Saturday, March 31, 2012

Deadline Dementia

"It was always the becoming he dreamed of, never the being."

F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

 Way back in 2008 I did a post called Deadline Dementia for the Unpublished author.  At the time I was unpublished. I had no idea how valuable this post would be for  me as a Published Author.

 So I'd like to share the updated version of value of Deadline Dementia as you are writing into the last hours of Speedbo.

You thought Deadline Dementia was just for published novelists didn't you?

When your "published in novel-length fiction" writing buddies groaned and muttered incoherently about editors, revisions, lack of sleep and so forth, you were quietly thinking ....

Yeah, well, I'd kill for your deadline.

I'm here to tell you that Deadline Dementia can and should be yours published or unpublished.

Of course, Deadline Dementia assumes you have writing goals.

If you need help with effective goal setting find a methodology that speaks to you.

Check out :

ZenHabits on Really, Simple Goal Setting

"I believe in keeping your goals simple, and if you do that, goal-setting and goal-management doesn’t require software. In fact, you can do it with a single index card."

Steven Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by the process itself…it is gradual. Ask yourself the simple question—what is most important to you in life? Making a list of values that you want to live by is, in and of itself, a small “win.” ...acknowledging these small victories gives you confidence that you are on the right path and allows you to take a deeper look at what your goals and purposes are. As you move forward, you are encouraged to go, even more specifically, into action planning and setting deadline dates by which you want to accomplish those things."

Brian Tracy, Author of Eat That Frog

"21 great ways to stop procrastinating and get more done in less time. According to the old saying, if you eat a live frog first thing each morning you'll have the satisfaction of knowing it's probably the worst thing you'll do all day. Using "eat that frog" as a metaphor for tackling the day's most challenging and most prone to procrastination task, Eat That Frog shows readers how to zero in on these critical tasks and organize their time. This means not only getting more things done, but getting the right things done."

With this in mind I want to encourage all of you--NO, I DARE ALL OF YOU, to join #1K1Hr on Facebook.  It's absolutely the best way to Eat That Frog that I know of. And..if you are listed in as a member of #1K1Hr by midnight tonight, I will add your name into the hat for a copy of Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog, print or digital.

BTW before #1K1Hr, writing a thousand words a day like Mary Connealy was a dream for me. One I really could only do on the weekends, but 1K1Hr has totally changed that. Now I lay down the numbers then spend a day or three editing. But you know you can't edit a blank page.

Once you have your goals set deadlines.

Time passes whether you finish a book or not.

"Consider this: If you write one page a day, you will produce a substantial novel in a year's time. The writer who turns out one book a year, year in and year out, is generally acknowledged to be quite prolific. And don't you figure you could produce one measly little page, even on a bad day? Even on a rotten day?"--Lawrence Block

Granted, today authors are expected to produce far more than one book a year. But if you aren't producing even one a year how are you going to write two...or three?

 How fast can you write anyhow? Entertain these real life (happened to me) scenarios:

  • you get a request for a full from a contest on a manuscript that consists of three chapters
  • your submitted full manuscript comes back with suggested revisions
  • you get a phone call from an editor who wants the rest of your manuscript (its done but its rough)
How do you determine how much time you need to get the manuscript ready to mail if you have never set your own Deadline Dementia?


When my editor wants to coordinate with me regarding the deadline for my next book (P.S. I just sold another book to LI, release date TBD)  I absolutely must be able to give her an educated response! 

If you don't set deadlines and track your writing pace how will you answer when your editor asks how long you need to turn your proposal in?

Often it is difficult to focus your time and energy on what can seem like an elusive dream (selling a book).

 Here 's are some ideas and thoughts that have inspired or encouraged me stay focused and  to create my own Deadline Dementia.

1. I love contests, because of the deadlines. For example: every year I  complete a new manuscript by the RWA Golden Heart deadline. I didn't have to submit it but I have to have a first draft completed or nearly so.

2. Susan Mallery really inspires me. I highly recommend her workshop on writing productivity. It is based on figuring out many pages you write a day, and increasing by half a page every few weeks.

3. Years ago I heard Cindi Myers speak on how she plans her writing year based on how much income she needs.I recall her setting a writing goal for the new year (the dollar amount she set for writing goals was what I currently make in my day job). The first step toward meeting her goals is strategizing what she needs to sell to bring home the bacon. 

