Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend Edition

Welcome to our Memorial Day Salute!

Iwo Jima Memorial

"Formerly known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day originated after the American Civil War to commemorate the fallen Union soldiers of the Civil War. By the 20th century Memorial Day had been extended to honor all Americans who have died in all wars. Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who died while serving in
 the United States Armed Forces"-Wikipedia

We Have Winners

Prize winners should contact us through our Seekerville email address. 

Claim your Speedbo prizes before the Speedbo police come to find you!

Thanks for sharing your tea thoughts with us last weekend. Winner of a surprise tea package is A.J.

Seekerville friend, Ann Lee Miller shared "What Everyone Needs To Know About Self-Publishing."  Ann gifted every commenter who requested they'd like one, a free e-copy of her debut release,  Kicking Eternity. Check out the post to find out how to get your copy.

 Love Inspired author Tina Radcliffe took you on Publishing Road Trip today. We have winners: Rivet Your Readers With Deep POV (Kindle) goes to Jeanne T, a five page critique goes to Tina Pinson, a ten page critique goes to Julie Hilton Steele. Winner of a surprise box of books is Sally Bradley. And the amazing map of Kansas (with a surprise of course) goes to Melissa Jagears.

 Thomas Nelson author Cara Lynn James blogged about ''Setting'' on Thursday. Winner of an Advanced Reader Copy of A Path toward Love, a Gilded Age romance that will be released in August is Lyndee.

Friday  Seekerville welcomed back FaithWords author, Carla Stewart with "Launching Your Novel: Five keys to a fun and successful book release party." The winner  of Stardust, her latest release, along with two authentic Southern pecan pralines from East Texas is Miriam.

Next Week in Seekerville

Monday: Seekerville is closed to honor the Memorial Day Holiday.

Tuesday: Rose Ross Zediker stops by to review her 2012 writing goals at mid-year. Rose will be giving away five copies, one for each month that’s passed in 2012, of Job's Tears, the second book in Rose's Heartsong Presents series.

Wednesday: Seekerville is delighted to welcome back Sarah Ladd who recently sold to Thomas Nelson. Her post is "Author Facebook Pages... What Every Author Needs to Know" Seekerville will be giving away a $10.00 Amazon gift card to celebrate her visit.

Thursday: Revell author Lorna Seilstad stops by today to teach us how to use "The Five Love Languages to Make Your Reader Fall in Love with Your Hero." Lorna is giving away a copy of  her latest release, The Ride of Her Life.

Friday: Time for the June Contest Update. The prize vault will be open so don't miss it.

Seeker Sightings

 As always we encourage our Friends of Seekerville to share YOUR sightings, milestones and links to YOUR events or news with us in the Weekend Edition.

Ruth Logan Herne will be signing her books on Saturday, May 26th at both Alpha and Omega Stores in the Rochester area.

 For a $5 donation, you can pick ANY RUTHY BOOK (regular or large print) from the Ruthy-basket (she is NOT bringing the cat dish) and Ruthy will sign the book, feed you cookies and talk your ear off! Such a deal! She will have some out-of-print books in the basket at BOTH LOCATIONS....  Greece, New York in the Stoneridge Plaza from 10-12 morning... (Near Toys R Us, it's a very busy plaza and the store is tucked cozily into a corner) and from 2-4 at the Alpha and Omega in Panorama Plaza in Penfield New York! Proceeds to benefit the Open Door Mission a  Christian Rescue Mission to benefit impoverished and homeless men, women and children in the Rochester, NY area.

This year Seekerville won't be at BEA so we're supporting Armchair BEA Central.

Stop by to find out how you can win a Kindle stocked with Seeker books. Want to know more about BEA? Check out the BEA page here for event info and live streaming updates.


 Congratulations to Debby Giusti who placed in the Winter Rose Contest. The Officer's Secret placed second in the Inspirational category, and The Captain's Mission placed third!

More good news! The Captain's Mission is a Daphne finalist in the inspirational category!

