Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life is a special occasion

Can you believe this??? I get to blog on Valentine’s Day!!!

And I wasn’t even thinking about the date when I settled on my topic. How cool is that?

Yes, this is Myra effervescing. I know, I know, not exactly “in character,” as Ruthy so eloquently blogged about last Thursday.

(Did anyone rent Princess Bride over the weekend?)

Anyway, as I pondered what to blog about this month, I happened to glance over at the shopping bag I’d just brought home from the Hallmark store. And there, printed in big, bold, purple letters, was the statement:

Life is a special occasion

Not just a particular event, like your child’s graduation or the birth of a new baby. Not just a holiday, like Christmas or Easter or even Valentine’s Day.

Nope. Life. Normal, everyday life. All the ups and downs, joys and struggles, good times and bad. We have plenty of reasons to celebrate just because we’re alive.

Do you feel that way about your writing life? Or are you holding off on the celebration until something big happens, like . . . “the call”?

Maybe you’re waiting for a contest coordinator to call with news that your manuscript is a finalist in a prestigious contest. Maybe you’re waiting for the agent of your dreams to call and say she can’t wait to sign you as her client. Maybe you’re waiting to hear from the editor you’ve been sending stuff to for the last five years in hopes that finally--finally--she wants to publish your book!

But in the meantime, while you’re waiting for that phone to ring or a certain e-mail to pop up in your inbox, take time regularly to celebrate some genuine “special occasions” in your writing life. Here’s a list you can start with:

Overhearing a conversation at the supermarket that gives you a great line for your book.

Finding the perfect active-voice verb to describe your hero’s action.

Completing your main character’s autobiography.

Experiencing an “aha” moment about your plot or main character.

Finally figuring out your heroine’s goal/motivation/conflict.

Finding a Web site or library book containing exactly the research help you’ve been looking for.

Writing a scene so emotion-packed that you’re crying on your keyboard.

Succeeding at a 1K/1 hour challenge.

Finishing a first draft.

Coming up with a killer title.

Gleaning helpful writing advice from a craft book and then trying it in your work-in-progress.

Meeting a new friend at a writers group meeting.

Getting positive feedback from your critique partner.

Enrolling in an online writing class

Registering for a writers conference.

Sending off a contest entry.

Working through a helpful contest judge’s critique to make some much needed revisions.

Hitting “send” on that query letter you’ve been slaving over for weeks.

Having your spouse and/or kids introduce you as “my husband/wife/mom/dad, the writer.”

Now that I’ve got you thinking about those everyday writing moments worth celebrating, what would you add to the list?

Whether you celebrate by popping some M&Ms, taking a Starbucks break, or just spinning around in your desk chair until you’re dizzy, mark the occasion somehow. And if there’s no one around to high-five in person, just hop over here and celebrate with us in Seekerville!

Seekers celebrating with Casey H. in St. Louis, Sept. 2011

Today we actually have two giveaways! In addition to the $10 Hallmark gift card I’m offering to one lucky commenter, Mary Connealy has been sorting through her treasure trove of enjoyable reads and will mail our second winner A Lasting Impression, by Tamera Alexander, and The Messenger, by Siri Mitchell. Watch for your names in the Weekend Edition!


Myra is currently at work on the third novel in her Horsemen of Cross Roads Farm series for Heartsong Presents, which features returning characters from A Horseman’s Heart. Myra’s latest release, Gateway Weddings, is a Barbour 3-in-1 collection featuring her first three Heartsong Presents romances, Autumn Rains, Romance by the Book, and Where the Dogwoods Bloom.

Myra likes to celebrate those everyday successes by giving her doggies a good back scratch. (Hubby likes that, too!)


Walt Mussell said...

Wow! I'm first on Valentine's Day?

Melissa Jagears said...

I'm not sure which of these two posts to comment on. There are two posts here btw.

I love the idea of celebrating a little over the little things--helps when the big celebrations come so rarely. :)

Helen Gray said...

Oooh, this is a great list. Writing THE END has to be top of the list. And I usually celebrate with a Coke.

Coffee's ready for the early birds.


Laura Russell said...

I need to start marking these special occasions. One step taken this week: pitching a ms. I need help since I am celebration-challenged.

I've made coffee cake to go with Helen's coffee while I mull this over.

Vince said...

My list includes:

Déjà vu moments – especially the haunting feeling that you’ve seen a post somewhere before…

Reading a romance where the story takes place in June but it still has a Valentine’s celebration as you’re reading it on the real Valentine ’s Day! (A House Full of Hope)!!!

Laughing so hard while writing a SOTP romantic comedy chapter that your neighbors ask you to hold it down.

‘Seeing’ how a word that has three different meanings can be misinterpreted by the hero and heroine creating a wickedly funny scene.

