Wednesday, February 29, 2012

T minus 24 and counting until SPEEDBO

Are you ready?? SpeedBo starts TOMORROW!!

Audra here. Over the past couple of weeks, terrific bits and pieces of information and encouragement have been posted here in Seekerville to help you prepare for SpeedBo. Everything from scheduling time, to preparing your psyche, to delicious recipes and much more!

I’m so excited, I’m giddy, LOL!

Before we launch into our month of frenzied writing, I’d like to visit and re-visit a couple of hints for success. Remember, this is not a competition. It’s a time to write and stretch and maybe – just maybe – finish the rough draft of a novel. You can smile and pat yourself on the back for simply joining the marathon with us. We’ll watch your smile grow with every self-proclaimed milestone you reach : )

Here are just a few last reminders for a successful SpeedBo:

Talk to your family. Get them on board.

I don’t know about you, but if I want to get anything done around here, I need the cooperation of my family. Even though both my kids are in college, my husband can be just as big a pester-er as my kids and their friends combined.
First, we had a chat about how much I will accomplish over this month:

• Writer encouragement from me and to me
• How much closer I’ll be to finishing another novel
• How great it feels to type the words The End on a rough draft

Second, we talked about how much it would help if he:

• Answered the phone in the evening and took messages for me
• Considered salads a staple for our evening meal
• Planned play dates with his friends on Saturdays

He needs to accept ownership of SpeedBo just as much as I do. My success is his success. Of course, bribery always works, too. My husband LOVES making hunting calls so I ordered some exotic wood for him…

If you get your family and important others involved, they won’t feel left out.

Grab your favorite novel.

I have all my RITA judging behind me now. A labor of love, but a labor nonetheless. There is such a big difference between reading authors you love and drool over, and reading a panel of books within your sort of preference, but not really. Does that make sense? Anyway, I write best when I have books written by authors I am in awe over on my nightstand. Even though I rarely read books within my genre while I’m writing, the authors I’m reading for entertainment distract me enough from my manuscript that my mind seems to work out problems I’ve encountered.

• In reading romantic suspense, my mind will realize my last scene was pretty boring, I better work it up a notch
• In reading historical romance, I’ll realize I’ve been pretty short on adjectives and lovely prose and better slip some “pretty” in places.
• In reading my daily devotions, I feel either emboldened or humbled while taking to heart what God wants for my life.

Make note of all these revelations in a journal or notepad or in the sidebar of your manuscript, but don’t make the change now. Don’t stop the momentum of your fingers flying over the keys. Incorporate any nuggets you pick up along the way and fill in the blanks when you go back over your manuscript.

Tools of the trade.

By now, I’m sure you’ve collected all the reference books on various relevant topics and bookmarked all the sites on your computer, ready to find just the right details when you get stuck. Tuck all of that away in a closet or drawer for this month. What we’re after during SpeedBo is stream of consciousness writing. Whatever comes to mind, write it down. This is all about getting a vast quantity of words in the general format of a novel in a file on your computer. I don’t know about you, but the rough draft is always the hardest for me. Making it as painless as possible and getting through it as quick as possible leaves me with a whole lot of pages to revise, and I LOVE revising, shaping, molding and polishing. Just love it.

Food: Yours, Mine, Ours

May I please direct you back to Monday’s post where Missy Tippens and friends offered ideas galore on the topic of “what’s for dinner?” Stop by Yankee Belle Café, too. Lovely, delicious ideas and solutions for feeding the masses. Personally, my favorite cookbook offers fast meals using only 3-4-5 ingredients. Someday, I’ll learn to cook with spices, but I don’t see that happening any time soon, LOL!!

Stay focused!

Ha! Yeah, I know, odd directive from the ADD queen of Seekerville, LOL! But taking a page from Weight Watcher meetings, try preparing little reminders to keep you on track toward your ultimate goal. Not many of us have the luxury of focusing on our writing all day, so a few helpful nudges to keep writing--keep stretching--are always helpful.

• Tell the world you’re participating in SpeedBo by including a word count widget on your blog or website (or wherever else on the internet you can display a widget). Set your goal and watch the words add up as you keeping typing through the month. Writertopia offers a couple of great widgets to get you started. By entering your daily word count you’ll be keeping yourself accountable and giving yourself an opportunity to get excited over your progress!!
• Carry a notebook with you. You may be doing this already, but especially this month, take time to write down all those little plot/conflict/romance nuggets that tumble into your mind when you least expect them. Make an effort to write them down so you don’t plop down in front of your computer whenever your designated writing time rolls around and try to recall that awesome thought you had at the dentist’s office or while grocery shopping.
• Check in here or in the Seeker village and tell us of your progress!! We’re here for you and want you to succeed!!

Here's your last chance to share tips and ideas for a successful SpeedBo. We still have until midnight to rush to the office supply store or grocery to grab any supplies we hadn't thought of before.

In the immortal words of Home Depot: You can do it. We can help!

As an incentive to get you on your way, leave a comment and you might find yourself the recipient of a $15.00 Amazon gift certificate!

Get ready…
Get set…



  1. best wishes to all who will be doing speedbo. after reading this post I am thinking maybe I should do it for cleaning the house and sorting things etc. say an hour a day. If I did this the place may look tidy for once!

