Sunday, March 4, 2012

Speedbo Weekend Edition Week 1

We're 4 days into Speedbo, and whether you're a weekend writing warrior just starting, or on your fourth day of deep writing, we're here for you. 

 If you missed our starting line up, it's not too late to start Speedbo.  Check out the guidelines here and get your name on our Hall of Fame. Currently there are over 100 participants!!

Our March Speedbo calendar can be found here. Finally, don't forget to check out the Speedbo Recipe Roundup. You have to eat too!

We Have Winners

An Announcement from Ruth Logan Herne:

"Seekerville is thrilled to announce the five winners of the "Avoid the Slush Pile" Query Letter Contest to query agent Barbara Scott of Wordserve Literary!"

The finaling entries are:

Eileen Barnes  "For the Love of Gracey" 
Rita Monette    "Legend of Ghost Dog Island"  
Jan Drexler      "Love Bears All Things" 
Sue Mason      "Wyndermere House"
LeAnne Hardy  "Keeping Secrets" 

"These entrants have been invited to submit their query letters and the first five manuscript pages to Barbara. We want to thank all of you who entered the contest. There were 39 entries that were judged by a team of authors, then the semi-finalists were sent back out, narrowing the field from ten to five. And let us say that many of these were fine letters. If you did not final in this contest, don't be afraid to query Barb independently. No panel of judges can fully represent what any agent or editor might be looking for at a specific time, so stay in the game."

 Speedbo Week 1 Winners are:

Reader Winner of a fantastic box of books is reader and Speedbo cheerleader Abbi Hart.

Mary Connealy critique:Sherrinda
Janet Dean critique:Jamie Adams
Sandra Leesmith critique: Annie Rains
Ruth Logan Herne Chat: Julie Hilton Steele
Cara Lynn James synopsis critique: Susan Ann Mason

Tuesday Avalon author Sandra Leesmith chatted on getting a "Jumpstart on Creative Mode" for Speedbo.  Winner of a Seeker book is Jodi Janz and the winner of a pound of Godiva chocolate raspberry coffee is Stephanie Rae.

Love Inspired author Audra Harders  shared on Prepping for Speedbo. Winner of x a $15 Amazon gift card is Helen W.

Thursday Seeker Tina Radcliffe ushered in the Seekerville Speedbo. Speedbo Starting Gate Winner of a $25 Amazon gift card is Lori Strange.

New York Times Bestselling author, Erica Vetsch  shared on Getting That Internal Editor Off Your Shoulder. Winner of A Bride's Portrait of Dodge City is Gwendolyn Gage.

We hijacked Saturday for the March Contest Update. The winner of Glynna Kaye's March release, High Country Hearts is Janet Kerr.

All March prizes will be mailed out (or in the case of critiques and chats may be claimed) after April 1 because in March WE'RE WRITING!!!  

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Start off your week with Mary Connealy Boot Camp, a no-nonsense get in the trenches, drop and give me five lesson in "get 'er done!" Mary will gladly lead you through the rigorous steps which may or may not include keeping Hostess in business by eating as many Twinkies as possible in a twenty-four hour Speedbo period

Tuesday: join Speedbo Guest Blogger Linnette Mullin as she breaks down the "Three Simple Steps to a Successful Synopsis", a necessary lesson for marketing your Speedbo finished work! Stop in and leave a comment for a $15 Starbucks gift card!

Wednesday: We are delighted to welcome author Eva Maria Hamilton who shares an encouraging word to keep you focused on the goal. She's also giving away a copy of her debut release from Love Inspired Historical, Highland Hearts!

Thursday: Ruth Logan Herne figured you'd heard it all before from HER, so she went outside her realm and grabbed famous authors from all over to tell you how they Got Kicked Off The Horse and Got Back On... because we all know writing isn't for wimps!  ;)  God gives us all we need to be successful, but then he expects us to do our share and use it... As if we didn't know that, right??? Leave a comment to be entered for a great Ruthy Read of Your Choice!

Friday: Speedbo Guest Blogger Carol Moncado joins us Friday for "Getting The Page Count In!" Real life tips you can apply to Speedbo. In honor of Carol's debut on Seekerville we are giving away a formal, Carol, we are not! We're giving away a 15 page critique of a general romance or inspirational romance manuscript to include Woman's Fiction, YA, Contemporary, and Historical.

