Saturday, January 14, 2012

Seekerville Weekend Edition

Welcome to another Weekend Edition.
We're hard at working, writing, writing writing..

What are you up to?

Oh, and did we mention there's a new Seekerville Short Read up?

REMINDER! The National Uninterrupted Day of Writing
is coming up on February 5th,
(formerly known as Superbowl Sunday).
So get ready to write.

Also, start clearing your calendar for the
March, Seekerville BIAM (Book-In-A-Month).

We Have Winners

Seekerville is just getting caught up from the holiday guests and party fun. If we missed sending out your prize, please do let us know! As always, contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules here. All prizes are distributed within 6-8 weeks of winner announcements.

Monday Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean as she talked about the debut, of her first published book, Courting Miss Adelaide. Winner of Courting Miss Adelaide is Valri.

"My First Book Pitch." continued our month of firsts as Myra Johnson revealed her initial ignorance about editor/agent appointments and the terror of finally signing up for her first-ever pitch. The winner of of Autumn Rains, (the book she pitched at that memorable appointment) is Donna (Lostie815).

Wednesday Seekerville was delighted to welcome guest blogger and inspirational writer Amanda Barratt! Winners from Amanda's visit will be contacted by Amanda, instead of the usual Seekerville protocol. Dawn Crandall – An Inconvenient Match, Sandra Ardoin – A Heart Revealed, Laura Frantz – Out of Control, Whitney – Love by the Book, Melanie – Mended Hearts, Angie Adair – A Family For Faith.

Thursday Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne is your hostess. Ruthy will jump on the "Firsts" bandwagon with the Top Ten Reasons Her Really Bad First Book Never Got Published. The winner of Waiting Out the Storm is Erica Vetsch.

Friday we welcomed back Love Inspired Historical and Barbour author Debra Ullrick who shares about her first conference and editor appointment. The three winners of Debra's latest release The Unlikely Wife are: Sandy Nadeau, Christina B, & Jeanne T.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday:For our Month of Firsts, join Love Inspired author Missy Tippens as she shares about her First Rejection. She'll talk about characterization and will give tips on how to avoid the dreaded "cardboard" characters. Missy will give away critique of the first 5 pages of a sweet or inspirational romance manuscript, focusing on characterization.

Tuesday: Love Inspired author and former contest diva, Tina Radcliffe brings you a post on her very First Contests. She's also offering two commenters an opportunity to have the first 15 pages of their manuscript critiqued in preparation for a contest.

Wednesday: Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti writes about writing her First Complete Manuscript. She'll be giving away a copy of The Captain's Mission, her latest suspense release.

Thursday: Today we welcome guest blogger, Pat Simmons to Seekerville! Pat is a Christian author who has turned her love of genealogy into book characters.

Friday:We wrap up the week with a HUGE DAY in Seekerville. Sue Grimshaw, Senior Editor of Romance at Random is guest-blogging as part of a publishing launch: "First Publisher to Re-launch an Established Line Digitally." Sue will be here to explain the opportunities and new curves that the role of digital publishing is throwing our way as evidenced by their re-release of the "Loveswept" line of romance novels. Be sure to stop by for some great editor insight into an exciting new format that offers new life for old and new works! (Adult content in some novels.) In honor of Sue's visit we'll be giving away a $20 Barnes and Noble gift card and a first chapter critique up to fifteen pages!

Seeker Sightings

Attention Hoosiers!!

Janet Dean will be signing An Inconvenient Match Saturday January 21 from 1-3:00 at the Bookmark in Fort Wayne, IN.

Wade Cummings, Janet Dean’s hero in An Inconvenient Match will answer interview questions at January 17.

Tina Radcliffe is visiting the Yankee-Belle Cafe today.
And..don't miss this review of Oklahoma Reunion
Come Meet Aus Jenny.

Glynna Kaye's At Home In His Heart is the featured review today at Come Meet Aus Jenny.

Random News & Information

Ooooh and let's leave you with some feel-good for the weekend...

