Monday, April 23, 2012

Will You Marry Me?

Ah, the question girls dream of hearing.

You'd think marriage proposals would be cut and dried, wouldn't you?

A couple dates for a while, and they both know they're serious about each other, and then one day, when she least expects it, he drops down on one knee and proposes. She says yes, absolutely adores the gorgeous ring he picked out for her (completely on his own without any input or consideration for her likes or dislikes because her knows her that well), they get married in a stunning ceremony and live happily ever after.

I mean, that's the way it always seemed to happen in the movies when I was a kid.


Of course!

Now that I’m older and wiser, and have two sons of my own, one who recently proposed to his sweet and beautiful girlfriend (she said YES, btw!), I have come to a stunning conclusion:

Guys have it tough when it comes to proposing.

First of all, they're taking a big risk. What if the girl says no? Yikes! Even if he can get past that hurdle, he's got to decide where to propose, when, how, whether he should buy a ring of his own choosing, or should he "let the ring out of the bag" and the two them go window shopping together.

The good news is that there is no formula for marriage proposals. Anything goes, and when a couple is madly in love, I suspect the proposal is perfect, even if it happens in a pigsty.

Well, maybe not….

With this in mind, I asked the Seekers to share some of their own proposals and some from their books.

Here's what Audra Harders had to say about her proposal from Gary. "Gary and I met in 4th grade Sunday School. His dad was teaching. I really loved Mr. Harders; his son was a jerk. Gary and I never went to the same schools, but we seemed to go to the same parties in high school. He was your basic irritant.

We finally went out on a real date together when we were thirty. Three months later we were watching Beverly Hills Cop II at his place and he just announced during one of the shoot'em up scenes "I want to marry you."

I said, "okay"

We were married 6 months later.

His friends still can't believe I said yes :)"

Maybe they can't believe it, Audra, but the Seekers know the real score! He's a keeper!

Missy Tippens shares her storybook marriage proposal: “My hubby proposed to me in the exact spot we first met on the one-year anniversary of our first date. He'd said all along that he didn't want to get married until he graduated from seminary. But when I opened the ring box, he had a note with it that said: Will you...THIS summer? (He still had a year left of seminary.) So we married 5 months later!”

Now, isn’t that sweet? Makes me smile from the sheer romance of it!

Julie Lessman’s proposal is classic Julie. I shouldn’t even tell you whose proposal this is. You could probably guess just from the way she tells us about it! lol

Julie says, “When Keith and I were dating, we went to see the brand-new house of a newlywed friend. I was 27 and Keith was 24 and we’d only been seeing each other nine months. I was SO despondent when we went back to my apartment, thinking a marriage and a house would never happen for me, that I turned on him like a banshee.

“Just what exactly are your intentions?” I remember saying, arms folded and chin in the air. “I mean I’m 27 now, going on 28 and if you’re not serious here, I can’t be awaiting around for some young guy to grow up and get a clue, so if you’re not interested, then there’s the door.”

I still remember him staring at me like I’d lost my mind (only the first of many such looks, I assure you), blinking in near-shock, jaw agape and brows in a pinch. “Well, babe, I was going to wait till we’d been dating a year to ask you to marry me, but since you’re in an all-fire hurry, I guess I’ll just do it right now. Will you marry me?” he asked.

I remember freezing on the spot, the question dangling in the air just like my mouth. Wait a minute, I thought, do I want to marry this guy?? I was a hard-core realist who would not allow myself to daydream or even imagine what marriage to Keith would be like until the situation was a reality. “Uh, I don’t know,” I said, “can I have two weeks to think about it?”

I still can’t believe the poor guy didn’t tuck tail and run."

We love our Julie, and Keith does too! I found it quite funny that Julie gave him an ultimatum, then asked for two weeks to think about it. lol

Now we move on to Mary. You know, Mary and Julie remind me of good cop/bad cop, Laurel and Hardy, and George and Gracie routines. While Julie’s story gushes out of her like fireworks shooting off, Mary tells us hers in such a droll monotone that we just know there was a lot more to it than she lets on.

Mary gets all misty-eyed as she reminisces: "My real-life proposal was very low key. We went shopping for the ring together and bought the cheapest one in the jewelry store.

I said, "I want to be asked."

He asked.

I said yes. We were sitting in his car in my parent's driveway.

I said, "Do you want to ask my dad for my hand in marriage?"

He said, "Nah, Jack'll let me marry you."

That's all I remember. Two month engagement. Engaged at Thanksgiving. Graduated from college and moved home to mom and dad's mid-December. Wedding in January."

Why do I find this funny? I don’t know. Maybe because everything Mary writes is funny to me. Go figure.

Oh, and before we go any further, some of the women I surveyed couldn’t remember an actual proposal, just that they had dated for several years, and it was just understood that they would marry, and they did.

But in the interest of saving happy marriages, the anonymous women who couldn’t remember a real bona fide proposal decided not to ask their spouses about the long-forgotten possibly non-existent proposal.

Better to leave well enough alone.

You know, as much as I enjoyed reading about some of the Seekers real proposals, hearing about it second-hand is just not the same as reading a juicy detailed account of an awesome marriage proposal in a book, is it?

Well, we’ve got that too.

The following excerpts are from books by Seekers Julie Lessman, Myra Johnson, Mary Connealy, Debby Guisti, and Pam Hillman. As you can see, there is no right way or wrong way to propose: in fiction or in real life.

This is Mitch’s proposal to Charity in A Passion Redeemed (Julie Lessman) after she leads him to believe she’s pregnant after being attacked in a park.

His head rested on the back of the chair, forcing that formidable chin to jut in the air, and his broad chest rose and fell with every groan issued forth. She reached to wake him, and her fingers stilled on his arm. She swallowed hard. Even in sleep, his biceps were taut and firm. She released a quiet sigh. He was truly a beautiful man. The snoring continued, so she allowed her fingers to trail …

In one shocked breath, he jolted awake. “What are you doing?” he whispered.

Heat stung her cheeks. She quickly glanced out the porthole to deflect her embarrassment. “Nothing. I just turned to look out the window. Goodness, would you look how dark it is! It must be nigh past dinnertime.”

“Uh-huh.” He stood and stretched his limbs with a dubious smile. “It sure felt like a caress to me,” he said with a yawn, then paused long enough to reveal the flicker of a smile at the corners of his mouth. He fixed her with a penetrating gaze and angled a brow. “Was it?”

She was glad it was getting dark—her face was on fire. She looked away, taking great care to adjust the blanket and avoid his eyes. “Don’t be silly, Mitch, you’re imagining things. I didn’t even touch your arm—”

He squatted and took her chin firmly in hand, forcing her to look him in the eye. “Don’t, Charity. Don’t start our marriage out with a lie. No more lies. Just truth. Do you understand?”

The air thinned in her throat. “Our … marriage?”

His eyes searched hers for a brief moment, then strayed to her lips. “If you say yes.”

“M-marry you?” Her heart stopped, then commenced thudding in her chest.

His eyes locked on hers as he slowly brought her hand to his mouth and kissed it. He eased from his squatting position to his knees. “That’s not an answer,” he whispered. He pressed his lips to her palm, causing warmth to fan through her. “Will you marry me?”

She swallowed hard, guilt colliding with joy. “Oh, Mitch … are you … are you sure?”

A crooked smile tilted his mouth. “Still not an answer.”

She sucked in a deep breath. Guilt won out. “But why? Why would you do this?”

His smile faded as he slowly rose to his feet. He released a weighty breath and threaded his fingers through his hair. “Because I’m not going to let you go through this alone.”

She chewed on her thumbnail and glanced up. “Is … is that all?”

He studied her through narrow lids. “No, that’s not all. We’re good friends.”

“Oh.” She tilted her head and gave him a shy look, allowing for a slow sweep of lashes. “Only friends? Nothing more?”

He laughed and turned to grab a fresh dress from her suitcase. He threw it at her, heating her with a wicked grin. “Yeah, there’s more. Because you’re nothing but trouble, little girl, and somebody’s got to take care of you. Here, put this on. That one looks like you slept in it.” He started for the door.

“But wait … I mean, do you …”

He paused, not bothering to turn around. “Do I love you?”

Her heart constricted. “Yes,” she whispered. “Do you?”

His shoulders slumped a fraction of an inch, and she saw his head dip, as if deep in thought. It seemed an eternity as she waited, daring not to breathe lest she miss his reply.

His back finally heaved with a quiet sigh. “God help me, I do,” he whispered.

The relief rushed from her lungs and she closed her eyes. Thank you, God.

He opened his cabin door. “Get dressed. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes.”


He turned, hands slung low on his hips. “Yeah?”

She scrunched her nose. “I’ll marry you, I guess.”

He grinned. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

The following proposal with a twist is from Autumn Rains by Myra Johnson. Valerie has just told Healy she is unable to have children of her own after the tragic accident when her first husband was killed.

He knelt at her feet and enveloped her in his strong arms while she gave in to her grief all over again. When her tears subsided, he pressed her hands between his own. “My precious Valerie,” he said, his eyes filled with tenderness, “if you thought telling me this would change my feelings for you. . .”

She sucked in her breath, both anxious and terrified to hear his next words.

Healy’s voice grew husky. “At this moment my feelings for you are deeper and stronger than they’ve ever been. You are the bravest, most loving woman I have ever known or ever hope to know.”

“Oh, Healy, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” She pressed her face against the collar of his soft flannel shirt and twined her fingers through his hair.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” He drew her once again into his sheltering embrace. Then his body stiffened, and his tone became tentative as he added, “Unless this is your way of saying you want me out of your life.”

She pushed him to arm’s length but kept her hands locked around his neck. “That’s the last thing I’d ever say to you, Healy Ferguson.” Her chest ached, her heart pulsed. “Healy, if you’ll have me, I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much I love you. I want to be your wife.”

Healy recoiled as if she had punched him in the belly. He sputtered, fumbled for words, raked a trembling hand through his hair. “Hey, I know I missed out on a lot while I was in the slammer, but I thought the guy still did the proposing. Anyway,” he added with a chuckle and a downward glance, “I’m the one on my knees here.”

Valerie looked at him with puzzled amusement. “In case you haven’t noticed, this is the twenty-first century. Not that I’d exactly call myself a women’s libber, but I have learned how to ask for what I want.” She tapped her toe with mock impatience. “Now, is that a yes, or a no?”

With a crooked smile he lifted her left hand and caressed her fingers. Abruptly he stopped and held her hand toward the amber glow of the porch light. His brows knitted. “You’re not wearing Tom’s rings. I hadn’t noticed before. When did you take them off?”

