Friday, January 13, 2012

Welcome Guest Blogger Debra Ullrick

My First Conference and Editor meeting
I’d only been a member of the American Christian Romance Writers (aka ACFW now)for a few months. At that time there were a little over three hundred members. Everyone was talking on the loop about the conference and how they couldn’t wait to go. It sounded like a lot of fun and was being held in Denver, my home state, so I decided to go.

Didn’t have a clue what to expect or how to act or anything. My friend told me she’d been to quite a few, so I asked her a ton of questions. What does one do when meeting with an editor? What about these one liners I’d heard about? Can you talk to other editors? That one she said yes, but cautioned me about talking to them while they were in a bathroom stall. My first thought was, someone must have done that or she wouldn’t have mentioned it. That person must have memorized every detail of that particular editor’s shoes or stalked them. Not sure which one, but either scenario didn’t tempt me. Uh uh. Not one little bit.

Anyway, then our conversation turned to Meet-n-Greet night. Living on a cattle ranch at the time, my wardrobe was limited, so I asked her what every one wore to them. She said people wore slippers, various hats, etc and to wear something that gave people a clue about who I am or what I love or what I do. Didn’t think my cowboy boots with lawn fertilizer on them would be appropriate, so I went for the Monster Mutt cap. I love monster trucks, but I didn’t want to drag my large remote control Grave Digger truck with me, so I borrowed my husband’s Monster Mutt cap. Now, you have to picture this, okay? The cap resembles a dog, complete with floppy ears, wide cartoonish eyes, and its tongue sticking out at whoever looks at me.

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When I entered the room that Thursday night, I was met with wide eyes, double takes, stares, and whispers. Some laughed and inquired about my cap. (Bless their little pea-pickin’ hearts. SMOOCH) Some fled. Probably didn’t want that dog licking them or slobbering on their clothes or anything. Can’t blame them. Most of them were dressed in nice gowns, or comfortable, yet classy attire, or suit dresses. Not Monster Mutt hats. My friend had tricked me, I was sure of it. Oh well, even if she did, I was going to be myself and have fun. I did too. After people got over the initial shock, they accepted not only me, but my cap.

When it was time to eat, my friend led me to a table at the front. Just what I wanted, to sit up front of all those people with my Monster Mutt cap. I sat down beside this really nice lady, and we chatted and chatted like we’d known each other for years.

Fifteen or so minutes later, my friend leaned over and said, “You do know that that’s Francine Rivers, right?”
“Francine Rivers!” I squealed, and about got whiplash spinning my head (Floating body part, alert!) Francine’s direction. “Oh my gosh. You’re Francine Rivers!” I belted out as if she didn’t know who she was. She laughed, and so did I until I remembered my cap. The one with its tongue sticking out directly at Francine Rivers.

Debra's husband Rick, Francine Rivers and Debra
To make matters worse, I didn’t feel too good. Thought it was a case of the nerves. Was I ever wrong. That night, I spent the whole night throwing up. I had the flu. Not only was I worried about my friend/roommate getting it, although it would have served her right, hehe, my first editor’s meeting and my first paid critique meeting with Linda Windsor were on Friday, the next day. Thank God, I felt better the next morning and was able to keep my meetings, and no one seemed to notice The Walking Zombie Woman.

On Saturday, I met Jim Peterson, acquiring editor at that time for Heartsong Presents. Because he was standing amongst a group of women and not headed to the bathroom or anything like that, I asked my friend if it would be okay if I pitched my book idea to him. She said it would be fine, so I did. He loved my Ford/Chevy, mud-bog racing rivals and asked to see the whole manuscript when I got it finished and even gave me his card. His card! With is contact information! Wow! Talk about mind blowing. Hmmm that must have been where I left my mind. I’ve been wondering where I left it all these years. *smiling* I still have that card. My first published novel, The Bride Wore Coveralls, came as a result of that first conference and that meeting with Jim.

Francine Rivers and Debra and Hat :)
I will never forget that conference. If any of you ever get a chance to go to one, do. A word of advice though… if anyone tells you that people wear fuzzy slippers or weird hats or anything else strange to Meet-n-Greet night, run! And if you do decide to wear something peculiar, make sure you know who you’re talking to. It might very well may be Francine Rivers.

