Sunday, January 1, 2012

Weekend Happy New Year Edition

Happy New Year Seekerville!!

Last night we celebrated and we thank YOU for making Seekerville's New Year's Eve Party
a wonderful event. Thank you for sharing your accomplishments for 2011 and goals for 2012.

We've got lots of excitement coming including the Month of Firsts in January and
our own brand of Book-In-A-Month in March.

Don't miss our Short Reads area
currently featuring Julie Lessman.

So stay tuned and print of a copy
of our Seekerville the town calendar.

We Have Winners

Seekerville is just getting caught up from the holiday guests and party fun. If we missed sending out your prize, please do let us know! As always, contact Seekerville through our new web email if you are a winner and if needed, provide your snail mail address. Please note our giveaway rules here. All prizes are distributed within 6-8 weeks of winner announcements.

Winner of the monthly book drawing, Debra Dixon's GMC, is Karen Bracken. This was such an incredibly popular book we are doing it again in January. If you entered in December your name is still in the draw. More info on our monthly book draw can be found here.

Tyndale House author Pam Hillman gave us the low down on tax write offs for the home office with an emphasis on the working writer on Monday. Winner of their choice of either an e-copy of Stealing Jake or a grab-bag of print books off her shelf is Autumn ( Jaimn - justin _ autumn at msn dot com).

Tuesday Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James shared "New Year's Traditions." Winner of her latest release, Love by the Book, is Joy (jumpforjoy).

On Wednesday
Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye shared "2011:Making the Most of What's Left of the Year." The winner of Break Into Fiction: 11 Steps to Building a Story That Sells by Mary Buckham and Dianna Love is Nancy Kimball.

Thursday Harlequin author Donna Alward returned to chat about 1K1HR, with her post, "The Game Changer." Winner of one of Donna's delightful books of their choice in print or ebook format is Kirsten Arnold.

We shared the
January Contest Update on Friday! Winner of Debra Dixon's GMC is Renee Ann Smith.

Saturday was our 24 hour New Year's Eve Celebration!!

12am - 6am (Eastern)

1. Ruth Logan Herne-A full autographed set of Men of Allegany County, all four books, ready to be delivered to your door for either reading or gift-giving (choice of print or ebook)! And there might just be a little surprise packed inside! Winner is Critty Joy.

2. 10 pages edited for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and usage by Grammar Queen. Winner is Helen Gray.

3. Debby Giusti: Amazon gift card for $15 and a copy of The Captain's Mission (print). Winner is Donna in the blue Shirt.

4. Critique of the first chapter of an inspirational Manuscript by Janet Dean. Winner is Walt Mussell.

5. Nobody's Child by Austin Boyd-Pam Hillman. Winner is Donnas.

6. Mary Connealy $15 Amazon Gift certificate. Winner is Vince.

7. An entire five book set of Janet Dean Love Inspired Historical releases (print). Winner is Christina.

7am - 9am (Eastern)
1. A 10 page romance manuscript critique by Sandra Leesmith. Winner is Virginia.

2. Myra Johnson- One Imperfect Christmas (print). Winner is Abbi Hart.

3. Cara Lynn James-Love On a Dime (print). Winner is Paula O.

10am - Noon (Eastern)

1. $10.00 Starbucks card from Tina Radcliffe. Winner is Laura Loves To Read Romance.

2. Glynna Kaye- Alicia Rasley's "The Power of Point of View: Make Your Story Come to Life." Winner is Jamie Adams.

3. Amazon gift card for $15 from Audra Harders. Winner is Joanne Sher.

1pm - 5pm

1. Julie Lessman -winner's choice of any of Julie's books PLUS choice of top CBA book from Julie’s personal library. Winner is Cathy Shouse.

2. 3 chapter critique of an inspirational romance by Tina Radcliffe. Winner is Andrea Strong.

3. Debby Giusti: First two books in the Military Investigations Series, The Officer's Secret and The Captain's Mission (print). Winner is Michelle.