4. I like to remember Nora Roberts thoughts on the writing muse:

“If you need to believe in the muse, let’s say, fine and dandy. Whatever works for you. But don’t tell me you can’t work today because the muse has left you. Go track down that fickle slut, drag her back, chain her to your keyboard, and GET TO WORK.”


"I don't believe in waiting for inspiration. It's my job to sit down and figure out what to write. I think if you wait for 'the muse' you may wait a very long time."

5. My Seeker friends can tell you about what I lovingly refer to as "jammy days". These are my own personal Deadline Dementia days. I like to plan several back-to-back, depending on my job schedule. The following are forbidden: showering, cooking, cleaning, leaving the house, watching TV, or talking on the phone.

I run all errands ahead of time and stock the cupboards with necessary provisions.  

This is not unlike  Speedbo,  book-in-a-week scenario or the basics of NaNoWriMo, except that I do it several times a month because I am basically a Weekend Writing Warrior.

So my fellow writers, it's official. Deadline Dementia is for everyone.

As you go into the last hours of Speedbo remember that what you've accomplished this month will help you as you continue along the path to meeting all your writing goals!

Today is THE LAST day of our March Speedbo. Find out more about Speedbo and our exciting weekly prizes here. Comment today for a chance to win! Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.

 Be sure to holler, this is the last day to be considered for :

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Mary Connealy critique 
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Glynna Kaye critique
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  1. 1771 for the day
    60028 for the month

    Was hoping for way more and then revised my goal to 2K today but have been sick :(. Am very pleased with the amount I did get done. Two naps will interfere with writing time.

    Anyway... Deadlines... My plan for Sunday or Monday is to sit down and give myself deadlines for the rest of the year. Edits, rough drafts, querying. Etc. I work much better with deadlines - especially ones where I have accountability - like Speedbo or NaNo or NovelTrack [though that one not quite as much it seems].

    So... I have just under 10K to go tomorrow... What time zone is Speedbo in? Hawaiian? Please? ;)

    Did I mention I'm in for the giveaways? And will be keeping my eye out for 1K1HR peeps joining - anyone should be able to approve newbies though :).

  2. 10K in one day. I am sending you Mary Connealy vitamins. Yes. We can be in Hawaiian time zone if it will help, lol.

  3. Ooh officially Speedbo ends for me in just over 8hrs! Luckily I hit my target 5 days ago :P

    I definitely need deadlines Tina!! I work much better if I have them. I have just filled out my whiteboard on my wall with my goals for the week, and next two months. April I need to dedicate to our blog (since it's our 1 year blogiversary...) and a manuscript I'm reviewing for someone else. But MAY IS IT! I plan on having my first manuscript (draft) completed by the end of May!

    Thanks so much Seekers for Speedbo! Doing this has made me realise I can do this writing thing!

  4. congratulations, Miss T.

    It is strange how a deadline makes you work better. Even when one is editing... which I will have to start doing for my November release Shadowed Dreams.

    I'm stoked because my cover for When Shadows Fall is out too and things like that, seeing what you've accomplished, makes all those pajama hours worth while.

    Yes, I have spent some of that pajama time, although I do try to catch a bath, that kind of clears my mind, and my nostrils... :>)

    I have to be better about making sure everyone let's me have my space, though. And using it to it's fullest when I have it.

    thanks for the post.

    blessings Tina P.

  5. Well the point of not showering is that then everyone gives me my space.

    And congrats on your upcoming release Tina P.

  6. Helen W!!! Way to go. Another inspiration!~

  7. i'm still behind but there's still time.

  8. Loved this!! And I did NOT do well in Speedbo, only got 20K of what I wanted (40K) but that might be because I scrapped my entire WIp halfway througb and started over.

    But I'm a big believer in getting it right, even if that means you have to look at everything you just did and admit it wasn't the best it could be. And I know it's good when I'm excited for everyone to go to sleep so I can WRITE into the wee hours!!!

    CAROL, you've been so inspiring this month! Hugs and an extra speed-boost coming to you... with tea!

  9. So that's why you don't shower... Privacy.



    Tina P.

