Wednesday, February 22, 2012

On Your Mark, Get Set...for Seekerville Speedbo!

You’ve probably heard of (and maybe even participated in) the annual November National Novel Writing Month (affectionately known as NaNoWriMo). Now in March 2012 the Seekers are challenging you to again make major headway in your writing endeavors via Seekerville Speed Book...aka Speedbo!.

This is an opportunity to fully focus on that new story idea or current Work in Progress (WIP). It’s a chance to join your fellow “Friends of Seekerville” (both pubbed and unpubbed) in an energizing month of fun, hard work and productivity.

.- Have you been wanting write a book, but just can’t get started because it seems too intimidating?

.- Do you have a book in progress, but it’s taking forever to complete?

.- Could you use a boost of energy and renewed enthusiasm to get through those middle-of-the-book blues and reach a glorious THE END?

.Some of you are probably already thinking: “Now tell me again why I’d want to pull a stunt like this? It sounds crazy. No way can I draft a book in a month. And I’m certainly not going to compete in the attempt.”

.First of all, this isn’t a competition. You’re not trying to beat your Seekerville friends. This is a challenge to stretch yourself and raise your own personal writing bar while surrounded by a supportive team cheering you on.
.This concentrated month of effort will encourage you to...

.- Keep the story foremost in your mind for a limited span of time and get those words down on paper.

.- Say bye-bye to the inner critic who insists your story stinks.

.- Boot perfectionism out the door. You’re going into this knowing you’re writing with the purpose of REwriting.

.- Boost your writing confidence as you sit down daily and push yourself just a bit more than you have in the past.

.- Ditch agonizing over “just the right word.” Insert a blank line, highlight it in red or yellow and keep moving.

.- Forget researching that intriguing little detail. Type your question in caps, highlight it, and MOVE ON.

.- Refuse to indulge your inner Grammar Queen. No stressing over spelling, punctuation and grammar is allowed during Speedbo.

.So does this sound a bit tempting? Will you give it a shot? You have a window of time between now and March to think about characters, conflict, an opening scene or beefing up a sagging middle. There’s time to prepare yourself mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually to launch into a month-long writing adventure!

.The sign-up for Speedbo will take place soon when Seeker Tina will give you the final details. And as always in Seekerville, there will be a little motivational “reward” added to the mix!
If you’d like to be entered in a drawing for a copy of my latest release “High Country Hearts,” please mention it in the comments section--then watch our Weekend Edition for the winner!

Glynna Kaye’s Love Inspired “Dreaming of Home” was a 2010 finalist in the “Carol Award” and “Maggie Award,” as well as a first place winner of the 2010 “Booksellers Best” and “Beacon” awards. “At Home In His Heart” garnered a 4 ½ star review from national magazine “RT Book Reviews” and “High Country Hearts,” the fourth story set in the mountain country of Canyon Springs, Arizona debuts in March 2012.


  1. Oh yes, I'm in! I'll be half-way through my current WIP by the first of March, and I want to finish it by the end of the month - it will be so much fun to do it alongside all you great Seekervillians!

    And yes, Glynna, I'd love to win a copy of your book!

    (I'm assuming that during Speedbo we get to use exclamation marks!)

  2. The coffee pot is all set.

    I'm a coward. I've said it before. It bears repeating.

    But I'm tempted.

    Like Jan, I'm halfway through my current WIP and wold like to do a speedy finish. Needs more planning, though.


  3. /waves hands wildly/

    I'M IN!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like that shocks anyone :p.

    I'd really really planned to have my NaNo WIP polished by next week so I could focus on something totally new next month but I don't think that's gonna happen. I need to sit down tomorrow and figure out what I still need for it and at least try to get the rough draft done by 3/1.

    Right now, all I have is a scene I wrote about 18 months ago that I want to turn into a full length thing. But I've got literally nothing on the present day plot - just that this guy has a daughter who was born in late 2001 or early 2002. That's it. I don't even have names for any of them at this point.

    And there's a girl [a woman love interest girl - not just his daughter girl - unless he has a son - I'm really not sure].

    So... SPEEDBO! Here I come!!! :D

  4. Hi Glynna:

    From what you wrote it is Speedbook – not speed novel. You also did not mention anything about minimum page length. So this is perfect. I’d like to write my nonfiction book on Rewards Per Page and have it done regardless of how many pages it takes. I want a similar format to GMC which I think is idea. I’m ready to sign up.


    P.S. I’d love to win your new book if I can get it on the Kindle. If not, I’ll buy it the day it becomes available. I’d love to live in “Canyon Springs”.