Next Week's Speedbo Prizes are listed below. To be entered simply join Speedbo and leave a comment this week on any post. Tell us about your progress or Speedbo in general.

March 10:
Mary Connealy critique
Tina Radcliffe critique
Missy Tippens critique
Debby Giusti Chat
Ruth Logan Herne synopsis critique

Let us know what you're interested in!

Seeker Sightings

 Stop by Beyond Her Book Blog on Wednesday March 7th. 
Seekerville is hosting that day's birthday bash for 
Publishers Weekly blogger, Barbara Vey.Giveaways include a Kindle Fire and Seeker books.

 Click on picture to enlarge.

Debby Giusti's The Captain's Mission, is a finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence. Congratulations, Debby!

Irish writer Julie Lessman is preparing A Bit 'O the Green in The Yankee-Belle Cafe . Don't miss it!

Be sure to check out the Philosophy of Romance review of Missy Tippens latest Love Inspired release, A House Full of Hope. 

And Missy is being interviewed on the A Pen For Your Thoughts blog where you might win a copy of A House Full of Hope.

Random News & Information

Book is Judged By The Name on Its Cover (NYT)  You've Got To Read This!

Are Teens Embracing E-Books (PW) and The Broken iPad Video.

 From Publishers Lunch: Claudia Cross has joined Folio Literary Management. She was at Sterling Lord Literistic, and represents a wide range of fiction and nonfiction, including religious and spiritual titles, romance, women’s fiction, and cookbooks.

 A Guide To Publishers In The Library Ebook Market (The Digital Shift)

 Wary of Google? Try These Alternative Search Tools (The Digital Shift

Save the Omniscience for Yo Mama and Big Brother by Erin Brown (Author Magazine)

The Death of Chick Lit (Salon via Steve Laube Blog)

 How to Stop Procrastinating and Start Writing (The Creative Pen via Steve Laube Blog)

We leave you with...

The Top Ten Clues You Might Be Procrastinating Instead of Speedbo-ing:

 10. Your toilet bowl is sparkly clean and minty fresh.
  9.  You are again wiping tears over the performance of  American Idol's Jeremy Rosado.
  8.  Your phone bill just arrived, and this week's Tweets have doubled your data plan allotment.
  7.  Your word count for the week is a negative number.
  6.  You still claim you're going to start Speedbo as soon as you decide which WIP to work on.
  5.  Your cats are hiding because you keep trying brush their teeth AGAIN.
  4.  That big window next to your desk no longer has a single spot or smudge on the glass.
  3.  The canned air is now empty but your keyboard is crumb free for the first time in 9 months.
  2.  You've perused every single one of the Top 100 Kindle Free Reads on Amazon.

And the number one clue you might be procrastinating instead of Speedbo-ing?



  1. Congrats to all the winners! Especially the query winners!

    #1 reason for procrastinating?

    Trying to find a debutante dress for Friday :p.

    Looks like a great week coming up [and I hope to have a fun little story on my blog on Friday as well :D].

  2. Yay for the winners! What a great kickoff to Speedbo :)

    The #1 reason for procrastinating? Checking Seekerville to read the new comments. Again.

  3. Seriously, people use canned air to clean cupboards? The things you learn here at Seekerville!

    At least now I have ten new ways to procrastinate!

    Seriously, Speedbo is going well! Every time I feel like reading instead I see Tina's red words flashing in my mind.
    You can do anything for a month.

    When I want to quit writing to read I remember how there would be no books to read if everyone did that. See, writers are the most selfless people on earth!

    Congrats to all the winners.

  4. could it be your calender still reads February?

  5. The #1 reason for procrastinating?

    That’s easy: “High Country Hearts”

    I promised myself not to pull it up on my Kindle until the first of April but I just had to take a little look at the first page! And the rest is, well, the rest is procrastination!


  6. Congrats to all the winners!! I just love WE and the prize hand out... especially priazes like avoid that slush pile.

    Let's see... My biggest procrastination technique right now is deciding that Office 2010 is soooo difficult, I may just have to research it all a little more so I can know how to do it all. Which is silly. Because all I really need to do is type in it. And maybe find the word count.

