Monday, March 26, 2012

The Loggerhead and the Swamp Rabbit

Once upon a time in the swampiest of swamps in the lowest of the lowlands way down in Mississippi, there was a loggerhead turtle named Bubba.

Bubba T. Bulldog to be exact. The T stood for Tenacious.

Now Bubba T. liked nothing better than to cover his head and relax in the cool mud-baths in the swamp.

But there was a jackrabbit named Jack (Oh, no, not because he was a jackrabbit. That would just be too corny. The truth is, he’d peeked into the human’s house up on the hill and watched Pirates of Caribbean and he fancied himself a lot like Jack Sparrow. But he drew the line at being called a sparrow, so he was just Jack.)

Well, Jack boasted that he could run faster than anyone else in the swamp and teased Bubba T. all the cotton-pickin’ time for being so slow. Fact is, Bubba T. liked being slow. He liked taking his time getting to wherever he was going, but Jack was, well…Jack, and he wouldn’t let it go.

One day, big ol’ lumbering Bubba T. stuck out his bull-headed neck, squinted his beady little black eyes at Jack and growled, “Yeah, you’re fast, Jackie-boy, but even you can be beaten.”

Jack choked on his collard greens. “Beaten in a race? By who? You? There’s nobody in this swamp, not even in the whole wide world, who can win against me.”

Enough was enough and Bubba T. accepted Jack’s challenge, even though he wanted to crawl back in his shell. Not because he didn’t think he could win, but because he needed another nap. And, Lord have mercy on the swamp, what would he do if his shell dried out while he was out there inching along in a futile race against a cocky jackrabbit pirate wannabe?

Oh well, nothing for it now. He’d stuck his claw in it, and he’d finish this race or broil in his shell for trying. He wasn’t called Bubba T. Bulldog for nothing. (T. is for tenacious, btw.)

The course was planned, but Jack being Jack, he spent the entire night carousing with the lady rabbits (Ahoy mate, those were some foxy rabbits!), but like the speedy jackrabbit he is, he made it to the starting line just in time, even if he was a little wobbly on his paws.

The owl hooted, and Bubba T. gave Jack his best Clint Eastwood glare (The original story said the tortoise was meek. Not our loggerhead turtle! Ha!) and lumbered off at a…well, at a turtle’s pace. What did you expect? A miracle?

Jack’s head spun from a night of swamp rum and pretty little swampchicks (Wait, swamp-girl-rabbits. Whatever.), but already he could tell this race was going to be as easy as stealing carrots from the farmer’s field during a Yankees game, (like falling off a gangplank, mate!) so he decided to take a quick little nap. There would be plenty of time to get to the finish line before Bubba T.

Jack woke with a start. Heart pounding, he raced down the dusty path, but there was Bubba T. plodding along, not getting much of anywhere, it seemed. Relieved, Jack took a turn into Jill Rabbit’s little swamp dive for a dram of swamp rum and a bite of cabbage and carrot stew. The music, the conversation, and the rum lulled him to sleep again. But no worries. He had plenty of time to catch up with Bubba T.

The sun started to sink below the horizon, and Bubba T., who had been plodding towards the winning post since morning, was scarcely a yard from the finish.

At that very point, Jack woke with a jolt. He could see Bubba T. a speck in the distance and away he dashed. He leapt and bounded at a great rate, his tongue lolling, and gasping for breath. Just a little more and he’d be first. He bunched his hind legs and leapt for the finish line…

The race between the tenacious loggerhead and the swift and powerful jackrabbit comes up every week (Jack’s doing, no doubt) in Jill Rabbit’s café (she calls it a coffee bar now) and the end result is always the same, much to Jack’s annoyance.

Half the swamp animals side with Jack, praising his speed, his cunning, and his ability to get to the goal quicker than lightening. And they’re slightly jealous of the leaping strides he made while doing it.

