Sunday, April 1, 2012

Speedbo Weekend Edition Week 5 Finale


You wrote.
You set new patterns.
You proved you can.
You supported each other.

We're proud of you.

Thank you for making Speedbo 2012 a success story.

Now don't forget to claim your prizes. We've listed them here.
You have 8 weeks to claim them per our UPDATED rules here.
(Of course rules are really just guidelines.)

Monday, Mary Connealy will give you a forum to 
report in with your word counts and success stories. 

We Have Winners

The cheerleader who receives yet another fantastic box of books this week is Paula O.

Mary Connealy critique-Natalie Monk
Audra Harders critique-Piper
Glynna Kaye critique- CaraG
Tina Radcliffe Chat-Mary Curry
Myra Johnson synopsis critique- Stephanie Queen Ludwig

Monday Tyndale author Pam Hillman took a break from the whirlwind of Speedbo to put a unique spin on the tale of The Tortoise and the Hare with The Logger Head and the Swamp Rabbit. Winner of a 1987 Collector's Edition of The Tortoise and the Hare Little Golden Book AND an ecopy of Stealing Jake is Andrea Strong.

Tuesday: Avalon author Sandra Leesmith will provide some helpful boosts to get us to the finish of Speedbo in her blog entitled: "Glucose for the Finish-Staying Positive. " Winner of  a Seeker book to read in April as a reward for making it to the end is Melanie Dickerson.

Wednesday was the April Contest Update. Winners of  two April showers five page critiques are Jeanne T & Gail K.

  Love Inspired author Audra Harders shared "Success is What You Make It" on Thursday. Winner of a Robert's Rules of Writing and a $10 Amazon gift card  is CaraG.

  Captain Jack Sparrow hosted his first ever blog post in Seekerville, "Why Writers Are Like Pirates." Three winners of three Captain Jack Sparrow treasures are: Steph the Web Helper Gal, Cindy Regnier, and Nancy Farrier.

 Saturday was"Deadline Dementia" with Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe. The last day to Speedbo! Winner of Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog is Tina P.

Next Week In Seekerville

Monday: Today Mary Connealy asks for everyone to report in on SPEEDBO. Prepare to share!
She has one Final Prize to cap the festivities, a $25 gift card to CBD.COM, Christian Book Distributors,--Serving the Christian Community for 30 Years.

Tuesday:  Tuesday we hang out with Nicole O'Dell as she wonders: "Is Edgy a Four-Letter Word?" A give away of The Embittered Ruby to a commenter. And if there are more than fifty commenters, Nicole will add another copy for every fifty unique commenters. (Oh boy, do we have this covered.  Let's blow Nicole out of the water, with a big welcome, Seeker villagers!)

Wednesday:Wednesday we pull out the party hats and red carpet to celebrate Friend of Seekerville, Clari Dee's FIRST SALE as a result of her hard work and a Seekerville contest!!!!  Villagers, unite! Bring your balloons and party favors and join us on the village green as we hoot and holler it up for one of our own! Surprise gifts for one or two revelers that leave comments throughout the day!

Thursday: Today we welcome back one of our favorite guests. Author Revell author Dan Walsh stops by with writing wisdom for post-Speedbo, "Will They Take Your Book Back to the Coffee Shop?" And we have a copy of The Discovery to give away!

Friday: We are delighted to welcome Love Inspired Historical debut author Naomi Rawlings with "The Almost Kiss -- How to Tease and Tempt Your Readers without Lip Service." Naomi will be giving away  copies of her debut novel Sanctuary for a Lady to three lucky commenters. Wow, thank you so much Naomi!

Seeker Sightings

While we're sharing our own news, we'd love to celebrate yours. Please be sure to leave a comment telling us about your amazing milestones or sightings. Feel free to leave a link as well. Allow us the privilege of cheering for you!

Don't miss this review of High Country Hearts at Philosophy of Romance.

We're a little early but we wanted Seeker friends to get this on their calendars. Look for Mary Connealy's Out of Control in a FREE ebook promotion scheduled to run from April 8 – April 10, 2012


Join Debby at Barbara Vey’s Readers Appreciation Luncheon, April 10, in Milwaukee, WI.  Make your reservation at

It's almost time for the Brenda Novak Annual Auction for the Cure of Diabetes.  Here's your first peek at Seekerville's donation!