With a tender sigh, she thought back to the day she’d said her final good-byes to Tom and the baby she would never hold in her arms. “A few weeks ago, when I realized how desperately I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“But are you absolutely sure? You and Tom, you had so much—”

“Tom was my first love. Yes, what we had was amazing and wonderful, and it can never be replaced.” A tear slipped down her cheek. “But the love I feel for you, though different, is equally strong. And I think I can love you better for having loved Tom. . .and for knowing how much Tom loved us both.”
Speechless, his own depth of passion shining in his eyes, Healy drew her ring finger to his lips and kissed it. She caressed his face with the palm of her hand before brushing away a streak of dampness from his cheek. She cast him an expectant glance. “You still haven’t said yes to my proposal.”

“Yes,” he said in an explosion of laughter and tears. “Yes, yes, yes!”

From Stealing Jake by Pam Hillman

Jake’s lazy gaze met hers across the sea of children milling about the room. He gave her a lopsided smile. Warmth that had nothing to do with the overheated room surged through her. She’d barely seen him in the last couple of days. He’d gone with Smitty to take Sharp, Gibbons, and the rest of his goons to Chicago, and she’d been helping get all the children settled in at the orphanage. There’d been no time for anything—

He moved, making his way toward her, his green-eyed gaze intent on hers. Livy held her breath. When he reached her side, he didn’t even pause. He laced his fingers in hers and led her from the room. Her heart pounded so loud, she feared the entire gathering heard it.

He pulled her into the privacy of the kitchen, shut the door, and looped his arms around her waist. She shivered at his touch and rested her hands on his shoulders.

Sighing, she traced a cut along his jaw. The bruises were fading, the cuts healing. Her heart flipped alarmingly at the thought that she’d almost lost him.

Thank you, Lord, for keeping him safe.

A tiny smile kicked up one side of his mouth. “Light-fingered Livy O’Brien, huh?”

Livy swatted him on the arm, her face flaming. “I’ll never hear the end of that, will I?”

“Nope. Probably not.”

Jake sobered, tilting her chin, his eyes capturing and holding her gaze. “Livy, I don’t care who you were before you came to Chestnut. I know who you are now, and that’s the Livy O’Brien I love.”

“I love you, too.” Livy’s breath hitched, and she couldn’t hold the tears at bay. “I never dreamed I would fall in love, or that anyone would ever love me back.”

Jake cupped her face in both hands, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. Then he drew her forward, tilting her face to meet his. His kiss melted her heart, and left her longing for more.

He rested his forehead against hers, and she let herself drown in the soft, tender look in his green eyes. “You stole my heart the first day I met you,” he whispered. “Will you marry me?”

“Yes. Oh yes.”

Her fingers, light as a butterfly’s touch, tangled themselves in his hair and pulled him to her.

Okay, Mary Connealy sent me 4 (FOUR) marriage proposals from her books, and I had a really hard time picking just one. What was she thinking, making me choose? Just because she couldn’t. Sheesh! Honestly, just go buy all her books, and read until you get to the marriage proposals. Sometimes you don’t have to read far.

Ethan proposing to Audra in In Too Deep by Mary Connealy

Ethan pulled his hat out of Maggie’s hands and she screamed to make a man’s ears bleed while she grabbed at it, trying to get it back.

“What’s she so riled up about?” Ethan looked with horror at Maggie while he put his hat on.

“She seems partial to you, Ethan,” Rafe said.

The screaming went on and Seth got up. "I'll take her."

Audra felt all eyes turn to her. Except Maggie who was trying to scale Ethan's body, screaming all the while.
The pressure built, the silence—not counting the screaming—stretched.

Julia’s dislike of Seth.

The need to get Maggie somewhere safer.

The sick knowledge that her father would not welcome her home and might in fact sell her off again.

The screaming.

The wrongness of kicking two men out of their home.

Ethan’s handsome face.

Audra caught herself. She hadn’t meant to include that in her list of reasons she felt forced to make a choice.
No money. No home. No rest. No real choice.

At least Ethan wouldn’t yell at her. That mindless grin on his face had the redeeming quality of being a quiet shortcoming.

The screaming.

Her wobbly backbone bent under the pressure. “If you’ll have me, Ethan, I’ll marry you.”

Ethan got a look in his eyes like a scared calf at branding time. She wondered if he’d start kicking and bawling. She had a sudden image of herself twirling a loop of rope over her head and lassoing herself a husband.

Then his fear faded. He smiled and shrugged as if she’d asked him if he wanted a cup of coffee, and said, “Okay, why not? I don’t want to sleep in the bunkhouse.”

It was so far from the romantic proposal of a girl's dreams that Audra was glad she didn’t carry a loaded shotgun.

She might've started blasting.

And from “YULE DIE,” a novella by Debby Giusti, published in CHRISTMAS PERIL

“I don’t want this to end, Callie.” He rubbed his fingers over hers. “I want every day to be Christmas. Not the hostage part, of course, but being together. I want to see you tomorrow and the next day and the next. I want to call you from work and tell you how my day went when my shift’s over. I want to share birthdays and holidays and go to church with you every Sunday.”

Her head swirled and she wanted to laugh with joy. “Aren’t you moving a little fast, Officer Petrecelli?”

“Hmmm? Maybe. But who knows what the future holds?”

A life together was her dream, and she was beginning to think it was Joe’s as well.
He hesitated for a moment then glanced at Robbie and his girlfriend. Callie followed his gaze. The young couple was totally occupied.

“I stopped by Lazarus House this afternoon,” Joe finally said.

“Room ten?”

He nodded. “I told Theo I’d met a very special woman. I said I didn’t deserve you, and that we must have met because of his prayers. Then I asked his forgiveness for closing him out of my life. Only he said he was the one who’d been wrong.”

Callie sighed with contentment as Joe wrapped his arm around her and drew her close. Being careful of his wounded shoulder, she snuggled into his embrace and, without hesitation, raised her lips to meet his. Their kiss was long and lingering and filled with the promise of a lifetime of Christmases to come.

The tree twinkled, bathing them in light, but it was the light of Christ, the light of a child born so long ago, that reflected in their hearts. Forgiveness and reconciliation, healing and wholeness, were all wrapped up in the Christmas message. Callie’s heart sang with joy, and in the distance she heard a joyous chorus as if the angels were singing on high: “Peace on earth. Goodwill toward men.”

So, there you have it. A smattering of real-life proposals, and a handful of fictional ones from Seeker books, all different, but all perfectly suited to the occasion.

Let’s talk.

Tell us about your proposal, or an interesting, unusual, or quirky one of someone you know, or even one from your favorite book or movie.


  1. Home, sweet home. Got here just in time to get the coffee pot set up. All done. (slapping hands together)

    Uh, it was a cold night. We had been to a gospel singing. He pulled in at a lookout tower and insisted we climb it. We got to the top of the steps, but the entrance to the platform was locked. So we went back down to the car.

    He explained that he had intended to propose at the top of the tower, but proceeded to do it very nicely in the car. And, yes, he did ask my dad later that week if it would be okay.


  2. Oh, this is so sweet!

    Um, well. My husband is from a different country and they don't mess around. After three months of dating,he asked me to marry him. I was 26, working at a liberal arts college, had a great apartment, trying to learn Spanish so we could actually TALK. He was 30, confirmed bachelor, youth group leader at our church for the Spanish community.

    I told him no. He was crushed. I couldn't figure out what was going through this crazy man's head.

    I explained that Americans date for a year, then are engaged for a year. He said, 'That doesn't sound right. You should know before then whether you want to marry someone.'

    He asked again 6 months later and I said yes. Married in his home town of Jalpa 4 months later.

  3. I loved my proposal though it took long enough! ;P

    I hate jewelry, told him if I hated the ring he bought I'd have a hard time bluffing that I loved it. Three months after we started dating, he took me to pick one and bought it with PENNIES! Seriously. (He was 30 and been saving his pocket change for a long long time!). While he was trying on clothes, I pulled it out and tried it on and he caught me, told me I couldn't wear it yet.

    Well, trying it one made me antsy to have it on!

    Three more months go by. I KNOW I have a ring coming, and I was getting impatient. I had told him I wanted some fancy proposal, but I was getting tired of waiting for my ring! A coworker asked me if he'd proposed yet and I kinda growled a "NO, the lazy man--I know he has the ring, but he won't give it to me!!" This would be a good time to mention that I open Christmas packages on the sly before Christmas--I can't stand waiting for presents.

    Later that evening, work was almost over(banquet server) and I thought I heard his voice on the hotel walky talkies, but I dismissed it because he hadn't worked there in 2 months. A few minutes later, my boss asked me to go clean a room. I told her it was an empty room - nothing was in there. She told me to go clean it anyway. All right, I'm a good employee, I went.

    In the room is a table with a placard with my name and a handful of long-stemmed roses. 1) I feel bad that I just griped to a random co-worker about not proposing on the day he intended to propose and 2) My hair is awful and I smell like balsamic vinaigrette - but I think "he'll have to take me as I come" - so I resist the urge to clean up because, well, it would be that much longer until I got that ring!! :)

    The note(which I have to decipher because my hubby is very dyslexic - so it's rather a brave thing that he chose to write out his proposal) told me some lovey dovey stuff about this being the room we had met in, and I needed to go where we had our first kiss. So I head outside to where many months ago this Christian girl had surprised a really bad boy with a kiss on the cheek and made him second guess the path he was heading down if he had any chance with me. Another pile of roses and a long note tells me to go to our first sunset together (Which romantically happens to be by the dumpster!)

    The chefs smoking outside the kitchen thought it very strange for me to be gathering up roses off the dumpster.

    Then I had to return to the room where we first met. YEAH! That means my treasure hunt is done! So I walk through the entire hotel with everyone smiling at me - My walk around the hotel was broadcast on walky talkies so everyone knew what was happening - and I have the biggest smile on my face. BUT HE IS NOT IN THE ROOM! JUST ANOTHER STINKING LOVE NOTE! The note leaves me hanging and I probably tapped my foot in impatience until he entered. I don't remember what he said, if he said anything, but he got down on one knee and opened the ring box and I grabbed that ring! And about shoved it on my finger when I stop myself. I said, "Um, you're probably supposed to be the one to put this on me aren't you?"

    And he said, "Are you going to answer the 'Will you marry me?' question first?"

    I think I said yes. :)

  4. Pam. Our pastor recently talked about his proposal and its like Audra's they were watching a war movie and in a break he asked her. I forget the name.
    I haven't ever been married had a real boyfriend or a proposal. except from a 3 year old who was going to marry me when he grew up.