The rest stand their ground, ticking off Bubba T.’s determination to get to the finish line, his tenaciousness, his dedication not to turn to the left of the right, no matter how bleak the outcome of the race looked.

But they all agree on one thing and one thing only.

The race was a draw.

Oh, by the way, Jack’s holding court in Jill Rabbit’s Espresso Bar (sheesh), bragging about next year’s race, how it’s gonna be a triathlon and take three whole days to finish.

And Bubba T.….he’s already marking his trail to next year’s finish line. Some owl named Aesop hooted that Swamp Buggy Press is itching tell his story if he finishes on time.


Pam Hillman makes up stories from the edge of Bubba T. and Jack’s swamp in Mississippi. Her debut book, Stealing Jake, is available online at all the usual etail stores. Bubba T. gives it a claw up!

Pam is giving away a 1987 Collector's Edition of The Tortoise and the Hare Little Golden Book AND an ecopy of Stealing Jake.

Today is another day of our March Speedbo. Find outmore about Speedbo and our exciting weekly prizes here. Commenttoday for a chance to win! Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.


  1. Hello, Pam.

    Enjoyed your little tale.

    I take it this means it doesn't matter if I'm a leggerhead, so long as I get to the finish. Hope that's right, 'cause that's how I operate.

    Have a cuppa coffee when you come around.


    P.S. Don't have an e-reader.

  2. Ah, Pam. There is a reason I have a turtle collection. Thanks for starting the last week of Speedbo "write"! Decaf iced coffee for the owls writing in the wee hours.

  3. Cute post

    I'm just Jack.

    Okay, maybe not. Jack's too much a partying playboy for me and my name does start with a T which probably accounts for the way I plug away with (what was that word?) Ah yes, Tenacity.

    Miss Tenacious to a T that's me. I think I see the finish line way out there somewhere.

    Tina P

  4. The finish MOVED! LOL
    I set a new personal record of words today at 5,449 and met my speedbo goal of 30K, but I'm not finished with the story. So I've got to keep my nose hard to the grindstone and put my back in it to be able to write "the end" by 3/31. Because I will! Do or do not, there is no try.

  5. Lovin' the story, lovin' the comments.

    Go Speedbo!!

  6. These pictures are real cute Pam as is the story!
    "T" for Tenacious....

  7. Love it!! When I was a grad student in Poland, my American roomate was from texas and her cousin was named 'tater'. I think it was a nick name. I'm not sure...

    I'm both Jack and Bubba, and sometimes the swamp bubbles.

  8. Leggerheads unite!

    As a self-proclaimed Leggerhead (no big bursts of writing ever, just steady every day 1K-2K) I'm a huge fan of that tortoise!

    Love this, Pammers!

  9. Morning Pammers,

    What a great message wrapped up in a fun story. Sure can tell you're a writer. LOL

    Yep, just keep plodding along. And the occasional bursts don't hurt either.

    Love that loggerhead turtle.

    Five more days to go. Hang in there. Happy writing.

  10. I've always loved that story, Pam. I'm a poky person by nature, so it always struck a chord.

    And your little twists are delightful.

    I'm poking along on this race. A lot of people are ahead of me. They all tell me, "Keep on coming. Whatever you do, don't stop." So that's what I do.

    Thanks for the encouragement!

    I'd love to win either prize, or both, however that works.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  11. Pam,

    Your post is too cute! How creative you are! But we knew that, didn't we?

    Don't put me in for the prize, I have a copy of Stealing Jake.

  12. Great story Pam :) Circumstances force me to be a Tenacious turtle, I have no room in my life for bursts at present! Problem is, I think I was doing "bursts" of "turtle speed" :P

    So I've plodded along on my first speedbo, and guess what?? I just hit my goal tonight! My goal was only 20K, but you must realise it took me a year to write my first 18K. To more than double that in a few weeks is amazing! Thanks Seekers for the inspiration and motivation :)

  13. Haha. Thanks for the story, Pam. Like being a kid again. I like the picture of the Rabbit with his gun and knife. LOL.

