Saturday, December 31, 2011

Seekerville New Year's Eve Party

Seekerville welcomes you to our fourth annual New Year's Eve Party.This year the party is hosted by Missy Tippens and Tina Radcliffe.

We have all the necessary party ingredients..

music and more music,

and we snuck over to the Food Network

and The Yankee-Belle Café,

for our menu.

But no Seekerville New Year's Eve party is complete

without a full 24 + hours of giveaways.

And YOU!!

Every hour on the hour from 12 midnight EST to 12 midnight PST we'll draw a name from a commenter for a prize. So let us know what you'd like to win!

12am - 6am (Eastern)

1. Ruth Logan Herne-A full autographed set of Men of Allegany County, all four books, ready to be delivered to your door for either reading or gift-giving (choice of print or ebook)! And there might just be a little surprise packed inside!

2. 10 pages edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage by Grammar Queen.

3. Debby Giusti: Amazon gift card for $15 and a copy of The Captain's Mission (print).

4. Critique of the first chapter of an inspirational Manuscript by Janet Dean.

5. Nobody's Child by Austin Boyd-Pam Hillman.

6. Mary Connealy $15 Amazon Gift certificate.

7. An entire five book set of Janet Dean Love Inspired Historical releases (print).

7am - 9am (Eastern)

1. A 10 page romance manuscript critique by Sandra Leesmith.

2. Myra Johnson- One Imperfect Christmas (print).

3. Cara Lynn James-Love On a Dime (print).

10am - Noon (Eastern)

1. $10.00 Starbucks card from Tina Radcliffe.

2. Glynna Kaye- Alicia Rasley's "The Power of Point of View: Make Your Story Come to Life."

3. Amazon gift card for $15 from Audra Harders.

1pm - 5pm

1. Julie Lessman -winner's choice of any of Julie's books PLUS choice of top CBA book from Julie’s personal library.

2. 3 chapter critique of an inspirational romance by Tina Radcliffe.

3. Debby Giusti: First two books in the Military Investigations Series, The Officer's Secret and The Captain's Mission (print).

4. Nobody's Child by Austin Boyd-Pam Hillman.

5. Glynna Kaye: Bill O'Hanlon's "Write is a Verb: Sit Down, Start Writing. No Excuses."

6m - 9pm

1. To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson--Pam Hillman

2. Missy Tippens-February 2012 LI release, A House Full of Hope print).

3. $15 Starbucks card from Audra Harders.

4. Ruth Logan Herne-The chance to NAME THAT HERO for the first book of Ruthy's next LI series! Ruthy will give you an overview of the hero, the heroine's name, and a little about the story, then the winner will submit ten possible names for this deputy sheriff who comes to town for a new beginning and gets way more than he bargained for!

10 - 11 pm

1. Tina Radcliffe – Oklahoma Reunion and/or The Rancher’s Reunion. Kindle or print.

2. 1 copy of Price of Victory by Sandra Leesmith.

Midnight! (Eastern)

1. 30 minute chat with Julie Lessman.

2. Rocky Mountain Hero, Kindle only by Audra Harders.

3. An Inconvenient Match by Janet Dean (print).

Midnight! (Central)

1. Oklahoma Reunion by Tina Radcliffe (print)

2. Yuletide Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne (print)

3. One chapter inspirational manuscript critique by Tina Radcliffe

Midnight! (Mountain)

1. Myra Johnson--Your pet (dog, cat, horse, whatever!) featured in a supporting role in Myra Johnson's next novel.

2. Pam Hillman - 1 copy of Stealing Jake for Kindle or Nook.

3. 1 Children's Book of choice by Sandy Wardman.

Midnight! (Pacific)

1.Tina Radcliffe--Debra Dixon's GMC.

2. Mary Connealy-- Out of Control (print).

3. Missy Tippens-- February 2012 LI release, A House Full of Hope (print).

If that's not enough to bring in the New Year, Seekerville is also giving away a GENUINE, ACCEPT NO IMITATIONS-Seekerville pen to every single winner!

This is not the time to lurk!!

All winners will be announced as close to the hour as possible and then again listed in the Weekend Edition in case you feel the need to...sleep.
2011 was a great year, and we've got proof. Check out our photos here.

We'd also like to share some trivia from 2011 and if you check out our 2011 predictions, you'll see that many of our predictions came true!

Seekerville shared a whopping 367 posts with you in 2011!

Our 2011 monthly stats ran between 18,600 and 27,500 hits per month.

The Seekerville audience includes in order of top hits: United States,Canada, United Kingdom,Germany,Australia, Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, France, Denmark.

The Seekers sailed off Unpublished Island in 2011
and together saw 25 new books on appear on your favorite bookstore listings in 2011.

A Seeker finaled in the Golden Heart, the RITA and two Seekers were Carol Award finalists!

Additionally we are thrilled that we were able to celebrate the first sales of the following friends of Seekerville ( in no particular order): Valerie Comer, Gina Welborn, Walt Mussell, Mia Ross, Eva Maria Hamilton, Anne Barton, Jessica Nelson, Katie Ganshert, Krista Phillips, K.C Frantzen, Sherri Shackelford, Lisa Jordan, Lisa Karon Richardson, and Keli Gwyn.

Congratulations to us all. Be sure to tell us about the milestones you accomplished in 2011 and we'd love to know if any of them were in part because of Seekerville.

We're watching that clock and it's time for our 2012 Seekerville Predictions:

1. Seekerville (the new town) will be listed as a top town to visit in a major magazine.

2. Five more friends of Seekerville will sell.

3. Three Seeker books will be finalists in The Carole.

4. Three Seeker books will be finalists in the RITA Awards.

5. Ten friends of Seekerville will brave entering and will final or place in writing contests.

6. 2012 Seeker book/novella releases and new contracts will exceed 20.

7. The Seekers will offer special free reads on their website! Their gift to you.

8. Seekerville’s very own café, The Yankee-Belle Café, will be featured on Food Network.

9. At least 10 Seekers will be in Dallas for the 2012 ACFW Conference, Sept 20-23.

10. At least 5 Seekers will be in attendance for the 2012
RWA National Conference in Anaheim, CA, July 25-July 28.

So come on, share your own predictions as we bring in 2012!

