Saturday, April 7, 2012

Seekerville Weekend Edtion

Last year was my first trip to NYC and I did it twice.
 I'm sharing my very own photos of what is now my favorite library.
 The New York Public Library. 

What's your favorite library?

 We Have Winners

Don't forget to claim your Speedbo prizes. We've listed them here. You have 8 weeks to claim as well as this week's prizes per our UPDATED rules here. If we forgot a mailing, give us a nudge or a kick in the pants at our Seekerville address here. 

Monday Mary Connealy asked  everyone to Report In on SPEEDBO. Winner of  a $25 gift card to CBD.COM, Christian Book Distributors is Lisa Dooley Fisk.

  Tuesday we hung out with Nicole O'Dell as she pondered: "Is Edgy a Four-Letter Word?" Winners of The Embittered Ruby are Apple Blossom and Angela Bell. Thank you, Nicole for two giveaways!!

  Wednesday we celebrated Friend of Seekerville, Clari Dee's FIRST SALE. Winners of Surprise First Sale Gifts are Cecelia Dowdy and Terri Reed.


Thursday we welcomed back one of our favorite guests. Author Revell author Dan Walsh . Dan shared "Will They Take Your Book Back to the Coffee Shop?" Winner of The Discovery is Jillian Kent.

Friday we were delighted to welcome Love Inspired Historical debut author Naomi Rawlings with "The Almost Kiss -- How to Tease and Tempt Your Readers without Lip Service." The three winners of  Sanctuary for a Lady are Erica Vetsch, Rebecca, and Emily Reynolds.

Drinking Fountain

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Love Inspired Historical author Janet Dean starts out a star-studded week with her post on "The Nuts and Bolts of Novellas." Janet will be giving away a copy of Brides of the West, a compilation of novellas by Janet, Victoria Bylin and Pamela Nissan.

Tuesday: Grammar Queen returns with another pop quiz (shhh--don't tell her Myra warned you!). You may want to brush up on your vocabulary, because the topic is "Using the right/write word at the right/write time." Grammar Queen will be giving away a copy of The Synonym Finder to one lucky commenter--even if you don't ace the test!

Wednesday: "Funny You Should Say That, Part 2 ... Putting Humor in our Writing." Join Revell author Julie Lessman with her continuing segment on the importance of implementing humor in our writing, featuring a giveaway of any of her books, including her upcoming release, A Love Surrendered.

Thursday:  Love Inspired author Ruth Logan Herne will be posting about something and it will most likely by annoying. Or self-serving. It could be both, a fait accompli or same-old, same-old depending on perspective.  But you know there'll be good food AND she just might give you a hint or two about something worth reading so you'll have to stop in and find out. And there's a rumor that she might be giving away reader's choice of the Men of Allegany County or North Country series to one lucky commenter.

Friday: Love Inspired Suspense author Christy Barritt will be sharing with us about why she chose to e-publish Organized Grime (Squeaky Clean Mysteries Book 3) and give some tips based on things she did right and wrong.There'll be a giveaway of one copy of her e-book, Organized Grime!

Seeker Sightings

 Look what we found! A Family To Cherish by Ruth Logan Herne, available for preorder!

Mary Connealy's Out of Control is Free for ebook 3 days only on Easter Sunday, April 8 through Tuesday, April 10th.


Mary Connealy will be celebrating National Library Week! Find her speaking at the library in Hawarden, Iowa with Rose Ross Zediker on Tuesday, April 10 at 7 o'clock. 

And, she'll be speaking at the library in Bancroft, Nebraska, 104 Poplar St. Thursday, April 12 at 6:30pm.  She'll also be speaking at the library in Sac City, Iowa with authors, Judith Miller and Lorna Seilstad on Friday, April 13th at 2 pm. Click here for more details.

 Then on Saturday a booksigning! 1 pm at Parables in Omaha, NE, with Judith Miller and Lorna Seilstad ( Parables, 11212 Chicago Circle,Omaha, NE)

On Friday, April 13, Myra Johnson will be speaking at the Coltrane LIFE (Living Interest for the Elderly) Center in Kannapolis, NC. Myra will talk about the life of a working writer and how a story goes from idea to publication.