    NANCY, you are a writing machine. I would like to be a fly on the wall and see how writers function. How long do they sit in front of a computer screen to peck out all those words? LOL.

    I don't have an e-reader either, btw. : (


  14. Helen W, girl, I’m going to hang your comment on my wall. LOL. I started my WIP last July and “paused” around 20,000 words, writing a little here and there, but I’m back on it, and though I haven’t done nearly as well as you, I’m hoping April will be my breakout month!

    And there is no ONLY here. 20,000 words being called "only", I ask you!!

  15. Pam, I just realized I have produced more in the past few days than I did the first two weeks of Speedbo. A lot of that is due to 1K1H. So I guess I am both after all.

    Forgot to mention I loved Stealing Jake so no need to put me in the drawing.

    Holding my breath, waiting to see what GH and Rita Day will bring!

    Happy Monday, Julie

  16. Pam, love your twists and turns on this fun story. Also love the names of the turtle and rabbit. I'm definitely more like Bubba than Jack, in many ways. I'm slow, but tenacious. Determined. :) Like someone mentioned, I am trusting the words of those who have gone before me and plodding forward, through swamps and all. :)

    Please don't put me in the drawing, I already have a copy of Stealing Jake (loved it, btw!).

    Nancy, congrats on meeting your goal. May time open up slots for you to finish that story this week! Sooooo excited for you!

    Helen W, congrats on meeting your goal! 20,000 words is definitely something to celebrate!

  17. Love your version of this fable.

    Do you mind if I use this for children's class at church?

    No need to enter me, I have a copy of Stealing Jake.

  18. Helen, oh wise one, you hit the turtle on the shell.

    When I finished this little story, I decided to just leave it as is without any, "And the moral of the story is..." in true fairy-tale fashion.

    Julie H: I have a friend who'c collected frogs and turtles for years. She loves them too!

    Mary Cline: Plodders R Us! lol

    Miss Tenacious TinaP: I almost took the part out about Jack being a party-rabbit, but since Jack sorta stuck himself into the story, it fit and was too funny not to leave in! lol

  19. Nancy! 5,449 in one day??? Amazing! Congratulations lady!

  20. Virginia, I'm sure Tater was a nickname. If not, well, they aren't any kin to me! lol

    Let's see, here are some nicknames I can think of off the top of my head. The Boy Scouts all gave each other nicknames: Jimbo (his name is Sean, btw), Splatter, Sue, Moo, Coon (b/c he was Cajun).

    No Taters, though.

  21. LOL, PAMMY, I do believe that's my favorite take so far on that tail (pun intended)!!

    I always thought the tortoise won, but I guess if we're talking writers, there's no clear winner or loser ... you have to plod ... plot ... or pants at your own speed and style.

    Virginia said: I'm both Jack and Bubba, and sometimes the swamp bubbles.

    LOL ... when it comes to writing, Virginia, I'm like my brother used to say, "half a (swamp) bubble off," so I relate!! :)

    I tend to be like Jack, God help me, although you will NEVER catch me taking a nap!! Now e-mails? 'Nuther thing altogether!! ;)


  22. I was reading Sandra, Rose and Andrea's posts and something struck me about this fable that I had never thought of before.

    Think about all the wonderful and exciting things Bubba T. experienced on his day-long trek to the finish-line?

    Stuff he would never have seen or experienced otherwise?

    Wow, that's a story in and of itself!

  23. What a fun retelling! Very nice Pam!

    I already have a copy of Stealing Jake - also very nice!

    [And thank you for not reminding us again that Golden Heart/RITA finalists are announced today /eyes Tina/].

    Speaking of Tina... your comment last night? Honey, I don't think I've ever seen anyone less slackerish than you ;).

    Today's Speedbo goal: 4K [and over 50K for the month by the time I go to bed tonight :D]

  24. As Ruthy said, she's writing 1-2K a day. For some, that might be leaning more toward Jack's side of the equation.

    For some reason, I always pictured Ruthy as a Jack sorta person anyway...

