Saturday, March 24, 2012

Speedbo Weekend Edition Week 4

This is it! The final Speedbo stretch. Don't give up now! 
You can do it!
The finish line is in sight.

We Have Winners

All writer and reader prizes may be claimed starting April 1st. During March participants are WRITING not mailing, not critiquing! Winners will be announced weekly in the Weekend Edition. But no worries, we're keeping track for you, here.

 Speedbo Week 4 Winners are:

The cheerleader reader and winner of a fantastic box of books is Jackie S.

Mary Connealy critique-Walt 
Tina Radcliffe critique-Donna Phillips
Ruth Logan Herne critique-Connie Q
Pam Hillman critique-Whitney
Julie Lessman synopsis critique-Carol Garvin

Tuesday we learned about"Writing into the Mist" with Genesis winner and Seeker friend Mary Curry. Winner of a surprise Seeker two-pack of books is Rebecca.

 Wednesday Love Inspired Suspense author Debby Giusti's posted, "SpeedBo + AlphaSmart = Win-Win!"   Winner of a Debby Giusti BOC is Emily Reynolds.

Thursday Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James gave us"CLIMAX!", a post about putting real fireworks in your work!  The winner of  "Love By the Book" is Rachelle Rea.

Friday we welcomed back Harlequin Intrigue author Angi Morgan with her post on Deep POV. The winner of Texas-Style magnets is Bridgett Henson.

Saturday, March 31st is the last day of Speedbo and your last day to win a Speedbo prize so don't forget to shout out and tell us what you want!   To be entered simply join Speedbo and leave a comment this week on any post. 

One cheerleader who receives yet another fantastic box of books this week! 

March 31:

Mary Connealy critique-
Audra Harders critique
Glynna Kaye critique
Tina Radcliffe Chat
Myra Johnson synopsis critique

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Today Tyndale author Pam Hillman takes a break from the whirlwind of Speedbo to put a unique spin on the tale of The Tortoise and the Hare. Pam will be giving away a 1987 Collector's Edition of The Tortoise and the Hare Little Golden Book AND an ecopy of Stealing Jake. 

Tuesday: Avalon author Sandra Leesmith will provide some helpful boosts to get us to the finish of Speedbo in her blog entitled: "Glucose for the Finish-Staying Positive. " And she's giving away a Seeker book to read in April as a reward for making it to the end.

Wednesday: Another month is upon us and time for the April Contest Update. The prize vault is OPEN!

Thursday: Join Love Inspired author Audra Harders for her post "Success is What You Make It."

Friday: Captain Jack Sparrow hosts his first ever blog post in Seekerville. Stop by to chat with Jack about the true meaning of life and Speedbo and whatever else he crosses his mind, and remember-"Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate."

Saturday: "Deadline Dementia" with Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe. The last day to Speedbo!

The Weekend Edition will be on Sunday, April 1. No fooling!

Seeker Sightings

Check out this sighting of Barbara Vey and our very own Cara Lynn James at the Silken Sands Conference costume party.

Come visit Ruth Logan Herne at The Writer's Alley on March 26th where she'll talk about anything and everything, including chocolate, cute guys, romance, writing, cooking, baking and how much she loves working for Love Inspired Books!

Tina Radcliffe is heating her Easy Bake Oven today for some fun in the Yankee-Belle Cafe!

Julie Lessman's A Heart Revealed is on sale on Amazon Kindle for $2.99 until March 25th, so take advantage!! Check it out here.

Join Debby at Barbara Vey’s Readers Appreciation Luncheon, April 10, in Milwaukee, WI.  Make your reservation at

Random News & Information

Seekerville is excited about this announcement in Publisher's Marketplace. Congratulations LI editors:  At Harlequin, Elizabeth Mazer has been promoted to associate editor and Rachel Burkot moves up to assistant editor at Love Inspired, while Shannon Criss has been promoted to assistant editor at Kimani Press.