Reading romance industry reports that back your theories to a “T”.

Reading a passage in a romance that is so uniquely enjoyable that you just stop reading and savor the experience for as long as the feeling lasts.

Finding the moral premise of a romance that’s actually written in the form of a moral premise! Wow!


Ausjenny said...

Firstly Happy Birthday to Cheryl Wyatt, I hope you have a wonderful day today.

I like post also. Here valantines day isn't as big as in the states. (My highlight of the day was parting with my hard earned money to have a tooth fixed.)

Virginia said...

YES!! I always celebrated sending out queries AND getting rejections. They were badges of honor. And entering contests, too. It's so hard to get out there and let people see your stuff.

Right now I'm celebrating revisions. How every new thread makes the story better, stronger.

Vince, great list!

Cindy W. said...

I love celebrating the little things. It's great practice for when the big things come around.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day in Seekerville today

Smiles & Blessings,
Cindy W.


Julie Hilton Steele said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all.

Such a wonderful post. It is almost like a heart-shaped box full of chocolates. Would you rather have one giant candy bar or an assortment of dark and milk chocolate surprises?

Peace, Julie

Glynna Kaye said...

Myra--It's SO important to celebrate the "little things" -- even when you're published!

Kirsten Arnold said...


Thank you for the reminder to celebrate the "little things."

I've been doing revisions and yesterday I came upon a scene that didn't need any changes at all, not even a word. I had a mini celebration with one chocolate covered strawberry.

Happy Valentine's Day to All!


Sandra Leesmith said...

Myra, What a great list and so true. Life is special and we have so many blessings.

I'm tickled to the extreme when dh decides to take a nap, the dogs are napping and its quiet in the house or RV. Unexpected and unplanned WRITING TIME. yeah

I'm with you Helen. Writing THE END is so fun even when you know it isn't really the end because then the revisions start. But that's fun too.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I brought a tray of Sees Candy-my favorite.

Mia Ross said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!! Myra, this is a great reminder for all of us to appreciate just how much we accomplish every day. For me, the best thing is having people to celebrate with. My family understands my new career in a vague way, but my writing friends and folks here in Seekerville really GET it :)

lizzie starr said...

Happy Valentine's day everyone.

one little thing to celebrate today--finding a starting list of little things to celebrate. :) It's way too easy to get bogged down in the big picture and forget the steps we have to take to get there. And most importantly--having a bit of fun when we celebrate.

Thanks for the reminder!

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Seekerville!!!!!!!

I was in here this morning, early, and made the copycat post disappear and yes I PRAYED when I hit "delete" that I wouldn't RUIN MYRA'S BEAUTIFUL POST ...

And this is a great reminder to celebrate the little gains, because the big gains WOULDN'T HAPPEN if you didn't stay the course, right?

Thanks, Myra!

Hey, I brought chocolate/strawberry cheesecake for breakfast with Real Whipped Cream....

Not aerosol.

Jump in, I've brought new creamers for Helen's coffee, and Helen, the eye looks BETTER!!!! ;)

Hugs to you, my hard-working and far-seeing friend!

Keli Gwyn said...


I love the idea of celebrating the little joys on our journeys. There are plenty of them, and they help keep us motivated over the long haul.

I'd add four items to your list:
1. Happy dancing when a writer pal receives good news, which proves good things do come to those who work hard and persevere.
2. Receiving feedback from a critique partner that helps me make my story better.
3. Reading/judging a contest entry that shows great promise.
4. Receiving a thank you note from a contest entrant whose entry I read.

Audra Harders said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Doesn't it just warm the cockles of a romance writer's heart to celebrate a day dedicated to LOVE????

Myra, you nailed quite a few celebratory moments that make me smile. Especially taking online writing workshops and classes. Nothing better than polishing skills whether they need it or not.

BTW, I can picture you spinning around in your office chair just thinking...a very Myra thing to do : )

I've brought chocolate filled creme puffs and placed the tray dangerously close to Ruthy's cheesecake. Can one table support so many calories???

Jan Drexler said...

There's a bottle of champagne waiting for the big celebration (if/when I get my first contract). It's waiting, and waiting, and waiting...

Is there an expiration date on champagne?

Meanwhile, I love celebrating the little things!
- Going over my daily word count goal!
- Entering one more contest.
- Hangin' out with Seeker friends :)
- Watching my characters take over the story (fun stuff, even for a plotter!)
- Browsing through the shelves at our local Books-a-Million and saying "I know that author, and that author, and that author, and that author..."

This is a great way to live, isn't it?

Jeanne T said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Myra, love this post. I'm all about celebrating life--the big and small events that fill it. :) I'm so close to writing my first, "The End," and I plan to celebrate with my crit partner, and with my honey. He's already been informed he'll be taking me out for supper.

