Saturday, March 17, 2012

Speedbo Weekend Edition Week 3

We're heading into Week Three of Seekerville Speedbo  
with 118 participants !! 

So tell us are you doing?

1. Jamie A.
2. Mary Curry
3. Janet K
4. Mary Connealy
5. Helen G
6. Cherilyn F
7. Natalie M
8. Diana D
9. Tina P
10. Melissa J
11. Jan D
12. Helen W
13. Vince M
14. Carol M
15.Diana DeP
16. Carol J
17. Mary Virginia M
19.Mary C
20. Amber S
21. Ruth Logan Herne
22. Renee Ann S
23. Lyndee H
24. Debra M
26. Cara Lynn James
29. Julie Hilton S
30. Whitney
31. Rose Ross Z
32. Kav
33. Julie Lessman
34. Mary D
35. KC & May
36. Kathy E
37. Lisa K
38. Audra Harders
39. Debbie Lynn
40. Linnette
41. Erica
42. Donna P
43. Bridgett
44. Sandra Leesmith
45. Nancy K
46. Tina Radcliffe
47. Stephanie L
48. Sarah H
49. Lizzie
50. Jan C
51. Jillian
52. Melanie D
53. Kelli H
54. Eva Maria
55. Mary H
56. Debby Giusti
57. Mia R
58. Sue P
59. Lois H
60. Charity B
61. Cara G
62. Patty W
63. Ellen P
64. Patti Jo
65. Callie J
66. Pepper B
67. Glenn H
68. Patty H
69. Pam Hillman
70. Annie R
71. Cindy W
72. Christy M
73. Tami B
74. Lisa D.F
75. Jackie L
76. Piper H
77. Rebecca G
78. Chris L.K
79. Lori S
80. Susan M
81. Pam M
82. Joanna D
83. Connie Q
84. Walt M
85. Jodi J
86. Sandra P
87 Kara I
88. Christina L
89. Missy Tippens
90. Deb M
91. Anitamae D
92. Amber D
93. Jamie S
94. Francine P
95. Kara H
96. Brenda T
97. Judith R
98. Glynna Kaye
99. Lorna F
100. Martha R
101. Elva C.B
102. Patricia W
103. Lynn E
104. Danie M
105. Marietta T
106. Janet Dean
107. Cindy R
108. Barbara W
109. Linda C
110. Nancy C
111. Pamela T
112. Naomi R
113. Myra Johnson
114. Jess K
115. Laura H
116. Sharon K
117. Katelyn S
118. Kristen B

Find out more about Speedbo and our exciting weekly prizes here.  
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Winners announced in the  next
Weekend Edition.

We Have Winners

All writer and reader prizes may be claimed starting April 1st. During March participants are WRITING not mailing, not critiquing! Winners will be announced weekly in the Weekend Edition. But no worries, we're keeping track for you, here.

 Speedbo Week 3 Winners are:

The cheerleader reader and winner of a fantastic box of books is Casey.

Tina Radcliffe critique-Jackie L
Myra Johnson critique-Nancy C
Cara Lynn James critique-Melissa J
Julie Lessman Chat-Vince
Janet Dean synopsis critique-Natalie Monk

  Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean started off the week with: "Silence your Editor with SubstanceThe winner of An Inconvenient Match is Lois Hudson.

Revell author Julie Lessman shared"Chip Off the Old (Writer's) Block" on Wednesday. Winner of a Julie Lessman  Book of Choice plus their choice of a top CBA book from Julie's library is  Emily R .

Friday Love Inspired author Glynna Kaye shared with her post "Speedbo: That Last Ounce of Courage." Winner of her latest release High Country Hearts is Mary Curry.

Next Week's Speedbo Prizes are listed below. To be entered simply join Speedbo and leave a comment this week on any post. 

One cheerleader receives yet another fantastic box of books this week! 

March 24:

Mary Connealy critique
Tina Radcliffe critique
Ruth Logan Herne critique
Pam Hillman critique
Julie Lessman synopsis critique

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: We've talked about internal editors. But do you find you have external editors--people who doubt you or refuse to offer support? Stop by for some encouragement from Love Inspired author, Missy Tippens. She plans to inspire you to push through the last couple of weeks of Speedbo!

Tuesday: Today we're "Writing into the Mist" with Genesis winner and Seeker friend Mary Curry. In honor of Mary's first guest blog we're giving away a surprise Seeker two-pack of books! Stop by and find out just what a "mister" is!

Wednesday: Stop by today for Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti's post, "SpeedBo + AlphaSmart = Win-Win!"  Debby's giving away one of her books, winner's choice. (In addition, Debby invites all Seekervillagers to join her on April 10 at Barbara Vey's Reader Appreciation Luncheon in Oak Creek, WI.)  

Thursday: Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James is on board with "CLIMAX!", a post about putting real fireworks in your work!  She'll be giving away a copy of her delightful novel "Love By the Book".

Friday: You can plan to work today because we've got "Deep POV" genius and Harlequin Intrigue author Angi Morgan with us today. This Texas author has some Texas-Style magnets to give-away to one commenter! Do not miss this!

Seeker Sightings

Myra Johnson was seen dancing in the streets (well...not literally) last week when the contracts arrived for her 3-book post-WWI romantic series Till We Meet Again, to be published by Abingdon Press. Here's the Publisher's Marketplace announcement for book One:
Fiction:Inspirational -Myra Johnson's WHEN [the] CLOUDS ROLL BY, in which a woman who has prayed daily for the safe return of her childhood sweetheart, a First Lieutenant, is reassured that he is finally coming home only to realize he is not the man she fell in love with and an Army Chaplain is in love with her as the faith of all three is tested to the extreme, to Ramona Richards at Abingdon Press, in a nice deal, by Natasha Kern at Natasha Kern Literary Agency (World).Posted: March 7, 2012 at 10:48 p.m. Eastern.

 To celebrate this new series, Myra will launch her first-ever e-newsletter this spring. Subscribe here.