4. Nobody's Child by Austin Boyd-Pam Hillman. Winner is Apple Blossom.

5. Glynna Kaye: Bill O'Hanlon's "Write is a Verb: Sit Down, Start Writing. No Excuses." Winner is Janet Kerr.

6m - 9pm

1. To Darkness Fled by Jill Williamson--Pam Hillman Winner is Aly Logan.
2. Missy Tippens-February 2012 LI release, A House Full of Hope print). Cindy Regnier.

3. $15 Starbucks card from Audra Harders. Winner is Pepper Basham.

4. Ruth Logan Herne - The chance to NAME THAT HERO for the first book of Ruthy's next LI series! Ruthy will give you an overview of the hero, the heroine's name, and a little about the story, then the winner will submit ten possible names for this deputy sheriff who comes to town for a new beginning and gets way more than he bargained for! Winner is Julie Hilton Steele.

10 - 11 pm

1. Tina Radcliffe – Oklahoma Reunion and/or The Rancher’s Reunion. Kindle or print. Winner is Ms. Kathleen.

2. 1 copy of Price of Victory by Sandra Leesmith. Winner is Sherrinda.

Midnight! (Eastern)

1. 30 minute chat with Julie Lessman.
Winner is Jan Drexler.

2. Rocky Mountain Hero, Kindle only by Audra Harders. Winner is Lena Nelson Dooley.
3. An Inconvenient Match by Janet Dean (print).
Winner is Dawn Crandall.

Midnight! (Central)

1. Oklahoma Reunion by Tina Radcliffe (print) Winner is Elizabeth B.

2. Yuletide Hearts by Ruth Logan Herne (print) Winner is Jude Urbanski.

3. One chapter inspirational manuscript critique by Tina Radcliffe. Winner is Sarah Richmond.

Midnight! (Mountain)

1. Myra Johnson--Your pet (dog, cat, horse, whatever!) featured in a supporting role in Myra Johnson's next novel. Winner is Whitney.

2. Pam Hillman - 1 copy of Stealing Jake for Kindle or Nook. Winner is Kristi Ann.

3. 1 Children's Book of choice by Sandy Wardman. Winner is Traveling Stacey.

Midnight! (Pacific)

1.Tina Radcliffe--Debra Dixon's GMC. Winner is LyndeeH.

2. Mary Connealy-- Out of Control (print). Winner is EC Spurlock.

3. Missy Tippens-- February 2012 LI release, A House Full of Hope (print). Winner is Jan Pierce.

Next Week In Seekerville

Award winning Barbour and Bethany House author Mary Connealy starts out our January Month of Firsts with: "The First Money I Ever Made WRITING. "Join Mary as she takes us on that blast from the past and leave a comment for a chance at a $15 Amazon gift card!

Historical author Amanda Cabot joins us with great advice about incorporating actual places, people and events into your fictional work.

We are delighted to welcome Sarah Ladd today. Sarah was the 2011 Genesis winner in the historical romance category. Her post is "Your First Marketing Plan: Why Every New Author Needs One and How to Get Started." Seekerville is giving away a nice surprise in honor of Sarah's visit too!

Love Inspired author Audra Harders is our hostess today. She's going to tackle the subject of "Taking Baby Steps to Win The Race". Don't miss the chance to win a surprise pack of great reading to start your year!!

You're in for a treat today as we welcome back Philosophy of Romance's Vince Mooney with his post, "A Guy Writing Romance...What's So Funny About That?" We'll also be giving away a Seeker book surprise package.

Random News & Information

  • Rachell Gardner's Submission Guidelines have changed since she moved over to Books & Such Literary Agency-check it out here.

  • Simplify your life in 2012. Get Dropbox!

  • Fireside. Many genres. No limits. Good stories.

That's it ! You have 365 days left to reach your dreams...start walking.


  1. Coffee and aspirin are ready!

    What a party! You girls and guys rocked the all night kahuna big time and I'm so stinkin' proud of the lot o' youse!

    365 days.

    1000 words/day.

    365,000 words of writing equals several books done by year's end.

    So if your goal is TWO, that is so totally reachable as to be right there... waiting.... tempting you!

    Go For It.


    I'm leaving a fresh tray of apple dumplings today from the Yankee Belle Cafe via Pioneer Woman and dig in.... It's not hair of the dog, it's so much better as to be indescribable.