April 3-9, join Julie Lessman for a last-minute giveaway at Journeys by Joy. FOR A LAST-MINUTE GIVEAWAY AT JOURNEYS BY JOY. Leave a comment and be entered to win your choice of any of Julie's books including A Love Surrendered when it releases.

You can preorder A Love Surrendered on Amazon. For a limited time you can preorder it ON SALE!!

The countdown is on for the Brenda Novak Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes.  Here's one of the spotlight donations.




Mary Nealy Strikes Again! Check here for details.


In the Library Gift Shop. See Tina in the reflection

Random News & Information

Holding It All Together by Cheryl St. John (Novel Rocket)


How To Be an Influencer on Twitter (Brandwatch)

 Share Your Passion! Enter to win 1 of 5 $50 shopping sprees on eHarlequin.

  5 Things You Should Do On The First Page of Your YA Novel (Tracy Marchini via Nathan Bransford)

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Inspiration for Writers-101 Motivational Stories for Writers, Budding or Bestselling,from Books to Blogs. Deadline June 30th. Email us at Seekers@Seekerville for details.

Heaven Is For Real Tops 1 Million EBooks Sold (Christian Retailing)

Erin Buterbaugh joins MacGregor Literary as a literary agent, focusing on children's books, YA, lifestyle titles, cookbooks, the arts, and some select fiction. (Publishers Lunch)

Pinterest Tips for Writers (GalleyCat)


Because we can dream:

 That's it!

From our hearts to yours, wishing you a blessed Easter weekend.


  1. May it be Easter in our hearts.

    The coffee pot's ready for those of you who rise early on the weekend.


  2. Congrats to the winners! I need to email re my convo with... ugh. Someone. Debby. It was Debby. It's late and I'm on meds. Not the really good meds Mary keeps telling me I should stop mentioning, but meds.

    Plus I need to go visit Joy. And try to come up with some humorous tidbits for Julie. I think I used all my good ones last time...

    And Ruthy. Oh Ruthy. Thursday promises to be fun. Or annoying. Or both. Or something.

    I think the oven cleaner smell is going to my head...

  3. Way to go winners!
    Have a wonderful Pesach and Resurrection Sunday all!

    And wow - lovin' those covers Ruthy, Julie and Mary!

  4. Carol, hope you are healed soon.
    Did that help? It works on TV... :)

    Helen - thanks - I'm enjoying it now!!!

    Great WE, Tina...

    I love Seekerville!!!

  5. Congratulations to all the winners!

    What a line up for next week.

    Happy Easter.
    He IS Risen!

  6. Blessings to all on this Holy Weekend. He is Risen. He is Risen Indeed.

    Congrats to all the winners. I get to talk to Ruthy this week. So excited.

    Off to ready for the Steele family Easter Egg Hunt. Just hoping the two year old and four year old don't get run over by the adults!

    Peace, Julie

  7. KC - OW!

    Actually, I was diagnosed with Bell's Palsy yesterday. So the right half of my face is mostly paralyzed. Not completely, but mostly. And my sister is making fun of me. Ruthy probably will too.

    This is so going in a book.

  8. Helen, I need coffeeeeee....

    I stayed up half the night editing and plan to start up again this morning.

    Happy Easter everyone!!!

  9. Another great WE, Tina---thank you! And a BIG Congrats to all the winners!~ Next week looks great (as usual) in Seekerville. *smile* Enjoyed seeing your library photos Tina (LOVED that sign with your reflection--WOW). I guess my favorite library would be the one of my childhood--a tiny one in a small town by the Atlanta Airport. I have such fond memories of my Mama taking me there sooo many times. ~ Happy Easter to all my Seeker friends. HE IS RISEN !!!
    Hugs from Georgia, Patti Jo

  10. Great WE, Tina!! Thank you! As usual, I'm off to follow all your links! Thanks for taking the time to share them. I always feel more educated on the writing world!


    Happy Easter weekend, everyone!

  11. Carol, I'm so sorry! I've had a couple of friends who've had it. I hope it doesn't last long!

  12. p.s. Oh Carol!!! I just now saw your post about the Bell's Palsy--bless your heart....years ago my Mama and my oldest sister both had that. Thankfully it was temporary. Praying for you to return to your normal self SOON. Hugs, PJ

  13. Tina, I'm with Patti Jo. I enjoyed seeing you in the reflection! :)

    My all time favorite library is the book mobile that I visited as a kid. It came to my neighborhood, and I just LOVED it!