  5. Oh yes. I want in the drawing for the book :D.

  6. I am not a writer so my writing for March will be my blog, application letters (I am still taking Julies advise in counting each rejection as a blessing) am also getting a tad discouraged more because of people around me being negative, and editing the church newsletter.
    I would love to win your new book Glynna. (did I mention it would be a great birthday gift for Sunday)

  7. Glynna, you make a great commercial for the Speedbo! You asked, "Do you have a book in progress, but it’s taking forever to complete? Could you use a boost of energy and renewed enthusiasm to get through those middle-of-the-book blues and reach a glorious THE END?" -- I nod to my computer, drool gently glazing my keyboard from my laptop-lighted chin.

    I'm SO in. I'm scared. But I'm in. I've never done a challenge like this. Is it a certain number of words per day, or what? Put me in for the book drawing. That cover is loverly.

  8. Ok, I love the idea of NaNoWriMo but I've never officially joined. BUT this is perfect! I just started a new story and I'm facing a huge 'inner critic' issue. Probably because I know that eventually I'll have to show it to someone. And writing is FUN! I don't want it to be about fear.

    I'M IN!!

  9. VINCE!! Yes, you must write that book! I would totally buy it. That post on RPP changed my writing. (For the better, obviously.)

  10. First off,I apologize for the formatting of the post. I don't know what happened. I'd carefully set sentences/paragraphs apart with spaces and even anchored the spaces with white periods just as I have always done in the past, but apparently Blogger had a new game to play this morning and lumped it all together, making it hard to read. :(

  11. Good Morning, JAN! I think exclamation marks are appropriate for a month of Speedbo,too!! :) Sounds as if you've set yourself a worthy goal!

  12. HELEN -- Jump on in! The water's fine! :) If you think halfway is too much for a month goal, cut it down. Maybe another quarter of the book or "X" number of chapters? But set yourself some kind of goal and get in on the fun. :)

  13. I see that hand waving, CAROL! You still have a week to get some of your story questions answered in preparation of launching into a writing month. And you can always set several days apart for that month's goal as getting that new story idea fleshed out, then launching in.

  14. Good morning, VINCE! Yes, Speedbo works for fiction OR nonfiction! Just set your goal and launch out for a month of productivity, fun, and maybe a little exhaustion. :) The world is eagerly awaiting your "Rewards Per Page!"

  15. Oooh, JENNY! A birthday coming up, eh? Sweet!

    Application letters would be a perfect goal. And we'll be praying one of them nets just the job you're looking for!

  16. Hi NATALIE! You set your own wordcount goal. You're not competing against other Friends of Seekervile, you're using this time to stretch yourself a little farther than you have before and see how far you can get into your book. Too often we get distracted by inconsequential things or hung up on research or making a sentence or paragraph "just right." So this is an opportunity to just write your little heart out without the Inner Critic sitting on your shoulder.

  17. YAY, Melissa J! This is going to be a FUN month with so many participating. :)

  18. VIRGINIA! This is a perfect time to beat off that Inner Critic. He's banned for the month of March!

    I know after I sold my first book, I wondered if I'd be able to write and sell another--as I do everytime I ship the latest completed WIP to NY. LOL. That Inner Critic tells you it was just a fluke. An editorial oversight.

    So we'll lock that Inner Critic bully in the shed out back in March and make writing FUN!

  19. Count me in. Due to family health issues, I've started the year off slowly. I need this. Thanks!
    Please toss my name in the hat for today's contest. The cover looks so inviting.
    I hope you all have a great day!

  20. Good morning, JACKIE! Life happens. It's out of our control. But maybe March will help you refocus and make up some that lost word count while having some fun at the same time!

  21. YAY, JEsSICA! Man, we're getting quite a Speedbo gathering here!

  22. Morning Glynna,

    Wow, we have some enthusiasm for Speedbo. I guess I better start thinking about which wip I want to focus on.

    And yes you need to get rid of that inner critic because look at how many stars At Home In His Heart garnered. LOL Your inner critic needs to be locked up in that shed for sure.

    And I'm saying this because I need to do the same thing. I'm taking to heart Robin's post from Monday.

    And Vince, I would love to read that book so yes, work on it.

  23. I'll be writing along with y'all. The encouragement comes at a needed time. Now, to clear the desk of other things...

  24. Good Morning, SANDRA! Looks like we're off to a fine Speedbo start, doesn't it?? In March I'll be focused on edits for my October release and finalizing ideas to run by my editor for my next Canyon Springs books. But I'm definitely going to be here cheering everyone on!

  25. I'm in! This comes at a great time. I'm just finishing up revisions on one story and starting to plot another, so it's a perfect time to push the limits on a new project.

    Please put my name in the hat for your new book, Glynna!

  26. LIZZIE -- So happy you'll be joining in!!

  27. Congrats to Jessica Nelson for her 4.5 star RT review for Love on the Range!!!

    I'm in for Speedbo. Got a novella plotted out that I intended to work on in March. Perfect. A completely different tone to this one than my novels and I'm thinking the change will do me good.