Happy New Year Seekerville!


  1. Love the Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt video. I used that today on my Healthy Writer blog too. :)

    Happy New Year's Eve Seekerville!

  2. I've got my dancing socks on and I'm ready to get this party started.

    Pass the bacon wrapped shrimp, please!!

  3. Great minds, Mary!!!

    We're sister separated at birth.

  4. sisters, with an s.

    I am the sister who can't type.

  5. Okay, Tina. For some reason that had me singing the theme song to the Patty Duke show. I know - that was cousins not sisters, but it's now firmly stuck in my head.

  6. Coffee pots lined up on the counter. At least enough for the first round

    I predict many more readers/aspiring authors will become Seekerville followers.


  7. I was hoping you'll would break out the Seekerville pens! Now it's a party!!

  8. Hey, I'm ready to dance, too! But first, I have to go snooze for a while. :)

    Helen, I'll grab a cup of decaff on the way to bed. Will see y'all in the morning!! Don't stay up too late!

  9. We have 35 PINK Seekerville pens to giveaway!!!

  10. Prediction/promise - I will use my official Seeker pen to sign my first fiction contract.

    Happy New Year's Eve!

  11. First winner announced in 38 minutes.

  12. Nothing like starting off the New Year with a Seekerville mention. Woo hoo!

  13. That is an awesome list of prizes! Good luck everyone!

  14. Hi Tina:

    I think something is going on. Please include me. I'll read up on it tomorrow. Working hard on the post.


    vmres (at) swbell (dot) net

  15. LOL, Vince, it's a party. Go and get your party hat.

  16. Happy New Year, Seekervillians!

    It's been a great year in Seekerville - one of the best things is that all 15 original Seekers are now published!

    My own personal milestone? My first sale of a story to Woman's World magazine :). It's coming out in issue #6, in your stores the week of January 26, I've been told.

    A second milestone? My first novel was submitted, returned for revisions, and was sent back to New York where it's waiting for the holidays to be over.

    And yes, Seekerville gets major credit! You have all pulled, pushed and prodded (ever so gently) to keep me persevering. Every day I learn something new about this craft of writing and I come away energized and refreshed.

    Love the party! I brought hats for everyone!

  17. Tina, you're not going to stay up all night, are you?

  18. Happy New Year Seekers! It has been so fun journeying with you this year and the many guests you have had here. I have learned so much and look forward to more in 2012!

    Thanks for hosting such a fun NYE party ;)

  19. Missy and I are splitting the party. I am here for the first shift.

    Which means I get all the fresh appetizers.

  20. Jan!!! This is so super cool.

    Good money as well.

    I am going to go put it on my calendar right now. Yippie!!!!!

  21. Jan, That WW is a hard nut to crack, so good for you. Will watch for it on my grocery store shelf too.

    Well, good luck Tina and Missy, cause I'm surrounded by three sleeping pups, and I'm about to join them in a good snore. Thanks for the party and keeping the home fires burning.

  22. Whooohooo! I'm ready for the new year!

    I'm predicting I'm one of those Seekerfriends that sells this year. I'm just saying . . . think positive, right?

    You've got me tempted to stay up all night, but me thinks I need a bit of sleep so I can work a few hours. The upholstery won't sew itself. *g*

    Goals for myself, writing and otherwise--told hubs I was going to have at least two-three book contracts (would love three-three book contracts), teach myself guitar and Hebrew and lose 40 lbs by July. Oh, and I will beat the elliptical. And every year for the last three I've said this is the year I get an agent, well this is the year I get an agent--thinking positive. ;)

    I'll take some bacon wrapped shrimp, too. Just don't let my son get ahold of it or it'll be gone.

    Made a nice little dip

    two pkgs cream cheese
    two cans drained Rotel

    Serve with On the Border tortillas

    not dairy free but gluten free.

    Happy New Year!!!

  23. She brings food and prayers for a first sale!!! Gotta love it.

    No promises on the dip being left in the morning. Sweet dreams to you sweet writers!!

  24. Congratulations, Jan! That's fabulous news.

    Congrats to all the Seekers and Friends of Seekerville who accomplished so much this year. May 2012 bring you even more wonderful news.

  25. Jan, congratulations on the WW.

    I also submitted to NY too, revisions were asked for with a resubmittal. Currently waiting, patiently, which is hard to do. I finally had to gloss my nails to keep from... never mind, I had to gloss them to save them.

    I'll pray you find favor with the one who's reading your ms.

  26. WOW JAN AND CHRISTINA!!! Wonderful and wonderfuler news!@!!!

    Congratulations, those are big huge mega baby steps!!! What a great year!!!

  27. Christina! We're in the same boat, aren't we? Maybe we'll be able to meet at Panera's on Wanamaker to celebrate each other's first sale?!!!

    (for everyone else - Christina lives in my former hometown. I lived there for 5 years and we never met...but I still have two children there, so I'll be back...)

  28. Jan, that would be awesome! You need to let me know when you come to town.

  29. It's New Year's Eve in Seekerville. Can't imagine a ball dropping would be more fun. Count me in. Coffee and sausage casserole when I wake up.

    And yes, I'm in for everything and imay throw out a prediction.

  30. 12 am EST --Ruth Logan Herne-A full autographed set of Men of Allegany County, all four books, ready to be delivered to your door for either reading or gift-giving (choice of print or ebook)! And there might just be a little surprise packed inside! Winner is Critty Joy.

    1 am EST ---10 pages edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage by Grammar Queen.

    Winner Helen Gray.

    Next winner announced in an hour.

    Time for a diet Pepsi....

  31. LOL, we'll be waiting for that prediction, Walt.

  32. Congrats Critty Joy and Helen! Two fantastic prizes - I know you'll enjoy them.

    I'm off to bed. We're having 30-40 people here tomorrow evening to celebrate the new year, and tomorrow is cleaning day.

    I'll be popping in from time to time, though.... maybe even in the middle of the night to keep you company, Tina!