Seekerville's gift array includes a Keurig single-cup beverage brewer, a variety of K-cups, Godiva chocolates, an expandable recipe album already stocked with the Seekers' favorite recipes, and a whole library full of romantic fiction penned by Seekers Mary Connealy, Janet Dean, Debby Giusti, Audra Harders, Ruth Logan Herne, Pam Hillman, Cara Lynn James, Myra Johnson, Glynna Kaye, Sandra Leesmith, Julie Lessman, Tina Radcliffe, and Missy Tippens.

Random News & Information

How To Promote on Pinterest (Julie's Journal)

Correcting last week's item about Harlequin's reorganization of its digital and physical marketing departments into a single unit, Natashya Wilson has been named executive editor of the company's non-fiction imprint, while Deb Brody moves up to director of Harlequin's non-fiction imprint.(Publishers Lunch)

On Self-Publishing and Having A Chip on One's Shoulder (Nathan Bransford)

 Don't Let The Writing Life Kill You (GalleyCat)

What is a Minor Character: Understanding the Minor Characters’ Role by Orson Scott Card (Writer's Digest)

Book Marketing: Why I Gave Up Trying to Build a Big Social Media Following (The Creative Penn)

Author Q & A on Self-Publishing (Adventures in Agentland)

Why Indies Matter (Indie Bound) 

How To Share Books and eBooks With Our Troops (GalleyCat)

Check out this shot of Seeker Glynna Kaye. Glynna  was the featured speaker at her local RWA chapter, NARWA, providing handouts and ideas for jump starting your novel.

More good news!

Seekerville is delighted to congratulate,
Friend of Seekerville, Jessica Keller
on her first sale!

Jessica sold to Love Inspired.  
Home for Good is a February 2013 release. 

This just in! Live First Photo from Ruthy's Booksigning Events!


  1. Jessica, congratulations on the wonderful news!!!

    I've been absent from Seekerville this week. Boy, did I miss a lot.

  2. Thanks for another great WE, Tina--and CONGRATS to all the winners! (also CONGRATS to Jessica K. on her first sale!!). ~ I hope everyone has a safe, happy Memorial Day holiday, and may we all remember those who have served (and are serving) our great country. God Bless America!!! ~ Hugs, Patti Jo

  3. So you think you deserve a day off huh?
    Yes, you do. You left us plenty of random news to read though .
    Congratulations to Jessica Keller and to all the winners.
    Oh how I wish I could go to Ruthy's book signing, and get my ear talked off.
    What a super idea for next week, the Five Love Languages! Can't wait.

    Hoping everyone has a meaningful Memorial Day.

  4. With Memorial Day coming up, I would like to point out that Debby Giusti's The Colonel's Daughter is available for pre-order.

  5. Way to go Jessica. cant wait to hear more (if you want a blog to be one to promote the book just let me know).

    A public holiday would be lovely but guess we get one in 2 more weeks.

  6. Congrats, Jessica!!

    And yay!! So excited for my Kansas map to come!!! And the SURPRISE!

    This is the week, my hubby hides in the church nursery--he hates standing up to be recognized as a veteran, especially on Memorial day because he's not dead--which I'm quite thankful for--but they tend to ask vets to stand in church services on both holidays.

    I've thought of revolving a story around the idea of the 5 love languages, so looking forward to Thursday.

  7. Jessica! Sooo happy for you! That is exciting news.

    Congratulations to all the winners this week. And, Seekers, thank you for the e-book on Riveting Your Readers. I'm so grateful for all you offer.

    It's very late for this "early-to-bed" girl, so I'll sign off. Looking forward to checking out links tomorrow. :)

  8. Congratulations, Jessica!

    And congrats to all this week's winners!

    Have a happy and safe Memorial day weekend.

  9. JESSICA!!!!!!!!

    Congratulations. I'm so happy for you!

  10. Thanks, Tina, for another great Weekend Edition!

    God bless the soldiers who have served or are serving this great country! Hope your hubby will come out of hiding, Melissa. We like to show appreciation to our vets.

