Saturday, January 7, 2012

Seekerville Weekend Edition

We Have Winners

Seekerville is just getting caught up from the holiday guests and party fun. If we missed sending out your prize, please do let us know! As always, contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules here. All prizes are distributed within 6-8 weeks of winner announcements.

We still have a few New Year's Eve Party Winners who need to claim their prizes. If that's you, contact us as we have attempted to reach you already.

Monday Award winning Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy started out our January Month of Firsts with The First Money I Ever Made WRITING. Susan Snodgrass is the winner of the $15 Amazon gift card and, since she mentioned it, she is also receiving a copy of Mary's adorable little 'first sale' play, Clashing Symbols.

Historical author Amanda Cabot joined us on Tuesday us with great advice about incorporating actual places, people and events into your fictional work with her post Writer Beware. It's Not As Easy As It Seems. Winner of a surprise box is Carol Moncado.

We were delighted to welcome Sarah Ladd on Wednesday with her post is "Your First Marketing Plan: Why Every New Author Needs One and How to Get Started." Winner of a book package in honor of Sarah's visit is Janet Grunst.

Love Inspired author Audra Harders was our hostess on Thursday with "Taking Baby Steps to Win The Race". Winner a surprise pack of great reading to start your year is Virginia.

Friday we welcomed back Philosophy of Romance's Vince Mooney with his post, "A Guy Writing Romance...What's So Funny About That?" Winner of a Seeker book package is Kara.

Next Week In Seekerville Our Month of Firsts Continues

Monday: Join Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean as she talks about the debut, of her first published book, Courting Miss Adelaide.

Tuesday: "My First Book Pitch." Myra Johnson reveals her initial ignorance about editor/agent appointments and the terror of finally signing up for her first-ever pitch. She will give away a copy of Autumn Rains, the book she pitched at that memorable appointment.

Wednesday: Seekerville is delighted to welcome guest blogger and inspirational writer Amanda Barratt!

Thursday: Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne is your hostess. Ruthy will jump on the "Firsts" bandwagon with the Top Ten Reasons Her Really Bad First Book Never Got Published. Food will be accompanied by North Country prizes. Be sure to stop by for a chance to win Waiting Out the Storm.

Friday: Welcome back to Love Inspired Historical and Barbour author Debra Ullrick who shares about her first conference and editor appointment. Debra will give away three copies of her latest release The Unlikely Wife.

Seeker Sightings

Janet Dean is cooking in the
Yankee-Belle Cafe today.

Random News & Information


  1. Congratulations to all the winners! What a great week it was here on Seekerville. I'm looking forward to next week, too.

    I'm coming back to check some of your links, Tina, tomorrow. When I'm more awake. It looks great!

  2. WOOHOO!!!!

    I won TWICE on Tuesday!!!!

    Not only the prize pack, but that's the day I found out that I have ARRIVED!!!!

    My friends, that's right. Not an agent. Not a contract.

    [Though I certainly wouldn't turn those down.]


    Tuesday is the day I found out I get to be a guest blogger.


    First there was a thud.
    Then squealing [could you hear it?].
    Then some, well, freaking out.

    Especially after Tina told me I need a debutante dress.

    Gotta find one of those ;).

    So thanks, Seekers, for both prizes :D.

    And now, me and my fuzzy head are off to hit the hay!

  3. Carol, the sedatives are on the shelf behind the chocolate.

  4. Congrats to the winners and thank you Seekerville for the book package I won! I'm so thrilled to have won and so blessed by everyone here! Have a great weekend, ladies, and I look forward to more great posts and articles :)

    Thanks Jeanne T!

    Carol, I can feel your enthusiasm through your post and LOVE it. So happy you're on a winning streak AND a guest blogger as well!

    Tina, LOL! Have a great weekend and keep up the good work, I'm loving all the talented authors you keep company with on Seekerville :) Blessings to you and the rest!

  5. So THAT'S the problem!

    I thought they were IN the chocolate!

