Saturday, March 10, 2012

Speedbo Weekend Edition Week 2

 Speedbo Participants! Keep Moving Toward that Glorious Finish Line!

You can do anything for 31 days!

(And you can still join Speedbo. Details here.)


We Have Winners

All writer and reader prizes may be claimed starting April 1st. During March participants are WRITING not mailing, not critiquing! Winners will be announced weekly in the Weekend Edition. But no worries, we're keeping track for you, here.

 Speedbo Week 2 Winners are:

Reader Winner of a fantastic box of books is reader and Speedbo cheerleader Jeanne T.
March 10:
Mary Connealy critique--Jodi Jantz
Tina Radcliffe critique-KAV
Missy Tippens critique-Patti Jo
Debby Giusti Chat-Carol Moncado
Ruth Logan Herne synopsis critique-Nancy Kimball

Monday we started of the week with Mary Connealy Boot Camp, a no-nonsense get in the trenches, drop and give me five lesson in "get 'er done!" Winner of a 15 page Mary Connealy critique is Helen Gray.

Tuesday Speedbo Guest Blogger Linnette Mullin broke down the "Three Simple Steps to a Successful Synopsis", a necessary lesson for marketing your Speedbo finished work! Winner of  a $15 Starbucks gift card is LaDonna.

Wednesday we were delighted to welcome author Eva Maria Hamilton who shared an encouraging word to keep you focused on the goal. Winner of Eva Maria's her debut release from Love Inspired Historical, Highland Hearts is Pol.

  Ruth Logan Herne figured you'd heard it all before from HER, so she went outside her realm and grabbed famous authors from all over to share Getting Back on the Horse That Threw You, Thursday in Seekerville.  Winner/s (YES, TWO WINNERS) of a great Ruthy Read of  Their Choice are Alison Stone and Karen Beeching.

Speedbo Guest Blogger Carol Moncado joined us Friday for "Getting The Page Count In!" Real life tips you can apply to Speedbo. In honor of Carol's debut on Seekerville we are giving away  a 15 page critique of a general romance or inspirational romance manuscript to include Woman's Fiction, YA, Contemporary, and Historical.  And the winner is Lorna Faith.

Next Week's Speedbo Prizes are listed below. To be entered simply join Speedbo and leave a comment this week on any post. 

One cheerleader receives yet another fantastic box of books this week! 

March 17:
Tina Radcliffe critique
Myra Johnson critique
Cara Lynn James critique
Julie Lessman Chat
Janet Dean synopsis critique

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean starts off the week with: "Silence your Editor with Substance"  She'll be giving away a copy of An Inconvenient Match to one lucky commenter!

Tuesday: Today is our day to "dis" distractions. What are your biggest deterrents to sticking with a consistent writing schedule? Do you bounce right back? Or does even the smallest interruption throw you off kilter for days on end? Chat with Abingdon Press and Heartsong author Myra Johnson about "Dealing with Distractions," and let's come up with some effective strategies for staying the course during Speedbo and beyond!

Wednesday:Revell author Julie Lessman will help you keep your SPEEDBO!  momentum going with her post "Chip Off the Old (Writer's) Block". She's giving away the winner's choice of her books PLUS their choice of a top CBA book from Julie's library.

Thursday: Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe brings you, "Sacred Writing Time." Stop by and chat and be prepared for some Speedbo surprises as well!

Friday: Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye shares with "Speedbo: That Last Ounce of Courage." Leave a comment to be put in the drawing for a copy of her latest release High Country Hearts.

Seeker Sightings

 Join Glynna Kaye on the Love Inspired Authors Blog!



 Ruth Logan Herne will be featured at the Springs of Inspiration series on Words Seasoned With Salt blog Friday, March 16th.


 Today Mary Connealy is cooking in the Yankee-Belle Cafe, don't miss Mary on Wednesday, March 14th at the Petticoats  & Petticoats blog talking about "That Eureka Moment When a Writer Strikes Gold!"

Debby Giusti is a Featured Speaker at the 2012 Moonlight & Magnolia Conference, held October 5-7, at the Atlanta Hilton Northeast and presented by the Georgia Romance Writers. Registration is now open!

Stop by the Short Reads page of our Village to read Abingdon Press and Heartsong Presents author Myra Johnson's short story.

Random News & Information 

Thank you to Nancy Kimball for sharing these great writing meters. (Writertopia)

Get the entire set of the 2011 ACFW Conference MP3s for just $99.00 + shipping and handling, but ONLY until March 31st.

Today, we leave you with this poem as you soar into week three of Speedbo, because we believe you can do it!:

Our Deepest Fear
By Marianne Williamson

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness
That most frightens us.