  2. Thanks for the shot in the arm, Audra! I'm ready to go - except to spend a few minutes tomorrow putting the writertopia word counter on my blog.

    Way too cute!

    I brought some warm milk with vanilla and nutmeg to share. If you aren't in the mood for it, I have a thermos full of hot chocolate, too!

  3. I've just hit my first hurdle.
    Got word last night that a "forever" friend and former associate pastor or my hubby's passed away. Ken has been asked to assist with the service.

    So we're off to the north for another funeral. Thursday and Friday will both be lost for writing. But you do what you have to do. Right?

    The coffee pot's set to brew in the morning.


  4. Oo ooo!

    I want the gift card!

    Am saving my Amazon cards to buy I Love Lucy on DVD so my 10yo and I can watch them this summer :). Am ALMOST there! This would do it.

    I'm just sayin'.

    Invest in my 10yo and our relationship.


    Love the play date thing ;).

    Got a lot to get done in the next 24 hours. Think my last synopsis is just about done [again] for Genesis. And need to get a blog written. And need to get about 6K to finish a full rough draft of another MS... Dunno that I'll get ALL of that done tomorrow - especially since I have some cleaning to do and a sick 4yo...

    At least I came up with a plot... ;)

  5. Just hit submit for my Genesis entry, so I'm feeling fancy free and anxious to start something new and beautiful! Today I will tidy up my desk and be ready to roll on TH.
    Thanks for your post, Audra. Looking forward to Speedboing with Seekerville!

  6. I am going to be participating in speedbo and slightly well terrified ;) But excited to get my ideas onto pages and see where this story in my head goes.

    The ideas y'all have given and the ones in the comments have helped me already so much.... today my plans include the grocery store for some snacks...I have a composition notebook and pens already.... and I am ready to get this writing started ;)

  7. Gahhhhhh! I am not ready for tomorrow. Gahhhhh!

    But I'll do it.

    Ausjenny, that would be a cool way to speedbo, speedclean!

  8. Sorry to hear of your loss, Helen. Safe travels and prayers to you and yours.

  9. Whoo-eeeee! Speedbo, here I come! I think I'm crazy because I've also signed up for Denise Jaden's March Madness, AND I've got a post written for my blog followers, thus making my commitments even more public. I'm going to listen to Robert Dugoni's motivational address from last year's Surrey Conference again ( ). Then it should be 'ready, set, go' for me on Thursday morning.

  10. This is a great and encouraging post! :) I'd really like to finish the first draft of the book I'm working on, but I'm a bit scared of committing to a 1-month time frame when I have to keep up with my school work and everything. School definitely has to be a priority, but...

    I'm in! :) Whether I complete the book or not, I think it will be a great experience to dream big, to work hard, and to make progress, no matter how big or small. And it will be great to be a part of a community determined to persevere and encourage one another!

    So I've put up a word counter on my blog and I'm ready to rock and roll! ;)


  11. Carol's post sent me here, so I'm behind on preparation. Have some family crises brewing, so am not sure how successful I'll be, but count me in.

  12. HELEN - I'm sorry to hear of the death of your hubby's "forever friend."

    ALL: I'm wishing you the best as you make last-minute preparations and get your family onboard for SpeedBo! The countdown to "go" has officially begun! Thank you, Audra!

  13. Helen, I'm so sorry. I'll pray for your safe journey and peace of mind.

    Audra, thanks so much for the post. You've got me psyched and ready to go - oh wait, not til tomorrow! Okay.

    I need to get one of those tiny digital recorders. I get my best ideas when I'm walking but my memory is too funky to remember how nicely I worded things in my head during the walk. The minute I hit the computer, ZAP, the nice words are gone.

    Happy Wednesday everyone.

  14. I think I'm crazy but you have all got me so excited I've decided to do Speedbo! I am going to aim to add 20k words to my manuscript. I think that is reasonable for my situation :) ( mother to a 3 year old and 1 year old!) Looking forward to it!

  15. Thanks for the inspiration this morning, Audra! I finished revisions on my latest ms Monday and finished the query letter and synopsis yesterday, so I'm ready to hit the trail on a the new story that's been fighting to get loose the past few weeks.

    Can't wait to do this with everyone in Seekerville!

  16. LOL, Jenny! If I paid a fraction of the amount of attention to our house as I do ANYTHING else, my husband would wonder what alien came and kidnapped his wife!

    If you REAALLLY want to tidy up, my encouragement is all for that : )

  17. I think they're call picometers. What a goofy name. But I'm with you, Jan, they are just too cute.

    And oooo, thanks for the hot chocolate! We're actually going to have a 50+ degree day today, so I"ll be bringing slushies this afternoon!

    All right...ready, set, go!

  18. Well, girl, you got ME pumped, I can tell you that!!! :)

    Get ready, get set ...

    Uh-oh ... I'm finishing up final edits on Love at Any Cost before I can dive back into Marcy/Patrick's prequel, but maybe I will anyway ...



  19. Helen, I'm so sorry for your loss. What a testimony to friendship that your husband will be assisting in the farewell. The separation of death in this lifetime is painful and sad, but it won't last forever!!