I would add (I think it's adding) celebrating meeting goals like NaNo word counts as well.

Thanks for listing other great aspects of the writing life that we can celebrate. :)

Bridgett Henson said...

Ah, the little things...thanks for the reminder, Myra. I needed this as I've been a little frustrated at the lack of writing time.

Things I celebrate most...

When first readers tell me they love my characters.

When fellow writers and contest judges compliment my voice and style.

When I meet my daily word count with time enough to do the laundry and dishes.

The satisfaction of seeing my characters come to life on paper.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Joanne Sher said...

I'm taking a MARGIE LAWSON class this month, and I am celebrating all the AMAZING stuff I've learned, and will continue to learn. It's gonna make my book so sosososooo MUCH BETTER!

And please enter me. K?

Debra E. Marvin said...

Oh yes, such a great list. My favorite is the AHA moment when the perfect word or plot angle comes. It's rather addicting (and a lot of work and time).

Happy Valentine's Day and Happy S. A. D. day which is some acronym for SINGLE AWARENESS DAY...
They couldn't come up with a better acronym? SAD?


Well, I celebrate the value of my life and Jesus's sacrifice every day, and I don't let Valentine's day tell me how I should view my singleness. It's a blessing!

Myra Johnson said...

Good morning, and happy Valentine's Day, Seekervillagers!!!

First of all, thanks to Ruthy for handling the "duplicate post" thing. No idea how that happened!

Second of all, I am sitting here hoping my tummy doesn't explode after a Valentine's Day breakfast with hubby at the pancake house. I totally pigged out on a super-sweet blueberry Belgian waffle, so when I crash after my sugar high in an hour or so, you'll know what happened.

Which is why, just reading about all the goodies everyone brought to Seekerville this morning is, um, making me slightly queasy.

But don't worry about me. Please. Enjoy all the cybertreats you like!

I, however, may not eat for the rest of the day!

Myra Johnson said...

Okay, WALT, since you're here first this morning, how are you celebrating Valentine's Day?

MELISSA, nice to see you bright and early. Although at 12:16 a.m. there's no "bright" about it!

Thanks for the coffee, HELEN! I'll actually take a Dr Pepper in the summer, but hot apple cider or flavored coffee works well when it's cold.

Myra Johnson said...

LAURA, congratulations on pitching a manuscript! That's a huge accomplishment!

Great list, VINCE! Here's my favorite: "‘Seeing’ how a word that has three different meanings can be misinterpreted by the hero and heroine creating a wickedly funny scene."

AUSJENNY, I feel for you! Getting a tooth fixed could, I suppose, be cause for celebration. After the Novocaine wears off, anyway.

Myra Johnson said...

Badges of honor--so true, VIRGINIA! And revising is one of my favorite stages of the writing process, because then, at least, you have something besides a blank screen staring back at you.

So right, CINDY W. If we keep putting off the celebrations until something big happens, we miss out on the simple joys of life.

Uh, JULIE HILTON STEELE, thank you but see comment above. The mere thought of chocolate at this moment makes my tummy hurt.

Myra Johnson said...

So true, GLYNNA. Even after we're published, we can go an awfully long time between the "big" celebratory accomplishments.

KIRSTEN, a scene that didn't need any revising is definitely worth celebrating! You must have been in "the zone" when you wrote it!

SANDRA, oh yes, quiet time alone in the house. Priceless!

Jessica Nelson said...

Awwww! That's a great pic. :-) I so agree about life.
Happy Valentines, ladies!

Mary Connealy said...

You got a blog post idea from a shopping bag?
The only shopping bags I have say:

We Do It All For You

And if you're lucky there is one broken french from in the bottom of the sack...though I doubt this. I am relentless

Myra Johnson said...

MIA, it really helps when your family understands the writing life, at least to some degree. I'm not sure they ever totally get it...really.

Right, LIZZIE, the "big picture" can be overwhelming and the steps to reach our goal can seem daunting. That's why each small accomplishment deserves its own celebration.

Oh great, RUTHY, thanks for all the goodies. Yeah. I'm just ... salivating. ... Excuse me . . . . .

Myra Johnson said...

KELI, you added some great items to the list. It's terrific fun celebrating with a writing buddy. And those thank-you notes from a contest entrant make it all worthwhile.

Um, AUDRA, can we not talking about spinning around just now? PLEEEZE???

JAN, I can tell you from experience there IS an expiration date on champagne. Not sure what it is, but I can promise you it's much less than 25 years. I know because that's how long I saved a bottle waiting for my first book sale. When we finally opened it, it was like syrup!

karenk said...

Happy Valentine's Day, seekers :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

Myra Johnson said...

