Friday, May 4, 2012

May Contest Update

Welcome to another Seekerville Contest Update!
April showers brings May flowers and a reminder...
we're five months into the contest year. 

Time to edit those Speedbo entries and get contesting!

The prize vault is open and we're giving away 
TWO copies of Jill Elizabeth Nelson's 
Rivet Your Readers with Deep Point of View in print, 
& to help you prepare your contest entry
we're giving away a (first) 10 page manuscript critique
(does not have to be inspirational). 

And for one reader, we've got surprise Seeker book package.

Just comment today.
Winners announced in the Weekend Edition.

Published Authors

The Maggies. Published Division. Deadline May 10.

Golden Leaf. Deadline June 20.

Unpublished Authors

Ignite the Flame. Print and Electronic Deadline May 20th.  Entry consists of the scene of your hero or heroine's first meeting or reunion (up to 15 pages.) You may also submit an optional, un-judged, one-page set-up providing necessary background for the first-meeting, as the first page within your attached submission.
Laura Bradford: Romantic Suspense (Agent at Bradford Literary Agency)
Deb Werksman: Historical Romance (Editor at Sourcebooks)
Rhonda Penders: Category-Length Contemporary (Editor at Wild Rose Press)
Andrea Somberg: Young Adult (Agent at Harvey Klinger, Inc.)
Katherine Pelz: Single Title (Editor at Berkley Publishing Group)
Alicia Rasley: Erotic Romance (Editor at Red Sage)
Lindsey Faber: Paranormal Romance (Editor at Samhain Publishing)

The Golden Acorn. Deadline May 20th. All electronic.The first 20 pages, double spaced, 1" margins. A synopsis (if desired) of not more than 3 pages. The synopsis will not be judged.Per editor request, finalists must include a synopsis of up to 1,500 words at the time they submit revised entry for final judging.
Paranormal Romance - Jita Fumich, Folio Literary Management
Historical (short or long and Regencies) - Ally Robertson, The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary - Deborah Smith, Bell Bridge Books
Mainstream - TBA
Young Adult - Mandy Hubbard, D4EO Literary Agency

Emerald City Opener. Deadline May 31st. The first seven (7) pages of your manuscript, submitted electronically.
Category Series Romance: Kelli Martin, Senior Acquisitions Editor, Amazon/Montlake & more
Contemporary: Liz Pelletier, Publisher/Editor, Entangled Publishing
Historical: Amanda Bergeron, Associate Editor, Avon Books - HarperCollins Publishing
Paranormal: Carrie Jackson, Editor, Ellora's Cave
Novel with Strong Romantic Elements: Holly Root, Literary Agent, Waxman Agency
Romantic Suspense: Alexandra Machinist, Literary Agent, Janklow & Nesbit Associates
Young Adult: Nicole Resciniti, Literary Agent, The Seymour Agency

The Catherine. Deadline June 1st.  All electronic. Details are not posted yet. Last year's contest was the first 30 pages plus synopsis.

Contemporary Series Romance – Wanda Ottewell, Harlequin
Contemporary Single Title Romance – Leonore Waldrip, HQN
Historical Romance – Katherine Pelz, Berkley
Paranormal, Fantasy, Futuristic – Esi Sogah, Avon
Romantic Suspense – Leis Pederson, Berkley
Strong Romantic Elements – Kathleen Gilligan, St. Martin's
Young Adult – Karen Chaplin, HarperCollins Children's Books

***Gold Ticket Round***
Category winners are entered into the Gold Ticket competition judged by Kristin Nelson from the Nelson Literary Agency. The Gold Ticket winner will receive a three-chapter critique by New York Times bestselling author Kelley Armstrong

The 2012 Annual Colorado Gold Writing Contest. Contest opens April 1 and the deadline is June 1. Submission is the first twenty pages and an 8 page synopsis. Categories include: romance, mystery, speculative fiction, action/thriller and mainstream fiction. Five category winners receive a $100 dollar prize. Final judge is an acquiring agent or editor. Check out the website for a contest instruction video!

 Lone Star. Deadline June 9. All electronic. Entry consists of the first 25 pages.