We ask ourselves
Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?
You are a child of God.

Your playing small
Does not serve the world.
There's nothing enlightened about shrinking
So that other people won't feel insecure around you.

We are all meant to shine,
As children do.
We were born to make manifest
The glory of God that is within us.

It's not just in some of us;
It's in everyone.

And as we let our own light shine,
We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.
As we're liberated from our own fear,
Our presence automatically liberates others.


  1. Congrats to the winners!

    Aw man, I said I wasn't going to enter a contest until after the Genesis, but I finaled in Fool for Love last year and now you're telling me they are low on entrants---oh, willpower, where's my will power???

    I think I may give in.

  2. What on earth am I thinking!!!! I have a gift certificate for Fool For Love because I finaled last year. Thank you Seekerville, I about just wasted that!

  3. Go for it Melissa. Destiny is opening the door and it's looking you straight in the eye!!

  4. Wow, did you know there is another gal posing as you? The one in the blue shirt??

  5. Thanks for the inspiration!

    (I love the Susan Boyle video - I watched it a few days ago to keep me going.)

    Congrats to the winners, and thanks for the heads-up on Fool For Love.

    And Melissa, I'm so glad you remembered your gift certificate!

  6. I have multiple personalities, Tina. :)

  7. They all insist on having their own profile pic.

  8. The BIG coffee pot's ready for the weekend.

    Yes, congratulations to the winners.

    So we've got until April 1 to get 15 pages ready for a critique, right?

    I'm scared.


  9. Helen, you may start submitting April 1. No rush. Totally no rush. In fact we may scream UNCLE if everyone turns their msc pages in the same day.

  10. Melissa, I hope they all get along.

  11. When hubby's away, the wife does play--in this case, it's late night in Seekerville. :) Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks for the books! I'm looking forward to receiving them. In April. After Speed-bo. :)

    Planning to check back in tomorrow and click on links. This wife is finally exhausted and heading off to bed. :)

  12. PS--Melissa, just make sure your your alter personalities aren't all messing around with your story. It could make for some interesting twists..... :)

  13. Ahhhhhhhh, beautiful poem!! I love my Seeervile WE.

    And Melissa, you finaled in FFL? That was my first contest and I bombed. I think might have even been in the wrong CATEGORY. Yup. I was smokin'.... something. (Kidding. I don't smoke anything.)

    And I can't see the blue shirt pic without laughing because of you saying your toddler was trying to pull your pants leg off. :D

  14. Congrats to the winners and thanks for the poem. It is one of my favorites.

    Another week ahead of us. I have never been happy when my husband works a late streak or has to go out of town. But this is the perfect month for him to be otherwise occupied.

    Looking forward to the week ahead. So glad I am a Speedbot.

    Peace, Julie

  15. Congratulations to all the winners!

    I'm hoping to make up word count today with several sessions of 1K in an hour!


    I love buying Seekerville authors!! I feel like we're sort of all related--like cousins or something. :)

  17. Thanks for another terrific Weekend Edition, Tina! Congratulations to all the winners!
    Winner or not, as the poem reminds us, we're all meant to shine. And we're doing it here in Seekerville.

    Tina, you kept Melissa from missing the free opportunity to enter the Fool for Love contest. You rock!

    Have a great weekend everybody!


  18. Congratulations to ALL the winners!

    Good luck & God's blessings to everyone next week.

    I'll report word count later....

    Happy & Blessed Writing ALL!

  19. Glynna, Eva Maria's book wasn't on the shelf yet on Thursday, but I got a copy of your High Country Hearts! Can't wait to read it!


  20. Speedbo Report

    Chapter Nine (11616 words)

    The Thirty Most Important Ways to Reward Your Reader – The Road to Writing Success

    Back to Work!

  21. Congratulations to the winners! I'm so excited! I get a Ruth Logan Herne book!

    What a way to start the weekend. Now I have some serious SpeedBo writing to do.

  22. Great WE TEEEEENA!

    I had to go get a Susan Boyle fix....

    And Dave watched over my shoulder...

    Because that had to be just one of the most inspirational moments on reality TV ever.

    Loved it then. Still do, now!

    And that poem... Oh, just wonderful! I'm smiling and happy thinking of being freed to be as successful as I can be under God's awesome power.

    I just love that God!

  23. Melissa, I've done that!

    Oy, so glad you thought of it! And maybe by NEXT YEAR it won't be necessary, honey!

    Here's hoping.

  24. Helen, Helen, Helen....

    We scare you????


    Teeeeena's the scary one.

    I'm the sweetie-pie.

  25. All the speedbo stuff sounds so it too late to jump in?




    Not that we don't like our hubbies being around, but....

