Friday, March 2, 2012

Getting The Editor Off Your Shoulder With Guest Erica Vetsch

There are a thousand and one things that can keep a writer from putting words on the page, but nothing is so frustrating as something that is actually part of the writing process.
It is the Internal Editor.

That voice that seems to have total recall of all the writing rules you’ve ever heard in class, read in writing how-to books, or seen on writing blogs. That voice that knows your every weakness and exploits it at every opportunity. That blessed, whiny, carcass-picking voice that pounds your forehead like the Chinese water-torture until you are completely paralyzed and at its mercy.

You can tell I’m speaking from experience.

So how is a writer supposed to throttle that little…monster…so she can get some work done? I have a few helpful hints. The first one is a tactile experience that you might think is goofy, but I encourage you to give it a go.

1. Imagine your Inner Editor. What does she/he look like? Mine is a sharp-nosed old harridan that sort of resembles a cross between Phyllis Diller and Nanny McPhee.

2. Get out a 3x5 card and a crayon and draw your Inner Editor. (It doesn’t have to be good. Don’t listen to your Inner Art Critic—throttling Inner Art Critics is a blog for another day. Use a crayon because this will give you permission to draw something less than the Mona Lisa and not feel bad about it.)

3. Find yourself an envelope and a roll of duct tape.

4. Snip off a small piece of duct tape and tape it over your Inner Editor’s mouth. Then put the 3x5 card in the envelope. Seal it up, and put a piece of duct tape over the flap.

5. Using your crayon, write on the front: Do Not Open Until WIP First Draft Is Finished.

6. Place where you can see it while you write.

I know, you’re thinking, “This is silly. What difference could this possibly make?”

Trust me. Try it. What do you have to lose besides a 3x5 card and an envelope? I’m telling you, it works. There is such satisfaction in locking up that nasty beast. Whenever you are tempted to let her whisper her vitriolic drivel into your ear, look at the envelope, remind yourself you’ve stymied her anti-productive harping, and get back to writing.

My second tip for getting that Internal Editor off your shoulder is simple. Get busy writing. Don’t wait for a time when it feels good, when the Editor has decided to sit by the pool and drink Mai Tais.

Write and write fast. Here are some ways to get that process started:


1. Give yourself permission to write a crummy first draft. You can always go back and let the editor out to survey the landscape later, but you can’t edit a blank page. Once you get some momentum, the editor’s voice will be drowned out by the story. It’s when you pick and poke at your WIP in halting steps that the editor has time to examine every adverb and denigrate every description.

2. Join in a speed writing adventure like
a. Speedbo
b. NaNoWriMo November’s Novel Writing Frenzy
c.. NovelTrack (Available through the ACFW)
d. #1k1hr Facebook Group started by Seeker-Villager Carol Moncado and going strong!

3. Believe in yourself and your process. Drown negativity. Remember your successes, remember that EVERYBODY writes a lousy first draft, and that you, too, can improve whatever it is you’re putting on the page.

4. Surround yourself with positive, uplifting friends. You’ve got a passel of them right here at Seekerville. They will commiserate, hold your hand, and they’re adept at giving you a well-timed kick in the pants when it’s called for. (Again speaking from experience. :D )

So that’s it. That’s what I do to press the mute button on my Internal Editor. She’s not all bad. There are appropriate times for her to speak, but it isn’t when I’m writing the first draft. And I know what you’re thinking. Does drawing a picture of a gnarled old woman and taping her mouth shut really work?

Yep, and you should try it today. There will never be a better time, and you might be surprised at how good it feels.

Erica Vetsch is a transplanted Kansan now residing in Minnesota. She loves history and reading, and is blessed to be able to combine the two by writing historical fiction set in the American West. Whenever she’s not following flights of fancy in her fictional world, she’s the company bookkeeper for the family lumber business, mother of two terrific teens, wife to a man who is her total opposite and soul-mate, and avid museum patron.

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  1. At this very moment I am hunting up a good roll of duct tape.

    Thank you, Erica for permission to tape it shut!!

  2. I was looking for an excuse to get away from the keyboard and break out the crayons ;) Great post!

  3. Love the picture of the "inner editor"! Fun post!

  4. Oh Erica...


    Thanks! I needed that!

    Tina - my duct tape is handy, need some? New roll too, plenty for everyone!

  5. Umm hmm, breaking out the crayons and 3x5 card as we speak...

    My IE tends to show up at the most inopportune times, so I'll be glad to send her somewhere far, far away.

  6. Great idea, Erica! It's amazing how a simple visual can motivate when nothing else does. Thanks!

  7. Duct tape? Now, why didn't I think of that. I'm going to get a roll and keep it handy, because I have an Internal Editor who has a very hard time keeping her yap shut.

    Thanks for a fun and informative post, Erica.

  8. Ugh, I don't need to hide and tape away my internal editor, but rather whoever it is who gave me the plague. :(

    I haven't been this sick in forever, and of course it's on the first day of Speedbo. But I just started feeling a little better, haven't had fever/chills for an hour here now, so maybe I can get to it.

  9. Duct tape, check. Envelope, check.
    3x5 card, uh... maybe computer paper will work?

    My I.E. looks like "Weezer" (Ouiser) Boudreaux from Steel Magnolias. :D

    Thanks, Erica!! Awesome post!

  10. Hope you feel better soon, Melissa!

  11. A Story

    A great speaker once said that he always got butterflies in his stomach before giving an important speech.

    “The more I tried to get rid of them, the more reality they took on and the more problems they caused me.”

    “Then how did you get rid of them?”

    “I didn’t. I just taught them to fly in formation.”

    And Now a message from the National Association of Internal Editors:

    “Please don’t confuse me with your ‘back seat driver’. I don’t kibitz. My job is to help you do -- by habit -- what you now need to be reminded to do. Open you heart to me and I will do my work without you even noticing it. With your help I can become like the perfect writing style that is enjoyed but not noticed."

    As the Good Book Says:

    “But I say to you, That you resist not evil: but whoever shall smite you on your right cheek, turn to him the other also.” Matthew 5:39

    Moral Premise: "Save the Duct Tape for your ‘Back Seat Driver' – It’s Not Nice to be Mean to Editors." : )

  12. Great tips, Erica! Thanks. My first day I did do a tiny bit of editing as I wrote, but I DID make progress when I inserted instructions in bold for research to be done later. That's major for me, cause I'm first to drive off the road and go searching for some obscure fact that I probably won't use anyway, lol.

