Friday, December 30, 2011

January 2012 Contest Update

Welcome to the first Seekerville Contest Update for 2012. A new year and a fresh calendar, brimming with opportunities. The contest circuit is just heating up and as always you should be prepared for writing opportunities in Seekerville. Have that query, synopsis, blurb and first chapters ready to go? You should because the next days and weeks will present our Seekerville friends with several great opportunities.

The prize vault is open today and due to popular demand we are giving away another copy of Debra Dixon's Goal, Motivation and Conflict because we have had so many entries into the Seekerville monthly book giveaway.

Another copy will be given away during the Seekerville 12-12 New Year's Eve Party on Saturday.

So now you have three chances to win the definitive resource book for writers. Winner announced in the New Year's Day Weekend Edition.

Published Author Contests

Contests for books with a copyright date from January 2011 to December 2011.

The Colorado Award of Excellence:Deadline January 13.

The Write Touch Reader's Award:Deadline January 13.

The Golden Quill:Deadline January 13.

Bookseller's Best Award: Deadline January 15, 2010

Judge a Book by Its Cover: Deadline January 15.

The Holt Medallion: Deadline January 18. (The Holt has short and long inspy categories)

Winter Rose Award of Excellence: Deadline January 21.

Reader's Choice Beanpot: Deadline January 23.

Unpublished Author Contests

2012 ACFW Genesis. Electronic only. Opens January 2, 2011- deadline is March 2, 2012 at 3 p.m. Central time.The contest consists of three rounds: The First round, a Semi-Final round, and the Final Round.
Categories and Final Round Judges:
•Contemporary Fiction: To be announced
•Contemporary Romance: To be announced
•Historical Fiction: To be announced
•Historical Romance: To be announced
•Mystery/Suspense/Thriller: To be announced
•Romantic Suspense: To be announced
•Speculative Fiction: To be announced
•Women's Fiction:To be announced
•Young Adult: To be announced
Okay this TBA stuff sucks when you are in the throes of contest and financial planning.

The 2012 Marlene Awards. Deadline January 15th.One electronic copy of a synopsis (up to 5 pages) and the beginning of the manuscript not to exceed 35 pages total for synopsis and manuscript pages. The grand prize winner in each category receives a detailed critique from a published author.

Series Contemporary
Judge: Johana Raisanen, Harlequin
Critique Author: Liz Talley

Single Title
Judge: Megan Records, Kensington
Critique Author: Jeanne Adams

Judge: Heather Osborn, Samhain Publishing
Critique Author: Kristen Painter

Judge: Esi Sogah, Avon
Critique Author: Diane Gaston

Romantic Elements
Judge: Latoya Smith, Grand Central
Critique Author: Deanna Raybourn

Young Adult
Judge: Holly Blanck, St. Martin’s
Critique Author: Diana Peterfreund

The Winter Rose Contest for Unpublished Writers. Opens December 1 and closes January 21. Electronic only. Entry consists of the first 25 pages.

Contemporary: Alicia Condon, Kensington
Historical (includes Regency):Amanda Bergeron, Avon
Paranormal: Heather Osborne, Samhain
Romantic Suspense: Deb Nemeth,Carina Press
Young Adult: Kari Sutherland, Harper Collins Children’s Books
2012 Grand Prize (Agent Read): Maura Kye-Cassela, Don Congdon Asst.

The Laurie. Electronic Deadline February 1. Entry consists of the complete first chapter—not to exceed twenty-five (25) pages.The top three entries in each category will go on to the final round to be judged by editors at the following houses:

Historical: Tessa Woodward, Avon

Contemporary: Deb Smith, Belle Bridge Books

Paranormal/Fantasy: Debra Dixon, Belle Bridge Books

Inspirational: Tina James, Harlequin

Romantic Suspense: Allison Lyons, Harlequin

Young Adult: Leah Hultenschmidt, Sourcebooks

The Sandy. Electronic Deadline February 12. The Sandy has done some revamping so check out the web site. Also, The Sandy now welcomes published authors. The entry MUST be original and uncontracted at the time of the contest deadline. No self-published works will be accepted. Entry consists of 20 pages and a 2 page synopis.