    I was just thinking today I dont even know how dad proposed to mum. I know how they started going out but want to know about the the engagement. I was thinking as mum has been really sick in the nursing home and I was thinking it may be the beginning of the end. She is doing better but its what I will ask when I see her.

  5. Poor Helen's hubby, I bet he was pretty disappointed that the tower wasn't open.

    Happy for Virginia's hubby that you let him move up the time table a bit. :)

    And I loved Julie's ultimatum story and then asking for time. Funny.

    I wonder if Audra has to sit through Beverly Hills Cop II every anniversary? :)

  6. My proposal was wonderful, nothing fancy. We were sitting out on lawn chairs we Danny got and dropped to one knee by the chair and asked me to marry him.
    The stars were, the night was beautiful. I said yes of course. We've been together 32 years in marriage.

    It was the proposal of my Brother in law, Perry, to my older sister, Carolyn, that was kind of comical. He wanted to ask her to marry him, be he wanted to talk to my father first and get his blessing. Only he was nervous. Danny, my boy friend at the time. Said it was easy, he would demonstrate. So he went to my father and showed Perry how it should be done.

    When finally worked up the nerve, he asked my dad and he told him No. Perry was stunned.

    He asked my dad why.

    Dad.said, "'Cause Danny already asked to marry her."

  7. What a fun, fun post. I loved all the proposals -- especially the real-life ones.
    My husband asked me to marry him three times. Once when I asked him, "What are you thinking?" and he said, "I was wondering if you'd marry me."
    Second time: On cassette tape (seriously dating myself here.
    And once "for real" --but without a ring because we had to wait until he could get his mother's engagement ring, which was in a bank lockbox.

  8. I never tire of hearing Melissa's proposal story. Though at the time, I was green with envy. You see, she'd been dating her man only a matter of months. I had been dating mine for nearly 6 years (three weeks shy of that on our wedding day), and mine hadn't proposed yet.

    I was getting impatient (though not quite Julie caliber impatient ;P ) People were starting to tell him, "She won't wait around forever."

    It seemed counterproductive to tell him that all those people were crazy, and I wasn't going anywhere. So I didn't.

    He proposed on January 5, right after a funeral. I can't remember whose.

    I remember thinking it was a little odd for us to attend something like that, but dismissing it. It occured to me just now that he might have been buttering me up.

    After the funeral, he wanted to go out. Also odd, but I rolled with it. He was in a big hurry to get out of town, but then he pulled over at a roadside park. We had been known to "park" at this park, but never in broad daylight. So I was perplexed.

    He turned to me, took my hand, looked in my eyes and said, "Will you marry me?"

    I said, "Yes."

    He said, "I don't have a ring."

    I said, "I don't care."

    Then he got back on the highway, and drove to Springfield (the one in Missouri) directly to a jewelry store where his parents do a lot of business. He let me pick out the ring, but the girl behind the counter whispered to me that he had been in some days earlier and picked the very same one.

    We set the date that night and married some 3 1/2 months later. In five days we'll celebrate 11 wonderful years. I still love looking at that ring.

    Oh! Melissa was my maid of honor, and about a month later, I was hers. She may have gotten the first proposal, but we beat them to the altar. ;)

  9. Ooooh, these are soooo sweet!! I am just loving it!!!

  10. Tina P love your sisters story. her poor boyfriend/husband.

  11. What a sweet treat today!
    My son proposed to Kristen when they were floating on an air mattress out on the lake one warm summer day.. My first reaction was -- you TOOK A DIAMOND RING out in the middle of the lake, in your swimsuit pocket?!!!

    I know. That pretty much explains my character more than his. I was very happy for them and I did let them know it!

  12. Pam,

    What a great topic! I'm always interested in how couples meet because it might be something I can use or tweak as a 'cute meet' in a book.

  13. This was lovely! I really enjoyed reading these proposal stories:)) Makes me feel all romantic now.
    My husband proposed to me after dating three months. He made it seem like a business deal, holding up his fingers and counting off the reasons and what we could do together.Being so level-headed, I said "Yes!" before be found another partner.
    Two months later he surprised me with a ring and and four months later we married:)
    Still doing business together 35 years later.

  14. Pammers, What a fun romantic morning. I love all these stories of proposals. Congrats on your sons engagement. smile

    I honestly don't remember a proposal. I think it was more of a discussion. But it was 45 years ago and the romance is still there. So I guess that's what counts. smile

  15. My wife proposed to me. However, she tells the story differently. (I actually have the proposal written up in my unpublished memoir Honey, You're Annoying Me: Coping with 49 Annoying Man-erisms . It's about 650 words, if anyone is interested and it's okay to post.

  16. OH, MY, PAMMY, what an absolutely WONDERFUL, FABULOUS POST -- both the post AND the comments!!! LOVE IT!!!

    HELEN ... Points scored for the tower even though it wasn't open becuse that was a nice touch!! As long as the marriage works the way it's supposed to, it's not a big deal the proposal didn't, right???

    VIRIGINA ... WHOA, BABY -- no, they don't mess around, do they?? If a guy proposes that soon, he knows his mind. I had a friend who got proposed to within three weeks. Both her mother and I talked her out of accepting, which actually ended the relationship (can't remember why). Anyway, they ran into each other a year later, started dating again and in three weeks he asked her to marry him again. This time she said yes, and they celebrate 35 years this year!! :)


  17. Let's see...

    Our first unofficial date was to a Rich Mullins concert [I still miss him :(]. We went out for ice cream and then to a park b/c all of our friends had curfews earlier than mine [and Matt's was "20 minutes after Carol has to be back on campus" - I was a freshman in college; he a senior in high school]. At the park we sat on the top of the slide and talked for a long time. That was when we knew we'd be more than friends.

    Three years later, same date, we sat on top of the slide again and while we were sitting there, he proposed. I knew he'd had the ring for quite some time [at one point, he'd told me if I could find it I could have it, then he hid it in his golf bag - in the very bottom]. It wasn't really a surprise though it took him long enough to get around to it that night.

    I'm trying to think of my proposals in my WIPs. I know I've got a couple good ones - will come back with them later... :D

  18. Pam, loved your post!! Fun to read Seeker proposals, real and fictional, as well as those sharing their own stories!!

    Jenny, I'm glad you're going to ask your mom about their engagement. My father said he fell in love with my mom at first sight. He could describe the sandals she was wearing the first time he saw her. And she was on a date with his brother. :-)


  19. LOL, MELISSA!!! That is a HOOT and so are you!!! I bet you two laugh a lot in your marriage, don't you??

    JENNY ... I'm sorry to hear your mum is not doing well. Saying one for both of you right now ...

    TINA ... your BIL's proposal is SO funny!! Your dad sounds adorable, although Perry may not think so ...

    BETH ... your proposal gives true credence to the term "three time's the charm"!! :)


  20. ANDREA!!! After a funeral??? LOL ... guess he figured after that, anything was up even if you said no!! And SIX YEARS??? YIKES ... I guess that labels me "impatient" at nine months ... :) I didn't know you and Melissa (Jagears) were good friends!! You two make a great mix with your sweet manner and her dry one. A kind of "sweet and sour (in a very good way, Melissa, I assure you!) that sounds like a fun friendship.

    DEB, NO!!!!! In a lake??? On a raft??? A diamond ring??? I would have been hyper-ventilating!! We had a lakehouse once, and we lost rings, watches, sunglasses and change galore down there, so I know from whence I speak!!

    WOW, Terri, that's quick too!! But if one is "level-headed," he must know what he wants right off the bat, so more power to him!!


  21. WALT, LOL!!! My husband tells our story differently than me, too, but I like mine better ... ;) Your memoir sounds WONDERFUL!! Where is it posted????

    CAROL!!! A slide??? Gosh, hope it wasn't all downhill after that ... ;)


  22. my husband is a man of few words and anything "mushy" makes him feel uncomfortable. (i'm curing him of it by being "mushy" as often as i can - i can see it working because he gets grumpy if i haven't been "mushy" in a day or so).

    his proposal? we were in my car and he handed me a box.

    "What's this?"

    "What does it look like? A box."


    "Open it."

    I do and there's a small ring with a heart and tiny diamond.

    "What's this?"

    "A ring."


    "You're gonna make me say it? You know I'm no good with words."

    "Just checking on what you're thinking."

    "Ugh. Will you have me? You know..."


    "Oh good. For a minute there you had me worried."

    We met in 2004, married in 2008 (08-08-08: trying to make it easy for him to remember the date *heh*). We've a beautiful two and a half year old son. I'm very blessed.

    love the post and seeing people's stories.

  23. Oh, what fun!!! I'm totally cracking up at Julie's! LOL You're right, Pam. We would have known it was her! :) Mary's, too. LOL!

  24. Julie, it's not posted anywhere. (I've yet to sell the memoir.) However, I'll post it in the comments with Seekerville's permission.

  25. I LOVE reading/hearing about proposals. :)

    My honey is a romantic. We had a long distance relationship, so a few days before he planned to propose he sent me a dozen long stemmed red roses with a music box that played, "Here Comes the Bride" tied to it with tulle.

    The Friday he planned to pop the question, he ended up coming into town much later than planned. A romantic dinner was canceled and he called when he was a few minutes away.

    Long story short, we went for an evening walk (while he hunted for the perfect place to propose). Finally I was freezing so we went back the place where he was staying. He put on some romantic music while we chatted. All of a sudden, he was on his knees, holding my hand and looking up at me, half scared, half anticipating and he asked me if I'd marry him. Of course I said yes! That was sixteen years ago. And he still brings me roses.

  26. Oh, Myra, thank you for this post! What fun to read those proposals.

    JUlie, your proposal is so fun! I love it. I can't believe you told him to give you two weeks to think about it! LOL! My proposal story is soooooo not romantic. Actually, now that I think about it, it's kind of like Julie's, except it was over the phone, and I wasn't angry, and he didn't actually ask me to marry him. I just kind of said, If you come back over here (I was in Ukraine and he was in Memphis, Tennessee) we'll have to get married. And he said something like, That'll be fine.

    Yeah, it was real romantic. LOL

  27. LOL! Julie - it's been great ;). 15 years next month.

    Let's see... fictional proposals...

    In one MS, they're actually already married [she was married to his brother who died with the life insurance unpaid so they got married for financial reasons only] but he's fallen in love with her. He proposes in the living room after being out of town all day and she tells him she's ready to move on. The next day she goes into labor :D.

    There's one that involves a text message... Kind of.

