Friday, March 16, 2012

Speedbo: That Last Ounce of Courage

Here they come….Hearts racing. Muscles pumping. Lungs straining. Nerves fraying.

.Only two weeks left.

.Drawing on faith and every ounce of physical and mental stamina remaining, determined Friends of Seekerville thunder toward the finish line of Speedbo 2012!.At this very moment, how “fast” or sloppy your personal track has been the past two weeks will be strongly influencing your current thoughts on the wisdom of attempting Speedbo.

.Were there difficulties prepping in advance so it was a battle to get yourself into the starting gate at all? Did daily routines and interruptions crowd you out as the gate flew open and force you into a too-slow start?

.Did you eagerly and optimistically sprint that first week like a Quarter Horse who can outrun a Thoroughbred at a quarter-mile--only to realize you should have better conserved your energy to go the distance?

.Did you stumble in the first turn with forbidden research or grammar and punctuation issues? Did you get spooked by the progress reports of other Friends of Seekerville and veer off the track?

.Or maybe you prepped well, monitored energy, stayed focused, cranked out that desired daily wordcount and can see a triumphant meeting of your Speedbo goals just a few strides ahead. You can almost hear the cheers.

.Or perhaps you're doing everything “right,” everything is going well...and yet the finish line still seems an impossible speck in the distance.

.Regardless of where you are on the Speedbo track, right about now you could probably use a breather. A little encouragement to call on that last ounce of courage to take you around that far turn and over the finish line. So in partnership with your trusty timer...

.- Take a few minutes to recall why this story demanded to be told. Recapture what compelled you to tell it in the first place. Then return to your manuscript with that viewpoint fresh in your mind.
.- Make a change in your scenery. If you have a laptop, get away from your desk. Try the kitchen table or counter. The chair in the living room. The patio. If you don’t have a laptop, grab a pad of paper and handwrite a scene away from your computer.
.- Think about your favorite books--what appeals most? Incorporate a spark of that element into your next scene.
.- Write a quick letter to an imaginary friend explaining where in the story you’re stumbling. I do this in my writing journal--it’s like thinking aloud--and often, before I know it, I’ve found the answer I need to move ahead with my stalled-out scene.
.- Stand up and stretch. Drink water. Eat a light healthy snack. Do something with repetitive motion---fold clothes, vacuum the living room, lift weights, take a walk, knit a few rows.
.Most importantly, wherever you are in Speedbo, don’t give up.
Now isn’t the time to rein in and dismount. If it’s all you can do, don’t hesitate to trot or walk that pony the remaining distance. You already hopped off a few lengths back, you say? So what’s stopping you from getting back on? No law says your personal Speedbo has to end on March 31. Maybe for you this is just the beginning. You can finish that book, but only if you don’t gallop off the track.

.Keep in mind what Paul Raymond Martin (author of “Inspiration & Motivation” from Writer’s Digest Books) says:
.“No one has the stamina to write a book. So write a sentence, and another, and another. Sentences become paragraphs. Paragraphs become scenes. Scenes become chapters. Chapters become books. So write a sentence.”.So where are you on the Speedbo track today? If you didn’t participate in this round, do you think you might like to give it a shot next year? Or is it something you may want to try on your own at some point in time?

.If you’d like to be entered in a drawing for a copy of my latest release “High Country Hearts,” please mention it in the comments section--then watch our Weekend Edition for the winner!


Glynna Kaye’s Love Inspired “Dreaming of Home” was a 2010 finalist in the “Carol Award” and “Maggie Award,” as well as a first place winner of the 2010 “Booksellers Best” and “Beacon” awards. “At Home In His Heart” garnered a 4 ½ star review from national magazine “RT Book Reviews” (and is a Reviewer’s Choice nominee!).“High Country Hearts,” the fourth story set in the mountain country of Canyon Springs, Arizona debuts in March 2012.

Today is another day of our March Speedbo. Find out more about Speedbo and our exciting weekly prizes here. Comment today for a chance to win! Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.



  1. Did you see me stop my horse for a bit of a breather on the back stretch? I know you wrote this one just for me, Glynna!

    I (temporarily) stopped making progress because I wrote "The End" on my WIP. I got almost 19,000 words in the first 1/2 of the month, though!

    Today was spent going over my outline and planning for revisions, so I hope I'll be able to start pumping those words out again tomorrow :)

    Yay, Speedbo-ers, we can do it!

  2. I would like to be entered to win "High Country Hearts". I always enjoy your blog
    jrs362 at hotmail dot com

  3. I'm 3,711 words away from the minimum number required by my target publisher - over 10,000 written since Speedbo day one. It's been a great and rewarding experience. Thanks Seekerville for this terrific lesson!

    And Glynna, thanks for your encouraging post. BTW, I already have your book in my TBR pile and I can't wait to get into it.