    I love seeing the American flags dotting cemeteries, denoting those who served. One of those flags helped us find my husband's Civil War soldier (not sure how many greats) grandfather.

    When I was a kid Sunday of Decoration Day, my family gathered at Dog Island cemetery to decorate our grandparents' graves. Dog Island is an odd name for a cemetery, but it's the high spot in river bottom country where dogs gathered when the river flooded. The original name might've been Zion, but no one calls it that.

    I find cemeteries fascinating and poignant. So many stories are hinted at in the headstones.

    Jessica, huge congrats on your sale to LI!!!

    Have fun at your book signing, Ruthy!

    Debby, congrats on two finals!!!


  11. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Our kids and grandkids are coming. YAY!!!!


  12. Good morning Seekerville! Thank you for another great weekend edition, Tina!

    And congratulations Jessica -- welcome to the Love Inspired family!

    Don't know what the weather is like in other parts of the country, but it's windy and cold in the mountains of Arizona--will be in the mid-20's tonight! Brrrr.

  13. Congratulations, Jessica. Can't wait to see your author page when you get one! ;-) Putting you on Pre-Pre-order!

    Walt, thanks for mentioning Debby's book being available for preorder.

    Melissa J, I have been reminding people of the difference myself. My uncle died in WWII. But my cousin and friends are here thankfully. Thanks him for his service as he changes the diapers.

    Finally, thanks for the 10 page critique. Better get cracking on the next few pages! So excited.

    Peace, Julie

  14. Congratulations, Jessica! You must be a Cloud 99!

    Tina, another great WE. Thank you for all the work you do at Seekerville.

    Janet, I'm also fascinated my cemeteries, too. In fact, I wrote a paper on colonial cemeteries when I was in college. I never analyzed why I'm interested and I probably won't!

  15. Yay, Jessica!!!! So excited for you, friend.

  16. I was a morse code intercept operator in the Army. Never could hit the target with my M16.

    So I am especially grateful for the infantry who saw real war. God Bless them for defending my right to read my Bible.

  17. Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! May we always remember the brave men and women who fought to free our land and continue to protect us from harm.

    Thank you, Tina.

    Thank you, Cara.

    Thank you, US Military!!!!

  18. Jessica!!! Congratulations, sweetstuff and hats off to a long, prosperous career!!


    Tell us about the book!!

  19. Congrats, Jessica,

    That's wonderful.

    Nice WE Miss T

    Do you get to use that morsevcode much? You defended your country too. Thank you.

    And thanks for the critique I've been working on some erotica. ;+)

    Tina P

  20. Wow. Tina. Thank you for your service. Yes, you count!

    Peace, Julie

  21. di dah is Alpha

    I use it all the time. Are you kidding me?

    I save a fortune on text messaging charges.

  22. Erotica..oooh, you are in rare form today. Go take your pills.

  23. Thank you for celebrating with me everyone! It's been an exciting couple weeks. My editor just asked me to write the dear reader letter and my jaw hit the ground. Wait? I'll have readers to write a letter to? Craziness.

    BTW, Tina those cupcakes look wonderful! And even better, the virtul ones cost no calories!

    AusJenny - I'd love to be on your blog when the time comes! I'll write you down on my list. It's not until early next year, but I'll for sure get in contact with you then.

  24. JESSICA! Tell us about your upcoming book! Who is your editor?

  25. LOL, Jessica, until you hold that debut in your hands, I understand how surreal all this feels.

    Cara, our interest in cemeteries says nothing icky about us. We're not morbid. We're fascinated by history. You can learn a lot about what life was like back then.

    And now.

    Oh, my goodness. In the cemetery with the Dean side is a headstone with a real parking meter on each side. I walked up to get a closer look. The meters were Expired. LOL


  26. Congrats, Jessica - and GREAT WE, Tina! Looking forward to next week.

  27. A BIG thank you to all of you who have served or supported those who served our country!

    Looks like it's gonna be a hot one here today. Upper 90s and just found out we have to pick hay bales out of the field in about an hour. In the last week and a half, we've hauled over 600 bales. Who needs a gym when you can load a hay trailer? I'm packin' a cooler with popsicles. Anybody wanna work out with me?