    And of course, now I love my local library.

  14. Did you all hear that Thomas Kincaid died?

    At age 54?

    That's so sad. I loved his work.

  15. Carol! Sorry. You're in my prayers. I had a friend who spent all of January with it, but it passed.

    She had to wear an eye patch to sleep because her eyelid wouldn't work.

    Please send pictures of yourself with the eyepatch.

  16. Congrats to all the winners and THANK YOU once again to all the Seekers!

    Have a BLESSED & Happy Easter!

  17. You know you're a real writer when... come down with some truly scary and uncomfortable condition, your first reaction is "this is so going in a book"!

    Hope you're back to normal soon, Carol! (if you even remember what that is by now).

    You also know you're a writer if you find out a book you've been wanting will be free on Kindle, but it's ok that you just ordered the hard copy five minutes before you heard the news because you like the author that much.

    At least it was on sale! Whew!

  18. Good morning all,

    I love Saturdays when it's quiet and I don't have much cleaning to do! More time to write!

    Carol, so sorry to hear about Bell's Palsy. Don't know much about it except one of our past Prime Ministers had it and he spoke out of one side of his mouth. I thought it was a permanent thing, so praying yours goes away quickly!

    Thomas Kincaid! How sad. I loved his paintings and I read one of his books - not bad at all. But how does one die of natural causes at age 54?

    Wishing everyone a happy, Holy Easter.


  19. Mary - last night I realized I was going to need a sleep mask.

    An eye patch sounds much more fun. More pirate-y. And I could walk around telling my kids to swab the decks or walk the plan arrrrr.

    I do have pics of me trying to smile and open my mouth all the way.

    They're scary. Creepy looking. One is kind of like the guy with the white mask in the serial killer movies with the big long oval mouth.

    Just hope I have the short end of this thing - cuz conference is less than six months from now and well, I'd rather not be the Pirate of Dallas... ;)

  20. Great WE, Tina. Thanks so much! LOVED the pics of the libraries. :) And that lion's head :)

    COngratulations to the winners!

    May your Easter weekend be a blessed one!

  21. Congratulations to the winners! Next week looks like another great one and unfortunately I will be out of town. I'm not sure what the internet connection well be like at the hotel. I hate to miss even one day.

    Jan said:
    You know you're a real writer when... come down with some truly scary and uncomfortable condition, your first reaction is "this is so going in a book"!

    That's so true lol One day another driver cut me off and nearly sent me into the ditch. Angry and shook up my first thought was "I need to get to my laptop and write down what I'm feeling and put it in my book."

  22. Paris or Tuscany? Decisions, decisions.

  23. Carol, no eating soup until this passes. Adding you to my prayer list for a swift healing and total recovery.

  24. Carol, hope your affliction passes quickly. I know you don't want to be a pirate but you would definitely rock the look!

    I have had several friends afflicted and all have recovered. Blessings and healing prayers your way.

    I forgot to mention my favorite library is the one in the center of our town. It is tiny but so friendly and helpful. I went to a Lady Jane's Salon meeting and saw a woman there who looked so familiar. I said, "I know I know you." She said, "everyone says that. I am your librarian!"

    Peace, Julie

  25. Carol -- prayers for a speedy recovery! Love that you have a sense of humour about it. I'm guessing you are going to have your heroine come down with Bell's Palsy just before she meets the hero for the very first time. Am I right?

    Another great WE. Absolutely devoured Cheryl St. John's article. Very inspiring.

    And I'm doing a Snoopy dance because I have Janet Dean's novella on order and Ruthy's to look froward to in a month. Yeehawww!

    Bah -- skip Paris and Tuscany. There's a great writer's retreat in Ireland. I say we all head there. :-)

  26. I'm commenting here just to let you know if you didn't win Naomi's book - I have a chance to win 4 on my Inspirational Historical Fiction Index - I have a newsletter now that sends you the new releases each month. If you read Historicals you should check it out--esp. If you want to win the tongue kiss LIH novel. :)

  27. Kav - I hadn't decided actually, but that sounds just about perfect. Then he can prove the outside doesn't matter, even if she kisses lopsided.