  10. Just wanted to peep in and say I typed "The End" for the first time ever at a little over 86,000 words. My God is so good to me and he has used all you wonderful Seekerville ladies in being the encouragement that got me to my goal. So very thankful right now.

    I have to go back and rewrite the first few chapters. Been knowing that since the 50,000 mark (and since receiving my Rattler contest results), but it is so thrilling to finally say I finished a rough draft. YAY!

    Congratulations, Helen W! Way to go!

    You can do it, Carol. I'm rooting for you!

    Joined #1K1HR a few days ago. It is WONDERFUL! Great for motivation and encouragement.

  11. LOL, Virginia. Are we not a weird species. I am working on blogs until everyone is asleep here as well.

  12. Natalie!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Walt, you're still ahead of where you were if you hadn't started.

  14. YAY, NATALIE!!!! That first one is the best!

    I'm at 67,247 for speedbo and my goal was to finish the entire MS, but with the average words per chapter of this one, that is going to land me around 94k (I'd been expecting the MS to land around 70k) so I could get to 70k by tomorrow HAWAIIAN time, even though the goal of finishing wasn't achieved.

    So, the new goal is to finish by the writing conference I'm going in 2 weeks.

    I'm always in for prizes!

    And 1k1h is awesome peoples! We need more night owls there though, I'm usually pretty lonely between 10pm and 1am central.

  15. Tina, first off: CONGRATULATIONS on your new sale!! That's awesome!! And thanks for this post. I want to call it a pep talk, but it's much more than that. Some days I don't need a pep talk so much as a kick in the you-know-where.

    I'm sorry to say EAT THAT FROG gives me visions of marinated frog's legs served up with coffee this morning. That makes me gag so I might have to pass up any goodies.

    I work well with deadlines. If I have too much time I dawdle along. When there's no time left for procrastination I can be very productive. I'm pleased at what I've accomplished this month, although I still have a way to go before reaching my word count objective. That's Saturday's task. Oh-oh, but it's 1:00 a.m. where I am so it's already Saturday! Eeekk!! Well, I need sleep first, so I'm off to find somewhere quiet to tie up my kayak for a few hours of shut-eye before dawn's rays start hitting this Island again.

    See you all sometime after the sun comes up for our last sprint to... umm, is the finish line going to be drawn in the sand?

  16. I am so happy for all of you that have achieved your goals during Speedbo. As for me, things beyond my control shot me out of the water. I'm going to try again though. I know I can do it.

    Blessings to all in Seekerville!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Two months ago, I attended a writing workshop and was asked about goals. I said I wanted to consistently write two hours a day. But didn't do it.

    UNTIL SPEEDBO. Now I am writing two hours a day and working to increase the time I put in daily.

    At the beginning of this month, my goal was to write an inspirational LI suitable manuscript. I had only written creative non-fiction before now.

    Until SPEEDBO. Now I am over the dreaded hump of not trying. I am so excited and having fun.

    Two weeks ago, I had about 10K and was struggling.

    Until 1K1Hr. I will hit 25K today, a third of my goal BUT I joined 1K1Hr a little over a week ago and DOUBLED my production. I have hit 2000 words a day and am now working toward three.

    A week ago, I had no local connections with others who write romantic and Christian fiction.

    Until I put myself out there. Monday I had coffee with an Harlequin Historical author who lives in my area. Wednesday I went to a Lady Jane salon spin off for romance readers and writers and met a soon to be published inspirational author. Will be going to our Heart of Carolina RWA chapter meeting on April 14 and am looking at attending more workshops.

    Sad to see March go but looking forward to all the possibilities April will bring.

    So, in April, I will be sending my partial to two LI published friends who offered to read for me. I have mentors. And I am going to start paying closer attention to contest announcements.

    Congrats to everyone who dove in. You have been great company, inspirations, and teachers.

    Oh, may your Holy Week be blessed too.

    Peace, Julie

  19. There are some accomplishments here that are HUMBLING.


    I had a hectic month, writing wise and did NOT achieve my goals HOWEVER knowing Speedbo was WATCHING ME, kept me moving forward rather than slack off for a couple of weeks when it would have been EASY, having just finished one book.
    I needed to keep moving forward with the next and all of you working so hard, helped.

  20. Wonderful post! Congratulations on your new sale :-)

    When I began Speedbo my intention was to simply get back into some kind of regular writing schedule and to rediscover the joy of creating. I'm happy to say that has happened.