JEANNE, I hope your hubby takes you somewhere delightful for your celebration dinner! Writing THE END is a major accomplishment!

BRIDGETTE, those first readers' comments can be so heartening. And meeting my daily word count is another biggie. Hubby usually asks me at supper and celebrates with me when I can say yes--and then some!

JOANNE, taking a Margie Lawson class is a huge reason to party! She has so much good stuff to share!

Myra Johnson said...

Oh, DEBRA, who thought of SAD??? That is very depressing! You are so right--we should all be celebrating what Jesus has done in our lives. And with Him we are never alone!

JESSICA, nice to see you this morning, and I hope you have a great Valentine's Day!

MARY, some months I am literally scraping the bottom of the bag for a fresh blog post idea. However, stay away from the fries, honey. Not good for your blood pressure.

Melanie Dickerson said...

Myra, I totally LOVE this post!!! I love to celebrate, and there really are a lot of things for a writer to celebrate along the way. We need to learn to take our joy where we can find it!!! I loved your list. Those are all great things to celebrate.

I am celebrating that I'm nearly to the End of my Cinderella story that comes out next March and is a cross between Ivanhoe and Cinderella. (Anybody else love Ivanhoe as much as I do???) Anyway, I'm also celebrating that I survived the release of my second book! Yay! I only spazzed a couple of times from all the blog interviews (which I love, but they can get overwhelming) a radio interview, a TV interview, a few book signings, and a couple of quick publicity trips. Woohoo!!! I made it through the release!!! And wrote almost an entire book in the process! (Which I am totally amazed about.) I figure if I do as much as I can for the first three months after the book releases, I've done my duty and can take a deep breath.

So yay!

Connie Queen said...

"Finally figuring out your herione's goal/motivation/conflict"

I wished I could figure that out now. I know the beginning of the story. The end of the story. There are two-three different ways I can get her there. I've written a little on each hoping the right one will reach out and grab me. Nothing yet.

Two things:

When a scene comes together and I KNOW it's right.

When I believe my characters are real. I have a wip that a started a year or so ago that I've had to stop myself from telling it like it was true. It's just a story, Connie.

Myra Johnson said...

KARENK, happy Valentine's Day back! Hope yours is a good one!

MELANIE, congratulations on getting near the end of your next story! It sounds like another delightful read! And I know what you mean about all the promo stuff that's expected around the time of a new release. It can be overwhelming.

CONNIE, wish I had an easy answer for you to figure out your GMC. Have you tried free writing your character's autobiography in her POV? Sometimes the most interesting things can reveal themselves that way.

Julia M. Reffner said...

Great post. I need to learn to celebrate at these little steps along the way.

My Writer's Alley mates are great at helping to notice the little victories.

Eileen said...

Celebrating a day where there is no guilt about spending a day in front of a computer cause your life is all caught up!

Jan Drexler said...

I almost forgot another reason to celebrate - the opportunity to win GODIVA CHOCOLATE every day on Seekerville!!!

I want chocolate. Please.

Myra Johnson said...

JULIA, isn't it great to have a few very special friends in your life who "get it" and to celebrate with?

EILEEN, I'm still waiting for the day when I'm completely caught up in the other areas of my life. Hmmm, must be nice! That's why, caught up or not, everything else shuts down after lunch and I settle in with the laptop for an afternoon of writing.

Myra Johnson said...

I'm sorry, JAN. I need at least another hour or two before I can seriously think about chocolate. Still digesting that blueberry Belgian waffle.

Emily Ann Benedict said...

What a beautiful post, especially for writers who have been I the "middle" for so long. It is so easy to forget our first love of writing when we are bogged down in edits. Thanks for the reminder!

Emily Ann Benedict said...

What a beautiful post, especially for writers who have been I the "middle" for so long. It is so easy to forget our first love of writing when we are bogged down in edits. Thanks for the reminder!

Connie Queen said...

Myra, I think it's just one of those times I need to have a brainstorming session w/a critique group to flesh out the pros and cons.

Susan Anne Mason said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for the reminder to wake up and smell the roses, Myra! (How fitting for Valentine's Day.)

Yesterday I had to take my 15 yr old son out to shop for his first Valentine's gifts. I must admit I caved and let him go a little overboard - all because it was his girlfriend's first Valentine's day with a significant other to buy her something special. We can't disappoint a girl and mar the day forever, can we?

He got her roses and two stuffed animals, a card and a necklace. Wow! I never had such a Valentines! (I told him to give big hints to his father! LOL)

Anyways, please include me in the drawing! I'd love to win a book!


Hope everyone has a romantic day!

sbmason at sympatico dot ca

Debra E. Marvin said...

I haven't been able to stop thinking of cheesecake with strawberries. I have half of wedge of cream cheese. Maybe I'll back a personal size cheesecake. Thanks Ruthy. This is not helping my waist or my writing...