It's time to add another read to our Seeker Short Read page. Stop by to read Tina Radcliffe's The Lucky Penny which appeared in Woman's World Magazine, September 2008.

Random News & Information

Seekerville wishes to congratulate the 2012 RITA and Golden Heart Finalists!

Check out the new Twitter hashtag #Cleanromance

We heard Southern Heat is low on Inspirational Entries. Melissa Endlich is one of the final judges. Tonight at midnight is the deadline! Come on, do it! You know you want to.

Touched by Love also low on entries, especially historical. Bethany House Editor, Raella Schoenherr is the final judge.  Deadline midnight tonight EST.
Read my lips!  YOU CAN DO THIS! No pain, no gain.

The Book of the Future (NYT)

Amanda Hocking: ‘A lot of authors tend to over market’(GalleyCat)

The Marketing Paradox: Start Small to Get Big (Writer Unboxed)

A Tale of Two Authors (Booksquare)

Do Check Out Rachelle Gardner's Three Part Series, Making a Living as A Writer!

How to Write a Novel That Sells Online Fiction Writing Course April 2-May 23 (Writing Novels That Sell dot com)

When is a Writer Ready to Go Fulltime (Chip MacGregor)

Finally, we'd like to give a shout out to Friend of Seekerville, one of the finalists in the Barbara Scott Query Letter Contest. Jan is shown here signing her agent agreement contract with Wordserve Literary Agency.


And remember, while this is the's really, just the beginning!


  1. Yeah! Look at me, making the first comment at the seekerville blog! There are usually 50 to 100 comments every day by the time I get around to reading the post, and that is too daunting a number for me to feel I have anything to add to. Guess it pays to have hubby working a double shift, leaving me home alone to stay up late on a Saturday night.

  2. Chris, get thee to #1K1HR and write, write, write!!

  3. Congrats to all the Winners who participated! and TY for all the tips, encouragement and resources...


  5. I think this is the best WE ever

    - My crit partner is going to be a guest - Go Naomi!

    - There's low entries when I just decided to go all out on contests this spring. Guess what I'm going to be doing really really quick.

    - And I only need a minimum of 1033 to have 70k for speedbo in before I head to bed!!

    Ok, so it could be better, down at the bottom of some future WE, I want a picture of me signing a contract.

    Congrats Jan!

  6. I have no idea why one of my browsers is eating my comments, So I'll try this one.

    I think this may be one of the best WEs ever.

    -My Crit partner gets to be a guest - Go Naomi!

    -There's low entries for my categories when I just decided to go all out on contests this spring, so guess what I'll be doing really really quick.

    -I only have 1033 minimum left to have 70k for speedbo before I head to bed.

    Ok, so it could be better, one day, I want a picture of me at the bottom signing a contract! :)

    Congrats, JAN!

  7. JAN!!!!! I Love it!!! So excited!!!

    I can NOT wait for Wednesday's party!! Oh, man, I just love this place!!

    Melissa, that pic is coming! I can feel it. No one can work that hard and not see the fruits of your labor.

  8. Or I'm delusional, Virginia :) But I'll go with your gut, since it's much more pleasant to contemplate.

    I shall return before I go to bed because I will have 70k at the end of my day!

  9. What a month! I'll be back on Monday to provide my word count and goal achievements, but right now I want to shout a HUGE THANK YOU to all the Seekers who have given so much of their time and energy to keep Speedbo enthusiasm high for our benefit.

    Also, congratulations to Jan Drexler on her agent signing! Yay, Jan!! That's exciting news!!

    Thanks for a fabulous Weekend Edition, Tina. There's so much to take in! I'll reread it tomorrow and see you here again on Monday. THEN I'll be claiming that synopsis critique from Julie. ::huge smile::

  10. Happy Weekend to everyone! Whoa, where did the month go???
    Wanted to say congrats to ALL the winners, especially the Speedbo cheerleaders: Paula O, Abbi Hart, Jeanne T, Casey (go Casey!), and Jackie S!!!!! Enjoy your prizes ladies, what a blessing you are :)

    BIG CONGRATS to Jan, all right!!! Thanks for sharing that moment of signing on the website, how cool!