    And I ended the first day Speedbo with 2,287 words...This from the woman who has been stuck at 1,000 words daily for a long time. I am basking in that victory and ignoring the fact that I started at 5:30am and finished after midnight, but hey, Family happens, :)

    Good luck everyone for a great day TWO.

  13. My inner editor keeps whispering things like...

    "Uh, this doesn't exactly fit the formula for that publisher you're targeting."


    "Do you really think a Christian publisher will pick up this book if your main character behaves like that?"

    I wish she would just let me write the story I want to write without worrying about the publishing part.

    Now, where does my husband keep that duct tape?

    Day one of Speedbo went well. Not a huge word count, but having fun meeting my main character and the many quirky residents of the Polynesian Paradise Mobile Home Park.


    E.L. Doctorow

  14. I'm working so hard to draw my inner editor I haven't been able to write LOL

    I think mine is a cross between that grammar lady that hangs around and capt'n jack.

  15. I do have the duct tape, but mostly to tape myself to the chair.

  16. Oh, man. I really needed this. I don't know why I've been suddenly struck by a bad case of the 'not good enoughs' but I have. Maybe because I know these pages will be shown to someone, sometime?

    I've always thought writer's block was for wimps, but my writer's block is just the Inner Critic. And she's a meanie.

    I drew her nose EXTRA BIG. Nyah, nyah, nyah.

  17. Oh, Melissa!! I'm so sorrry! Here is some hot tea and a warm blankie fresh from the dryer. (That's our favorite chill-buster.)

  18. All right, I'm adding duct tape, scissors, crayons (used) and pencils to the table...

    Draw that inner baby and squelch her!

    Natalie Monk!!!! I love Ouiser "Weezer" because she's so bad! ;) And I'm so glad you jumped on the writing Love Boat, chickie! Good for you!

    But Weezer makes a great image of an internal editor. Or a headmistress at a really mean girls' school, LOL!

  19. Melissa, we've got cases of late season flu (and they've had flu shots, but obviously not for this flu) here.... and there's a nasty rsv plaguing the little ones. I always wonder if the two are related...

    But those are the symptoms. Fever, chills, achiness, runny EVERYTHING.

    Bless you. And you will feel better. Promise. Here's some hot lemonade.

    Soothing. Warm. Kills germs.

  20. Great post! I jumped in and joined Speedbo when I arrived home from work last night. It was a hard day but I was able to carve out a little over an hour and got started. My dear sweet husband made me dinner. :)

    I'm really new at this but I will say when I knew I needed to research something I highlighted my words. I did correct spelling & really wanted to control my inner editor but I was successful in controlling myself from doing that so this morning I'm doing the Snoopy dance! Also, in that short time I was able to put 1,003 words into my WIP. Woo! Hoo! That's really good for me!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  21. Good post, Erica. Shutting off my IE is my biggest problem. It's because I don't like editing much, and after massive changes to one novel I completed during Nano, I'm now a hybrid. Not by choice, but can't seem to break away completely. Hate those red lines. Ugh.

    Emailed you a few mins ago, Tina. My goal for Speedbo:

    - last 2 chapters RR novella
    - edit RR novella
    - write CR novella
    hoping to edit CR novella, too but it's a long shot.

    It depends if I can wrassle my internal editor out of my cave.

    Thank you!

  22. If left to her own devices, my inner editor will have me playing with one word choice for waaaaay too long. Love the idea of making a drawing. Do I use crayon because she could erase pencil marks? . . . Thanks for this encouragement to just keep going. Blessings!

  23. Coming in at 2100 words this morning...

    Working today. Traveling to NYC this weekend, but trying to stay abreast.

    Friday Speedbo breakfast: bagel with peanut butter. Coffee or tea, your choice, on the back beverage bar. Danish (don't tell Sandra!!!) from Panera because we're not cookin', my friends! ;)

  24. I'm fixing a cup of tea and getting ready to write. As long as the tornado siren doesn't go off I may get a little done before preparing for work.
    Thanks for sharing!

  25. Great advice, Erica! Easing up on the rules and altering your approach can give you amazing results.

    I realized I forgot to post my goal for Speedbo yesterday. By March 31, I will have a polished proposal--3 chapters and synopsis--ready for my new book, A Place for Family.

    Okay, there it is in black and white. Wish me luck!

  26. Oh, I needed this post since I have been swatting at the inner critic for a half hour now. Unfortunately, my inner critic looks a lot like ME!
    But I told my husband last night I am doing Speedbo for fun and it is fun to just write fiction rather than deep thoughts for a change. Who knew?

    Melissa, sending blankets, local honey and lemon. And some special homemade cinnamon toast.

    Virginia, yup, those "no good enoughs" always hit after success. But you are, so there!

    I am adapting to writing in short bursts so best go and save up for another round later.

    Peace, Julie

  27. lol....awesome picture of your internal editor!

    Now where in the world is my duct tape! I'm sooo gonna do this!

    And a quote to go along with your wonderful post:

    -Melinda Haynes

    Happy Speedbo-ing, friends!

  28. Hi Erica! Fun post! Love the visual. No crayons, duct tape. Didn't know those were essential tools for writers. LOL Will have to tune out my internal editor. Vince, maybe a hug will immobilize her. Works with my 13-year-old grandson. :-)

    Melissa, sorry you're sick! Sending chicken soup your way. Canned. Sorry but the salt should heal what ails you.


  29. I have no problem telling the old biddy to get lost.

    In fact, writing dreck is enjoyable.


    I think there is a IE convention somewhere in a cold part of the world this month. I pity the waitresses in that dining room.

  30. Hi Erica!

    Great post. I find striving to get 1000 words per hour really helps me silence my internal editor.

  31. Great post! I had to shut my IE down yesterday, or I'd still be on page one. But once I did the first day of SpeedBo went super. Clocked out at 3000 words last night.

  32. Bwaaahhhaaahhhaaahhaaaa -- I have something better than duct tape -- library book binding tape. That stuff will leave my inner editor scarred for life!


  33. LOL! Since I don't have crayons in the house, I'm using color pencils.

    What a hoot! This is great therapy, Erica. My husband even has camo duct tape.

    Okay, gotta seal up the envelope NOW. I could spend all day dealing with my internal editor rather than writing.

    Totally defeats the purpose, LOL!

    Thanks Erica!