Helen, have you given us a report on your eyes this week?

Debby Giusti said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Seekerville!!!!!!!

Be mine! Pretty please.

I brought chocolate and Starbuck's coffee and pound cake and chocolate covered strawberries and, of course, grits.

Chocolate grits? Hmmmm...I don't think so.

Linnette R Mullin said...

Hi, Myra! What a fun post! :D

The writing moments I celebrate are the ones I get to have with my busy household. LOL I do love coming up with a "blow your mind" turn of words for that scene that I've been wrestling into near extinction. It always amazes me as to how many ways you can say the same thing. And it usually takes me saying it every way before I find the right one. LOL

Hugs and Happy Valentine's Day to all my dear friends at Seekerville!

Myra Johnson said...

EMILY ANN, I know what you mean. I'm sure there's not one among us who didn't start out writing for the sheer joy of it. It helps to remember what those special moments are all about.

CONNIE, you're right--getting some objective input might be just what you need. We're often too close to our own story to see the bigger picture.

SUSAN, what fun taking your son Valentine's shopping! Hope his girlfriend is duly impressed! (And that his dad gets the message, too!)

Missy Tippens said...

Myra, this is so true! Sometimes we spend so much time waiting and hoping that lots of good things pass us by.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!! Today, let's celebrate love in all its many forms.

Digging for Pearls said...

I recently had an 'Ah Ha' moment where I knew which direction I wanted to go with a plot, but couldn't figure out specifics of how to actually get there - what would be reasonable. Woke up one morning with the answer. I love having those moments when you see into the lives of your characters before you even write their story. :)

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Great post Myra.

Jodie Wolfe

Digging for Pearls said...

I recently had an 'Ah Ha' moment where I knew which direction I wanted to go with a plot, but couldn't figure out specifics of how to actually get there - what would be reasonable. Woke up one morning with the answer. I love having those moments when you see into the lives of your characters before you even write their story. :)

Happy Valentine's Day everybody. Great post Myra.

Jodie Wolfe

Missy Tippens said...

Helen, I agree! Writing The End. Plus, mailing/emailing off a submission!

Also celebrating achievements with my kids.

Oh, and celebrating my writer friends' achievements. That's always so fun, it's as if I've succeeded as well. :)

Myra Johnson said...

DEBRA, will you please stop talking about food???? Normally I'd die for a huge slice of cheesecake. Just not after that big breakfast.

Oh, and thanks, DEBBY, for adding even more sweets to the buffet table!

LINNETTE, I'm totally with you on how long it can take to find the very best way to say something. I can sit at my computer twisting and tweaking and rewording the same sentence for far too long.

Myra Johnson said...

MISSY, it's nice to be reminded that every day is special, isn't it?

JODIE, I agree. It's fun when the characters are so real in your mind that they pretty much write their own story.

Debby Giusti said...

I'm thankful for a lovely time last night with a little writing group I started at my church. We talked about Michael Hyatt's blog post on Vision vs Strategy. Love that blog!!!

Virginia said...

Haha! And one last word about that Emily Contest, they e-mailed me today a p.s. note... I won 'Best of the Best'.

That totally makes me laugh- because it's a dreary rainy afternoon here. I didn't get enough sleep and the coffee maker broke first thing. The kids got up grumpy, the baby has a cold, and our cat just tracked mud all over the kitchen.

BUT I'm going to celebrate these little things, too. Because it's about the JOY, right?

And Jan, I'll take some of that chocolate.

Somebody stop Myra before she gets dizzy!

Keli, I love that list, too! It's crazy how happy I get when I hear friends have gotten a request or have done well in a contest. Maybe I live vicariously, but I jump up and down!

Virginia said...


I LOVE Ivanhoe! Are you pulling my leg or is that really the fairy tale mash-up you're writing??

OMgosh, I'm totally stoked for that book.

Tina Radcliffe said...

Happy V Day Seekerville!!!!

CatMom said...

Happy Valentine's Day to all my Seeker friends!!! Great post, Myra, and very timely for me personally. ~ Lately I've felt like celebrating when I've completed a chapter that I'd been "stuck" on, and especially if I feel pleased with the direction it took! And since I always have at least 2 or 3 of my kitties hanging around me as I write, taking a break and petting their fur is very soothing *grin*. I must admit I also enjoy celebrating with a cream-filled donut (don't have them very often, but LOVE them....of course, I love ALL donuts, LOL). ~ Thanks again for this post, and I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed WHERE THE DOGWOODS BLOOM--it's my favorite of your books so far! ~ Blessings, Patti Jo :) p.s. Even though there are already goodies today, I wanted to share some Valentine sugar cookies I baked earlier today--complete with pink icing and red sugar sprinkled on---Enjoy!