Everybody Loves Whales and Joyful Noise!!


  1. Congrats to all the winners!

    I've been writing! Hoping to hit my NovelTrack goal of 35K this weekend. Less than 5K away.

    But now... Gonna try to get a couple hundred words in [written not much today...] and GO TO BED! :D

  2. Coffee's ready for morning imbibers.

    Congratulations to all winners!!

    I'm back to writing is what I'm doing.


  3. Both of you are inspirational. Write. Write. Write.

  4. Carol you've been astounding me on NovelTrack my friend. Today (after I sleep, haha) is a catch-up day. I'm going to write and write!

    I'm so excited about all the opportunities to win critiques coming up this week. =)

    Congrats to all the winners.

  5. Joyful Noise...

    I'm smiling. I love Dolly Parton. I love musicals. And it's like a mix of Sister Act with High School Musical...

    I will most likely love it and watch it ad nauseum. Because that's how I roll. I NEVER watch a movie a first time. Too much risk involved.

    Teeeeena, thank you for a lovely weekend edition! Oh, so many fun things a-happenin' here in Seekerville!

    Love it! Helen, I've got the coffee, inhaling it now. Thank you!

    And Nancy Kimball is being shy, but she's comin' over to blog in Seekerville in March! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!

    Can't wait to host you, Sugar Beans! ;) (Sweet Home Alabama...)

    Okay, I'm tucking my chin. Going in! Helen, great to have you back on track. Awesome.

  6. Good Morning, Seekerville and congrats to all the winners.

    Happy Weekend.I have a 3 day weekend so I'm going to be doing more of the same - writing writing writing.

    The #1k1hr Facebook group is going strong (Thanks, Carol!) and it's really been inspiring me. I've hit at least 1,000 words every day this new year.

    Hope everyone has a great day. Wind is howling from the north here so it's a great day to read and write and stay inside.

  7. Congratulations winners! The lineup for next week is awesome! Looking forward to sharing the fun of Seeker firsts and welcoming our guests!

    I actually watch the Super Bowl, Tina. This year the game's in Indianapolis. Not that I will be. Nor will the Colts. Miss the glory days. Even IU lost this week. :-(

    Ruthy, I want to see Joyful Noise. Love Dolly! Saw her for the first time at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Loved her voice from the first moment. Not sure my d/h heard a word. She looked like Bombshell Barbie in a white jumpsuit.



    I encourage everyone to read Tina's short read this month under the link indicated in this WE -- it's called The Scent of Spring, and it will definitely put you in the mood for spring and put a smile on your face.

    Happy weekend, all!!


  9. Loved the Short Read, Tina!

    I'll be working shortly. I want to have my story in good shape for the March Speedbo or Speedo, or Speebo or whatever it's called! lol

  10. Congrats winners!

    Shrieeeek!!! We're really doing BIAM??? IN March??? Yippee! Where do I sign up and are there rules I need to know about?

  11. Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for the copy of The Inconvenient Wife! I'm so looking forward to reading it.

    Loved the links,Tina. Thanks so much for taking the time to share these with us!

    Have a wonderful weekend, all!

  12. BIAM?! OH MY! Sounds like a plan!

    Good WE Tina - congratulations to all the winners and wow - Aus Jenny is featuring Seekers. Way to go! (Good choices too!)

  13. Tina, how did you know I could use a scent of spring? Your short story hit the spot and brought a smile...and no small amount of awe. Expertly paced, you packed such promise in that little story. Loved it! Love how you included the meanings of the flowers. Clever. Clever. Clever.

    And I loved those naughty books having a lark after hours in that video. I wonder if my library books do that? It might explain why I find some of them in the oddest places!

    I'm booking the 5th of Feb. off...except for church! And I actually have a week off in March so that might balance my other hectic workdays! BIAM here I come!

    Great WE as always! Love you guys!

  14. Congratulations to all the winners.

    I am trying to polish up a proposal to submit to my agent....however distractions have been drawing me away from it today.