    My story has taken a couple of unexpected twists but that's what makes it fun.

    I began Speedbo with 9552 words in my current WIP - I know I won't get to write today -- writers meeting, birthday party, then getting The Wordsmith Journal's April issue up - but I am SO HAPPY to report my total word count is now....drum roll please cause I'm really excited....21391!!!

    Yep, total of 11839 words!

    Not bad for a weekend warrior and I owe it ALL to my Seeker friends for the encouragement. THANK YOU, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

    I work well with deadlines from editors but not so well with self-imposed ones. April is full and busy with travel, but I plan to write a little each day and hopefully finish this WP by the end of the quarter.

    I also plan to revise and resubmit another story this quarter (I'm trying the quarterly goals - they seem more flexible and less daunting) :-)

    Anyway Thanks Again Seekerville Friends!

  21. LOVE deadlines/goals. That's totally how I roll. Great post!!

  22. Good morning all!

    Wanted to slip in here early (I know it's almost 9:30, but we went to a tent revival and didn't get home until 1:30), and remind everyone that the 2011 ACFW Conference CDs are still on special for $109.99.

    The special is supposed to end today. So if you want all that great teaching (about 60 hours!!!), you can't beat this set of CDs.

    2011 ACFW Conference CDs

    Now back to your regularly scheduled dementia.

  23. Wow you are amazing.

    And you still have a whole day left!~!!

  24. Tina, such a(nother) great post! Love deadlines--I work much better under them. My biggest challenge is meeting personal deadlines when hubby is gone and kids still need tending.....Working on that one. :)

    CAROL, you truly have been an inspiration. I don't know how you do it!

    VIRGINIA, I agree, I'd rathr scrap something and start over (which is what I'm doing) and get it right. :) That's just the way I roll best.

    JULIE HS--It's inspiring to see where SpeedBo has gotten you in your in your writing aspirations and goals. I'm looking forward to getting back to 1K1Hr again. :)

    It's been so thrilling to read of all those words being written in stories. Congratulations to all who participated in Speedbo!!

  25. Tina,

    Congratulations on another acceptance! Can't wait to read it.

    I'm WAY behind on my Speedbo but proofing galley's took priority. However I do plan to finish the first chapter today.

  26. Congratulations Natalie!

    I won't meet my SpeedBo goals, but I'm a lot further along than I was at the beginning of March.

    The daily encouragement really helped and I'm hoping to keep a full head of steam in April.

    I never tried staying in my pj's and not showering. I feel so yucky if I don't fix my hair and put on make-up. If you saw me, you'd never think I was that kind of person because I'm plain and not one of those who have "the look." But hey, I try.

  27. Congratulations on the new LI!!!!!!

    Because of that I'll forgive you for having your calendar all skewed. It totally is NOT the end of the month. This is just your dastardly way of kick-jumping our final week of SpeedBo, right?! Right!

    Seriously -- I'm adding on another week to my SpeedBo. I have all day tomorrow and Monday until 3:00 p.m. to write, write, write. Thanks for permission to buy new jammies by the way. And then I'm kicking off work early on Thursday and will have a four day weekend of more writing non-stop so my SpeedBo actually ends Monday April 9. Hoping to write 'The End' on that day...okay I'm changing that. It's my concrete goal to write "The End" on that day. Mind you it will be a rough draft but it will be a complete one! What can I say -- I'm the tortoise in the group.

  28. Good morning, Seekerville! I can hardly believe we're coming into the final hours of SpeedBo 2012. You all have done such FABULOUS job of sticking with it and getting back on when you fall out of the saddle. Amazing, isn't it, what you can do when you focus and put your mind to something? Have you been surprised at what you've been capable of? And remember, SpeedBo doesn't have to "end" today--you can live it every day using the writing methods and time management skills you learned during this past month. So here's to calling on that ounce of courage as you race toward the finish line!!

    P.S. Tina, I've been a Brian Tracy fan (books & audio workshops) for AGES.

  29. Tina, count on you for that last swift kick in the hind end.

    Nope, can't wait for the muse. I'm always seems to be on vacation when I'm not. Talk about fickle.

    Grand advice.

  30. 60028 words for the month.

    Carol, you are my hero.