Myra Johnson said...

DEBBY, I am going to have to sit down one of these days with MH's blog and work on my own vision and strategy.

VIRGINIA!!!! Way to go, girl! How exciting! Thanks for sharing your BIG news with us in Seekerville!

TINA, how are you celebrating today?

PATTI JO, you are so sweet!!! Thanks for your kind words about my book! But, um, I'll take a rain check on the extra sugar today. Just ate a bowl of chicken soup and hoping the protein will counteract that Belgian waffle.

Eva Maria Hamilton said...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Myra, I love that message on Hallmark bags too! :)

Today we celebrate! Have fun everyone! :)

Connie Queen said...

That's awesome Virginia!

Helen Gray said...

I found a box of candy and a big card in my recliner this morning. Not only was that sweet, but there was $100 in the card designated for my conference savings. How's that for supportive?

Debra, my glasses are now useless. I watch TV without them, which is wonderful. I have a big purple strip below my left eye, which didn't happen with the right. I still see some clouds that the doctor assures me will gradually clear up. Other than that, everything's great. Will still need reading glasses, though.


Jamie Adams said...

I'm having a crazy day. I should have known something was up this morning when I joined Jan in a 1K1HR and ended up with less words than when I started. The editor in me has her claws out today.

She and I are in need of chocolate, which by the way is good 24/7 :)

Jan Drexler said...

Helen, I just love reading about your progress! Isn't it a miracle to be able to see!?!

Kudos to your hubby, too. I think he needs to throw out a few hints!

Jan Drexler said...

Jamie, fewer words but good words, right?


Here, have some chocolate. I broke into my Ghiradelli stash.

Jamie Adams said...

Thanks Jan! And yes they were better words. More showing and less telling and I cut a scene that gave my hero info he shouldn't have yet. I'll rework it in later.(People that can plot rock.)

The kids and I are making chocolate milk, there's plenty so help yourselves. We stocked up for the big storm they foretasted for Monday that ended up being a little drizzle.

Myra Johnson said...

Hi, EVA MARIE! The Hallmark folks have a good thing going, don't they?

HELEN, that is so sweet! What a loving, supportive hubby!

JAMIE! I think the whole purpose of 1 hour/1K is to NOT edit, just write! Find that editor switch and turn it off!

Gwendolyn Gage said...

I've never been excited about "Valentine's Day" because I've always seen it as a pathetic man's reminder to do something romantic for their wife/sweetheart. I totally agree, Myra, life is too short to save the celebrations for a special occasion.

Stephanie Queen Ludwig said...

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!

I love celebrating the little things-- especially when things don't seem to be going your way, finding the little blessings can change your attitude so fast. Just last week, I was celebrating my husband reading my Genesis entry (the first time he's ever read an excerpt from my novel). He really enjoyed it and wants to read more! I was so stoked, especially since the book is geared toward teenage girls!

Myra Johnson said...

GWENDOLYN, do I detect a note of Valentine's Day cynicism? ;>D I agree, it would be nice if the men in our lives thought about romance a little more throughout the year instead of saving it all up for one day in February.

STEPHANIE, how nice that your husband read your entry and wanted to see more! I always feel very honored when my husband asks to read my wip. He usually has some helpful insights to offer, too!

Virginia said...

Jamie! That is so funny! I always think I'm just going re-read the last bit, and end up slicing and dicing.

Stephanie Rae Pazicni said...

Good thing Ruthy and Audra brought sweets, because I snagged the last heart-shaped sugar cookie (with the orange flavored icing) at Panera. Now that was cause for celebration.
Congratulations Virginia, best of the best sounds like a reason to celebrate.
Julie - I'd probably take a bar of dark chocolate over even the best milk chocolate assortment ever, I'm a bit of a snob that way. Actually, I think I'd be happy with a bag of cocoa beans straight up.
Myra - Terrific post, I'm celebrating sitting in a pile of notes and editing my way to clarity.

Jamie Adams said...

Oh brother, I went to resew a button on a pair of pants and sewed it on the wrong side. How funny is that. I'm celebrating the funny side of life...

Connie Queen said...

Jamie...That's funny. Love it.

I just bought Love on Assignment by Cara Lynn at Dollar General. Does these count as a sale? Or are they like 1/2 price books?

Myra Johnson said...

STEPHANIE P, any way you want to celebrate is fine with me! Clarity is always good. But cocoa beans straight up? I have to wonder.

JAMIE, I'm trying to picture how that button is going to work!

I just hit the 900-word mark on my daily word count. And I've been at it for a couple of hours now. That's what I get for sneaking off to Seekerville so often!

cynthia said...