    Not to worry about being left behind, Helen. We'll keep the lights on for you : )

  20. I can't believe it's March 1st and SPEEDBO tomorrow...ready or not here it comes!

    I'm getting excited!


    PS Helen, I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

  21. Build that relationship, girlfriend! Edges out word count...but only by a smidge : )

    And what's this stuff about cleaning, Carol? I've always considered dust a country accent. I've learned to co-habitate, LOL!

    I love I Love Lucy. What a hoot. My kids discovered Green Acres and The Beverly Hillbillies about that age. Loved the shows and yes, I bought the tapes so we all relived the era.

    What fun!

  22. HELEN G., so very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Saying one for his family and yours.

    CRISTY!!! Sooo glad you're joining in on Speedbo ... I take it that means your new job allows more free time, I hope????

    HELEN W. ... "Crazy" and "Writer" are synonymous, don't you know that??? You go, girl! With all you have to do and you're tackling this? Soooo proud of you!!


  23. Congrats on the completing the Genesis entry and submitting it, Lyndee!! Okay, you can take today off and vegge out. Clear your mind and be off and running on the next project tomorrow.


  24. Christy, we are all with you, sweets. This is going to such a fun month AND we're all going to get tons of words out of our heads and on to paper (or screen).

    Grocery shopping is good! Like Sandra mentioned in her post, fruits and veggies are a great snack to keep your mind alert...

    Tossing in a couple M&Ms now and then only sweeten the pot, LOL!

  25. Melissa, you've still got today to sweep all the clutter under the rug, collect your thoughts and be ready to SpeedBo!!!


  26. Carol, now there's the great attitude to take! Tell the world you're committed to writing, to Speedbo, and you'll be amazed at the support you get.

    Atta girl!! Proud of you!

  27. Amber, I've praying for your success and sanity! Yes, school is definitely the priority, but are your dreams and goals.

    SpeedBo is not a competition, it's an encouragement. Sacrifice the half hour of mindless TV and write a page instead.

    Remember, progress and success are attained step by step, so no matter how much or little you accomplish, you will have still accomplished!!

    And we're cheering for you all the way!

  28. Morning Audra, Great tips girlfriend. And so important to get the family and friends onboard.

    It always cracks me up when I was working the day job no one ever asked me to do anything during work time. They KNEW I was unavailable.

    But most for some reason don't consider writing as work. So they ask me to do something and I say I can't because I'm working and they look at me like I'm crazy.

    Work? You're JUST writing. You can do that anytime. LOL

    So YES get them onboard and MAKE them understand you ARE working.

    Helen, sorry for your loss. I so relate with your situation. But you know what, that time is special for you and your hubby.

    Jenny, I'm with you. I need to do Speedbo for cleaning my office. LOL I might just try that. Seems like we had a post on that in the past.

    Best wishes all of you on your Speedbo endeavors. Sounds like you're getting all set.

    Way to go with Speedbo

  29. Judith, we're here for you! March isn't going to be writing utopia for anyone. We'll deal with crisises as they arise and hopefully you'll find encouragement as we all root for you!

  30. I'm ready, set and excited to GO! Except maybe for a word counter. Great idea.

    Happy writing everyone.

  31. Glynna! You had great comments on mental prepping, especially your comment:

    Say bye-bye to the inner critic who insists your story stinks.

    These are the wisest words to live by during SpeedBo, kids! Just say NO to editing and smile at all the cute and creative phrases and scenes your mind comes up with.

    Thanks, Glynna!

  32. Mary C, your are not alone. I come up with some of my greatest GMC points while I'm walking the dog, but by the time I get home, I growl in frustration because the words refuse to recreate themselves.

    A recorder. Great idea. I might have to stop and pick one up today.

  33. Helen, I so remember those days! I hope your kids still nap????

    20K. Excellent goal. We're here to help you reach it, too!

  34. Nice advice, Audra!!

    I just finished my taxes yesterday and will take to the accountant today. So I think I have everything done that needs to be done before starting.

    Woo hoo!

  35. Helen, I'm sorry for your loss. Have a safe trip.

  36. Thanks for the great advice and encouragement, Audra! Right now I'm psyched to get things done so they don't hang over my head. I'm making soup, doing laundry and then I'm going to pay bills.

    The last thing: look over my very rough outline and see if I can improve it.

  37. Yay, Christy! So glad you'll be joining us!! :) Try not to be terrified. We'll be here cheering you on. :)

  38. Kirsten, isn't it a great feeling to finally put the finishing touches on a project you've been working on...and then FINALLY have the freedom to mingle and play with the new characters who have been clammoring about in your head??

    Excited for you!!

  39. Jenny, speedclean is a great idea! You can even check in with us if you want. :)

  40. Amber, yes, school has to be a priority right now. But we're glad you'll be along for the ride! :)

  41. Julie, I know you'll get all the words in the proper order as you finish your final edits.

    Remember all words count : )

    But I"m super excited over the PREQUEL you're working on!!! Patrick and Marcy live on!!!

  42. Rose, didn't March 1 sneak up on us? Christmas will here before we know it, LOL!

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Helen, sorry to hear this news. It's really like losing a family member for your husband,I'm sure.

  45. Sandra, you're right. No one questions my routine of leaving for work, spending the day there, and returning home.

    Nor do they pester me when I'm preparing dinner.

