Heart entry fee is Mary Ann Diorio. Congratulations! No guts, no glory. No risk, no reward. We're proud of all of you who entered.

Monday Janet Dean chatted about "Getting to the Dark Side" and the winner of Janet's January release from Love Inspired Historical, An Inconvenient Match is Amanda Barratt.

Our guest Tuesday was Eva Marie Everson who shared why “It’s a Southern Thang (Y’all Wouldn’t Unda-stand)” and the winner of Chasing Sunsets is Joy!

Kathie Hightower and Holly Scherer were our guests on Wednesday. They shared how they went from self-publishing to print on demand to small publisher to large Publisher....Lessons learned along the way. Congratulations to Kirsten Arnold who won Help! I'm a Military Spouse, Patti Jo Moore who won Jump Into Life Workbook, and Jeanne T who won 1001 Things to Love About Military Life.

Love Inspired author Audra Harders was your hostess Thursday with "Would He Really Do That?" and other ways to figure out if your characters are acting, well, in character. Winner of Believable Characters: Creating With Enneagrams by Laurie Schnebly is Melissa Jagears.

Harlequin Mills & Boon author Kate Walker stopped by to chat on Friday. Winner of Kate Walker's 12-Point Guide to Writing Romance is Jenna V.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Join Abingdon Press and Barbour author Jennifer Hudson Taylor as she talks about The Journey from Book 1 to Book 2. She'll be generously giving away a copy of her new release from Abingdon Press, Highland Sanctuary.

Tuesday: Today come learn about a little known aspect of our publishing world--that of a freelance copy editor and proof reader. On Tuesday Sandra will interview Margaret Birth. Margaret Birth is a Christian writer who has been widely published in short fiction, short nonfiction, and poetry, both in the U.S. and abroad; in addition to working as a freelance writer, she's spent over a decade freelancing for multiple publishers as a manuscript reader, proofreader, and copy editor.

Wednesday: Join us for Pre-Thanksgiving fun when Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye gives us insight into "Your Characters---Close-up". She’ll be giving away her latest release At Home In His Heart and a decorative 2012 calendar.

Thursday: Seekerville is closed today. Happy Thanksgiving from our home to yours.

Friday: Today we offer an alternative to shopping madness when Lena Nelson Dooley visits to talk about settings. Stop by and comment to have your name tucked into a drawing for one of three books!

Seeker Sightings

Holiday Opportunity at the Yankee-Belle Cafe. Belle and the Yank love sharing the kitchen at Yankee-Belle! If you'd like to share your recipes and holiday thoughts by guest-blogging at the Cafe, give them a shout at yankeebellecafe (@) gmail (dot) com and they'll hook you up with a day, an audience and a whole lotta holiday fun!

On Saturday, November 19, Audra Harders will join authors Amanda Cabot, Candee Fick, Karin Kaufmann for a round table author Q and A at the Barnes & Noble located in Loveland, CO. The event is hosted by Front Range Christian Fiction Writers and will run from 10:00 - noon. If you're in the neighborhood, drop on by. We'd love to have you join the fun!

November 21-25, 2011, join Julie Lessman at Casey Herringshaw's Blogaversary Celebration where TWO commenters will have a chance to win their choice of one of Julie's signed books OR a writer's critique PLUS a copy of the "A Kiss is NOT Just a Kiss" handout from the ACFW workshop Ruth Axtell Morren and Julie taught this year. So check it out here.

Random News and Information

Attention all Seekerville authors and readers and friends!

You're Invited to Post on the Harlequin Thanksgiving Wall

Let's show our gratitude

If you have been grateful for something this past year, take a moment to share it with others

Harlequin author and friend of Seekerville, Janet Tronstad is inviting you and everyone in the Harlequin family (readers, authors, and staff) to join together
to build a Thanksgiving Wall of Gratitude.

Got something you’re grateful for? Health? Friendship? Family? Post about it here before midnight EST on Thanksgiving Day.