  4. Hi Glynna:

    I can say that all your suggestions really work. Just find the right one for a given day and time and it will do the job.

    Writing everyday is also amazing. Just think if you post about 500 words a day on various blogs: that’s 182,500 words or three 60,000 word novels a year (I do way more than that just during my time after midnight!)

    You just have to keep doing it.
    Write! Write! Right?

    BTW: I have a copy of “High Country Hearts” and I’d like to know two things, if you’ll tell us:

    Did you have the ending clearly in mind when you started writing the romance? That is a 'stand up and cheer' ending!

    Did you write the last third of the book as quickly as it reads? I think that is the fastest reading -- for that many pages in a row -- that I can remember reading. It just seems like you were in the zone!


  5. Funny how my mind works this late at night. Galloping off the track made me think of the little engine that went off the tracks to play in the buttercups. Well, I have been playing in the buttercups this week, my grand kids are here and the weeks when they come go oh so fast. Next week I will try to get back on track or tracks and get that 18 year old story done. I still like it and the characters in it.
    Please enter me in the drawing. And thanks for the encouragement.

  6. Way to go Glynna!

    And a horse theme too - WAHOO!

    But uhm. Research? Completely forbidden? Really?! ACK!
    But I NEEEEEED research... HA!

    All in all, it's been good considering life so thanks. I'm much farther than I would have been and gaining on it. I'd say I'm about at the 3/4 turn? -ish? on my WIP - May 2!

    ("") ("") That's 2 paws up!!

    Congrats other Speedbo-ers! Keep on!!!

  7. Whoops - yes please on High Country Hearts. :)

    may at maythek9spy dot com

  8. I have been going fabulously, much better than expected! And it seems I'd set myself a very realistic goal because I wasn't pushing too hard, and I reached 50% of my word count goal a few days ago.

    Now, for the third night in a row, I'm listening to my daughter screaming in her cot and facing yet another night of no words!!! I allowed for these kind of set backs, but I hope she settles soon, I need to get back into it.

  9. Jan, good for you!

    Good morning Seekerville! I popped in here first because my days have not allowed me much Seekerville fun time... And you know why?

    The weather's nice and the babies are OUTSIDE!!!!! This means I actually have to watch them, LOL! They're climbing wood chip piles, dragging out Big Wheels (and they can ride the little ones now! What a difference a year makes!) And they're digging in dirt and splashing in puddles. Which means mud. You get that, right?

    I've tried my laptop outside but I can't see the screen. Gotta figure that out. Sun glare, and who ever thought I'd be using those words mid-March in upstate New York???? While writing about a March ICE STORM!!!! The irony is killing me.

    LYNDEE! That rocks, chickie!!!! So proud of you!

    Oh, Helen the phrase 'screaming in her cot' brings back so many memories! Last week we kept our 20 month granddaughter for the night because she wakes the whole house up every night at 2 or 3 AM...

    What did she do at Grammy's? Slept all night. She woke and babbled a couple of times, but went right back to sleep. But at least they got a night's sleep. Young parents, both working, sleepless nights are not fun! Bless you!

    Coffee's on. Creamers (including caramel macchiato) are to the left. And I've stopped by Tim Hortons for some donuts this morning. It's Friday and I love donuts. Ergo...


    Happy Speedbo, Seekervillagers!

  10. your post about horses reminds me of when I was on a trip to Northern Territory and had to go on a horse ride. Well I have this huge black horse (I couldn't see over the saddle standing next to it). It was a nice horse that like one speed and that was slow which suited me except it kept getting left behind and we had to try to make it more a bit faster.
    Probably a good horse for me as like the horse I too tend to be a procrastinator taking my time about things.
    Its good to see so many doing well at speedbo..
    would love to win your book.

  11. Family issues have pulled me off course time and time again, but I've managed to write something every day. I'm glad to be part of Speedbo, it's helped push me to write something every day.
    Thanks for starting this!

  12. Thanks, Glynna.

    I really needed to read this.

    .“No one has the stamina to write a book. So write a sentence, and another, and another. Sentences become paragraphs. Paragraphs become scenes. Scenes become chapters. Chapters become books. So write a sentence.”

    So often when I feel that way I think it means I'm not really meant to be a writer. It's encouraging to know I'm not alone.

    I'd love to be entered for a copy of your book - especially after reading Vince's comments.

  13. I'm more of the slow but steady wins the race speedbo participant. :-) My mount is a tortoise (not as far when you fall off so no broken bones yet.) My biggest obstacles are long work/commute hours so I appreciate that quote about sentences becoming paragraphs, paragraphs becomings scenes and scenes becoming chapters. That's the way it's been for me. I've had this week off though and made huge inroads though the temptation to go back and fix those first few chapters is nearly dibilitating!!!!!