  33. Im ready to party for a bit. I am so tired I dont think I will see the new year in (I know I wont) its oly 7 and a half hours away for me.
    Im back home now. I have plenty of cookies to share.

  34. See you all on the sunny side.

    Night, Tina!

  35. yep left over from Christmas. I am home from the big smoke (city) exhausted but home.

  36. Good to be in your own little bed isn't it?

    What are your goals/predictions for 2012 Jenny?

  37. Happy New Year's Eve to everyone! Jenny and I will pass you all by into the New Year ... 6.5hrs to go for me :)

    I don't have any predictions, just a couple of small goals to keep me moving on this journey.

    1. Attend a weekend creative writing course
    2. Rewrite my beginning and polish up my first 5 chapters
    3. Read 3 books on writing craft

    That's all - can't put too much on my list when I'm still so busy with my young munchkins.

    So glad to have discovered Seekerville this year :) I'm learning so much from you all and you help keep me motivated!

  38. Congrats to the first winners.

    I'm off to sleep but first a prediction - that this year's comments will top last - greater than 202.

    I'll leave the keys to my kitchen so anyone who needs a late night cup of coffee can use the new Keurig that Santa brought. My daughter picked out a coffee called Dark Magic today. Enjoy!

  39. my goal is to have work by the end of March. My reading goal is to again read a book from each state of the US (finished this years goal last night). not sure about predictions. Although I will say we will have a heatwave to start the new year. its around 100 today.
    yes I will like my own bed although the one in the city was comfortable and it may be a hot night.

  40. Hey Helen, is it hot where you are around 37 here today going for 40 tomorrow and 41 Monday.
    you get to celebrate 30 mins before me.

  41. A Keurig and a new photo, Mary!

    We use ours for tea and coffee!!!

    Night, night.

  42. 100??? Good grief. It was 52 in Denver today.

    I really like your reading goal!!

  43. Nah Jenny, not too hot today. About 31 I think. Supposed to get hotter next week, I agree with your predictions about a heat wave! Summer was too kind to us in December and has some making up to do :P

  44. its a shock after the cooler weather then wham! I flew from Melbourne to Mt Gambier and felt the heat. then had to walk home here from the bus and it was around 35. which is not far under 100.
    I have a few Seeker books to start of the year.

  45. Happy New Year, Helen, our other favorite Aussie!!! Any down under NY Eve traditions?

  46. Jan, congratulations on the WW sale, so cool.

    I cannot believe it is already the New Year, that means my self-imposed reading spree is over and I have to get back to writing. :(

    But at least I can console myself with a Seekerville party.

  47. Ok, um, not that getting back to writing deserves a frowny face, just that I didn't get as many books read as I had wanted!

  48. Happy Holidays to all!!

    Hope everyone has a happy and safe NYE.

  49. Helen, every year you watch the entire 7 seasons of The Gilmore Girls??

    I haven't ever seen it but it's on my to do list for this year.

  50. I love it when I get reading holidays. Nothing better than a vacation where you have no internet but lots of books.

  51. 2 am EST Debby Giusti: Amazon gift card for $15 and a copy of The Captain's Mission (print). Winner is Donna in the blue shirt who likes Seekerville pens!

  52. Milestones in 2011 for me.

    Double Genesis Semi-Final.

    Final in an RWA contest.
    (which is thanks to Seekerville since I entered because I saw it on the contest mothly post)

    4th rough draft of a book finished.

    Cheered my Crit Partner Forever on as she landed an agent and a contract--that's a milestone for me right, since I am the wind beneath her wings??? ;P

    First Agent Interest followed by agent rejection.

    Think that's it for me. I haven't quite decided what I want to accomplish next year. If I had to pick one goal I'd prefer obtaining an agent contract :).

  53. the big cities all have fireworks to countdown the new year. We dont really have any other traditions that I know of.

    I often watch stargate series (all of them) each year or over the year. I have the latest Stargate universe to watch.

  54. I've read your work, Melissa, you're the wind beneath your own wings. I predict great things for you in 2012.

  55. Tina - the big thing if you live in Sydney for NYE is going down to the harbour and watching the fireworks. There are many places to see the fireworks as we have a rather extensive harbour. I lived in Sydney for 12 years but only bothered to do it once because you have to stake out your spot hours beforehand. Then at the end, it's like 1 million people simultaneously get up and start (slowly!) making their way to the train stations. Takes hours to get home!

  56. Jenny - yikes! That would have been a shock coming home from Melbourne! We've been so blessed this month, lovely weather, averaging around 30 degrees. Hot enough to swim, but not too hot you need the air conditioner.

  57. Happy New Year's Eve Seekerville!

    Not sure how this works. I'd love to win "Write is a Verb."

    On that topic, I predict that in 2012, I will develop the habit of writing a minimum of 1,000 words a day 5 days a week.

  58. Wow, the comments have gone to town. I tried to sleep, but all I kept thinking about is how I should be working on the next chapter, and about you party goers over here.

    Congratulations to all the winners. I can't wait to see what everyone's goals and predictions are for the next year.

  59. Sounds like an excellent prediction, Cathy.

  60. Happy New Year everyone. I'm off to bed but this will be my first stop in the morning. Have Fun!

  61. Congrats Jan!! How exciting.

    And congrats to the winners so far.

  62. OOh the fireworks on the Sydney Harbour. Sounds lovely.

  63. Hi there Ms. Shouse! I saved you a party hat.

  64. They have them in Melbourne also they were starting to set up on thursday getting ready for today. its a hot one in Melbourne today too.
    Adelaide have them on the banks of the Torrens and also at Glenelg. dont think we have anything here but there are always parties. (I sure hope the neighbours dont have one of there parties!). thankfully I have a cool house I can feel it starting to warm up a little.

  65. Critique of the first chapter of an inspirational Manuscript by Janet Dean. The winner is Walt.

    See you in an hour!! Off to work on the Weekend Edition.

    I set out chocolate covered espresso beans for those who need a party jolt.

  66. What?? 67 comments already? What on earth happened?? :D :D

    So exciting! I want to win a book... or a critique...