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Back Cover Blurb:

The arrival of Michael Bowen’s bride, married sight unseen by proxy, sends the rancher reeling. With her trousers, cowboy hat and rifle, she looks like a female outlaw—not the genteel lady he corresponded with for months. He’s been hoodwinked into marriage with the wrong woman!

Selina Farleigh Bowen loved Michael’s letters, even if she couldn’t read them herself. A friend read them to her, and wrote her replies—but apparently that “friend” left things out, like Michael’s dream of a wife who was nothing like her. Selina won’t change who she is, not even for the man she loves. Yet time might show Michael the true value of his unlikely wife.


  1. Coffee pot's set for 3 a.m.

    Sounds like a books I'd enjoy, Debra.

    Loved your story. Twice I've sat in workshops conducted by the Petersons, but I've not visited personally with them.


  2. DEBRA!! Okay, I don't mean to shout at you, but I think I just may be your newest fan! I only wished I had discovered you much sooner because I so want to read The Unexpected Bride. Guess I'll have to settle for The Unlikely Wife, which I have in my hand (okay, so it's not currently in my hand but it's right beside the computer as I type). Your heroine sounds very refreshing.

    Love the conference story, and the hat, it's priceless.

    I went to D.C. (long ways away) for an RWA conference and didn't attend one workshop. The one I did try to (Renee Ryan) attend a friend decided last minute to pitch and needed help. So I checked out in less than five minutes.

  3. Debra, I laughed all the way through your story! I guess I will need to pick my friends carefully when I ask for advice before my first conference.

    (There must be at least one person here on Seekerville who's trustworthy.)

    I'm looking forward to reading The Unlikely Wife - it sounds like a good one!

  4. What a hoot you all are. hahaha

    Thank you everyone for stopping by.

    Helen Gray, did I read that correctly... Coffee pot's set for 3:00 a.m.? Is that before the sun comes up? As in still dark outside? The only I time I see 3:00 a.m. is when my bladder decides it can't wait until 7:30 a.m. *smiling*

    Christina... Shout away. Please. hehe I attended too many workshops. I was afraid I would miss something. My mind was overloads after the first two. hehe. I would do it again though.

    Jan Drexter.

    Yes, you do need to pick your friends more carefully. hehe And as for someone on Seekerville being trustworthy....hmmmm. hehehe Don't hit me Mary. Just teasin'! or NOT! My bad? Don't answer that, ti was a rhetorical question.

  5. Debra, I don't know what I respect more. That you wore the hat anyway or you were so honest about not knowing you were talking to Francine Rivers. She is one of my favorite authors and I so hope to meet her one day! I love romances that start with a misunderstanding and a marriage and hope I win your book =)

  6. WHAT a story! HA!
    That is just grand...

    Thanks for sharing - AND for your wonderful story too!

    Would love to find out more - sign me up!

    HI other night owls - we have SNOW SNOW SNOW in middle Tennessee tonite. BRRRRRRR....

  7. Debra:

    Yes, that's 3 a.m.

    Ruthy is an early riser and requires coffee.

    The night owls and non-coffee drinkers among us don't care if she and a few others want to open their peepers with the chickens.


  8. Stories where the pair starts out already married have always been my favorites. Makes for twice the tension. The cover for The Unlikely Wife is so cool and different. I hope to read it soon.

  9. Oh My I love your story of the hat. I bet more people remember you than you realise. I would be like you if I found I was seated next to an author I admired but didn't realise who it was at the time.
    I think from the post you must be a country gal like me and we tend to be more trusting than we should be. Although I am so self conscious that wearing a hat like you did would be way out of my confort sound. Although I wouldn't be past wearing my favourite Cricket teams shirt.

    When you talk about Ruthy being an early riser here in Australia I am about to head to bed and shes up bright eyed and bushy tailed. (Not a night owl by a long shot).

    Got a good deal on chocolate stars so have plenty to share.

  10. Debra, I don't need a copy of The Unlikely Wife because I read that book,read it again and keep it by my bed to read favorite snippets.

    Selina is a heroine who stole my heart, had me laughing, and constantly saying to Michael, "why haven't you fallen in love with her yet because I sure have!" I just genuinely like that woman and how she looks at life.

    Thanks for a great read and a great post!

    Peace, Julie

  11. Christina, are you supposed to go to workshops at conferences? Who knew??? ;)

    Helen, thank you for coffee!!!