  14. I wrote 2408 words yesterday. An all time record for me, but considering I had the day off, I think I could have written even more. I am however half way to my word count goal for this book, so maybe I can make it.

  15. WOW, JAN! 19,000 words in the first half is FANTASTIC! And writing "The End" is definitely deserving of a SHORT breather before climbing back on and seeing what you can make of the last half of the month! Congrats!

  16. Good morning, SQUIRESJ! So glad you enjoy our blog! All the Seeker Villagers participating is what makes it so fun for all of us!

  17. Hi, LYNDEE!! You are making GREAT progress!! I think what is most "eye opening" about doing something like this is it pushes us a little beyond our comfort zone and we can see, if we really apply ourselves, what we can accomplish in a limited amount of time and that is so energizing.

  18. Glynna Kaye, your post is so timely and true.

    I happily celebrated hitting 10,000 words yesterday in spite of my goal being 2500 a day. I am celebrating getting into the habit of writing daily again. Trying fiction.

    But I have started the "maybe I need to go back and add details. Maybe I need to put more scenes of the secondary characters in to flesh things out. Maybe I really should have done an outline first since I am at the end of my pants!"

    You have given me the umph to get back on the horse even though I already have saddle sores from this short ride.

    No need to put me in the drawing. I have your book!

    Peace and happy half way there, everyone, Julie

  19. I'm trying to finish my wip in this month. I'm at 50,000 (started the month at 30,000) and I'm trying to round the book out at 70,000 by March 31st. Ackkk! That's 20,000 more words. What was I thinking???

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, and of course, I would love to be entered in the drawing for your latest, greatest book.

  20. PS. Don't think I will try having my current read, The Hunger Games Trilogy, influence my little inspirational romance. Don't think that would fit the guidelines.

    But I am using it to clear my mind and think about why it appeals to folks, comparing it to my chosen genre. Dystopia versus life of hope and faith, ethical and moral motivation.

    I told my daughter I have read so much about early Christian martyrdom and faith motivation during the Holocaust and other tragic world events, that the violence really hasn't shocked me.

    Okay, nuff now! Back on the horse and a world of hope and faith.

    Peace, Julie

  21. Good Morning, VINCE! I think each book is different. As you know, I'm a "Planster" so I have a high-level synopsis mapped out for the proposal I submit to my editor before I write beyond the first 3 chapters. But it's not really until I get into the writing that things start to solidify in detail and some things actually even SURPRISE ME as the story unfolds and layers.

    As I recall, the last third of that book was NOT written speedily. In fact, it's usually in that last third of a manuscript that I'm exhausted and almost in tears, sure my editor will be disappoinnted, and asking myself why I ever thought I could write a book! That's when I really have to dig my heels in, trust that God has a plan for me and the story, and keep sitting down in front of my computer daily.

  22. Thanks for the inspiring post, Glynna! Especially appreciated that Martin quote, a great way to manage what can feel like a daunting task. I'm sick and tempted to take a nap, but one sentence I can do. Who knows where that will lead? :-)

    Congrats on the word counts, SpeedBoers! You all rock!!


  23. Ruthy, the weather has been weird up north. Hoping we don't end up having winter in May. Enjoy the outdoors with the babies!


  24. MARY C - Stop and smell the roses (or play with the visiting grandkids!) is what life's all about. But it sounds like you have a great plan that once they're out the door to saddle back up and get your pony moving again!

  25. Glynna, such a lovely post. Though I'm not doing Speedbo this month, I plan to do it, probably in mid-April. So, I'm holding onto your words of inspiration.

    As Mary mentioned, I love the equation of going from a sentence to a book. Thanks for making the task bite-sized. :)

    It's fun to read everyone's progress. Keep it up. I'm praying for you, for whatever that may be worth. :)

    JACKIE, so proud of you for writing something every day. That's tricky sometimes. Keep up the good work.

  26. HEY, KC! 2 paws up and reaching that turn--FANTASTIC!

  27. HELEN W - 50% of your word count goal is fantastic! Amazing what can be done in a limited length of time, isnt' it? But kids always have to come first, so no beating yourself up. Hope your little one settles down SOON!

  28. GOOD MORNING, RUTHY! Your wonderful weather "outsidey" time with the kids sounds wonderful! (Maybe someone here knows where you can buy a glare screen for a laptop.) We're looking at 12-24 inches of snow here by Monday morning. UGH

  29. Hello, Jenny! You never know what kind of horse you'll get when you go on those trail rides, do you? I think the prettiest trail ride I've been on was in the red rock country around Sedona, Arizona. Check out if you're not familiar with the area.

  30. Morning Glynna,
    Love the analogy to riding a horse. Would actually love to do that this morning.

    Congrats to all of you plugging along with speedbo.