    Let's see, probably everything good that was writing-related came through Seekerville. Seriously. I wuldn't have known what contests were out unless I'd read it here. I would have known hot to "pimp my entry" enough to final. And I certainly wouldn't have known how to shrug off the criticism, then go back and take it to heart, unless I'd learned how HERE.

    Got a request for a partial by Ramona Richards through the Seekerville open query day. Got a request for a different full from Melissa Endlich through Seekerville's query contest. Printed off said requests with my awesome new printer from Seekerville.

    If I ever get published, I'm gonna have to give the Seekers a percentage!

  67. I can't believe that it's the end of another year. My year has been busy with the addition of our new little one. So I've been taking a break from writing. Thank you for all the great posts this year and for all the giveaways today.

  68. Jan!! Congrats! I sent in about 5 romance stories and at least 7 mysteries. I always got nice notes... but no sale. :( You've got the touch!

  69. Have to take off from the party for a while. But Im sure it will still be going strong when I get back.

    As a reader not a writer I think its great that the prizes are so mixed and both sides can get something. Hope everyone gets something good for them and has a great start to a new year!!!

    See you soon.

  70. 4 am EST Nobody's Child by Austin Boyd-Pam Hillman. The winner is Donnas

  71. ha!!! Virginia. Just sell, that will be plenty for us.

  72. 3 and a half hours to go in south Australia to hot to go to bed to tired to stay awake! so am hanging out here again.

  73. 5 am EST Mary Connealy $15 Amazon Gift certificate goes to VINCE

  74. Blow your party horn and twirl your hat Jenny.

    Almost 2012 in Australia1!!!! WOOOOT!!!

  75. Tina the people next door are doing that. the little boy is blowing the thingy quite nicely. I have the windows up now to try and get some cool air (not to cool but about the same as inside now) and they have the party. The side I was worried about are quiet!

  76. Wow the prizes are really flying! Hope some fly my way :)

  77. Somehow my kids know it's NYE or something. It's nearly 9:30pm and I've only just gotten them to go to sleep!

    Hope it cools down for you soon Jenny!

  78. Happy New Year to all of Seekerville, love the party -good folks and good food and books galore around the room. I too am a reader and love to see the authors here and hear your comments and accomplishments for the year. I have met lot of new authors and there are so many books that I want to read, thanks for sharing. I would love to win any book that you are giving away. ahhh it is early morn in Ga and I need some coffee. Have fun everyone....
    Paula O(

  79. Helen we are about to see the 9pm fireworks in Sydney.

  80. Happy New Year. I am off to bed. see you in the morning

  81. 6am-A 10 page romance manuscript critique by Sandra Leesmith. Virginia

  82. Wow it's weird to think that it is already or almost 2012 in some places in the world

  83. Oh my stars, this joint's jumpin'! Rockin' sock dancing and food.

    I'm so in!!!


  84. Vince, Linda washed your dancing socks. They're drying next to the fireplace at the Yankee-Belle Cafe. Go get 'em big guy and let's boogie!!!

    Boot-scootin' boogie! I love that song! Sing it, Ronnie Dunn!!!!

    Critters, I love bacon-wrapped shrimp, too. Oh, to die for!!!

    And I love your goals! Gotta set goals. Gotta aim high. And stay the course.

    You can't possibly win a race you drop out of.

    I'm just sayin'....

    Hey! RHUMBA!!!!!!

    And mimosas.

    Love IT!!!

  85. 7am Est -Myra Johnson- One Imperfect Christmas (print).

    Our winner is our ponderer Abbi Hart.

  86. Melissa, those are great milestones. And yes, grab all the credit you can from your buddy's success. I do it ALL THE TIME. Riding Connealy's tail-flaps like a hawk on a wing. Or something like that.

    Looking over the list, I love that you got your first rejection from an interested agent BECAUSE... it means you sparked something. Sparks ignite eventually. I promise.

    And may I mention again that I love that new pic?

    And bagels. Morning bagels before the carb police step in on Monday morning.... Brueggers' Italian Parmesan.... With garden cream cheese.

    Should food make a person this happy???

  87. I love that Helen W is chatting in Celsius and we hear in Fahrenheit...

    Because it took me a minute to figure out why she's swimming when it's thirty-stinkin'-degrees!

  88. Walt, congratulations! The last person Janet critiqued HAS NOT BEEN SEEN ALIVE but I predict that will not be the case for you, my friend!


    Oh my stars, Cathy Shouse, if you did 1K X 5 days a week, that's a novel ever three months. You realize that, right? Go, go, go!!!!!

  89. Wow, what a party last night!! Woo hoo!

    Now, I'm going to draw the 7am winner... be right back...

  90. Virginia, no percentage needed. Just that same give-back persona you already have, honey.

    Because Christian writers work to make money, (and we all know I have no problem with that!) but helping each other should just be the norm.

    'Sall I'm sayin'.

    And I'm so proud of you I could just burst. And Lyndee. And Melissa. And Mia. And Critter. And I can't list everyone because I'll forget people and they'll think I'm not proud of them, but we are. And so grateful to call you friends.

    And... um... Oh, never mind, I thought... I could have sworn... I just saw Jack behind a potted ficus wearing....

    well, a hat. And some shimmy-shammy shirt that probably came from a ladies' establishment.

    Oh, dear heavens.

  91. Oh, I see Tina did it! I've been reading comments since 7 and got behind. LOL I'll do the 8 am one. :)


  93. Been a long time since I've been here, but I'm so glad I made it to the party because let's face it--you Seeker girls know how to throw a shindig!

    I'll always remember 2011 as the year my first book released and the year I found out I wouldn't be a one book wonder--yep, I signed my second contract in November(which is why I've been lurking for the past 2 months.)

    But no more lurking for me! Would love to dance but may have to stick with the head bobbing until my heating pad does it's magic on my back. But I do have my dancing orthopedic shoes on, just in case.

  94. Root-toot-a-toot....I'm blowing my noise maker! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    What a great party!