    More coffee is in the wings. I've got your morning backs, Seekerville!

  2. Seekerville the Town is a fabulous way to start the year! Thanks to you all for a great year of reading and the promise of more to come.

    I am glad someone else is up early, Ruthy!

    Don't you love Pioneer Woman? Coffee, coffee, coffee. Thank you.

    And yippee, so thrilled to have won the "name the hero" prize!

    Blessings everyone, Julie

  3. Wow, when you put it like that, Ruthy, it actually looks doable!

    Great party last night and great WE edition. Love the insult mug!!!! And wait a minute...isn't 'short read' and Julie Lessman an oxymoron?! Very touching read...and a great insight into the creation of the O'Connor sisters!

  4. Ruthie - how nice to wake up to your smiling face. Congratulations to everyone who won - it was an incredible NYE at Seekerville, focusing on writing, goals, our God-given gifts - our fellow Seekerville residents -- such an inspiration. I have made a 2012 list of daily to-do's relating to my faith walk, my writing, and my family. Visiting Seekerville is right up there :-) Pass the coffee and apple dumplings because I am ready to take on the year. You've got our morning backs, and God is in control of our future. Blessings ahead!

  5. Amen to God being in control. We mere humans tend to forget that. Dorks, the lot of us!

    Julie, I'll e-mail you with the story line. And then you can play, okay???

    Kav, I remember reading a Sara Donati book and the question was "How do you eat a bear?"

    The answer: "One bite at a time."

    So that's how I tackle writing. One bite (1K) at a time. :)

    Jenna, I love seeing you here and on facebook! Happiest of New Year's to us, one and all, no matter what happens.

    Our God loves us. We are daughters of the King. He wants good for us, all the days of our lives.

    Can I hear an Amen????

  6. Happy New Year Seekerville! :)


  7. Congratulations to all the winners! What a way to start off the New Year!

    Personally, I love the first Sunday of the new year. There is an air of expectation of newness and fresh starts. The worship gathering is always motivational and I always come away ready to start anew.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Thank you for hosting such a GREAT party, Seekerville.

    I plan to get my yearly and then monthly writing goals down on paper this morning. I've been thinking about my yearly goals for about a month now. I usually set six yearly goals...last year I accomplished three of them! are right on target for me, I plan to write at least two books this year, with one being a historical versus comtemporary.

    Happy New Year, Everyone!

  9. Sherrinda, remember Anne of Green Gables??? "Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet!"

    That's our New Year, chica! :) No mistakes, open with opportunity! Love it!

    Ganise, good morning! Happy New Year to you!

    Rose, I set goals too. And I make some of them and not others, but if I don't set them, I waver... Wavering is not good!!!! Wavering is... well... wavering.


    Love 'em!

  10. I picked My One Word for 2012...


    To be more open to others, to change, to life to be a LITTLE less snarky (but not enough to let youse slack off... no, no, no!!!) To be light and salt.


    Sis Steele said on facebook that holding one of those babies makes a difference. I couldn't agree more!

    Holding babies?

    Little miracles each and every one?

    Pure Sweet. Better'n New York produced maple syrup... And you know how much I love my NY maple syrup!

  11. Wow, just looking at all the comments from yesterday makes me feel a little hungover.

    And I didn't even have anything to drink last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. Embracing is such a sweet word.

    Last year I picked wisdom. No evidence that I showed any. I need to give next year's word some though.....or not.

  13. I might make those apple dumplings, Ruthy. I used to make real apple dumplings once in a while and I LOVED THEM. But they are a LOT of work. Making pie crust is almost a total deal breaker for me these days. (though I do have one I made for Christmas still frozen....I could use that....NAH!!!!)

    These, I think I could handle.

  14. Thanks, Ruthie, for taking care of the coffee.

    I haven't chosen my word for the year yet. Gotta think on that today.

    My world has gotten dimmer in recent months. Gonna take care of that in 2012. Scheduled for cataract surgery the 12th.