Your Brain on Fiction (NYT)

How To Write A Great Query Letter by Noah Lukeman -Free in the Kindle Store 

#1K1Hr on Facebook. The Next Best Thing to ______ (insert your own cliche').

WG2E. A great self-publishing resource.

Don't miss the Harlequin Presents Monthly Book Giveaway that includes a leather bookmark!

What if You Get a Book Deal on Your Own and Then Want an Agent? (The Steve Laube Agency)

2012 Bologna Children's Book Fair - Next Hot Thing? (PubRants)

Ten Simple Keys to Plot Structure (Screenplay Mastery) 

Show Me The Money (Brenda Hiatt)

Finally, Seekerville is waving the checkered flag in honor of Friend of Seekerville 
who just signed with Rachel Kent at Books & Such Literary. 

Have a great weekend and don't forget that the RITA and GH finalists for 2012 will 
be announced on Monday, March 26th. Keep an eye on the RWA site for live updates. 

Today is another day of our March Speedbo. Find out more about Speedbo and our exciting weekly prizes here. Comment today for a chance to win! 
Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.


  1. Woo Hoo Amanda!!!

    And congrats to all the winners!

    Happy Speedbo-ing next week - I'll be traveling, so I hope I'll continue to discipline myself to my hour or so of editing each day.

    BUT - it's the home stretch! We can do it!

    (It's Saturday, so multiple exclamation points are permissible. Just ask the Grammar Queen.)

  2. Yay to the winners.

    And thanks Seekerville for another amazing and informative week of learning, mentoring, and encouragement. Yuns ROCK!

    And tonight I wrote THE END!

    71,197 words & 28,332 since Speedbo started.

    Confetti canons are shooting off ...I will come by with my broom to clean up later, but in the meantime, enjoy all the pretty colors! Chocolate from Italy and Switzerland for all!

  3. LOL, Jan!!

    And wowza Lyndee.

    I finally got to participate in #1K1Hr. I had been working on a proposal but now I am able to just write the book. So I am delighted to say that with #1K1Hr I put in a respectable page count today without even trying.

  4. Congratulations winners! And way to go, Amanda!!

    Great Weekend Addition, Tina!(I first typo'd this as "addiction" lol)

    I found the deal on AHR on Wednesday and so snatched it up. I've got to finish the book my BFF bought me for my birthday, then I'm diving into AHR.

    A whole Seekerville day with Jack?? REALLY???? Squee! *with excited tears in eyes* Ok. I'll try to calm down before then and not embarrass myself. ;)

  5. Lyndee, that is AWESOME!!!

    I'm dreaming of typing those words and can almost feel the rush they'll bring. So close. I'm thinking of scrapping down some really awful copy in my WIP just so I can get there before March 1. I already know what has to happen before the end--just gotta get it down.


  6. I've just cheated (often) and written the last chapter before it's time so I could write THE END .

    I love those words.

  7. Congrats to ALL the winners and a BIG congrats to Amanda!!!!!! Thank you Seekerville for another week of prizes and writing lessons/info/help, I LOVE THIS PLACE :)
    And cheering for EVERY Speedbo participant as you get to the end; you're almost there, woo hoo!!!
    Thanks Tina for another great weekend edition, blessings!!

  8. Congrats to everyone. Thanks for approving my FB #1k1h, Tina. I think it is a great way to keep motivates after Speedbo ends.

  9. Congrats to Amanda!

    And to Lyndee - woohoo, a speedbo victory!

    I'm rather looking forward to Jack Sparrow's debut as Guest Blogger.

  10. Kara, I personally LOVE your enthusiasm.

  11. Julie, I stared at your name and the little box for an hour before I clicked on it. I had no idea what that little box meant. Duh!!

  12. Congratulations, Lyndee! You really had determination!!! Those are a lot of words to write in just one month. Now go celebrate your accomplishment!