If you don’t already have something to post on the wall, consider this. Janet is giving away a $25 Barnes and Noble gift card for every 25 unique readers who post a gratitude on the wall (up to 8 gift cards – authors and HQ staff encouraged to post although they won’t be eligible for the gift cards). Janet is offering this as a tribute to her fictitious small town, Dry Creek, Montana, that holds a similar Thanksgiving event every year.

This wall is for all of the Harlequin lines. When you post, please note which lines you read, write, or edit/market. Multiple lines can be cited. After you’ve posted, please check back later to comment on what others have said. Winners will be announced on the day after Thanksgiving.

Together let’s be thankful!

And finally, Seekerville would like to congratulate friend of Seekerville Valerie Comer on her first sale. Valerie's fiction debuts in May 2012 with a novella in Rainbow's End from Barbour.


  1. Congrats to all winners. didn't get on for the last post as drama has happened here and am a little shaken I guess. The neighbours (my landlords) had a major house fire. the house is standing but the kitchen is toast and so is the living room. smoke damage to most of the house and its unlivable for awhile. saw damage today and its bad the air conditioner looks like melted cheese. the smell is bad but they are safe as are the dogs. (I had one here for awhile and it was so stressed.) I think seeing what happened and knowing them etc had left me a little shell shocked. Please pray for Gods peace as this has to be stressful for them.
    Ok we had a BBQ today for a auction a the church and plenty left over so Im sharing that and chocolate (waht better for stress).

  2. Congratulations, Valerie!!

    Fresh pot of coffee in the works for those of you who drink it. For the rest of us, there's tea, Coke, hot chocolate, and hot cider.

    Another great week coming up.


  3. Great WE (as always!) Tina--thank you. Congrats to all the winners (and how super exciting for the winners who will send a full ms to Melissa--YAY!). And I am THRILLED about winning the Jump Into Life workbook---thank you sooo much, Seekerville! And now....guess I'd better jump into bed, since my daughter Amy and I are having a Yard Sale in the morning. Sleepy hugs, Patti Jo

  4. AusJenny, Sorry to hear about the fire. It's amazing how emotional it can be when you're witness to things that happen to friends and family. I will pray for them and for you.

    Congrats to the winners here. So nice to learn of the five who had requests for full manuscripts. Yippee for them and good luck too!

    And thank you Seekerville, for another exceptional learning week. It's been a blast.

    Blessings for a restful and relaxing weekend. Unless you're compelled to keep writing. Then write on!


  5. Thanks Lyndee, its appreciated. It is amazing how things affecting ones we know can have an affect I am finding it hard to settle to do things today and just feel numb almost. I cant even settle to read at present but I know it will get better.

  6. Pretty pumped I won a book! That's what my kids would say. I would probably just say Thank You !

  7. Zippidity Doo Dah, Zippidity Ay! Or however the heck that's spelled, but I'm so happy I won that book! Thanks for your awesome giveaways here.

    Ausjenny, will pray for your neighbors. And chocolate seems like a good idea right now. I made my hubby a bday cake (his bday today) but with 2 kids helping and attempting to cook dinner at the same time it was the worst flop in history. You don't want me to share it here, in fact, it's slated to be shared with the chickens tomorrow--who says chickens can't celebrate birthdays?

  8. Ausjenny, prayers for peace!!

    And WHHHEEEEE! I'm So excited to send my ms to Melissa. :D I so loved these two characters (and the other, but hey, lvoe rules) and it's going to be amazing to send them off into the wide world. I'm cleaning and tidying, doing an out-loud read-through and also (*gulp*) giving it to my sister to mark up. I want it to be PERFCECT. Or as perfect as I can make it.

    Inheritance cycle... I hate to admit this but... We bought THREE copies of Paolini's book. One got sent to utah where my brother will drive one HOUR to a Costco to get it signed. The other two came here because my children fought so much over WHo was going to read it first, I got two. We'll donate the other tomorrow, since they've both finished it and the 8 year old has started the copy we'll. *whew* Sci-fi readers are crazy.