    BUT sit down to write? All of a sudden my very self-sufficient family can't seem to tie their own shoe laces, LOL!!

    Funny how priorities fit into place.

    I"m cleaned off my desk, stocked the fridge with veggies and fruit, and know where my earplugs are.

    Can't beat that, huh?

  46. Word counters are so much fun : ) If anyone finds a site that has creative ones, do share!

    Let's get to writing, Lizzie!

  47. Taxes done?? Yay for you, Missy!!

    I finally finished mine a week ago.

    Let's not talk about it.

    Loved your post of meal prep ideas, Miss. Your roast beef with pepperocini is to die for!

  48. Good luck to all you brave people doing Speedbo! Can't wait to see all the great stories that come out of this project :)

  49. Cara, thanks for the reminder! A rough outline ALWAYS helps keep you on track.

    Add to list: outline of next book.

    Whew. Okay, laundry and soup are important, too, LOL!!

  50. I'm with you, Mia! Amazing stuff happens when you step out of your comfort zone!!

    Speed book. Just type. Let your characters be your guide.


  51. What a great send-off, Audra! And I love that Gary has play dates, LOL! I send Dave to the woods to cut firewood. He's working on a farmer's field now, clearing it to be a horse pasture.


    And you touched a hugely big point with STRETCHING.... We don't have to set a world record, but besting ourselves is a huge step forward!

    Thank you, Audrakins!

    And I'm dropping off Oatmeal Scotchies no matter what anyone says about sugar because they're MOSTLY oatmeal.

    And eggs.

    It's like a high fiber granola bar.

    Only better.

  52. Great advice, Audra. Thanks for all the helpful advice!

    And I'm sure you're husband loved the wood. I'm a full advocate of bribery if it works.

  53. Helen, when stuff (life) gets in the way, I remind myself that Laura Ingalls Wilder didn't start writing until age 60....

    The nice thing about a writing career is that it is AGELESS... God bless you and your friends.

    And bless those that are called home to celebrate with Jesus!

  54. Audra, thanks for sharing.

    I've see-sawed back and forth because of the March commitments I've made, but if I don't at least try, I won't make it.

    So, I'm in.


  55. I've always written my books in SPEEDBO mode (lol I now have a name for it!) I've been checking out all the advice here on Seekerville and its wonderful so I just want to add a "You Can Do It" bit of encouragement to everyone considering doing this. I'm starting a new book right now too. Happy writing everyone!

  56. Tomorrow! I'm excited and ready to get started but first I think I need to take a nap today. We spent part of last night sitting in the storm shelter. The tornado went around us but still I didn't get much sleep.

    I'm praying for those who were in the path of the storm.

  57. Oooo, Ruthy, do the Scotchies have tiny bits of chocolate, too? And nuts?

    Okay, I've just turned her Oatmeal Scotchies into a Heath bar, LOL!

    WE stretch our minds and words during SpeedBo...our HUSBANDS (and others) stretch their creative-occupy-ourselves talents.

    Great give and take, don't you think?

  58. Dianna, bribery is a good thing in the hands of the skillful...

    Let's got get us some words!!

  59. Wow, tomorrow.


  60. Has Blogger changed for anyone else? I changed to a white background, my wider, all different colors.

    Did I click something or has blogger changed?

    I don't like it.! Stop! Keep things the same!

    Mary "Stegasaurus" Connealy

  61. I've got several things I want to do today to get ready for Speedbo.
    Mop my kitchen. Do the taxes I've been putting off. Go buy foods to help my energy level.
    And then look over my current WIP to make sure my mind is wrapped around my upcoming scenes. If I can do all this I'll feel so prepared.

  62. Audra, loved this post!!

    Jan, that warm milk with vanilla and nutmeg sounds delish.

    My blogger area changed, too. It's uuuggggly!

    Yup, I'm in but I have to say I'm glad it starts tomorrow because all I can think of is getting into bed tonight and getting SOME SLEEP. LAst night was rough. This morning is rougher. Sick kids. Poor things. Poor me. I never know whether it's better they all be sick together or one by one.

    Anybody else ever wanted a Feb 29th birthday??

  63. Ready or not, I'm in! I've been frantically trying to meet some deadlines before Speedbo begins. I already have interruptions looming with trying to get tags on my van and getting my SC license taken care of. I have no idea what this month is going to look like to me, but there's one thing I often remind myself of and I wan to share it with you all:

    Every word written is one more unwritten!

    So every day, let's do what we can. Some days are going to be more profitable than others. I'm hoping to get a good chunk of book 2 on paper and get as close to the end of it as I can. I'm starting with about 15K, so I have a long way to go.

    Blessing to each SpeedBo-er!

  64. Feeling really down that I'm not going to be able to participate much this month. Long story, lots of reasons, lots of stuff going on. But I will cheer you guys on!

    Audra! I can't wait to see your progress. I hope you're working on what I think you're working on. :-)

  65. I'm pumped for Speedbo! I've been researching like crazy and trying to plot as much as possible. It could be a scary ride! LOL.

    I'm already dealing with issues. My son's migraines are getting so much worse, I'm taking him to a Chinese acupuncturist today. I'll try anything to get him relief. He's getting them twice a week now and missing so much school.