    I love sprint writing. You can TELL TELL TELL till the cows come home:

    "she says something clever here."
    He walked in on her, and she did something.
    SOMETHING is my favorite word for anything I can figure out later!

    Sprinting is a great way to get to know your characters too, don't you think? They do all the talking and you just take shorthand and try to keep up. I plot first of course, but then for each session I just remind myself what's going to happen and they take over.


    I'm so totally IN on Speedbo! And I've taken a SNEAK PEEK at some of the upcoming posts to keep us on track...

    Or kick our booties....

    Or offer winsome encouragement...(SO NOT A RUTHY POST, LOL!!!)

    And maneuvers...


    Helpful Hints from Whomever...

    Oh my stars, I'm hoping we've got some GREAT PRIZES ATTACHED TO THIS ENDEAVOR!!!

    I wonder if we do?????

    (Toothy Ruthy grin here. While drinking COFFEE .... and dreaming of chocolate.)

    Hey, Lent is the perfect time to push yourself to extra work. Focus on a great, warm, gripping story instead of...

    No, I will not say the "C" word.

    Can't wait for this to start! Yeee Hawwww! Thanks Glynna-kins!

  29. Glynna, thanks for the heads up on Speedbo! Not easy to get rid of my inner editor. Will require search and kill manuevers. Or at the very least, pistol whipping to get the job done. Just thinking of all the productivity in Seekerville is inspiring!!

    Yay, Jenny, we're pulling for your job search! Enjoy your birthday!


  30. WOW, JESSICA! CONGRATS! Those 4 1/2 stars are few and far between and much to be treasured!! Way to go!

  31. KIRSTEN! Another throws her hat into the ring!

  32. Deb, what a great idea to just put "something" when that one idea just won't come and then moooove on.

    I've been known to write a synopsis of a scene that has too many details still needing research - I know what's going on, but I don't know how it's going to happen yet - and then start in writing again with the next scene.

    That's what rewriting is for, isn't it?

    And Glynna and Ruthy, there will be prizes, too? More than just getting the words into the computer? Sweet!

  33. DEBRA--Sprint writing is fun because you give yourelf permission to just get words on paper. I'm very much one for setting a timer and saying "go!" so I can see how much headway I can make in a short length of time.

    I also love SPRING and summer writing because of all the daylight. The short days of late fall and winter really zap my energy and concentration. I'm EXCEEDINGLY solar-powered, so I'm happy to see the sun setting later and later now. :)

  34. Mornin' RUTHY! Yes, I think this is going to be a month of amazing fun and productivity. What a perfect combo!

  35. JANET -- Man, you sound like you mean business with the Inner Critic. I may send MINE your way and let you handle him if he gets out of line. :)

  36. JAN--Oh, YES! Rewards throughout the month!!

  37. Yes!Yes! Yes!

    Perfect Timing too. I finished the revisions I wanted on my latest book.
    This morning I worked on characterization for my new WIP.

    This gives me a week to prepare for some serious writing!!

    Oh Yes, I'm definitely in.

    Of course, I want your book, too.

  38. Boy, oh boy, do I need THIS!!! Except in my case, it will be more like Speedhalfbo ... :)

    Thanks for laying it out so nicely, Glynna -- it's gonna be fun!!


  39. YAY BRIDGETT! And congrats on finishing up those revisions!

  40. Oh, JULIE! A comedienne to early in the morning?? :)

  41. I'm in! I'll be typing THE END on my current WIP this weekend so March is perfect for starting the next one.

    Please add my name to the drawing for your book!

  42. I'm in.
    Like some of the others, I need to complete my wip which I'm about halfway there.

    And if by chance I finish this one before the month's out, I have seveal more waiting to be written!


  43. I'm totally in! I have a whole week off in March as well so I'm hoping that will balance my crazy work weeks the rest of the month! And I'm even plotting a bit ahead of time! Gasp!!!! Problem is I have too many ideas this time round and I have to settle on just one. Thanks for doing this Seekerville!

  44. Yay! Can't wait!! Glynna, thanks for kicking it off. I hope everyone will join us in March!

  45. Yay, Jan! Come on, Helen. You don't have to be brave with us. :)

  46. Jenny, hang in there. We'll keep praying the right job comes along.

  47. Oh, good. Look how many will be joining us! :)

  48. Oh, wow! Yay, Jessica!!! So great to hear about your 4.5 stars. Excellent!!

  49. JAMIE -- Another leaps in! And WOW am I ever impressed with all of you who are halfway through or finishing up a current book. You inspire me!