  9. Melissa!! Chickens are amazing garbage disposals! We feed ours everything and they love us for it. I'm sure they'll appreciate the cake. :)

  10. Congratulations Valerie! WOOHOO, first sale!!!!!

  11. How did it get to be Thanksgiving week already? Thanks for all the links, Tina. That writer's cheatsheet is too funny. I think I need reading glasses.

    Congrats to all the winners and good luck to the Query Letter Contest Finalists! Way to go!

  12. Ausjenny! My prayers are for your landlord and may the repairs to the house be quick. So glad to hear no one was hurt, including the dogs.

  13. Congratulations, Valerie!! Celebration time! I'm thinking cheesecake with toppings. Ummm, full fat, full sugar.

    This is a celebration and thou shalt not skimp on the cheesecake!

  14. Congratulations to all the winners!


    And, VALERIE!!!! WHOO-HOO, girl, I guess that sure says "HAPPY THANKSGIVING" to you, eh???



  16. Ausjenny, so glad no one was hurt in the fire! Praying that God's peace will surround you and your friends...

    And thanks for the BBQ! I've had Kansas City barbeque, and Texas barbeque, but never Australian! (I have this image of Paul Hogan holding up a giant shrimp...mmmmm...)

  17. Valerie!!! Congrats on the sale! Pass the cheesecake!

    And congratulations to all the winners, and especially the manuscript requests!

    Seekerville is rockin' today!

  18. Jenny! So glad the landlords are okay and their doggies!!

  19. Happy Saturday, Seekerville!!

    Only 6 more writing weeks to 2011.


  20. MEGA CONGRATS to all the query letter winners who got the call for a full!! That's awesome! Best to you all!

    And CONGRATS to Valerie!!

    Thanks for a great week Seekerville, hope everyone has a super weekend.


  21. Congratulations to Valerie and all the winners!

  22. Congrats to all the winners, and JENNY, PTL that your neighbors and their dogs are all okay!

  23. Congrats to all the winners and SUPER CONGRATS to those full requests!!!!


    And the sale!!!


    I passed 20K last night [FINALLY - well over 4K for the day though we won't mention how much work is going to have to go into fixing it later... especially as the location has moved again - first Flagstaff, then Nashville now Indy].

    Today is MozArks ACFW meeting with Tracey Bateman followed by my very own Panera write in :). Hoping to hit AT LEAST 5K today and preferably 6-7. Then I won't be QUITE so far behind ;).

  24. Congrats to winners!!
    Looks like another wonderful week at Seekerville.

    I'm an unofficial NaNo-er, Tina. The 50K (I thought) was unattainable. As of today, I'm at 24K - and stinkin' proud of myself.

  25. Yay! Congrats to the winners! And thanks for the heads up on the coming week! Sounds exciting!


  27. Wonderful WE, Tina! BTW, I keep forgetting to tell you how much I enjoyed Oklahome Reunion! WONDERFUL story!

    Congratulations to all the winners. So exciting about the finalists in the query letter contest. Congratulations, Valerie!

    Thank you, Seekerville, for the 1001 Things to Love About Military Life. Looking forward to that one! Have a wonderful weekend, all.

  28. Thankful for God's protection on your neighbor's lives, Ausjenny.

    Thrilled for ALL the winners, and super excited that Seekerville held the Query Contest to spur us newbies on. I'm ecstatic, nervous, scared, you name it, to have my manuscript requested. I've been busy writing, re-reading,and polishing all the little details, and praying that I don't miss any glaring errors or even not-so-glaring errors!

    I pray everyone has a wonderful week leading up to Thanksgiving!

  29. Wait! I missed the first sale announcement at the end!

    Congratulations, Valerie!! Maybe she could share a bit about her road to publication here? I LOVE first sale stories. They're all different, but end the same way- getting that baby into print!