And don't miss Myra on Friday, March 23rd at the  Words Seasoned With Salt blog as part of the new series Springs of Inspiration.

A Study in Conflict, Character Growth, Love, Redemption & Living Christian Values. Check out this review of An Inconvenient Match at Philosophy of Romance Blog.

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Ruth Logan Herne, a nice Irish lass, is cooking at the Yankee-Belle Cafe today.

Mary Connealy will be featured at the Springs of Inspiration series on Words Seasoned With Salt blog Monday, March 19th.

Random News & Information

Introducing the Harlequin Heartwarming Collection (Harlequin Blog)

Submission Guidelines for Harlequin Heartwarming (eHarlequin)

Mile High Scribes (ACFW South Denver) annual Onesheet Contest is now underway! Winner to receive either a one-day pass to CCWC (Colorado Christian Writer's Conference) in Estes Park, Colorado, or a 50-page edit. Contest ends April 7. Five finalist entries will be chosen. One winner will then be selected by Jeff Gerke of Marcher Lord Press. Details here.

Wanted: Photos of Readers. Help ACFW help others fall in love with reading Christian fiction by submitting pictures of people engrossed in reading great books.Snap a picture of your sister, brother, neighbor, book club in the process of reading an ACFW members' novel. Send these pictures to Cynthia Ruchti at

Quantum Marketing (Christian Fiction Online)

Blake’s Script Frenzy Blog on the Midpoint (Save The Cat)

Why You Should Make a Deadline (Even If You Don’t Have a Deadline) (GalleyCat)

Celebrate National Novel Editing Month with Kurt Vonnegut Story Grids (GalleyCat)

Demystify Sequels: Why You Can’t Afford To Ignore Them by Cheryl Alldredge (Savvy Authors)

Finally, Seekerville would like to take a minute, or twenty to cheer for  friend of Seekerville, Sarah Ladd on her first sale to Thomas Nelson Publishers ( a three-book deal!).


  1. Myra, a three book deal! Way to go! And Sarah Ladd, too!
    Congrats to all of this week's winners!
    I can't wait for next weeks blogs. They look great!

  2. Whoa, first post! LOL.
    I feel good about making a deadline, even if it isn't a "real" deadline, but thanks to Speedbo, my WIP WILL BE finished by 3/31/2012.
    I just updated my word count.
    13,874/30,000 for Speedbo. Congrats to all the winners but anytime anyone is fellowshipping and learning in Seekerville, they're already a winner! I know I feel that way =)

  3. I know, Donna. Isn't that the neatest? People we know even!!

  4. Nancy Kimball you rock star. Whoa, baby. You are an inspiration!



    I'm at 22xxx and getting ready to jump in - think I have a bit of direction... Goal: 70K

    Still in for all the Speedbo prizes :).

    Congrats to all the rest of the winners - and Vince, who's already written a book ;).

  6. Way to go, Carol. The Panera Queen is rocking the word count.

  7. And you know what happens when someone sells (besides an angel getting their wings)...a space opens up in the ranks of Contest Divas.

    It's the life cycle of a romance novelist. Like a butterfly.

  8. That's great news, Tina. I need that spot, LOL. The WIP is a historical romance and when Speedbo is done, I'm going to write the synopsis and start shopping contests for this little gem.
    *I can do that because I've been having the early parts critiqued while I write forward.

  9. Carol, I thought of you today when I read that our first Panera is opening up. :)

    Congrats to all the winners and thanks so much for Glynna's book! Can't wait to see what Vince was raving about.
    I'm going to need that last ounce of Glynna's courage to face Seekerville next week. Scared just slightly out of my wits to be making a blogging debut here.

    I'm so happy for Sarah! WooHooo. Figured that was coming. And Myra - your story sounds terrific.

    I was trying to remember a series today, wonder if anyone here would remember.

    I read the books when I was a teenager so I guess some early version of YA. They were set in Canada, I think and basically told a family saga of this wealthy family from Post WW I through WWII and maybe beyond.
    I can almost get the name on the tip of my tongue.


  10. Your butterfly reference reminded me of something I heard. When a butterfly is emerging from it's cocoon, if you help it, and tear the cocoon apart or cut it so the butterfly can get out, they don't live. Struggling through the small opening they make pushes fluid from their body into their wings to complete their transformation.
    I think the lesson there is the struggle is vital to being strong and healthy afterward. I have to remind myself of that sometimes, and not just in my writing.

  11. Nancy, that is soooo cool to know. And a good reminder. Each year my class "raises" butterflies and the children's reactions are precious. They can't get enough of watching them.

    Anyone who was wracking their brains for me can relax. I love Google. I typed in "Series of books set in Canada between the wars telling story of a wealthy family" and I found it! Does anyone else remember reading the Jalna series by Mazo de la Roche? I think that may be the series that got me hooked on reading historical novels.

  12. Myra, Myra, Myra:

    Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations!!!

    Three of'em. Way to go.

    I'm at 46,000.


  13. Mary, that's awesome!
    And while I was trying to find which books you were talking about, I ran across Joseph Boyden and was like, that must be it, but it isn't and now I've discovered another author who I think I'm going to have to explore. Three Day Road sounds like a really good read, and it's based on a true story.

  14. 31687 - I wanted to have written 42k by now. And I'm tired, no writer's block or anything, it's actually the smoothest I've ever written with all my fancy plotting sheets, but I'm just weary.

    I'd really rather critique -and there are things to crit on my computer calling to me to give up my sacred writing time--if only I'd followed my 6th grade dream and decided to become an editor--but even in 6th grade I knew I could never live in a big city, too bad I couldn't forsee the internet.

    BUT! I shall trudge on, #1k1h here I come.

  15. 25108 total, 2442 for the day. If I'm able to hang out at Panera as long as I think I can tomorrow, I may hit the halfway mark [35K].

    LOL @ everyone thinking of me with Panera :D. I know several other non-writing friends who do the same :D. They should hire me for publicity. I could be a version of Jared for them ;).