    Deb, I'm laughing out loud, just picturing this. Oh my stars, I love the hat. And don't you just love Francine because she is the world's most gracious woman. Such a lovely inspiration on gentility and peace...

    GREAT POST !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!!

    I'm leaving Danish for a snack. Danish is not low-carb. I don't care. I'm rebelling against healthy foods today.

    And I can't wait to read this book, Deb. I love historicals with a fun twist, and that cover just makes me want to grab it up and ignore what I'm supposed to do right now.

    She's sassy! And that's how the West was won, LOL!

  12. Debra, that might be my favorite conference story--or tied with Melanie Dickersen's...

    I'm guessing you're still good friends with the one who suggested the hat. Looks like it did the trick!

    Julie S...word-of-mouth sells. You just did a great review!

  13. I love the blurb and premise of your book so I picked it up in Walmart the other day. Don't enter me!
    Thanks for the post. It seems like I get sick every time I go to a conference.

  14. Oh that was just toooooo cute!~~~

    Debra, thanks for sharing!!!

  15. Deb, I love your books and this one sounds like another classic.

    Everyone here knows that Debra Ullrick, along with our own Seekervillager Erica Vetsch (and others), was on the NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER LIST for their anthology collection A LOG CABIN CHRISTMAS....everyone knows that right?

    How sweet is that?????????

  16. and btw I just LOVE that cover. It's one that would make someone grab it for sure.

  17. Oh Debra, I'm still laughing. You really pulled off the hat. I can tell you fit right in with the Seekerville crowd. LOL

    Welcome and thanks for joining us. What a hoot. But it worked so if anyone is brave enough to stand out--it helps in this business.

    And Jan, "beware" just sayin'

  18. Debra, I loved hearing your "voice" as I read your post. I was laughing out loud about your hat story. :) Loved hearing your "voice" as I read your post.Wonderful that you decided to make the most of the evening, even if you were "different." It sounds like that theme of being yourself is one you embrace in your writing as well.

    Your book sounds like a fun read! Now that I "know" you, I'm going to start looking for your books. :) Thanks for starting my day with laughter!

  19. Tooo funny, Debra! What a great story! The fact that you pulled off "the hat" means a lot. DEFINITELY wanna be next to you at a party!

    And PLEASE enter me in the giveaway. Book sounds fun! joanne(at)joannesher(dot)com

  20. Hey, Debra! Welcome!!

    What a funny story!!! Was your friend there to see your grand entry in your hat? Did she get a good laugh? :)

  21. Debra, you are a new-to-me author but I just finished reading The Unlikely Wife and LOVED it. Romantic comedy at its best -- just like this blog post. Love the Monster Mutt cap picture! That's one way of getting an editor to notice you! LOL.

  22. Welcome Debra! I've been looking forward to your visit all week. I love reading your books.

    I'm glad you included the picture of you in the now famous hat! It's not near as bad as I envisioned while reading your post :)

  23. Loved your first conference story, Deb! What a hoot!

    Not so sure Francine Rivers will be so happy when she finally realizes why she was sick with the flu that entire weekend.

    Just sayin'

    And The Unlikely Wife sounds like a really fun read. Love the cover.

  24. Debra,

    Great post! And I love the mutt hat!!

    Your reaction to Francine Rivers is priceless. I've introduced a few people to themselves at history conferences, and luckily they've been gracious and thanked me for letting them know who they are. Glad Francine was just as nice. :o)

    The Unlikely Wife looks like a great read. I'm already hooked by the cover and the blurb.

  25. Welcome to Seekerville, Debra. Thanks for sharing your hilarious first conference experience! I attended my first ACFW conference the next year. Always wished I'd been there to meet Francine Rivers.

    Congratulations on the release of The Unlikely Wife. Love the cover and the premise. Fun to share the shelves with you!


  26. Hi Debra,

    Thank you for my morning grin!

    I attended my first conference this year and it was amazing! Thank goodness no one misled me on what to wear!

    Your book sounds like so much fun! I'll be sure to watch for your name from now on!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  27. Debra, leaving that hat on took guts! You've definitely got gumption! Glad it all worked out so well!

  28. I have this book sitting downstairs :D.

    LOVE the story! Totally something I wish I was comfortable enough to do, though I never would on purpose and I probably would have run crying ;).

    So glad it worked out well for you!