    I work better when it's quiet. And I'm undisturbed.

    I need coffee. Thank you, Helen!

    Got 2043 words done this morning. And the first load of laundry.

  27. Congratulations to all the winners!

    I'm behind on my speedbo word count but have the whole day to catch up and get ahead even.

    Great WE as usual. The Susan Boyle video gave me happy tears.

    Husband and teenage son are at the church today. When they're gone the twins and I have a girls day. We don't really do anything different but they love the term. I think I'll make them french toast for breakfast :)

  28. Congrats to the winners! And thanks for all the great links and encouragement!

    Keep SpeedBo-ing!

    (I have to go watch that Susan Boyle video one more time. I've seen it hundreds of time before, but how inspiring!)

  29. Jess has come to the dark side! I happen to know she has a novella to write ;).

    Er, to hang out in the abandoned huts on unpubbed island.

    Where I get to have a phone chat with Debby Guisti!!! WOOHOO!!

    Thank you so much to everyone who stopped by yesterday and made my day so wonderful!

    And now to make 4 kiddos clean house. That won't be such a wonderful day. But DH is playing poker tonight [esp since we'll be out of town the weekend of his monthly game] AND I think I get to go to Panera after my haircut tomorrow /dancin'/. That 70K may happen after all!

    [I was starting to get worried you know.]

  30. Would love to enter Fool for Love but not sure I can justify the expense this week... :/

    Definitely contemplating though. Thanks for letting us know :).

  31. CONGRATS to all the winners!!! ~ And I am SOOOO excited about winning a critique from sweet Missy Tippens I actually have TEARS...(I know, I know...I'm pathetic *sigh*). However, I've NEVER had a critique so this is a BIG deal for me! THANK YOU MISSY!!! ~ And thank you TINA for another great WE and for ALL you do in Seekerville.~ Am off to the hospital to visit my dear Father-in-law, then home to SPEEDBO. ~ Hugs from beautiful, sunny Georgia, Patti Jo :)

  32. Congratulations to all the winners!!

    Hope everyone has a great writing weekend!


  33. Tina, thank you for sharing that poem! Its one of my favorites and I had lost track of it. I need to print it this time! Post it somewhere to read daily.

  34. Patti Jo, I'm really excited to read your work!! :)

    I hope your FIL is doing well today. What a good DIL you are to visit him!

  35. Ruthy, I just had to laugh out loud. I've never heard you mention doing laundry before. I don't know why, but I've never pictured you doing it. LOL So what did I think, that you had someone doing it for you???


  36. Missy, I'm rolling on the floor here!

    Imagine six kids, two adults and a farm.

    Imagine six kids, two adults, a farm, and four or five sports at any one time?

    I used to do 30 loads per week. With no exaggeration. The water company came out two years ago to CHECK OUR METER because they thought we malfunctioned it...

    Oh, to be that clever!

    I laughed and said, "New gas water heater, new front load washing machine that only uses five gallons/load, only 8 loads of laundry a week instead of 30 AND THE KIDS HAVE ALL MOVED OUT."

    They understood completely why our water usage went from gazillion to a trickle. Comparatively.

    Yeah, gotta catch up because I was gone last weekend, so I'm not telling you how many things are dirty.

    It's almost obscene.

  37. From writing to laundry -- you never know what y'all be talking about in Seekerville. :-)

    And...gulp...this Kav? seriously -- I'm such a twit because I always check about a hundred times to make sure I didn't dream seeing my name in the winners section. Just checked again and it was still there so if I'm not! thanks!!!! she says, quaking in her boots. And bless you for not wanting anything until April!!!!!!!

    And speaking of dreaming -- LOVED Rachelle Gardner's response to that Christian market query. Too funny! But sad too, because there are so many people out there who think there couldn't possibly be a market for it.

    Great WE as always. I'll have to get my Susan Boyle fix when I get home because I'm working at the college and don't have audio -- plus it might startle the students if they suddenly heard that dream song.LOL. Hey -- maybe it would motivate them too!

  38. Congratulations to winners give, I must. Happy I am on Seekerville to be. Handsome my picture is. Honored I am my wisdom you seek. Share more I will, you must only ask.

  39. I have had one of those weeks where I didn't get as many words down as I hoped. Had final edits for upcoming release. When Shadows Fall. Two edits for the house. Sick. Ugh... I guess I'll have to plug away for the remainder.
    I'll get one of those dresses Carole shared yesterday to make it festive.


    Tina Pinson

  40. Awe, sorry you were sick, Yoda Pinson.

    I think you're going to have to hem that dress. I hate to bring it up but you're sort of ..SHORT.