    I got up early to work on edits, and I'm glad I did since all other plans have now been scrapped. Kind of sorry I have to leave my edits and not just because it's cooler than hauling hay. The editor's smiley face comments in the margins about things she likes are so much fun. Their sweetmess makes the duh-can't-believe-I-missed-that highlighted mistakes easier to take. (sigh) Putting it away for awhile to go do some grunt work.

    Glad I'm not the only oddball who likes cemteries. I think they're full of story and name ideas... Does that make me even weirder? Don't answer that.

    So excited for you, Jessica! Have fun with the Reader Letter. I think I wrote/rewrote mine 10 times. It might have been harder than the book itself. Go figure.

    Congratulations, winners! Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe, restful holiday weekend. Happy Memorial Day!

  28. CLARI -- Loading hay in 90 degree weather? UGH. Been there, done that in my high school/college days. Horses have to eat, too, right? Weirdly enough, even though it was hard work, me and my cousins still managed to have fun doing it--and probaby, as I recall, topped the day off with a trip to Dairy Queen!

  29. I'm inside but will be saluting you and your hay, Clari.

    Ah, the blessings of A/C.

  30. Never let us forget those who gave all. God bless them!

    Clari, hauling hay in the 90s sounds like pure torture. I've done it, but usually drove the truck. I stacked a few times, but wasn't strong enough to toss the bales up onto the trailer, not while it was moving anyway.

    I do remember working cows on the July 4th a couple years ago. Dh is notorious for scheduling stuff like that on holidays. It was BRUTAL, and there was no shade at that particular catch pen. I think that was the closest I ever came to heat stroke.

    Dh rode his bycicle this morning before it got too hot. Drat it, so sorry I missed that trip. ;-\

  31. Great WE, Tina!

    Congrats, Jessica!! Woo hoo!

    Tina, thanks for that link to the Orson Scott Card article. He's my son's favorite author. I think my son has read everyone one of his books about three times. :)

  32. Man, I can handle the pics of cupcakes now, with all the behavioral therapy. But STOP POSTING PICTURES of Ruthy's book signings!

    That's just mean.

    Anwyay, congrats to winners and can't wait to check out all these greats links!

  33. YAY JESSICA!!!!!!!

    It seems we're having an outbreak of first sales among the friends of Seekerville this year - what a great place to celebrate!

    We're cool and rainy today, but Monday is supposed to be beautiful - partly cloudy and highs in the low-70's.

    Glynna? The mid-20's? I hope you haven't turned your furnace off yet!

    Have a great holiday weekend, everybody!

  34. Congratulations Jessica! So happy for you!

    Janet and Cara I feel the same way about cemeteries. When we are out driving and pass an old cemetery on the side of the road I want to pull over just to walk around and read the headstones. gives me the same creative sensation. So many stories waiting to be told if only someone would stop and listen.

  35. Great to celebrate Memorial Day weekend with the Seekers and friends.

    And how lovely to have more good news to celebrate! CONGRATULATIONS, Jessica. Your story sounds wonderful.

    Hope the booksigning goes well, Ruthy!

  36. The hay is in the barn! And we were able to get more than we thought because God blessed by having the people we bought from take pity on us and help haul. (Our guys are gone this weekend.) Found out they're Christians and the oldest son is using the hay money to fund his mission trip to Romania next month! This was totally a God-given opportunity because a man I'd never met stopped in the driveway this morning to ask if we needed hay. I said yes (answer to prayer) and we met a totally neat family! God blesses even in the grunt work like putting hay in the barn for the horses! :-) And now I'll head to the shower so I don't stink up Seekerville!

  37. Ugh, Hauling hay in 90 degree weather - that's a lot Clari. I helped my uncle do it once and that was enough. We're supposed to hit close to 100 here tomorrow. Yuck-o-la.