    But...hmmm...since she writes like this every day, all the time, she really isn't a jackrabbit, nor is she a loggerhead.

    She's somewhere in between.


    What can Ruthy be????

  25. Helen W, MEGA congrats on reaching your 20K goal this month. And I take it you're going to go the extra "mile" and exceed that in the next few days????

    20K is a-stinking-mazing!!!!

  26. Helen W & Whitney, I am the queen of stops and starts, whether it be writing, diets, exercise. Housecleaning. No, not housecleaning. Mark that off the list. I don't even ever START that one.

    I'm putting on my Oogway shell (aka Bubba T.) and imparting words of wisdom now.

    I've found that if I SIMPLY START something even if I think I only have 5 minutes to do it, that 5 minutes turns into 10-15, or even 30 minutes.

    Two of my daily "I will SIMPLY START" goals for 2012 are exercise and writing.

    I am speaking from way too much experience with this quirk of mine.

    I am such a Bubba T.

  27. Bridgett, please feel free, but I'm thinking you're gonna have to tweak it a bit to fit Children's Church.

    We don't want all your seven-year-olds imbibbing on swamp rum.

    And since it's not really MY story, but Aeosop's....

  28. Julie, you're right, the tortoise did win in the original versoin, but no winners or losers in Seekerville.

    Oh, man, I shoulda named the swamp "Seekerville Swamp". That will have to be amended.

    The old saying of "you lose if you snooze" doesn't even apply to Jack even though he took a few naps along the way, because he DID get to the end. He finished.

  29. Carol!!!!

    Calls for "the contests that shall not be named" are going out today????

    Praying for the phone to ring for those who entered!!!

  30. I love this story, Pam.

    I've never thought of nick naming myself Bubba, but if the shell fits...

    I really needed to read this today because wish as I might, I'm never going to be one of those 5000 words/day people.
    Nice to know I have company in the slow lane.

  31. Pam, thanks for the cute story! I have my fingers crossed for the GH/RITA hopefuls today!
    Stealing Jake is on my TB list but I would love to get my hands on it sooner! Please enter me...
    lostie815 (at) hotmail (Dot) com

  32. Great post, Pam.
    My brain goes like Jack.
    But my execution looks a WHOLE LOT LIKE Bubba T :-)

  33. Loved the story, Pam! The illustrations are lovely. Something within me longs to paint and draw. Ah, the power of procrastination.

    Time's awastin'. Off to the race.


  34. A great twist on an old fable, Pammy.

    In writing, as we all know, there is no RIGHT WAY,

    Do or do not, there is no try.

    But finishing the race, at whatever pace, is success. It's victory.

    ps cabbage and carrot stew sounds awful.

  35. I like the SIMPLY START idea, Pam. When I tell people to write 1000 words a day what doesn't really get mentioned is that it's the FIRST SENTENCE that's hard.

    The next 990 words flow (or 300 or whatever goal you set) but writing that first sentence, SIMPLE START, and oh, the places you'll go....(which is another children's book)

    Next, I'm gonna go stick my finger in a leaking dutch dike.

  36. I'm more of a Bubba... with a few naps.

    I signed up for my first 1/2 marathon in April. Most half marthons only give you 3 1/2 hours to 4 hours to finish. This one gives you the same amount of time as the marathoners. 7 hours. Wow. That's less than 2 miles per hour. When I was younger, I would've been embarrassed to run slow, but now I just want to finish.

    Same goes for writing.

  37. Hi Pam:

    Interesting tale.

    I’ve been trying to work out the moral and the Moral Premise of the story since late last night. I think I have them:

    Moral: Rabbits have more fun in life even when they don’t win. Plodders can work their entire lives and the best they can hope for is a draw.