  50. Sounds fun!!! By March 1st, I should be finished with the edits I'm doing now and I'll be ready to get some words!!! I have to finish the last 10,000 or so words on a contracted book, then I want to write three chapters on a new book that I want to propose. If I finish all that, I might try to work on another book that I started last fall.

    I wish you guys would do this three or four months out of the year! I love doing these. I used to participate in something like this on the ACFW forum, but I don't know if they still do it or not.

  51. Welcome to Speedbo, Connie! This is going to be so much fun (and hard work!). :)

  52. Welcome aboard Speedbo, KAV! As we both know, working around the day job for something like this takes Herculean effort. Weeding out all the ideas can be tricky, too--if you make one decision it changes something else.

  53. Vince, in case you didn't see it, I replied to your questions on the Weekend Edition post last Sunday, about how my books get so many reviews, and whether you can read my books out of order. (Giving away tons of copies, and yes.)

  54. Good morning, Missy! We have an enthusiastic crew here today, don't we!?

  55. Oh, man, MELANIE! Three or four months a year? What kind of energizer bunny are you? :) But it IS a great motivator, something to give us that little push, push, push with the comaraderie of fellow friends and writers.

  56. Love this idea! I can't participate this year, but I'll cheer on everyone who does! Glynna, I loved your ideas. I'll have to do some of those when I'm ready to begin my next wip. :)

  57. Ahh! I love it!

    .- Do you have a book in progress, but it’s taking forever to complete? This is me!

    .- Say bye-bye to the inner critic who insists your story stinks. Me again! How do you guys know me so well? ; )

    I'll stop italicizing now even though most of these sound like me. LOL.

    This would be a great opportunity for me. If I could even get 3/4 of the way done-- well, that would be HUGE!

    Please do enter me for High Country Hearts. : )



  58. JEANNE T -- We can stand on the sidelnes together and scream our hearts out for those who can give Speedbo a shot this round. Then maybe next time we can both jump in, too!

  59. Hi WHITNEY! Welcome aboard Speedbo 2012!!

  60. Well, I have to be out-of-pocket for awhile. So I'll check in with you this evening! Have a great day dreaming up Speedbo strategies!

  61. I'm getting fired up for this. I've got my wip almost done. Hope to finish this week, then spend next week getting my affairs in order.

    Or, no, wait. Getting your affairs in order is what you do if you're going to DIE.

    So, what I mean is, getting the character sketches in order. Getting the syopsis reviewed. I'm very seat-of-the pants but I want to write a sort of 'scene progress' document to show what I want to accomplish in each scene.
    Then I'm committing to (gulp) 2000-3000 words a day for March.

    31 days x 3000 = 93000 word book, completed in a month.
    Since the book isn't due THAT soon, I might give myself a break and do:
    31 days x 2000 = 62000 words. The book isn't finished but I can wave at the finish line by the end of the month.

    I'm jazzed.

  62. EVERYONE OF YOU who have a partially finished wip, we are going to FINISH it by the end of the month.


    That's Yoda, only I'm yelling. Yoda was always so quiet.

  63. March is such a dead month. Waiting for GH and RITA that this is a great way to grease the wheel.

    I took off every Friday in March to participate. Can't wait.

    Next Thursday is sign up day!! Incentives will be annnounced as well and the calendar goes up.

  64. Oh my stars, this will be a WORKING PARTY!!!!!

    Yippee Ki Yi Yay!

    Deb... I'm proud of you. You sound like our "Plan B" philosophy via Einstein: Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

    So six of us turned the insanity upside down, inside out, changed our game plan, our targets, our goals, etc. and I'll tell you... We hit the ground fresh and RUNNING.

    And it worked. GOOD FOR YOU, my friend! And hey, I'm fully intending on making it (God willing) to that Bedford Falls celebration this year, so save a day for that weekend, okay? Saturday works better for me, but I can re-arrange for Sunday if necessary. Mia wants to come too.

    We should have an appointed upstate NY Seekerville day trip to Seneca Falls/Bedford Falls, New York!

  65. NATALIE sez:
    I nod to my computer, drool gently glazing my keyboard from my laptop-lighted chin.

    That is really poetic girl. Disgusting but man do I have a visual going. LOL

  66. Anyone who's not in our #1K1HR group should totally join us for sprints.

    I think I'm going to get as much done as I can on the current WIP - fleshing out and polishing by 3/2 then start on the new WIP on 3/3. Even if I have nothing but a few blank character sheets that I can fill in once I figure out who his ex is etc.

    And then just...


    With a goal of a full rough draft by the end of March. Of course, I'm going to be out of town the last 3 days of March so I really only have until the 28th or so but still. If I can take a couple of days and Spring Break and be all Robin, it could be doable.

    Mel - ACFW NovelTrack is held 8 months a year - you set your own goal of at least 10K. It's two months on then a month of NT: Editing - with a goal of how many pages to edit in the month. Jan/Feb are writing, Mar is editing, etc.