  15. Happy New Year! The weather is sunny and beautiful here in nw Florida. It's a great way to start the new year.

    My word of the year is going to be perseverence--even if I can't spell it. I'm getting a little tired and tempted to take time off--a lot of time off. But I won't because then I might have to do some housework.

  16. I enjoyed the Seekerville party in tandem with watching the 2012 New Year ring in across the globe. The excitement, inspiration and genuine camraderie remain infectious.

  17. Good morning, Seekerville! After last night, I'm a little surprised to see so many of us up and going this morning...

    ...except Ruthy. I think Ruthy thrives on no sleep and caffeine. And apple dumplings.

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Helen, cataract surgery is a great way to start the new year. I had mine done last July...and wonder of wonders! Did you know pine trees have NEEDLES on them? And hills are more than just blobs in the distance? Oh, and the colors are MARVELOUS! I had no idea what I had been missing for years (I had slow growing cataracts - slowly stealing my vision for over 20 years). I had such fun during the two weeks between surgeries covering one eye to see how I used to see, then covering the other to see the new way. I'll never take my sight for granted again!

    I'm still working on my word for this year - last year must have been change (the good kind!). I'm so blessed.

    Off to church - the 5 year olds are waiting for their Sunday School lesson about Zechariah in the temple. Love that story.

  18. I have to tell you how much I enjoyed the sisterhood of Seekerville(and brotherhood, that is, Vince and Walt). What a wonderful way to spend New Year's Eve!

  19. Loves 2 Read Romance - LauraJanuary 1, 2012 at 10:35 AM

    Looks like it was a great party! Have a Happy New Year everyone!! Congrats to all the winners!

  20. Congrats to all the winners!
    and happy happy HAPPY New Year all our Seeker buds!!!

  21. Mary, I thought you were noticeably smarter last year. I just SENSED it... Not from anything you did, but from all kinds of things you thought about doing!

    Good job, thinking! ;)


    We hammered them last night. I will be eating broccoli slaw for weeks...

    But it was worth it, LOL!

    Helen, I'm so sorry you have to have surgery! Dagnabbit, but I want your world clear and bright for such a clear, bright lady.

    Praying. And that explains the coffee. You couldn't SEE it to fix it this morning because it took me two hours to clean up after the crowd.

    But so worth it!

  23. Cara, you had a killer deadline. Breathe for a week, honey.

    While you're plotting your new submission for LIH, of course.


    Elizabeth, so glad you stopped by! Happiest of New Years! I'm dragging Dave down to the Southern Tier one of these weekends for a Saturday road trip. Gotta check out a few out-of-the-way places. And spend some time with him.

    (Okay, it's mostly to check out places but we'll let him think it's to spend time together. As long as he feeds me, we're all set.)

    Jan, I didn't know you had cataract surgery. What an eye-opener!





    Couldn't resist. Gotta go back to that "embracing" word. This might be harder than I thought, LOL!

  24. I'm here.

    I'm groggy.

    My eyes are flustery.

    But I'm here.

    Congrats to all the winners!!!!

    I'm off to be groggy.

  25. THat was QUITE the party last night. Thanks for all that fun and congrats to so many winners!

  26. Oh, Tina, I had to look up your Shakespearean insults mug. I LOVE IT THIS MUCH!!! So love that. Especially lately. But that's another story.

    And I totally missed that 1K in 1Hr blog post, unfortunately, but did read it a day late and loved it! So when I saw Carol M., one of my buds, started a Facebook group called that, I was really excited! Can't believe I missed that!!!!!! Excited! Writing with friends! A virtual writing party! What could be better?

  27. We had a great New Year's Eve service at church last night. Which is why I'm here on Sunday morning! In case anyone is tempted to scold me! LOL!

    And the Seeker party last night was great! I was here for a while. Hope you guys didn't eat too much party dip. I was good. Now time to get serious about exercise and eating right. The gyms will be PACKED this week! LOL!

  28. I have to go check out the new Seekerville town and Julie's short read!

  29. Carol and Casey try the mimosa punch to your left! And good morning to you!

    I tried 1K1HR this AM on facebook...



    But that's okay because I've got a cold and fell asleep around ten o'clock on the couch last night.

    So I'm such a pooper!