  34. Sorry you contracted the yuck, Melissa. Go back to bed. Get over it quick, or it'll linger through all of Speedbo.

    Don't be so hard on yourself, kiddo. I'm fixing you a nice cup of tea and placing a bottle of Nyquil beside your pillow.

    Enjoy both!

  35. LOL, Erica!! I love the idea of drawing her and taping her mouth shut! :)

    Thanks for these fantastic ideas!

  36. Welcome, Erica!

    Your visual of the Inner Editor is great. Being able to physically "cap" something is a real benefit.

    I might be forced to revise as I write-- I just do that. And I'm not really worried about it for a couple reasons. The main reason being that my initial scenes usually take a while to write, and I feel like I've "been there" during that time, experiencing it with the characters. When I re-read it the next day, I see that it is only a shell. What happened to that hour I spent with my characters? It's so short, so skeletal, so bare. I *have* to revise. I feel like I lack direction going forward without that deeper revised connection. Fleshing out motives, emotions, actions—not to a polished gleam, but to an initial “rub” so I can actually tell what is under all that dust! Adding something NOW could change the whole shape of something LATER.

    I've been trying to express this sentiment for a while and couldn't figure it out, but that's the best I can do. And hey, revising is still adding words, getting the job done. As far as finishing a WIP this month, well—I might not succeed there, but I’ll have some more words. I’ll be on my way!

    Thanks for sharing, Erica!



  37. I would have never thought of duct taping her into an envelope. I was visualizing taping her mouth shut... :0

    I find myself constantly rewriting the way I say something. But, even though I struggled with that yesterday and even though I really struggled with the unfolding of the story, it didn't take nearly as long to get 2000 words in than I thought. I just had to push through and make myself do it. It was such a good feeling to break the 2K benchmark I thought for sure would be difficult to reach. (I've been taking care of sick people too long and out of habit of getting WC on a page.)

    Tiffany's story is such a hard one to write with all Tiffany's internal battles. I wrote very haltingly and found myself wanting to cry on and off. Talk about a writer bleeding!

    Thanks for the encouragement and tips, Erica!

  38. 94 participants and counting.

    We have lots of competition in this


  39. PS - I definitely want in on the drawing! Old West. Bride. Photography. Yeah! Sounds like my thing! :D

  40. Erica, loved this post. After attending a writer's retreat, I realized I need to go back to the drawing board with a significant part of my story. So, I'm replotting this month and planning to start writing in a couple of weeks. I am definitely pulling out my kids' crayons to draw and plug that IE. Thanks for the permission to write fast and fix with IE later. Such a good reminder.

    MELISSA, praying you feel better soon. Rest up. There'll be time for writing when you can think clearly.

    Praying for everyone else as they move toward accomplishing their SpeedBo goals. You can do it!

  41. Thanks for such a great post, Erica!

    I love this reminder:

    "Remember your successes, remember that EVERYBODY writes a lousy first draft."

    The one thing I need to remember - but forget every time - is that once I get started, the words really do come more easily and the draft gets better as I go.

  42. where do I put my editor once the rough draft has been written and re-written and re-written and you can't get past the first 6 chapters of cleaning up to the tiniest detail and comma! Anyone want to swap editors?

  43. Vince, interesting perspective. There are some parts of my internal editor that have become such a part of me that I can't shut her off. If I were to ignore her, I'd go insane. If I rewrite what she just told me to rewrite, not perfectly mind you, I can move on without a backward look. I know there are still things that will need fixing and I'll get back to it, but some things have to be done right the first time or I can't move on.

    I have improved in the aspect, though, that it doesn't have to be perfect the first time. In that regard, I'm able to put my internal editor on the shelf to read or do cross-stitch while I write.

    Now off to get my tags and some shopping done so I can get back to my writing! :D

  44. Feel better, Melissa! Glad you're on the upside at least.

    Tina! Is this one of your Writing Fridays? Must not envy. MUST not envy!I'm so jealous.

    Ruthy, welcome to NYC. Safe travels. Wish you had time for a quick cup of coffee.

    Good luck everyone with Day 2 of SPEEDBO!

  45. Melissa, hope you feel better REAL SOON! I'm saying a prayer for you now.

  46. Just prayed for MELLISA and all my fellow WRITERS! Happy SpeedBoing today!

  47. /happy dancin'/

    I got a Seekerville mention :D

    Erica - I'm going to be singing 'Testify to Love' All. Day. Long. You do this to me every time I see your smiling face or book cover or... well, even my other friend named Erica gets that reaction ;).

    Fortunately? my inner editor sees me starting a new WIP and runs screaming. I think she hits the Caribbean until the first draft is done. I've never had much trouble keeping away from her for the first draft.

    But sometimes, when editing, I wish she was around a bit more because then maybe there wouldn't be quite so much to fix.

    Ah well.

    I've read Erica's book and it's so fun! <3 it!

    Tina -

    Cutting all those words yesterday hurt :(. I was ALMOST at 80K for that MS but am now back down to about 76K. About 1800 of those words I hope can come back later when I edit more. But there's no guarantees. Sigh.

    But no editing today! Today is for writing! After I get back from dropping DS4yo off at preschool, I'm aiming for 'wind' speed. But I'm taking Julie's AHR with me for in car reading instead of working. Because I restarted it last night now that I'm coherent during reading time. I'll also LEAVE it in the car. Because if not I'll spend all day reading about Casey instead of writing... :D

    Off to it!

  48. Yep! Five Fridays in March!

    Coffee is brewing! I am now sharpening my keyboard.

  49. Great post! Thanks so much for the tips!

  50. Prayers for Melissa...chicken soup and cyber hugs too!

    Take good care of yourself so you can back in the swing of SPEEDBO SOON!!!

  51. Great post, Erica! My internal editor hasn't shown up for SpeedBo and I feel free! She arrives when I'm under contract and know that a real editor will read and evaluate every word I write. But I should kick her out until it's time to revise.

    Now back to writing.

  52. I knew duct tape could fix anything! :)

    Thanks Erica.

  53. More than 3,000 words yesterday.

    I'm almost at the end of a story that's due early April

    I have to rework scenes today. Not sure about my page count. Probably won't be pretty!

    May pull out hair too!

    Internal Editor reminds me of the Negative Voice, and mine is ALWAYS so very vocal. Love the idea of drawing her picture and sealing her away in an envelope!


    Bye-bye, baby!