    And so I must get working if I'm actually going to reach this month's goal for NT - highly unlikely as it was 30K and I'm still under 5K thanks to surgery but ah well... ;)

  67. And let me say here, what we want is MAJOR FORWARD PROGRESS. It's a challenge not a competition. We are all part of an incoming tide swamping the beach with finished books.

    It's gonna be great.

  68. Mary - "swamping the beach"? I prefer "storming the beach"!

  69. And I have to say that although I've never done NaNoWriMo (or however you spell the acronym), the 1K1Hr sprints and Novel Track have changed the way I write.

    As in, I actually FINISH things now.

    A good change, right?

  70. Why am I getting nervous just reading this???

    Maybe it's because my hubby and daughter CONTINUALLY beat me at Words with Friends, Hanging with Friends, and Scramble with Friends.


    Seriously, I have no idea if I will be able to buckle down for the month of March to write a book. For one thing, I have a March 15 deadline on my next Horseman book. I'm about to finish the draft, so the first half of March will be devoted to revising and polishing.

    Then...I would like to take a much needed vacation.

    However, I must get started soon on the next book in my contractual queue, which I've barely had time to think about. Maybe I'll at least be able to kick it into first gear before Speedbo ends.

  71. Sounds intriguing....still haven't decided if I'll participate or not... I'm trying to do some editing, and am not sure how it will work to try and edit one manuscript, while starting another one. Any thoughts?

    Jodie Wolfe

  72. Ignore your inner Grammar Queen???


    What kind of advice is this, pray tell?

    Ah, Speedbo. Leave it to the Seekers to come up with a quasi-logical excuse to shove me aside, throw me to the trash pile, heap burning coals upon my tiara ...

    All right, all right! Yes, even Grammar Queen can appreciate the merits of focusing primarily on simply getting the words on the page (or computer screen, as the case may be).

    However, rest assured I shall be peering over your shoulder, red pencil at the ready, once your draft is complete and the editing stage begins.

    Ignore me at your peril!!!

  73. I SO need SpeedBo! Thank you, ladies! I'm in! I've been so brain dead and I think this is just the kicker I need. BTW, I've only advertised this ALL OVER FACEBOOK! and Twitter, too. :D

    And, yes, Glynna! I want your book! :D

    Anybody else doing the Snoopy dance? Oh! I just remembered something I MUST get done in February so I won't be sidetracked in March! Tootles!

  74. Thanks Glynna! I wasn't really excited about Speedbo until I read your post. It sounds so freeing to SKIP the things that are like hitting a brick wall because you can't seem to get the details straight in your mind. As long as they are doable, why not skip it and go back to it later?
    Now I'm jazzed!
    Please put me in for the drawing! I'm going to pretend I'm at that cabin on your cover as I write in March. :)

  75. I'm about to start a new book. This is tempting, very tempting....

  76. I'm so excited for Speedbo to begin! We're all going to have such a good time! :)

    Hopefully I can finish editing my WIP and get it turned in.

  77. Count me in, ladies! Your post got me jazzed up, Glynna. I think after polishing my Genesis, I was alternately getting excited/really worried about my story. I know there's still a lot of editing to do, but I'm getting burned out on it.

    This is just the ticket! I've got a couple more stories rolling around in my head, and I think I'll try to snag one of them to work on in March. Maybe my WWII story, since it opens in March 1945...

    Thanks for the inspiration! And please include me in the drawing for your book, Glynna!

  78. I'm psyched for this. Yes, sign me up for Speedbo. I am on the verge of something new, and biting at the bit.

    And I'd love to win multi-award winner (very cool, congrats!) Glynna's new book High Country Hearts. :)

  79. I'm in, too! If I can get this story semi-plotted before March 1st.

    But even if I get half a book done, I'll be thrilled!

    Exciting! Just the boost I needed!

    I'd love to win your book, Glynna!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  80. I'm in!

    Can't you feel the excitment mount?

    I've been practicing via 1k/1h and trying to determine my average pace.

    Also using Robin's 45 minute rule at times.

    Anything that will help get words on the page is a win-win in my opinion.

  81. I am thinking this is just what I need to get the character and storyline I have in my head down on paper. Will there be hands reaching out through the screen to drag me to the keyboard or pat me on the back?

    Would love to be in the drawing!

    Peace, JUlie

  82. refuse to indulge the Grammar Queen? Are you SURE, Glynna? The Grammar Queen is scary when she isn't indulged.


  83. JULIE HILTON STEELE Yes we are shifts prepared and Tina, our local computer genius, has created software so we can actually reach through the computer screen and drag you back to the keyboard.

    The CIA and Google both wanted to buy it, but Tina is keeping it for Seekerville.