    Let's see...accomplishments in 2011...In January my first Heartsong Presents was released. In June disappointment filled my heart with the announcement they were discontinuing the line. In September I learned that they were extending the line and the rest of the year was a blur of writing the third book and editing the second. WHEW!What a whirlwind year for me.

    As for next year...I'll be working on setting my writing goals today. But I know it included two separate proposals from ideas I pitched at the ACFW conference!

    Happy New Year!

  95. Congrats on those who had contest successes and requests this year!! Y'all done a great job! We'll all be keeping our fingers crossed (and praying!) that the requests for revisions will lead to sales! That's how I got my first sale. :)

  96. JAN!!!!


    I'll be looking for your story when my Woman's World magazine gets delivered.

    Crossing my fingers for you on your revised novel.


  97. Yay, two new-in-2011 authors to celebrate with this morning! So happy for y'all, Rose and Patty! And for the additional sales. Yep, 2011 was a great year!

  98. Thanks Ruth!! We have 20mins to go until 2012 here on the east coast of Australia. And I can't imagine what 30 degrees Fahrenheit must be ... well, I just checked, and that's -1 Celcius, so ok, yes that would definitely be too cold for a swim!!

  99. Jan, I'll be sure to look for the magazine as well! Congrats! You need to remind us when it hits the shelves.

  100. Tina, I hope you're finally getting some you can come back and party with us tonight!

    My 2012 prediction: Seekerville will achieve World Domination.

  101. Helen, I'm going to go make some coffee (after I feed my poor, hungry dogs) and will celebrate the new year with you in a few minutes!

    I'm so jealous that it's warm there.

  102. Anne, love your prediction for Seekerville achieving world domination!

    Missy - you won't be jealous when it hits 40 degrees :P I've always a white Christmas!

  103. WOW!! The party started early.

  104. 8 am EST Cara Lynn James Love on a Dime. Winner Paula O.

  105. Tina!! You're too quick for me! I was just now drawing! LOL

  106. There is a lot of scrolling going on. 8 am and I am very late for this party.

    Didn't choose my new One Word yet. And this may well be my craziest year yet

    Thank you Seekers for a year of support, caring and leading. You're all so amazing and special to me and all of the Seekervillians

    I made the decision to trade up my Kindle Touch for the Fire so I could read children's books in color and watch movies, listen to Pandora, and social network with you all.

    So Happy New Year to all (from my amazing new Kindle courtesy of Seekerville Birthday Month!!)

  107. Critty, congrats on winning my set of books!!!!

    YAYAYAYAYAY! Let me know if you want them sent via e-reader or hard copy.

    Happy to do either!

  108. Patty, congrats on that second contract!!! Happy dancing for you in front of Teeeena's house in the village....

    Just because I think she might be trying to catch some "Z's....

    And my dancing is quite annoying!!!

    Rose, I'm covering your requests with prayers! We pray for Seekerville all the time, for the newbies (WE'VE ALL BEEN THERE!!!) the soon-to-bes (Probably the toughest time of all...) And the celebrations of contracts for new authors and established authors because we KNOW:

    There is no guarantee.

    Helen W, laughing out loud! Isn't that a hoot???? I was explaining to my five-seven year olds how it's summer there...

    But still December.

    And Christmas there.

    But warm.

    And how the equator cuts the Earth in half... imaginarily. And their looks were like this: "Ruthy quit talking and let's make cookies, because obviously YOU ARE MAKING THIS JUNK UP!!!"

  109. Thanks Missy! Happy New Year to everyone :)

    I'm off to bed now, have a great party :)

  110. Deb, you can trade up????

    For real?

    In any case, that's awesome!

    I need food and I brought some delicious seafood breakfast quiche to the table.

    Great, flaky crust. Rich egg filling stuffed with shrimp, crab and lobster... a hint of tarragon and parsley... salt... Amazing. Dig in, Seekerville!

  111. Happy New Year Seekerville sisters and friends!!!

    I can't believe there are so many posts already. It's only 7:20 Central time.

    Jan, congratulations of your WW story! That's great news. I hope you get great news on your revisions.

    Today's my husband's birthday so we're going out to lunch. We're having a family dinner later and I'm not cooking. That's a great way to end the year!

  112. Is this a great party or what? I'm not even going to bother with dancing shoes, they just get in the way, LOL!

    Shouting out a huge congrats to all the newly published friends! I'll be Walt will be leading that conga line before the day is out.

    I brought my fave Southern Pecan coffee with REAL whipped cream.

    Pack on the calories now for tomorrow we all diet!

  113. Jan, congrats on the Woman's World sale! We can never hype up good news too much.

    I love all the goals and predictions.

    And the food.

    Bacon wrapped shrimp? Even at 6 AM, I'll all over that.

  114. Christiana, congratulations to you too on doing revisions!!! Maybe Seekerville friends will have lots of sales this year. Seekers, too.

    My resolutions are to read more, write more and eat less.

  115. Christiana, congratulations to you too on doing revisions!!! Maybe Seekerville friends will have lots of sales this year. Seekers, too.

    My resolutions are to read more, write more and eat less.

  116. Cara, enjoy the b-day celebration! Although, if I don't have to cook, then that's a celebration in itself! :)

  117. Ruthy, I just ate a bacon and cheese omelet. But you're still making my mouth water with your quiche!

  118. A lot of awesome giveaways! WOuld love to win one of these: 2. Myra Johnson- One Imperfect Christmas (print). 3. Cara Lynn James-Love On a Dime (print).

  119. Welcome to the party, Joy! We've actually given those two away already. But you can be entered for others! :)

  120. What a party going on!! Woohoo!

  121. Debra, I'm glad you're enjoying it! The Fire is so cool.

  122. LOL! Always late to the party! Love this community!

  123. Anne, I think Tina's finally sleeping. :) She'll be back!!

  124. Joy, good morning! Talk about a name that "works" at holiday time!

    Audra, I think the bacon in bacon-wrapped shrimp makes it a most appropriate breakfast food!

    Along with the seafood quiche, of course!

  125. Oooo, can't wait to see what the Yankee-Belle Cafe is bringing to this bash.

    Has Walt's casserole shown up yet?Sausage anything is my favorite!