    Thank you Seekerville for an amazing month of encouragement, humor, deadlines, reminders and writing are utterly appreciated by writers and readers alike :)

    Also wanted to say, a big congrats to EVERY Speedbo participant for your diligence and persistence. May God continue to honor your every effort whether you're a first timer to get published or you've been published many times over. Thank you for sharing your journeys with the rest of us (I'm looking forward to more of that next week).

    Thanks Tina for another fabulous WE! Blessings to you all, Kara

  11. Congratulations to Jan Drexler. How exciting. Nice Pink Pen to sign with.

  12. 70,408!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And now, my speedbo month is over--time to go get some sleep so I don't look a fright or fall asleep in the choir loft singing in the big Easter Cantata tomorrow . . . or more accurately today.

  13. Ha Ha, that is so cool that Jan is using the Seekerville PINK PEN to sign with.

  14. Way to go JAN!
    Way to go all SpeedBo-ers!
    Great WE Tina!

    My word count isn't nearly what I wanted it to be, but I'm further along than I was, so that's all good. :)

    Thank you Seekers for keeping us going. Y'all are da bestest evahh!

  15. Yes, but KC, you'll always have Paris. lol.

  16. I am so thrilled that Jan is yet another winner in a Seekerville Impromptu READ ME!!!! Contest!

    Jan!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!

    That rocks, chica! Virginia, Clari, Jan, and still others under consideration! Oh my stars, oh happy day!


    Laughing in upstate!

    Chris, that's hysterical. Honey, nothing about Seekerville (or US!!! Except Teeeeena(should daunt you. Not even a smidge of daunting, really)

    Congrats to the winners. How much fun will April be???? YOWZA.

    Melissa, good for you! Doesn't that just stinkin' make you feel so good!

    I had to do taxes this week. And I was taking a course. So my writing time got eaten up. But starting tomorrow morning, I'm back on schedule and having a ball at 1K1HR and everywhere I can grab the hand of a friend to write, write, write!!! And Easter weekend....

    Love it! We'll be breakin' out the chocolate in Ruthy-land!

  17. I just wanted to share that I've got a Love Inspired Historical Giveaway going on on my blog right now. There are books from Carla Capshaw, Janet Dean, Eva Maria Hamilton, and Ruth Axtell Morren. Here's the link.

  18. WONDERFUL WE, Tina! Congrats to EVERYONE - especially Jan! WOOO!

  19. Wow, sounds like speedbo was a success.

    What a great line-up coming up next week to start off the lovely month of April. No fooling.

    Have a great week.

    Thanks Tina again for all you do for us online.

  20. Congrats JAN. Way to go.

    woo hoo celebrating with you.

    AND another first sale party coming up. Love it, love it, love it.

    We do love a party here at Seekerville. smile

  21. Congratualtions, Jan!!!!! That is so exciting!!!!!!! (And this is definitely a situation that requires excessive punctuation, so tell Mizz Grammar Queen to...well be nice.)

    Loved your short story, Tina. I marvel at how tight the pacing is. Bam. Bam. Bam. A really good story in 5 pages leaving the reader wanting more. It's the little details that connect the dots and leave the reader with a sense of completion even though the story has barely begun by novel length standards. Like the penny. Love that. You're brilliant.

    Looking forward to reporting in tomorrow and partying mid-week! Thanks for letting me hang out in Seekerville!

  22. YAYAYAYAYAYAY! Jan!!!!! That's awesome!!

    Congrats to the rest of the winners too!!! WOOHOO!!!!

    Me? Didn't QUITE hit my Speedbo goal. Probably could have gone back and added stuff in to reach it but it was 1am my time. And it's a good thing I went to bed b/c there are now three sick kids and they started getting up at 5... /sigh/ DH/1 non-sick kid are on their way to church...

    I did get my Frasier entry in yesterday and am working on two for FHL's TBL today and trying to get that 70K.

    But... while I didn't reach 70K, I *did* get to THE END. I officially have 6 completed MSs. This month is going to be spent editing/polishing two of those cuz, wowzers, they need work ;).

  23. Congratulations to everyone!
    And way to go Jan!!

  24. Congratulations, Jan!

    Speedbo report - 120,000 words.

  25. April Fools.

    Except for the congratulations part for Jan. That was right. The rest - in my dreams.