Romance - Sue Grimshaw, Editor at Large & Category Specialist for Ballantine & Bantam Dell
Mainstream Adult Fiction - Kevan Lyon, Agent at Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Suspense / Thriller / Mystery - Kat Brzozowski, Assistant Editor at Thomas Dunne Books
Fantasy / Science Fiction - James Frenkel, Editor at Tor / Forge
Children's & YA - Mary Kole, Agent at Andrea Brown Literary Agency

The Merritt. Opens for submissions on January 15, and closes February 14. All electronic. Entry:25 pages total, including a maximum 5-page synopsis.

Contemporary – Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks
Historical – Tessa Woodward, Avon
Paranormal – TBA
Romantic Suspense – Patience Bloom, Harlequin
Women’s Fiction – Kate Seaver, Berkley

Just For Fun

The Erma Bombeck Writing Competition.
Capture the essence of Erma's writings and you could win $500! Competition opens Tuesday, January 3rd. Entry consists of a personal essay of 450 words or less.Entries must be submitted by 7:30 AM, EST, February 14, 2012.

Deadline is February 29th for the...Wow! Women on Writing Quarterly Flash Fiction Contest.

Word Count:
Maximum: 750, Minimum: 250 OPEN PROMPT! That’s right, this is your chance to shine, and get creative. You can write about anything, as long as it’s within the word count and fiction. So, dig out those stories you started way back when and tailor them to the word count.

Any style and genre. From horror to romance! So, get creative, and most of all, have fun.Entries limited to a maximum of 300 stories. Please enter early to ensure inclusion. The winner not only gets cash and goodies but an agent read! The guest agent judge is Elise Capron with the Dijkstra Agency.

That's it, now go forth and contest!! But leave a comment first so we can enter you in the giveaway!!


  1. Wow - thanks for all the info. Had no idea so many contests were out there. Looking forward to Seekerville in 2012!

  2. Contests, here we come!

    Hmmm, which one(s) though?

    The Genesis, definitely...

    ...unless I'm no longer eligible by March 2.

    Hey, if you're going to dream, dream big, right?

  3. Depending on who is reading, I am looking at Genesis. Thanks for the list. It's really nice to have a monthly reminder.


  4. I'm sure I'll have 2 in Genesis, but that looks like it from that list. I do want to know who the judges are, though I'll likely enter regardless.

    I have one in Great Expectations and may have a second one. We'll see what the critters [and the budget] have to say about it in the next couple days ;).

    In case anyone missed the link on Friday's post... There's now a #1K1HR Facebook page for those who don't Twitter or would rather do their challenges on Facebook [or utilize both... it's all good :D].

    Melissa and I had the first challenge tonight :D. Er, right now. She's still going for a few more minutes. I hit my 1K and was pretty well done with what I needed to do and nothing new to work on at the moment.

    I already have GMC :).

    Thanks, Tina!!!

  5. The Laurie looks like a possibility. I need to enter my new WIP. It's only been in one contest and needs more help.

  6. Yep, checking in after putting in my 1k 1h Glad Carol set that up in facebook.

    I'm unsure if I'm going to enter the Genesis this year. I did well last year getting two in the semi-finals, but do I want to put them in again? I didn't have too much to do to them, I didn't get too much criticism. And I don't want to put an unfinished book in. And the other book, well, maybe after I see how it does in the Phoenix Rattler, 2 more weeks and I'll find out. But I already have requests from agents and editors for that one, so I'm wondering if I would benefit in anyway from putting it in--again.

  7. Melissa, I hear you. It's hard to decide whether it's really worthwhile if the ms has already been out there.
    Also, his is only my second year contesting but I recognized some names. One, I thought, 'Hey, there's that judge who really hated my book!' I'm tempted to reenter just to see if I can get in front of her again and she can STILL hate it! Ha! Seriously, It was a good experience because I got mad about it and then let it go. Useful lesson to learn.
    But everything else is winging its way hither and thither, so I would have to enter something new. I don't know, maybe the muse will inspire me before one of those deadlines. :)

  8. Yes, Jan!! Dreaming right along with you!! :D But then you could enter the Rita or something.

  9. Loving all you no guts no glory contest divas and divos.

  10. Oh, oh, oh, contests!!!!

    Oh, yippee ki yi yay! :)

    Gettin' my spurs on and seein' if this lil' filly can wangdoggle some finals in 2012! Yee haw!!!!