    Another one in the car on the way to a friend's wedding in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. They elope beforehand.

    One in a palace with his great-grandmother's ring [she was queen until her hubby died...]

    For the life of me, I can't remember the proposal in my Speedbo project... I'll have to go look that up.

    One in a wine bar after she says her favorite thing to watch on tv is Major League Baseball... the wine makes her say yes and they find the nearest courthouse...

    Another because they're going into WITSEC and it's the only way to ensure they'll get to stay together. And she already has his son. [Yeah, that one will NEVER see the light of day...]

    One book. Two sets of twins. Two proposals at the same restaurant a year apart.

    One in the living room after dating two weeks.

    Another on a walk after she tells him the one emotionally wrung out night led to a pregnancy...

    Think that's all of them for the moment... will have to check the Speedbo thing...

  28. PS--I forgot to mention the reason my honey was so late that night was because he'd special ordered my ring and kept missing the delivery guy. So, he had to pick it up before he drove down to see me. :) The ring, by the way, is perfect.

  29. Oh my stars... I love writing proposals.

    Just love 'em.

    I love impromptu ones the best I think. "Ya' wanna do it?"

    "Do... what?"

    "You know." He slid his gaze toward the church. "It."

    I don't know about feeling sorry for guys, I mostly think they're adorable and serve a purpose, but clueless. Which is why I write romance fiction, LOL!

    Dave doesn't go by script. Although I've tried, LOL!

    Our proposal was in the car. I knew he was going to ask because we talked about it and his mother kept telling him don't do it...


    But he did.

    Silly boy.

  30. Oh, I love these stories in the comments!!!

  31. Walt, you don't need permission! Just post it!

  32. Oh, Julie... I laughed SO hard at your proposal I had tears in my eyes then read it to my husband so we could laugh together.

    That one should make it into a book. Just saying.

  33. A fun proposal if my kid doesn't kill me...

    So let's pretend it was someone else's kid, okay?

    Girlfriend calls, all upset. Been dating this HOT GUY for years and nothing... Every holiday... every birthday... she hopes... nothing.

    So I tell her dump him. Dump him now. I might love him, but no one's worth that.

    She does.

    He proposes.

    They get married and he becomes husband/dad of the year.

    Three kids later, they're still adorable and he's so happy being married.

    Did you know that a Redbook Poll showed MORE MEN propose because of ultimatums than anything else?

    Men are... men.

  34. Good morning all! Y'all are BUSY!

    Sorry to be so late getting here, but my future daughter-in-law texted me last night right after this blog went life and we spent about an hour discussing wedding plans.

    Such fun and she's so sweet. And did I mention beautiful? My son is a lucky young man.

    Anyway, late night for me.

    Grabbing a cup of Helen's coffee and adding a generous shot of English Toffee sweetener and catching up.

  35. Oh! And I never told my story (which would be a shame) my then-boyfriend talked about "when we are married" all the time and I would quip, "Is that a proposal?"

    His response was always "When I propose, you'll know."

    So, when he actually proposed? Yeah, I sat there stupidly then finally croaked, "Are you serious?!"

  36. Ruthy, you seriously told your son's girlfriend to dump him? I can believe that. Nobody else could do it as well as you, though, I'm sure.


    JEANNE!!! He still brings you roses??? Oh, honey, you're doing something right. Uh ... can you e-mail me offline and let me know what it is??? ;)

    MEL, LOL!! You and I are WAY too much alike, you know that?? That's not a good thing for you, darlin', if you're looking to be normal. :)

    HOLY COW, CAROL ... you got some proposals, girl -- VERY creative!!

    LOL, NATASHA ... glad I could give you and your hubby a laugh. I just told my hubby I "debased" him on the Internet, and he was NOT laughing, I assure you! ;) In fact, he told me to tell you all that he wants a rebuttal because he insists it did not go down like that!! :)


  38. Oh, and we did get married a few months later, in Bila Tserkva, Ukraine.

  39. Ah, Helen, that was sweet that he'd spent so much time thinking about the proposal, and even sweeter that he realized you were cold and proposed in the car. Awwww...

    Virginia, sounds like your man knew what he wanted and didnt't see the need for waiting around! lol

    Melissa!!!! CHILLS!

    I love your proposal story. Even the part about the sunset by the dumpster! That is just too beautiful for words! Sniff, sniff.

    I can tell this is going to be an awesome day for romance and I have to go to work shortly.


  40. I know it, Julie!!! I gave up on normal when I started writing again. It's okay. I'm happier this way. But it's hard being us. I feel for you, girl.

    LOL! ;-)

  41. Julie -

    Tell him to come leave the real story in the comments.

    We'll be nice.

    We know what he puts up with ;).

    /whispers/ Love you, Julie, dear.

  42. Oh, AusJenny, please DO ask your Mum! And then email me at

    phillman64 AT gmail DOT com

    As a matter of fact, I'd love for everyone to ask the oldest person they know how they proposed or were proposed to, and send it to me.

    If I get enough responses, I'll do a Part 2 next month.

    My husband's grandmother is 93 and I can't wait to ask her!!!

  43. When I asked my mom how my dad proposed, she said he said, "If I bought you a ring, would you wear it?" And that was it. Yeah, the men in my life are just not romantic. I guess that's why I write romance. I have to make it up.

  44. Wow. Just loving all the stories. Mine is kind of "blah." Julie, Melissa, Virginia, I am just sighin'.

    It was our first anniversary of dating, right at the beginning of my sophomore year in college. I gave Man O a stock market book. A stock market book!!!! He said "wait a minute" and went to a closet. I heard things banging and falling. He came out. Told me to close my eyes. When I opened them he was holding the ring. Don't remember what he said but he had designed that ring and held on to it the entire summer.

    Still wearing that little ring from a time when we had nothing and proposals weren't big productions. We got married when I was nineteen and it has been 31 years.

    But he never got over me giving him a stock book.

    Peace, Julie

  45. Tina P, that is too funny!

    I thought it was sweet that my son asked for permission from his g'friend's Dad first too. And I didn't even have to badger him about it!

    You know what they say, Beth: Three times the charm!

  46. Walt, you have to ask? Come on. I have to go to work today. Get that up there! Stop taunting us.

  47. Ugh. Gotta run, but I'll be back!

    Julie, maybe I need to do "Will You Marry Me?" post strictly from the guys' pov and see what they have to say about it! lol

  48. It's a little long, but I posted my story below.

    In January 1994, I faced a huge problem. At the time, I was living in Tokyo. Due to problems with my visa, I needed to leave Japan within two weeks. During those two weeks, Motoyo (Mo) visited me. While we were discussing my options, she asked if I wanted to get married. Unbeknownst to her, I had my mother’s engagement ring. I pulled it out and said, “Yes!”

    The paragraph above is accurate, though, in Mo’s opinion, I leave out numerous details. However, this is not unusual. She claims my memory is faulty concerning our entire dating life.

    I met Mo in Japan in March 1993. At the time, I worked in Osaka. She coordinated PR for a hotel on Awaji Island, a tourist spot only a short boat ride from Kobe. My friends and I went to Awaji during the off-season, hoping to get away from busy jobs and crowded cities. We succeeded beyond measure; the place seemed deserted. More people visited Gilligan’s Island than were on Awaji Island while we were there.

    The hotel where my wife worked offered monthly classical concerts as part of a weekend package to increase off-season business. With nothing else to do, my friends and I went into the hotel to ask about the concert.

    The front desk clerk saw us enter and, concerned we might not speak Japanese, got Mo to handle the situation as Mo speaks English. We ended up at the concert, even attending a party afterwards for the violinist that had performed. At the party, I got Mo’s phone number and called her a week later. The stories since then from each of us:

    Me: I was immediately attracted to Mo from the minute I saw her and decided I would do whatever I could to get to know her better.
    Mo: You hit on the violinist, an attractive Japanese woman in a low-cut blue dress. After striking out, you introduced yourself to me.

    Me: Our first date was at a nice Italian restaurant in Osaka.
    Mo: The food wasn’t great, but Walt was paying.

    Me: I was devoted to Mo from the beginning.
    Mo: You were dating other girls besides me. They just lived farther away.

    Me: I knew Mo was the only girl for me.
    Mo: You knew you would never find anyone else to put up with you.

    So, when I tell people that Mo proposed, she lets them know her side, stating I’d already mentioned prior to that evening that I wanted to get married. She’d turned me down, saying I should ask again after we’d dated for a year. That January night, her question of us getting married was a discussion item ; she was caught off guard by the ring (as well as my “crying” about possibly being deported and not knowing when I would see her again).

    We’ve been married nearly seventeen years, though that could end if she sees this in print.

  49. Oooo! Speedbo has THREE proposals! Forgot that.

    Hero proposes to his girlfriend in front of his whole family at a Sunday dinner. Heroine is there too. :D

    Like two weeks later, he/fiancee have broken up b/c he's been in love with the heroine all along. They're, um, smoochin' and he says things can't go any further until they get married. She says you can ask whenever you want. So he does.

    Then she gets scared and runs off. A month or so later, they end up locked in a secret room - you know the kind - hidden behind a bookcase - [in the house of the couple from the baseball proposal] and they talk things out [with their 15yo daughter]. When the family finally lets them out of the room, he drops to one knee and proposes again.

    They get married the next Sunday.

    LOVE reading these stories!!!!

  50. This is great. I love reading proposals. Mine wasn't so romantic.

    We'd been dating for 8 months. I was young, just graduated high school and my folks were moving three states away.

    I said to him. "If you don't marry me, I'm gonna have to move."

    He said. "Name the day and the church and I'll be there."

    We were married four weeks later.

  51. Such a fun post and I'm loving the comments!

    My proposal has comedy surrounding it, which fits, because my husband and I are always laughing together!

    He and I had dated for two and half years, and had basically decided we were going to get married, even setting a date and everything for the next fall, although I insisted he had to actually ask me. We even picked out my ring, because I had made it very clear about what I wanted, but I didn't have it yet.

    He came for Thanksgiving with my family, and that day I learned my cousin had gotten engaged. Everyone was congratulating her, while I sat in a corner, jealous, because I had a wedding date but no ring and no official engagement.

    Well, later that night, he asked me if we could go downtown to look at Christmas lights. I was excited, because I was sure this was where the proposal was going to happen, as downtown, looking at lights, was our first date. We walked around for an hour, with me trying to stall at romantic spots that I thought would be perfect. I found the perfect one, and just as he started saying lovey-dovey things, we heard behind us a little kid peeing in the park! So gross!