  26. Congratulations Jan! Way to go!

    Congrats to all of you who made your goals in March!

    Have a great holy week!

    Jackie L.

  27. LOL@MaryC. I almost fell out of my chair. I was like, "WHAT?"

    Congrats, Jan!


  28. OH. MY. GOODNESS!!!!

    This is why Mary has been so quiet.

    Whitney, I did fall out of my chair.

  29. Mary, you are in so much trouble. I fell for it...hook, line and sinker.


  30. Well Dawn thanks for the heads up. We're always up for a Janet Dean book.

  31. ooh and we like our friends Eva Maria, Ruth and Carla.

    Thanks for sharing!

  32. Awe, Kav! Thanks for the kind words.

  33. Congrats, Jan!!!

    Mary Curry, you are SO in trouble! lol

  34. Yay, Jan!!!!!!

    Congrats to all the winners!!!!!

    Did Captain Jack say no exlamation points?????????

    Do I listen to Jack????????

    SpeedBo is over?

    I'm actually sad.

    And still on deadline.

    And the book isn't quite ready to I'm off to my WIP!!!!

    Palm Sunday hugs to all!!!!!

  35. YAY! Jan!!!! SUPER Congrats on your new agent!!!

    And way to go to all the SPEEDBO contestants! Super excited for all of you. :D

  36. Congratulations, everyone! So many winners and good news!! And so many of you completing Speedbo. I'm thankful you're all here having fun with us!

  37. Melissa, that's just amazing!! You've done such a good job!

  38. YAY! Passed 70K today by going back and adding in more beats etc. Taking a couple days off to read then on to edits of another MS while this one stews :).

  39. And MaryC got me too for a second.

    Did you guys see Chick-fil-A announced on their Facebook page that they're adding a new sandwich? Steak Filet.

    <3 steak :D>

  40. LOL Carol. It was that Steak Filet that gave me the idea. I saw your post on FB.

  41. Congratulations to all the winners, speedbo'ers and way to go Jan!!!!

    MaryC I was really really impressed with your word count. I was trying to figure out how many words a day that would be when I read your next post. Very funny :)

  42. Yes, yes, yes, congratulations to Jan!!! And she can SEE to sign it. Isn't vision a wonderful thing, Jan?

  43. Coming to the party pretty late. :) Been a busy weekend in our household. :)

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in Speedbo. How amazing to see all the word counts going up here and on the fb 1K1HR page! Woo-hoo!

    Congrats to the winners this week (and thanks for the critique, Seekerville!). So exciting!

    Jan! Congrats on being represented by Wordserve! How exciting for you!

    Great WE, Tina. Thanks so much! Read some of the articles. Always helpful.

  44. What a great WE! And I'm SO looking forward to next week!

    Thanks for all the congrats - I love saying "my agent"! (and I impressed the in-laws we visited last week!)

    That PINK PEN is awesome. I was saving it for just such an occasion...

    And Helen, yes, being able to SEE is wonderful. We'll never take our vision for granted, will we?

    I hope to get some quality sleep IN MY OWN BED tonight, and hit the computer early in the morning. And the laundry.

    It's good to be back home - both physically and virtually :)

  45. Big congrats to Jan! That's awesome news!

    And also congrats to Carol! 70,000 words is awesome! I also entered the Frasier and the TBL (a real last minute decision there!).

    Have an awesome week everyone!


  46. If you make your Speedbo goal on April 1st, can you count that as having been successful? I just met my goal.

  47. Go WALT!

    [And I totally think so ;)]

  48. Jan, how exciting! Thanks for sharing the pic :-)

    And congratulations to the winners ... actually, when I think about it, we're all winners, each in our own way.

    Busy, busy past few days. Now I plan to have a cup of hot tea, sit, relax, and reward myself with Tina's short story.

    Nancy C

    Nancy C

  49. Great WE, Tina! Sad Speedbo is over, but rewrites here I come! Yesterday I frolicked through Seekerville's archives under the tag "editing." I think I'll start with Erica Vetch's Manuscript Triage post and work my way from there.

    Congratulations Jan!!! That's so exciting! :)

  50. Frolicked? I love that. I will frolic to work today. LOL. I so love that word.

  51. I see I do in fact get to digest that frog... I wonder how easy it is being green.


    Tina P.