    Glynna - I'm working with Melissa Endlich, and can I just say, she's amazing! So kind and always available. Here's quick blurb about my book since you asked ;)

    Ali Silver wants to raise her son on the family ranch in Bitterroot Valley and bring hope to handicapped children through her therapeutic horseback riding program. But her well-ordered life takes an unexpected turn when Jericho Freed, the husband who deserted her eight years ago, returns to town. Ali can’t decide if it’s the request Jericho makes or the attraction she still feels for him that terrifies her more. When she finds herself—and all she holds dear—in peril, can she depend on the God she feels doesn’t care and the man who once let her down? Or will bitterness choke out any hope of a second chance?

  38. A huge congratulations to Jessica Keller, and to Debby Giusti, and also to all last week's winners! What a week!! I've been dashing in and back out for quick reads.

    Thanks for all the news, updates and links today, Tina. Hope you and all the Seekers are having a good Memorial Day weekend.

  39. Congratulations, Jessica! That's wonderful news!!!

    Congrats to Debby with her strong showing in the contest.

    Congrats to all the winners this week.

    And Yay for Ruthy! Wish we could all crash your book signing and mob the store with chatty author-types. :)

  40. JAN--there probably isn't a month out of the year that the heat doesn't kick on here at least a few times. Very few homes in the Arizona high country have air-conditioning and there are only a couple of weeks right before the monsoon season starts in July that you think "hmm, might be nice to have a little AC." Usually it's just open a window or open a window and let a fan pull the cooler air in.

    CLARI - Glad your chores are done for the day and you can relax a little this evening! Amazing how God works weaves in those "connections" when we least expect them.

    JESSICA -- Now I'm intrigued as to what request Ali's ex-husband has made! Can't wait to read it!! Melissa's my editor, too, and she's WONDERFUL!

  41. Thank you, Teenster, for another great WE honoring our military -- where would we be without them!!???

    Happy Memorial Weekend, all and SUPER CONGRATS to Jessica on her first sale -- WAY TO GO, JESS!!!

    SUPER-DUPER CONGRATS to our own Deb Giusti for a double finaling -- YOU GO, GIRL!!

    AND WHOO-HOO for all the Seeker winners -- YOU ROCK!!

    I hear the word "Pinterest" and I get cold chills because the last thing I thought I needed was nother social media to keep up with, but GREAT ARTICLE, Teenster -- I'm going to print it off and consider joining!!


  42. Congrats to all of the winners for this week!

    Huge congrats to Jessica!

    Special congrats to Debby (almost a neighbor) for your finals!

    And a heartfelt thank you to all of the men and women in the military who stand guard, defending our freedom 24/7!

  43. YAAAAYYYYYYYYY Jessica. Congratulations.

    That first sale is so special. Have fun with it. And keep writing the next one.

  44. Congrats to Debby for all those contest placements.

    The Daphne is huge. Great going girlfriend.

    Ruthy, hope your booksignings went well. Looks like you were set up for having fun.

  45. Clari, we were in the triple digits last week and will be again next. It did cool down nicely for the weekend though. Thankfully.

    Hang in there and drink lots of water.

  46. Congrats Jessica! Looking forward to reading your book and hope you'll sign my copy in person!

    Yay for Debby - Talk abt doubling down!

    I'm thrilled to be the winner of Cara's book. Thank you, Cara, and Seekerville, and I can't wait to be one of the first to read it!

    Ruthy, your signing was about three weeks too early for me! I think I'll be in your neck of the woods June 20-something. I'll ck your page to see if you're signing that week.

    And thanks, Tina, for your wonderful weekend wrap-up!

    God Bless America and those who sacrificed for freedom.

  47. I know, it's late Sunday afternoon,but this is the first chance I've had this weekend to stop back here.

    JESSICA, your book sounds great. :)

    Tina, great WE. Read some of the links. Helpful info. Thanks so much!

  48. Congrats to the winners and finalists and etc. ;)

    And big huge monster thanks to the service men and women - past, present and future - for protecting us.