    Maybe that's why I can't sleep... ;)

  6. Wheeee!!! Books! More books!!

    Carol, I can't wait for your post, it's gonna be fun!

    HAd a wonderful Epiphany party, but I'm full of yummy pizza... It'll be a salad day tomorrow. :)

  7. Congratulations winners! Carol, now I cant wait to read your guest blog.
    I have been thinking about this Seekerville week, I think it has been one of the best as far as what I have learned. I think I learned as much from the questions and answers as from the original posts. Thank you so much!! everybody!

  8. Mary Cline, I'm with you. I learn as much (and sometimes get seeds of story ideas or plot threads) from comments as I do from the posts.

    That's just plain wonderful!

    CAROL!!!! I'll be dancin' in the streets, chica! With pom poms waving, flagging down traffic, tweeting your presence to all who will listen!


    Congrats to all winners. I must go and neaten my edits and ship them back to NYC and for any of you who are afraid of edits/revisions/changes to your manuscript????

    Don't be. Please. It's just a process and ya gotta trust your editor to get it right. They're expert at catching stuff your readers really don't need.

    Do Not Be Afraid! ;)

    Coffee's on, fresh and a selection of creamers is available to the left. On your right is the breakfast bar, still thinking of spring dresses until SANDRA comes along and dumps something decadent there.

    So: Eggs, your choice, any style. Bacon. Ham. Sausage. Whole grain toast. Grapefruit (thinking of you, Bridgett!!!!)Cheese.

    A nutritionist told me this week that yogurt is about the worst bunch on non-nutritious empty calories you can put in your mouth. So I went straight for the whole fat ice cream.

    In for a penny, in for a pound. ;)

  9. Congratulations to all the winners. I don't know how you keep up with everything, ladies.

    Thanks for the great posts and links this week.

    Carol, you're too funny. Well, at 6am, you were too funny.

    onward and upward!

  10. Congrats to the winners!!
    I have a confesson....
    I've agreed to do my first vlog.
    I'll be checking out your link, Tina.

    Have a Happy Weekend Seekerville.

  11. Cogratulations to all the winners! But as a daily visitor to Seekerville, I believe we are all winners as the pearls of wisdom we receive from the Seekers and Guests is priceless!

    Thank you all for all you do and for following God's call.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.

  12. Looks like a great line up of posts. Congrats to the winners this week!

  13. Congrats to all the winners.

    Looks like another great line up for next week.

  14. Congrats to all the lucky winners, and I am with you Cindy we all win with the wonderful post that are jam packed with words of wisdom...
    enjoy your weekend girls.
    Paula O

  15. Congrats to the winners! Thanks for the info and links. :)

  16. Congrats to all the winners. Seekerville has to be the most generous place on earth!

    Tina, great WE as usual! Great links, too. It was fun to read Janet Kobobel Grant's enthusiastic blog about Rachelle Gardner joining Books & Such.

    Fantastic lineup for next week as well.

    And if you haven't stopped by Yankee Belle yet to sample Janet Dean's Olive dip recipe, head right on over. It's easy and so delicious.

  17. Great links, Tina!! Thanks for all the web scouring you do!

  18. May I ask about food?

    Ruthy, did she specify which yogurt? I've been eating the real Greek Yogurt for calcium and protein.

  19. Congratulations to all the winners! Stop in Monday. I'm giving away a copy of my debut, my first published book. Courting Miss Adelaide may be getting some age on her but trust me, she's still looking good. ;-)

    Wahoo, Carol M! Looking forward to your post!

    Drop over to the Yankee Belle Cafe today if you want an easy appetizer recipe, one of my favorites. Actually this is my daughter's mother-in-law's recipe. Marrying into a family includes more than a spouse. :-)


  20. It's been a great first week on Seekerville - next week sounds like it will just as informative and fun!

    Congrats to all the winners! But I agree with Cindy W. - we're all winners :)

    And Carol - looking forward to your guest appearance - I trust you'll bring along some cookies that day!