  30. Thanks, Jeanne!!

    And prayers for all you finalists and for a first sale!!

  31. Congratulations to the winners and CONGRATULATIONS to Valerie!! Woohooo!!!

    I miss visiting with you guys! I have to work three days a week and when I get home, I need to work on my hopefully I can figure something else out soon. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  32. Congrats Valerie!! And to all the winners, especially those who got requests for fulls!!! :)

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

  33. Cool Stuff! I'm thrilled to get a peak at Walt's writing. Hooray. What fun!

    Congratulations Valerie! CONTRACT is one of my favorite words and a little bell rings everytime a debut author gets one...

    Thank you for making me a winner today. I'm so excited for the query contest winners. FULL submission. That's incredible.

    Tina, do you recall when I gave you permission to kick me if I didn't get my ms submitted to an agent this month? Well, put your army boots away, because I finally hit SEND.

    phew. I only held my finger above the enter key for five minutes. not bad, eh?

  34. Debra!!! CONGRATULATIONS..and you get to read Walt's novel on your new Kindle which releases on Monday!!!

  35. I was thinking that Tina, but I didn't want to keep BRINGING UP THE FACT I WON A KINDLE TOUCH FROM SEEKERVILLE'S BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION because that would seem like I was bragging.

  36. We like bragging. Brag your little Kindle Fire heart out.

  37. p.s. I guess I was super sleepy when I posted last night, because I didn't read Ausjenny's news or the announcement about Valerie. ~ Praying for your neighbors, Ausjenny, and as others have said Praise the Lord that they (and the dogs) weren't hurt. ~ Congratulations to Valerie!! Love to see exciting news like this! :) ~ Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. My daughter and I found out that November isn't the best time for a Yard Sale*sigh*---but that's okay--I've got more items for charities now! :) Hugs, Patti Jo

  38. Been so busy hanging out over at the Yankee Belle today that I never made it by to congratulate everyone.

    Congrats to all the people who entered and those who received requests from Melissa - Elizabeth Bysiek, Clari Dees, Virginia Munoz, Melissa Norris, and Dianna Shuford. WooHoooooo!

    Congrats to all the people who won things at Seekerville this week.

    Thanks to Tina for yet another incredible WE and a great lineup ahead.

    CONGRATULATIONS to Valerie on the contract. Wow, May will be here so soon!

    Ausjenny, I'm so sorry to hear of your friends. I'll keep them in my prayers.

    Congrats to Carol and Pepper on the awesome writing progress. Rock on!

    And finally, congrats to all the GH entrants. Best of luck to you all.

  39. Congratulations winners!!! I'm thrilled for the query contest winners!

    Proud of those who entered the Golden Heart. Way to go! And for those piling up words in the NaNo!

    Very sorry to hear about your neighbor's fire, Jenny. How terrifying that must've been for them and you.

    Wahoo!!! Mega congratulations to Valerie on her first sale!!!


  40. Congrats to all! What a week to be thankful.

    Tina, thanks for the Holt info! Gotta love Virginia and romance.

    Jenny, prayers for your landlords and thanks for the chocolate.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Heading off to the gratitude board!

    peace, Julie

  41. Hi ANNE!!!

    Isn't that cheat sheet wonderful. I love it!!!

  42. Yippee! I think I won Janet Dean's upcoming release!! Sooo excited Can't wait to read it!!

    Congrats to all the rest of the winners!!


  43. Congratulations to all the winners and especially the 5 Seekervillagers who received full manuscript requests from Love Inspired!!! Whoo-hoo! Fingers crossed for each submission.

    Hugs and kudos to Valerie on publishing Rainbow's End. Super congrats, Valerie! We're so proud of you!

    School's out in our area for the entire week. Wishing all of you who may be traveling and without Internet access a Happy Thanksgiving! Let us know about your week when you return to Seekerville! Safe travels and all God's blessings to you and yours!

  44. So excited about winning "Chasing Sunsets"! Looking forward to reading it!