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Welcome Guest Mona Hodgson

Dr. Quinn Time: What I’m Learning About Dedication

 By Mona Hodgson
Hi Seekerville! Thanks for the invitation. It’s great to be here porch-sitting with you again. Any Dr. Quinn fans in our midst?

Remaining true to our annual tradition, the summer of 1996, my friend Shirley and I loaded the back of my Jeep and headed to a cabin in Northern Arizona. I would write and she would work on her music. That year, however, we encountered a big problem. No, it wasn’t a bear on the trail, the squirrels in the attic, the midnight mice, or a skunk on the porch.                      

Our two-day getaway to the cabin swallowed a Saturday. Saturday night was DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN night, and the modest cabin didn’t allow for TV viewing.

Don’t get me wrong—Shirley and I are all about retreating from noise, the hectic pace of small town life, and breathing in the pine-scented tranquility the mountains offer, but miss viewing Dr. Quinn (Jane Seymour) and Sully (Joe Lando) in “real time?” No way! 

We had to find a place with good television reception. The nearest town was about thirty miles away. Never mind that we’d be driving back to the cabin in the dark, in the land of roaming bears and deer and elk.

This was before televisions lined the walls of most eateries. Where, oh where, could we go to catch up with the unstoppable Dr. Michaela “Mike” Quinn and mountain man Bryon Sully?  Department stores that sold televisions? Sports bars? Uh, not the kind of shows they broadcast.

Ah ha! Hospital rooms have televisions. Yep. Off we went to the hospital to search for an empty room with a TV. With no time to spare, we settled into the outpatient waiting room, and were swept away into historic Colorado Springs with the beloved cast of DR. QUINN, MEDICINE WOMAN.

Who goes to all that trouble, leaves the comfort of a cabin getaway for a TV show?
Someone who is dedicated. Whether  it is time, energy, or finances, we are willing to invest in those things about which we are most passionate.
Writing. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, how would you rate your passion for writing?
You want to write article, children’s book, or novel. But it’s almost as if life pitches a tent on top of your literary creativity and sets up camp.
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You would write more, if life didn’t get in the way. I hear you.
Many of us work at home with life spinning all around us. Others of us also work outside the home. Family-life rides tandem with our dream of building a career as an author. Due to health issues, my hubby retired seven years ago and is, for the most part, a stay-at-home man. I travel regularly to speak at schools, conferences, and women’s retreats. My only grandchild in the United States lives only an hour away. I am a caregiver for my mother, a victim of Alzheimer’s Disease, and her ailing husband. And so on. Your own list of responsibilities is compelling and long.  Is writing one of them? It is, for me.
So how do I set aside blocks of time for the writing process?

Drum roll please!
I don’t give away time unnecessarily and I don’t discount the all important wedges of time.

I’d been under the impression that I couldn’t write a novel with distraction; that I needed big chunks of solitude in order to complete a full-length story worth publishing. Such expectations set us up for procrastination.

Time is an issue, no doubt about it. You and I are both pulled in a myriad of directions, and that can take place all within a five minute period. We face many opportunities to serve others, the church, the community, the world. All of them good causes. Some of them even great. So how do we choose?

Warning: here comes the dreaded “P” word. Priorities take precedence over any number of time-munchers. We will make time for those activities we consider most important. Where did writing land on your scale of 1 to 10?

Can someone else send out the flyers for the food bank? Serve on the Valentine’s banquet committee? Host the weekly Bible study? Manage the mailing list for your quarterly e-Newsletter? Dot. Dot. Dot. Next time you get a phone call, an email, or a text asking you to do this or that, stop and think. Think about your motivation for saying yes. Then think about saying no if the activity wouldn’t be the best use of your time.

Time Wedges  
I do have a “work” schedule. One I refer to as “fluid.” Yesterday, I edited this blog post while Sophie shampooed and rolled my mom’s hair. After sitting beside Mom at the hair dryer, I took her to lunch then helped her switch out her purse to a small sling-style bag. That was the best use of my time. I also frequently find myself in hospital rooms and doctor’s waiting rooms. I have learned to savor all the bits and blocks of writing time I have and I’m figuring out how to draw the best out of them.

Writing on the Go 
1) I know when I need to go somewhere else to write. A place with white noise works well for me these days. McDonalds. Starbucks. When I crave a quieter atmosphere, the library wins.
2) I carry writing work with me. My motto: Have tote bag, file folder, AlphaSmart and/or laptop—will travel. I keep my tote stocked with index cards, extra batteries for my AlphaSmart, a notepad, and a nut bar. Depending upon what I’m working on and what stage I’m at in the project, I might add research material I want to read or organize, character sketches I need to fill in, a hard copy proposal or chapters I want to edit.

Writing in a Pinch
I’m prepared to fill those wedges of writing time with activities that don’t necessarily require big blocks of uninterrupted minutes or hours. Research, outlining, character interviews, proposal components, editing scenes or chapters, drafting a query letter, studying possible markets, etc. can all be done more readily in snippets of time, which leaves any blocks open for storytelling.