  13. Congratulations, Amanda, for landing an agent! Now on to your first sale.

  14. Oh, Amanda - CONGRATULATIONS! SO excited for you. AND the winners! And for next week. Wonderful WE, Tina!

  15. Congratulations, Amanda!!!!!

    Captain Jack in Seekerville? Oh yeah. What fun.

    SpeedBo word count for the week. 11,065.

  16. Congratulations to all the winners and way to go Amanda!

    Is it really the last week of Speedbo? Hard to believe.

    Please say a prayer for my husband. He had blood work done Friday and the cholesterol levels were too high for our local lab to read. They sent the sample to a major hospital to have it read. We have to wait till Monday to see what's going on.

    We hope it's some kind of fluke... like maybe he shouldn't have had that milkshake the night before the test, but the dr says that's not it.

  17. Thank you all for your congratulations!! You all are so sweet! I'm very excited to be on the Books and Such team!

    Congratulations to everyone who's been doing Speedbo and a big thank you to Seekerville for having such awesome posts this month!

  18. Wow, Amanda!!!! Mega-congratulations on signing with Books and Such!!!!

    Congrats to all our winners!

    Next week looks great! Thanks Tina.

    Wahoo, Lyndee, on writing The End! YOU rock!!!


  19. CONGRATS, LYNDEE!! 28,000+ words in less than a month is no small feat!

    CONGRATS, AMANDA! You’re such a sweetie.

    And I’m stoked to be a winner of this week’s critique from Pam Hillman! I saw my name and was like, “Whoa. What? I won?!” Haha. Looking forward to this awesome GIFT!

    Have a wonderful day, all. I’m afraid I’ve spent the morning doing some MUCH needed cleaning. Writing today, though. : )


  20. Good morning Seekerville.
    Anyone go to the Hunger Games last night?
    My 23 year old daughter and ten of her friends did.

    The brats.

    They should INSIST on a western!!!

  21. My SPEEDBO count isn't where I'd like it BUT I HAVE GOOD EXCUSES.
    I've managed ten thousand words this month.

    BUT I received the galley for Over the Edge, releasing in August and had to make that my first priority. It's read and gone back.

    THEN I have a book due April 1st called Swept Away, book one of a series we're calling Trouble in Texas. It was done but I had to go through it one more time. Does revising 90,000 words count toward anything?

    Now I'm back to writing the 2nd book in the Trouble in Texas series and loving it.

  22. My goal is to have this currently 10,000 word book be at least 20,000 by the end of SPEEDBO

  23. Another fabulous Weekend Edition, Tina!

    Love the photo of Barbara Vey with our Cara in the beautiful hat!

    Contratulations, Amanda!! Hope a sale is just around the corner!

  24. MARY CURRY -- in last Saturday's Weekend Edition it was announced that you won a copy of my "High Country Hearts." Have you sent your snail mail address to us yet????

  25. Congratulations to all the winners!

    I'm sadly behind on my Speedbo count because of my allergies and now I have galley's of Rose of Sharon that I have to proof.

    So, I've altered my goal from a rough draft of three chapters to a rough draft of one I have about 1000 words to go.

  26. Congratulations, Amanda! Soooo exciting! Congrats to the winners this week! Congrats to those who are closing in on Speedbo goals! What an accomplishment! Congrats even to those who are not as close as they'd like to be. They have moved their stories forward! :) Soooo happy for you all!

    Great WE, Tina. Really appreciated Michael' Hauge's article. I saw some of what I'm doing right, as well as ways to improve my writing. Appreciated the other links too. :)

    Hoping to come back later and read the rest of the comments. :) Have a great weekend, all!

  27. Lol, Mary.

    This 23 yr old wanted to go see the Hunger Games, but I've not read the books yet, and everyone tells me I HAVE to read the books. So I'm going to support the pro-life movie October Baby this weekend instead. It's not a western (they should make movies of your books), but it's for a good cause. :)

  28. Congrats to Amnda and Lyndee and all of the weekly winners, which I am one of!! I'm so excited!

    Mary, I saw Hunger Games last night. It was really good, but they left a lot of stuff from the book out. I guess it would have been a four hour movie if they hadn't.