  54. "Give yourself permission to write a crummy first draft." I usually do this with or without permission! LOL Great post, Erica.

  55. I would soooo love to have this book. You authors do a great job here!


  56. I'm with you Jessica. I write about ten crummy first drafts, whether I like it or not.

  57. Loved the picture of the internal editor! She's exactly how I imagined mine. LOL! I printed her and now I'm off to find some duct tape!

    Thanks for the great advice!

  58. I plan to 'delete' not really 'edit'. I do think there is a difference 'if' something I wrote is taking the story in the wrong direction. Kind of like an External Editor instead of my Internal Editor.
    Ok, even I didn't believe that...I'll leave it in.

    Sounds like everyone is doing great!
    Go Seekervillens!

  59. Erica, your IE looks a lot like a character from a novella I wrote a few years back that I named Arlys Horky. Arlys was a cranky old biddy, much like my IE!

    Melissa, sorry to hear you're sick. I've been dealing with one of those nasty colds all week, so I know where you're coming from. Lots of Vitamin C and fluids for me, and a handy box of Kleenex by my side (not from crying out my scenes, Julie, but to keep from dripping snot on the keyboard!).

    Only got 240 words down for SpeedBo yesterday, but I sent my Genesis in, finally! Do last minute changes on that count?

    BTW, Erica, your book looks great and I'd love to win it!

  60. Well, good to know you write great visuals, Stephanie. Snot in the keyboard. Ewwww.

  61. Tina, not to be gross, but my work keyboard has been handed down to me from at least 2 other people and it wasn't the cleanest when it got to me. My snot is the least of its worries.

    (And I try not to think about it, because it seriously makes me want to wash my hands in battery acid if I think too hard about the things the previous owners have eaten over it.)

  62. I love editing and revising, so I have a horrible time turning my internal editor off. Frankly, most of the time, I give in and edit, so I can go on.

    But, when I'm determined to get that first draft out, what really helps me is to keep a running to-do list. When I'm writing and think of a major revision, I plop notes into my to-do list so I can go back and do the editing later.

    Thanks for all the tips!

  63. Good morning! I'm at a basketball tournament today, so I'll have limited access.

    TINA: Duct Tape, the real writer's tool. :)

    GEORGIANA: Is there anything better than a new box of crayons?

    ABBI: Credit goes to Tina for finding such a perfect picture of my internal editor.

    KC: :D Anytime!

  64. Day One Report

    1807 words

    Now Completed:

    “People Won’t Be Bored In Print. If they don’t read your ad, it doesn’t matter how many other things you did right!”

    Chapter One
    Two Ways to Write a Novel – One for best reviews & One for the highest Sales

    Today’s goal: Chapter Two


  65. JAN: My internal editor tends to show up with her nasty critiques just as I'm about to write a pivotal scene. Ugh!

    GWENDOLYN: I thought the exercise was silly the first time I tried it, but then it worked! I'm a believer now!

    KELI! Thank you for your comment. Are you joining us for SpeedBo??

    MELISSA: I hope you're feeling better soon. :(

  66. I just hope I don't "accidentally" kill my internal editor by suffocation. Or...oops, did my scisscors do that?

    We've never gotten along because she can cause me not to like a perfectly good story. She ruins all the fun. I have no qualms locking her up.

    Facebook has locked me out because it says I'm logging in from a different device. Not true. I'm using my lap top that I've used for a year...So I can't join you guys on 1k1hr but I'd like to. Hopefully I can join you guys later.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. NATALIE: Computer paper will totally work! :) And I love your visual for your IE.

    VINCE: As always, thought provoking.

    LYNDEE: What a wonderful start to your SpeedBo month! Congratulations!

    JAN: Congratulations on getting started on your SpeedBo, and go ahead and duct tape those doubts inside an envelope. :) You'll feel better and you can really roll on your story!

  69. TINA: LOL, Stuff that pirate-diva in the envelope! :)

    VIRGINIA! LOL!!!! That's great! I drew mine with buck-teeth. :D

    RUTHY: Yay for art supplies! And my internal editor has some head-mistressy qualities about her, too.

    CINDY W. Congratulations on getting a start! 1K words is great!!!!

  70. My internal editor is a BEAST! Great tips, Erica!! Especially the duct tape ;)

  71. Melissa, I like that TO DO list idea..I think I will BORROW it.

  72. ANITA MAE: Sometimes having to do a major rewrite can make me gun-shy for awhile. Keep pressing on! I love your SpeedBo goals!

    RENEE: I chose crayon because if I used a pencil, I'd wrassle with trying to make it look too good. A few bold strokes with a green crayon I can handle. I am with you on tussling with just the perfect word, but I've found that if I let it go and come back to it later to edit, either the word I already have in that place IS the perfect word, or I've thought of just the word I want to use in the interim. :)

    RUTHY, you are a writing MACHINE!

  73. VINCE!!! Off to a smashing start. I expected nothing less.

  74. Putting duct tape on my shopping list right now!


    One of my favorite quotes and it goes so well with A Bride's Portrait of Kansas, City

    Don't put me in the drawing I have the book on my shelf of famous writers that I actually know! :)

  75. JACKIE: Stay safe! Those are some wicked storms that have gone through the midwest.

    MIA: All the best of wishes as you work towards your SpeedBo goal. There's something about putting it in black and white that makes it seem so real!

    JULIE: You go, girl! Make that inner editor (whoever she resembles) behave and be quiet so you can have some FUN writing!

  76. Erica, Welcome back to Seekerville and I'll take some duct tape please.

    Happy writing everyone

  77. SHERRINDA: Happy SpeedBo-ing to you, too! And I love the quote you found!

    JANET: A pencil and some scotch tape will do in a pinch. :)

    DEBRA: I got a visual of all those old IE harpies grousing and cackling over croissants and coffee! LOL

    ROSE: I've found the same thing to be true. Speed helps me drown out that internal editor's nit-picking! :)

  78. KRISTEN: Congratulations on 3K words! That's fabulous! Keep going. :)

    AUDRA: Cammo duct tape! Perfect! :) I'm jealous.

    MISSY: Maybe, after Speedbo is over, we can all photograph our internal editor and see if they all look kinda similar. :D

  79. Erica, My Internal Editor had a ruler and she SMACKS me with it. I think I'm going to need a wooden crate, or maybe a jail cell to keep the old bat off my shoulders.
    But so be it.