Writing Settled In By tending to some of the pre-writing and the business side of writing on the go or in the pinches of time, I’m better prepared to sit down at the keyboard and get to the writing that requires a more concentrated chunk of time. Also, having those smaller tasks out of the way or at least lined up for writing on the go or writing in a pinch, I’m in a better frame of mind to leap back into my story.
There you have it—a few my secrets.

Happy writing! Oh, and happy reading. J

It was a dreary day when DR. QUINN: MEDICINE WOMAN was cancelled. But fast forward to 2012. I’m still fascinated with the role of female physicians in the 1800’s, so it’s no wonder then that Colorado doctor, Susan Anderson known as Doc Susie, serves as my “real life” character in The Bride Wore Blue, Book Three in The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series.

MONA HODGSON is the author of Two Brides Too Many, Too Rich for a Bride, The Bride Wore Blue, and Twice a Bride (October 2012), all four books in The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series (WaterBrook Multnomah). You can learn more about Mona and her books at and connect with her on Facebook at!/Author.Mona


  1. I am just cracking up that you went to a hospital waiting room to watch a TV show. Ingenious and just hilarious.

    Great, great post, as well!

    Terrific to have you here, Mona!!

    Love your cover btw!!

  2. Why oh why does life have to get in the way... Oh yeah, priorities.

    I'm with Tina R. Sitting in a hospital to watch Dr. Quinn is a novel idea. Oh the things we had to do without.
    And I suppose even if there was anyone in there, no one would know if you weren't there to see someone.

    thanks for the post, Mona.

  3. Mona, what a stitch, searching out a hospital room, but I get it and love your ingenuity! Thanks so much for your post.

    I've been absent here lately, and over on the FB 1k1hr page, because I've planted myself at the library for the past week. I've decided that I'm either going to get real serious about this, or I'm going to get a 'real' job.

    The change in venue has been a genius move for me, production-wise. And, like you, I've tapped my ingenuity (and my need to feed my gypsy spirit) by mapping out all the local libraries and selecting a different one every day! I know, sounds nuts, but we gotta do what we gotta do, and I'm enjoying the daily change in scenery.

  4. Hi, Mona!
    Was working on a heavily procrastinated synopsis when I zipped over to read your post. Wonderful! Life has been pushing and shoving my writing into a corner for a short while now. I love your plan for utilizing small snippets of time and intend to use it. Thanks for the post! Lovely cover. :)

  5. Good for you, Lyndee and Natalie!!! Go get 'em!!!!

  6. Did anyone ask if you needed help at the hospital?

    I loved Dr Quinn in fact we have reruns here at present. Have to admire those early Female Doctors, it sure took along time for them to be accepted.

  7. Hi Mona,

    Excellent points! You asked us to rate our passion for writing, I'll say it's an 8, because I always feel there's room for improvement.

    Being a writer with a full time job, I know how to prioritize my writing time, without giving up too much social life (although I've never been REALLY social anyway).

  8. Mona, we could be friends.

    I do not say this lightly.

    I love the multi-taskers of life.


    Good job, great post, and yes... Dr. Quinn.... What a hunka, hunka burnin' love.


    Jane Seymour was in that, too?????

  9. Lyndee... that rocks. You know that, right?

    Go ye forth and write.

    Was that in the Bible?????

    Snippets of time. Natalie, that could be a book.

  10. Wait, Jenny's here....

    Did you see Once Upon a Time????

    I must know, but I don't want to be rude to Mona who is an absolute cutie...

    (tell me quietly, Jenny... When you wake up. ;) Did you LOVE it??? Or am I a crazy American????)

  11. Good morning! Wow, this post really speaks to me this morning, as I got up early to start a new habit of writing before work! I recently started a new job that allows me to go in an hour later, so I decided to use that extra hour not to sleep but dive into my writing. The next three weeks will tell, because doesn't it take an hour to establish a new habit? :)

    I'd say my writing priority is about a 7, and I'm trying to bring it higher.

    Have a beautiful Friday, everyone!


    Love, love, LOVED Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman because, YES, I was fanatical about that show as well and, in fact, it made the experience of living/sleeping/eating amid sawdust, studs (not the sexy kind) and bugs a memory I will never forget. My husband and I were building a lake house (okay, he actually built it and I watched, but I did paint all the doors -- all 18 of them!!), so we would spend weekends there with two toddlers. With no screens or windows for a while and the restroom in the woods, trust me, the most pleasant thing was hunkering down on our bed (yes, we did have a bed) watching Michaela Quinn and (sigh) Sully. Thanks for the memories, Mona, and your book sounds wonderful!!


  13. Hi Mona,
    Thanks for stopping by today. I often write in "wedges" myself. It's good to hear somebody else does also.

    The cover of your book is beautiful. It sounds like a great story.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Jackie L.