    Can't wait for next week- these posts look great!!!

  7. Oh, procrastinating - I'm quite gifted at it, actually! I like to say that I work well under pressure... ;)

    Maybe I'm procrastinating tonight by leaving off writing where I did (kind of a cliffhanger), but it is getting late and I want to write this part well! So...tomorrow is a new day. :)

    I've written a couple thousand words so far - not a whole lot, but it's something!

    I'm so grateful for the support and enthusiasm others have been sharing with me regarding this challenge! :)

    Yeah, Speedbo!!


  8. no real procrastination here... but I did lose power yesterday. Repeatedly. It's bad enough when you can't get on your computer to work but I couldn't even get on the internet to PLAY!

    Congrats to all the winners, especially those who are at the top of the slush pile for Barbara Scott!!!
    39 entries is amazing!

    okay back to work...

  9. Number one reason I'm procrastinating: my mother-in-law is in town and I'm trying to keep the house clean and the kids from bowling her over. Also I have an hour to write right now and instead I'm on the Seekerville blog :)...Congrats to the winners!Especially the query winners--good luck everyone.

    Now, back to writing.

  10. Cheering on from Ga, I am not a procastinator, never have and never will be, probably too orderly in doing what I must when I must.
    Congrats to all the winners and hey girls "Good Job".
    Looking forward to next weeks line-up. always fun to visit "Seekerville"

  11. Congratulations to all the winners-especially the query letter winners. Best of luck to you all!

    I finally logged word count yesterday but I'm still behind, however, I'm confident that by the end of the month I will be on track.

  12. WAWZAH!!!

    So much on which to comment, and this is my #1 fun procrastinating comment!

    First off - CONGRATS to my friend Rita Monette! Way to go! And to all the other winners too. Superb!

    And Debby for finaling...

    I love Seekerville! May just brought her toy to share in the excitement. :)

    And now, need to be about SpeedBo this morning before Bible Class.


  13. Congrats to all the winners. And thanks for including me in the opportunity to query Barbara Scott of Wordserve. Whoo Hoo.

  14. Wow, you guys are so diligent, you're making me feel like a slacker.

    Oh, wait.


  15. #2 - Guilty as charged! I like free!

  16. Lmbo @ at the TOP TEN REASONS YOU ARE PROCRASTINATING SPEEDBO. That might be a “ME.”

    My number one reason? Well, other than the fact that it seems like thing have gotten really crazy busy this week; a few weeks, I found The Waltons on playing every night… four episodes… on GMC. I have never been into The Waltons, but have developed a fondness for them this time and HAVE to see them in the evenings. Not usually all four, but at least one, maybe two, right? Right?? Okay, so I’ve started turning off the T.V. It didn’t come on until after 11 p.m. yesterday. Lol.

    Congrats all you disciplined Speedboers. “You’re a better man than I am, Gunga Din.”

    A critique by any one of you lovely ladies would be tremendous. The feedback I got from Great Expectations has strengthened the first 25 pages of my WIP so much, so critiques have made me a believer in their benefits.

    Look forward to the upcoming week at Seekerville, and will try to obliterate the ugly #7 on the Procrastination List starting today. I’ll let you all know how it goes tomorrow.


  17. And the number one clue you might be procrastinating instead of Speedbo-ing?

    The top of your fridge is spotless!
    (do people really clean up there?)

    Congrats to all the winners!

    Thanks to speedbo I now know how to get over writers block. All this speed writing has my imagination going 24/7. I already have two other story ideas in my to be written next list.

  18. OH - and if you're looking for another distraction, May has a drawing going for her book and your choice of treats from Joshua's Pet Treat Bakery here:

    We're celebrating being interviewed. Will be posted about noon central today.

    Alrighty, back to Speedbo - making some progress this morning!

    Oh - and should we be blessed enough to win, any of the prizes would be splendid. Would LOVE a chat with a real, live Seeker - even better over chocolate and coffee, right?!

