Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Seekerville Welcomes Guest Valerie Hansen

There are times when I feel as if I’m having such a wonderful life writing the books I love, I must be dreaming. Then, I realize that if it were a dream I could put off the deadlines for finished manuscripts as long as I wanted! That would not be good for me. I seem to crave pressure.

If you’ve ever written a book you know it’s hard work. The way I look at it, as long as I’m having a blast and really enthusiastic about my job, the labor is well worth it. One glance at my bio will tell you there are a lot of miles on me. LOL. But they’re good, blessed, useful miles and I wouldn’t go back and live my life over again if I could. An author is the sum of her experiences and her books reflect her personal views whether she realizes it or not. She is who she is. I am a wife, mother, grandmother (don’t tell my editors!) and a born-again Christian. I love animals, especially dogs, reside in the rural Ozarks and spend far too much time at the computer when the compulsion to write takes over. I can’t NOT write. It’s so much a part of me I don’t know what I’d do with myself if I weren’t kept busy.
And speaking of being busy…..

A little over a year ago I was offered a multiple book contract by Love Inspired. I nearly dropped the phone when my agent told me it was for 6 books, plus a seventh in a continuity series. Mercy! Of course I said I’d do it but then reality smacked me upside the head and I started to wonder how in the world I was going to manage.
Well, I’ve finished four of the seven, so far, and was down to three remaining when I got ANOTHER call asking if I’d like to participate in an upcoming continuity about K-9 cops. There was no way I’d turn that down, so I’m back to owing my editors four more books and have a year to write them. Piece of cake. Right?

All I have to do is get up early every morning, pour a cup of hot coffee and pinch myself to make sure I’m awake and not just dreaming.

 "Law enforcement in Fitzgerald Bay, Massachusetts, is full of Fitzgeralds, from the chief of police to brand-new officer Keira Fitzgerald. Are they tampering with a murder investigation to protect one of their own? Internal Affairs detective Nick Delfino is sent in undercover to investigate the powerful clan. Yet the deeper he digs, the more Nick comes to admire the Fitzgeralds...especially his rookie partner, Keira. When a killer targets Nick, can he maintain his cover, catch his attacker and protect Keira while the looming danger closes in?"

Valerie Hansen’s basic nature is to enjoy every day to the fullest – and that includes her writing. She’s always loved stories about people who have successfully met and overcome life’s challenges, as has she. 

Valerie and her husband now live on an eighty acre farm in northern Arkansas. She loves to hike the rocky, wooded hills behind the picturesque old house they renovated, watch for the wildlife so abundant in the area, and think up new ideas for her many books.

Today Valerie has generously offered to give away a copy of her recent release, The Rookie's Assignment AND her October 2011 release, Nightwatch, both from Love Inspired Suspense. The two winners will be announced in the Weekend Edition. 

Now let's pick this woman's brain. How does she keep all those books straight? What's her writing schedule like? Come on let's get some answers!


  1. Hi Valerie and welcome to Seekerville.

    So how on earth did you do the research for these Love Inspired Suspense series'? Ride alongs? Married to a cop?

  2. All those books you have to write has worn me out! God bless your heart! How do you even get started? What gets you up and running? I'm just amazed at the talent! Jenny

  3. Hi Valerie,
    One of the first LI books I ever read was Wilderness Courtship.

    Do you write several books at once, or concentrate on one at a time? And about how long does it take you to write an LI?

  4. And I want to know how you keep all those characters straight?

    Charts? Flow sheets?

  5. Hi Valerie!

    I'm so glad you said that you thrive on stress and deadlines, because when I told a friend that I hoped to get a contract for books she said, 'oh, you're going to get writer's block!'. I thought, 'hey, that's true. I've never been on a contract for something not yet written'. :O

    But I do SO much mroe writing when I give myself a deadline. I usually finish early! And wit no deadline... I just wander around, eating cookies.

    Ok, a question, have you ever worked on two at the same time? Or is it strictly finish one (plus edits), wrap it up and then move on?

  6. *WITH not 'wit'. HAHAH! That was my repressed inner New Yawker.

  7. CAROL!!! You probably won't be able to read this post through the drug-induced haze, but CONGRATULATIONS!!!

    I entered Great Expecations last year. I think I bombed. I'm pretty sure I did. I'll have to go look. I just remember it was bad. I learned a lot from the wipe-outs and the finals, not from much in between.

    What I elarned from that contest is that you CAN NOT wander in the beginning. Which is a really excellent rule for a begining of a book.