  16. WOW!!!

    Myra, that is AMAZING news!!! I just love it! What's better than your favorites authors writing a book? Writing THREE books!!

    Sarah, you not only sold, you sold in THREES. Unbelievable. I can't imagine how you're feeling right now!

    I just love good news! Someone on facebook said this week had been 'a walking talking poke in the eye'. It's been sort of tough for me, too, but getting better!

    I'm about 20K on my new WIP BUT I just took a huge U-turn and it's going to be revising for the next week or so. Sometimes you just have to go with the muse, ya know?

  17. Here I am: participant #16 checking in and then calling it a day. With my mixed up goals it's hard to say exactly, but I think I'm half way there. I need to start building my word count now (no, not "now", but tomorrow, after a decent night's sleep).

    Congrats to all the weekend winners. This is THE place to be for motivation, isn't it? Reading of everyone's accomplishments really spurs me ahead to try and keep up. :)

  18. WAWZAH - the 3 book deals keep coming!!

    We're dancing with MYra and Sarah too - WOOT WOOT!!!

    #35 checking in - I'm about 3/4 of the way through to my goal. Thank you Speedbo!!!!

  19. I feel like I should be finished already, but life is not making this easy this month.

    I'm a little over 40K and maybe need another 20K to finish up this YA novel. Do-able if I could just get an hour or two each day.

    The end scene is actually written. I just need to connect the dots. :)

  20. Debra's computer died. That's my Speedbo report.

    Pray for resurrection

  21. Congratulations, everyone!

    Life is getting in the way lately. I've only had time to write on the weekends this month. Only 10k so far, but still have three weekends to go so I'm optimistic.

    Keeping on!

  22. Wow, the Weekend Edition is full of terrific news! And predicts a fabulous week ahead. Thanks, Tina! I checked out Harlequin's new Heartwarming line, another opportunity for authors of sweet romances.

    Congratulations, Myra, on signing your three-book contract. I cannot wait to read your WWl stories!!!

    Congratulations to fellow Hoosier Sarah Ladd on her three-book sale to Thomas Nelson!

    A huge thanks, Vince, for your thought provoking five-star review of An Inconvenient Match!

    I lifted all 118 SpeedBo participants to the Lord, asking for renewed strength. Perhaps because I'm feeling the need of it. I knew I'd have guests in the middle of SpeedBo, but didn't plan on being sick. Life happens, but I'm feeling somewhat energized today. Will get some responsibilities off my desk this weekend so I can hit it Monday.


  23. Debra, sorry about your computer!! What a bummer.

    Hugs, Janet

  24. Congratulations to the daily contest winners.

    Congratulations to MYRA in her sale to Abington!!!!

    Congratulations to SARAH on her sale!!!!

    Whoo Hoo!!!

    I have to admit that I'm not fairing well during speedbo. I only have about 4000 words written, not quite one chapter. BUT the month isn't over and I only wanted to get three chapters written, so there is hope!

  25. Congratulations to all the winners and those with new book deals!!! Wow, what a week!

    Next week is spring break and I will have ALL day to write. I've gotten behind on my word count but hope to more than make it up in the next seven days.

  26. Myra! Yippee. Sarah, congrats. I am penciling in both series of books now. Must get them in the book budget.

    I am at 10,300 and happy about it. I may not be writing every day but I want to be writing every day. What a good sign.

    Man O is out of town this coming week. I knew Speedbo had taken hold when he told me Thursday he might not be gone the whole time and I had to hide my disappointment at losing writing time. Friday I had to hide my glee when he told me he definitely WAS going to be traveling.

    Best wishes to all and happy St. Patty's day!

    Peace, Julie

  27. Congratulations Myra and Sandra! Happy dancing with you!!!

    As for Speedbo, no words yet but the characters are breathing in my mind. Setting aside Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for writing. My goal is 15K during those three days. 60K for the month? What was I thinking?

    Debra, Praying for your computer. I believe in resurrection. Spilled coffee on my laptop, twice. I'm using it now. ;)

  28. Mega Congrats to Myra and Sarah!! Way to go!!

    Reached 65,000 words last night, so I'm going to lunch and shopping with a friend today!

    Hope everyone has a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  29. Life keeps getting in the way of writing. Some good things and some sad, but I'm up to 14911 on my new WIP. Hope to get back at it Monday (maybe Sunday night).

    Congrats to Myra and Sarah. I'm so excited for you both!

    Thanks, Seekerville, I always leave feeling encouraged.


  30. Wow! I cannot believe all the great word count going on here! It's truly amazing! I've gotten about 10,000. Not where I wanted to be, but hey, I am pleased by any progress at this point with all the obstacles in my way this month!

    Congratulations Myra and Sarah! AMAZING!!!!! And Casey, the winner of the box of books! She will be in reader heaven, I am sure! ;)

  31. Congrats Myra and Sarah!

    I've written 479 words so far - cheated though and wrote them yesterday -- but hope to get more before the weekend is over.

    Good luck & God's Blessings everyone for a GREAT weekend!

  32. You know, I can't remember exactly how many words I had when Speedbo started! Yikes. But I think I've done almost 10,000. But now I'm finished with my WIP (which still needs to be edited) and needing to start a proposal, synopsis and 3 chapters. Which will give me more words.

    And Congrats to Sarah!!! YAY on reaching that huge goal of publication! And a 3-book deal is more than huge! It's really, really, really amazing. Congrats again!

  33. Somehow I missed that Myra got a 3-book deal too! Congrats!!! As I said before, a 3-book deal is really, really, really amazing. :-)

  34. OMG, did you see all the Speedbo-ers? WooHoo! You go, gang!

    BIG congrats to Myra for her 3 book deal to Abington Press. They love you, sweetstuff!

    And SARAH! A three book deal to debut when?? C'mon, fill us in!

    What a week. Thanks Tina!

  35. hahahaha, shhhh, the husband has left the building..we may now...SPEEEDBO!!!!!!

  36. Sarah:

    Don't know that I recall a three book deal for a debut. Ever.