    Do not ask why I'm talking that way. Apparently no one knows and there is no cure.


    No Genesis judges at all? Ouch. Hmm....

    Well, they're probably waiting until after holiday time to respond that yes, they'd love to be final judges, but I'm surprised that there are none listed.

    Note to anyone entering unpubbed contests: Sure, you want feedback, and contests are way cheaper than a college course which may or may not give you any good advice.

    But... you should always want to land a spot on a judge's/editors'/agents' desk. That should be the primary goal of why we enter, right?

    Because so many of us get noticed by landing on that editor's desk. And even if they don't buy that first finalist book... They may buy the second or third. Getting your name into their radar screens is huge. Huge. Huge.

    So, yeah, those judges matter. A lot. If you enter a 100K book into a category and find out the judge is from a 60K house.


    The opening timing is going to be way off, right? Because you don't have room to bedazzle and bedraggle and bemoan in a 60K.

    What a great list of possibilities, though. Oh my gosh, in both pubbed and unpubbed.

    Teeeeenster, thank you for putting this together. You rock, chickie.

    Hey, we've got Panera for breakfast this AM and coffee is on, hot and set up to your left. I brought the Keurig too, because I love it that much I needed to share.


    Creamers are to the right of the coffee service and food is arriving as we speak. Oooooo... Danish... Gimme!

  11. I'm still not sure I"m ready to enter a contest but I always enjoy reading about them as it excites me to move forward.

    Would love to be entered into the giveaway.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  12. I am dreaming of a Panera Asiago Cheese Bagel. Think I will stop by on my way to work.

  13. Okay, Ruthy you wrote a blog post for a comment today.

  14. So many contest! I think I'll enter the Genesis again this year. Unless of course I'm not eligible. Wouldn't that be nice :)

  15. Thanks Tina. Contests are fun and helpful.

  16. Hmm...a lot of good contests out there. I haven't made up my mind yet on if I'm going to enter any this year.

    I love 'em, but sometimes it's easier to enter contests than it is to finish the story.

    I may reward myself if I hit my writing goals by entering the Genesis.

  17. Tina, I did. And here I thought I'd mended my errant Blogger ways, but no. Obviously I need further self-discipline but Christmas week does not lend itself to that.

    Which also means I'm eating way too much.


    But I'd love one of those Asiago bagels as well. Mmmm... carb-loaded bagel. For this week only.


  18. Wow, great contest update!!! Thanks, Tina! I've entered four of the pubbed contests you listed. Not sure I can afford more but I'm tempted. :-)I'm bummed that I missed the National Reader's Choice Award.

    Neat to see several writers at Seekerville are planning to or have already entered contests. Great way to get feedback, recognition and even a read by an editor or agent!!!


  19. Repeat after me: "I am LEARNING and IMPROVING this year, NOT entering contests. I am LEARNING and IMPROVING this year, NOT entering contests."

    But I am DEFINITELY cheering you folks on! WHen my MS is in shape, THEN I'll enter again.

    And enter me for GMC. I have a dear friend who needs it ;)

  20. Lots of great contests.

    Since I write 100k books, I don't think I'll enter a contest with a 60k editor. Thanks for the great advice, Ruthy.

    The prestige of winning the Genesis is enough temptation to enter without knowing who the editors will be. :)

    Melissa, I'm waiting on Rattler results as well. Good luck to you.

  21. Ruthy, I brought my pecan pies to share. The middle is a tad bit gooey, but they taste delicious!

  22. I am looking forward to entering my first contest. "BIC=MS"

    I am so excited about tomorrow! I am usually cooking and cleaning all day on NYE, but this year we are not having people over. We are doing a Super Bowl party instead. So I'll get to hang out here tomorrow!!

  23. I'm already entered for GMC, but if you can be entered twice, please do.
    lostie815 at hotmail dot com

  24. Great contest update, Tina! I don't know, yet, which contests I'll enter, but the thought of doing it excites and terrifies me. :) I'm going to see what I can get done on my wip in the next couple of weeks and decide from there. :)

    Hoping to stop in tomorrow for the party. See you all then!

  25. Ooooo, my love/hate relationship with contests! Love the feedback, and then hate the feedback. :) And I have to say, I find it hard to believe that the Genesis is already opening up. Wow...I'm not ready.