    And I have my mother in law coming mid-month for a week. But I should still manage to eek out some words each day!

    I agree, Mary. What is blogger thinking changing stuff?? Without consulting us even!

    Good luck everyone! I can just feel the creativity pumping up!


    PS. So sorry to hear about your friend, Helen. It's always hard to lose a good friend. Safe travels!

  66. (((Hugs))) Melanie! Just prayed for you and happy Leap day to you, too. :D

  67. It's great to see all the excitement Speedbo is generating! Even if we don't do it "perfectly," it's still fantastic motivation to buckle down and make significant progress on our wips.

    Oh, and Ausjenny mentioned doing Speedbo for cleaning, etc. Actually, someone has already thought of that. Isn't that the philosophy behind FlyLady?

  68. Thanks, Audra. I was hoping you'd do a summary of everything. :)

    I'm almost ready. I need to finish the wip I'm writing for Feb's NovelTrack first. I should be done today or tomorrow. And then it's on to SpeedBo.

    It's neat to see all these friends joining Seekerville for this, eh. And it works well for those of us who need to write instead of edit this month (Mar is NovelTrackEdit). Much as I love the ACFW's NovelTrack program, it doesn't always line up with what I need to be working on.

    So glad to have someone cracking the whip. :D

  69. Audra, I clicked on your link for Seekerville Village, but can't find a SpeedBo link on the page - not even on the widget. ?

  70. Mary - it's changed for me too. But not for everyone apparently. I tend to blame Ruthy though I'm not sure why.

    Then you said this Audra:
    And what's this stuff about cleaning, Carol? I've always considered dust a country accent. I've learned to co-habitate, LOL!

    Yeah. My hubby doesn't have the same mentality... Kinda wish he did. Within reason. Don't want my kids growing up in a pig sty but cleaning is so not in my nature naturally. It's not something I'm good at - I wasn't "Born Organized" to use a FlyLady term...

  71. Connie Queen, mop mine too, please!


    I'm working Speedbo around a weekend overnighter to NYC this Saturday and Sunday... So I started early and figured that would see me through my strongest writing time of the week.

    And we have two litters of puppies due in mid-late March.

    And six birthdays.

    But some of that is just normal around here, Dave has learned that food from a box is DELICIOUS and that jumping in when I have to do something else is an okay price to pay for your wife's second job and I'll give him THE STARE if he whines.

    No one survives THE STARE.

  72. okay, it's me again. complaining about the new blogger comments. Did I miss the instructions on how to receive follow up comments by email?

    And, is it tomorrow, then that we actually sign up with our goals? Sorry to be such a ditz.

    oh - and about that inner editor...

    You Must LEARN TO LOVE THE BLECH. WRITE DRIVEL if you must. skip the perfect word and go with the boring word. You can fix it later.

    It's like riding in a convertible with the top down. Enjoy the wind. You can fix your hair when you get out.
    It's frightening and freeing.

  73. Oooh this is a new comment thingie.


    Okay I have been absent as I am

    A. finalizing the not-so-much rules for Speedbo and the incentives

    B.clearing the decks for my own Speedbo. There's a lot of prepreparation needed to make this work.

  74. Yes. Debra, dahling. Tomorrow is sign up day. Be there or regret it.

  75. Speedbo cleaning, Jenny? That's a mighty scary thought at my house. Any sort of cleaning at this point is. Who knows what I might uncover.

  76. I'm in! I'm in! And so excited. This is just what I need to jump start my new WIP.

    I'm off to find me a widget. ;)

  77. Mornin' Audra

    Super tips. Especially am thinking on this one: the authors I’m reading for entertainment distract me enough from my manuscript that my mind seems to work out problems I’ve encountered.

    Hadn't thought of this previously - will do!

    Now I have to find out to do put up a widget. (Isn't that a great word!)

    Ready to SpeedBo. *gulp*

  78. Helen, our prayers are with you and your family...

    Way to go fellow SpeedBo's - or ... gosh - what ARE we going to call ourselves?

  79. Tomorrow is sign up. You sign your name but your goals you can post in Seekerville.

    Widget. Widget. She wants a widget.

    Sheesh. Demanding bunch.

    Will get a widget.

  80. Tina, I thought the SpeedBo box is a widget. It looks so nice.

    I want to use it on my blog too.

    Come on... sharesies. :D

  81. Hi Tina,
    I am confused (tell you something new, right?) about sign up. You said to post your goals in Seekerville. Is this not Seekerville? I assume that will be explained tomorrow. You don't have to answer this now. I don't want to interfere with harvesting widgets. :)

  82. Hey, Debbie C! So glad you stopped by again. I thought you were probably a quick writers (Speedbo style). :)

  83. Good Luck to all of you participants in SPEEDBO! You brave souls! My writing talent is nonexistent but that doesn't mean I can't cheer for you all!

  84. I'll be signing up. Need to finish my NaNo wip. What better way than with SpeedBo?

  85. Love the Home Depot motto, Audra! They're an ATL company that does so much good. BTW, the CEO started a program at a spinal center in the city to treat our wonderful military returning home with tramatic brain injury. The program is fantastic and does so much good. Thank you, Home Depot!

    And thank you, Audra, for great last-minute words of encouragement. I'm excited to see the progress all of us will matter where we are in our manuscripts or our writing journey.