  19. Whitney, stop watching TV chick and start writing! :-p
    You know I can say that, hehe.
    (FYI, I still own a television, but it only plays DVD's)
    Congrats to all the winners!!!
    I would love a critique or help with my synopsis for the new book please.
    I'm about 800 words behind already but hope to weekend warrior my way out haha.
    Write on!

  20. Number 2 Reason for Procrastinating

    The next chapter is really, really hard. It is going to hurt my brain!

    Does anyone else come to scenes that are just too hard to write? Chapter 7 is hard. Chapter 8 is a monster! : (

    For Tina:

    Bible Quote

    “And Ruth said, Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge:” Ruth 1:16

    The above is my favorite quote. I have been waiting for 15 years for LI to feature this quote in the front of a romance. I don’t know if they make women like this any more. : )

    BTW: Thanks for the link to “A Houseful of Hope”. I really learned something with that review and that is: you can write a 5-star book and still make it better. An author does this by layering more rewards for the reader than an average book needs to get published.

    I’m writing this chapter this morning (it’s real hard, thus I’m writing this post!) and it reminds me of when Tina, Mary, and Ruth were in Tulsa and I was trying to get you all to see “Midnight in Paris”. My wife and I went to that movie 25 times. We would have gone more but they stopped playing it! (Boo!) I mentioned that you needed to see this movie because it does everything right. There is motivation and foundation for everything that happens. The viewer is rewarded several times a minute for watching it! There are so many rewards that no one can see them all in just the first viewing. I said that writers really need to see this movie.

    Well, “Midnight in Paris” went on to win the Oscar for best screenplay. (I may need you guys to verify my conversation when I discuss my book.)

    The Moral Premise here is to layer in so much richness in your novel that it is worth reading with full enjoyment many times. You don’t have to do this to get published but if you do I think you will get many times the sales.

    I say this because Missy’s books are getting richer and more rewarding with each book and this does not take anything away from the earlier books. This idea of layering in more rewards to provide, above and beyond the call of duty, reading enjoyment, came from reviewing all of Missy’s books.

    I’m learning so much from the Seekers that I am going to have to have a very big acknowledgement page for RPP! (No kidding).

    Thanks guys.


    P.S. Do I get credit for the 454 words in this post? : )

  21. I did go home and watch that movie and LOVED it, LOVED it, LOVED it.

    Besides all the other good reasons to love it, I loved it because the protagonist just loved what was happening to him.

  22. Vince, if you can take this post and put it in your book, THEN you get credit.

    Now must download Missy's book before I forget.

  23. Congrats to all the winners!

    Logged in 7,000 words yesterday and I'm a bit frightened to know what disaster I left behind in my frenzy.

    My number one reason for procrastinating is all the releases of great books I've been waiting for all be released in the month I'm doing SpeedBo.

  24. Kirsten!!! That's amazing.

    The Mary Connealy School of Frenzied Writing.

    Summa Cum Laude

  25. Kristen, 7000 words? WHOA, you get the gold star for the week! Can I come over and scoop up some of the words that may have fallen to the floor during your frenzy?

    Ahhhh, my procrastination reason...busy cleaning up after Kristen!

    I"m so proud of all the diligent work going on. Even my word count is growing : )

  26. Congrats Query Letter winners!! Barbara Scott is going to be so impressed.

    You guys rock!

  27. Carol, hmmm, a debutante dress for the occasion...I'd offer you mine, but in our house, everything is covered in dog hair.

    Sorry kiddo.

  28. Of course in my frenzy I spelled your name wrong. Kristen. Not Kirsten. But if you were two people that might explain your word count.

  29. CONGRATS to all the winners!! YAY for Seekerville and SPEEDBO! ~ Looks like another wonderful week coming up--cannot wait! ~ Okay, my #1 procrastinating reason would have to be associated with CATS (LOL)---My cats' litter boxes have never stayed so CLEAN! (so that means back to writing---my kitties are sure to understand only 2 cleanings a day!?). ~ Hugs, Patti Jo ;)

  30. Thanks for the support, Tina and Audra!!

    Not sure if it's a good thing or if I should place an ad for a life. :o)

  31. Vince, THANK YOU! That means a lot to me to have you say that. And you got my moral premise exactly (in your review)! :)

    Thank you for reading!!