 Inspirational Category:
Editor: Rachel Burkot – Harlequin
Agent : Kimberly Shumate – Living Word Literary Agency
Epublisher:  TBA

Young Adult Category:
Editor:  Kat O’Shea – Leap Books
Agent:  Susan Hawk – The Bent Agency
Epublisher: Meghan Conrad – Ellora’s Cave

Romantic Suspense Category:
Editor: Katherine Pelz – The Penguin Group
Agent: Jill Marsal – Marsal Lyon Literary Agency
Epublisher: Jillian Bell – Ellora’s Cave

Contemporary Series Category:
Editor:  Wanda Ottewell – Harlequin
Agent:  TBA
Epublisher: Lori Graham – The Wild Rose Press

Single Title Category:
Editor: Aubrey Poole – Sourcebooks
Agent: Michelle Grajkowski – 3 Seas Literary Agency
Epublisher: Leanne Morgena – The Wild Rose Press

Historical Category:
Editor: Junessa Viloria – Random House
Agent: Jessica Alvarez – BookEnds, LLC
Epublisher: Susan Yates – The Wild Rose Press

Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Category:
Editor: Dana Hamilton – Harlequin
Agent: Laurie McLean – Larson Pomada Literary Agents
Epublisher:  Debby Gilbert – SoulMate Publishing

The Maggies: Unpublished Division. Deadline June 10. All electronic. Submit synopsis and prologue (if applicable) and first chapter(s). Total number of pages may not exceed 35 per entry.
Single Title - Latoya Smith, Grand Central Publishing
Series Contemporary - Stacy Boyd, Harlequin
Historical – Parisa Zolfaghari, Pocket
Inspirational – Emily Rodmel, Harlequin Love Inspired
Paranormal - Lindsey Faber, Samhain
Young Adult – Martin Biro, Kensington

The Rebecca. Deadline June 30th. All authors are welcome to enter, regardless of published or unpublished status. Contest entry may not be contracted for or published in any form before contest deadline. Entry consists of the opening five thousand words of a romance novel.

Contemporary      Deb Nemeth, Acquiring Editor, Carina Press
Historical      Suzie Townsend, Nancy Coffey Literary Agency
Paranormal/SFR/UF      Adam Wilson, Acquiring Editor, Pocket Books
Category Romance     Allison Lyons, Editor, Harlequin
Young Adult Romance     Holly Blanck, Acquiring Editor, St. Martin’s Press

Just for Fun

 Deadline is MAY 30TH for the...Wow! Women on Writing Spring 2012 Flash Fiction Contest.

Word Count:
Maximum: 750, Minimum: 250 OPEN PROMPT! That’s right, this is your chance to shine, and get creative. You can write about anything, as long as it’s within the word count and fiction. So, dig out those stories you started way back when and tailor them to the word count.

Any style and genre. From horror to romance! So, get creative, and most of all, have fun.Entries limited to a maximum of 300 stories. Please enter early to ensure inclusion. The winner not only gets cash and goodies but an agent read! The guest agent judge is Regina Brooks, founder and President of Serendipity Literary Agency, LLC.

2012 Family Circle Fiction Contest. Contest begins March 1, 2012, and ends September 7, 2012. Entries must be postmarked on or before September 7, 2012, and received by September 14,2012.Submit an original (written by entrant), fiction short story of no more than 2,500 words. Entries must be unpublished and may not have won any prize or award. Cash prizes.

Enter the Guideposts Writers Workshop Contest! Deadline June 20.

"Win a week with us at the Guideposts Writers Workshop, all expenses paid! We’ll teach you everything we know about inspirational storytelling. Your story could end up in our magazine and on our websites. We’re looking for true, first-person stories, not sermons or essays. It can be your own story or something you’ve written for someone else. Study the magazine. Get a feel for our style. We’ll pick 12 of you for the Workshop in Port Orchard, Washington, October 15-19, 2012."

How to apply: Submit an original, unpublished, true, first-person story in 2,000 words or less, typewritten and double-spaced, about an experience that changed your life. Show how faithful living has made a difference. Or you can ghostwrite for someone else. Tell us about yourself and your writing experience.

That's go forth and contest!


  1. One of these contests looks like a definite one to enter. Another looks like a maybe. There's still time to decide.

    Coffee's on.


  2. I think I'm all contested out this year. We'll see, but I entered a total of 6 things in the last quarter. So far, I got the semi-final in Genesis on the one I entered there. Saturday I should know about 4 of them. But then, the littler contests seem to never meet their announcement deadlines, so who knows.