    Again, super awesome coolness! Plus, it's Dickens Day and the contest news just fits right in. :D

    Although, he DID wander. And got paid for it. But we'll just ignore that.

  8. Wow! How awesome that you've been contracted to write so many books. How are you keeping the storylines straight? :) Are you writing them one at a time or working on several at one time?

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  9. Morning Valerie,
    Welcome to Seekerville and thank you for sharing. Wow, I'm impressed with all those contracts. How wonderful that you are able to publish all those stories.

    I can't believe I'm up before Ruthy. I'm bringing some wonderful blueberry muffins and a crystal bowl full of orange slices from my yummy navel orange tree. If you prefer the sweet tart experience I have another bowl from my tangelo tree.

    Thanks again Valerie. Have fun today.

  10. Welcome to Seekerville, Valerie! Please tell us about how you came to first write inspirational books.

  11. Good morning, Valerie. I'm so looking forward to the Fitzgerald Bay continuity series. Looks
    Iike a great series.

    I'm off to work but I'll be back later to read you answers. I'm wondering how long you had overall for that contract.

    Thanks for being at Seekerville today.

  12. Hi Valerie, I'm with Tina. How do you keep up with all those characters?

    I myself can only work on one project at a time. I keep notes for future book ideas and characters but...Wow. Keep writing!

  13. Good morning!!

    How do you keep it all straight?!?!

    I do better with deadlines too. Real ones not self imposed. Imposed by someone else works too. Usually but 'just because'? Not always.

    Thanks Christina!! Still Snoopy dancin' here! And no good drugs until this afternoon because I have to work and therefore drive today. And I have to do edits to my GE entry because they have to be turned in by Sunday and who knows how I'll feel or how drugged up I'll be the rest of the week!! /grabs all Seekers and friends and does more Snoopy dancin'/

  14. That should be usually NOT self imposed.

    Stupid iPhone auto correct.

  15. Good morning, Valerie. Welcome to Seekerville!

    So many books in so short a time! How in the world did you ever find the extraordinary amount of time to write the books for the continuity series?

    I think I'd be pinching myself, too, LOL! Good for you!

  16. hi valerie....thanks for the chance to read your novels...a great posting, too ;)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  17. That should be Ginny - not Christina.


    That I can blame on the drugs and trying to do this on my phone.


  18. Valerie, I love your upbeat tone in this post. :) I have the same questions as everyone else, so I won't repeat them here. :) I would also love to know how you got your start writing and how you really got going once you began writing. THanks! Checking back later.

    PS--Carol, I'm out of the loop. Did you final in something? OR better, win something? :)

  19. I just had a mini-anxiety attack. owing that many books? Oh my gosh, Valerie!

    Please tell me your a plotter and you have a War-Room sized chart for these series.

  20. Welcome, Valerie!! Wow, I don't know how you do it!!! I look forward to reading the comments and finding out more about your schedule. Tell us your secret to being so prolific! :)

  21. IN Case CAROL said it too late last night for many of you to have read the sweet, little announcement, quietly posted about MIDNIGHT!!! she finalled in the GREAT EXPECTATIONS contest.

    AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WRITE ON!!!!!!!!!

  22. Carol, congrats!!! I'm celebrating with you! I hope the next round goes great!! (I missed the original message so am assuming you finaled). :)

  23. Ah, yes! Mary confirmed it. yay, Carol!!

  24. Shame on me for not completing a ms. No execuses. I feel nauseous just thinking about trying to write that many book.

    Thats one in less than 3 months. Right?

    You're totally awesome Valerie.

  25. What I'd like to know, Valerie, is if you've ever had a story that just didn't work, no matter what you did.

    I'm dealing with that now. I have a story I love, love, love. It's finaled twice in the Genesis, but I just can't get the middle to work for nothing. It's the third book I've worked on, and I've NEVER had that happen. I'm actually setting it aside because there's another book that's about writing itself.

    I love the cover for The Rookie's Assignment. So I'm in! sallybradleywritesatgmaildotcom

  26. Hi Valerie,
    Sounds like your characters may be Irish and Italian, given their sirnames. I love stories that have rich culture inside of them. The Friday night cop show called Blue Bloods surrounds the program around the cultural aspects of an Irish Catholic family that all serve as police officers or DA's...much like Julie Lessman's series have to do with the Irish culture. Did you do the same since you were writing about a '
    family' of cops who sound Irish? I'd love to read your new book!