    Triple Congratulations.

  37. Actually our Cara debuted with a three book deal for Thomas Nelson.

    And Seeker friend Ann Barton's regency sold after GH last year in a three book deal.


  38. Wow -- great news this WE -- Congratulations Myra and Sarah!!!! Can't wait to dive into your books.

    Love all the links -- but really, did you have to tell me this is National Edit Month? Helllloooo, I've been trying my darndest not to look back even though there's a billion edits just begging my attention. Oy!

    And great news about Heartwarming -- especially since it's a spin off because of the Love Inspired line success. While I LOVE my inspirational fiction I'll definitely support this new line just to make the point that books with these kinds of standards are definitely in demand!

    My SpeedBo journey so far -- not exactly where I wanted to be, but close. I'm really fighting my inner naysayer demon this time round which makes pulling out the words really, really hard. That's why I need so many edits...but the good thing is there's a decent skeleton of a story just waiting to be fleshed out and that's exciting.


    Is it just me or does anyone else get full scenes playing out in their head waaaayyy before that scene is due? Or snippets of dialogue that don't fit just yet?
    Or clever little reveals that may or may not play into the overall theme?

    Sigh. These always come when I'm walking the dog or crawling into bed or just waking up. I've been jotting them down on notepaper but having a horrible time figuring out how to organize them in some cohesive way. I'm sure I won't be able to find them when I need them. Any suggestions on how to keep tabs on all this extra-maybe-really-important stuff? I'm stymied.

  39. Anonymous Seekers got to read Sarah's first five pages in Seekerville a year ago. Sarah also won the Genesis with the same msc.

    The Heiress of Winterwood.

    So folks, keep contesting, keep writing.

  40. I know re the Editing Month, Kav. Bookmark it for next month.

    As for the rest.

    You are now officially IN THE ZONE.


    The phenomenon occurs when you start to blurr the lines between your fiction world and the real world.

    WAY TO GO!!!!

  41. I am banning the word ONLY from Speedbo vocab.

    ONLY? What do you mean, ONLY?

    You wrote. Keep looking at what you have done and not what you have not.

    Give thanks for those words and keep moving forward.

    We're proud of you!!

  42. Happy St. Pat’s Day!

    Good News: If you’re not Irish the government now has a program to help compensate you for your loss. You can apply at DHS Monday morning. Proof of not being Irish is not required.

    (of the County Cork Mooneys.)

  43. WOW!

    How AWESOME is this Weekend Edition??

    MYRA, I'm dancing for you! I LOVE your books, going to be so fun to see what you do with this new series. :D

    And SARAH, congratulations and WHAT a first publisher!!! I can't wait to request YOUR book for review!

    And so happy I could be a cheerleader this week, those 118 participants are working hard!

    I'll shoot an email, but won't expect ANYTHING until April. ;))

    Thanks Seekerville!

  44. Hi Myra:

    Congrats on the 3-book contract!

    I love the post WWI period. I have a teaching minor in history. Between the wars was my speciality.

    If you have not read the books below, I think you will really like them. They read like novels!

    Only Yesterday: An Informal History of the 1920s Frederick Lewis Allen

    When the Cheering Stopped; the Last Years of Woodrow Wilson. (with an Introd. by Allan Nevins) Gene Smith

    Also the Teaching Company has a college course on WWI on tape and CD which is fantastic. Almost everything people think about WWI is wrong! What a wake up call this would be.

    BTW: Love your picture. You look happy, successful, and like the author who could have written ‘Romance by the Book’.

    P.S. It is going to be a real hardship not to be able to read your WWI books if they don’t come out in larger print or eBook format. : (

    P.P.S. Watching “Midnight in Paris” and being able to identify all the famous people from the 1920’s is mandatory. : )

  45. Hi Tina:

    Harlequin’s new Heartwarming line looks like a great way to do the Lord’s work. This is really a ‘Christian values’ format without being overtly Christian. Writing romances that depict strong Christian values -- while staying in a secular format -- is a way to prepare the soil for the seeds that come from Christian teachings. I think writing for “Heartwarming” would be a great way to work in the fields of the Lord.


  46. Hi Tina:

    What’s the picture of the broken pencil mean? Sometimes broken is good and sometimes it’s bad. Broken Arrow is good. A broken glass as part of a wedding ceremony is good. Broken leg for an actor is good.

    Where’s the good in a broken pencil?


  47. next month really editing month?

  48. Hi Tina:

    Are you a member of the “Mile High Scribes”?

    Their “One-Sheet Contest” is absolute perfect for my “Stranded" book.

    I must enter!!!

    But do you know if ‘one-sheet’ means single space 12 point currier?

    Double space would seem way too restrictive.

    I wonder what they would think of Ruth’s new books?

    Published authors can enter.



  49. Hi Tina:

    It made me smile to see KC & May on the Speedbo list. And happy to see so many names! However, if you have a co-author, do you get credit for the co-authors words, too? I think May does a lot of her books herself.


  50. Seekers as Orchestral Instruments

    After considerable thought, I’d like to nominate Ruth for the mandolin in the Seeker Symphonic Orchestral. The mandolin is a small instrument that produces a big sound.

    I can 'hear' Ruth going from classical, to Irish (Danny Boy), and Italian (O Sole Mio) folk songs, to a zesty Zydeco (happiest of happy dances) and finally to Blue Grass where the mandolin can play lead, accompaniment and perform the function of the percussion instruments.

    For all these reasons I nominate Ruth for the position of mandolin.


    P.S. I know Mary is going to get after me for not working on my Speedbo project instead of all these posts. But, if I could write, I would be. If I’m posting, I’m not coasting. : (

    I don't have 'editing block' -- I just don't want to do it!

  51. W O W!

    I won a chat with fellow Irishman Julie Lessman! Talk about luck of the Irish! On St. Pat’s too!