  86. Are we doing a countdown? because it starts at midnight, right?
    So we're to T minus 11 hours, now.

  87. I hope everyone's got their pencil's sharpened!!!!!!!



  90. Helen,
    Just caught up on messages, reading from the bottom up. So sorry about your dear friend. Prayers for his family and safe travel for you and your hubby.

  91. Thanks for this incentive. I've never participated in NaNoWriMo because, with the holidays pending, November is not a time for me to commit to mountains of words. So SpeedBo it is!

  92. Praying for those of you who will be participating in Speedbo. May God anoint your words.

    Jodie Wolfe

  93. Oooh, reading all these comments and I see burdens being lifted up.

    Helen, I'm so sorry about your husband's friend!

    Melanie, I know the feeling. And to everything there is a season. I felt that way when everyone was at ACFW. I so wanted to go! But it just wasn't going to happen. Maybe another year??

    Susan Anne Mason, I had daily migraines in high school as well. They first gave me a daily medication to control it, but it just kept it at a dull throb. then we found out it was an MSG allergy. Have you tried diet changes?? I'm so sorry for his pain (and yours).

    There are probably more in here, but I've only read half... And my baby is destroying my desk!

  94. I hope my kids enjoyed the homemade pizza we had for lunch cause they've got a month of pbj's to look forward to... like they'd put up with that ;)

    So sign up starts at midnight? Cool!

  95. Audra, I also hate writing first draft. I hate it. The only thing that makes it worth it is the editing and polishing and going "Wow. I wrote that." =)

    So since I tanked my NovelTrack last month because my Daddy had to go and get pneumonia again and be in the hospital (He's good now, Praise the Lord!)I'm in for Speedbo to redeem myself and finish this WIP. I have 52K words and need the last 30 by the end of March.

    Seriously, someone please share a good widget! I need the visual. A big red thermometer would be nice haha.

  96. Audra, you're a fabulous cheerleader! Thanks for getting us all revved up and ready to go SpeedBo TOMORROW!

    I'll do some planning this afternoon. And maybe try for that word count widget. Sounds way more fun than an Excel sheet.

    Happy writing everyone!


  97. This comment has been removed by the author.

  98. This sounds like so much fun!!! I have some research and plotting to finish before I can actually start writing and doubt I’ll get all that done today :) But I’ll probably hop on board in a week or two as soon as I’m done with all of that. Better late than never, right?

    Best wishes to all as they prepare to crank out those words!

  99. Amanda, anytime you can join us, please do! I'll be busy with edits so my word count won't be high, but hopefully hearing about everyone's progress will give me an added push to get the manuscript ready for submission.

  100. So exciting reading all these comments. I'm ready for it to be March already.

    I'm sorry some of you won't be able to join us for SpeedBo. March is going to be a tough month for me too (Report Cards, Parent Conferences and State Testing looming), but I'm adjusting my goals accordingly so I don't get overwhelmed and crash.

  101. Thanks, Mary. :)

    BTW - if SpeedBo starts at midnight... in which time zone? LOL

  102. Bring it, SpeedBo!

    I wrote two sentences on my SpeedBo manuscript this morning at work. Internet was down, we couldn't get any e-mail, I had done everything I could do without Internet and was waiting for a phone call. So I decided to use my time wisely and got those sentences down. And then the Internet came back and I had to actually work for living...

    But I'm two sentences closer!

  103. Today is the 29th.

    Someone please tell Mary.

    I don't DARE break it to her.

  104. The problem with STARTING to clean is the guilt at not finishing.

    Soooo not worth it!

    Who is going to see it?

    And if they care, they should not be invited back.

    This should be a Gibbs Rule.

  105. Thanks for all the wonderful tips!!!

    Grabbed the word counter. :)

    Got Tina's desktop timer.

    Thinking about how I need to do a super quick organization of my writing space.

    This is going to be fun!

  106. Lois, welcome aboard!

    I love that Anita Mae is bossing Teeeena around.

    You go, Anita!!!!

    (Ruthy, standing in awe...)

  107. Anita.

    Which time zone?

    Really, darling?

    The only one that matters, honey.

    New York, New York!

    Come on, pinstripes!!! March = Speedbo = Spring training for the boys of summer.


  108. Found this on Katie McCurdy's blog ("Legacy of a Writer") - a progress meter that allows you to add some info and keep track of daily word count additions. :)


  109. Ooohhhh, I'm SO excited about this, and appreciate ALL the encouragement and support from the Seekers! Thanks for this post today Audra--it helped me get even more motivated. ~ Blessings to all who are participating---We CAN do this!!! Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  110. I have abandoned my timer (because every time I needed it in the kitchen I had to run into my living room to get it off my desk, lol) so I had my ds make me two CDs of my fav music (one is all different versions of Cannon in D and the other is DRUM CORPS!) and when the hour is up, he put in a five min dance mix of above music so I am reminded to stand and move to the groove. Tested them just now and I'm lovin' it!

    Thank you Mary C. I figured that Tina would have all the answers, as she always does.

  111. I will be one of the cheerleaders - watching and cheering you on this month, you can do it.
    The authors of Seekerville
    knew SPEEDBO would soon be here
    they were up to the challenge
    not one dawdled-heads held high
    ready set go was their cry...