  29. A winner of the box of, I couldn't be happier!! Thanks, Seekers!

    Praying for your dh, Jamie A.!!

  30. Excellent, excellent, excellent WE!!! Yes, the NY Times article, "Your Brain on Fiction" deserves the 3 es and 3 exclamation marks!!!! Even more. Love that neuroscience is recognizing the value of the written word! Love that I can use that article to make a point at work on Monday even more. :-)

    Please tell me you are mistaken about there being only one week left of SpeedBo. I was sure there were two. Did you check your calendar? Because I'm muddled in a muddy middle though I think I saw the light in a dream last night so I may be able to crawl out of the mess, but for sure I won't get all cleaned up by Saturday!!!!!

    Congrats to Amanda on getting an agent. How exciting is that?

    And to Lyndee for writing The End. I am so jealous! But still celebrating with you (pass the chocolate, please.)

  31. MARY, your revising definitely counts! 10,000 words on top of that!

    I agree about the kiddies insisting on a western. They don’t even make those anymore. : ( Not unless they’re over-the-top bloody or raunchy. I was actually just looking at movies now playing, and 90% are evil-looking. Lol.

    My dream job besides writing would be directing movies!


  32. Tina, I am glad it clicked. 2110 words today. #1K1H is fabulous. Now I won't have Speedbo withdrawal!

    Mary, my 26 year old is going with about as many friends. Sniff. No one asked me so I am dragging my husband to the movie.

    Peace, Julie

  33. Congratulations to Amanda! That's wonderful!

    And Friday is going to be epic. :D

  34. Congratulations, winners and Amanda!!!

    I can't believe I've finally met someone who says yuns! What part of the world are you from? I'm from SE Missouri. :D Congrats on the WC!

    I only got in 6521 this week. Chris's death kind of shut down my creative juices. Hoping I'll be able to get back at it today.

  35. Lyndee, congrats on your great SpeedBo progress!!! THE END!!! WOW!!!

    Amada, YAY!!! An agent. Whoo-hoo!!! Super fantastic! She's got to be a very smart agent!

    Captain Jack? Really? Be still my heart.

    Congrats to all the winners this week.

    Natalie, tell us how you like October Baby. Julie, let us know about Hunger Games, which I haven't read yet.

  36. Congrats to all the winners!! And congrats to Amanda!! ~ Thanks for another great WE, Tina - - and Happy Weekend to everyone.
    Blessings, Patti Jo :)

  37. Amanda!!! That is such a thrill! And what a great agency!!

    I've finally warmed up to Speedbo. I want to go again next month. Well, maybe jus a week of next month. :D

  38. I heard October Baby is a beautiful movie and I sure hope it comes this way! I read the HG books (Suzanne Collins is a MASTER) and the movie was alright. I'm not a movie fan so it was better than I'd hoped, but still... not the book.

  39. Hi Linette,

    I'm from western PA, in a little sliver of Appalachia that owns its own dialect. Yuns might be spelled yunz too, but where I'm from, it's yuns. Wonder how it traveled to your neck of the woods? Very cool!

    And sorry to hear of your loss. Hugs and prayers....

  40. Yay for you Amanda! That ROCKS!

  41. Congratulations, Amanda! How exciting!

  42. Debby, October Baby was AMAZING! It's a close tie with Courageous in my book--the best two movies I've seen since the Narnia movies. The whole theater was sniffing and crying. Very touching story, and true!

  43. Yay, congratulations to Amanda! And hooray for me! I can't believe I won this week's synopsis critique from Julie Lessman! I'm soooo excited!!! Do you realize how hard it is to put that out of my mind until April 1st so I can concentrate on this last week of Speedbo? Do you??? ::breathing into paper bag::

    Okay, got my act together again. Thanks so much, Seekers. This has been a week of great posts and your ever-generous encouragement. I started to lag late in the week... not feeling very inspired, but I continued to write anyway because I knew I'd have to own up to everyone here if I didn't. So I'm ready to dive into Speedbo's final week with determination to make it count.