  31. and btw Tina...


  32. Congrats to everyone who moved closer to their goals this month.

    You're all winners!!

  33. What an exciting month in Seekerville! And if March wasn't the month for you to move forward, do it in April, then May, then June.

    Bubba T will keep you company on the trail.

  34. 67247 for the month as of last night, BUT I WILL HAVE 70k by tonight!! (Though my "tonight" goes until 3am, cuz I'm insane and write that late.)

    My goal was 70k or finished, looks like I'll have about 20k more to go, but it'll be done in 2 weeks before this little conference I'm going to.

    And 1k1h is rather lonely between 10pm and 1am central time, some more night owl's need to get on there and keep me company!

  35. Oh, forgot to say Congrats to NATALIE - that first "The End" is THE BEST!

  36. Melissa, I have noticed all you nightowls on 1K1Hr. I am so jealous. I think I am twelve hours opposite of you all! Congrats on a stellar finish.

    Peace, Julie

  37. Congrats to EVERYONE for meeting your goals! Or working on them! Getting closer! Go y'all!

    Tina - CONGRATS on the new book!!!! Meant to say that last night. I blame not feeling well [and reading about 20 minutes before commenting] for forgetting to - so awesome!

    Turns out DH had planned on Panera time for me today :/. That's great and it wouldn't have been a 'full' day ['only' about 6 hours probably] but I'm still not feeling well, so I'm hoping they'll let me pretend I'm gone and hole up in my room.

    Is 10K today still POSSIBLE? Yes. Is it likely? No. Not really. And I'm okay with that. Especially since I took 3 naps yesterday and didn't get up until after 10 today [plus sick kiddo this week and another today]. Could I have done more earlier in the month? Probably. I didn't start until the 2nd [was finishing something else the 1st] and have a total of 7 days of 0 [including 2 during the 3 days we were out of town]. But I'm quite happy with whatever I end up with.

    And I can't tell you how it warms my heart to hear that li'l ole me has been an inspiration ;). Especially since I wouldn't let a blind, illiterate Russian* read what I've written so far this month.

    *insert favorite nationality/other language here

  38. Tina, I love deadlines! If deadlines were people I'd kiss them! You won't hear me moaning about deadlines. They are so motivating and stimulating and beautiful! I am so thankful for my deadlines.

    Perspective. It's all how you look at it. Although I must say, I haven't had a lot of deadlines in my time, and none that had me staying up late and getting up early just to get it done. All my deadlines have been pretty generous. But I love them and right now I wish I had a few more. But that just means I have to create some self-imposed deadlines--although I admit, those don't have quite the same effect on me.

    Great post, Tina!!!!!!!!!!

    And as for all you people trying to meet your Speedbo deadline ... Go! Go! Go! I am cheering you on! Keep up the great work!

  39. Carol, I'm so sorry you've been sick, but 60,000 words in one month is absolutely amazing!!! You are a dynamo, girlfriend!

  40. Congrats to everyone on your progress! Woohoo! This is such an amzing community! Speedbo might be winding down but all of us have gained so much thanks to the blogs, the comments, and everyone's encouragement. I'll definitely be keeping up with the Seekerville gang!

    Again, congrats to all and keep writing!

    Blessings and thanks, Rebecca

  41. You all are doing so great! If I start trying to congratulate everyone I will take up too much room, but I am so proud of you all!!! Yay for you who have finished a novel, reached your Speedbo goal, and written more in less time than ever before!!! Be happy. This is the good stuff.

  42. Tina's made a new sale?! I want to know more!

  43. Carol, dear, you already wrote a Love Inspired romance this month.


  44. Melissa wrote a LI Historical this month. Good gravy.

  45. I listen to Eat the Frog on audio when I walk. He knows how to get you moving!

  46. I can't believe Speedbo is over already! What a month!
    I'm nearing completion on my proposal, but the biggest news for me is that I wrote the synopsis for this book before having written the book! I can hear Tina's angels singing Halleluiah! :) I've come over to the dark side! lol Plotting out the synopsis first! Hope everyone reaches their goals!

  47. I too am a big fan of the writings of Brian Tracy and Steven Covey. I think the biggest stumbling block for any writer is to overcome procrastination (which is really just another word for Fear)and get his/her butt in the chair to start writing. Even if it doesn't meet with that writer's high standards in the first draft, at least there IS a first draft! You are doing the writing community a great service with your blog and contests. Thanks!