    I'm so impressed.

    Glynna, you always amaze me. You struggle so and then come up with a near perfect story. I love it.

  31. Hi, JACKIE! Sounds like in spite of "life" you're still making progress. I've spent the last several weekends deep in edits for my October book, so haven't been SpeedBo-ing with new fresh word count, but THIS weekend I'm getting back in the saddle to see how far I can get on my next book proposal(s)! The dedication of all of you has inspired me to push myself a little harder in what remains of the month!

  32. Mary C...I've been looking at the flowers too. My kids are off for spring break and I guess my brain thought it was suppose take a break too.

    Did go to critique last night and got motivated, but on the wrong wip!

    Lot of practical advice.

  33. MARYC - I really liked that quote, too. In fact, it is probably deserving of a little frame and to be tacked up next to my desk.

    Sometimes I'm SO TIRED (I work full-time) that I just don't FEEL like sitting down to write. But if I tell myself ALL I have to do is write a sentence... or if I set my timer for 15 minutes and say "just write for 15 minutes" that usually breaks the block and I can keep moving beyond the 15 minutes and even achieve my day's word count goal.

  34. KAV -- Keep up the good work! I TOTALLY understand the day job thing. For us there really is a tortoise element and being true to that daily word count as much as we can. It's important, too, not to let ourselves get discouraged because those around us have HOURS each day to write or are gifted as remarkably fast writers as that defeats us before we even get started. The important thing is to keep on writing those words, those sentences, those paragraphs.

  35. CHRIS -- Great progress on your word count and almost halfway!!! And just think -- there are still 15 more days left in March!!

  36. Definitely time to take some of Glynna's suggestions to heart. Gotta dig deep for that last ounce.

  37. GOOD MORNING, JULIE! I'm thrilled you're still on your horse here ar the halfway mark--but don't let him get distracted. Horses are notorious for reaching out to snatch at clumps of grass or leaves on trees, not focusing on where they're going. LOL. That's what research and taking time to rewrite do to me, so I try to write in reminders in my manuscript (in red with yellow highlighting) or jot them down in a little notebook I keep by my desk. Then at the end of the writing session, when I've me my word count goal for the day, I can reward myself with a quick jaunt down research or rewrite lane. :)

  38. WOW, ANNIE! You're REALLY getting into this! Good going!!

  39. JULIE--Sometimes I just read for pleasure and don't try to consciously learn ANYTHING about the craft as I read, but other times I like to ask myself questions either during or after reading. Why did I like (or not like) this book? What elements of the writing craft did the author use that I could learn to use better, too? What "hit the spot" for me on this book? What was it about the opening that pulled me right in? What about the story gave me a "warm fuzzy" feeling? What is it about this story that I find it lingering in my mind long after I put it down?

    So many books and so little time!

  40. Good morning, JANET! I know firsthand that "maybe if I just take a nap" feeling. I've long heard people say if they take a nap with a story question in mind they wake up with the answer. Never had that happen as I recall, but the nap was sweet anyway! :)

  41. JEANNE T -- I anticipate I'll be doing my own SpeedBo in April or May, too, as book edits have eaten up half the month and I don't have any book proposals approved to jump into for the remainder of the month. So that's what I'll be focusing on for the remainder of March--getting a proposal written with additional "blurbs" to run by my editor for approval. Then off I'll go on book #6!

  42. HEY, SANDRA! I can hardly wait to see you at the Desert Dreams writers conference! Only 6 weeks from today, I think! So beautiful in Scottsdale in the Springtime and being surrounded by other writers, editors and agents is a beautiful way to spend a weekend!

  43. Yeah, Glynna! Happy proposal writing and working on book #6!

  44. CONNIE -- that's the thing with SpeedBo in March being classic Spring Break time (and NaNoWriMo in November with Thanksgiving). But the beautiful thing is you can pick your own personal SpeedBo month and set your goals for that--which is what I plan to do, too.

  45. Awww, awesome words of inspiration. I'm a little off my game this week with spring break and traveling, but am trying to keep on trucking. :)It will happen...:)

  46. SHERRINDA -- "Keep on Trucking" is definitely our SpeedBo motto!!

  47. Glynna - before I forget, I have the book so don't enter me :).

    I'm 'behind' on my MS. At 22K so far. Should be at about 35K to make my goal, but I tend to be a sprint and collapse gal [or so Ruthie tells me].

    That said, this month also has Spring Break for the kiddos so there's some time I can't use, but I have 3 Panera days scheduled in the next week so that should help [though the 3rd one may get cut off... /sigh/].

    AND I've also edited [yes, I know you're not supposed to edit but...] two 50 page entries for FFL.