    BTW: When will Julie be coming to Tulsa? : )


  52. Vince:

    I had been visualizing Ruthy as the drummer, setting the cadence. :)

  53. I am not a member of Mile High Scribes but only by virtue of the fact that my request for a 30 hour day has not been approved yet. Once it is I will become more social.

  54. Sherrinda it's personal editing month. Because you will have many, many, many pages to edit.

  55. Broken pencil shows you are working so very hard you broke your pencil.


  56. Vince is full of blarney today, isn't he??

  57. Yay, Myra,

    I need one of those drip bags, but it can't be coffee, I get wired for sound then.

    My words have been few this round. 13,214, or something like that. I have written more and don't have it in the computer. Oh well, but I did manage to finish edits on my next release, When Shadows Fall and got my ARC back.

    I'll post my cover soon, and give everyone a look see.

    I hope to get more done this week, cause my granddaughter heads back to school.


    Tina P

  58. Super congrats to Myra and Sarah!!!

    Wow! Each of you are celebrating three book deals! Woo-hoo!

    Speedbo-ette #11 reporting: 18,559 words written this month - far short of my goal, BUT that doesn't matter because I finished the first draft of my WIP and am now working on filling in, researching and revising.

    I've dropped my goal from 2500 a day to 1000 a day since I've let my Internal Editor out of her envelope and taken the tape off her mouth. This is when I really need her!

    I'm drawing on all my Irish blood (about 1/16th) to celebrate St. Patrick's Day - I love the prayer "St. Patrick's Breastplate". These are the opening lines:

    "I bind unto myself today
    The strong Name of the Trinity,
    By invocation of the same,
    The Three in One and One in Three."

  59. SARAH--a 3-book deal to Thomas Nelson--way to go, girl!!!! Congratulations!!!

    VINCE, you are such a sweetheart! (Forget Tina's blarney comment.) You know, Abingdon has been consistently getting their novels into e-book format fairly quickly, so have no fear.

    Thanks to everyone for the congratulations! I'm just thrilled that these stories have found a home! The first book is complete and in the editor's hands, so I really need to get busy on book 2. Now that spring break is ending and no more tooling around town with the grandkids, I'm promising myself to buckle down next week and crank some words out!




    NANCY ... Whoa, baby, you rock too, so you go, girl!!

    DEB!!! Say it ain't so, girl -- a defunct computer??? May it rest in peace and YOU rest in the joy of a brand new one!!

    VINCE!!! LOL ... I agree with Tina that your Irish is showing with all of your delightful Blarney today -- as somewhat (1/4, which is better than nothing, right?) of a fellow Irishman, I LOVE IT!! AND ... I LOVE that we get to chat, so YAY!!

    And I was going to wait to have you discover this on your own, but in light of St. Patrick's Day, I want you to know that I needed an Irish romance-writer character in my upcoming novel, A Love Surrendered, so yep, Vincent Mooney makes his debut in Steven's story come October!! And you didn't even have to enter my contest to be there! Happy St. Pat's, my Irish friend!!


  61. Wow - I am so impressed with the numbers or writers doing speedbo! Go guys!

    Myra - congratulations! I am so excited for you - what a thrill!

    And thank you very much for the congrats! Tina mentioned that a year ago I got a five-page critique from Seekerville, and that critique motivated me and encouraged me to keep going, and I will always be grateful to Seekerville for that! *HUGS!*

    Looking forward to this week!

  62. @KAV - Your snippet scenes is how I write. I never right in chronological order. The way I organize these scenes are my own version of the plot board. A 59 cent white poster paper charted into chapter segments. I rough draft the scenes as they come to me and name them as a word file. I jot down the name on a 2x2 post it. If I think the scene takes place in the middle of the story, I put the post it around chapter 12, if earlier 3, if later 19. Or whereever.

    As the scenes increase it takes no effort at all the move the post-its to another chapter square.

    When I get all the scenes written, I cut and past them in sequential order in one file. This becomes the rough draft of the book.

    Wish I could post a picture here. But oh well. It's really very easy to learn. I actually use two different colors of scene posts. One for each POV.

    Hope I didn't confuse you. LOL! This is just how I do it.



    And Sarah Ladd, adorable, beautiful, young (hate her, just a little!!!!) and so stinkin' talented. Sarah, huge congrats to you from your buds at Seekerville. Such good news!

    Nancy, you rock. Really. Truly. Without question. I'm smiling just thinking of how good that feels. Keep on, keepin' on!

    And I just used your butterfly lesson in "The Lawman's Second Chance" the first book in the new proposal I'm working on. His seven-year-old does a Monarch-in-a-jar project and Dad is taught a lesson about growth... Great minds think alike!

  64. First, Congrats to Myra!!! That's wonderful news!!!

    Second, I met my first Speedbo goal which was to finish my WIP. My second goal is to finish the editing and get it turned in by 4/1.

    Yay for Speedbo!

  65. Carol, that's solid. I only wish I could trip off to Panera...

    Oh my stars, I'm thinking that soup and sandwich combo. I'd be rockin' that bad boy.

    AND.... cinnamon crunch bagels.

    Possibly dying here, wishing...

    Oh my stars, Charity, you just hang in there! I love to see all this hard work going on! suhweeeeet!

  66. Speedbo Report

    Stranded Edit Project

    March 16, 2012
    Words edited: 0
    Words to go: 55,500
    March 17, 2012
    Words edited: 4,132
    Words to go: 50,868
    Percent Left: 92.4%
    Time Left: 87.5%
    Running behind!

    See Tina: After my last post I went to work on my book. Been at it for hours. It takes longer to edit than write a first draft. But now that I got the monster first chapter done, I’m having a great time. I’ve laughed so much that I need cough medicine for my throat and an ARM for my eyes. It gets funnier with each edit. I don’t know if my heart can take much more. Can you spell Blarney?

    Here’s a favorite section from the first chapter: (just to prove I’m really doing it.)


    The hero just arrived at the cabin that he thinks is all his for the next ten days. The heroine comes after him with a broom.


    …“I’m a Captain in the Special Forces and a former sniper. In the movies they would call me, “a very bad man," I’m not afraid of no stinkin' broom.”