    Adrienne deWolfe
    Book Writing Coach
    Award-winning Author

  48. Adrienne, welcome to Seekerville.

    And on that note!

    1. Email us at We'd love you to do a post on the topic for us.

    2. Waiting patiently for an empty house to start today's 1K1HR.

    Be there or, well, you'll be missing all the fun!!

  49. Seriously, I was just reviewing that Tina's Christmas Miracle

    post today Eva Maria. As a confirmed pantser turned plotter I feel your pain and pleasure. Quite an experience, isn't it? I never, ever, ever thought I'd become a plotter. Change is good.

  50. Congrats Tina! Can't wait to read your next LI.

    Natalie, Carol, Melissa...Who did I miss? You all posted amazing numbers for the month. Congrats too!

    Thanks to Speedbo, I've picked up some new tips that will keep me on track. I flew to The End on my WIP, writing shy of 30,000 words. That's easily up 10,000 words over my usual monthly production.

    Will be back at the FB 1K1HR site more often now as I tuned it out for most of the Speedbo month. Thanks again Seekers, for your encouragement and cheers. Back to editing now - attempting to use as much as I can of the Speedbo month!

  51. I LOVE this. And I love the FB #1k1hr site.

    I met my Speedbo goal of finishing and editing my WIP and getting it turned in to my editor.

    Yay Speedbo and Yay Seekerville!

  52. Oh, and Congratulations, Tina, on another sale to LI! SaWeet!

  53. So proud of all our Speedbo participants! Every word written has brought you that much closer to your goals.

    Congrats to Tina on another book acceptance!

  54. You're ALL Winners for having participated !! *WELL DONE* !

  55. I figured if Eating the Frog helped you, Tina. (congratulations again.) It could help me.

    So, I ate the Frog and it didn't set on my stomach very well.

    urp... excuse me...

    Maybe the book is better...


    Tina P.

  56. requested entry in to fb #1K1HR ~
    Thx for the headsup ...

  57. I only managed about 20,000 words. But at least I managed it.

  58. Welcome to #1K1Hr Cherry Tea and Tina Pinson. May the writing force be with you!!!

  59. I fell short of my speedbo goal by 10K but I'm still very happy with the 20k I did write!

    Tina I'm so happy to hear you've sold another book. Congratulations!

  60. 1180 words so far today.

    Can someone explain the 1k1hr think a little better for me?

    I won a critique from Pam Hillman last week, but I won’t turn down another if there are no other takers.
    ; )


  61. I just finished typing The End on my novel. Thanks to SPEEDBO, I did 68k+ this month. It was more than what I thought I could do and I appreciate the boost. I will certainly put my pink certificate in a nice place. Please put me in for a critique or a Frog book. I hope everyone has a great Holy Week.


  62. 68 K. I just fell over and had to be assisted to my chair.

    WOW, PIPER!!!

  63. You have to join FB to be on 1k1hr.

    Click on the hot link in the post and you will be added..or mention here you want to be added.

    You can ignore it for months as I did or start right in.

    Just say you are committing to an hour of writing and START. You post a comment when you start and when you stop with the number of pages completed.

    Those who can will join you.

    It's fun. You can always opt out.

  64. Hey Ladies and Gents!

    So far, my SpeedBo word count is at:


    It's not what I hoped for, but I did exceed my lowest goal which was 20k. I'm going to work a few hours this evening and see if I can reach 30K. It's been a much crazier month than I anticipated, but I still learned/re-learned so much during this month.

    Carol, I was just remembering last spring how you and I had deadlines we were holding each other accountable for. Now there's IKIHr! :D

    IKIHR: I'm a member, so count me in! For that and whatever other drawing I qualify for. :)

    Pajama days, I have those. More often than my family likes, but they're kinda used to them now.

    Seekerville ladies, thank you so much for hosting SpeedBo! It's been a challenge and a wonderful experience!

  65. excellent excellent post!

    Yee hah!

    Will *gasp* THINK about the 1k1hr on FB... a little bit longer... :)

  66. Linnette! You wrote a novella in a month. Brava.

  67. Thanks so much Seekers. You all make great Coaches!

  68. Way to go, Carol! Over 60,000 words is amazing!

    And congrats, Tina, on another sale!