    AND I'm a natural night owl. My most creative times [when I can have Panera like hours at home every day] are from about 9 or 10 at night to 1 or so in the morning. But when the alarm goes no later than 615 most mornings that just doesn't work /sigh/. Gonna have to figure that out.

    AND I've also read some - mostly when I couldn't be writing anyway - but just in the last couple days read two MSs from a friend and [oh I hope!] helped a little bit! Can't wait for y'all to see them later this year/next year!

    Gonna stick my earbuds in and try to get some writing done this morning. We'll see how it goes.

    Thanks Glynna. Gotta get this nag moving again ;).

  48. Glynna, you've given us some excellent reminders about pausing to assess where we are before plunging ahead to finish the race. Completing a book, whether in one month or one year, takes lots of courage and stamina--a lot of sticktoitiveness!

    And what fun to read about everyone's Speedbo progress! However many words you've written, be proud, because this is progress you wouldn't have made if you hadn't buckled down to write in the time you had.


  49. JULIE H S, I'm reading The Hunger Games too! About halfway through book 2--wow!!! My 12-year-old grandson was reading it during their visit last month, and he just couldn't put the book down, so I decided I needed to see what held his interest. Now I'm hooked!

  50. Glynna, you said

    "That's when I really have to dig my heels in, trust that God has a plan for me and the story, and keep sitting down in front of my computer daily."

    That's the key, isn't it? We trust God and sit down at that computer daily.

  51. CAROL--Kiddies on spring break are a DEFINITE distraction! Sounds as if you have a good plan to hit Panera and do some catch-up! "Panera" -- that's a pretty name for a race horse!

  52. And SPEEDBO shall ne'er go by,
    From this day to the ending of the world,
    But we in it shall be remembered-
    We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
    For he or she to-day that writes her books with me
    Shall be my brother (or sister);
    This day shall gentle her condition;
    And authors throughout the world now-a-bed
    Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
    And hold their womanhoods cheap whiles any speaks
    That wrote with us upon SPEEDBO.

  53. Glynna, love the part about 'write a sentence'

    So so true.

  54. I'm reading High Country Hearts right now. A surprise ending, Vince? I'm excited!

  55. Hi Glynna,

    Appropriate analogy today because in my wip my heroine is off on a runaway horse! LOL.

    My own racehorse is a little sluggish, but I'm hoping to pick up speed in the next two weeks.

    Thanks for the encouragement and I'd love a chance to win your latest book!


  56. Well, I'm off to earn a pay check, but it appears, with our own dear Seeker Mary regaling us with poetry this early in the a.m., that you'll be well-entertained without me! But continue to report in on your progress so we can cheer you on!

  57. Gulping!

    Did you say only two more weeks? YIKES!!!

    Fold clothes? And vacuum? Really?

    I liked Paul's comment about writing one sentence and then another and another...

    Heading back to the WIP for one more sentence...

    And then another...

    And another...

    Good luck, everyone! Keep writing!

  58. Glynna, what a timely post! It's the middle of Speedbo and much like the sagging middle of a book, we could all use a moment of applause.

    Right now.

    We're halfway through! You brought ups some great little tips to keep us going over the hump into the home stretch.

    I love walking the dog and talking to myself. People in the neighborhood expect it by now. I don't frighten the kids half as much anymore : ) I've worked out many little niggling issues as I tug my fat little Corgi along.

    Yep, KD is in it for the long-haul, too, but she's not quite as enthusiastic about it as I am, LOL!

    Great reminders, Glynna. I needed this!

  59. First, congrats to everyone who has been making progress during SpeedBo. One word or thousands, you rock!

    My horse and I, well, we meandered out of the gate and then seemed to turn in different directions. But even the small progress I made has been good. Got me to rethink my male character and clarify his goals.

    "No one has the stamina to write a book. So write a sentence..." Love this quote. Would make a great wall hanging.

  60. Always interested in reading your work, Glynna. Please include me in the drawing.

  61. I LOVE the quote from Paul Raymond is so true!

    Thanks for the encouragement - My weekend schedule is hectic and I might not get to writ as much - but you've shown me every word counts.

    Good luck & God's blessings!


    I didn't participate this time around, but I'm cheering for all who did!

  63. Mary! What a wonderful twist on Shakespeare (and my absolutely favorite inspiring scene in all literature!)

    This day is call'd Speedbo:
    He or she that outlives this day and writes their way home
    Will stand tiptoe when this day is named,
    And rouse him at the name of Speedbo.
    He that shall see this day, and live to write again,
    Will yearly on the vigil feast his neighbors,
    And say, "This month is Speedbo."
    Then he or she will lift his book, the manuscript complete,
    And say, "This is my Speedbo triumph!"

  64. Oh, Glynna, I think my horse and I had a strong start, then we got pulled out of the race for a while. Unfortunately, we're not just sitting in a field of buttercups, daydreaming away...