  15. Congratulations, winners!!

    Tina, "Scent of Spring" was so sweet and lovely! Made me smile from the start and at the end I couldn't help but sigh. :)

  16. I love all of the WE articles. Thanks for including them, Tina.

    February 5th is my birthday. You can be sure I'll spend the whole day writing!!! I'm not a football fan anyway.

  17. Thanks for the kind comments on the short-short.

    We'll be talking about the BIAM at the end of February and posting information at that time.

    But it's not a contest, except between you and your computer.

  18. Wow Ruthy, thank you. I fully embrace the nickname Sugar Beans. It beats "trouble". =)
    I've written over 1,500 words today AND made homemade biscuits.
    The reason that's funny is because I so rarely cook that I scoured two of my cookbooks for the recipe and didn't find one, googled one and as I read through the list of ingredients to see if I had everything, realized I have a box of bisquick. I started laughing at myself so hard, but now you can too!

  19. Nancy, I am laughing out loud! Everybody's gotta have Bisquick in the cupboard, right? I know I do!

    Biscuits. The Loveless Cafe outside of Nashville. Oh my stars, I've never had biscuits like that. People in Nashville should just eat there EVERY DAY. Red gravy (ham drippings) ... potato casserole (like our potato bake recipe) but those biscuits... Oh, Ruthy cannot begin to compare the biscuits. That might become a new mission, to find the secret (which I think is a hint of yeast) to Annie Loveless's biscuits.


  20. Oh, Teeeena....

    I loved that sweet read. You made me smile. A lot.

    Now I want flowers. What do you think my chances are? Slim or none????

    (Hint: NONE)

    But I might copy off Teeeena's sweet story and put it in front of CNBC this week as Dave studies market declines.

    Mind you we have no STOCKS, but knowing the market is important to him.

    Knowing flowers is important to me.

    Teeena.... thank you for a great read. And I love the vision of the Gerbera's in the ceramic pot with the striped ribbon. I can see it.

  21. I'm late! But thanks for a great WE, Tina! Although now that I think about it, it's still the weekend. So I'm not late after all. :)

  22. Congratulations to the winners.

    I've been editing, different story. 5 chapters last night. Too tired tonight to think.

  23. Nope, not late at all, Miss Busy!@

    Congratulations on an edit well done, Christina.

  24. Hello, weekend Seekerville!

    I was going to buckle down and write my fingers off while my sister took some kidlets to her place for a weekend of spoilin'...

    But then the little people left at home got some sort of not-fun, super-yucky stomach bug.

    Lots of running around with towels and scrubbing carpet and... You all know what I mean.

    Ah, well, I'll lvie to write another day! Meanwhile, I can visit Seekerville and live vicariously through Carol's ginormous word count!!

  25. Great WE, Seekers! and Congrats to all the winners.

    Thanks for the reminder of the National Uninterrupted Day of Writing-now marked on my calendar!

    Blessings to all,

  26. Congrats to winners!!

    In that first pic, Tina - are those Mary's notes? ;-)


    Short Read Notice

    Seeker, Cheryl Wyatt, is running her 17th “Story Starter Prompt Contest” on her Squirrel's Treehouse website.

    Squirrel’s Treehouse

    I entered the contest, as I hope some of you will, with a short read of my own. It’s too long for Cheryl’s site capacity, though it is within the maximum contest word length, so I posted it on my Philosophy of Romance website.

    Philosophy of Romance

    Since it is Sunday and I’m not stepping on anyone’s guest blog appearance, I hope you don’t mind that I give the links here.

    My short read is called “The Spy Who Loved Me” and it is a good example of a MetaRomance. (It may be worth looking at just to see what a metaromance is. : ))



  28. Tina, I loved your short story. It had such a strong visual that I imagined myself right there in that sweet-smelling florist shop rather than here in frigid NYC.
    Thanks for the respite from winter.

  29. Yes, that is Mary's notepad, Peps. Good catch.

  30. Vince, I read your story. Very Vince as usual. Which is a GOOD thing.

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