    Missy and Teeeenster... kudos to them. Totally. Love those girls. A Belle and a Mountain Lass (do not let Teeeeena fool youse: She's WNY like me, through and through no matter where she lays her hat and gloves!)

  30. Melanie the cafe crew is slated to begin "Healthy and Hearty" tomorrow...

    Because we're well women! Hey, my little buddy Taylor is SO PSYCHED because she downloaded The Merchant's Daughter onto her Nook on Friday...

    That's the first thing she told me when I saw her yesterday! I told her I'd pass the excitement on to you. Great job, my friend.

  31. WOW OW WOW ... WHAT A PARTEEEEE!!!! And no hangover is a plus!!

    KAV, you little stinkpot, you -- did you REALLLLY say: "And wait a minute...isn't 'short read' and Julie Lessman an oxymoron?!" Verbosity is NOT a crime ... unless it puts you to sleep, and even then that's no so bad ... ;)


  32. Hello all, and Happy New Year! What a party!! And you did it - 1116 posts! Woohoo!

    Thanks so much for the win -- really looking forward to reading Out Of Control!! Congrats to all the winners!

    Thanks too for all the prayers and well-wishes last night. I conked out about 10:30 and slept late today and feel better. Still feel a bit like I've been beat with a stick, but at least today it feels like it was a slightly smaller stick.

    Firm in the belief that 2012 will be a great year for all of us! Forward into the great and promising unknown!

  33. Wow I can read all the comments today and not have half my day gone by the time I get through!

    J/K What an awesome 24 hour party!!! Congrats to all the winners and best wishes for a blessed and productive new year in 2012.

    Maybe that should be my word for the year - productive. Otherwise I tend to be like Ruthy described and just meander. Of course productive could be 20 games of Solitaire so maybe I need to work on refining that a bit.

    Love the #1k1hr/365days per year = 365,000 words. Now THAT'S my kind of math!

    Trying to get my courage up to start my first #1k1hr sprint of the year. (See, I told you starting was my problem.)

  34. After all that revising and partying last night, my laptop (our only computer) is trying to clunk out. Quit on me this morning, it's running now but there were system errors. If I disappear y'all know why

  35. Congratulations to all the winners!

    Jenna, glad to see you making goals.

    Ruthy, thanks for the reminder!! Got to go back all those files up and print of important documents.

  36. E.C., I hear you! We'll cough together, darling and then get well together!

    Gray and raining here now. Was sunny, bright and 50-ish this morning.

    Talk about a Happy New Year! Colder now. Storm front coming through.

    Mary C., don't hesitate. Really. That's the snowball effect that stymies us because then we lose confidence. And your talent should never, ever, ever be under a bushel. Let that light shine.

    I might try it again tonight. Got family here this afternoon. But I'm loving where I'm at with this Christmas story and feel the need to jump back in, see what's going to happen next.

    And I KNOW there's a pitfall just ahead, in their road, and they have no idea it's coming.

    Gulp. ;)

  37. Thanks so much for the book, Seekers! You all just heap on the blessings!

    Ruthy, when you put it that way, 1,000 words a day doesn't seem too shabby. I'm going to write your words on a card: What does 365 x 1,000 words equal? Success!

    Your comment reminds me of a quote I saw on FB yesterday: "No matter how slow you go, you are still lapping everybody on the couch!"

    Wishing you many new year's blessings, all!

  38. Christina, I hear you! And that's why Zach felt sorry for me and bought us a new laptop for Christmas...

    Because Seth told him mine was dying...

    Barely breathing....

    Doggone, wouldn't you think these things would have a shelf like of more than 3 years? Wassup wi dat?

  39. Renee, I love that quote! Oh, girlfriend, that rocks with wisdom and spurrage!

    I just created a great new word.

    "Spurrage": that which spurs one on to greater heights and chances for achievement.


    And yeah, isn't it truly amazing when we break it down to 1K per day?

    And how it adds up?

    And even if you take 65 days off for various reasons...

    You still have 300,000 words written!


    And then we feel good about accomplishing a step toward the goal.

    I love steps.