    Cathy, I'll all over that 1000 words a day, 5 days a week. After Donna Alward's post on 1K1HR, I'm ready to write!

    Deb, I'm still holding last year's model Kindle -- no bells and whistles. I want a Kindle Fire so badly, but I've gotta wait...

  126. Good morning!! I've got some fresh homemade apple juice straight from my juicer.

    Congratulations to all the winners!! So exciting. See y'all in a few hours. Gotta go work.

  127. Ahhhh, bacon = breakfast food. Got it, Ruthy LOL!

    Seafood quiche, too.

    I'm feelin' some island breezes going on here. Where's Jack? I'm all up for sticking my toes in the sand and fanning the flames of a bon fire...okay, I'll save the bon fire for tonight.

    With fireworks.


  128. Winners. Winners. Winners.

    Don't you just love days like this??

  129. Wahoo!!! Seekerville is rocking and rocking early!

    What fun to shower prizes, to chart where we've been and predict where we're going! :-) Thank you, Tina, and Missy!

    I'm celebrating Seeker and friends of Seekerville sales and the great times we've had this year in Seekerville.


  130. Looks like we accidentally missed the set of Janet Dean's books in an earlier drawing. So the 9 am winner of a 5-book set of Janet's Love Inspired Historicals:

    Christina! Who's just left for work. I guess she'll find out later. :)

  131. And speaking of Janet... she's here! Good morning, Janet!

  132. And Audra! Good morning, my twin sister. :)

  133. That five-pack is an awesome package!

    I am off to work (AKA write) will set my goal and reward (beck to the party in an hour)

    Happy New Year to our Celcius sisters in warm December land.

    Thank you again for my kindle. I love it! So much easier to read on than my ipod.

  134. Good morning, everyone! Wow, this party has been rocking all night, and I have a feeling it's just warming up.

    Thanks for all the congrats for my fun WW sale :) I think the story that sold was my 7th or 8th submission, so the moral of that story is: never give up, never surrender!

    We're doing whirlwind deep cleaning and cooking in preparation for a party at our house tonight, but my virtual self (in my virtual, slim, tanned body) will be partying in Seekerville all day!

    Has anyone seen my party hat? And is there any of that seafood quiche left?

  135. Happy New Year's Eve Seekerville!

    I have my snowman earrings on for good measure - though the temp here in Eastern TN is going to be in the high 50s-low 60s. Very nice!

  136. Still trying to figure out what my goals are for the new year.

    I have a lot of personal goals that are suprises and will affect my writing goals - but I'm DETERMINED to finish two novels this year and finalize the edits on a third. It's do-able. I'm 75% finished with the two.

    And I REALLY hope to go to ACFW this new year. It will be a very tough goal to make, but hey, we just celebrated the season where nothing is impossible with God :-)

  137. Pepper, careful those snowman earrings don't melt in 60 degree weather. We've go 60 mph gusts of wind around here. Hmm, looking for a correlation between the two, LOL!

    I would love my 2012 prediction to claim THIS party revisited at ACFW in 2012! Jenny? Helen W? Think you can plan on that??

    Now wouldn't that just be a blowout!!

  138. I received a super blessing when hubs told me he didn't need me at the shop! And another super blessing to find out I have won Janet's five book set!!! Oh, yeah!

    Cara Lynn, I love the simplicity of your goals.

    Looks like I get to do a marathon of revisions. I wanted to have all 30 chapters complete by Jan. 1 (is that really tomorrow?) I have 21 to go, is that even doable?

  139. Pepper, I'd love to go to ACFW, too. Didn't make it this last year and it was soooo close to home.

  140. Hey, Pepper, I LOVE your goals.


    I "heart" your goals!

    Get 'er done!

  141. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraDecember 31, 2011 at 9:38 AM

    Wow the party is in full swing! I love all the predictions and the Food Network should defiantly feature the Yankee Belle Cafe!! I am also trying to lose weight since my brother is getting married in Oct. I need to get a dress for the wedding and I want to go down a few sizes before I buy it. Not that I know which one I want get. I will be back a little later. I have to go to the store. So I am going to grab a tea and some cookies and catch everyone later!!


  142. Wow!! 143 comments and here in Michigan it's only 9:30 A.M. You all sure do know how to throw a party!!

    Sounds like some great predictions for 2012!!!


  143. Debra and those writing today... set you a timer to come back each hour! :)

  144. Wow, you guys sure know how to throw a party! Here's wishing everyone a blessed New Year.

  145. Hey, Pepper!! Good morning. It's pretty warm here today, too, I think. Expecting a high of 62 degrees. (F) Nice day for new year's eve!

  146. Good morning, Amanda! Glad you joined us.

    And hey, Sherri! Glad you're back. :)

  147. Well, Christina, if your writing is really clean, that may be doable. :) But if it's rough, I'd think you might need a few more days. :) Still, it's great that you're working on it!

  148. Good morning Seekers and Friends!

    THANK YOU for being a grand part of our lives. May continues to say you are PAWSOME!!!

    Our milestones are two - May on the Way: How I Become a K9 Spy was published after 28 dog years AND *drum roll* we are half-way through the first print run. Very exciting...

    Come to think of it, there might be a 3rd - I'm disciplining myself to plot more. YIKES! (But it's better!)

    SMILE!! DH just stopped by and asked about the party. As he walked away he said, "Well, just don't get the computer wet from the champagne!")

    Happy New Year all! And if you need an excuse to see how it's done - go see War Horse. The master visual storyteller is at work.

    PS: I've been AWOL - had some sort of bug that bit me, and was out of town when it happened. UGH.

  149. You snooze you lose... I'm just waking up wondering when the party starts then I signed in.LOL
    over 140 post!

    Happy New Year Seekerville!

  150. AHHHHHH! For some reason, I thought it started at NOON!!!!

    And look at all the prizes I've already missed!!!


    But first...


    Now back to crying ;).

  151. YOWZA, the party's in full swing at what ... 8:45 a.m. Central Time??? What are you doing, giving away the house???

    YES, as a matter of fact, and is this going to be a FUN day in Seekerville!!