    PTLing that I don't have to drive to school today to make copies because my boss' secretary [who is ultimate awesomeness go to gal for the rest of us] said if I emailed them to her, she'd send them to the photocopier and stick them in my box :D. She rocks.

    But I have to go get the stuff done so I can email it to her :).

    I've got cookies for later. And a Dr Pepper IV for anyone who needs it. Like me.

  29. Love the hat, Debra! :) Thanks for sharing your first conference experience. Too fun!

  30. Oh my! Your story of meeting Francine Rivers made me LOL! She seems like a genuine person, and so do you! Congratulations for your newest published novel! ~AMY

  31. Lol, that hat is awesome and, yes, very memorable! Meeting Francine Rivers must have been so cool...Congrats on the book-it looks like a fun read! :)

  32. Oh, Debra! Amazing story! And I actually do remember from the earliest ACRW/ACFW conferences that certain people wore really weird accessories like huge fuzzy house slippers to the meet-and-greet. You are way braver than I am, though! My typical goal is to NOT be noticed!

    Congratulations on making the NYT best-seller list! That's fantastic!

  33. Your books sounds like so much fun. I would love to win one.

    My first thought after reading about the hat and Francine Rivers, have you noticed anyone wearing a hat like that to later conferences? I mean, you got to sit by Francine and are a successful writer. Could it work for anyone? LOL.

    (uh, no, I'm not planning on trying it.)

  34. That is a funny story Deb. Do you still have the hat? Maybe you should put it in a glass case or something. Keep up the writing!

  35. I'm impressed that you kept that hat on, not sure what I would have done, but can't imagine it would involve leaving it on! :)

  36. Hi Debra! Great story about the hat, and I'm sure it made you very memorable, especially to a certain Ms. Rivers! There are worse ways to be remembered...

    I've been the sick person on at least three separate vacation trips, so I'm planning ahead for ACFW in September (MY first conference!): Take vitamin C by the gallon during the days preceding every trip!

    Please include me in the drawing!

    stephludwig at hotmail dot com

  37. Debra, funny, funny post. Love the hat and your innocence during that first conference. Sometimes it's nice not knowing what we don't know, lol.

    I have a fun tid-bit for you. My son works for a sign business and he has personally repaired the graphics on the Grave Digger(s). Makes a monster truck mom proud, :)

  38. Love the cover of your book, Debra and love your conference story, LOL!

    This year (my first conference) I danced on a chair.

    That's ALL I'm gonna say. ;-)

    I attended ACFW this year and completely fell in love. Never have I been in such a HUGE crowd and never once did I feel lost or pushed aside. (except at meal times, LOL!)

    What a great conference story. Love it! ☺

  39. Book sounds great. Loved your story just too funny.


  40. Hey Debra, GREAT story and thanks for sharing! That hat is hilarious and what a way to break the ice! Your book looks fabulous and I was able to get a copy already so please don't enter me, but had to say how much I enjoyed your post :)
    Have a great weekend and again thanks for sharing!

  41. Ruthy, I guess you're supposed to go to workshops. I spent a lot of time hiding behind the plants and lounging in my room. I've come a long way since then.

  42. DEBRA!!!! SOOOOOO great to have you here, darlin'!!! And the story about Francine is PRICELESS ... and the pix too!!

    YOU, my friend, were one of the very first people who encouraged me about my books, so you will always hold a special place in my heart, Deb. I LOVE your books and I gotta say that the latest one sounds absolutely WONDERFUL -- GREAT cover!!

    PLEASE tell me you will be at ACFW this year because I would LOVE to see you again, my friend.

    Hugs and more hugs,

  43. Hi Nancy.

    I think it was more like insanity that I continued to wear it. hehehe I really love Francine's books too. It was great meeting her. She was so down to earth and kind.

    KC Frantzen,

    Glad the snow is your way. I had enough of it on the ranch to last me the rest of my life. hehehe

    Helen Gray,

    I don't even think the chickens are up that early. hehe

    Mary Cline,

    I love those kind of stories too, and the designers did an amazing job on the cover.


    hello again. Yep, I'm a country gal. Used to rodeo, lived on a ranch for over 25 years, etc. That old saying you can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl. That would be me. I may live in town now, but I'm all country.