  41. Congratulations winners! I'm so excited to have someone win Highland Hearts! Yay!

  42. Short I am, true this is, Tina. But force strong in me is and levitation use will i. That or tall on Luke's shoulders stand I will.

    Force you must feel

    Yoda Pinson.

  43. Took the 1K1HR challenge yesterday and wrote 1044 in the time slot! Had to stop for other things, but it proves it can be done.

  44. Hello Seekerville gals, I am a winner and so excited. congrats to all the others.
    I really liked this poem, yes you should shine-everyone of you.
    I must say you are a persistant group of women who challange one another to be better.
    Paula O(

  45. LOIS!!!!

    Happy dancing for you in upstate NY!!!

    Jedi Pinson: Speak of you, I do. That dress, I love. Be lovely and wear it you will. Amazing Grace, I hear. Playing too, My Chains are Gone. While next scene I ponder, fruit cobbler I make. Hungry I am.

    May the force be with you.

    Jedi Ruthy

  46. Oh, Melissa, so glad you remembered that Fool for Love gift certificate! You're entering, right? Right?

    Tina P, I hope you're feeling better now. Sounds like you have a lot going on.

    And speaking of a lot, wow Lois -- look at that 1044 in an hour. Congrats.

    Oh, and congratulations to all the winners. Reading your reactions brings a smile.

    The poem ... those last two lines are a message to be shared. They're about to be a signature in my email:
    "As we're liberated from our own fear,
    Our presence automatically liberates others."

    Speedbo just didn't for me today. That's okay. A friend's husband needed an unexpected series of tests because of suspected heart problems. Bless everyone who was ever involved in cell phone technology -- because of that wonder, she and I were able to talk while she sat alone in a waiting room, worried about her husband's condition and the tests. Still no definitive answers, but he's not any worse.

    So proud of everyone involved in Speedbo. What a great gathering of enthusiasm, encouragement, and inspiration.

    Nancy C

  47. Oh, Nancy, what a sweetie you are. You'll make up the time. God will redeem your writing hours. Your friend is blessed to have you!

  48. YAY, Carol! We're going to talk. How fun will that be!

    Contact Tina with your info, and we'll get together. :)

  49. Nancy, I agree with Teeeena. First, you did what should be done.


    Your friend will never forget. I was sitting in a hospital room last September, alone, wishing I had someone to just sit with. Pray with. Hold my hand. I'd made the phone calls, asked for prayers, and that should have been enough. Just me and God and my son-in-law praying in the chapel downstairs.

    Then someone walked in. Mandy, my niece, my Goddaughter, the daughter of my heart. She didn't buy my stoic act on the phone, she walked out on company and said simply, "Gotta go. Ruthy and Bethy need me."

    And she came and sat and prayed and waited until everything was all right... And she brought chocolate.

    I will never forget how she DIDN'T listen to me say "I'm fine."

    Because she knew better. You are that kind of gal. God bless you.

  50. Congrats to all the winners! It was a fun week at Sekkerville! (as always)

    Like Lois, I did #1K1HR...actually, I did two of them! And so I was able to write just over 2000 words today. Great for me.

    It DOES help that my computer got out of the shop!!! I'm at 7459 for my Speedbo total so far. Not great, but I am hoping to make up for lost time. :)


    Way to go.

    That's fantastic.

  52. Okay - spent several hours today doing edits on 50 pages of a manuscript to send in to FFL. Thanks, Tina. Appreciate the whip cracking, friend.

    Gonna try to get a couple hundred words in but am afraid my brain is fried...

  53. Congratulations WINNERS!
    Also, the pictures & encouragement are great....

  54. Wow, congrats to all the winners! :-)

  55. Morning, Cecilia! Good to see you!

    Hey Janet, how are those pages flying??

  56. Whew! WIP is at 5,012 words, 1/3 of the way to my goal of 15,000. Just in time to watch the Yankees in today's spring training game :)

  57. WAY TO GO, MIA!!!! WOOT!!!

    Any other checkins???

  58. Tina, thanks. And Ruthy, these are great words ... "I will never forget how she didn't listen to me say, 'I'm fine.'" Hugs to you both.

    Carol, super that you entered FFL, too. Wishing you (well, your entry) the best.

    So impressed with *everyone's* stick-to-it-iveness. Onward :-)

    Nancy C

  59. Haven't entered yet, but planning to enter 2 in FFL. I think.

    4600 so far today and likely done. Spent about 6 hours at Panera. Not as much as I was hoping for, but had surprise visitors [my 3 girls stopped by for a minute] and one of my fave employees who hasn't been there the last few times I was there came in late this evening and chatted with her for a bit.

    Total for Speedbo: 21806

    May try to hit 22K tonight. Just because I can ;).