  112. Anita Mae,

    I will send the Speedbo Jpg to anyone who signs up.

    Lyndee, all will be clear in 9.5 hours.

    Tina Radcliffe

  113. Thank you, Linnette! You are a sweet friend. :-) Hugs back at you, girl!

  114. OMG! It's been busy at work. Let me see if I can visit for a little bit now.

    Jackie, glad you decided Speedbo is the way to go. You won't regret it!

  115. Hey, Deb Clopton! Glad you've been following our journey to Speedbo, LOL! Writing a book in Speedbo mode helps to keep you focused.

    What a great way to go. Are you going to join us?

  116. Jamie, glad to hear the storm skirted you. It didn't spare damage to the towns it hit. Praying for everyone in its path that injury and damage was minimal.

    Take a nap, dear. You deserve it!

  117. Mary, my comments section has changed to a white background. And lots of space. It's shoved all the comments and my reply area to one side.

    I'm not really liking it either.

  118. Sounds like fun! The best of wishes to all of ya'll who are participating in Speedbo!

  119. Audra - Thanks! Umm ... only one of my kids still naps. But I can let the big girl watch a movie for an hour whilst the little one sleeps :) Usually works!

  120. Connie, get those chores done! Laundry, groceries!! Stock up and don't think of anything but writing for an entire month...

    Well, in a perfect world : )

    Virginia, so sorry about the sick kiddos. Never a fun time. Take a nap... YOU'LL feel better : )

    Linnette, you are so wise. Every word written is one less unwritten.
    I'm all for less unwritten words

  121. Melanie, so bummed your schedule and life are so full. I hope you find time to play just a little.

    Just a smidge.

    Maybe a teensy, weensy bit??

    Happy Leap Day to everyone! Anyone planning on popping the questions some lucky guy??

  122. Am I already late to the pre-Speedbo party? Gee!

    I used to think I disliked editing, but I find now that it’s the first draft that makes me procrastinate my time with the WIP. The polishing really is what makes the manuscript come to fruition.

    Just a question here. It probably has a broad answer depending on the House you’re targeting. What kind of word count should you be aiming at for a Historical Romance? I’m looking at 70,000-80,000 words. Is that average?

    NANCY, you write so much faster than me. Do you eat Wheaties for breakfast? I think you’ll finish it and be able to write “The End” on ANOTHER full-length story.

    I’m definitely in for Speedbo! I hope I can get some words down that are worth something!



  123. Susan, I'm so sorry your son suffers from migraines. My husband and both kids get them all the time when their specially contoured foam pillows go soft.

    That might help him. Their hard foam pillows, not the memory foam. It keeps the curve in the neck.

    Bless his heart. HOpe the doc has some great treatment for him!

  124. Anita Mae. Cracking the whip? Would we really do that around here?

    Oh wait, some of the Seekers would. I forgot.

    Oh well, it takes a village to make an author, right??

    Let's go Speedbo. YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

  125. Carol, I'm with you on the cleaning. Certainly not a pig sty, but dust bunnies do not frighten me.

    Of course, in our case, it's not so much dust as it is dog hair. Our Corgi must shed her weight in fur each week.

    Sure wish I knew how to spin.

  126. Ruthy, THE STARE scares me too. Wow, puppies, weekends, birthdays -- oh my! I'll keep the coffee pot plugged in for you!

    YES! Deb Marvin! Convertibles and flying hair! Write the DRIVEL and fix it later. I love the way you cut to the chase.

    Anita Mae, I think our lovely Tina is putting the finishing touches on the rules and regs. Check back later : )

  127. May the K9 Spy here - did someone say CONVERTIBLE?!

  128. Amber - thanks.
    I looked at that one, but then I have to join something.

    Someone might have to join this too, but it's really cute!

    Guess I'll just post my daily count here. Since I write middle grade, my target is 32K tops. Already have about 12K done so surely... SURELY... we can manage 20K. Had a fairly good writing day today, in between the weather radio alerting us to scary (to dogs and horses) storms. We're ok now, most has passed. Though all dogs still inside (May & Gretchen here on the sofa with me). Horses just have to deal with it. ;D

    5.5 hours and counting unless we're NY, NY...

    Excited to find out rules Tina. Let's go!

  129. Deep breath...breathe...breathe... I'm getting ready...hopefully I make it off the blocks tomorrow... I have a lot of things hitting tomorrow. But I figure if I can squeeze in even an hour I can get started....right?

    Good luck everyone!!!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  130. I've got my white boards on the wall and a head full of ideas. Thanks for providing the spark (Speedbo style) to get this motor running. Ready, set...

  131. Random question [and maybe this is something Tina will answer in a couple hours] but is it one project or are multiple projects acceptable? Cuz I paid bills, found my tax dealie bobber, wrote a blog post, rewrote a synopsis for Genesis and a bunch of other stuff, but didn't get the few thousand words in that I wanted to on my current WIP. Still gonna try to get some in but doubt I'll get it all done...

    Off to try...

  132. Sherrinda, great place to start Speedbo...with a new WIP!! Yayay!

    A widget, a widget, my kingdom for a widget.