    Wishing everyone a productive last sprint.

  44. LOL, Carol! Your enthusiasm is contagious.

  45. Woo hoo! I'm so excited that I won something! Thanks so much!

    Congrats to all the winners, and a special congrats to Amanda. Awesome news!

    This has been a fabulous experience and you folks are the best. I'm motivated going into the final week. I won't be able to write THE END, but I can put an exclamation point on my progress.

    Thanks for everything. Keep writing!

  46. AMANDA!!! WHOO-HOO, this is one of the MOST exciting things I've heard in a long, LONG while ... and you're SIXTEEN, for pity's sake!!! Today an agent, tomorrow a contrat!!

    LYNDEE!!! The end??? No, honey, it's just the BEGINNING!!!

    CAROL!!! Can't wait to dive into that synopsis, girlfriend, so bring it on!!

    SUPER CONGRATS to all the winners, and, Teenster, stellar WE, as always!!


  47. Congratulations on book and agent signings, for writing "the end,", for sticking with the project, for winning prizes ... Thanks for cheering on the Speedbo-ers, for sharing knowledge and humor ... Onward!

    Nancy C

  48. Congrats Lyndee! Snoopy dancing for you!

    Jamie, praying for you hubby.

    Whitney's excited that she won a crit from moi? Poor girl.... lol

    Yikes, gotta run. Almost church time!

  49. Congrats Amanda!!!! That's awesome!!!!

    I, uh, submitted to agents this week. So not the same thing ;).

    After a visit to my FIL's house [remember - he had a stroke a couple months ago? He's doing... okay...] and trying to figure out how to count the Titanic exhibit as research, I got nothing but a little bit of reading done this weekend so far.

    My Speedbo count still sits at 44257. Well short of where I need to be for my 70K goal. Was thinking I needed to average about 5K a day to reach it this week, but counting today there's 7 days so only need about 3700/day.


    Roll eyes.

    Thanks for approving Julie, Tina. Anyone can add or approve people and since I was out of town I couldn't do it on my phone.

    Plus now we only need one more person to make 100.

    But even that's not nearly as exciting as making THE WEEKEND EDITION! WOOHOO!

    And now back to the kids, cleaning the mess that always ends up in the LR when we unload the van, and trying to hit about 5K today...

  50. Congrats to all the winners this week but especially to Rebecca for winning on my post day.

    AMANDA! We're all so proud of you. Way to show how it's done. Congratulations!

    Great lineup for next week (as always). Thanks, Seekers.

  51. Ooops - meant to add - thanks for linking that NY Times article, Tina. I've been mulling it over ever since I read it the first time. It feels like it must contain some secrets to having readers become engaged in our books. Pretty cool, eh?

  52. Hi Glynna,

    I haven't sent it yet because Tina keeps telling us not to claim prizes til after Speedbo ends.

    Don't want Teeena mad at me. ;)

    Don't mean to seem unappreciative though.

  53. You are welcome to send it, Mary. Some of the Seekers have been cloned and are able to do amazing things during Speedbo.

  54. Julie, I'll wait until after we're done Speedbo to send the synopsis, if that's okay with you. I really need to give it another look, and that's not happening while I'm trying to push out new words for my w.i.p. this week. Judging by how I've worked on my multiple goals this month, I apparently don't multi-task terribly well. ;)

  55. I just heard this afternoon - I finaled in the SARA Merritt contest in the Historical Category!

    My poor husband was trapped in the car with me for another hour while I celebrated :)

  56. Yay Jan, on the final! Nice news!

  57. 3005 today
    47262 for the month
    22738 to go

    I may make this after all...

    I hope.

  58. Jan!!!! WOOT!!! And gee Carol, you are for sure making me feel like a slacker!!