    More Premise:

    If you pick your battles well, you will have a lot of free time to enjoy life


    If you don’t pick your battles well, you’ll be in for a long, hard, slog of a life and probably still be denied victory.


    The Rabbit stopped to smell the roses, share his love with those around him, and even had the kindness to protect the tortoise’s self-esteem.

    “Stranded” Edit Project
    Project Goal:
    Edit 55,500 words

    March 26, 2012
    Total words to date: 23,409
    Words to go: 32,091
    Percent Left to edit: 57.82%
    Time Left to edit: 37.75%
    Running: Way Behind Schedule

    “Must stop re-writing & just edit for errors and sense from now on.”

    Lesson Learned this weekend: “When editing, if you know there is a really good scene coming up and you can’t wait to get to it, cut material and make the scene come up quicker.”

    Back to work!

  38. What a great re-telling of the classic tale LOL! Bubba better be careful, cause where I come from, lot's of folks eat turtle...snappers and small loggerheads have the sweetest meat -- soft-shell's aren't too bad either (yeah my husband loved turtle and I still have the shell of the last one he caught/cleaned/cooked hanging on the porch of my house)

    Not as productive a weekend writing as before - about 1K words...but I did recreate the Oct/Nov edition of The Wordsmith Journal Magazine into a doc & pdf file (going to put up on Kindle, Nook, ISSUU & website today) AND I made a quick edit run through & submitted a novel!

    So I'm happy.

    Plan on writing every day I can this week because I'm travelling & busy, busy over the weekend (granddaughters birthday party & writers meeting in Louisiana and I'm in OK right now!)

    Here's wishing you ALL a Blessed and Successful day of writing -- and whatever else you do!


  39. I forgot, I already have a copy of Stealing Jake. Gotta love a great historical romance =)

    WHITNEY> Thanks, that was in two sessions and this is at the close of the novel which I've "seen and heard" for months now. You know there are days that I struggle to make 1K, and days I struggle to make the next sentence, haha. I switched to writing to instrumental music and I think it's made me more productive, but like Mary and everyone says, there's no "right" way except what works best for you. So glad you're back on your story! And you know I took a 3 month break from the first one and would have on this one if not for Speedbo ;-)

    JEANNE T> Thanks! I really want to finish by 3/31, and hope that's no more than 10K words but I'm not worrying about word count in first draft. This is only my second MS but I'm starting to worry I can't write a short book LOL. I thought surely I could do this on in 80K words but... no, haha. Good thing it's first draft.

    PAM> Thanks, no one is more surprised as me. I knew I needed a good day, but that's normally a week's worth of writing for me in about eight hours (two sessions). Loving all the encouragement and tips from everyone here on Speedbo.

    MARYC> I'm not one of those 5K a day people either (except for yesterday, haha). That's the kewl thing about writing, you can change lanes on any given day =)

    I'm so proud of everyone!!! And best wishes to everyone in the contest that shall not be named (Pam you crack me up.)

  40. I always feel like the tortoise, no matter how fast I'm moving forward.

    Doing rewrites on the book that's due way too soon.

    Going back into my shell to work.


  41. Clever, clever, Pam!

    Definitely in the loggerhead category, myself. I set my daily word count goal and just plot along.

    Have I mentioned that's one of my favorite Scrivener features? It has a target window where it has a bar tracking my total word count goal for the book, and a bar tracking my daily word count. The bars starts red and slowly changes to green as I near my goals.

    And if I enter a completion deadline, the tracker can also calculate how many words I'd need to write every writing day until then.

  42. AAACCCCKKK! Did I type PLOT along???

    Not this "Mister"!!!

    I PLOD along!!!!

  43. Waaay too cute. Gave me a tad bit of sympathy for loggerheads, but not really, since they have joined with the moccasins in taking over our pond and eating up all the little fishies so that I can't go fishin' anymore. :/ lol

    Loved the story, Pam! I'm hoping to make my goal of The End if not my word count goal by March 1, but even if that doesn't happen, I'll keep plodding toward the finish line. To me, your story says, "Slow or fast, it's reaching the goal that counts."