  32. Congrats to all the query winners!!!

  33. Congratulations to the five query winners!!!!! One exclamation mark for each of you. :-) Congrats to all last week's winners.

    Debby, huge congrats for your Gayle Wilson final!! Loved that book!

    I have been known to clean the top of the refigerator, Jamie. We have tall friends.

    Vince, wonderful, right-on review of Missy's House Full of Hope!

    Carol, I'll join you in the search for that perfect dress!


  34. Mid-Day Report

    Chapter 7 (1004 words)
    Rewarding the Reader Is About Much More Than Just Raising Tension and Increasing Conflict

    BTW: Chapter 8 was going to be so hard to write that I pantsered in a new Chapter 8 on “deep layering” – Rewarding the Reader of Multiple Reads

    This pantsering is really great! It’s like turning 21, getting your own appartement, and breaking free of your parents oversight, all on the same day!

  35. Major Oversight!

    I asked above if there were any women today who like Ruth would go wherever their husbands went.

    Yes, in fact, there may be a million of them. These heroines are called military wives.

    God bless them all!


  36. Hi Missy:

    I should thank you for the joy of writing the review. You inspired a new chapter in my book on ‘Deep Layering” and ‘Rewarding From the Overflow”.

    When my book comes out, think of Chapter 8 as the one you inspired. (No kidding).

    BTW: I’m a philosopher and a detective. I can sniff out those moral premises no matter how well they are hidden.

    I even gave my RPP non-fiction book a moral premise:

    Moral Premise

    If you write to the ‘reading experience’ and reward your readers often on every page along the way, then your writing career will be greatly rewarded…


    "If you write only to ‘the needs of the novel’ then any rewards you garner will be hard earned, long in coming and will capture less sales than could otherwise be expected."

    I also have a GMC

    Goal: Finish the book by the end of Speedbo.
    Motivation: I said I would do it and I want it out of the way.
    Conflict: the heart-aches and the thousand natural shocks that the flesh is heir to. (I had help on this one.)

    You know, I think a good writing rule can apply to anything in life in its own way.


    On to Chapter 8!

  37. OH EM GEE..we have created a panster monster. If only Myra was here to witness this.

  38. I'm so glad I don't have tall friends ;) BUT we were just saying this morning how tall the 15 year old has gotten. He comes to the top of the fridge. I think I see a new chore in his near future.

    I am soooo happy to have won a critique from JANET DEAN! What a wonderful prize for someone that wants to write for LIH!! THANK YOU Seekerville... and Janet :)

  39. Vince, I'll definitely look for that chapter 8! :)

    I love your moral premise and GMC! Yes, I guess you can use them in life as well. :)

    I'm like Tina. I'm in shock that you're trying being a pantser!! LOL

  40. 109 Participants. Waving to Linda C!!!

  41. Happy Sunday, Seekerville. Yay for the winners.

    SO much fun reading about everyone's progress. Y'all are inspiring. Looking forward to a full and productive week - what a great schedule ahead! Thanks!

  42. Mid-Afternoon Report


    Chapter 8 (1880 words)

    “Deep Layering” – And Writing From The “Overflow”

    I hope everyone is having as much fun as I am.

  43. Vince, I read your essay on the Google article and I agree with most of it, but I really think he wrote the book that followed that article just so he could do some proper research. He backs it all up very well. A magazine is still a magazine, even if it is the Atlantic! And therefore has limited space.

    I agree the real daner is writing from Google, and they've done studies on placing fake articles and having kids 'research'. The fake articles are very obviously flawed, but in the studies, the kids overwhelmingly chose the highest ranking articles, without using common sense.
    Moral to THAT story is make sure your Google ranks are high because it may not have anythin to do with how well or badly you write!!
    Kidding... No matter whether we're plotters or pantsers or those who've gone to the DARK SIDE, like Vince, we're all CRAFTERS. We believe in the craft and the writing itself.

  44. P.S.

    Someone asked what we shold call ourselves... SpeedBOS sounds a little iffy. Speedboers might be a little too long...

    What about SPEEDBOTS? And that would definitely fit right in with those of us racking up 7k and 8k and half books already!