  40. Ruthy - average lifespan for a laptop is 3 years so you're about right there.

    Mine last 18mos if I'm lucky because I am very, very hard on laptops.

    Two years would be way cool, but I tend to buy at Christmas then the next back-to-school and then the next Christmas so I can get the sales. The kids then use the other one until it actually dies...

  41. Love the word spurrage! I'll add that to my inspirational notes :)

  42. Congratulations to all the winners!


    Sounds like everyone is chomping at the bit to get started! :) Good luck to everyone this year in what you set out to accomplish!

  43. Christina, sorry about your computer. I hope it survives.

    Helen, I'm praying your cataract surgery goes perfectly. My husband had his done a few years ago and his eye sight is fine now.

    Ruthy, I'm doing another round of revisions. This is never ending, I'm afraid. Some books are easier than others, or so they say. Now I'm back to work.

  44. Good afternoon everyone!

    Ruthy, so sorry your sunshine is slipping away. We have bright and sunny here and a balmy 34 degrees. Very mild for January!

    Sunday afternoon and the Broncos are playing the KC Chiefs, so I'm vegging out in the recliner with a warm blanket and my cross-stitch project - but playing a round of Carcassone with the fam before game-time.

    Doesn't that sound like a great way to spend New Year's?

  45. If you were a winner go ahead and send us an email at our contact address with your snail mail address. That way we eliminate the HUNT YOU DOWN part.

    Happy New Year.

  46. Happy New Year, Seekerville! After some time off to ponder, I've got my inspirational word for 2012. Last year it was "believe" because I was trying some new things, and I needed to remind myself to keep the faith. This year, it's "build" because I've got a solid foundation--both professionally and personally--and now it's time to work on the rest.

    Here's to a fabulous New Year for all of us!

  47. Mia, THANK YOU! You just gave me my word. I knew I didn't like productive. :)


    It covers so much that one word. Faith in myself, faith in my writing, but overall faith that I'm not the one in charge. Will have to think more on it, but it feels right.

    Faith can move mountains, right? It should certainly be able to move me.

  48. Hmm.

    Jan, I've decided that our word for the year should be VISION.

    Thanks for the prayers, Cara. I'm a little edgy, but anxious to get it behind me. I could have had it a little sooner, but opted to wait until after the holidays.


  49. morning all. congrats to all winners. I sit here 8am and its hot. already over 90 and rising fast.

    today I hope to get the last books on my map for last year and put up my top ten reads of the year.

  50. Hey Ruthy I can send some sun your way. want some heat with it.

  51. Yawn... What a great party! Congrats to the winners. I didn't make it to the midnight hour, not even the East coasts. Kids needed mommy to tell them a good night story and it put us ALL to sleep. so Happy New Year ya'll :)

  52. YAYAYAY! I'm caught up on writing influencer reviews!!!!

    All 5 of them are written and either posted [Camy's Protection for Hire] or scheduled to post [another one every day this week].


    Now back to reading and, tomorrow, writing ;).

  53. Happy New Year to All!

    Wow…there seems to be more winners today than there are usually comments! That’s a bigga party!

    TINA: I sent my post in. I hope you get it. It’s Lessman long…now I have to hope it is Lessman good. (At least, the examples are the best I’ve ever found.)

    Special Notice: Missy’s book “A House Full of Hope” is available right now at eHarlequin – thirty days before everyone else gets it. Since it’s been ten months since Missy’s last book, I’ve already downloaded it on my Sony eReader.

    Congratulations to all the winners (which even includes me ).


  54. Wheeee! Now, how to torture poor Sandra?

  55. Ruthy, I love your friend Taylor! I don't know her, but I love her!!! ;-)

  56. Happy New Year, Seekerville! It was a fun party. : ) Congrats to all you (many!) winners! And thanks for such generous prizes, Seekers, and mostly, for your time and encouragement.

  57. I think I woke up with someone else's after-party headache! Not fair! :D

    Anyway, just testing my new profile picture....

  58. WOW!!!! Lovely picture, Virginia.

    Sorry about the headache but the picture came out really well!

  59. Mia has come out of hiding.

    I had to hunt her down on facebook. Really? REALLY????