    TINA!!! LOVE bacon-wrapped shrimp and I'm bringing seven-layer taco dip, which generally disappears in mere minutes at my house.

    I predict Seekerville and Seekervillians are going to have the BEST year ever in every way!!

    Go, Seekers ... Go, Seekerville!!!


  152. It's Pepper's birthday? Happy Birthday, Pepper!

    And KC - good to see you back! I figured you were just busy writing...

  153. Ohhhhh, it's Pepper's birthday?

    I feel a song coming on.

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, Pepper, haaaaappy bithdaaaaaay to you!

    Dd had carrot cake and cream cheese frosting for her birthday last night. There are a few slices left over if you'd like one.

  154. Good morning! Looks like a fun party going on here! Thank you for the opportunity to win a prize -- it's my birthday today, so what a great day it would be to WIN! :D

    I'd love to be entered to win any of the great prizes you have listed here, except a critique, since I'm not a writer. ;-)

    My goal for 2012, in two words = deeper commitment.

    Happy New Year to all!
    scraphappy71 at sbcglobal dot net

  155. Greetings from SoCal. Seekerville is my favorite Blog. Best wishes for a happy and prosperous 2012.

    I would love a 3 chapter critique from Tina if I should be so lucky.

    Keep bringing us your delightful stories. And thanks!

    Sarah Richmond

  156. Missy, thanks for the encouragement. I'd say the revisions might be doable but I'll give myself a few more days anyway. Especially since I'm currently writing a never before chapter.

    I'll be back when it's done.

  157. Glad I'm not too late for the party! Love the Zooey Deschanel song and great food from Yankee Belle. Stopping in at Seekerville always brings blessings. I can definitely attribute my 2011 writing milestones in part to Seekerville . . .

    1. Many posts encouraged me to keep on going in my writing journey.
    2. The article by Dr. Stanley Williams on the morale premise helped me make some important changes in my manuscript. (Then hearing him at the conference was great!)
    3. Seekerville let me know about contests and how to enter them.
    4. The first contests I entered gave me important feedback that helped with the Genesis--which I learned about at Seekerville.
    5. Winning the Genesis brought me to the attention of an agent.(Yay!)

    So I'm thankful for all that you do and share, Seekerville ladies. Wishing you all many reasons to rejoice in the new year!

  158. Michelle, too?

    I feel another song coming on.

    Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear, Michelle, haaaaappy bithdaaaaaay to you!

  159. Winner of the 10 am random drawing for a $15 Starbucks card from Tina Radcliffe:

    Laura (Loves to Read Romance)! Congrats, Laura!

  160. Oh! It's Pepper's birthday, too!?! Happy Birthday, Pepper! :D

  161. PEPPER!


    AHHHHHHH! This is truly a special day : )

    I'm singing, but not in public, don't want to crash any harddrives, LOL!!

  162. Thank you for the birthday wishes, Christina! : )

  163. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    Lots of celebrations happening around here!

  164. KC, I'm sorry you've been sick!! It's so good to see you back here!

    Jamie, you're not too late for the fun, though! We'll be going all day and into the night. :)

    Carol, we still have lots of fun prizes!! No crying allowed today. ;)

  165. Good morning, Jules!

    Pepper's b-day?? How did I miss that? Happy birthday, Pepper!!

  166. Michelle! Happy birthday to you, too!! And we love readers around here!

  167. Okay... Caught up with the comments :(. Missed all the early fun and am going to miss most of the daily fun because I'm going to my B/SIL's for Christmas here in a bit... Will try to keep up on my phone at least some...

    Don't they know I have more important things to do?!

    Accomplishments and goals from last year and for this one...

    *Met Julie - yes this was on my list. As the year went on, that list of people expanded. I've met almost all of the Seekers and too many Seeker friends to count!

    *Attended ACFW. Had a proposal request ended up sending out two. Both rejected. Ah well.

    *Finished rough drafts on a total of 4MSs. One start to finish in about 3.5 mos this year. And technically my NaNo from this year has the rough draft done so that's 5 but it needs SO much work it's hard to include it.

    *Polished drafts of 2 MSs.

    *"Sold" an essay/short story thing to a Christmas anthology and saw it come out [sold = I got a free copy and a discount on more...]

    *Entered contests. Did not final. ;)

    *Entered Golden Heart and several other contests with no results yet.

    Goals for next year:
    *Meet the rest of the Seekers. Meet more Seeker friends.

    *Complete Finding Mr. Write and query/submit/contest with it. Goal Date: 3/1

    *Write another MS and polish in time for conference.

    *Write another MS for NaNo

    *Complete the rough draft of the sequel to Suburban Straightjacket; start rough draft of book 3 because I <3 book 3 in that series.

    *Continue to contest/query/propose

    *Get more Seekers/Seeker friends to guest spot on Pentalk [subtle hint? Why no. No it's not. It's rather blatant don't you think? ;)]

    *Get the office organized and my reading/reviewing in some semblance of order.

    I believe, honestly, truly, good things are going to happen to me this year. Or for me. Or whatever. But I have a hard time putting down things like 'sign with an agent' because so much of that is out of my hands. All I can do is write the best I can write and submit queries, etc to them. From there, it's out of my hands.

    And I think this may be longer than the original post so I'll stop now ;).

  168. Bless you for inviting me. I feel awful for missing so many days of Seekerville and the Yankee Belle Cafe, and so many other blogs, but I've been in my cave. Even today, I'll only come out when the red ball drops. Ugh. I love my job, I love my job. lol

    I may be a writer, but at this time, I can't convey what it means to have your friendship and support. Thank you.

    I'm so proud of your accomplishments this past year although I don't have a right to be since I had nothing to do with it.

    And I wish you all an emotionally satisfying year, rich with blessings.

    Anita Mae.

  169. oh man, I have to leave this happening party! Have a blast everyone!