    Well, that killed the mood, so we headed back to my house. I was disappointed, and told him I was tired and going to go to bed. He grabbed me and said he wanted to tell me something. I'm thinking 'this is it,' and then he tells me a long story about how the jewelry store lost our information about the ring I liked, that the guy who'd helped us no longer worked there, blah, blah, blah. I told him it was OK, that we could go back later to pick out the ring again, and that I really needed to get to bed.

    Suddenly he was down on one knee, the ring in his hands, and he asked me. I don't think I let him finish before saying yes.

    He said he was going to ask me at the park downtown, but the little kid ruined it, and then he was afraid he'd drop the ring and we'd lose it in the dark. Also, the story about the store losing the ring info? Totally true, but he remembered what I liked :)

    And one more funny thing? He asked my dad permission for my hand earlier in the day, while my dad was outside, on our deck, shooting his blow dart gun at the neighbor's cat. Classy, I know.

    And five and half years later, we're still happily ever after.

  52. Wonderful stories, one and all!

    Walt -- yours has the "he said/she said" quality that always makes for grins.

    Nancy C

  53. My mom and dad knew they were getting married but my dad was going to Korea and the plan was to get married after he came back.
    She was working somewhere, hours from where he lived. She saw no reason to move near a man getting read to fly off to Asia for 18 months.
    In the middle of a work day, here he comes, out of the blue, into the office where she was working and he said, "I want to get married before I leave." Which was under a month away.
    Mom said she left work...she can't remember asking her boss, but she got to keep her job so it must've been okay.
    They drove to her home, about an hour away and told her parents they were getting married in two weeks.
    Then they called his parents and told them.
    My dad's mom said, "You just come home and we'll see about this."
    (the beginning for many rocky moments between my parents and my grandma)
    But dad ignored his mother and the wedding was on.
    My mom said, "I told my mother I was getting married, dumped the whole thing in her lap and went back to work."
    She doesn't remember even how it got pulled off but there were four bridesmaids. Mom had a beautiful white dress. Flowers. All was in order and beautiful.
    Then they took off for a two week honeymoon, just went driving around. I think she said they ended up in Florida for a few days.
    Then they got home and mom had to almost immediately see dad off on the train, the first leg of his journey to Korea.
    She said it's the most devastating thing she's ever endured watching him board that train, knowing she wouldn't see him for a year and a half.
    She still tears up when she talks about it and she can hardly bear to watch a plane take off. She can just tap right into that sadness.

    Sometimes I think people who go through that kind of thing, sending their husband off to war, just have a better, clearer grasp of life. They don't let small things bother them as much after they've been through something that big.

  54. It's so much fun reading everyone's stories!

    My dear husband always tells people I proposed to him.

    But then I tell my side of the story.

    You see, my husband is the 5th of 8 children in his family. His oldest sister had married at an appropriate age (after college, after her fiance finished his tour of duty with the army), and promptly had 5 children.

    My in-laws thought they were well on their way to a large, happy, grandchildren-filled retirement. They were wrong.

    Siblings #2, 3 and 4 had no inkling of getting married, and it had been 14 years since #1's wedding.

    So here I am with this guy I'm madly in love with, I know will be a wonderful husband and father, is smart, funny, my best friend...and his family has this awful track record.

    Then one Christmas (after we had been dating for about 3 years), he gave me cookware for my present. I was thinking "setting up housekeeping together", but he was thinking "she likes to cook, maybe she'll bake me something." So I waited, threw out some hints, made it easy for him...and nothing.

    So I said, "Do you want to get married?"

    He told me later that up until that moment he hadn't even thought about marriage, but suddenly he realized that yes, he wanted to get married, and yes, he wanted to marry me.


    We never did get a ring - he was transferred with his job a month later, and we used the money to rent his new apartment. It was just the first of many, many such moves...

    We're celebrating our 30th anniversary in July :)

  55. Walt, LOL I bet Mo has it right.
    Crying about getting deported.

    I'm laughing as I type this.

    You were dating other girls but they lived farther away?


  56. Jan, at what point in this story (it is inevitable) did you apply the frying pan he bought you to his head?


    You can't argue with 30 years, girl.

  57. And Stephanie sweetie, the pee-ing child part of your romantic tale made me tear up.


  58. HA! Walt - missed the pasting! Love it!

  59. Mary Connealy, I loved your Mom and Dad's story. Brought tears to my eyes. You're right. Sometimes things happen that puts everything that follows into a different perspective.

  60. Julie, I think you got that right, we are kind of sweet and sour--we were assigned college roommates, and we didn't exactly get along well to begin with.

    DebH - Oh, so funny, If I were the one having to have proposed to my hubby I would have done it just like your hubby - I can't get mushy stuff out of my mouth --we both think it's funny I write romance.

    Walt - I actually love hearing how my hubby remembers stuff, it's funny how different it is sometimes.

    Bridgette - But that is romantic! I thought it was anyway.

  61. Oh, Walt. You know we love you, but we honestly, truly, really, sincerely, love your wife!!!

  62. MARY, your parents' story is so sweet!

    My parents basically had the "we've dated so long, let's just get married." My mom doesn't even remember a specific proposal.

    My grandparents, on the other hand, are cute, although it started sad. My grandpa's first wife, Phyllis, and my grandma taught school together, and my grandma covered for Phyllis when she was on maternity leave with her son. Phyllis then contracted polio and died when my uncle was only a year old. My grandma started caring for Phyllis's son, as my grandpa was pretty broken up over Phyllis's death.

    I guess a few years later, my grandma came out of the little boy's bedroom after putting him to bed, and said something about how she loved taking care of him. My grandpa said "well, we're a package deal, if you want him."

    They were married for 55 years and had three other children. My Uncle Brad considers her his real mother.

  63. Amen, Tina! I'd love to meet Mo sometime!

  64. ROFLOL, Melissa I just read your proposal story. THAT is a novel proposal if ever I heard one. ;)

    JULIE, I want to know...did you really take 2 weeks to answer Keith? If you did, I just might slap you. That poor man is too good to wait! ;-)

    LOVED this post, Pam. You might have to repost it when I finally have a story to share. :)

    But my favorite proposal story is the one in the NBC series where Chuck finally gets to propose to Sarah in a hospital hallway. Oh be still my heart! He was trying to find the perfect spot and finally just ASKED her. I think I grinned for like a week afterward.

  65. Short on time today...
    Loved the post - no time to look at comments. Know they're wonderful.

    GREAT way to start the week!

    (And mine was wonderful - just so's y'all know... And I said yes. That was almost 18 years ago.)

  66. I'm a modern day mail order bride. Twenty-nine and single I moved to the middle of nowhere to help care for my retired parents.

    I had to take a job to make my car payments so when the local bank was hiring I filled out an application. When the interviewer read that I'd graduated from college she said I was hired.

    My co-workers were determined to fix me up with every single male customer that came through the door. I soon grew tired of their antics. One day I read an ad in the local weekly paper. Single Christan man looking for a godly woman.

    I answered the ad, he called and we had our first meeting at McDonald's. I would never share this story with my daughters. When they ask how I met their father I always say 'We met at McDonald's'

    We are total opposites and fell in love at the start. Three months later he said something like "when are you going to marry me?" He may not be romantic but I do hear "I Love You" several times a day every day.

    Seventeen years later he's still the best friend I've ever had.

  67. Andrea, I'm trying to wrap my brain around why your hubby would propose right after a funeral. Maybe he was thinking of how short life is, and, BOOM, he decided he'd better fish or cut bait!

    Debra, shiver-me-timbers! I'd be going, TIE THAT SUCKER TO YOUR SWIM SHORTS, DUDE. YIKES!

    Terri, now that's what I'm talking about. A romantic business deal. You just can't beat that.

    Carol, I love that he told you if you could find it, you could have it! Very creative!

  68. DebH, my hubby is a man of few words too (unless you're talking cows! lol) And when he gets a little bull-headed (pun intended), nothing can sway him. I'm afraid I would have been pushing my luck to make him say the words. Ha! But the strong, silent types are the best, aren't they?

    Wish I had a WINK Emoticon on blogger!

  69. Melissa, I love that story!!

    Now wait, Andrea was in your wedding? And you were in hers??

    Oooh, JULIE, you were the evil aunt in Austen's 'Persuasion'???

  70. Jeanne T, I got chills again, and it has nothing to do with the cool weather we're having.

    I wonder if everyone's hubbys are gonna wonder what's been going on today when all you ladies give them a welcome home kiss tonight? lol

    Oh, and for some extra special romance, y'all get out your wedding pictures and take a gander.

    That will sure bring back memories and remind you why you said YES!


    I'm dying here, laughing.

  72. Virginia, yes, we were each other's maids of honor--or Andrea was a matron since she raced us to the altar--she couldn't let me win on both accounts. :)

  73. I think people do things after a funeral that are life affirming.
    Her fiance was thinking life is short. The future is now. I think it's a very normal, hopeful time to propose.

    of course I'm weird!

  74. Well, Mel, I would think that if he flew all the way to the Ukraine from Memphis, TN to take you up on your offer, he was pretty serious!

    Ruthy, you're funny-crazy. I would have slapped a boy if he asked if I wanted to do "it". lol

    Natasha, I think that's why so many of us can't actually remember hearing the magic words, "Will you marry me?" because we talked about it so much as a "when" and "if"....

    Hmmm, is this a guy's way of getting around having to POP the question????

  75. What a fantastic way to begin our Monday morning! I'm already on my second cup of Helen's coffee and haven't quite finished reading all the comments.

    In high school a boyfriend made the mistake of inviting me to his church and youth group where I kept running into my future hubby at its various gatherings. The way my hubby tells it, he looked down from the choir loft one Sunday, saw me sitting in the congregation with the boyfriend and said to himself, "She's going to be my wife one day."

    I'm not sure at what point he ended up taking the old boyfriend's place, but we started dating, altho' the dates mostly consisted of attending church activities. The fact that he was the minister's son and was himself planning to go into the ministry was intimidating since I wasn't a Christian at that time and wasn't even from a church-going family.

    Still, we continued to date for two years until one Christmas Eve he invited me out to a classy restaurant and surprised me with a ring. (I couldn't have chosen a prettier one myself!) I recall objecting, "I could never be a minister's wife," and him saying, "I'm not asking you to be a minister's wife, just mine." I was just starry-eyed enough to say, "Okay."

    Of course, he followed his calling into ministry and I ended up being a minister's wife. I haven't always been the most conventional one, but after 52 years together I'm still glad I said yes, and it appears he is, too.