    This past week has been SO busy! Two co-workers quit, so we're doing their work, and a third one actually passed away, so we had to deal with his memorial this week. On top of all that, I have TWO job interviews in the next week that I've been preparing for by putting together portfolios and studying up on these companies!

    We might get back in the race next week, depending on how things go. Like you said, we might not finish in March, but we'll finish someday!

    I'd love to win your book.

  65. Hi Mary & Jan:

    Great Poems.

    All I can say in reply is:

    “All things are ready, if our minds be so.”

  66. GLYNNA!!! Hey, lady! Yes, I'd love to be entered into the drawing for your book!

    Where am I in SpeedBo? Thrown. Even though I managed 846 glorious words yesterday, I'm still thrown. My dishes and laundry have mounted and I can't seem to hurtle them. I need to get some out of the way because they're clogging up my track.

    Currently, I'm at 13,913 for my SpeedBo word count. If I can make at least 20K I'll be satisfied. I want to reach higher. I'd love to reach 40K. But as a chronically ill mother of 4, I'm trying to be realistic! :)

    Now, off I go to take care of some of the mountains so I can hope to get some word count in today. :)

  67. Hi Myra:

    A great gift for your 12 year old would be:
    ”THE CURSE OF THE MINOTAUR: An Annotated Tale of Ancient Greece”
    by Tom Stone.

    If he reads this after having read the “Hunger Games”, he will see how the classics tie into our current culture and it might instill in him a curiosity that will provide rewards for the rest of his life. This book is written for 11 year olds and up.

    The “Hunger Games” presents a wonderful learning opportunity!

    Ah, to be young again!


  68. Hi Glynna:

    Well, I guess you prove the old saying:

    “A professional makes the difficult look easy.”

    I would have liked it better if you had been a plotter { : ( ) } but I still plan to use “High Country Hearts” as an example of the ‘Stand up and Cheer” ending.

    I must say, when I read it (it was very late at night) I had the strangest thought:

    “Why doesn’t everyone write endings like this! It doesn’t cost any more money to print!” (Of course, that was 3am.)

    I think you are the Quiet Seeker. I think for as well as you write, you need to make a little more noise. You’re like the poker player who won’t bet his hand. (Anyone know what that means on this Christian site?  )


    P.S. I haven’t had so much vicarious fun since I saw the school bully get beat up by the new kid in the sixth grade. : )

  69. Vince - I taught my children history through quality historical fiction (at least up until high school, when they read the classics). Bethlehem Books is a great resource - They have great historical fiction from almost every era of history.

    That scene from Henry V still brings tears to my eyes...

    I guess I'll have to pick up The Hunger Games after the way you and Myra have been talking about it!


    I was going to use 'The last full measure of devotion'

    But I decided mangling the Gettyburg Address was inappropriate.

  71. Mary, I wish there was a "like" button for blogger comments!

    Sigh. Who else can I hang out with and semi-quote Shakespeare?

  72. Thanks for the encouragement, Glynna. I like the admonition: Write a sentence. And another...
    Every word, every sentence is one that was not written before we sat to take on this challenge. Go, writers, go!

    Great to see everyone's comments.

    Please enter me in the drawing for "High Country Hearts."


  73. I'm going for the final laps. Kicking it into high gear. The window is open and that spring breeze is encouraging me!!

  74. "I think you are the Quiet Seeker."

    We'd like to know what that makes the rest of us.

  75. Hi Tina:

    I think that would be axiomatic:

    You’d be less quiet than quiet.

    Think of an orchestra from a harp to a cathedral organ with each Seeker being a different instrument. (Certainly we can’t have any second violins.)

    Where do you think everyone fits in? You know everyone so well.

    It is good for creativity to view life through different POVs. Think about it: writing Christian fiction makes you an instrument of God’s blessings.


    P.S. I’m letting ‘work’ work distract me from my Speedbo writing. I found four versions of chapter 1 so doing an edit is a lot more work than just writing the stuff in the first place. I could just pick any one of them but I fear losing some really good gems. (What optimism!)

    Well, I think I’ll do some more ‘work’ work. I have orders in the mail I need to fulfill.

    Writing will just have to wait.

  76. Please count me in for High Country Hearts....loved Glynna's other books! I am not a writer, but am enjoying reading Speedbo comments!

  77. Well, you can keep at it but I'm pretty much maxed out on my Shakespeare quotes.
    Unless we can work, "Romeo, Romeo, Where for art thou Romeo..." into this topic somehow.

    And oh, how about, "Out @#%% spot."

    I sometimes think that one while doing laundry.