  170. Okay, I need to go back and read the directions again (I have a very bad tendency of skimming--or skipping--the directions) but I think I'm supposed to say what I want to win from the list beginning at 10:00, and so I want to win an Amazon gift card, because there's a book I really need to read and promote, and it's totally out of my usual genre, and is intriguing me very much. Anyway, where are my manners? I definitely want to wish everyone a VERY Merry New Year's Eve!!! And the most awesome New Year of your life!!! May your year be filled with book sales and contest wins and lots of lovely numbers on your royalty statements!!!

    I made my husband laugh this morning by saying, "It was the best of years ... it was the worst of years," speaking of 2011. It was a wonderful year as far as my writing, and I learned a LOT this year about all kinds of things. But I'm hoping for even better things for 2012. And for you all too!

  171. You guys throw the best parties!! =] LOVED seeing your stats! Wow! Very impressive and encouraging!! =]

    I had a milestone or two. =] Started a group devo site that's better than I dreamed because the girls have gelled (jelled? sheesh. how do you spell that word?!) Also got an agent and submitted a manuscript to an editor and got great feedback. Very worthwhile and cool. =]

    Predictions? That 2012 is gonna be a great year. (who wants a stinkie year?! LoL) That my focus will shift. =]

    Happy New Year's Seekerville!

  172. Welcome, Sarah! I've got you entered. It's a random drawing (with my handy dandy online randomizer), but maybe you'll luck into the crit by Tina!

    Welcome, Marcy!

    Renee, thank you for hanging out with us! We're so excited for your successes in 2011!

  173. Just finished breakfast. Hubby made fried eggs and fried potatoes with sausage and toast. He made a lot so I brought some to share.

    I'm full, awake and ready to party!

    I have seekerville and Tina Radcliffe to thank for one of my 2011 milestones. I won a LIH pitch contest that I would not have entered had I not be motivated by Tina's encouragement.

    I didn't win but I got great feedback and a request for a new project.

    Can't wait to sell my first book, so I can include ya'll in my dedication page.

  174. I'm glad Carol mentioned meeting people. Meeting Seekerville authors and friends at the conference was definitely a milestone and a highlight of 2011 for me! All of you looked so fancy at the banquet. Even better in person than in your photo montage!

  175. LOL, Carol! No, not too long. We're excited to see your goals and successes!!

    And, hey, I'd love to guest on Pentalk!

  176. Anita Mae, we're so glad you dropped by! I totally understand about that cave. LOL We'll hope to see you more later!

  177. No predictions, but did want to stop by to wish all Seekers and the Seeker community a Happy New Year and may 2012 be a year of met goals for you!

  178. Just skimmed through the comments--LoL--soooo many, but fun and oh-so encouraging. Neat to see what others have done this year, milestones and other things.

    I've missed you guys while I was in my cave. Cave time isn't fun, but sometimes it's very needed. =]

  179. Hey, Melanie!! You have had a great year!! We're excited for you. Wishing an even better 2012!

    Patty, you've had lots of excitement as well! Congrats on getting your agent--as well as editor feedback!

  180. Jamie, that's so exciting!! Tina's great at motivating us!

  181. Renee, it is always so fun to meet online friends in person. The very first time I did (the FHL chapter meeting at RWA many years ago), I burst into tears! LOL I was just so overwhelmed to finally meet my online friends. :)

    I feel the same way when I finally meet Seekerville friends!

  182. HAPPY ALREADY-2012-IN-SOME-PARTS- OF-THE-WORLD! (Guess we'll see Jenny again later today after she gets a good Australian night's sleep!)

    I've been busy this morning making New Year's Day snacks---a yummy diced ham, mayo, & onion dip (with a subtle, smoky taste of curry and a cream cheese "frosting"). And water chestnuts wrapped in bacon. There will be a velveeta salsa dip, too, and lots of other goodies to indulge in!

  183. Okay, gotta get a little work done. I'll be back in a half hour to get ready to do the 11:00 drawing!

  184. Good morning all. Glad to see the party is still going strong.

    So many have had an excellent 2011. Heres to a great 2012 for all!!

  185. JAN -- I've marked my calendar to pick up the issue of Woman's World you'll be featured in! That's a hard market to break into. Congrats!

  186. Happy Birthday, Pepper!!! How did I not know it was your birthday?

    And Happy Birthday, Michelle!

    Hope you both have a wonderful year and a wonderful birthday.

  187. Ive had such amazing opportunities here at Seekerville. Won the entry to two contests and went on to final in them which brought more opportunities. You ladies do thus because you know how helpful it is. Pitch opportunities and interaction with agents and editors is priceless.

    Well of course I have four writing goals : be agented. Go to ACFW. Complete a new manuscript. Sell.

    Simple huh?

  188. OOooo, Jan!!! I just read your news! Way to go, girl!!! I am praying for you to get the YES! on that manuscript. Woohoo!

  189. I just want to say, Never be afraid to dream big. God is a very big God! He can do anything!!! Do you believe that? Because I do. :-) Believing for awesome things in 2012!!!!!!!!!!

  190. Happy Birthday, Pepper and Michelle!

    Jan, so tickled to hear about the revisions--praying! =] And Walt sold? I totally missed that. Was it from the first and last page contest? So cool!! Congrats, Walt!!

  191. What a crazy start to this day! Spent the morning s far cleaning up a mess that involved the dog and cat but I won't go into any more details. Yuck!

    Plus I've spent so much time reading everyone's great comments that I forgot to join in the discussion.

    I usually hate written goal-setting but you all have inspired me. I'll have to go off with my coffee and see if I can force myself to put words on paper in the form of goals.

    I see my prediction from last night is about to come true. Not even noon yet and we're about to pass the number of comments from last year's party. Can I up the prediction to over 400 comments?

    Happy New Year's Eve, Seekerville.

    PS - if your New Year's goals include putting on about 20 pounds, be sure to stop by the Yankee Belle and read Ruthy's Pioneer Woman Apple Dumplings recipe.

  192. I may be too late for the 11:00 am drawing. But if not I'd love to be included.

    Will post second comment momentarily.

  193. Whoopee.....what a party!! Always fun at Seekerville....count me in. Would especially love Amazon cards!! Happy New Year to all!!