  80. KAV: I missed your comment the first time. Library Tape! I used to work in a library. That stuff could help seal up Fort Knox! :D

    WHITNEY: You seem to have a great handle on how your own writing works best. Revising as you go isn't wrong, just as long as it doesn't hold you back. Write on, sister!

    LINNETTE: Like Whitney, you have to write as you are made to write. Yay for 2K words, and yay for evoking emotion as you write! If you don't feel it, the reader won't feel it!

  81. JEANNE T.: I hope you unsnarl all the plot issues you discovered. I love writing retreats and a chance to air-out a story to see what works and what doesn't.

    MARYC: Isn't that the truth? If I will just stop dithering and hemming and hawing, the words really do come and the story starts to gel.

    EILEEN: Perhaps you can set aside that story for awhile and write something totally different, just for fun, forgetting all the writing rules and regulations. Free your creative self to slap together a fun story in a totally different genre, and allow yourself to forget about the story you've edited so much. Get some distance, do something else, then, when you come back to the original story, you might find it's ready to send out. :)

    CAROL: Testify, testify, all of my life I'll testify....You go, girl! Write on! :)

  82. SARAH: You're most welcome, and I'm having serious hair envy. I LOVE your hairdo in your picture. Sigh. Today, my hair is owning me.

    CARA LYNN: I'm just about to set sail on a 'free' writing project with no deadline or editors. Kind of scary, but I'm looking forward to it too!

    BRIDGET: Duct Tape = The Handyman (and writer's) secret weapon! :D

  83. We are sort of an amusing bunch.

    Who would understand but us that duct tape is in the Writing Tool Box.

    Dear, what do you want for your birthday.

    Duct tape.

  84. DEBBY: 3K+ words is fabulous! You must've really bunged that IE into her place! :D

    JESSICA: I tend to give myself permission in an effort to delude myself into thinking I'm writing a crummy first draft by choice, not because I can't do anything else. :D It's all about the mind games. :D :D

    WENDY: I love your profile picture. I have the adventures of Raggedy Ann and Andy books, and I just love them.

  85. REBECCA: Printing her off is a great idea! LOL No Crayons needed.

    DONNA: Copy and paste what you're going to delete into a new file. That way you will have it if you change your mind, or if you decide you want to include something similar in another story. :D

    STEPHANIE: Arlys Horky is a great character name! I can just picture her! And congrats on sending in your Genesis entry! Woohoo!!!

  86. Thanks, Erica. And when I went to copy them to add to my Speedbo blogpost, I realized that I'd missed one. Ugh.

    I also need to revise Chap 1 of my PE novella submission because a nice teammate kicked it back. Blech.

    And thank you, Tina for the widget. But why did your email entail all caps? Why would you yell at me? I'm always so sweet and innocent. Or perhaps you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, eh. Yeah, that was probably it. *snicker

  87. MELISSA: A running to-do list is a great idea! I've done that in the past, just adding things to the bottom of the MS as I think of them.

    CONNIE: I'm convinced that a little suffocation or scissoring will have no long-term lasting effects on an IE. They're tough old birds. :)

    JAMIE: A beast? Maybe you'll need a couple layers of duct tape. :D

    JAMIE ADAMS: Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you have a wonderful SpeedBo month!

    SANDRA: Thank you for having me here on Seekerville again. I always have a blast! And I'm passing you a roll of silver duct tape!

  88. MARY: A ruler? Maybe instead of duct tape, you need a padded envelope and that packing tape that has the strings woven into it. :D

  89. ERICA, I have to confess that I actually came across the name Arlys Horky here at the newspaper when I was typing up real estate transfers. I have no idea who the real Arlys is, but I knew I had to steal her name!

  90. LOL! I love it. Too funny, Erica, but I don't doubt it would work. How often, except in writing, can we zip the lip of a gnarly old lady??

  91. STEPHANIE: Hee Hee Hee...I wonder if the original Arlys is anything like your character. I love finding cool names and trying to find a character in a story to fit.

    CASEY: Some days I feel like I'm on the fast-track to BECOMING a gnarly old lady! :D But this technique sure worked for my IE.

  92. Anita Mae, you are a character.

    I woke up on the wrong side of the bed of nails.

  93. Thanks Erica:)

    So I've drawn and officially 'tied up' my nasty internal editor! It'll be a good reminder to me as I work:) Thanks for the great tips!

  94. Hi Erica:

    Your sure picked a day that is going to keep you hopping! We may go 300 posts today!

    You wrote a wonderful post here. It’s fun. I enjoyed reading it. But there is too much Unity in me. I have to think in terms of affirmations.

    But then Tina says I’m the devil’s advocate. (I think it was Tina but it could have been Ruth.)

    I’d really love to read your new book. I’m a big fan of early photography. I did some sudio work with a view camera and did my own developing. Is your book available as an eBook or as a large print book? I hope so.

    Stay busy. : )


  95. Today’s Motivational Idea:

    Print out each Chapter as you finish. Then place the hard copies where you can see them. Enjoy watching your book come to life literally right before your eyes!

    Today’s quote:

    “If you want to be a cowboy, you’re going to have to learn to ride the horse.” : )

    Today’s prayer:

    Lord, please let me always think in affirmations. God is good. Life is good.



    You are now the official prayer, quote and motivational phrase person.

    I love delegating.

  97. Hi Janet:

    You wrote:

    ”Vince, maybe a hug will immobilize her. (The internal editor). Works with my 13-year-old grandson. :-)

    Perfect! In fact, this is absolutely Biblical!


  98. Done, done and done!

    But somehow, the picture of my IE turned out looking like a cross between Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Sergeant Carter from Gomer Pyle.

    I had no idea he was the one lurking on my shoulder!

    You wouldn't believe the things he was saying to me - but I just shut him up and sealed him in that envelope.

    Book tape. It's the best in these situations. A drill sergeant can get through duct tape.

    I'm off to finish my word count for the day -

  99. Hi Linnette:

    I think you have it right. Your internal editor wants you to get it right and would even like you to do it without her goading. Her goal is to disappear and take off your training wheels.

    But I like your ideas. Just tell the IE, “Great, remind me later.”

    Oh, and a hug wouldn’t be too bad either. : )


  100. Mid-Day Report

    Words today: 1070

    Completed today:

    Chapter Two
    It’s Not About Escapism – It’s about Seeking a Given ‘Reading Experience’


    Reality Intrudes: the mail just arrived with courses for me to grade, record and mail out. Darn old ‘work’ work. : )


  101. Hi Tina:

    I meant to tell you this Seedbo format works great for non-fiction. It’s really simple: say what you mean and have something to say. I love it.