  3. Another great week has passed in Seekerville, YAY!!! LOL, love the flowers in the boot picture on this posting :)
    Please enter this reader in the surprise Seeker book package, sounds great!!
    Thanks for posting all the contest info and thanks to all the Seekers for sharing your bookshelves, what a blessing that was to see your collections!!
    I'm off to finish a book review, but I'm enjoying the chance to get to know you all :)
    Thanks for the coffee, Helen, blessings all around!!

  4. These are beautiful pictures. & these contests look tempting.


  5. Thanks, Janet. I got them from

    (very reasonable prices!!! aka cheap)

  6. Thanks for letting me know where you got them Tina.

  7. I'd also love to be entered in the surprise book package. I read a TON! And this blog is one of the most interesting that I read.

  8. Thanks, Tina. I appreciate all the work that goes into this!

    Reading the post gives me that contest rush. Must not succumb!

  9. Ok firstly lets see if blogger likes me today. after this morning (my time) and posting around 10 posts I am convinced it doesn't. (I tried other places too and same result).

    I have to say I LOVE the tulips. I just love tulips and have ordered 50 this year to plant (couldn't afford anymore if I wanted a few LI books too),

    good luck to all entering the contests.
    would love to enter the readers pack (but not sure how many books I dont have I just ordered Glynna, Camy and Ruthy's latests, Ruthy's being on preorder oh and Janet's)

  10. Hmmm...I hear that Guideposts contest calling my name!

  11. It's been a while since I've entered a contest. I'm going to check these out and find one that fits. Thanks for for the info!

  12. Thanks for the contest updates, Tina! Go forth and enter, Seekervillagers.

    Love the garden boots filled with tulips, spring eye candy. I want a pair to sit on my porch. So pretty! Would make a great Mother's Day gift, unless they're too pricy. Thanks for the link, Tina.

    Jenny, thank you for ordering Seeker books!


  13. Tina, thanks so much for putting all these contests together for us! :) One question, do all of them provide good feedback?

    I am intent on finishing my personal Speedbo (begun April 23rd) before I consider contesting anymore. :) If you can recommend ones that provide good feedback, I want to consider them. :)

    Thanks for all you do!

  14. Oh, I'm starting to love contests. They are so much fun. The Guideposts one looks really interesting.

    Thanks for all the great info!

  15. LOVE the tulips!

    Like Melissa, I'm contested out for a while.

    Two announce Saturday [total of 3 entries for me], another the 15th-ish [2 entries], Genesis finalists Memorial Day [isn't it, right around there?] and then Frazier June 1 [one entry].

    I doubt I'll enter any before October or so. I am working on edits to my Speedbo book. Gave my exceptionally rough draft to my BFF to read. She's catching lots of stuff [like hads] that I hopefully would have caught on my first read through but mostly I'm hoping she can see any plot holes - because I don't really see any and that scares me because usually my first drafts have plot holes big enough to drive the USS Enterprise through [or the Millennium Falcon - it is Star Wars Day...].

    Off to an eye appt with the 10yo...

  16. I don't need another contest. I need to complete my ms.

    I love contests but they can be an excuse for someone like me who puts off her writing.

    I met a lady last night at critique who has the same problem as me. Too many half-finished ms.

    Got to get busy.


  17. DAWN

    This is a great blog. Lot's of helpful information and fun people.

  18. I entered a ton of contests when I was unpublished and agentless. Not to win a certificate but to short-cut the slush pile and put my MS directly onto an editor's desk.

    Let's face it: they probably receive dozens of submissions every week. Contests close out when they get a certain number in each category, which improves your odds of getting through right off the bat.

    Even if you're targeting a publisher that still LOOKS at unagented material, it can take months to hear back. With a contest, there's a fixed deadline so you know you'll have an answer by that date. And if you're lucky enough to final, you'll get some feedback from a pro.

    If you're REALLY lucky, you'll land yourself a contract. I'm not a statistician, but I'm pretty sure these odds are much better than winning the Powerball :)

  19. Always a helpful list! I found one that's perfect for a friend who is looking for feedback on mainstream fiction.

    Thank you Tina.

  20. I love contest update days! The anticipation, the temptation, the commitment, the plunge!

    There are a few that look promising - I'll have to polish up my Speedbo project and get it out into the big world!

  21. I didn't know Jill Elizabeth Nelson had a Deep POV book! She is actually the person who explained Deep POV to me so that I finally "got it." I had entered The Healer's Apprentice in a contest, and she was one of my judges. She very kindly explained and SHOWED me how to change a few of my sentences to Deep POV. I was so grateful to her, because it was like the proverbial light bulb coming on in my head. I was so grateful to learn something that would strengthen my writing. I wrote her a personal thank you note. Thanks, Jill!!!