  44. Pam, that was awesome.



    That's what counts.

  45. Thanks Pam.

    Changing the rum to Koolaid.

    Now if I can simply start this next scene, I might cross the finish line. *g*

  46. "What is Ruthy?"

    Ruthy is like a Super Turle. Red cape and all.

  47. I'm BACK. Lunch break, and I typed in a response, and blogger ate it! Grrr!

  48. Pepper said: My brain goes like Jack.
    But my execution looks a WHOLE LOT LIKE Bubba T :-)

    lol - I can relate to this!!

    Mary, isn't Simply Start, simply brilliant?

  49. Connie, a 1/2 marathon??

    You go, girl!

    Uh, literally. lol

  50. Pamela S. T., that reminds me...

    Dh used to have an elderly friend who would drive 30 miles for a loggerhead turtle. So, anytime dh caught one, he'd call the man and they'd come get it.

    But about six weeks ago, we had a big rain, and I was on the way to church for youth service. I was a bit late because it was my turn to speak and I had to gather my devotion and all my props.

    Well, there was a huge loggerhead turtle in the road and I called dh and asked him if he wanted to come get the turtle. He said no, hung up, and... then proceeded to tell the entire church what the call was about, from the stage because church had already started and he was leading the song service.


    But when I walked in with my SACK of props for the devotion, my brother-in-law made some comment and everybody started laughing.

    Turns out they were wondering if I had brought the turtle to church.

  51. Myra, that's does it!

    I must get Scrivner.

  52. I seem to be with the turtles.
    I noticed Bubba did finish the race, and you've eased my stress if I'm not by March 31.

    Cute story.
    I've read Stealing Jake and loved it. So don't enter me in the drawing for it.

    Jackie L.
    (Jacqueline not to be confused with Jackie the rabbit.)

  53. Ruthy is Super Turtle!

    Yes, I can see that.


  54. btw, love the pirate rabbit picture. Perfect. :)

  55. It's amazing what can be found on google images...

  56. LOVED this story, Pam!! And that picture of the pirate rabbit is too cute. ~ Am plodding away on SPEEDBO---still have a ways but getting there! Blessings from Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  57. What can Ruthy be.... Something between turtle and rabbit...


    I love frogs and their chirps are the birdsong of the night!

    That's it: I'm a FROG!!!

    Me and Kermit, my favorite Muppet.

    "It's not that easy, bein' green!!!"

  58. Vince, your edit advice is perfect.

    Cut the stuff people tend to skim over.

    Thank God for editors who help us with that.

    But wise words, my friend!!! I'm going to do that in the book I'm editing now. Ruthlessly.


  59. Okay, I love Bridgett!!!!

    Super Turtle! Red cape!!!

    Maybe I like that even better than being a FROG....

    Me, Raphael, Donatello, Leonardo and Michelangelo.... Only I'll be the "Way Past Teenage Super Mutant Ninja Turtle"....

    Love it!!! ;)

  60. Wow look at all those goals met. Congratulations!

    Cute story, Pam, and neat illustrations. The pirate rabbit ... now how can a person not smile?

    My dear friend is on a plane headed home to the east coast, having taken a gazillion wildflower pix here. Okay, maybe only half a gazillion. I'll be back in the Speedbo lane tomorrow.

    I can't remember who mentioned Scrivener, but I have a question. How's the learning curve? Did you start a new project on it, or can you start mid-WIP with Scrivener?

    Nancy C

  61. Adorable drawings, Pam, and your story is great. Love your voice and message. One foot in front of the other, every day and keep going! Thanks for the fun reminder.

  62. I'm late for the party but I loved the story. Perfect.

    Sometimes I'm the turtle and sometimes the rabbit. Most important thing is to just start.