  102. What if my Internal Editor looks like me without makeup??? Even duct tape hasn't been known to keep me quiet. :|

    Seriously, GREAT tips, Eria!! Like Tina, I'm off in search of duct tape, the cure-all in the Lessman household!!


  103. Erica, I'm really lonely for you. Are we every going to try and have a writer's retreat at Okiboji?
    That would've been SWEET.

    I'm doing a library event in Sac City Iowa, but it's just for the afternoon, I'm driving up and back.

    Still that is halfway to you.

  104. Vince, I'll report in too.
    I got 1500 words done yesterday. My goal was 2000 but I got home to find galleys for Over the Edge and spent the evening reading through them, that has to be my priority. But I hope ot finish tonight. Bethany House does such a great, clean job of editing that I am finding almost nothing to fix, still, I need to read it through.

    I'm enjoying it. Seth's a madman, but a charming one.

  105. Mary - I'd be happy to read through that for you...


    I'm at 152 words but was exhausted despite the 'early' bedtime last night and slept for an hour and a half this morning...

    Back to work...

  106. Welcome Elva and Martha. You ladies were participants 99 and 100.

  107. Love it LOL! Okay so I'm not actually signed up for Speedbo (kinda hard to shut down everything & write when one owns a magazine -

    But I AM determined to implement these tactics and designate my weekends to writing - the magazine is my "day" job and writing evenings & weekends like I did for so many years as a full time wife & mother who worked outside the home!

    Good luck & God's blessings to everyone who IS fully participating in speedbo!


  108. Carol, I wish I could send it out now. I'm just being wildly entertained as I read it. I hope that happens for everyone else.
    Seth's tenuous grasp on sanity is, I'm finding, just ripe for comedy. Which of course is WRONG WRONG WRONG.


  109. Love these tips! Too funny! I don't know what my inner editor looks like, but I suspect she breathes fire. Have a great weekend!

  110. Hi Pamela! Hi Brandi. Good to see your smiling writerly faces.

  111. Erica, you're right--this is all about mind games. I'm giving myself the freedom to write a crummy draft. Nobody's going to see it and I will revise when I'm finished. I also discovered it's bad, but not as bad as I thought.

    The world does go 'round thanks to duct tape. And WD40.

  112. Don't we all write crummy first drafts? That's what gets my head in the game.

    Shoot, where would we be without that testing ground?

    But then at least we've got a path... I can go ANYWHERE once there's a path!

  113. I've been editing (don't yell at me) the opening of this book. An opening needs to EXPLODE (I believe I've shared that theory with you all before)
    So my opening keeps growing and growing and growing. But it has to MOVE. My hero and heroine are caught in an avalance they believe, at first, to be an accident, until the SECOND accident happens and they wonder, but a building can catch of fire. These things happen. And then the third accident...well, that knife didn't get into his back by accident.
    So who wants Dare Riker dead?
    The prime suspect would be a tragedy, but he has to be stopped!

  114. Great post, Erica! Thanks so much for sharing with us today--you seem so "down to earth" I felt like you were actually talking to moi with this post*grin*. ~ Now to find where my husband keeps that roll of duct tape....
    Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo

  115. p.s. Feel better soon, Melissa! Prayers going up.... ~ PJ

  116. First, props to Grandpa for watching grandson so Grandma Juju can write. I can only type for thirty minutes at a time so things brew in between. Well, except when grandson called Juju upstairs because Grandpa didn't know how to play with the cardboard construction blocks right.

    Ruthy, thanks for the comment. I am already seeing where I need to go back and strengthen but crummy is better than nothing on the page.

    And Vince's facebook encouragement helps on the Seekville page even though I know that was a trap to see who was sneaking over to FB!

    Thank goodness for supportive spouses!

    Peace, Julie

  117. Melissa Tagg, that's a great point!

    I do that, too, at the end of the scene I'm working on and that gives me a jumping off point for the next session. Or if I think of something and I'm away from home, I call my phone and leave myself a message. Life's so disjointed that if I don't do those things, I forget important points I want to make!!! Thank you for saying that!

    Stephanie, the shelf life of some germs is MINIMAL... That's what I tell myself.

    And exposure makes me stronger. That's like saying being deathly ill gives me experiential learning, LOL!

    I like your moxie!

  118. Connealy, that's not your IE honey.

    That's Me.

    You're welcome.

  119. Erica, that harridan looks too much like somebody I know, and the temptation to duct tape her mouth leaves me breathless with excitement! LOL! I love this idea, though. Think I may have to give it a try.

    Melissa, wouldn't it be great if you could also seal your "bug" into an envelope and tape it shut? Sure hope you'll be feeling better soon.

    Thanks for the bagel, Ruth. I missed breakfast.

    Back to writing. Have to add a substantial number of words today to compensate for yesterday's pitiful 736.

  120. Vince!!!!

    You're on to something, big guy! I get such satisfaction out of printing up every 50 pages or so and it keeps me on track because I edit better in hard copy than on a computer.

    But viewing it as FRUITS OF YOUR LABORS....


  121. Does everyone's Internal Editor look the same? Now I'm imagining an army of cloned IEs that look exactly like that, marching across the land, tormenting writers. Wow.

  122. Pam, good to see you! And Brandi, yes, I've got visual:



  123. 1500 words today so far.

    I want to read Vince's book already.

    The question is, when you are doing this kind of intensive writing, how do you turn your brain OFF and relax?

    Peace, Julie

  124. I nap, Julie.







  125. Dare Riker??

    And the heroine is Sweetly A Calm?

  126. Patricia, LOL!

    The Editorial Clone Army...

    Very George Lucas!

  127. TINA: I wish there was a like button. Write. Nap. Write. Nap. I love it!

    JULIE STEELE: Go, girlfriend!

    ERICA: Thanks for the encouraging words! :D

    VINCE: Thanks! Funny thing is, I don't even realize it until I've already backspaced and I have to retype anyway. LOL

    MARY: is Seth the MC or the antagonist? My antagonist is turning out to be a super nice guy which is causing all kinds of havoc for my heroine. I mean, if I'm falling in love with him... Yeah. Especially since my hero is totally awesome, as well. I'm getting excited and curious to see how this is going to turn out. :D

    RUTHY: Writing a crummy first draft would have me aghast in the past. I hate re-doing anything. I'm the kind of person that, once something is done, it's time to move on to the next project. Now I enjoy the editing process because I love seeing the improvement made. But it took some time growing into that. :)

    UPDATE: My word count is zero for today, so far. I spent all morning at the DMV and doing a Target run. Now, I'm exhausted. That nap thing Tina was talking about sounds about right.