    Julie Hilton Steele,

    I'm so excited that you've read my book, twice, and that you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for letting me know. So far, everyone has fallen in love with Selina. How could you not? She's awesome. Wait, I'm talking about her as if she's real. Isn't she? hehe

    Ruth Logan Herne,

    Yes, I think Francine is awesome. haha She sure is sassy. I love making my heroine's sassy even though I never am. Cough Cough. choked on something. hehehe

    Debra E. Marvin,

    I still can't believe I shared it. hehe Yes, I'm still friends with person. She's a real sweetheart.

    Jessica Nelson,

    I'm sorry you get sick everytime you go. Do you get sick from nerves or something else? Thank you for buying my book. I'd love to hear what you think whenver you finish it. *smiling*

  44. Hi Tina Radcliffe!

    You're welcome.

    Hi Mary! *Waving Profusely At Ya*

    We got the mutual admiration society thing going on cuz I love your books too! I still pinch myself over the NYT bestseller thing. Thanks for hosting me again, Mary. You rock!
    That cover is awesome. I wish I could personally thank the person who did this one and the one for, The Unexpected Bride.

    Sandra Leesmith,

    Everytime I think about what I did, I shake my head. I've shook it so much that my brain cells are loose. Well, what there was of them anyway. hehe

    Jeanne T,

    How funny. I never even thought about how my being who I was correlated with my story, but it really does. Perfect time to post my conference story. Wow, thanks for pointing that out. Now that "know" you, watch out. You never know what you might find me wearing or doing. hehehe Yes, by all means, start looking. *smiling* hehe You're welcome. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. Today's pill is a placebo.

    Joanne Sher,

    Glad you enjoyed the story. I'm glad the hat thing went well too.

    Hi Missy Tippens!! *sending you a "Beverly Hillbillies" wave*
    Was my friend there with me? Yes. And no she didn't laugh. She still thought everything was okay. I wonder if she'd taken her pills that day. Her reality/sanity pills. hehehe


    I'm not a new author to you anymore, I hope. *smiling* I'm so glad you loved, The Unlikely Wife. I had a hoot writing it. Trust me, you don't want to have an editor notice you in that. I felt like Moses when he parted the red sea. People sure parted when I walked in. hehe

  45. Hi Jamie Adams.

    How sweet of you to say that you've been looking forward to my visit all week and that you love reading my books.
    The moment I sent that email to Mary that had those pictures, I wanted to snatch it back, thinking I must be crazy. No comment from anyone please. hehe Trust me, the picture does it no justice, it's worse. Every time I moved my head the dog's ears and tongue flopped.

    Pam Hillman,

    Know what's way kewl... Francine never got sick. I stayed the night at my sister-in-laws house the night before. She told me that they'd had the flu, but they were all well now. Well, she fibbed. That flu was that contagious. I got that bug that same night. So, if Francine was going to get it, she would have had it the next day and she didn't. Oh Thank you, Jesus. There is a God and He loves me. *grin*

    Kirsten Arnold,

    Hahahahaha What a hoot. Love it! Those people needed us, they just didn't know they did, right? Glad the blurb hooked you. YES!! hehe

    Janet Dean,

    Thanks for the welcome! And you're welcome. I'm so glad my first conference was with Francine Rivers. I bought your book at Walmart today. Can't wait to read it! It's great sharing the shelves with you too!!!

    Susan Anne Mason,

    Anytime. Anytime. We all need a morning grin now and again. *smiling* Count your blessings, lady, that they didn't. It's definitely not something I want to repeat. I learned my lesson. I still have visions of doggy drool sliding down my nose.

    Eva Maria Hamilton,

    It either took gumption or stupidity. My money's on the latter. hehe One thing for sure, it did leave me with a memory. One I'll never forget.

    Carol Moncado,

    Well, don't leave it downstairs. Make haste, make haste to retrieve it. And if you can't I'm sure my Monster Mutt hat can fetch it for you. Boo hiss. That was so bad. hehe

    Hi Erica Vetsch!!! Wanna borrow it?

    I'm sure there's a conference coming up soon. I'll lend it to you beings you love it so much. heheheh Just jivin' ya.

    Sweet Peripety,

    Thanks for the congrats. Francine Rivers is amazing. I'm just glad I had proof. After all, who would ever believe such an outrageous story. hehehe

    Christina B,

    Cool doesn't begin to describe it. Embarrassing, yes, kewl, um...YES!!! That too!!