    Oh, sigh.


    I love "Build". Good choice. Many applications!

    And Mary C., Faith, yes! Another solid word with strength and feelers in personal and Godly venues. Love it!

    Renee, yes. Do it! "Spurrage" should be in the public domain by 2014 at the LATEST...

    Jenny, keep the heat. I'd rather be cold. I'm a stinkin' mean-spirited baby when it gets above 88 or so...

    And I only wish I was kidding. Thank God for little air conditioners we can tuck into a few windows and take the edge off for the little ones.

    AND ME. :)

    Carol, God bless you for doing influencers. I can never wriggle enough time and gave it up. It's not fair to the author to send me the book if I can't or don't deliver, right?

    And you know what? I end up buying most of 'em anyways, so it works out better for them. And I don't weigh hard on guilt.

    I hate feeling guilt-ridden. So Catholic!

    VIRGINIA!!!! That rocks the biggest kahuna of all! I love, love, love it, chica!!! YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!

    Hey, Melanie, pretend you know Taylor. She thinks you like wait for her to assess your work. Which she loves better than Harry Potter.

    From her lips to God's ear, honey! ;)

    You would love Taylor. She's amazing, delightful and totally scattered in her creative imaginings, an "Anne of Green Gables" type kid.

    Love her to pieces!

    Okay, I'm wigging out because my head is hurting. Hoping tomorrow will be better, but whatever... Got over 2K done today, and went through 70 pages to edit... This week I'm doing copy edits on A Family to Cherish for July and Melissa says it's her favorite Ruthy-book yet...

    Or at least tied with Yuletide Hearts, so I'm eating up the praise. And loving, loving, loving what I do.

    Where are those stinkin' sinus pills????

  60. Thanks Ruth and your right its stinking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 40. something or around 105F its hot.

  61. Virginia, you are gorgeous. Before you were cute and lovable, now you are a bit intimidating you are so gorgeous.

  62. Congrats to all the winners! Such a fun night in Seekerville. Thanks, Tina and Missy, for being our hostesses!!! You both rock!!!

  63. Helen, yes! Vision is a great word! That's perfect for this coming year.

    Virginia - love the new picture. Beautiful.

    Ruthy - I'm with you on the heat. Especially humid heat. When we lived in west Texas, 100 was my grumpy limit, but in Kentucky it was around 82. I'd hate to see myself farther Georgia. Missy and Debby must be saints. It's a good thing I'm in South Dakota now - happy as a clam!

  64. Helen, I like vision, too. I think it encompasses a lot, not just in my writing but in life general.

  65. Christina:

    My thinking about VISION goes beyond just physical sight. It encompasses my personal and writing goals.


  66. Yay! Congrats everyone and Happy New Year from Georgia! God bless~Stacey

  67. Happy new year, everyone!! I've been laying low today, nursing a cold.

    I had such a fun new year's eve. Thanks, everyone, for celebrating with us!

  68. Happy New Year! I read Julie's Short Read.

    Wonderful, Jules!

    And Ruthy, pass those apple dumplings. Those things are a heart attack waiting to happen, but they are SO good. They are a family favorite around here!

    In a pinch, make them with orange juice, mountain dew, or sprite. Pretty much anything works.

    And serve them with vanilla bean ice cream if you get tired of eating them plain. IF there are any left by the time you get to the freezer.

  69. Helen, Vision is an all-encompassing word. You're right, physical, emotional and mental attributes.

    Some people call me "mental" but I just frown and make weird faces at them.


    Mary, I did hear that! And Pam, I've never gotten to the ice cream fast enough...

    Maybe next time! I found I undercooked them slightly this time. I'll be more careful. The tops looked done and it was party time, but they were a little bit gummy where they touched.

    Five minutes longer for the big pan would have done the trick. This does not mean we didn't eat every last one, mind you!

  70. You are all so encouraging and generous in your give-aways! I didn't win but am happy for those who did. You provide such informative posts. Keep up the good work!

  71. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for the info and links.

    Happy New Year!

  72. Thank you so much for the win of the book. I emailed you my snail mail addy as I prefer print.. God Bless!