    SpeedBo onward!

  128. i tned to spend too much time getting ready and not enought time doing. therefore a day late starting Speedbo but i am declaring myself ready or not.
    And here is a quote:

    And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.
    Hab 2:2

    So take that and run with it.

  129. hehe. Duct tape fixes everything.

  130. Great tips!!! That inner editor is something else....

  131. Yay, 100 folks joining in SPEEDBO!


    On a different note. Just heard tornadoes hit Huntsville, AL. Our own Melanie lives in a near-by burb, and she hasn't checked in Seekerville today. Sending prayers her way and to all those who may be affected by the bad weather!

  132. Linnette, Seth is the third Kincaid brother, the crazy one who is the hero of Over the Edge, Kincaid Brides bk#3
    That's the galley
    The WIP I'm doing for speedbo was also mentioned.

  133. Am thinking about that nap but first, I am going to read historical fiction just to get my mind turned off slowly.

    Cheryl Wyatt has numerous friends in the Harrisburg area that was hit and asks for prayers for her area which is under threat again.

    Speedbo, best motivator ever.

    Peace, Julie

  134. The heroine is GLYNNA GREER.
    And she's almost as pretty and sweet as our Glynna, expecially now that her horrible 1st husband is DEAD!

  135. JULIE HILTON STEELE...from the mouth of one of the great insomniacs (me) I will advise you, keeping in mind I'm STILL an insomniac so what to I know????

    But to get my head to shut off I re-read a beloved book. New books don't work because I always need to know what comes next. But I've found that when I KNOW what comes next, I can just read for pure pleasure, none of that anticipation sizzles in my veins and I will eventually get sleepy and start yawning. Then I can often get to sleep.

  136. Debby -

    Mel said she wouldn't be online much if at all this weekend so I wouldn't have expected to hear from her today anyway.

    That said praying all are okay...

  137. Well, have done zero writing so far.

    BUT I have an inspiring story for something sort of writing related...

    My lovely older brother who has always believed I could write a book (several, in fact) surprised me with a lap top, all updated with the right programs, etc. He runs a computer software compay so it's like a baker sending you a cake.

    But FedEx delivered it to the wrong house. Without waiting for a signature. We live in a less-than-lovely neighborhood. This was last week, and FedEx just 'shrugged'. Offered to replace the money, etc.

    It wa very disappointing for both of us because it was custom designed, from him to me. A surprise color, loaded with writing books, updated word.

    Finally FedEx admitted they gave it to the house a few streets away. I went to knock on their door, just in case they were feeling generous and wanted to return their FREE LAPTOP.

    And a sweet little old MExican lady answered the door, her hands full of tortilla dough. I saw my box, right there by the door, not even opened.

    She was just the sweetest thing! Round and smiling and smelled edible. She told me (I think, she is from a different region in Mexico than my husband) that she saw it was electronics and didn't even open it. She just figured someone would come pick it up eventually.

    Now THAT just made our day! My husband is over there now, delivering some firewood and fixing her leaky sink. She wouldn't take a reward, but did have some needs.

    Holding on to the warm, happy feelings today!!!

  138. What an awesome idea! I love it.

  139. Virginia, that story is so awesome! I love it when "mistakes" turn out so great.

    I'm sure FedEx's error is a blessing in disguise to that Mexican woman. Thanks for sharing.

  140. Virginia, I love your story! Won't you enjoy your new laptop even more now?

  141. Mary Connealy - I've noticed a disturbing trend in your books. Many of your heroines have first husbands - and quite a few of them dreadful - who end up dead. Gone. Forever disgraced and never brought up again.

    Does your cowboy know about this?

  142. Mid-Afternoon Report

    Completed Since Mid-Day:

    Chapter Three: 1129 words
    The Good News: You Don’t Have to Unlearn Anything You’ve Been Taught About Writing

    Chapter Four: 1323 words
    How Creating the Best “Reading Experience” May be the Key to Surviving the Digital Age

    This Speedbo idea is really working.

    BTW: I’m a complete pantser!!! I don’t have any idea what the next chapter is going to be until the current one ends. I just pick up form there. I hope this doesn’t corrupt me. : )


  143. Jan - Hm... makes you wonder doesn't it?

    Virginia - what a great story!!! <3 it! And so glad FedEx finally admitted to it! Sounds like a blessing for both of you in the end :).

  144. BTW: I’m a complete pantser!!! I don’t have any idea what the next chapter is going to be until the current one ends. I just pick up form there. I hope this doesn’t corrupt me. : )

    VINCE, You have just announced this to the world. We will never, ever, ever, ever let you live this down.

  145. Oh, Virginia what a wonderful Happily Ever After.

    I am melting with joy.

    Now pass the pastries.

  146. Virginia,
    Great and lovely story! So what color is it? ;) And, I'm with you...I've had 'family happens' stuff all day today, so I'm just NOW starting to write.

    And, Vince, you're putting the rest of us to shame! Congrats on your big progress today!

  147. Hi Mary:

    Do you know there is a Connealy in “A Heart Revealed”? He is very rich! However, the Lessman’s in “A Inconvient Match” are very poor. While the unfortunate Hernes in “A House Full of Hope” had their roof torn off!

    I’m having trouble keeping up with which Seeker is in which Seeker book. But don’t you just love a Roman à clef?

    I think Tina needs to a WE chart. : )


  148. Hi Jan:

    About Mary’s heroine’s husbands. I’ve noticed.

    I was even afraid to read “The Husband Tree” for just that very reason. : )


  149. Hi Julie:

    You wrote:

    ”And Vince's facebook encouragement helps on the Seekville page even though I know that was a trap to see who was sneaking over to FB.”

    I don’t know about this! I was at a real estate instructor’s seminar a few years ago when they made us create a FB page. As far as I know I have not been back since. I don’t know how to do FB. Is someone leaving posts over there saying they are me?


  150. My critic is gagged, bound, and not liking it.

    How do I get the Houdini out of her?

    Virginia, what a heartwarming story-- brotherwise, neighborwise, and husbandwise. Loved it.