    “Bad or not, you can’t stay here. Can’t you Special Forces guys live off the land?”


    “Great! There’s the land,” she said pointing away from the cabin, “go live on it.”

    “Lady, is this how you support the troops?”

    “My bumper sticker says ‘troops’ not trooper.”

    Eric reached into his saddle bag and took out his Buntline Special and held the barrel up to his lips where he blew air over the end as if to blow smoke away.”

    She thought he was blowing her a kiss. “Are you crazy girl? This actually is a bad boy.”

    It was the biggest pistol she’d ever seen.

    “You’re going to kill me for this cabin?” she asked. For the first time she looked really scared. She lowered the broom and began to back up.

    “No, but I may have to kill that bear?”

    “What bear?” Diana turned around looking for a bear in all directions.


  67. Hi Tina:

    When I see a broken pencil, I see someone who broke it out of frustration. That’s POV for you.

    BTW: I’m supposed to cut the lawn today before it rains. Do you think I can tell my wife that I’ve got ‘grass cutter’s block’?


  68. You could always break the lawn mower in half.

    (MOW THE LAWN? The last of the snow just melted here.)

  69. ERICA!!! CONGRATULATIONS on finishing that WIP@!!

  70. Hi MaryC:

    You wrote:

    ”I'm going to need that last ounce of Glynna's courage to face Seekerville next week.”

    Not to worry. Tina does a great job with what you give her and everyone else wants to see you do well. You’ll love the experience. They have not lost one Guest Blogger yet. This is what speakers call a very friendly audience.

    BTW: The more I think back on the experience, the more impressive “High Country Hearts” really is.

  71. Congrats, SARAH LADD!

    Look at me-- number 30 on the Speedbo List. :D I'm hangin' in there. I'm on an editing curve, but that should help move things along.

    Happy writing to you all!


  72. Hi Julie:

    Wow! I’m going to be in a Lessman book. Both names no less. I’m going to have to buy a lot of copies for my big Irish Catholic family. My brother, Walter, lives in Boston. I can’t wait. It’s the next best thing to getting the ‘call’ – when I was a kid, ‘getting the call’ meant becoming a priest.

    What do you think of a chat about pitching my romance or the RPP nonfiction book? I’m the boss at work so I can probably call any time you find most convenient.



    P.S. Do you know of a cure for “Grass Cutter’s Block”? I think those writers are on to something with their ‘writer’s block’! : )

  73. Hi Myra:

    A great OU player once said. “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.”

    It’s not blarney if it’s true. The trouble is, the Irish take pleasure in making the truth sound like Blarney. They don’t see blarney as a bad thing.

    I’ll be looking for you books as eBooks. Be sure to announce it here at Seekerville.




    Go mow the lawn so you can finish writing.

    I'm the boss here, btw.

  75. I Just Got My Orders!*

    We’re going to the 30th Anniversary Concert tonight for the Tulsa Signature Symphony!

    Reflections of the best 30 years!

    I’ll be looking for Seekers in the Orchestra. A writer is never off duty.


    *The wife made it back in town from OKC in time to make the concert. Can’t cut grass now. Can’t even shovel ‘virtual’ snow. Enjoy.

  76. LOL!! Have fun, Vince. Take notes.

  77. Im just home with my peppermint instructed by Julie on Wednesday.

    I expect GREAT THINGS.

    Except it's hot out. I don't want to drink tea......I guess I could ice it.

    Oh well, it's March. The 'hot' won't last.

  78. Thanks for the encouragement, Vince.

    I was so excited about Jalna last night that I forgot I was supposed to give an update.

    17,000 + words

  79. Mega congrats to Myra and Sarah! At the end of a gorgeous day like we've had in Upstate NY today, it's great to hear good news.

    Proposal is at 10,000/15,000 words, so it looks like I'll make my goal. Of course, I haven't read any of it yet. I'm allowing a few days for revising before I let anyone else see it :)

  80. BRIDGETT!!! That makes total sense. thanks! I just started shoving all these bits and bobs of story scenes in a box which is no help at all!!!! I think I'll convert my office wall into a gigantic poster board and do what you suggest. Don't have cards but I have uber cool stationary cards that will do the trick and are pretty too. Thanks for the idea. I'll do it first thing in the morning before I start writing again. I have a feeling it will motivate me and make me feel like I'm really getting somewhere when I see it spread out like that.:-)

  81. #110 checking in ...

    A critique from Myra? Really? [I keep going back to the post and looking to be sure it's me and not another Nancy C] Thank you, Myra and how cool is that three book deal! Congratulations.

    Sarah what an accomplishment. Cheering you on and looking forward to reading the debut book :-)

    In answer to the question of how I'm doing, you've helped me get outside my comfort zone. I used to write to a certain point and stop for the day. Now I'm writing more and I do believe I'm writing better. I'm not sure if I'll finish the WIP by the end of Speedbo [I have some contest judging and then an out-of-town guest] but that's okay. What I'm learning from the Speedbo experience more than makes up for word/page count.

    Thank you to everyone who is sharing through the blog posts and comments -- and congratulations to all the winners.

    Now to read more comments ...

    Nancy C

  82. It is slow going Seekers as I revise a novel!

  83. Yeah, I'm waiting for the 8 feet of snow to drop. March is our snowiest month of the year. These 70 plus temps are making the birds confused.

  84. Way to go Speedo-etters.

    Write. Write. Write. Write.

  85. 4990 so far today puts me over 30K. /happy dancin/

  86. Wow! There is so much to celebrate here today! Sorry I've come so late to the party--it's been a busy day, and this is my first chance to sit and read. :)

    So happy for Myra, Sarah Ladd and others who are seeing hard work be recognized.

    Tina, thanks for posting the names of those doing Speedbo. I loved seeing all those names! Keep up that good work! It'll be exciting to see what comes from this month's work!

    Happy weekend, all!