  76. My grandparents' love story is a true marriage of convenience. I use their story as a backdrop for my fictionalized romance A Home for Christmas/The Sweetest Gift. A Christmas ebook I wrote with Robin Lee Hatcher.
    My grandpa's first wife died giving birth to their second child. As she lay there, bleeding, dying, knowing she was dying, she said to him, "I want you to marry my college roommate. I want her to raise my daughter."
    Grandpa promised he would and he wrote to Grandma, who lived in Washington State, while Grandpa lived in Nebraska and at some point in a very short correspondence, he asked her to marry him and she said yes. They'd never met.
    He rode the train out to Washington State, they married and rode home on the train together.
    And they lived together quite happily--as far as my mom can tell--for the rest of their lives. Had four children, including my mom.
    Grandma had a master's degree and had traveled and studied in Europe. She was a librarian, a perfect spinster job, and a concert level pianist.
    Grandpa had an eighth grade education and was a Nebraska farmer.
    I suspect that, back in those days, Grandpa was considered a very successful man and Grandma, 30 years old and unmarried, all her accomplishments not withstanding, was considered a failure.

  77. Ahhhhhhhh Carol that's so beautiful.
    I'm not asking you to be a minister's wife, just mine.

    I'm kinda weepy.

  78. Walt, that is really funny! Did you marry her in time to keep from getting deported? Or did you wait?

  79. what beautiful stories - fictional and non-fictional!

    I don't remember my husband's actual proposal - sad I know. What I remember most is the day he gave me a rock (not a diamond, a rock) and said.... "My love is like this rock - it's strong and solid, it'll never change and there's not another one like it in the world."

    I still have that rock :-)

    Good luck and God's blessings to ALL.


  80. Mo sounds like a woman I'd like to be friends with! LOL

    Bridgett! So young! But it was nice of the parents to move and give your boyfriend a reason to marry you!

  81. Oh, and as for my parents... they never mentioned how they came to be married, but after they had both passed away I discovered their marriage certificate. It was dated several months later than the date on which we had always celebrated their anniversary. They apparently never intended me to know my mom was pregnant with me when they married. Oops.

  82. Julie, we really want to hear Keith's side!

    Melanie, I think your dad's question was sweet, and if you could get him to talk (which would take a medieval torture rack, I'm sure), he'd admit that it was total terror talking!

    "If I bought you a ring, would you wear it?" is putting it ALL on the line for the strong, silent types!

  83. Yes, Joe was serious--serious about doing mission work. I wouldn't let him come to Ukraine unless he promised to marry me.

    No, seriously, it was kind of romantic. I used to tell people that he followed me to Ukraine. Which is true. He tells it differently, but my story is the accurate one.

  84. Blah?


    Julie HS, you take that back!

    There is nothing blah about a man designing a ring and holding on to it for an entire semester with YOU in mind. Girl, that's true love!

    Wow, talk about a prized possession. We couldn't pry that ring off your finger with a crowbar!

  85. Just wanted to share about my wonderful father.

    My proposal wasn't earthshaking, but I could probably write about a book about getting down the aisle. I had three wedding dates.

    But when I finally walked down the aisle, I was so scared I felt like I would faint or puke or both. my father said I was whiter than my wedding dress.

    Half way down the aisle, he slowed and looked at me. "I'm going to trip now."

    "What?" I half laughed and squeaked. "You can't do that?"

    "Sure, I can."

    I worked to talk him out of it. Forgetting my nervousness.

    "Okay I won't." He grinned. "Now you'll be okay."

    He was an old pro at getting daughters down the aisle. He had five.

  86. My mother and her younger sister, (there were five of them too) had their hearts set on marrying my father's younger twin brothers and having a double wedding.

    When my father came back from the Marines he took a liking to my mother. He was 21, she was 15.

    She didn't want to get married.

    My grandmother said yes. My father came from a decent family well known, while my mother's family was poor white trash... my grandmother was married and divorced, simply because her husband had three... four wives at once. She worked to raise her eight children.

    Anyway, she thought if my mother married my dad it would be a step up in the world. He was a good man.

    My mother's oldest sister, liked my father, (I suspicion she wished he'd marry her) but she told my mother, she would kidnap her and they would head somewhere where they couldn't be found so she wouldn't have to go through with it.

    My mother almost took her up on it. Then decided that she would do as her mother said and go through with it.

    they were married for 37 years, until my father died of a heart attack.

  87. Oh, Walt, I love the Me/Mo back and forth! lol Julie wasn't even brave enough to do that! Julie????

    Ah, Bridgett, the fear of separation brings everything into sharp focus, doesn't it?

    Stephanie, I dying here. All I can think about is that poor little kid in the park, ruining the mood! I know it wasn't funny at the time, but... I can't help but laugh!

    Mary, your mom and dad. Wow. That's all I can say. Just wow. So glad he got to come back home. God bless him and all the men and women who've had to leave sweethearts and wives like that. Like Bridgett's story and Walt's, imminent separation brings true love into sharp focus and nothing else matters!

  88. maybe i should ask my brothers about how they felt about "popping" the question. i know my SIL said my younger brother was acting oddly the day he proposed. she said he was nervous all day until he knelt in front of her and asked her to be his wife. He had already asked her father for permission about a week before.

    Side notes: their first date was on a double date (her best friend) - they detested each other. they became high school sweethearts. she waited NINE years for him to propose (although he DID give her a promise ring better than most engagement rings).

    my brother is dyslexic and told her he could go to college or be a husband - not both at the same time. he told her he loved her and wanted to marry her but she'd have to wait until he graduated. told her he understood if she couldn't wait and it would break his heart if she did go, but he wanted to be sure he could always provide for her (our dad was a deadbeat dad). poor girl had her friends telling her to find someone else, but she waited.

    my brother proposed one month after he graduated with a Bachelors degree and they were married the following summer (although my brother did tease her by asking if she wanted to make it an even decade of dating before the wedding... her response: NO WAY!!!)

    they've been married over 20 years now with two wonderful children. their love is very strong and inspirational to me.

    my favorite line of my brother's (from during an argument with his wife):

    her: I'm putting my foot down!
    him: Well Babe (his pet name for her), it's just gonna' get stepped on.

    they broke down laughing after he said that. good thing she's always had a sense of humor...

  89. Okay, I come back to read 20 more comments and get all misty-eyed.

    There are some pretty romantic guys/fathers/grandfathers in our group...

  90. Melanie, I got my visa fixed and was not deported. However, Mo made me wait a year-and-a-half to tie the knot.

  91. I don't remember the exact proposal.

    What I remember is the ring. Bruce was 19, the oldest sibling, and didn't have a clue about how to do things. He really needed an older sister to guide him.

    He went shopping for an engagement ring but liked the way the wedding band looked better. He gave me the band as an engangement ring.

    My mom said I couldn't wear it. (Although, I think she felt sorry for him.)

    I was 18 and still in high school. Bruce and I went shopping and picked out a set. We got married a couple of months later. January of my senior year.

    We were so niave, but in LOVE.

    Still my best friend after 26 years.

  92. Fun reading all of these proposals! Great topic!

    This isn't quite a proposal, but...

    DH and I met in college, oil and water. Took several 'hot dog and ice cream' dates at Gus' Restaurant to get a better sense of each other. One day I saw him approaching me from across campus. It was just short of the commercial where the pair run toward each other. When we were toe to toe he stopped, looked down, picked up a penny and handed it to me as he asked, "A penny for your thoughts?" I wore that lucky penny in my shoe on my wedding day.

    The neat part? When my daughter first met her dh in person (they'd written to each other for years before meeting) she dropped her purse and spare change trailed all over the floor of the London England train station. Embarrassed by her clumsiness, her face burned red as she scampered to collect the coins. Thinking she'd gathered it all, her now dh picked up and handed her one coin - a penny. Aware of my story, she called me later and said, "You won't believe this Mom, but I think he's the one." She wore that penny in her shoe on her wedding day.

  93. Lyndee...

    totally not the point I'm sure - but Gus' Pretzels? In St. Louis? Or something else?

    Cuz they have the BEST pretzels...

    Just sayin'... ;)

  94. Pam, what a fun post! Also fun browsing through everyone's proposal stories!

    And I sure feel better realizing I'm not the only one who can't remember an actual proposal but more of an "understanding."

  95. Wow Lyndee, that's so beautiful. Mystical even!

  96. My daughter got married one month after she graduated from college. Her high school boyfriend, who was two years older than her, had waited forever for her to finally be free to marry. This was NOT a surprise. Except of course for the actual moment.
    He made it very romantic. She came to his apartment and the door was unlocked and a trail of rose petals was scattered on the floor. She followed the trail and rounded a corner and found him on his knees, the ring in his hand, a bottle of champagn and roses on a table beside him.
    The University of Nebraska Lincoln student newspaper was doing a story on romantic proposals and these days proposals are CRAZY elaborate.
    They picked my daughter's story. At the time it made her feel wonderful. Then the next year then the next year they ran it again. At this point they were just being lazy!

  97. Mo is definitely the kind of person I need to hang out with. I need her chutzpah to rub off on me. (I am hoping I really know what chutzpah means.)

  98. Walt, loved your story...and Mo's version, which no doubt is the truth!!! :)

    Missy and I met Mo at a M&M Banquet. She's beautiful and keeps Walt on his toes. As it should be, right, ladies?

  99. Pam H, okay I take it back. Because I need to tell you the rest of the story.

    When I met Man O, my parents freaked when their freshman daughter met a graduating senior at NC State. My mother kept saying that tried and true expression, "You have to know his people. You have to know his people."

    They didn't seem to think that was a possibility given I was born in Washington, DC and Man O in Greensboro, North Carolina. But it turns out, Man O's grandparents and mine lived 30 miles from each other in the mountains of Tenn/Va. Man O's cousins lived a block from my grandparents and went to church with them. Imagine that.

    Now fast forward twenty some years. My son meets his boss at the Y. They date and everyone meets each other. Turns out my parents, who spent 30 years in Maryland,bought vegetables from my DIL's aunt and uncle for at least twenty of those years.

    We are still waiting to see if the trend continues with my daughter but it wouldn't surprise us.

  100. Lyndee! Your story gave me chills!!!

    Yes, I looked it up and I do know what chutzpah means. It's exactly what I lack. LOL!!!

  101. I've been gone most of the day and need to get some pages written, but I REALLY want to read all the stories.

    Love Melissa and Andrea's BFF tales!