  46. Myra Johnson.

    What?! You mean my friend didn't trick me after all?! Brave. Um, not really. Just didn't want to stand out. HOw ironic is that? hahahaha

    Connie Queen,

    I would love to know if someone else has done something like that too. Hmmm. Maybe that hat did get me published. I'd better find it and give that pooch a great big smooch. Ah, Connie, go for it. It was so bad, really. NOT!!!!

    Hi Sandy Nadeau,

    How you doing, girlfriend? I don't know if hubby still has it or not. I'll have to ask him. I just may put it behind glass. Not for a keepsake or anything. Just so it doesn't sneak away and plant it's little bottom on someone else's head. I still have my Grave Digger remote control. Love it!

    Melissa Jagears,

    Well, my hair was all messed up underneath, so it was the dog or mussing hair. I chose the dog. It was cuter. hehehe

    Stephanie Queen Ludwig,

    I'd start taking that Vitamin C now. hehe I wonder if Francine remembers me. That's a scary thought. I meant for her, not me. hehe


    Innocence or ignorance. Not sure which one. What do you mean your son has personally repaired the graphics on Grave Digger? I want to hear all about it. And yes, you should be proud.


    What?! No fair! That's all you're gonna say. I want to hear the whole story. Look, if I can tell people, no, make that SHOW people what I did, then you can too. Spill, girl, spill. Don't leave out one detail either. Oh. Please.


    Glad you enjoyed my story and that my book sounds great. Whew. *smiling*


    It did do that... break the ice. Some even fell through the cracks. Thanks for purchasing a copy of my book. Hope you enjoy it. Have a great weekend yourself. I'll be shopping for a new fridge. The one I have now sounds like it's ready for take off every time it shuts off.


    Thanks for stopping by. Glad you found it interesting.

    It's always fabulous being here. Can you believe I actually shared that pic? I still can't.
    I'm so glad I encouraged you. I love your books!!! In fact, recently I went through some of mine and gave them away to a senior center. I passed right over yours. They can get their own copies. My bad? hehe You have a special place in my heart too, Julie. You always make me feel special. As for ACFW conference, crossing my fingers. Luv ya, girl!

  47. enjoyed your post Debra, what a first for you, I am a reader from Ga and love to read your stories. This one looks like a great one.
    Arent these girls from Seekerville something else, love the coffee and treats, always a nice visit when I stop by.
    Paula O

  48. Hi Paula O (pol),

    You're so blessed to live in Georgia. Someday I hope to see the south. All of it.
    Yes, the girls from Seekerville are awesome. As for the coffee and treats, I find them a tad bit bland. Must have something to do with cyberspace or something. I want the real stuff. *smiling* Thanks for stopping by, Paula

  49. At my first conferece, there was a mixer that included editors and agents. There was an agent that I wanted to meet, but I was too afraid to go and introduce myself.

    One of the published authors in my group jokingly threatened to start a bad rumor about me if I didn't go over and say hi.

    I led with the comment that I'd been threatened with a bad rumor.

  50. LOL, oh dear. I suppose since you shared. ;-)

    I attended the My Book Therapy Pizza party at ACFW and at the end they had a karoke song.

    Confession: I didn't know the song (too young, everyone else knew all the words!) AND too short to see over everyone's heads for the words on the screen.

    So I got on a chair. What any red-blooded, self respecting writing in a skirt would do. And of COURSE I had to dance. Nearly fell off a couple times.

    I tried to send a pic for you to see...hopefully the link will open for you.

    Good thing I was in a BACK corner when I decided to do it. ;-)

  51. That's a great story about meeting Francine Rivers with the Monster Mutt hat., absolutely hilarious. You livened up that conference, people probably talked about that for years. Thank you for brightening up my day! Jenny

  52. Walt Mussell,

    That would have given me the guts to go too. What did the agent say when you told them that?


    That's too funny. The link didn't work, but I'd still love to see the picture. Is it on your blog?


    If they were talking about it, I'm sure it was to say something about the nut wearing the goofy hat with the tongue sticking out at everyone. Now, people might start talking about it and have the pictures to prove it. I knew I shouldn't have sent those. sigh. hehe

  53. Casey it looks like you stole the show in that picture :)

  54. I couldn't get Casey's link to work.

    Not sure if this is the picture she had in mind or not but here's my favorite ;).

    Boy, we had fun that night!

    Love you, Case!