Just being able to celebrate the end of the manuscript the first time around is a cause for celebration. Thanks for the reminder that no matter how big or small, everything needs to be celebrated.

Linnette R Mullin said...

Myra, glad I'm not the only one. :D

BTW, I am now the proud owner of The Princess Bride on blue ray!!! :D

Myra Johnson said...

CYNTHIA, that is so true. So many people who want to be writers never actually finish the book. That is a HUGE accomplishment!

LINNETTE, if we even still have a copy of Princess Bride around here (it belongs to our daughter), it's on VHS. I'm seriously thinking of adding the movie to my Netflix queue.

Lyndee said...

Happy Valentine's Day Seekerville!

Yay, Myra. It's easy for me to let daily victories slide by without notice, so thanks for the reminders.

I've been working to increase my word count/productivity from 1,000 words daily to 2,500. I celebrate with my 'homemade' iced coffee recipe which I cash in right away the next morning. That way, I start my day with a special treat and it gets me raring to earn another.

My NEWS - I placed first in the Inspirational category of Finally a Bride. AND, (wait for it - mainly because I have to catch my breath, lol) I've received requests for fulls from the two editors. (Exhaling now).

Big celebration here and I'm sharing with all of you supportive Seekers. Cherry tarts and dark chocolate for all! ;)

Myra Johnson said...

LYNDEE!!!! So fun when one of our very own Seekervillagers has an exciting announcement like yours to share! Congratulations on the Finally a Bride win AND for the editor requests! That's fabulous!!!

Ausjenny said...

Myra, they didn't need to give me anything to fix the tooth. It was just chipped so they could do it injection free. (Hopefully the other one will be the same)
just hurt the pocket book.

Connie Queen said...

Way to go Lyndee.

Myra Johnson said...

AUSJENNY, a Novocaine-free dental appointment is always nice. Unfortunately, there is no shot to dull the pain in the bank account.

Having dinner with the kids & grandkids this evening. Back in a bit!

And I hope all you sweethearts are enjoying a lovely and romantic Valentine's dinner with your dreamboats!

Jamie Adams said...

Congratulations Lyndee!!

Myra the button just wouldn't work backwards lol No worries, I'm real good with a seam ripper.

Mary Connealy said...


Andrea Strong said...

Well, I celebrate waking up each morning by making coffee. Is that celebration, or necessity? Either way, I definitely celebrate when it's done brewing. ;P

The little writing moments I celebrate by telling my mom and sister. They both get excited for me over the littlest advancement. Which is good at this point because I have no big moments yet at all.

Today we celebrated Valentine's with our daughter: A homemade card and Nutty Bars. She was thrilled. Five year olds are very easy to please.

andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

Ruth Logan Herne said...



FAB is where I double finaled and found Melissa... And she found Winter's End. SUHWEEEEET! And I got a back up request from the second final round judge and I've always felt that was God hedging his bets just in case LI didn't want me.

Oh, that God!!!! ;)

Happy dancing for you in upstate and SERIOUSLY, I hope you believe in your lovely talent.

Embrace it.

(that's my One Word for this year and it's a good word!) Embrace these opportunities and the affirmation that goes along with it!

So stinkin' proud of you!

Patty Wysong said...

I love celebrating these ordinary little things--it gives me reason to celebrate SOMEthing and that goes a loooong way sometimes. =]

Helen Gray said...

Yay, Lyndee!!!


You rock!!!


Stephanie Rae Pazicni said...

Woot woot Lyndee! Impromptu party! *bump* Dark chocolate and cherry tarts? That Lyndee knows how to celebrate.

runner10 said...

Wow! Looks like a busy day.
Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentins's Day!!

Myra Johnson said...

Back from the family Valentine's dinner and tanked up on Italian meatballs, pasta, and salad. Oh, and gooey chocolate brownies to die for! Today was definitely not the day to count calories! (Or sugar content.)

ANDREA, if you like celebrating coffee, go for it! Glad your mom and sister are so supportive. The writing life is so much easier when your family stands with you and at least tries to understand the excitement of those mini-milestones.

Myra Johnson said...

PATTY, we do need those mini-celebrations sometimes. They're reminders we ARE making progress, even though there are days it just doesn't feel like it.

RUNNER10, I don't know who you are, but if you want to talk writing, you've come to the right place.

Ruth Logan Herne said...

Jamie, I totally love that you scrapped stuff.

I always WINCE, but then I hit delete. Which I've done three times this week for the opening chapter of a new book, but I'm SERIOUSLY liking the new bent it's taken and I think it's what I was C-L-A-W-I-N-G for three days in a row.

I'm a little slow sometimes.

Virginia, honey,. I always knew you were the BEST of the Best... Right along with Lyndee, Deb, Susan, etc., etc.... ;)

Good job, my friend, and especially with kid days that leave us scratching our heads...