    Mary, your parent's story reminded me of my parents. Only they waited four years until WWII was over. My dad came home for six weeks after the war was over. They married and went to Chicago for their honeymoon. He returned to Germany, and she followed a few months later as one of the first American wives in Fulda, Germany.

    When hubby and I lived in Germany, we were able to visit Fulda and the house where they had lived as newlyweds. My mother had died two years earlier so the visit was bittersweet.

  102. Wow.Checking in and reading more wonderful stories. As I read I've laughed and cried.Great way to spend a boring Monday.

    Sorry for the typos. Posting from my phone.

  103. Mary Conneally...

    Your daugther's story is beautiful, but all I can picture is the rose petals on the floor as Harrison Ford follows the trail up the stairs to find his dying wife and then being attacked by one-armed man.

    The Fugitive.

  104. Wow, Pam H, this post needs to go into the "best of" collection. Warm fuzzies on a cold, dreary day!

  105. Carol, No, it's Gus' in New Wilmington PA...a hole in the wall, greasy-spoon kinda place frequented by the college crowd because the food is so cheap.

    Melanie and Mary, That penny proposal will end with us, I guess, as my daughter only has sons! Unless they hear the story, but then it would be contrived, don't you think? The best part is that we know the story, but the men don't, lol...

    Feeling all warm inside from all these romantic endings!

  106. My sweet husband always says that he would change what he did now, but I honestly think that it was perfect for us. We had been laying down in the grass on a sunny afternoon, just talking about who knows what, when he asks "Whould you want to marry me?" I think I was so stunned, I just answered "sure, when?" I think the next part of the conversation was more like a business meeting sometimes. We went a picked out a ring later on together.

    On a side note, he didn't ask my father because at the time I didn't want anything to do with my dad. Things are much better on that front, and my dad says he couldn't have picked a better husband for me.

  107. Pam~

    Josh had decided he was gonn a pop the question that day no matter what. It just happened my step-aunt's funeral was that day.

    I was glad to beat Melissa to the altar, but really the date was a practical thing. We needed it to be a 5th Sunday weekend. Josh was pastor and the church always allowed him the 5th Sunday off. The months were April, July, and November. My brother was shipping out to the Marine Corps in the middle of July, so it had to be April. Sqeaking in before Melissa was happy accident ;)

    Julie~ The first month of freshman year, I think Melissa and I both thought the powers that be were crazy. After the first few weeks we hit it off pretty well. I moved in with another friend Sophmore year, and regretted it almost immediately. I haven't talked to that girl since college, but I still consider Melissa my very best friend.

  108. Stephanie, your granparents story is so sad and so sweet at the same time. Amazing how God designed us that way, isn't it?

    Aw, Jamie, so glad you found the love of your life out in the middle of nowhere! But, hey, you had a Micky D's, so it couldn't have been TOO isolated! :)

  109. Stephanie, your granparents story is so sad and so sweet at the same time. Amazing how God designed us that way, isn't it?

    Aw, Jamie, so glad you found the love of your life out in the middle of nowhere! But, hey, you had a Micky D's, so it couldn't have been TOO isolated! :)


    Whatever it takes, Mary! Have you seen the cost of engagement rings these days???

  111. Carol G, your story sounds similar to my brother and sister-in-laws.

    She changed schools in the 11 or 12th grade, and from what I've been told, he told his friends he was going to marry her when he saw her in the lunch line.

  112. Okay, PamT, you've made me tear up. Just an ordinary old rock, but the power attached to it with those words is amazing! Love it!

    Aha, Walt, now the truth comes out. You finagled your way into getting Mo to feel sorry for you and offer to marry you. Tsk, tsk!

    Connie, young and naive or not, you're still together and in love 26 years later. Thumbs up!

    Oh, Lyndee, I LOVE the PENNY stories!

  113. Michelle, I think just lying on the grass looking at the clouds is a very romantic time to propose. It might not have the pomp and circumstance of some proposals, but it's REAL.

    What a fun day! Have we wound down yet? lol

  114. A close friend's proposal story was a hilarious disaster. Her BF took her to a peaceful park, knelt to propose at a park bench, but was interrupted by pair of ducks who suddenly decided to become "more than friends". Later, they went to a eat and the seafood she ordered made her sick. Their first date was even funnier. He went to pick her up, opened the truck door for her and hit her in the head. He had a hard time explaining the blood trickling from her temple to her dad. He doesn't open the door for her anymore. LOL

    My all time favorite proposal, though, has to be from "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers."

    Adam decides to propose when he sees Millie chopping wood and cooking for a dozen men at a cafe. Basically tells her he doesn't have time for a woman, lives too far from town, and has a wagonload of plowing and planting to do when he gets home.

    "Well, how 'bout it?" He asks, leaning on the cow she's milking.

    She stops. "How 'bout what?"

    "How 'bout marryin' me?"

    She sets back to milking furiously (poor cow).

    He proceeds to talk her into it. "I know it's sudden, but it'll be six months before I come to town again. You gonna keep me waiting all those six months?"

    ..."I'd hafta finish my chores."

    Funniest movie ever. She whips him into shape before the end. :)

    Love this post! And I really enjoyed reading everyone's stories!

  115. Haha!!!
    I'm laughing like crazy because of this blog! Oh, this just made my day! :)
    You guys are the best really-- thanks for those funny comments.
    Seekers Rock!


  116. Will do pam it will be a few days.
    I know when they first started going out and i now when Mum first met Dad.

    Oh the movie our pastor was watching with his future wife was "The Battle of the Bulge"

  117. Natalie, I loved Seven Brides. I need to get it on DVD so I can watch it again.

    And, your poor friend!

    Ganise, so glad you popped in. Hasn't today been the most fun ever??

    As a matter of fact, it's been so much fun that nobody, not even RUTHY, realized that I forgot to feed y'all ALL day!

    Now, that's what I call a riveting blog in Seekerville, if I do say so myself.

  118. Oh, Pam, I just realized I gave Myra credit for this post, but it was yours!!! Yikes, how did I mess up that badly? LOL! This has been such a fun and interesting blog. I just love all the stories! I can't stay away and keep coming back to read all the comments!

  119. No problem, Mel.

    I don't mind being mistaken for Myra. :)

  120. Love the post. Lol. I see someone already mentioned Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. CLASSIC. On the topic of musicals though, how about Oklahoma!

    LAUREY: Will!. . . Will, could you do sumpin fer me? Go and find Curly and tell him I'm here. I wanta see Curly awful bad. Got to see him.

    CURLY: Then whyn't you turn around and look, you crazy womern?

    LAUREY: Curly!

    WILL: Well, you found yours. I gotta go hunt fer mine.

    CURLY: Now whut on earth is ailin' the belle of Claremore? By gum, if you ain't cryin'!

    LAUREY: Curley—I'm afraid, 'fraid of my life!

    CURLY: Jumpin' toadstools! (He puts his arms around Laurey, muttering under his breath) Great Lord!

    LAUREY: Don't you leave me—

    CURLY: Great Godamighty!

    LAUREY: Don't mind me a-cryin', I cain't he'p it. ...

    CURLY: Cry yer eyes out!

    LAUREY: Oh, I don't know whut to do!

    CURLY: Here. I'll show you. (He lifts her face and kisses her. She puts her arms about his neck) My goodness! (He shakes his head as if coming out of a daze, gives a low whistle, and backs away) Whew! 'Bout all a man c'n stand in public! Go 'way from me, you!

    LAUREY: Oh, you don't like me, Curly—

    CURLY: Like you? My God! Git away from me, I tell you, plumb away from me! (He backs away and sits on the stove)

    LAUREY: Curly! You're setting' on the stove!

    CURLY: (Leaping up) Godamighty! (He turns around, puts his hand down gingerly on the lid) Aw! 'S cold's a hunk of ice!

    LAUREY: Wish't ud burnt a hole in yer pants.

    CURLY: (Grinning at her, understandingly) You do, do you?

    LAUREY: (Turning away to hide her smile) You heared me.

    That movie had some GOOD dialogue.

    A really sweet proposal scene can be found in a Hallmark movie called Straight from the Heart. One of my favorites!

    What about 1995’s Pride and Prejudice, the only adaption as far as I’m concerned.

    Or, Anne of Avonlea (Anne of Green Gables—the Sequel)??? “I don’t want sunbursts or marble halls. I just want you.”

    I could go on, and on…


  121. Oh goodness. Why bother sharing my proposal after a story like Julie Lessman's? Julie, you're hilarious!!!

  122. Whitney-- Oh, my word. I love Oklahoma! SO glad you mentioned it. I really need to watch that again. Gotta LUV it!!!

  123. What a day of proposals, Pam! I think you started something here, LOL!

    I absolutely LOVE all the stories. Had to read them quick before I sit down to write and I hate knowing I missed opportunites to comment on how funny/sweet/unbelievable some of these proposals were!

    I hope you have a part 2 next month. This was crazy fun!!

  124. If you had a great time today, just google "Best Wedding Proposal Ever" and view some of the videos on the net.

    They will leave you smiling, crying, and just plain out feeling good!

    But be warned...

    It is way too addictive! lol

  125. Hi Pam:

    I’m so late to the party. My modem died at work so I’ve been without internet all day. Then I read all these posts to get the lay of the land.

    You know, I’m very romantic. I wanted to find the ‘perfect’ wife, so by the time I was 33, I was still a confirmed and ordained bachelor. My mother had given up on me. But a lady in my Toastmaster’s club said she had the perfect girl for me. I said, that’s great, I’m looking for the perfect girl. We met at a pancake house for a coffee and talked for four hours.

    I called my mother that night and told her I just met the perfect wife. She said, “Well don’t let her get away.”

    So I went on a marketing campaign. Every day I sent her something romantic. Cards, cakes, flowers, lots of teddy bears, poems, songs I wrote, special photos from my dark room with romantic sayings on them.

    At work the women could see what I was doing and were furious at me. “You can’t do that to a woman. You’re going to have to marry her and you are going to have to always continue with the romantic touches”.

    Eventually the owner of the company came to me after hearing about my exploits and asked if I was going to marry this girl. I said, I’m not sure. The campaign still has weeks to go.

    He said, “Do you have a ring?”

    “A ring? You have to have a ring? She getting me, isn’t that enough?”

    “You got a lot to learn, son. A ring is like earnest money on a house sale. The first thing her girl friends are going to want to know is what’s the ring like.”

    “I don’t know beans about buying rings.”

    “I own a jewelry store in Phoenix. As part of your wedding gift, I get you a great ring at less than wholesale.”

    I said, “OK, I’m good with that.”