  63. Helen W & Whitney, I am the queen of stops and starts

    Glad to know a real published author has that problem! I'm ashamed to say it, but I have never reached 30,000 words on a story before *cough*quitting*cough*, but I don't want to do that. I have this niggling fear that my story is too different to "make" it, and that it isn't good enough.


    My encouragement? Julie Lessman writes in the POV of more than two characters in her books, and so can I. That's why my story is unorthodox by today's standard, but I just can't cut characters out to please the masses. AND, in my contest comments, none of the judges mentioned that. In fact, they seemed to like the story, and didn't have problems following what was going on.

    Anyone else POV abundant?

  64. I guess I should mention there are four POV's, not 20, in my WIP. :p

  65. Please enter me to win these two books. My grandson would enjoy the. I loved the story.
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  66. Loved the re-telling! Thanks, Pam :)

  67. PAM said:

    "Think about all the wonderful and exciting things Bubba T. experienced on his day-long trek to the finish-line?

    Stuff he would never have seen or experienced otherwise?

    Wow, that's a story in and of itself!"

    I totally agree!

  68. "Do or do not, there is no try." I believe I've heard that somewhere before....

  69. Loved your fable, Pam! Very clever!!! I'll keep doing SpeedBo until I'm finished which won't be the end of March.

  70. OMG, Pam. I'm laughing!!

    Where did you get the graphics with the pirate get up? Precious!

    I'm so a combo of both. I slug along on the straight and narrow until Jill's Espresso Bar distracts me...then, oh wait! I'm late! and off I go again.

    Great, great tale. Timeless. And very true.

  71. Whitney, I am! There's four in Lion, except for the occasional necessity of Jonathan's father and brothers in the beginning. My Speedbo WIP is just two though. His & hers.

  72. Whitney - thanks for your kind words! Glad I might be able to inspire you! Didn't think I could ever do that to anyone :P

    I also am wrestling with POV. I want to have multiple POV in my YA ... which I think is really unusual. I've forced myself to stop editing now and just write how I think it should be and assess it at the end of the book. Funnily enough, I keep looking at Julie Lessman's books too as my POV beacon!

    Pam - yes, definitely will keep pushing through the next few days and see how many more words I can get in :) I'm pleased to discover that I'd set myself a managable target. If I lost a couple of days here or there, I didn't have to stress too much and catching up wasn't difficult. But the target was big enough to keep me moving regularly!

  73. WHITNEY SAID: "My encouragement? Julie Lessman writes in the POV of more than two characters in her books, and so can I."

    You bet, girlfriend, so GO FOR IT!! It's SO much fun being a rebel, isn't it???

    And, HELEN, you too!! Multiple POV-ites united!!


  74. Good late night to everyone! I've been away from the computer tonight. Visited a church where a friend was preaching and unexpectedly met several old friends from my late teens. It was fun to catch up with them!

    Nancy C., I'd like to know about the learning curve for Scrivener too.

    Plodders R Us, Lyndee. One claw in front of the other no matter how long it takes.

    I'm with you, Jamie. There's a reason races have a starting line and a finish line. We've gotta start, and then we have to finish.

  75. Whitney, as soon as I figure out how to break my starting & stopping habit, I'll let you know, but for now, we'll stop and re-start together. But never quit!

    SquiresJ, you're down for the drawing.

    Faye and Linette, so glad to "see" you guys today! :)

  76. I'm still giggling at the image of Ruthy as a Super Mutant Ninja Turtle in a red cape cutting words ruthlessly!!! And then there's Pam's Bubba T and Jack as a pirate rabbit. I mean, what is this world coming to?

    Seriously, I love that it doesn't matter how we reach our goals as long as we don't stop trying. We need to hear that regularly during our journeys. Thanks for bringing it to us so creatively, Pam.

  77. LOL! I loved it! Thanks for providing an entertaining break - and a great lesson as well!

  78. I was born to be a turtle! Love the story here. :) Thanks for a chance to win the book too.
    twinwillowsfarm at gmail dot com

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