    Today is my daughter's last Saturday with us before she heads back to college, so we're heading out to the Badlands and Wall. The Badlands on a cloudy, cold day in January? It should be interesting...maybe I'll call it research for a book idea I have in mind...

  21. I'd like to know as well. I eat the real Greek plain, fat free. Tons of protein.

  22. Mary, you can ask about anything... umm.... (big grin here) ... almost!!!

    She just said yogurt. The Greek is all the rage right now. I haven't tried that yet, but I shy away from yogurt because I really like it and it's loaded with carbs. I know, I know, stinking boring.

    And I love Missy's advice over on Yankee-Belle, that whole grain carbs, a few carbs here and there, aren't bad. I totally believe that.

    My problem is RUTHY. My lack of self-control around sugar. Pasta. Bread.


    So I don't go hard core, I just go "careful". So Mary, if you like the yogurt and it's not gazillion calories, go for it. I'm actually thinking of putting a cool farm that produces the Greek yogurt and real milk into a book. I will probably pick the brains of Yankee Belle commenters because you guys are so good at knowing what's what.

    I love that.

  23. I just checked out Chobani and Oikos.

    Oikos won. Great protein content, 0 fat and 30% calcium in one 8 oz. serving. And 9 carbs. Tina and Mary, that's a win/win.

    When you go flavored, it ups the carbs substantially. Calories, too of course.

    But I bet it would be good with just some of my chopped almonds sprinkled in for crunch. Or my sunflower seeds.

    Tina, does it taste good? For real? Mary?

  24. Congrats winners! (Though all are winners in Seekerville!)

    Tina, wonderful WE as usual. Thanks especially for this link: “The Secret to Finding the Time to Write, Market, Promote, and Still Have a Life”

    Several of her ideas have been floating around in my mind, so I'm happy to have them in print. Now, to apply!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  25. WTG Carol!
    (Tina - you are sooo funny - but we knew this)

    Yogurt - right. The key is PLAIN yogurt, not flavored. It's a must, especially after a round of anti-biotics for example.

    Thanks for clarification too!

  26. I LOVE Seekerville WE -- it's like getting a big, fat, juicy newspaper with all those extra weekend inserts -- only your WE inserts are links. Love them!!

    I usually start my day with WE but I'm late for a very good reason. I went book shopping!!!! Wanna know what I got? No? Too bad, I'm going to tell you anway.

    The Wounded Heart by Adena Senft (Amish), Threads of Hope by Andrea Boeshaar (Historical), A Simple Winter Tale by Rosalind Lauer(Amish/Suspense) and The Chase by Debra White Smith (Suspense). And I bought a new Daily planner to keep track of 2012 book releases!

    Oh -- and guess what I'm reading right now? An Unlikely Wife by Debra Ullrick and am soooooo loving it. It's hysterical!

  27. I add Truvia to mine and some fresh berries.

  28. Kav, what a great list of books! I like your style, woman!

    Tina, I've never tried Truvia. Does it taste good? I'm not a Splenda fan, it leaves a funny taste in my mouth.

    But I like Equal/aspartame.

    And I like ice cream. A lot.

  29. Aspartame is bad for you. Chemical based.

    Truvia is plant based.

  30. Great WE, Tina - SOO looking forward to next week :) Good stuff.

  31. lol - Carol, so glad you have ARRIVED, girlfriend.

    Hope you brought chocolate-chip cookies with you!

    You know, I gained 5 lbs eating your cookies and I STILL haven't gotten rid of those lbs.

    Just thought you'd want to know that it's your fault...

  32. Really?

    About yogurt?

    Well, there goes my Greek yogurt binge. I thought it was good for you!

    Hand me the cookies, Carol!

  33. Chobani Greek Yogurt is VERY good. Our favorites are blueberry and pineapple. I add a packet of stevia or truvia to mine b/c it's not extremely sweet, but dh likes it just as it is.