  22. Melanie, you just gave a terrific recommendation for Jill Elizabeth Nelson's Deep POV book!


  23. Hmm, a few of these contests might be right up my alley... thanks for the update!

    And the springy pictures make this post gorgeous!

  24. Thanks Tina for the great updates. Love how you keep us informed. smile

  25. I think I'm finally wrapping my head around the contest calendar, in part because I missed some key ones already this year. No tears. I'll be ready for next year.

    I've got a short short story that has finaled in an online writing contest, and I'm working on two other short stories, longer in length, for two other submissions. I was so bogged down in my wip that I wasn't writing at all. Writing shorts has helped to unshackle my head, and get back to writing, not only these stories but also my wip.

    Happy weekend, Seekerville!

  26. I SLEPT IN!!! Well I went to bed at two am.

    Good morning all you charming contestees and readers!!!

  27. Way to go, Patricia. Congratulations.

    Short Stories are my heart!!!

  28. Doesn't Jill's book look fabulous.

    She is one of our stellar guests lined up for our October Birthday party too!!

  29. The only contests I know of which does not provide feedback is the Golden Heart.

    Even the Maggies, which does not release scores gives you a separate written sheet of judge comments.

    YOU MUST ALWAYS REQUEST THE CONTEST SCORE SHEET FROM THE CONTEST BEFORE ENTERING.ALWAYS!! Then you can see what you are being scored on and what the feedback will be. Many have comment sections next to each question.


  30. Kara, you are always so cheerful. I love that about you@

  31. Great line-up, Tina. I may be up for one more contest. Seems Carol and I are butting heads (in the nicest way possible!) in several contests lately! *waves to Carol*

    Thanks for the gorgeous photos to cheer my day up, Tina. Started off with son having ANOTHER migraine (2nd in 3 days) and a leak in the basement! Geesh!

    I'd love to entered for any and all

    Have a great weekend!

    sbmason at sympatico dot ca

  32. This is the time on the road to publication we start watching for folks to sell so that you can move up in the contest diva line.

    We have quite a few here in Seekerville that are on the precipice of their first sale.

    Can't wait to party!!!

  33. Tulips and Seeker books!!! Way to go Jenny!!

  34. Thank you for posting these contests. They're another good motivation to keep working on the manuscript!

    childofprussia (at) gmail (dot) com

  35. BY THE WAY!!! Starbucks May 4-13. Half price Frappuccinos

    between 3 and 5 pm.

    Go get em!!! Do us proud!!!

    And there is a contest involved for all you camera aficionados!!

  36. Widsith!!! Long time no SEEE!! What's new in your contest world.

  37. Nancy C? Are you around today? You won something in Seekerville last weekend.

  38. Thanks for posting upcoming contests, Tina. Very pretty graphics today. That POV book looks awesome. Been looking for a good resource, and from comments above (thanks Melanie!) this must be the one to get.

    Glued at home today with my recovering Pomeranian baby doll. Major leg surgery on Wed after a freak accident. She came home yesterday evening and today she just wants to sleep in my arms. Good thing it's easy to edit with one hand while the other is holding 4 pounds of fur, lol. Anyway, that's why I've been in and out and very distracted here lately.

    Thanks for all yuns do for us unpub'eds.

  39. Awe, Lyndee!!! Prayers for pooch!!

  40. Everytime I think, YEAH! That's a cool Contest! I should enter that. I look at my stack of books, realize I need to reorder and just forget the whole thing!

  41. It's the whole post office thing I have issues with, Mary.

    I did some mailing Tuesday. I tried again on Thursday but all the afternoon Moms were in line and I basically quit and hoped for another day.

  42. Ooo, ooo, the manuscript critique. Mm, yes. I'd love feedback based on feedback from a contest. Does that make sense? :)

  43. I am frightened, Sally. You do make sense.

  44. Susan - [what do you go by, by the way?] I hope we keep butting heads - at least until one of us [soon! hopefully for both of us!] is no longer eligible ;).

    I already have a copy of the deep pov book but would love one of the other prizes :D.

  45. I didn't know Jill Nelsen had a book on writing out. I love that cover. Makes the rainy day outside my window not seem as gloomy. :)

    I'm trying to not focus on the fact that the finalists for the Genesis are being announced in a few weeks.