  27. Talk about discipline! I meant to tell you how much I admire your goals of 7 books. Mine is just to finish editing my one story! Eileen

  28. Valerie, you're living the dream! What a great life - even if it's filled to the brim with deadlines.

    I'm in awe that you had time to guest blog here with everything else on your plate... You have to be a plotter to keep the story going the right direction.

    Looking forward to reading the books as they come out. I love the LI continuity series.

  29. May the K9 Spy here.

    Miss Valerie, you could sure give some tips to my Mom. She dreams a lot, but I help since she calls me her little dream dog sometimes. (Especially when I'm in her lap.)

    My ears perked right up at the K-9 work you are doing, and that you love dogs. But of course, that's a given.


    Do you work on several at once, or one at a time? Do you finish one completely, or work on others and then review before turning in? How do you keep things organized?

    I have lots of questions but those are good for now! Thank you for being in Seekerville today. I'll get Mom to tune back in later. She works best under deadlines too.

    I have a deadline and we're past it. It's time to play...

  30. Welcome Valerie. How exciting. Great to hear your story. I understand about having to write. Some day I hope to actually get paid for doing it. :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  31. Valerie, it's great to have you in Seekerville today! I still remember the first time I met you, several years ago at an ACFW conference. What I remember most was how friendly and encouraging you were!

    Wow, congratulations on all those contracts! You must have one heavy-duty writing schedule!

    Also congratulations to Carol on your Great Expectations final! You go, girl!

  32. Welcome Valerie. How exciting. Great to hear your story. I understand about having to write. Some day I hope to actually get paid for doing it. :)

    Jodie Wolfe

  33. How long have you been a published author?
    I'm assuming LI wouldn't offer you a 6 book deal unless you've worked with them before and they knew you could make the deadlines?

  34. Good gracious you folks get up early! I've had a cup of coffee and my eyes are barely open yet.

    I'll try to answer all the questions here but please keep asking if you're confused. And speaking of confused...

    Yes, I do work on more than one book at a time. I have to in order to get them done. After I started continuity series work I discovered that it was helpful to put my notes, research etc. into a binder for each project. That helps a lot. I used to just use folders and it was more confusing.

    Each main character has a sheet telling me hair and eye color, background, etc. I also have a separate little notebook with overall info for "Serenity, AR" in it, such as names and places I plan to revisit in later books.

    Besides that, I do have 2 or 3 books in the works at once. For instance. I just worked on the printers proofs (AAs) for Author Alterations of THREAT OF DARKNESS, coming in June 2012 and the edits of STANDING GUARD, coming in Sept. 2012, plus wrote a proposal for a historical that isn't yet scheduled AND am in the middle of a proposal for a K-9 cop series in which I'll be writing book #4. That hardest thing for me is switching back and forth in history.

    I'm going to go get more coffee. I'll be back!


  35. I like your attitude, Valerie! Writing is such a blessing. I don't even want to think about doing anything else.

    It's funny, but I love the pressure of deadlines, but I'm also a little afraid of getting overwhelmed. But I know I could write more than I am, and I keep hoping I will get some contracts that will force me to stay focused and serious! But four books in one year takes some serious focus, I'd imagine!

    Keep up the good work!

  36. Blogger just ate my comment....

    So I'll try again!

    Valerie, so happy you could join us in Seekerville today. Congrats on your success and multi-book contracts!

    Four books in one year! WHEW! I'm impressed. Do you schedule three months for each story or write more than one at a time?

    Have you always been a fast writer? If not, how did you crank up production?

    Do you need down time between stories?

    Lots of questions this morning. Sorry. I probably need another cup of coffee! :)

  37. Valerie,

    Just read your last comment about working on more than one book at a time. Love the binder idea, which I need to start doing. I like keeping a paper trail. :)

  38. Yay, Carol!!!! Congrats!!!

    You don't have to bake today. I've brought chocolate chip cookies.

    Plus, grits!

  39. Debbi,
    Get a FAT binder. I bought the great big ones and still have some that are bursting at the seams.

    As for research, I do it all the time. It's like an obsession (as if I didn't have enough of those already). Someone asked how long a book takes me. I have no idea! Honestly, I don't. The first historical I sold to Love Inspired was a labor of love I did, in my spare time, over the course of 10 years. Yes, TEN. It was done and ready when Love Inspired started acquiring for the historical line and my agent submitted it. That was wonderful. Until the editor asked for a sequel and wanted it in 6 mo! I almost ran screaming from the phone. But I did it. Somehow.