    There is a small child emergency override but if you over use it, STEPS WILL BE TAKEN!!!!

  84. Storming the beach works for me, Jan.

  85. Ay, me darlin's!

    I am pledgin' a bit o' me own time to take care ye, lasses, savvy?

    And the blokes that come by, I'll be glad to pour them a cuppa as well!

    For we're all in this together, ay?

    Do I suspect Seekerville Total World Domination via the Black Pearl?

    Havin' the lot o' ye aboard will only make me days brighter! I'm a bit sick of settin' alone on that island, searchin' the horizon for a stray vacationer. Tis long past time for a workin' retreat.

    And rum.

    Although just a mite, sink me! For I must stay clear-headed throughout!

  86. Myra, PUH-LEEZE I played Scrabble with you once.

    An utterly humbing experience.

    And I didn't know I was supposed to wear protective gear for Scrabble but believe me, with Myra, Scrabble is a full contact sport.

  87. Hi all, long time no see. I'm out, but I'll try to cheer you all on. These classes are keeping me busier than what I'd like and starting next week I'll have to start putting in more hours at the shop.

    Good news-I have two entries ready for Genesis (oops, still have one synopsis to rework), hope to send them off this week. I'm halfway through semester, halfway through edits on two different manuscripts and halfway though writing the first draft of another.

    Hope everyone is being productive.

    How has everyone else been? Any more first contracts?

  88. Well, Glynna, I figure if we did this three times a year, I could write three books in a year!

    Carol, thanks for the reminder about NovelTrack! I totally forgot about that. But I'm not sure it would work for me. I used to be on the email loop and it was just so many emails it was overwhelming. Kind of defeats the purpose, since it's checking emails that keeps me from writing!

    January seems to be a good month for me to get a lot of writing done. I wrote half a book twice in January. That's good, for me. I'm not too sure how March will be, since my kids are out of school the last week of March for spring break.

  89. LOL! You guys are so much fun, especially for people like me with vivid imaginations. I could so hear Captain Jack's voice in that comment and imagine his face. Sigh.

    And I could imagine Myra pummeling and tackling Mary in a competitive game of Scrabble. Yep, vivid imagination.

  90. Oh my stars in heaven, do you HEAR the competitiveness in Myra's sweet innocent voice????


    I do not play games. First, they're not fun.

    Second, I'm a poor sport.

    Third, I talk too much.

    I'm so happy in my little writing cocoon. With coffee.

    That just makes me smile so much!






  92. Moi??? Competitive?

    See, it isn't the competition I dislike.

    It's LOSING!!!!

    See, I was just a few letters away from whopping hubby at Words with Friends, when suddenly he gets a HUGE score and zips right past me by 30-40 points. All I had left was an A and an O. What do you do with that?

  93. Wow, cool.
    Tina 'Yoda' Pinson is IN the HOUSE!!!

  94. I should also add that I rarely ever play these games with non-family members.

    Because playing with friends would involve one of us winning and one of us losing.

    Either way, a very bad thing.

  95. I so totally rest my case on the Myra and games scenario....

    I'm happy in MY BACK SEAT with a book.

    Tina Pinson....


    You win the Yoda-sound-alike-contest-2012 Edition!

    SUHWEET! ;)

    Christina, new sale parties??? No, not since Virginia's, right everybody????

    BUT you never know when we might slip another contest out of the BAG of TRICKS so it's always good to FINISH THE BOOK...

    (that's for everyone, not Christina in particular.... FTB....FTB.... March is a perfect time to FINISH THE BOOK, LOL!








  97. This seems like way to much fun to read now cause I'm in the middle of a #1k1hr sprint.

    Be back to play later, but first thanks, Glynna for translating. I'm embarrassed to admit how much time I've spent trying to figure out what SpeedBo stood for. What does it say about my brain that book never entered my thoughts?
    *hangs head in shame*

  98. Oops - forgot to say Oh YEAH! I'm in. I'm itching to work on the new story. Love love love it. But I must finish revisions on the messy book.

    Off to work. Play later.

  99. Myra, my husband and I may be the first couple to ever get a divorce over Words With Friends. We play it almost every afternoon. I do ok until he wins a few in a roll with, like you said, some ridiculous, strategically placed, 78 point, 3 or 4 letter word.
    But it sure is fun when I'm the one that comes up with with the magic word. ;)

  100. MYRA--major SNORT, either way is a bad thing, like there was EVER AN EITHER WAY!!!!!!!!
    I ALWAYS LOST!!!!!!

    I'd spell 'but' for five points.
    She'd change it to 'butazone' for 40 points.
    I'd spell 'not' for three points she'd change it to 'hypnotize' for 40 points.
    it was madness!!!!!!
    It was like she's a Scrabble Rainman.