  46. Gorgeous flowers to brighten the day. Thank you. And thanks for the reminder :-)

    Patricia W -- congratulations on the short story final.

    Lyndee -- sorry about your Pom. Hope she heals quickly.

    Now to peruse the contest list ...

    Nancy C

  47. Go get 'em Nancy. No guts. No glory.

  48. I appreciate the notes Tina and Nancy, and so does Trinket, ;) Just convinced her that the little run we made for her in the kitchen is a good place to sleep too. She was my show dog, so it makes this injury even more difficult to process.

    I downloaded Jill's Deep POV book this morning. (Kindle is such a great tool). Using it as a carrot to encourage me. I'm nearly at the end of a line by line. Then to type in the changes, etc. Baby steps.

    Guilt is pricking my chest. My next hope for pitching and contests is less than 10,000 words in. I've never been this behind. God has a plan in this mess, somewhere! Praise to You, my Lord and Savior! Lord, I lift Your name on high!

  49. Carol, I'm with you. Hoping for results tomorrow and making round 2 of Genesis.
    Tina, I love the contest update. It's one of my favorite thinks abotu Seekerville. Sometimes in the judges I catch new agents (new to me) that I want to check out.
    Have a great weekend everyone!

  50. Awe, thanks, Nancy.

    Don't want to jinx anyone but what contests are announcing tomorrow??

  51. Good luck to all those who are going to write for the contest! I applaud your talents! It keeps readers like me reading! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't read your fantastic books! Keep on writing!

    Put me down for a "reader prize"!!

  52. Thanks Tina! I was not going to enter any contests this year, but now am having second thoughts. I SO appreciate your posting all this information for us--you're wonderful. ~ Hugs, Patti Jo :)

  53. @Lyndee, so sorry about your furry baby. Praying for a full recovery! Blessings, PJ

  54. Thanks for the prayers, CatMom.

    Re: Contests announcing tomorrow, I can't believe it's May already.

    Good luck on Genesis, Nancy.

  55. Seems I am late again to join the party. Been busy making carrot cake and and doing some Billy Banks exercising to counteract the cake and a few other things. At least there isn't a test today to fry my brain ending. But there are Lots and lots of contests.

    I may just have to give one (or two) of them a shot. We'll see.

  56. River City Romance Writers Duel on the Delta. That's the one I'm in (It's a new MS, so I'm extra anxious for the feedback.)
    I don't know about any of the others.

  57. Well, crossing toes and fingers for you.

  58. I've got one in Duel too, Nancy, though it's not a new one. We'll see how it does.

    The other one I'm in is Fool for Love - I have two in that one...

    Touched by Love is the 16th [another 2], Genesis Memorial Day or so, and June 1 is Frasier [1 entry].

    Not that I'm keeping track...

  59. You're too funny, Carol. I deliberately forget any dates when I have something in a contest. That way I don't obsess about it. Obsessing just distracts me from what I'm working on.

    At the moment I could use some distraction though. Husband just informed me that when DD1 got home sometime around 1 last night, there was a raccoon on the fire escape outside my kitchen window. They've been really destructive around here (not what you expect IN NYC) and have killed a few pets. *shudder*

    I think I'm off to make a cup of Half Caff and do some writing to distract me.

  60. ooh!!! lots of contest announcements coming up!!

    Racoons are big! Here I saw one standing that I thought was a person. Near a trash can!

  61. Hello Seekerville gals, I see you have another wonderful bunch of contest to "Show your stuff". I love to read what all the authors that I read are doing and you sure tell it like it is here...
    would love to be entered to win that big pkg-you are too generous.
    thanks for letting a reader hobnob with you for a little bit.
    Paula O(

  62. Paula, always glad to pull up a chair and a cuppa for a reader!!

  63. Fingers crossed for all you contest entrants.

    Nancy C

  64. TINA,thanks for your tips on requesting contest feedback! Not having entered many yet, I didn't know that. :) You ladies are so knowledgeable!

    Best of luck to those of you in the midst of receiving contest results! I hope your news is good! And if it's not what you hoped for, may your feedback be productive. :)

  65. Thanks Tina and everyone.
    Carol you crack me up. =)

  66. I love when you post contest updates.Thanks for finding them for us!
    Jackie L.

  67. I'd love to enter these giveaways...thank you, Seekerville, for being such a staple writing blog!

  68. I'd like to - No, I need to win Jill's book on deep POV. I suffer from writing shallow POVitis.