    That seems to be the secret for me, as I said before. I need deadlines to get the most out of myself. (If my editors are reading this, I didn't mean that)

    What happened with the enormous contract was that I set up my own deadlines, with a little wiggle room between books. Then they asked for additional books to be squeezed into the schedule. In that case they do wait a bit for the originally scheduled book so I don't kill myself but I've learned to work fast and that has really helped me.

    Writer's block. Yes. Sometimes. I have an 80 acre forest right out my back door, a pond to fish in and a couple of great dogs who love to walk with me. When I'm stuck I can either scrub floors or hit the woods. What would you do????

    As for research, I have a big personal library of American history, particularly the west in the 1800s. Other things I do online or buy books or interview people who know what I may not.

    More coffee!!!!

  40. I'm falling over in a faint. You work on more than one project at a time.

    I love it.

    You and me and Isaac Asimov.


  41. Good question, Jan Drexler.

    Are you a plotter, Val?

    How do you prepare for each book as far as GMC?

    Secret formula in there too??? LOL

  42. Okay, since this is a huge question and answer session..

    I brought coffee and Lamar's donuts and lots of sticky note pads.

    Help yourself.

  43. And it begs to be asked...how did you go from historical to suspense?

    Do you still write both??

  44. Tina,

    I went from romance to suspense to historical. And kept writing in all three. I do have a strong tendency to include mystery in everything and usually get away with it. (again, editors disregard) but not always. In the historicals, all I have to do is start researching and there's plenty of suspense in the real stories. In my spare time I read mysteries and suspense for fun, although I usually only have time for short stories like Ellery Queen's magazine.

    This previous contract that I mentioned was originally for three suspense, two historicals and one romance, then increased by 2 more suspense before I was finished.

    I should add that this kind of thing is rare. I never was offered any contract like this before - and I've been writing professionally for over 20 years. The biggest advantage is less down time between books.

    And, yes, in spite of the teasing, I love my editors. They "get" me. That's priceless.

    Off to the woods. Back soon.

  45. For my last two books I've been creating an excel spread sheet timeline
    Birth of hero/heroine
    significant events. Death of father, cause, hero's age.

    I'm so disorganized it's just a pitiful situation. I'm a long way into the book usually before I finally hit some stretch and I HAVE to know this stuff. Then I have to create it, ferret out info from the book. If it's a series sometimes I need to hunt through THREE books.

  46. Spreadsheets require computer expertise. I use a binder and punch holes in the papers I want to keep with the ms. I am truly a computer doofus. Certified.


  47. Also, to answer another question, I HATE having to write a synopsis. Always have. And have always been required to do so. Pfffft!

    If I have the time I like to write the first two or three chapters before I even begin to do the overall plot. I know basically, of course, but until those characters start to "talk" to me it's much harder.

    When I'm writing it's almost like watching a film in slow motion and trying to type fast enough to get it all down. I often reread the previous day's work, then just dive in. So what I'm doing is editing as I go. If I see later that I'll need other info in the parts that are finished I can always go back and add little bits.

    The formula, for me, is to just let my mind whirl. If I ever start writing sci-fi you'll know I've gone too far!


  48. Hi Valerie!

    Your post makes me giddy with excitement! You, ma'am, are living the life that I'm dreaming about, deadlines and all. I always figure that if I'm blessed enough to be a full-time, stay-at-home writer, that I'd need to set up deadlines for myself, just like any other job. Good for you for being so prolific and reliable to your editors to be offered such a lucrative contract!

    With so many projects at once, I'm curious if you ever run out of ideas, or if you have a notebook stashed away of potential story lines? Is there any idea you're just dying to do, but it hasn't been picked up by an editor yet?

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  49. I admire your dedication and heart for writing! It's encouraging to me as a "newbie" writer. Anxious to read your new book! ~AMY

  50. Stephanie,

    It's less a notebook of ideas than it is a hodgepodge of clippings, jotted notes and various collected notions that usually make no sense when I reread them!

    Lest you think I'm some kind of wonder woman, I should mention that I kept my day job for years and wrote besides. That schedule is a killer. I got an ulcer back then, too, and discovered that a person cannot live on Excedrin and Pepsi. At least not exclusively. :)

    I also worked up to this. I've written a total of about 50 books if you don't count reprints. For Love Inspired I think it's in the mid-thirties and counting. That's pretty much all I do, now, except enter an occasional short story contest just for fun. Those can be harder to write than a whole book. As you've seen from these posts, I don't tend to express myself succinctly. Good thing, too.