  101. Did anyone else sense maniacal laughter beneath Ruthy's last comment.

    I'll phone 911, someone grab a net.

  102. Connealy, you only WISH I'd grace you with maniacal laughter.

    I shalln't.

    Instead, I'll grace you with gentleness and meekness, becoming my station. And perhaps a hint of genteel humor abides.

    Because I'm a sweet lady of fields.

    And hey, have you killed me in my book yet?

    Do I get to live and enjoy my HEA??? Because my multiple Mary's in Small Town Hearts were all WONDERFULLY HAPPY and wed for like, oh... EVER.

    Although I'm not sure that's the best I can offer you. ;)

  103. Hi Virginia:

    I am going to have the book written by the end of March. Just wait and see!

    Thanks for the encouragement.


  104. Hi Jan:

    You could ‘swamp the beach’ or you could ‘storm the beach’ but as a military guy, I say lets ‘take the beach’!


  105. Hi Melanie:

    I read your post and I’ve started reading “The Merchant’s Daughter”. The covers of both your books look like adult books and not YA. I did not even know they were YA until you mentioned it.

    I like how you got to the heroine’s age of 17 so quickly without having the author just tell the reader. Very nice. You have a great hook there.


  106. Hi Myra:

    I’ve meet your husband and he is formidable. Men think in words. We don’t need to write in order to excel in words games.


  107. Ruthy is the name of the heroine in my wip. She just saved her man by bashing the bad guy over the head with a gun butt.

    Poor Luke was getting strangled.

    Lukie's first words to Ruthy when he gets oxygen flowing back into his brain?

    "What the devil are you doing here?"

    It's a gunfight, fistfight combo and he specifically told her to stay back. But she couldn't let him be STRANGLED now could she???

    (they may make me take 'devil' out. Is that cussing? I'm really the least foul mouthed person you'll ever meet. I mean the POPE cusses more than me. BILLY GRAHAM cusses more than me. I've had a study done so I know it's true. And yet, I am forever being told to take cuss words out of my books like...For Pete's Sake and Jeepers)

  108. Honestly now, looking at my 'cuss words' typed out in the comment box above, they need to be taken out. It's allllllllllllllll good.

  109. Very cool! I've never participated in one of these challenges, and I think it's time! I'm a pantser who struggles with giving myself the freedom to GO GO GO and just have fun, deal with the structures and plotting and shaping and re-writing later.

    Thanks for this new and fun challenge!

    And yes, please enter me in the giveaway!


  110. Grammar Queen Notice

    “Experienced writers do by habit what new writers have to be taught and constantly reminded to do.”

    Use Speedbo to channel* your inner Grammar Queen so that your words come out better in the first place…but don’t edit them until after Speedbo is over.


    * ‘Channeling' is like having an unconscious filter that, once you put into place, you don’t think about it again. (This really helps in advertising copywriting with its hundreds of rules.)

  111. Mary:

    I hope you post your word count each day. If you do 3,000 words a day, I promise to do 1,500.

    This could be like a charity walk where miles are matched by dimes – except this will be words for words. I expect I could do at least half the words of a girl. : )

    I think Mary would make a good benchmark.

    Any takers?


  112. Hi Janet:

    I’m reading "An Inconvenient Match" and it’s a little distracting to read how the Lessmen’s have less than most men since they lost everything. Does Julie know about this? :)

    (I would have thought that Shirley would have jumped on this in a minute. : ))


    P.S. Sorry for being off Speedbo topic.

  113. Oh, Donna, you ARE in trouble--LOL!

    Really, sometimes I just have to lay the iPhone aside and wait till I'm in a more forgiving mood before playing my turn.

    Or...there's this neat little Web site, Scrabble Cheat that I have been known to (ab)use when I get desperate. (I learned about it from my daughter.)


  114. Vince, my dear man, you are so sweet to remind the visitors here that "Grammar Queen" is NOT to be lumped in the same category as, say, Mary's questionable curse words.

    As they say, the devil is in the details.

  115. I'm definitely in (for the book and the competition). However, here's the real question.

    Do I get to go mano e mano with Ruthy again?

  116. Myra, I tried Scrabble Cheat once and felt so guilty I'll NEVER do it again. (Plus it didn't help,lol)

  117. Speedbo may be just the thing...


    That is so sweet. Usually I'm more of a HORRIBLE WARNING.

    This would be a refreshing change.

    I will post my word count daily.

    And this is forward progress, lengthening the manuscript. If I delete fifty words, then I need to write those fifty back in before I can start claiming progress again.

    I might possibly be too sleepy to do this. We'll see.

  119. ps the grammar queen just cussed.

    for shame

  120. I keep reading this as Speedo instead of Speedbo. What does that say about me?

  121. Linda, I think it says you're distressingly normal!


    Hey, okay, so Walt: Mano y mano???