    KC, I love widgets. Someone else spent the braincells developing a cute little "something" that works and all I have to do is pop it into my blog.

    Yep, I love widgets : )

  133. Abbi, we all need cheerleaders! But wait. What do you mean your writing talent is nonexistant? C'mon and let your inner words shine! We'll coax you through it, promise : )

    Patricia, glad to hear you did well in NaNo. Speedbo will be a piece of cake for you. Complete manuscript, here you come!

  134. You've got me beat in the encouragement department hands down, Debby! We all band together to help each other and the results will be very...very...


    C'mon, let's all say it together --

    You can do it. We can help!

  135. Lois, Nanowrimo does fall during an inconvenient time, but overcoming that can really put a smile on your face : )

    March is an excellent month for Speedbo. The whole transitioning from winter to spring just gets an added boost as our creativity shines.

    With widgets. Can't forget widgets.

  136. Oh and a widget!! I need one of those!

    /scampers off to find one/

    Starting a new WIP as soon as I get the last couple thou on this one...

  137. Jodie, thanks for the prayers. Encouragement comes in many shapes and sizes, and we'll take them all!

    Nancy, I'm with you on the rough draft. Give me ugly words and I'll smile the whole time I'm spit polishing : )

    Glad you hear your dad is over the pneumonia. Scary stuff. My prayer list is growing for so many people!

    Janet, I got to blog on Leap Day! Who wouldn't be excited? LOL! Go find a snazzy widget -- yep, much better than a spreadsheet : )

    Amanda, jump in anytime. If we (all of Seekerville) can help you crank out the story, then our March will be successfull!

    And Debby, edits, too! Only maybe with not so much throw-caution-to-the-wind attitude. You must concentrate on exactly WHICH words you need to use : )

  138. Stephanie, good for you! My day job has its ups and downs as far as demands on my time. Sometimes I can sneak a few sentences into my notebook, sometimes not. Either way, my story is never far from my mind.

    Let's go, Speedbo, let's go!!

    Mary C, I'll bet springtime is a wreck for time for teachers. Even a few words puts us ahead of where we were in our WIP. I'll take that anytime!

    That's the spirit, Natalie! You go, girlfriend!

    Ruthy, that is a great Gibbs rule. I love Gibbs' rules. I try to live up to every one.


    Way too cool, Amber. Thanks for sharing! I'm going to investigate this one.

    Patti Jo, glad you're ready. I'm positive great things are going to happen over the coming month!

    Lyndee,I'm laughing over the race for the timer thing. I love the music concept. I wish I could write to music, but my mind just starts meandering down some songpath unrelated to my plot line and really, it becomes a disaster. I save my music for the car where I can roll the windows up TIGHTLY and sing at the top of my lungs and no one hears me : )

  140. SQUEEEE!

    I have a Seekerville Speedbo Progress page on my blog :D. Because the pic is too big for the sidebar. So a little boring one will be in the sidebar and the cool one on it's own page ;).

  141. Carol, everyone needs a widget! Go scamper off and bring back some good finds to share!

  142. Pol, what a poet's heart. Thank you!

    Fay, come join in the fun : ) We can all laugh, cry and cheer together : )

    Whitney, if you're targeting 70-80K, you fall within the word count of Love Inspired Historicals at 75K. Most of the other historical romance lines are 90K-110K. Hmmm, I don't know about Barbour, they might take something closer to 80K. I'm lots of help, aren't I?

  143. Cindy W -- breath deeply, no hyperventilating!! Yes, an hour a day is an entire 60 minutes more of writing than the average person. Now THAT'S progress...and it'll make you feel good, too : )

    Diana, you're ready! Now, go sign up!

  144. What a fun day preparing for a month of word writing, success sharing, frustration spilling and general good times : )

    Dear Lord, please bless the Seekervillagers gathering before you as we commit our time and talents to writing the words You inscibe on our hearts. Keep temptation at bay. Uphold our efforts and focus as we strive to tell beautiful stories. May You always smile at our efforts. In the name of our most precious Lord Jesus, be with us every step of the way.


  145. I am going to attempt Speedbo! Good luck Authors!

  146. Speedbo sounds great. It is in the middle of spring break, so that's a bit of a snag. Anyone else have kids that push you to take a travel jaunt in March?

  147. This widget is hysterical. I'm having to use the less cool one because there's no way I can do 50K in 30 days and the graphic doesn't allow an adjustable goal for the picture. I'd almost write an extra 20K words just to use those moods.
    Especially shoot the computer =)

  148. You can Nancy! That's the one I have on my Speedbo page on my blog.

    Replace the [] with <>

    [img src=""]

    where 0000 is your total word count
    where 70000 is your goal count
    where 4 is whichever of the moods you want it to be

    I <3 this one!

  149. Speedbo sounds like a lot of fun! I am thinking about it....
    Please enter me in the draw for the gift card.


  150. Speedbo sounds speedy! Have fun to all those participating!


  151. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

    A gift card might help though.


  152. I always manage to get these blog posts a day late, so Speedbo is underway. Which is good. I managed to get 978 words and eight pages edited. I also sent off two contest packages today. A good start. Next week will by my big challenge. There is no white space on my calendar at all right now.

    Good luck to everyone.

  153. Audra, thanks for the encouragement. Please enter me into the drawing.