  51. Welcome to Seekerville, Valerie. Congratulations on all those contracts! You're fortunate to thrive on pressure.


  52. Carol M, huge congrats on the final!!! Proud of you!


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  54. Valerie, congratulations on your succss story (ies)!

    Good for you!

    Thanks so much for being in Seekerville today, and Tina, I'm Jonesing on those Lamars Donuts.

    Oh my stars, the one with the chocolate filling is to die for.

    Hey, I'm leaving fresh coffee and sweet tea. Val's got me feeling like a total slacker, so I've got to see if I can spin another plate or three.

    You go, girl!

  55. Oh, WAIT!!!! We had a whole crew from Seekerville final in GREAT EXPECTATIONS!!!!!!!


    SUE ANN MASON!!!!!



    TINA LEONARD!!!!!!

    Oh my gosh, you gals ROCK IT!!!! So proud.... I'm like a new Mama up here!!!!! Grinning ear to ear!!!!

    So proud of you!

  56. Congrats from me, too. I may not know you all but I can rejoice in any triumphs. We authors are too often taken for granted.


  57. WELCOME TO SEEKERVILLE, VALERIE -- it's such a pleasure to have you here!!!

    Uh ... except that my eyes are glazed over at the number of books you work on at a given time -- I am in ABSOLUTE AWE, and feel like I should slink back into the shadows of my pitiful one-book-a-year mode!!

    Truly, I am SO impressed with all that you get done, which you are obviously doing VERY WELL despite the thin spread if you have LI throwing contracts at you left and right -- YOWZA!!!

    When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Val ... if I ever grow up. There's some debate on whether that's possible. :)


  58. Congrats Carol, Sue Ann, Sherrinda and Tina L! Good news!

  59. Hi Valerie! I so enjoyed reading your post! You said in a comment that when you're writing, it's like watching a film in slowmo. I'm the same way... on good days when it just comes to me. Other times I have to just plow through a scene.

    Now you've made me want to go write! Would love to win one of your books. :)

  60. Sue Ann, Sherrinda, Tina, AND Carol!!!

    Ladies, you rock!


  61. Well I left a comment thought it showed up twice, deleted one and they are both gone.

    I enjoyed reading about your writing process. It's amazing the number of stories you have written and more than one at a time!

  62. Great news on the Great Expectations contest.

    Congratulations to all!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. In an echo of everyone else, congrats to the Great Expectations finalists!

  64. Val,

    Thanks for your amazing post. It's always good to set the bar high. Do you pretty much write night and day? :) I know one writer who says you can't have a huge personal/social life and be a prolific writer. Do you agree with that?

    My family doesn't think I tend them enough but I'm not left alone to write nearly as much as I'd like. :)

    What are some of the ways you learned to be a better writer, when you got started. Did you get contracts fairly early in your writing journey?

    It is hard to know what to ask, when you are so incredible! Do you do social media and have a blog? I know, I need to go check. I'm just wondering How You Do This! Clearly, you have a gift and are also very disciplined.

    Congrats! I'd love to win your book!

  65. Congratulations Valerie! That is going to be a major accomplishment when you're done! :)

  66. Wow, Sue and Sherrinda as well!! Congrats!! And Tina Leonard, too!

  67. YAY Sue! Didn't realize that was you!

    YAY Sherrinda!

    YAY Tina!

    See - Seekerville is the place to be!

  68. Cathy,
    My life is different now than it used to be. My kids are grown and my retired hubby has decided he loves to cook - this from a man who hardly ever boiled water before! That means my days can be my own more now than before.

    But, yes, I have a life, too. I've been out hiking in the woods today, primarily because my new dog insisted I get up and play. That has been good for me. Otherwise I might sit glued to the chair for hours.

    Which answers another question. I don't have a regular schedule. I can be impulsive/compulsive. My fave TV show used to be "Monk" if you get my drift. When I work, the house could fall down around me and as long as my computer kept working I probably wouldn't notice.

    Have you ever started to read a book and stayed up late because you wanted to see how it ended? Well, that's how I write. I hate to stop. I also have to eat and move or I'll fall apart so the energetic lab and my loving husband take care of that part of my life.

    Back when I started there were more chances to sell than there are now. Many publishing companies were buying short romances. It took me about 9 mo. to sell, then things went along pretty well for a while. However, for those of you who think I coasted, I must add that there have been two times, each about 3 years long, when I did not sell a word. Not one. But I never quit and when the market opened up again I was ready and waiting.

    I guess that would be my best advice. Never, ever quit.