  87. CONGRATS to all the winners, AND Myra and Sarah!! How exciting! :) Happy St. PATTI'S Day (grin) everyone, and thanks for this WE, Tina. Next week looks to be another great on in S'ville! ~ I continue SPEEDBOing along--finishing the synopsis before mailing in a ms, then will dive in to a previous ms and hopefully get a CHUNK polished by March 31! (these were my personal SPEEDBO goals, even though next time I'd LOVE to start a brand-new WIP on March 1 and zip along. ~ Blessings, Patti Jo

  88. Heehee! Vince, every time I hear of someone hearing 'the call', I think priesthood and solemn vows, too.

    Carol!!! You're back on a roll! Good for you for pushing through the blahs that hit somewhere in the middle there...

    Oh, and Vince, no more tidbits. I wanted to read it ALL. Why don't you put in something not so funny? How about just a few ands and the's so I can shrug and walk away. Now I need to read the whole thing!

  89. Congratulations to Myra & Sarah! Good news all around!

    My Speedbo total is over 21,000. A little under my target, but not bad!

    We'll see what tomorrow brings!


  90. Closing in on halfway. Had HOPED to get there today but knew it would be a long shot. Ended up chatting at today's 'write in' when only one other person showed up and she hadn't realized the 'write in' part. So we talked shop.

    Between this morning at home and about four and a half hours at Panera:

    Day: 7003
    MS/Speedbo: 32031

    I may get a bit more in tonight but not counting on it.

    Headed home :).

  91. Congrats to the winners and especially to Myra and Sarah Ladd on their great news. Woohoo!
    I'm #77 on the list and due to family events I'm behind schedule. (Everyone is on the mend now, so that's what counts!) Next week I'll be a wild woman trying to catch up. I'll be Speeeeeedbo-ing.

  92. I am revising and rewriting my WIP. Not sure how many words I will need after I have removed/revised the flat scenes. Have written 2,171, new words this week.I joined this week and Janet's Monday post was exactly to the point for me.

    Laura H # 115

  93. Laura, you've been busy, girl!!!

    And you still have two weeks left!

  94. Hi Janet:

    I always appreciate reading your books. Enjoyment is one thing I can find in many romances. With your books along with the enjoyment, I get to appreciate what I describe as your ‘crystal clear’ writing style.

    I spent my whole advertising career trying to perfect this type of writing. In advertising you want your writing understood the first time and you want it understood only as you intended. I found this to be the hardest thing to learn how to do in copywriting. And you write whole books that way! I'm just green and it's not because it's St. Pat's day. : )


  95. Kav, I wrote my first MS like that. The scenes I saw as they came. Not sure how much was the learning curve, being a pantser with occasional plotting tendencies, or what, but I ended up scrapping a lot of scenes that way and stalling out when it came time to connect the plot dots before I even knew what a character arc was.
    So for the second MS, which WILL BE complete by 3/31, I wanted to try not doing that, and forcing myself to only write forward. For me, it's really been in improvement in both the speed and the quality of my writing. Mostly the speed. (Overall I mean, because I had big gaps of time where I didn't write for weeks at a time with the first one because I'd written all the "fun" scenes, and then something in a connect the plot dot scene would change everything and I had so many rewrites. But nothing was wasted because I was learning.)
    My very good friend writes by scenes *waving at her now!* so that method does work for some people. It did for me with the first one. I'm cheering you on!
    And I also have an entire wall of my office covered in poster board. I charted characters, scenes, and character/setting details on. It helped a lot, and it's a great conversation piece. :-p

  96. VINCE, your tiny tidbit left me wanting to read more! I’ve heard wonderful things about your writing, but… and you must excuse me here… I’ve been a little unsure about a man writing romance. It read with no concept of the author’s gender, so when is this hitting the shelves?? ; )

    NANCY, I’m not sure if you’re talking about little ol’ me (you just have SO many writing pals these days ; ) ), but I hadn’t ever read your explanation of HOW you wrote LION, even though I was with you through a great deal of it! But that is exactly how I have been with the WIP. I started editing yesterday, and I think I’ve made some progress! I’ve known what I wanted, but didn’t know how to tie it all together! I was lying in bed around 6:30 A.M., unable to sleep because I started thinking of the next SCENES I would be writing. Oh well. I get up between 6 and 7 anyway. :p My “fun” scenes hadn’t run out—heck, I haven’t even got to most of them—but I’ve been having a REALLY hard time connecting the dots, and making some of the transitions plausible to myself. I can’t leave that alone. If I am to move forward, first I must go back. Let that be your thought of the day!

    I can’t say if I’m plotter or a punster. I try to define myself, but can’t. I know that a story comes to me in a vivid scene, much like a movie, and from that, these scenes build on top of each other until I must write. Of course, we all know, those little scenes that run a little reel in our heads are oh… about 2.5 seconds long, and tying them together with a solid story is HARD.

    So I completely understand the desert like DAYS and WEEKS of writing sterilization… I just didn’t know it had ever happened to you.

    I saw an Irish T-shirt at Wal-Mart yesterday that was pink and said, “O’Cutie.” I wanted it, but really… 8 bucks for a shirt I can wear once a year?

    This word count should be in my WIP…


  97. VINCE SAID: "What do you think of a chat about pitching my romance or the RPP nonfiction book? I’m the boss at work so I can probably call any time you find most convenient.

    Sounds great!! I have your e-mail, Vince, so I will contact you to set up a time, okay?

    LOL ... and, no, I do NOT have a cure for “Grass Cutter’s Block”!!! :)


  98. Just checked the figures for Speedbo. I have passed 20,000 words plus I had several *major* roadwork events when I went back to fill potholes [I couldn't leave myself a note/comment and go on -- the needed changes bugged me until I gave them attention].

    Have a lovely Sunday!

    Nancy C

  99. Nancy C!! You are a Mack truck on the Speedbo highway. Keep moving! Way to go.

  100. Congrats, Sarah! That's phenomenal news!

    Sorry that I've been absent for much of SpeedBo. However, my true goal for the month was to finish some editing on one of my WIPs and I feel like I'm still on target.