  34. So sorry Pam! But here's some extra cookies for you.

    I promise to bring extras when it's my turn to blog!

    And now there's like... expectations! Y'all are gonna give me a complex before I even get here ;).

  35. Ruthy, I usually eat the Chobani also. I read in some article once that it's more "real". I do like the Oikos Dark Chocolate yogurt as a snack though.

    Ruthy, it's a taste thing. I really like it - better than the usual yogurt. My daughters hate it. *shrug*

    If I'm eating it for lunch or breakfast, I go for the fruit ones, but I like to use the plain in place of sour cream with tacos or potatoes. I think it tastes better than fat free sour cream and it has 18 grams of protein.

    I think adding almonds to it would be great, but of course I love almonds in anything. I've taken to adding a smidge of real maple syrup rather than fake anything to sweeten things. Part of my natural food kick.

  36. Hey, us women are all about the nutrition because we have to keep up our strength for writing and reading! And keep these families healthy, too.

    Ruth, I've heard that yogurt can be pretty bad when it's the overprocessed, full of sugar kind. Our kids's ped told me that the processed yogurt they market to kids is about as bad as the sugared cereals. If you can get some with lots of protien, natural, and add your own granola or berries, you're golden.

    we use the Greek plain yogurt for sour cream. I put a coffee filter in a strainer, spoon in the yogurt and let the whey (liquid) drain for a day. WAY FEWER calories and lots less fat, plus protein! We can't eat our burritos or tacos without sour cream, so we use this instead.

    Sometimes when I'm craving goat cheese, I make this and add fresh herbs and chill. great dabbed on French bread or low carb crackers!

    Seriously, most days I just bypass the yogurt and nibble FUDGE. And drink coffee. And never excercise.

    Knowledge and action, two totally different things. :D

  37. Tina. You know I don't care about that. If it tastes good and has no calories, I'm in.

    And it comes from grapefruit peel, right? How bad can grapefruit peel be?

  38. Mary, that's why I like you so much. Knowledge and action, two different things.

    Which means it's OKAY for me to eat the two apple pie bites that Beth dropped off while we were visiting Grandpa and Grandma this afternoon. Because I passed the apple store road TWICE and didn't turn, and Dave drove right by it to get to Grandpa's house, and I DIDN'T GO IN...

    But the pastries found ME... which must mean I'm supposed to eat them, right?


  39. Mary C, I'm sure you're right, that it's the processed sweetened yogurt she meant.


    (don't hate me)

    I feed this stuff to the babies all the time. They're like action rocket machines, always running, jumping, laughing, dancing, marching, tip-toe-ing... Seriously we burn it off so I don't worry about any of that when it comes to the kids.


    A whole other matter, but like Mary Virginia, I talk a good line and then steal cookies.

    Guilty as charged!

  40. I'd say you have a moral obligation to eat them.

    (Unless of course you want to share them with me!)

  41. Oh, Tina, my Two Heroes DVD arrived this week. Now I just have to find/make the time to watch it.

    You KNOW the writing's going well when I'm not looking at watching the DVD as an excuse not to do it.

  42. What a fun week this was! Congrats to the winners! Janet Dean I am looking forward to your post on Monday!

  43. Sarah, you helped make this a very excellent week. Thank you.

  44. Always a fun time at Seekerville!! Congrats to all the winners!

  45. LOL!!! "Carol, the sedatives are on the shelf behind the chocolate."

    Tina, you are SUCH a hoot in case I don't tell you enough. That dry, quiet, unassuming humor that kind of sneaks up on you and zaps you like a dog collar. :)

    Great WE as always, and I LOVE the clean-slate idea, which is why I love January soooo much!!


  46. Congratulations to all the winners!!!

  47. Julie just compared me to an electronic dog collar.

    I wonder if I can use this on my resume?

  48. I just proved that I can edit this morning's chapter while watching Denver win the Wild Card game over the Steelers.

    WHAT A GAME!!!!