  69. So happy for the finalists in Great Expectations! Some of my favorite people! ;-)
    And I agree with Valerie! Authors should always celebrate with each other!!! Life's too short not to, and the triumphs are too few and far between! Bring on the chocolate!!!

  70. Valerie! Oh. My. Word!!! How do you do it? I'm thinking having the kids out of the house helps? When you're not babysitting grand-kids, anyway. Right?

    I grew up in the Missouri Ozarks in SE, MO. Gorgeous country and definitely great for the imagination!

    I just saw a long comment by you. Scrolling to read it now. :D

  71. Jamie, I hate when that happens!!! Silly Blogger!!!!

  72. LOVE reading your comments, Val! Thanks for sharing all that with us. :D

  73. I knew I meant to ask something else.

    I blame the drugs.

    I'm just outside Springfield, MO.

    <3 the Ozarks!!!

  74. I told y'all I couldn't say "hello" in less than 500 words!

    I've been trying to cover as many of the questions as I can.

    I'm about to leave the computer and go crash for the evening but will check in at least once more.

    As soon as Tina or someone tells me who won the books I'll get them in the mail. Remember, you'll have to send her your snail mail addy.


  75. What an inspiring blog, Valerie! Thanks for sharing the wisdom of your experience.

  76. Wow, what a great read through the comments. I'm so inspired to go hit the keyboard for awhile.

    Congrats to all the Seekers who are finalists in Great Expectations! What an awesome showing.

    Valeria, thanks again for all your commenting throughout the day. It's always so helpful to see how it works for someone else.

    I do envy you and your dogs the fields and forest. My poor doggie is stuck being walked on city streets and in a park.

  77. Congrats to all on the "Friends of Seekerville" sweep of the Great Expectations finals! WOW WOW WOW! We're so proud of you all!!

  78. Valerie, that comment about letting your mind whirl, and if you start writing sci-fi then you've gone too far, made me cackle!! I have friend who write sci-fi and they're sorta... weird.

    I love this peek into your writing life! And the long comments are awesome. So neat to hear the ins and outs...

  79. Congrats Carol, Sue Ann, Sherrinda and Tina L!

    I can't believe there were so many Seeker friends finaling in GE! Love it!!!

    As I said, bombed that one. I did go back and read my judge's comments. Nice. But I could tell what they were REALLY saying.... 'Give me some action!'

    *sigh* I sense a theme. But then, it's Dickens' b-day so I'll just ramble away... in Valerie's woods.:)

  80. Tina L is a published author with Harlequin actually. Not a Seeker friend. Though we could recruit her!@!

    Tina Radcliffe

  81. Val, thanks so much for spending the day with us. With your schedule I feel guilty.

    Winners announced in the Weekend Ed.

    Tina Radcliffe

  82. LOL Ruthy when I saw you'd mentioned my name I actually jumped a little. I did not know what you were talking about. Thought I was in trouble. It's been a looonnng day I forgot all about blogger giving me the boot.

    If I win Valerie's book we are close enough she could hand deliver it :) There are so many mult-published writers here in this part of the hills. *My turns gotta be coming*

  83. Way to go ladies - Sue Ann, Sherrinda, Tina, AND Carol!!! Congratulations BIG time!

    Thanks Valerie for the great info. Appreciate your time today. Off to the woods in this full moon... Gorgeous!

  84. Finally had a chance to visit Seekerville this evening! What a GREAT post, Valerie---what an inspiration you are. I loved reading your answers to all those questions, and agree with so many others that you are amazing! ~ CONGRATS to Carol and all the contest finalists!! ~ Okay, IF anyone is a night owl like me, here's a snack (freshly-baked peanut butter cookies---made with Georgia peanuts, of course,LOL). Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  85. I'm taking one of Patti Jo's cookies, a glass of milk and heading to bed. Whew! Y'all wore me out. And I LOVED IT. I'd much rather "talk" to real people. I spend way too much time thinking up both sides of conversations!

    God is good!

  86. Wow... so impressed! I stand in awe of all of this. Glad to meet another dog and nature person too. :)

    twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

  87. Thank you for your inspirational story for those of us that are aspiring authors. It gives us hope that someday it may happen for us too. Just need to keep persevering with God's strength.

  88. I want to echo Cynthia. Your story is an inspiration (and so is your dedication to so many stories!).

  89. Valerie, 4 books in one year. How in the world do you do that? Is it easy to keep them separate in your head or do ideas slip in on the next book when you're writing the present one? Thanks for offering your books for a drawing.
    johudd |at| bellsouth |dot| com

  90. I'm most impressed. I always wonder about the research done.