    And for the record, I LOVE Ruth's blog post comments! They are always so entertaining. :)

  26. I feel the same way about contests. I like to enter then forget them.

    Yes, Ruthy's comments are a piece of art. You should see her grocery list. Three pages of notes and then a short line that says, milk and bread.

  27. Ill be traveling to Figi tomorrow to hang the guy who spams us with TERM PAPER by his toes. I am bringing Captain Jack. Wish me luck.

  28. Celebrate with me! A book I co-wrote is at the printers, and I just received my first share of the pre-sales!

    Which translates into: I have cash to spend on contest entries!

    Now I'll look very closely at the rest of the unpubbed contests...

    In case you're wondering, the book at the printers is self-published, and the title is "A Girl's Guide to Home Skills". It's a project I've been working on for a while, and we've been offering it for sale a chapter at a time on the website ( Now that all the parts are finished, we're publishing it in one volume.

    And Tina, I forgot to say earlier - don't enter me in the drawing for GMC. It was the first craft book I bought (thanks to a recommendation here on Seekerville) and it's some of the best money I've ever spent.

  29. Of course you can be entered multiple times. It increases your chances.

    BIC =MS <3 IT

  30. "am LEARNING and IMPROVING this year, NOT entering contests."

    Is this the mantra for Contest Addicts Anonymous???

  31. I'm celebrating with you, Jan. What a great way to start the new year! Great comments and advice, Ruthy. Thanks, Tina, for another contest update. I see 2 contests for unpubbed writers listed that I haven't seen before. I'll try for the Bombeck that comes around every 2 years and there's no entry fee and the WOW flash fiction contest. Not sure about the Genesis. Please enter me in the drawing for the GMC resource. Wishing everyone a rewarding writing year ahead.

  32. I think I'm going to have to kick my ADHD in high gear today. My youngest is 14 today and I need to bake a cake, and then we have one more Christmas tonight. One good thing about being gluten free is I don't have to worry about pigging out. *g*! And since I'm such a last minute kind of a gal, I'll be doing one last marathon shopping for the year.

    I've never entered the Genesis, but I'd like to, unless, like Jan says "I'm no longer eligible" which I'm praying, praying, praying.

    I'm glad to hear about the #1K1HR on facebook. I do have twitter but don't visit it much.

    Have a good day!

  33. Good morning - or is it afternoon yet?

    I just entered the Great expectations contest this past week (one goal done!) and for sure I'm going to enter the Genesis again.

    Maybe the Laurie too. Whew.

    Does anyone know when ACFW dues are required? So much money to budget!!

    Have a great day everyone!


  34. Tried to post last night but Blogger ate it. grrrrrr

    Thanks for all the contest info, Tina.

    So much to think about. I'd have to put something new into Genesis if I do that. Would love to work on something new but I'm supposed to be working on revisions to last year's Genesis book.

    I guess it will depend on how well I do with #1k1hr.

  35. I'll likely enter Genesis regardless of the judges. The feedback last year was great and I think my entries this year are much stronger. If I were to final, even with a 60K judge [and there's 3 of them for Genesis so...], being able to say 'Genesis finalist' would be worth it - and put me halfway to catching up with Pepper ;).

    I've entered several this fall [including Golden Heart, Rattler, GOTCHA and Great Expectations]. I've not got a clue when the results come in for any of them. DH was like "Are you entering another one before you hear back about [Golden Heart*]?" Um... yeah. Cuz it'll be a while...

    :D Back to cleaning...

    *He actually said 'that one thing' ;).

  36. Hahahahaha.

    Sherrinda loves me.

    So there, Radcliffe.

    Joanne, I hear you. I took some time off when I was shifting genres and that was actually a relief because Tina introduced me to Plan B motto ala Einstein: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    Such a truism. ;)

    Brigette likes me, too. Because I gave her awesome advice.

    But you're right, Brigette. I did very well in the Genesis and it's one of my favorite contests. I bet they'll have those judges locked in within a few weeks.

    Great feedback. Great judges. Strong contest. AND... that awesome Mindy Obenhaus sent me pins for past finals/wins.

    Gotta love that girl. Where's she been, anyway???? A husband NEAR DEATH BUT RECOVERED does not give you an excuse to not swing by Seekerville or the Cafe... Must hunt her down.