    You ladies are all an inspiration!

    I can't remember my goal(hides head) but I think it was 40,000 and I'm happy to say I'm at 42,000! Very happy to have half a book done!

    Thanks for all the encouragement everyone!


  69. Wait, Tina sold another LI?? And I just came home from Shopko where I promised my husband I was just getting some T shirts for myself... And never found the shirts but I bought a clearance BOOKSHELF!!!

    Yay me!! Yay, another Tina book to put on it! Man, I just love LI. I really, really do. I love the books, the editors, the art, the writing... I feel so blessed to even be a part of it.

    I can't believe the word output you guys get! Holy smokes, you could write a book a month!

    Also, my daughter broke her arm last month, really badly. We just got the bill today and we can PAY IT. Probably sounds weird, but if we get doctor bills, we're looking at $50 a month until THE END OF TIME. God is so good. We are so blessed.

  70. The April RWR has some really good characterization articles this month. I promised myself to read them today. Since I did 1K1Hr twice today, a bit over 2000 words, I get to take a break.

  71. Hi Whitney,
    1K1HR means one thousand words in one hour and that's the goal. Over on the FB page, we have these one hour sprints where we try to add word count without editing or researching, stopping to check email, etc. Just move the story forward, no matter the word count in the end. I often come in around 800-900 in that hour, but have broken 1,500 words many times, too.

    So when you go to the FB page, just ck out to see if anyone is starting a new sprint, and if not, you can tell everyone your intention of starting at whatever time you're starting. Then do it! And when the hour is up, you report your word count and we all swoon! ;) It's a very supportive group.

    Hope you see you there!

    I set a timer and go for it.

  72. I found Speedbo late in the month, and set some small goals. Discovered yet again that a deadline works! I'm going to study this post and use it to structure my next 2 months of efforts. Go Speedbo!

  73. Tina, I love your idea of jammie days. I think I'll have one every week. We can always have take out.

    I think I'll set another deadline so I won't drift and find another month has passed. Without firm deadlines I don't accomplish enough.

  74. Tina!!! I never thought about it that way. Awesome! :D

  75. Thanks Tina! My wrists hurt, but I am proud. I learned a lot this month. Thanks Seekers and congrats to all who took part in SPEEDBO!


  76. um, did I mention to put me in the drawing?

    I'm off to get my 70k. TTFN

  77. Wow. I'm flat out AMAZED at the word counts here!


    That. Is. Awesome.

    I did good to get in a little over 30,000.

    Congrats everyone! Ya'll are truly inspiring!

  78. My head is spinning reading how many words a day and in a month some of you wrote.


    Just wow!

  79. My total SpeedBo word count is:


    And now it's time for bed...

  80. Didn't make it, but had a good month anyway.
    Thanks for all the encouragement and good ideas and pep talks this month!
    Jackie L.

  81. Tina,
    Congratulations on your new sale!
    Congrats to everybody who made their goals this month!
    Jackie L.

  82. Couldn't get over here yesterday because of doing taxes....

    A job I loathed because I was sure I'd have to pay.

    I don't. Dave had upped what they take out of his pay each week and it WORKED... I will actually get a little back so we're celebrating that in upstate! ;)

    Tina, I love this. You know I'm a big believer in the 1K per day. I couldn't do that this week because of other commitments (tax prep, doing the taxes, day job and took a two night course in Food Handling so if I ever open my dream bakery, I'll be certified. Or certifiable. Perhaps both!) and two choir practices to get ready for Holy Week.

    So it was a crazy week, but... I was ahead of the game. My May deadline has already been met and I didn't have to worry a smidge. I know so many authors who do this, and they're the ones I have coffee with. Chat with. Because they don't waste time, they're focused, they're the busy hands that get things done.

    Teeeena!!! This is a close to a perfect post as posts can get.

    Love it! Love it! Love it!

  83. I am ready now to commit to 1k per day! I really needed this article today!

  84. I am ready now to commit to 1k per day! I really needed this article today!

  85. Can I be the last to post? Pretty please? :-) So many accomplishments, such positive attitudes whether or not goals were met, continuing determination ... what a group!

    Nancy C