    Hope all are well.

  101. Characters Are Taking Over!

    On the second draft, the characters are full-blown. They know who they are. They won’t be treated like they were in the early chapters of the first draft.

    My characters, hero and heroine, just had a big fight and essentially made me fit in a new chapter between 1 and 2. Now most of the old 2 is really in 3. I would exercise some control except that the fight was just too funny to not use in a romantic comedy.

    Another problem: Contest judges all tell me to show what my characters’ bodies are doing when they are talking. No talking heads. But when you put in the body language characters drop things, stick fingers into people’s faces, turn their backs on people, change seats so the sun is in the other person’s eyes, move too close into the other person’s space – my hero and heroine just exploded when I added body language.

    Oh, my, I might edit my 55,000 words by the 31st and still have 55,000 more to go.

    I knew that a fast ‘get it written in a month’ writing style (without internal editor) lends itself to speed but I didn’t think adding back body language would change the story so drastically. Without the IE, you may be writing a different story than your story needs to be or really is.

    I’ve written over 2,000 words today but I think I’ve lost ground!


    P.S. Spoiler. You may not want to read this. Below is a little of what my characters made me add to chapter 2 this morning. It wasn’t my idea.

    Setup: The hero tells the heroine that he thinks she is becoming more beautiful the more he gets to know her. She says she’s just a Plain Jane and he knows it. He says that that’s just the problem: she’s the kind of woman men marry. Given, that at this point in his life, he just wants to settle down, get married, and start a family, that a fine woman like her is about as dangerous as a free-fire zone.


    “Will you stop that right now?”

    “Stop what?”

    “Stop pushing my buttons! You know too much about romance. They shouldn’t let people like you edit romances. Your sister is a traitor to womanhood!”

    “Believe me, my sister totally agrees with you. Crystal says she’s created a monster. But a monster who could help her win a RITA. I think she’d rather have a RITA than protect womankind from me.”

    “Then she’s twice a traitor!”

    “Is this where we stand up and sing La Marseillaise like in Casablanca?”

  102. Hi Whitney:

    Thanks for the nice comments.

    You wrote:

    … I’ve been a little unsure about a man writing romance.

    You’ve been unsure! I wrote a long post on why men can’t write romances. I would not even think about competition with women authors. My romances are meta-romances. These are romances that are aware that they are romances and the whole idea is to be funny. I’m going to leave the real romances to the women writers.

    I don’t know what you are going to think if you read the tidbit I wrote today. I can only hope. : )


    P.S. I don’t know when the book will hit the shelves but I’ll send you a copy from the author copies, if you remind me. How’s that for a positive affirmation?

  103. Hi Virginia:

    I’m so happy you liked my tidbits. Actually, that selection was chosen because it had the fewest spoilers. The really funny stuff I’m saving for readers of the book.

    Since you are such an early supporter, I’ll send you a copy of the book when I get my author copies. Now you’ll be able to read it before it hits the shelves. I’m making a note on the first page of the manuscript but please remind me at the time. : )


    P.S. I added another tidbit today in my P.S. – it’s up to you if you want to read it now. : )

  104. Hi Helen:

    Actually, in a Blue Grass band, the mandolin can and does function as the drums in a group that does not have a drummer. We may not be too far apart.


  105. Speedbo Report

    Stranded Edit Project
    Project Goal:
    Edit 55,500 words

    March 18, 2012
    Words edited or written today: 2273
    Total words to date: 6405
    Words to go: 49095
    Percent Left: 88.46%
    Time Left: 76.47%
    Running: Behind Schedule

    Got to write tonight!

  106. I lost three days to picking lice nits out of my daughter's hair- it was literally a FULL TIME job. Then the flu hit the house- boo!

    I self-published my first novel last month (available through Amazon,on Kindle and through my website) and was working on the second book in the series. I've set a goal of 70,000 words and I'm at 9,525- a tad bit behind. I wrote the first book in 18 days. Maybe there's still hope!

    Headed to write now!

  107. Congrats to Sarah and Myra! Fantastic news! Dancing with you! Congrats to last weeks winners, too.

    Number 23 here, and I'm enjoying the Speedbo commitment. I'm three scenes from The End. WIP will be done and clean by 3.31 and off to critiquing so I will start 4.1 on a new WIP. Thanks again, Seekerville. This concept rocks. Can't wait for the next one, ;)

  108. Lyndee!!! Wowza way to go .

    THE. END.

  109. Ah the joys of childhood. Diana!!

    Sale? Did you say sale? Going to check it out now.

  110. Walt, I trust you are pushing forward toward your editing deadline. May the force be with you.

    (and me as well)

  111. Congrats Sarah and Myra!!! Woo hooo!!!

  112. VINCE, you’re a hoot. I’ve read your posts on men writing romances, and how men and women are different (which I really enjoyed!). I think men can write romances. Just like women can write suspense or mysteries (think Agatha Christie or Ellis Peters). Zane Grey comes to mind for me. He wrote the heroine’s POV just as well as he did the hero’s. He depicted strong, but feminine women, and the romance aspect of the story was as persuading as any woman’s writing.

    Ha. I’ll remind you all right. ; )


  113. Sorry I'm late checking in. I'm at 16,045 for SpeedBo! :D

    Congrats to all the winners! :D

  114. Wow! You all are blowing me out the door! I see I have some major catching up to do.

  115. Congratulations on your progress everyone!

    I'm at 13,641/30,000. Missed a couple days because of company and illness. Hoping to get back into the wip today, even if it's only for a hundred words. Maybe I can get that much in between sneezes.

    A synopsis critique by Janet Dean?? Me? REALLY? Yay!!!!

    Now I have to go write the synopsis... Glad I bookmarked Linette Mullins' Seekerville post on synopsis how-to. I'm gonna need it.

    Congrats on your new series, Myra!!

    Happy first sale, Sarah! Way to go!!

  116. wonderful post of celebration!
    ConGrats noted Winners ")