But they're so stinkin' cute when they're LITTLE.

Virginia said...


Oh my gosh!!!!

That is SO exciting!!! I've never had requests for fulls from a contest.... or even a partial without revisions.
You know what this means? Your ms starts with a bang! You can't go wrong with that. EVER.

I'm so excited for you!! That's a super hard contest, too. You've got the cream of the crop to fight off....

Virginia said...

Now, I just read the rest of the comments and I'm teary eyed with all the congrats for Lyndee.

I just love this place. You people GET it. You get how hard it is to craft pacing and characters and plot... and how truly hard it is to send that baby out there.

I'm lifting my mug of vanilla coffee in Lyndee's direction! :D What an awesome Vday gift.

Ruthy, you're a woman of steel. Deleting is my very least favorite part of writing. And I have to do it all the time. :( It's so depressing...

Cara Lynn James said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I agree, Myra, we need to celebrate all the little moments. It doesn't even have to be a big celebration. Great reminder!

Walt Mussell said...

Myra, my wife and I don't really celebrate V-Day. A card is about as far as it goes. I downloaded one of her favorite songs to my iPad. We will also be traveling a bit, so she asked me not to get flowers.

My wife prefers that I try to show her the other 364 days how much I love her.

Walt Mussell said...

As far as celebrating the little things, I celebrate when I think of ways to explain a piece of historical culture in a way that's not intrusive.

Myra Johnson said...

VIRGINIA, you can't imagine what a thrill it is when we hear good news from the friends we've gotten to know here in Seekerville. You're all like family!

CARA, isn't it fun to discover all those "little moments" to celebrate?

WALT, you've got the right idea. Bring a touch of romance to every day of the year!

Jan Drexler said...



Lyndee said...

Wow, SO touched by all the nice wishes and congrats. You're a special group. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Whitney said...

Yay! Thanks for the "happy" post, and Happy Valentine's Day! I'm late to the party, but that's fashionable, right?

I get excited about the prospect of working on my WIP. lol.

I've experienced many of those moments you listed in writing. Thanks for sharing, and yes, I read The Princess Bride post!!



Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

LOL Debra I'm SAD with you today too so you are not alone.

Congrats Lyndee on your great contest news!!!

Spring is almost around the corner (the snows almost completely melted here) and it's time to celebrate!!

XOXO~ Renee C.

Julie Lessman said...

Oh, MYRA, I am SOOO late today, so please forgive me!! I actually read your wonderful blog first thing, then got pulled away before I could comment.

What a PERFECT blog this is for today because, YES, life is, indeed, a special occasion that we need to celebrate with joy and thanksgiving at all times. I try most of the time, but there are those days when it's just not as easy, but even so, it's a IMPORTANT message for each of us today.

I just read an incredible book called One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, a Zondervan New York Times Bestseller that talks about the secret to joy. Basically it's seeing every day as a gift and celebrating little things as simple as a swell of birds winging through the sky to big things as important as a new book contract, let's say. Which falls right into what you are talking about today -- celebrating life and the gifts God has given us.

Great blog, sweetie!


Jennifer said...

When we met at the Kannapolis library, I had no idea you were a Seeker! It was great to meet you - and that night was one of my special occasions, for sure. :-)

marybelle said...

That's so true LIFE IS A SPECIAL OCCASION. We should not just appreciate & celebrate when told to, but every day.


Cindy Regnier said...

a bottle of Diet Pepsi is the best celebration. I do it every day. If I do something really special - like go back and read something I've written and think "Wow - did I write that?" then 2 bottles might be in order

Rita Monette, Writer said...

This post is so timely. So many little things to celebrate!!

Myra Johnson said...

Good morning, all. Checking in to see who our late-evening visitors were, and hoping everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day!

WHITNEY, "fashionably late" is just fine here in Seekerville! I feel the same way--love settling in to work on my wip! That's the most fun part of my day!

RENEE, I'm celebrating the fact that we have had ZERO snow or ice this winter--a welcome change from where we moved from in Oklahoma!

JULIE, that sounds like a very inspiring book! Thanks for telling us about it!

Myra Johnson said...

JENNIFER!!! Yep, I'm a Seeker--which gives me a whole bunch of reasons to celebrate every day! Looking forward to seeing you again soon!

MARYBELLE, thanks for visiting Seekerville!

CINDY R, I know what you mean. It's such a thrill to reread something I've written and be utterly amazed it came out of my brain! (Of course there are times when that's NOT such a good thing! ;>D)

RITA, I'm glad you could join us in Seekerville and share in some of these mini-celebrations!

apple blossom said...

love celebrating. thanks for the special post chocolate, and a coke with the celebrations always. ice creams a good plus too. I like special surprises when celebrating also.

ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com