  55. LOL, Carol, we certainly did!! (and yes that is the pic I was going to use)

    Though I SHOULD have used the one where I was more dignified. But hey,that one isn't as much fun. ;-)

  56. Casey, sweetie, none of the pictures from that moment in time looked all that dignified...

    And we love you for it!


  57. Debra,

    The agent was okay with it and answered my question. However, I definitely had caught her at a bad time.

  58. Haha! I really enjoyed this post, Debra! It gave me more than a couple laughs and reminded me that when we mess things up, it doesn't mean the world ends. lol. God is always working things together for our good. Very encouraging. Thank you. Your book blurb has me hooked, btw. Love that cover.

  59. Debra, the graphics on many sporting trucks/cars are vinyl. It would be too costly to paint them on, so they are attached like 'colorforms' and when he gets the call, my son does all the lay out and installation.

  60. I'm loving reading through all these stories. See what you started, Debra!

    You just reminded me of my favorite conference story. It wasn't a writing conference. I was just out of college and got a job in the legal department at Columbia Pictures. They gave me my start date but then called to say they'd forgotten everyone was going to be at their annual conference that day and I should join them.
    It was at a Yacht Club out on Montauk Point in Long Island.

    Nice perk to the job, but when your first meeting with all the senior lawyers is all of them in a hot tub with drinks in hand, it's kind of hard to take it all very seriously. It was also pretty wild for an innocent *grin* just-out-of-an-all-girls-college me.

  61. I would love to read your book Debra. And thanks for the interesting post.


  62. Hi, Debra! Welcome to Seekerville! I LOVE the sound of your book!!! Please include me in the drawing. This is definitely a twist on the mail-order-bride I'd love to read! :D

  63. HAHAHAHA! I laughed my way through that post!!

    I have a coffee mug that has a tongue that sticks out. My husband hates it when I drink from it.

  64. Debra, what a great story! Conference pitches are so difficult for me, but they're always an experience! There are a few I'd like to forget. Thanks for coming today.

  65. Hey Debra! Great to see you on Seekerville! After reading The Unlikely Wife, I know you'd have a great sense of humor--your story of that first meet and greet and the mud hat was confirmation!

    Whoever wins this book, you are in for a real treat!


  66. Casey, I just popped over to your blog (great reviews!)

    and saw you're in rural Eastern Oregon.

    Me, too! *waving, swatting cows, waving*

  67. Walt Mussell,

    I smell a story. You caught her at a bad time, huh?

    Natalie Monk,

    I'm glad you had a couple of laughs and that you were encouraged.

    LyndeeH, I should have known that. My story, Déjà vu Bride is about monster trucks. I even talked to John Seasock for 2 1/2 hours. He called them shrink wraps, or something like that. It's been a long time until I talked to him and wrote that book. Can't remember now. *smiling*

    Janet Kerr,

    You're welcome. I hope you get a chance to read my book, one way or another. *smiling*

    Linnett R Mullin,

    Thank you for the warm welcome.


    I would love to see that mug!

    Cara Lynn James,

    I think anytime you talk to an editor or agent it's stressful and hard. Well, except my agent, she's awesome. I have a great editor too. I thought I had forgotten that ordeal, until this post. Not really. I've never forgotten it was great.

    Patty Smith Hall,

    It's great being here again. Thank you for your kind words about my book and the person who wins a copy. Make that the 3 people who win a copy. *smiling*

  68. Oh, please enter me! I REALLY want to read this book!

    That story you shared with us about your lovely monster truck hat had me smiling:-)

  69. I love this story, Debra. it made me laugh when I really needed one! I would love to read The Unlikely Wife. Where can I get one of those hats?

  70. I love this, because I was told something similar when I thought I was going to be able to attend conferance last year. I was told that you should wear something to salute your favorite books or writers to the meet and greet. Or if you like historical fiction, then wear a costume to fit. I had just read TBWC and loved it, so I went out and found some white coveralls, sewed Battenberg Lace and tiny seed pearls on them. Then I found a cheap veil at the thrift shop to go with it. I am thankful I couldn't afford to go now! LOL! However wouldn't it be fun to have a salute your favorite books/writers for the meet and greet? I could wear that with a gun strapped to my back (to honor you and Mary) and carry a stuffed wiener dog in honor of Janice Hanna Thompson! By the next conferance my accessories would no doubt mind goes crazy with the possibilities!You have to admit we would make a lasting impression that I am sure you did!~Cheri Horgan