    [My husband gave me the oddest look when I puckered up. The kids all laughed. My sister wants to put a picture of me with the eye patch [thanks, Mary - she said she loves you and all, but she gets the first copy] on her desktop at school for all her students to see - she's never going to let me live this down - this and the nose job...].


    The possibilities.

    And a best friend or two for the making fun of comic relief.

    And maybe she's like... a princess and doesn't know it. And he's a "Tim Tebow" or something. So there's paparazzi...

    /mind goes into overdrive/ Thank goodness it's the left side of my brain that's affected...

    Did I mention my step-brother was diagnosed with it this week too?

  28. Carol, I'm so sorry! read this on your blog and facebook. PRAYING hard for you!!

    Happy (almost) Easter everyone! He is RISEN!!

    Melissa, I was bummed I didn't win Naomi's book! I swear she e-mailed me sometime last month and we chatted about historicals. I can't find it now, but - oh! I just remembered it was through my blog. Funny! Anyway, heading to YOUR blog (which is SO awesome) to enter for it.

  29. P.S. Is there ANYTHING better than being able to pre-order a Ruthy AND a Julie Lessman book at the same time???

    And I have TWO copies of OUT OF CONTROL (one signed and it doesn't leave my house and one to pass around) so I better not do a free download, unless it would help stats.

    MARY, what say you? Does the free downloading help your ranking? If I own the book, should I download a Kindle anyway? Curious. It doesn't waste paper so I'm all game.

  30. Happy Easter weekend everyone, Congrats to the winners...
    Paula O

  31. Congrats winners, and happy Easter to everyone! Love the photos, and would love to visit the NY Public Library! The lion totally reminds me of the Thymes and one of my favorite, though not well known books, Tryst by Elswyth Thane.

    I love out local library. For such a small town and circulation branches, you can get almost anything here. The town we lived in while in Louisiana had a library on every corner, but you couldn't get anything!

    Is it just me, or does Julie Lessman's newest cover for A Love Surrendered, although lovely, look more "drawn" than the previous two in the series? I like the kind of art; the other ones just look almost like photos, you know?


  32. Congratulations winners!!!

    Happy Easter, everyone! Ever reread the events leading up to Christ's Resurrection, and find something(or someone) you've overlooked for years??? Well I recently did.

    If you'd like to read some fiction and fact about one of the most ignored women of the Bible, click here. (Okay, yes, this is a shameless ad for my blog, but hey, I thought it was interesting and maybe others will too. :))

    I've never been inside the New York Public Library, but I've DREAMED of it. And longingly looked at photos of all those shelves upon shelves of treasured volumes. *sigh* Someday.

    Looking forward to all the posts next week! Hope everyone has a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

  33. Easter in our hearts...

    I love that Helen.

    Happy Easter, Seekerville!

    Helen, LOL!!!! Thursday will be SOMETHING, for sure! :) Bless you!

    And I didn't know Tina was going to post my new cover, but I'm so glad she did!!!! Isn't it just beautiful???? Those two little girls????? Dressing up and playing with blossoms? It looks magical!

    Julie, I love that you're excited to talk to me. People up here think you're possibly certifiable because they talk to me all the time and it's NO BIG THRILL!!!!

    But you and I are sympatico! Carol, Bell's Palsy... My father in law had that happen twenty-some years ago. It took a couple of months but went away on its own.

    I wonder if it was related to the surgery?

    Or viral?

    And will I make fun of you?

    Have you SEEN THE MOVIE FACE-OFF?????


    Hugs to you, actually. It's disconcerting to have half your face feel different. Look different.

    It actually looks better, by the way.


    DID I JUST SAY THAT???????

    I should be struck down, really, on Easter of all days, to pick on the afflicted....

    Shame on me.

    Back to nice Ruthy....

    Your sister is a meany pants who probably weeps for you in private.

    (I'm making that up, my sisters would be pointing fingers and saying "hey, scarface, how's the droopy eye doing today????"

    Honey, the good thing is that it goes away. The bad thing is that it happened at all.

    Bless you. Bless you. Bless you.

    And now you can use the term 'crooked smile' with a whole new meaning. ;)

    A side benefit.