  78. I'm afraid I've taken too long of a breather! But I don't have to stop March 31!!!

  79. Sitting at 22K on this manuscript. It's always right around this point that I want to throw it away and/or beat the characters into submission. But I usually have to go through the 'throw it away' phase for a few days/weeks/months before there's some glimmer of hope. I want to push through it [or Ruthy may come beat ME up] but I just don't want to... /sigh/ Wish shooting someone was an option. Would make things much more exciting...

    Guess it's one of those 'one sentence after another' times and then hope they make sense :p.

    Didn't realize how timely it was when I read it this morning ;). Thanks, Glynna.

  80. Seekerville welcomes KRISTEN B to our Speedbo Challenge!!!

  81. Ha, ha. Good analogy. Let's see if anyone else can figure out where we all fit in the orchestra?

  82. I wouldn't mind being a second violin!

    The second violins (unlike their name implies) are just as important as any other part in the orchestra. While the first violins carry the tune soaring above the rest of the orchestra or in counterpoint to the cellos or another instrument, the seconds provide color to the upper registers, balance and support to the melody, alto to the first's sopranos.

    We often notice sections like the first violins or the trumpets right away because they stand out, but they'd sound pretty empty without the rest of the orchestra!

    So Tina, which part are you? I think with all the background support you do, you'd be the Double Bass - the steady, solid, rich tone that holds the whole thing together.

    Mary's the French Horn section - sitting in the back and letting loose with soaring melodies when it's her turn.

    Debby is the Bassoon - suspenseful, rich, deep.

    Julie is the flute - feminine and passionate.

    And I've run out of ideas.

    Ruthy? Hmmm... I'm not sure where snarky fits in the orchestra...

    /ducks behind my computer/

  83. I'm horribly behind in my Speedbo goals but that's okay, because I finally figured out what's wrong with my whole story idea. I was forcing, forcing, forcing... and now I've decided it's a contemporary and not a historical. i thought it HAD to be a historical but it really can work as a contemporary. And I like it SO much better now!!

  84. I am having fun with Speedbo and all o' youse.

    I've gotten 12 K done in The Lawman's Second Chance and 12 K done in Katie and the Trooper.

    And a 7K synopsis for Katie and the Trooper.

    And I did a critique and sent out a couple of back-logged prizes, and I'm happy with all that. Now...

    Do I dare move forward with either book until I have approval???

    Or go back and play with putting together synopses and story ideas for the Lawmen of Allegany County series?

    Gotta figure this out tonight. Jumping in tomorrow, both feet, and keeping two young friends overnight to work on a sewing project. But they will SLEEP IN, no doubt. And dog might have puppies tonight. Or tomorrow.

    Elmo on Sunday with three grandsons. How fun will that be?

    So working hard tomorrow to feel on top of things. Mary, I love that poem.

    And I love seeing everyone working hard. Falling off (for some of us!) and getting back on. How funny that Glynna and I used horse analogies this month.

    I copied her, obviously!

  85. Glynna, it just hit me why I like that quote so much. It reminds me of my favorite writing book of all time - Anne Lamott's Bird by Bird.

  86. A wild wave and welcome to Kristen B. as we all do the laps on this Speedbo racetrack. You do know, don't you Glynna, that I now have this tattoo of hoof beats going on in my head??? It. Won't. Stop. So thanks a bunch. ;)

    I completed the revisions I wanted to do, so now there's no excuse for delaying on the new words my w.i.p. requires. I'm telling myself that two weeks is really TWO WHOLE LONG WEEKS, and reaching my goal will be no problem. Ha!! I'll just keep telling myself that. I'll probably still be muttering it into my monitor when the calendar widget flips to April 1st.

    Happy Speedbo-ing, fellow horse racers.

  87. Thanks for the encouraging words! It's tough to keep up the progress when everything and everybody is vying for attention!
    Still, I'll be sad when Speedbo is up. I've really enjoyed all of the posts and comments. So, I'll look at it the other way - I still have two more weeks to enjoy everyone's company and the challenge to keep making progress.
    Deep breath. Now let's get back to it!
    PS - Please enter me for your latest release “High Country Hearts.” It looks wonderful!

  88. I'M BAAAAACK! Looks to have been a busy, busy day here in the Village!

    SUSAN M - Did the hero rescue the heroine on the runaway horse or did she rescue herself? Hope you can pick up some speed in the coming days. The sweet thing is that 2 weeks have passed, but there's STILL two weeks remaining!

    DEBBY -- I don't think we have to vacuum and fold laundry during SpeedBo. Just toss the laundry in a basket or in the corner and let everyone pull out what they need for the next few weeks.

    AUDRA -- Walkin' the dog sounds like a great way to work out those troublesome plot points. Most people will just think you're talking to the pooch!

    PATRICIA W -- There's still time to coax that lumbering nag at least into a trot over the next full weeks--or maybe even a GALLOP that carrie you into April!