    Holy smokes, you people are awesome! I think I've logged 1800 words so far.

    Mostly because I had a Carol moment and my heroine surprised me with something...

    And then I realized I was duplicating a plot from another favorite book. (Unconciously, I swear. I was wondering why it was SO DARN GOOD!) So, I had to come with up with another twisty turny plot... of my own.

  45. P.S KC, so glad you guys are OK!!

  46. Yay for the Query Letter Contest winners! There were some interesting titles in that list. Congrats to the other winners also!

  47. Vince, you are having way too much fun.

    And I'm a bit concerned.

    As for moi.

    Write. Nap. Write. Nap. repeat

  48. Congrats to all the query winners and critique winners.

    Yeah, I get to talk with Ruthy! I will probably be prostrate on the couch while she counsels me on the ups and downs of fiction writing. I keep drawing from my own life. What is with that?

    Hubby got me away to visit the in-laws for their 59th anniversary. I needed to get away from the computer for an extended period to rest my weary muscles. The upside is I am chomping at the bit for tomorrow morning and extended writing time.

    Virginia, love being a SPEEDBOT!

    Vince, the lesson Midnight in Paris taught me is to never assume. I am not a Woody Allen fan but loved, loved, loved this movie. But then it may have something to do with the fact that I love, love, love Paris and the writers spotlighted.

    Can't wait for the week ahead.

    Peace, Julie

  49. Oh, and my reason for procrastinating yesterday was my husband was home from a business trip and if I am going to ignore him this week, well, I needed to pay him a little attention!

    Peace, Julie

  50. Hi Virginia:

    I was not all that clear in my comments about the Google article. I had material that I left out as the post was too long as it was. But here is my problem with the article and Google researching.

    Take the Socrates quote on writing being a danger because it will degrade the human memory. The quote is correct but a student of Socrates will know that Socrates was talking about not wanting his teachings reduced to writing because he believed in the Socratic method. That is the belief that humans have all the knowledge they need areadly in side them and all the teacher has to do is ask the right questions and the student will discover the information himself without being directly taught. Meno’s slave is an example of this.

    The quote is correct but the context is misleading. I don’t think the author knows this.

    Consider this: A fully qualified doctor checks the internet for information about some new drugs. Given this information, taken from three articles, he makes a selection and treats the patient.

    Next, a non-medical person checks the same articles and based on those articles treats the patient. This may sound like the same thing. However, the non-medical person did not know that the combination of drugs mentioned in the articles will kill the patient. The doctor knew this. However, this was knowledge well beyond what the reaseach articles provided.

    Google is great when a person, who knows his stuff, lets say a historian, who needs to look up a few historical facts or quotes that he knows that a given General made, uses Google. That’s fine.

    What I object to is the person with no historical knowledge, taking the same facts, and then making conclusions in an article that are false at worse and misleading at best. The historian's article and the flakey article will look just alike to the lay person.

    An even greater danger: some people will feel they no longer need an in-depth education. They will simply say, “I’ll just look up what I need when I need it.” This will be the death of real thinking.

    I think the above is a better idea of what I was trying to day. : )


    P.S. The more I post online, the more I actually write for my Seedbo project. It’s kind of like the miracle of the fishes.

  51. A Rose by Any Other Name

    A female Speedbo participant:
    A Speedbodette.

    A male Speedbo participant:
    A Speedbodude

  52. Cautionary Note

    The two sides of Pantserism

    The dark side: fiction.

    This is like high wire walking over the Grand Canyon without a net.

    The slightly shady side: non-fiction*.

    This is like walking on a line in the sand on the ground using a walker.

    *Non-fiction usually does not require motivation, eye colors, foundations, red herrings, foreshadowing, HEAs, black moments, and even the order the chapters appear can be changed without problems in some books. Think about it.

    I HAVE TO READ GLYNNA'S BOOK, DON'T I?????????????

  54. Kristen, sweetie, I LOVE a good frenzy.

    Why do I hear JAWS music?

  55. Heehee! Walking a line in the san with a walker? :D Love that!

    And I'm over there under Kritin's table, fighting with you guys for word crubms. :) But I'll see what little tidbits I can add to my WIp today.