    Call me and yell at me if you like. I can take it. And it might be therapeutic.

    That's me. The Therapy Lady. Cause I sure 'nuf ain't no Grammar Queen.

    That dame scares the pants off me.

  34. I wore a pink eye patch to church this morning. Yes, Mary. There are pics. Yes, I will post them. I'm chronicling this on my blog. Be sure to stop by. Don't know if I'll post tonight or tomorrow.

    Ruthy - if my face wasn't so tired, I just might call you, darlin'. My sister sounds like yours. But at the same time, if I tell her it's time to stop, she will. Until the next time. Plus she made my eye patches.

    Didn't give any crooked smiles, but did give a bunch of half smiles ;). Everyone at church was either

    a. People I didn't know who were trying not to look at me weird.

    b. People I know but didn't know about it who DID look at me weird then hugged and laughed with me about it

    c. People I know who already knew who had sympathetic looks from the beginning, then big hugs and laughed with me

    I'm on so many meds right now I had to make a chart. My two regular ones [1 1x/day, 1 2x/day] plus three new ones [1 2x3xs/day, 1 3x2xs/day, 1 1x3xs/day] for the sinus infection/Bells Palsy. Urgent care did call and check on me and said I should start seeing some improvement in the next few days but it could be weeks or months before I'm back to normal. Don't say it, Ruthy. I've got my evil eye watching you! ;)

    I did have the opening to my next WIP come to me during praise and worship. Gonna hit 1K1HR here in a bit and write it.

  35. Hi Tina, Seekers, & Seeker Fans:

    I hope all have had a joyous Easter!

    Did everyone download Mary’s “Out of Control” for the Kindle or Nook? I have a paper copy, autographed of course (why else would I have a paper book?) but I could only read about half of it before my eyes rebelled over the small type (for me it’s small). Now I can read the rest of the book with ease! Happy Dance!

    BTW: While you’re on Amazon you might check out “The Bossy Bridegroom”. You don’t know Mary until you read this book! (Well, you still might not know her after you read this book but you need to read it to have a real chance to know her.) I think it may be Mary’s best book.

    Special Notice for Seeker Fans

    For those of us who were not here when The Bossy Bridegroom came out the first time you can now read the eBook version.

    Here are some of the characters in that book that may seem familiar to you.

    Mrs. Tippens who is bent over so much that her chin is almost in her lap as she sits in her wheel chair. She does not have long for this world but she does have her gutters cleaned out by the hero.

    The Tim Russos own the mini-mart in town where the heroine works part time.

    The mayor, Bucky Herne and his wife is Carolyn Herne. These are great people.

    There’s Janet Lessman, who is in hospice, and is a two for one character.

    There’s Myra Dean who is also in hospice. Her house is sold to the hero. Myra is also a two for one character.

    Pete Hillman is also in hospice. His time is very near.

    The cook is Glynna Harder: a very good cook and another two for one character.

    There’s Audra Wyatt, a little girl (she does not die). Another 2 for 1 character.

    There may even be more Seekers in the book but these are all I remember.

    Tina: Please enter me for the free trip to Tuscany. I’ve lived in Italy for three years, know Tuscany fairly well, (I may have driven by the Waterdmill), can get along in Italian and I’d be a natural to go. However, in Tuscany one simply must take cooking classes!

    Can’t wait to finally finish Out of Control!


    vmres (at)swbell (dot) net

    P.S. Carol: I'll say a prayer for your recovery. My prayers sure worked for me; they may help you.

  36. Vince!!! Our tour guide for Tuscany!!!


    I don't want to look like a tourist!

  37. Thanks for a terrific Weekend Edition, Tina! Congratulations winners!!

    I meandered through NYC's public library last summer, a gorgeous building!

    Carol M, hope you're soon on the mend. Bell's Palsy is not fun for sure. Hugs!!

    Vince, I love seeing Seeker names pop up in Seeker books. But me in hospice, twice? I'm feeling twitchy. But not too twitchy to go to Italy on that tour. Surely we can skip the cooking class and just eat!

    Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!


  38. The next time I read a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to read, but I actually thought youd have something interesting to say. All I hear is a bunch of whining about something that you could fix if you werent too busy looking for attention.
    My Bolg :