    Just found out DH's best friend will be deploying to Afghanistan next month :(. He was active duty Marines on 9/11 [stationed at MCRD in San Diego] and hasn't deployed since then [though he left the Marines a few years ago - a mutual decision - and is now a dental hygenist in the Army reserves - so I'm not quite sure what he'll actually be doing while there...]. Any prayers for Ivan [and Liz/their 2 kids] would be much appreciated.

    Um... anyway -

    Jess's book is soooooooooooooo fabulous! Y'all will LOVE it!!!!! I did!!!!!! And I really can't wait to read the final version of it!!!!

    I bet no one around here is biting their nails or jumping every time the phone rings tomorrow. Just me? Really?


    Time for pizza!

  49. Hooray for Jessica! Thanks for posting the blurb ... Looking forward to reading it.

    Yahooooo for Debby! What an achievement.

    And congrats to all the winners.

    Thanks for posting the pic from Ruthy's book signing. Hope it was great fun for all involved.

    Very good links in the weekend edition, too. Especially appreciate the one for The Creative Penn ... Very interesting.

    Have a safe holiday everyone.

    Nancy C

  50. Have a blessed Memorial Day weekend everyone. Thanks to all who have served both past and present. So many take for granted the freedoms that they have served to protect. And that's a terrible thing.

    My son is currently serving his second tour in Afghanistan. I'm so proud of him. He's coming home on R&R next weekend before heading back to finish out this tour. Can't wait to see him!

    God bless all!

    Carol N.

  51. CAROL N -- praying for safety for your son. Although I know the time will go much too fast, I hope you have a wonderful visit while he's home.

    CAROL M -- praying for your husband's best friend and his deployment, too.

    Scott, the son of long-time friends, is in Afghanistan now. Seems like only yesterday he was a toddler and now he's a grown man, husband & brand new father who is serving his country. May God keep them all safe.

  52. What is going on tomorrow, Carol??

  53. Carol N,so thrilled for you that your son is on his way home soon@@

  54. Thank you, Debby! I know they appreciate it :).

    They're announcing Genesis finalists tomorrow, Tina. I may not have any nails left by the time the day's over... ;)

  55. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!!!!

    The Genesis Finalists. How exciting.

  56. JESSICA!!! I was missing this weekend, but huge congrats on your news, so totally happy dancing in the streets of upstate New York, chickie-chickie baby!!!!


    Grinning. Delighted. So happy!!!!!

  57. Clari, what a God moment! I love when the Holy Spirit, righteous and hard-working Dude that he is, nudges people to help... to show up... to stop by...

    And thank you for not stinking up Seekerville!!!!

    Haying is tough, hot work. And it's almost always Hot, Hot, Hot, Thunderstorm brewing hot. I'm prickly, thinking of it! Bless you, pretty author!

    Oh, the things we do in our not-so-ivory towers!!!!

    And Jess will have READERS!!!! Laughing, because readers are SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

    Oy, you will love this. Prepare for the roller coaster!!!


  58. Genesis finalists... Really????

    Oh, bless you all.

    I hope every phone rings. I pray every phone rings.



    And I thank all of you who served in the Armed Forces and especially thank those who died for our freedom and protection.

    My uncle was a marine who died on Iwo Jima during WWII.

    Anybody on the road traveling home, I'm saying prayers for safety on our highways. Hopefully all are driving sober.

    Have a blessed day.

  60. Ooops I just reread this. What I meant was hopefully all the other drivers are driving sober.

    Well you know what I mean. LOL

  61. Congratulations, Jessica on your sale to LI!

  62. Me?? Really? Me?
    Wow!Info- mddavix127{at}ymail (dot) com SMILE :)
    I'm amazed!How exciting! Thank you!

    Congratulations to all the others!!

    Thank you, Carla!

  63. Dear Seekers, I just got a heavy box from Mary Connealy in the mail and thought, "What on earth?"

    Opened it up, saw a ton of books, and didn't have a clue why! So I checked and realized I'd won a box of books! Wow! Thank you all. Thanks for mailing them, Mary.

    So very surprised. :)