  89. Ruthy, you work on two projects at the same time????????????????????????????????????????

  90. PAMELA T - YES, every single word counts. They all add up!

    HEY, CASEY! Thanks for dropping by to cheer our SpeedBo participants on! Aren't they doing a great job?

    STEPHANIE L - Sounds like you have a ton of challenges to overcome right now. But you have the right attitude--you can carry your own personal Speedbo into April and you know that there will still those of us here to cheer you on!

    HI LINNETTE! You definitely have to be realistic when tempting something like this as you don't want to set your goals so high there's no way you can hope to meet them. Then you get discouraged. So just keep on going --moving forward with whatever time you can squeeze out. I'd say 14K for two weeks work is very nice indeed!

  91. HELLO VINCE! The Quiet Seeker, huh? Maybe I'll be noisier here if I can ever earn enough money writing to quit Ye Olde Day Job.

    I'm glad I didn't lose your respect by admitting to being a PLANSTER rather than a full-fledged Plotster. :)

  92. Hello, LOIS! So true! Each word we write is one more than there was before!

    TINA -- I'm jealous of the spring breeze invigorating you to kick it into high gear. This weekend MY "breeze" will be 50 mph gusts and 1-2 feet of snow! Is this someone's idea of a joke??

    VIRGINIA--We've had a few other Seekers switch the time setting on their books and watched the story take off!

    RUTHY-- Sounds like you've got more than one horse in the race! Can't lose with odds like that!!

    MARYC - It's been years since I've read Lamott's book. I should probably dig it out and read it again.

    CAROL G--a tattoo of hoofbeats in your head? What I have running thru mine today is that old song "Run for the Roses" by Dan Fogelberg. Anyone else remember that one? I LOVED that song!

    REBECCA -- Yes, we still have two deliciously long weeks stretching out ahead of us! And as we gallop into April, we'll continue to cheer each other on!

  93. Well, all these comments make me feel like a lazy bum. Did want to respond to Virginia if you catch this post. Very impressive that you're changing genres on your WIP. Once someone suggested I change my book from first person to third and it really worked better.

  94. Well, all these comments make me feel like a lazy bum. Did want to respond to Virginia if you catch this post. Very impressive that you're changing genres on your WIP. Once someone suggested I change my book from first person to third and it really worked better.

  95. GLYNNA!!! Just got home this minute from out of town, so I apologize for being late today, but GREAT POST, my friend, getting us to strain toward that finish line with everything in us!!


  96. DIANE C - I wrote in first person for YEARS as I didn't think I could write effectively in third person. You know, convincingly getting into the male POV. But when I gave it a try, that's when my writing took off!

  97. GOOD EVENING, JULIE! Thanks for stopping by! I'm SO PROUD of all these Seeker Villagers who've taken on SpeedBo. Maybe some of them will look back and say "the first book I sold was the one I finished in SpeedBo 2012!" :)

  98. Thanks, Glynna! I'm sure a lot of us needed this pep talk, and even though I'm not quite where I'd like to be (okay, that's an understatement, LOL) I'm NOT stopping!! You Seekers are the BEST with all your encouragement, and it means a LOT. ~ Am refilling my coffee mug and diving back into my WIP! Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo p.s. Please enter me in your book drawing--Thanks! :)

  99. HI PATTI JO! Oh, my goodness--you're settling down to write tonight? Isn't it like 10 p.m. in Georgia now? I can roll out and start writing at 4 a.m., but the the late night thing is a lost cause for me.

  100. I'm not in SPEEDBO but I'm betting on all of you who are.

    I have written every day this week, which is something I've never been able to say before.

    I would love to win your book, Glynna.

    andeemarie95 at gmail dot com

  101. Casey, thanks for cheering us on :-)

    And Virginia, what an eye-opener -- that the story works as a contemporary. Definitely worth the 'stall.' Now, go for it.

    Oh, and Mary C ... totally agree about Bird by Bird. Every writer should read it and (hopefully) take it to heart. The 'step by step' reminded me of it, too :-)

    Glynna, thanks for an encouraging post. These words were extra special: "Take a few minutes to recall why this story demanded to be told. Recapture what compelled you to tell it in the first place." I did, and guess what. I realized an entirely different and unexpected way for the heroine to tackle her latest problem. I wrote the scene and love it. But even better, I'm enthused about the entire story again. Thank you!

    Nancy C

  102. I'm looking to back a winner here today.

    I'd love to read HIGH COUNTRY HEARTS thank you.


  103. Very encouraging words and some extremely helpful tips! Thank you so much!


  104. ANDREA -- Congrats on writing every single day! Even if you're not SpeedBo-ing that fantastic!

    NANCY C - So happy that stepping back to recall why you wanted to tell the story in the first place breathed new life into it!