    You and me????

    You are SO ON, DUDE!!!! ;)

    And you may beat the pants off me (JUST AN EXPRESSION, I BLAME MARY'S BAD EXAMPLES OF THE DAY!) but I will be a gracious loser.

    In public. ;)

    And I can't wait 'til they tell you 'bout the GOODIES....



    I use positive rewards systems in many walks of my life.

    I will let you assume what you will be that statement.

    All I'm sayin' is: They work.

  122. Great post, Glynna. I can't wait for SpeedBo since I've never done anything like it. I've always wanted to join NaMoWriMo, but something has always come up. Can't wait.

  123. Well, the more I read, the more I think I will be writing, rather than Pinning, in March.

    Peace, Julie

  124. Oh yes, I'd love to win your new book, Glynna.....I loved the other 3. Print or Kindle is fine! Thanks!

  125. Linda Goodnight, just to be ABSOLUTELY CLEAR
    you do NOT have to type at top speed in a tight swimming suit.

    I mean I always do, but it's not REQUIRED.

  126. And as always, I have no intention of posting pictures.

    You're welcome.

  127. Ruthy, I started the day with prayer and ashes. I'm ready.

  128. This is such a great idea! You Seekers are innovators. Thanks for all you do :)

  129. Renee, some of us Seeker-visitors begged them! They're so nice they just do what we ask!!! :D

  130. WOW! I go off to earn my keep at the day job and return to find that the earlier 60-some posts exploded to over 130 while I was gone!

    Looks to have been a fun-filled day! I can feel the excitement building. This is a bunch of friends more than ready to take on Speedbo 2012 together.

    And look at that--our very own Yoda Pinson and Captain Jack stopped by! And Grammar Queen was here to defend her honor! and Drill Sergeant Connealy's getting the troops lined out.

    By the way, sounds to me, ladies and gents, that Jack's plans to keep us company during the month of March...!!

    Only 8 more days....the countdown begins!!

  131. After reading Glynna's post tonight (been on the go ALL day) I'm ready to join in. I've never done any kind of speed writing (NaNo, etc.) so I'd really like to give this a try. Will be watching for the sign-up! Thanks, Glynna and Seekers! Blessings, Patti Jo

  132. Patti Jo, it's like anything else. It feels weird at first...

    And then it's kind of rejuvenating. Not like "Logan's Run" rejuvenating which was really DEATH but real "let 'em roll" words. It kind of frees you up.

    I think it's so easy for us to get stuck in our way, whatever it is, that a good ol' shake 'em up now and again is Just The Ticket!!! ;)

    I love old phrases like that.

    Except then I sound old.


  133. Dagnabbit? Ruthy?
    No, gee whillikers, you don't say anything that makes you sound old.

  134. VINCE SAID: "I’m reading "An Inconvenient Match" and it’s a little distracting to read how the Lessmen’s have less than most men since they lost everything. Does Julie know about this? :)"

    LOL ... yes, Vince, but I'll be honest -- it was a bit of a shock that the Lessman's were so poor. Felt like I time-traveled back 30 years or so ... :) And, trust me, I gave Janet heck for it too!!


  135. I'd love a copy of HIGH COUNTRY HEARTS thank you.

    Great post.


  136. Walt....

    You're gonna need BOTH...

    Bring it.

  137. I'd love to win a copy of your book! I like what Miss Helen had to say - sounds like she's reading my mind: "I'm a coward. I've said it before and it bears repeating. But I'm tempted." :)

  138. Glynna, you made so many great points on how to write a successful Speedbo month!

    I can't wait!

  139. Oh my, this is ABSOLUTELY what I need. Seekerville fuels my fire, and I'm ready to burn.

    Bring it.

  140. Oooo, this sounds like great fun! I'm going to have to think about whether or not I can participate and still hold down my full load this semester, but...oh, so tempting! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway, too!

  141. Speedbo? Call me crazy but I am in! I failed at NaNoWriMo but need to get cracking on my writing output each day. Looking forward to it!

  142. Ah ha! Now I know what Speedbo is. I wish I would've read this post yesterday and before today's post. Thank you so much for filling us in on the details of this great idea.

    Guess I'm a day late on trying to win your new book. I'll just have to go to the store and buy it myself :)

  143. Pick me, pick me!

    Yes, I'm in. I need to write a novella in March and this will be perfect.

    What about that nice Speedbo widget you have - sorry if this has been discussed - can we use it on our blogs?

    Yay, Seekerville!

  144. Yes, I'm in. I've never tried NaNoWriMo because of its proximity to Thanksgiving and Christmas, and have thought "Why not a month in the spring?" But have never tried to do it on my own. Looking forward to it.
    And I'd love to read your book - after March!