  151. Hi Mary:

    You wrote:

    “The heroine is GLYNNA GREER.
    And she's almost as pretty and sweet as our Glynna, especially now that her horrible 1st husband is DEAD!”

    This makes me think of a great slogan for you.

    “I believe in Remington -- not Redemption.”

    Just funnin’


  152. Hi Tina:

    You wrote:

    “VINCE, You have just announced this to the world. We will never, ever, ever, ever let you live this down.”

    And here I am the incoming president for NAPP, the National Association for the Prevention of Pantserism. Do you think I can get by claiming I only indulge in pantserism for nonfiction books? Or should I just resign now? : (


  153. Vince, go to the Seekerville net page and click on our FB link on the left lower are quoted there

  154. And your NAPP comment had me cracking up.

    Almost as good as KAV and her falling on the floor in Sandra's post this week because someone bad mouthed chocolate.

    We should do stand up comedy.

    I can't wait for the triumphant return of the contemporary romantic comedy.

  155. Day two: 1400 words!

    - Eugene Ionesco

  156. MARY:

    I've GOT to get caught up on your books! I'm so far behind. You just keep cranking them out. This definitely sounds like a series I want to read! :D

  157. Tina needs to do a WE chart of Seekers in Seeker books?

    Yeah, in my SPARE time.

  158. I haven’t been able to read through all of these, but I know you all are doing great!

    I have a feeling I’m going to be a “Weekend Warrior.”

    JAMIE, 1400 words is awesome! And I love your quote:

    - Eugene Ionesco

    I’m so often thinking of my WIP, but I wish I spent more time doing the actual writing. LOL.

    Okay… I’m off to get some words on the page!


  159. NAPP!!!

    HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, Vince, I've always hated when people say someone is a 'treasure' because it sounds like they need to be chloroformed and and pinned to a board... but you're a treasure.

    And when my brother tried to get the shipping refunded from FEDEX, they said, 'well, you got the laptop, right?'

    WOW. It just makes me want to be better and bigger than that and more loving and more reasonable. Because that's just... bad.

  160. Um, about names in books, I just realized that my LI coming out in Nov 2012 has a Seeker name and I didn't even ask!!

    I should probably go do that now.

    She's an old, nosy lady but we love her anyway.

    The character, not the real Seeker.

  161. VIRGINIA--what a heartwarming story!

    And have aliens abducted our VINCE? Surely he didn't just admit to being a PANSTER! I feel faint...

  162. Hi Tina:

    I just want to point out that I did all my ‘work’ work today and have already taken it to the post office.

    As for the WE chart, everyone knows that if you want to get anything done you have to go to a busy person. “They know how to get things done even if they don’t know how to say ‘no’. : )

    And as far as the return of the Contemporary Romantic Comedy, I hope to have one pretty soon. (Stranded in a Cabin with a Romance Writer) after I finish RPP. It’s so funny that my doctor said I’m not allowed to read more than four pages in any one hour. Of course, it is ideally suited to my particular sense of humor.

    I have to go home now. Tonight I going to read some more of “A Heart Revealed”. It’s like reading four separate very exciting books. Any thread could have made a whole book!


  163. Hi Ruth:

    I’m glad you liked my ‘print out’ suggestion. I love seeing a book grow before my eyes. It’s like creative ‘visualization’ without needing the visualization.

    Even better if you can do it: I had a guy at the advertising agency who would print out my manuscript pages in book form. You folded the pages over and it was just like a real book that has been published. It was inspiring to look at. I bet Tina would know who to do that. : )


  164. I always enjoy discovering more Kansas authors, even if they have moved elsewhere. I've read good reviews of Erica's book, but haven't been able to read it yet.

  165. Hi Glynna:

    Yep, the aliens did get me. They claimed that I’ve been in denial all these years. However, I don’t trust them: they looked too much like they came from central casting.

    BTW: I just downloaded “High Country Hearts” for my Kindle. I can’t wait to get back to my favorite location.


  166. Uh, Erica, I've MET you, you're FAR from the GOL--I still don't think you look near old enough to have kids my age.


  167. I have just heard that Melanie is not near a computer so we probably wont hear from her. Hopefully a good report tomorrow.

    Sorry about that Eric's. When it is supposed to say Erica.

  168. VINCE -- Hope you enjoy your return visit to the Arizona mountain country! I've taken a "sabbatical" to do a story for an LI Continuity series set in Texas. I'm working on those edits now, but am eager to get back to Canyon Springs SOON!!

  169. Oh my! I would love to personally respond to everyone, but there's such an outpouring today, I'd have no hope!

    I've got serious case of bleacher butt from watching so many games this weekend, but...

    The Rochester Area Homeschool Defenders (Boys and Girls' Teams) will be playing tomorrow for the Christian Athletic League championship trophies!!!!! Go, Defenders!!!!

    And thank you all for such a wonderful time today. I loved all the comments, and the give and take, and especially hearing about all the words that are piling up on our manuscripts. (Well, not mine today, because I was at the tournament...)

    Mary, we are SO doing that writing weekend!

  170. Wonderful advice, Erica!
    I think I'll try it.

  171. Hi KC:

    If you read this please let us know if you are OK. It looks like TN is really being hit by the storms.


  172. Our Pepper is in Tennessee too.

    Tennessee, check in please.

  173. STEPHANIE SAID: "Lots of Vitamin C and fluids for me, and a handy box of Kleenex by my side (not from crying out my scenes, Julie, but to keep from dripping snot on the keyboard!)."

    LOL!! Same here, sweetie, only my runny nose is from crying, not a cold, thank God. Although, if it were just a cold, it would only be two or three weeks a year max. With actual crying??? ALL YEAR LONG!!! :)


  174. My cowboy husband once looked up from one of my books and said, rather nervously, "Am I the hero in this book, or am I the no-account dead husband?"

    He is a very brave man, huh?

  175. MARY, That's hilarious! Yes, he is a very brave man!

    I just about had a heart attack. I went to open my document and I thought I'd lost every word I wrote yesterday. It ended up saving in some weird spot under a different name. Thank God I found it!!!

    Been a rough day here. I'm just now getting to write.

  176. 590 words written for the night. I gotta call it quits. Hopefully I can catch up tomorrow.

  177. OK, I have the duct tape already and I can make my own version of my inner critic on the paint program. Now what do you do with a husband who can talk a mile a minute when you say you need a some quiet? LOL