  37. Radcliffe, I'll go to Figi with you. We'll triple tag-team him. He won't know what hit him.

    And then do we get an umbrella drink with Jack??? Please?

  38. Men.

    Do not get me started on what Dave does not know about my business.

    But he does know how to deposit checks.

    Oy. Oy. Oy. ;)

    And he did bring home a gazillion pounds of discounted Christmas candy from the store... Which I now need to HIDE out of sight.

    The Ghirardelli I will be giving away with books, methinks. Just to pay you guys to like me. Hey. Whatever it takes, right???


  39. Yes, I absolutely love Ruth!!!!

    But I absolutely love the fabulous Tina Radcliffe too!!! She does the most awesome WE editions EVER!

  40. I had big ambitious plans to enter more contests this year. Especially Ten Plgues because it's so different and I'd like to get in many hands. But I don't know.
    I get lazy about this stuff.


  41. I delete that term paper guy almost daily. Who is that? I mark it spam. Does he have to create a new blogger identity daily to keep posting? To over ride our spam designation?
    Does he target Seekerville specifically? Or can he mass produce the comments?
    Who has that kinda spare time?

  42. Thanks so much, Seekers!! Contests are a great way to start 2012!

  43. Hi Susie!!! Good to see you. Love the photo. Happy Contest New Year.

  44. Sherrinda, your check is in the mail, dear.

  45. I think ACFW dues are according to when you joined, not January for everyone like RWA.

  46. We get a Virgin Mojhito and lots of coconuts and dark chocolate, Ruthy.

  47. Jeanne, I was thinking about the Bombeck too. I love that woman so it seems only right.

  48. Thanks for posting this, Tina. The Erma Bombeck contest looks like fun. And did someone mention Panera? I enjoyed a yummy lunch there today with my sis, who is visiting from out of town. I sent a request to the FB 1K1HR page. I really need the discipline! Blessings, all!

  49. Thanks, Tina! So many contests have a JAN deadline. One year, I was swamped with a book that needed to be written and didn't have time to check the contest info (before our Seekerville blog had started with your wonderful contest updates). By the time the book was written many of the "name" contests were closed for entries. I learned a valuable lesson that year.

    Seekerville resolution for 2012: enter contests so we can celebrate lots of Seekerville finals and wins!

  50. Yippee! Ooooh, the Genesis! That's a goal for someday!

    I've just entered my first contest this month, and am awaiting the results.

    Good luck to everyone who enters January's contests. : )

    I'd love to win GMC. : )


  51. I'm going to...


    Enter the Genesis this year.


    Which means i need to go edit. even though I can't type right now....

    Thanks for the contest info!

  52. Just got home from my cousin's funeral and have a lot of catching up to do.

    Like Walt, I think the Laurie looks like a possibility. I don't know if my wip is far enough along for the Genesis.


  53. How exciting Casey! Your first Genesis.

  54. Joanne and I were just talking about 2012 contests today... wonder if she stopped by here. LoL And we also knew you'd have the best contest updates here. =]

    Thanks for all the great info, Tina!!

  55. Thanks for the update, Tina!! This reminded me of a couple of contests I'd meant to enter!

  56. I know I will be entering a contest or two in 2012... but I have some legwork to do in the meantime. I have some hot chocolate for everyone, if you don't mind the absence of marshmallows :-) trying to cut down on the calories, bit by bit, until Jan. 1st when the diet begins.

  57. I appreciate all of your info on these contests. Now to figure out which one(s) to enter.
    Thanks, and please enter me in teh contest.
    Happy new year!
    Jackie Layton

  58. Welcome home, Helen. Nice to see you're back.

  59. Hi, Ladies,

    I would love to win the book.

    I appreciate the info. about contests. Kind of blew my contest budget on the Golden Heart. :(

    But 2012 is a new year, with new opportunity for business deductions! :)

    cathy underscore shouse at yahoo dot com

  60. This is fantastic info!
    Looking to 2012 at Seekerville!

  61. oops - meant to say no need to enter me in this drawing. This was one of my first ever craft book purchases. I kept hearing people talking about GMC and I had NO idea what they were talking about.

  62. Thanks for such great list. I will definitely be entering a couple of contests this year.

  63. I know. I bought my copy in 1997, Mary.

  64. The contests look great! What good motivation to finish up a few items. Thanks!