    I didn’t here from the boss for weeks. Then while I was opening the KC store, the owner showed up to check on our progress and told me he had the ring. It was in a little plastic baggie. Not even a box. And the diamond was big! You owe me a thousand -- the rest I covered as your wedding gift.

    So now I have this great ring, no box, and the woman in question is in Tulsa. I call her up and said, “come up to KC, I miss you. I’ll get you a room at the hotel by the Royal Stadium. They have a great restaurant where you can look out the window and see into the ballpark.

    So, she gets in her car and drives to KC on Saturday. We have dinner with a window table in the back with a view of the ballgame going on in the stadium below. There are flowers and candlelight. The piano is playing soft music.

    After we eat I take out the ring box, the best I could find at the mall, and her eyes get really big. I said, “You know I love you. I’ve been waiting for you all my life. I have something in this box, that you can have if you’d marry me and make me the happiest man in the world.”

    She had that box open in seconds and then she started crying. Many of the customers were watching us. I said, “Well?”

    She said, “It’s really big.”

    I said, “I’m not rich. I know a guy who owns a jewelry store.”

    She said, “Yes, I’ll marry you.”

    After the wedding, six months to the day of our first date, I tell her we have to get the ring appraised because I have to schedule it on our homeowners policy.

    She said, “I’ve got an appraisal in my purse.”


    “My girlfriends didn’t believe it was real so they made me get an appraisal and they came along with me to the jewelers.” It appraised for five times what I paid for it.

    I think this proves I’m the romantic in the family.


    P.S. Linda has been the perfect wife now for almost 34 years.

  126. Vince! I'm so glad I had Seekerville comments on automatic notification! I wouldn't have missed your proposal story for anything. Yes, that is very romantic, and I'm thrilled you got a BIG rock for such a great price.

    Good for you and for Linda.

    Glad she had it appraised.

    Smart woman!

  127. Checking in again after a crazy day to find even more wonderful stories. Thank you!

    Nancy C

  128. Awwww, how sweet Vince! And I'm guessing since Linda's stuck with you for almost 34 years that you're her "perfect" match, too!

  129. OH, I hate that I'm so late getting in a comment! What a great post and great comments from others.

    My hubby and I met on a blind date in January and by May we pretty much knew we were getting married. I showed him several rings I liked...making sure he knew the one I really liked : )...and he asked my Dad one night if he could marry me. I loved that. But he knew how much I loved suprises..I one day when I was visiting his house, I walk in and he says, "I have something for you." (I was totally not expecting him to propose yet...he told me it would be a little while) Well, that day just happened to also be the same day as our town's Relay for Life and there was a t-shirt for me on his couch...with a ring box on the table next to the couch. I totally didn't see the ring box and just saw the t-shirt. : ). I said, "oh...thanks for the t-shirt." That totally threw him off. He said, "no, I got you something else." I still didn't see it! lol He finally got up and got the ring box. I had so thrown him off by not seeing it in the first place, while I was squealing with joy he opened the box but didn't say anything. I looked at him and said, "well, are you going to ask me?" He did. Just thinking about it makes me smile! This year makes 8 years...and I love that man even more now than I did that day in May.
    God bless~Stacey

  130. Vince, I doubt you could have bought that ring with a sock full of pennies! ha ha

    Love that she was forced into getting it appraised, when I got my engagement ring, I knew it wasn't going to pop any jaws since I don't even like jewelry, so mine is basically a plain band with some diamond chips set flush in it. But there were three other ladies in my education class that got engaged the same month and I have to tell you, my ring looked like a cereal box toy next to this 2 carat yellow HUMONGOUS rock some doctor gave to my co-student.

    But mine sparkles plenty fine. :)

  131. Hi Glynna:

    I don’t think I’m a perfect match but I think that romancing really works wonders and it costs so little.

    When I was 33 I heard a preacher on TV, I’m pretty sure it was Billy Graham, who said that a successful marriage was more a matter of being the right person rather than finding the right person. This idea changed my POV and led to my finding my future wife.

    I think trying to be the right person, which is always a moving target, accounts for the 34 years on July 29th. (We got married on the same day as Lady Di…but not the same year.)

    BTW: I’m surprised no one mentioned Mary’s “Out of Control” proposal. The hero has known the heroine for a day or two (he did save her life) and he orders the circuit preacher to come out to the ranch and marry them without even mentioning it to the heroine. When she wants to know if he shouldn’t have asked her first, he says that she would not have kissed him the way she did if she were not prepared to marry him. Not romantic but memorable.


  132. My husband and I went to high school together but hadn't seen each other for over 30 years. He contacted me through and we did a whirlwind courtship over the telephone. He knew from our first telephone conversation that I was the one as he had prayed for me & being the minister he is, he knew the prayer had been answered. I had prayed the same prayer & knew that God had answered my prayer as well. That was January 2001. In March, he flew from Indiana to California & told me he had a question he wanted to ask me & that I should be praying about it. Of course I knew the question...afterall I am a woman and we know these things. I picked him up at the airport, we drove to the beach, parked and walked over to Balboa Island where he got done on his knee and proposed. The next day we went shopping for rings. I knew what I wanted, I knew what he could afford, the person waiting on us was nicknamed 'preacher' and when we walked in I told him I wanted 'simple'. He brought out the exact ring I invisioned and it was one dollar less then our budget. I moved back to Indiana with my mother in tow and married on 04/28/2001 which means Saturday is my 11th anniversary & it feels like we're still honeymooning! God is so good!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Cindy W.


  133. Stacey, you're never too late in Seekerville. We WILL read you! lol

    Love your story. It wasn't full of pomp and circumstance, but it was chock-full of love, and that's what counts.

    "I am a woman and we know these things."

    Cindy, this made me smile. Even though your courtship was long distance and a long time in coming, sounds like it was just as romantic! And Happy Early Anniversary!

  134. MEL SAID: "But it's hard being us. I feel for you, girl."

    LOL ... no, Mel, it's "hard" being our husbands ... ;)

    CASE ... no, I didn't. Only took a day or two. I'm pushy, but I'm not stupid. :)

    VIRGINIA SAID: "Oooh, JULIE, you were the evil aunt in Austen's 'Persuasion'???"

    Uh, I'm embarrassed to say that I am not a Jane Austen fan, so I have never read Persuasion ... don't hate me, please!!! :|


  135. Okay, CAROL AND PAMMY, you FORCED me to revisit my proposal story with Keith, who always rolls his eyes when I tell it and says, "that's not my version." So I did it -- this morning I asked him "his version" of what happened, and here's what he said:

    "Outwardly, it happened just like you saw it, Julie, but inwardly, it was different. The way you tell it makes it sound like you had all the power, but the truth is, when you said what you said about "there's the door," I was seriously contemplating whether I should walk or not, so the power was NOT in your hands, but mine (paraphrased). I had just broken up with a prior fiance who I'd proposed to after four months, and it was a disaster. You and I were dating nine months, and I was sure I wanted to marry you, but I wasn't about to jump the gun a second time, so I was waiting for the year mark. But when you put the 'ultimatum' before me, I had to stop and really consider if I needed to walk or stay, and I decided to stay. But now," he says with a slant of a smile, "I'm questioning the wisdom of my decision ..." :)

    Poor guy ...


  136. ANDREA/MELISSA ... isn't crazy how God puts certain people together??? My prayer partner and best friend, Joy, the one who brought me to Christ -- I could not STAND her, seriously. But God had other plans, and she's one of my dearest friends to today. :)

    LOL, NAOMI ... yeah, too bad my hubby doesn't think so ... ESPECIALLY after this post ... ;)


  137. ROTFLOL, WALT!!!! OMIGOSH, what a GREAT "he said/she said" version of the proposal!!! LAUGHED OUT LOUD!!! Mo sounds like an absolute delight who can truly keep you on your toes, which is, as I frequently tell Keith, SO good for a man and NEVER boring, right???

    VINCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAUGHED OUT LOUD on your story, too, my friend -- you are SUCH a hoot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "Ordained bachelor," indeed!!

    You said: "Eventually the owner of the company came to me after hearing about my exploits and asked if I was going to marry this girl. I said, I’m not sure. The campaign still has weeks to go."

    ROTFLOL!!! I would have married you for your humor and quirkiness alone, and the ring??? I SOOO would have gotten it appraised pronto, so Linda is one smart (and lucky!!) chicakadee. And not because of the ring ...


  138. Sorry I didn't make it yesterday. I think this has been the best day yet in Seekerville! I've laughed so much. What great stories! Thanks for sharing!

    My story was not as exciting. My husband is NOT romantic. I think his mother made him propose! She gave him her old engagement ring(she was divorced from his dad) and I wasn't sure if it was a bad omen or not that I take the ring. He gave it to me out on a frozen lake in his hometown. Cannot remember what he said. We had the tiny stone reset. Got a different ring for our 10th anniversary which I love.


  139. really late but I forgot to add my favorite movie proposal.

    from Fools Rush In with Matthew Perry

    the line that gets me everytime:
    "You're everything I never knew I always wanted."

  140. I loved the post on proposals. I can't think of any outstanding proposals from movies. My husband proposed to me over the phone. I was just getting off work and he had called leaving me a voicemail to call him back. When I called him back he asked me to marry him. We were married three weeks later and after five years and two months we are still married.

  141. GREAT post! I loved reading all your stories. I had to laugh at Julie's. Love it!

    Now my hubby had a romantic plan, though we were poor college students...but I ruined it a bit. I knew it was coming, we had looked at rings together, but he told me he didn't have the money because of a car accident he had. Unbeknownst to me he had already asked my parents and picked up the ring. We went to Letchworth Park to one of the really high points with a beautiful view. Now he was planning to propose at sunset.

    But he told me he left his wallet in the car. I was suspicious. When he got back I gave him a little bit of a hard time asking him why he needed his wallet (this was in the middle of nowhere and there was nobody else there) and asking him what was in his pocket.

    Poor guy gave in and got down on his knee right there. We married two weeks after my graduation. This June will be 12 years for us. :)

    We did go back to his Dad's house where his stepsister had made us a cake and a few of his childhood friends came over.

    I LOVED hearing all of your stories in the comments.

  142. Susan, so glad you stopped by and shared your proposal story. Sounds like a story-book ending for sure!

    "You're everything I never knew I always wanted." ... Oh, DebH, don't you just love that line? Sigh...

    Kathy, sounds like he was so excited, he just couldn't wait any longer!

    Julia, all's well that end's well, especially if it ends with cake! lol

    I wonder how many young women just KNOW the proposal is coming soon, but manage to let the guy wait for the perfect time. That's got to be REALLY hard!