  56. Congrats to all the winners! And I'm so excited!!!

    A CRIT FROM MARY CONNEALY!!!! Oh my goodness!!!! Yay!

    Should I be nervous????

    I only wrote 900 words yesterday. I was at the end of my 1K1HR when my husband came in and said the construction workers (who have been rennovating a leaking bathroom for the past week, leaving us to live in the living room!) had unplugged the freezer in the garage and all my food was thawed. I spent a good part of the day cooking and cooking...ribs, pork chops, chicken breats, roast, a ham, and a pork loin.

    I would have thrown a party, but the dust in my house from the renovation is just...sigh.

    So how do I procrastinate? Besides cooking? I have watch a couple of movies in the name of "research". Yep.

    Looking forward to the week ahead at Seekerville! Hopefully my computer will be fixed by then and I won't have to write longhand's really slowing me down. :)

  57. We are officially banning the word

    O-N-L-Y from the Speedbo vocabulary.

    That only, is more than you had yesterday. Congratulations.

    Pass the ribs.

  58. Thanks, Tina. I needed that.

    Peace, Julie

  59. I like that Tina! I have 915 more words today than I did yesterday. :)


  60. First off, congrats to the five "Avoid the Slush Pile" Query Letter Contest finalists. Fingers crossed that Barbara Scott will find a keeper among you! And another big "WooHoo" to all the Speedbo Week 1 winners. Isn't this the most fantastical place to hang out??? Awesome people; awesome prizes.

    I have to say, though... I don't know how everyone manages to keep popping in here to read and contribute to the comments, and STILL make such great progress toward their March goals. I won't admit to how few words I've written today, but I'm hoping this quick visit will send me back to work feeling inspired.

    Whatever your pursuits, I hope everyone's having a blessed Sunday.

  61. Sherrinda! I think I can smell your cooking out here in Colorado! Mmmm, smells good too.

    Our freezer went out a couple of months ago. Lots of ground beef mostly thawed. I spent that weekend seasoning meat and pressing out burger patties and packaging into family-grill size bags.

    Since my brother in law is out of the state for a while (and lives next door to us), I took all our packages over to his freezer. I just run next door, grab a bag and grill up burgers when the kids come home for weekends.

    Works great...until BIL comes back and wants to fill his freezer with his own food. I'll worry about that when it happens : )

  62. Wowzers! You folks are an inspiration.

    I've been writing but just signed up (does that count as procrastination?)

    My goal is to finish an historical romance WIP that has a request for a full. This looks like a fun way to meet my goal and cheer others toward theirs.

    Nancy C

  63. Today I procrastinated by... going to church. :D

    Then I took 2 kids and my mother-in-law to see my niece in her high school production of Beauty and the Beast. She was a townsperson, a wolf, and a salt shaker.

    And my hero [that would be Travis Harders, Audra ;)] is a high school drama teacher so it's research... Yep. And my niece said I could email her.

    I don't remember if I reported in yesterday or not, but yesterday was 8284 for a monthly total of 10414 :).

    Hoping to get a 1k1hr or two in tonight. Once the kids go to bed and the headache goes away...

  64. Nancy C!!! A requested full.

    Write. Step away from the puter.

    Go write.

    You may come back briefly to read this week's post. But only once a day.

    Go write. We want a sale.

  65. Well I'm apparently writing with the big dogs now.

    Carol wrote a novella in two days.


  66. 8284 words



    Carol, would you write a scene or two for me in your spare moments?? Nothing much, just a measley thousand words or two...

    Amazing. Simply AMAZING!

    At the rate Carol and Kirsten are going, we're all going to be looking for word crumbs under your desks, LOL!

  67. My #1 reason for procrastinating?

    I'm going to finish my wip and I'm neck deep in the sagging middle. So far, my Speedbo has been wandering aimlessly trying to get a hold of that scene that gives me momentum again. I suspect I need to revisit GMC.

  68. Congratulations to the query contest winners (and all Seekerville winners). SpeedBo!!!

  69. Congrats to the winners!

    #1 clue I might be procrastinating instead of Speedbo-ing?
    I'm checking my email instead of writing!
    And I'm with Jan - checking Seekerville to see what everyone else is saying. LOL!