  14. Love your book cover.
    And Two Brides Too Many is a wonderful title. I'd buy it just because of that.

    You, like several other Seekers, have mentioned AlphaSmart. I'm going to have to invest in one those.


  15. Mona, wow! You are a dedicated woman, finding the perfect place to watch Dr. Quinn. :) Loved that story. :)

    Also loved the tips. I'm trying like crazy to finish a rough draft before the kids get out of school for the summer. I have one week and at least 10 chapters left. Sigh. I've said no to some things, but other things like helping with special end of year activities in my kids' classroom have drawn me out of my writing cave. They're only this age once.

    I've said no to a number of things to open up more time for writing. Still figuring out if there's more I need to cut to open up more time. :) Anyway, LOVED your suggestions for making the most of the snippets of time each day can hold. I especially liked your suggestion of lining up/taking care of those pre-writing activities when you're out and about so when you have time to write, you write.

    MELISSA J--maybe we'll get to write together in the mornings sometimes.

  16. Welcome to Seekerville, Mona!! Great tips on how to squeeze in writing time. You not only prioritize, you're prepared to use every snippet of time you have to work.

    Obviously all those episodes of Dr. Quinn stirred your creative juices. Congratulations on your books! The Bride Wore Blue looks terrific!


  17. Great tips, Mona. I love that your dedicated writing time is 'fluid.' Mine is too, and that helps me deal with some of the frustration of not being able to have a set time.

    I love that you sacrificed to watch Dr. Quinn. I loved that show, too.

  18. I watched Dr. Quinn. Don't know if I would have gone that far.

    Now, if it was NCIS... ;)

    I do have an AlphaSmart but never use it. I have my netbook with me almost always though. I use it all the time at doc's offices or in the pick up line at preschool or what-have-you. I've also been known to type on the notepad app on my iPhone and email it to myself. Or use DragonDictation if I'm driving and email it to myself.

    I need to be better about saying no - in fact, I'm going to have to turn a 'probably' into a 'no' for one of my neighbors. She'd asked if I could just pick up her son from summer school and drop him at their house, but it's right in the middle of what will be my kidless "I'm WORKING at home" time. I haven't actually committed yet, and I'm happy to pick up her other son [at the same time as my kids] but I think this is one I need to say no to.

    Today is our second pre-K graduation [he went to two different schools - sniffle - yesterday was his last day at one] so I best get moving.

    Thanks for sharing your tips!!

  19. Congrats on the new release Mona! Good post today.

    Loved the very last 2 words here. HA! I keep my tote stocked with index cards, extra batteries for my AlphaSmart, a notepad, and a nut bar.

  20. At long last an answer to why hospital waiting rooms are so crowded ... the people are there to watch TV!

    Thanks for sharing the tips, Mona. The cover of your new book is very nice. And the title of the earlier book "Two Brides Too Many" is a hoot. I need to find out more about that one ...

    Nancy C

  21. Mona, finding time to write and then guarding it with our lives is job #1, isn't it? lol

    I'm a creature of habit. Or, I should say that routine works really well for me. I like organization and I like a very specific routine. Obviously, my routine gets whacked all the time by people and situations who don't need a routine, so I have to adjust. I didn't say I have to LIKE it, though! lol

    Too funny about watching tv at the hospital, but very, very true! Twice I've needed a good meeting place in the evening or on Saturday.

    I live in a rural area, and don't have the usual coffee shops for meetings. One meeting was a newspaper interview and I had to drive 20 miles so we could have a quiet place to meet.

    My future daughter-in-law and I have a meeting coming up with a photographer. All three of us work day jobs, and will probably have to meet in the evening, and what better place to meet than in the now-deserted quiet day-room of the elder-care facility??? lol

    I'm serious, but I haven't suggested it to the photographer because he'd think I'm crazy! But if we can't find anywhere else....

    And my future DIL won't think it's crazy. She works there!

  22. Hi, I'm slow checking in this morning because I am nervously waiting for a phone call for an interview on the radio.
    Why does time CRAWL when you're waiting for something and FLY when you've got a thousand things to get done???
    Welcome to Seekerville, Mona. Great post.

  23. PS, I always pictures Belle Tanner from The Husband Tree as looking like Dr. Quinn.

  24. What a great post! Thank you for sharing with us!
    Isn't it weird how Jane Seymour still looks just like she did on Dr. Quinn? I'm amazed every time I see her jewelry commercial. She needs to sell face cream instead of jewelry, lol.

  25. Mona - I am SUCH a believer in "wedges" of time. This is a fabulous post - and, like everyone else, I HAVE TO laugh at you watching Dr. Quinn in the hospital room. SUPER stuff!

  26. Hi, Mona! That was so hilarious that you went to a hospital waiting room to watch your favorite show!!! Hilarious! I love it.

    This is very timely for me. The last few weeks, I have said yes to way too many things--mostly promotional type things. I am quickly burned out with marketing stuff, and right now I am past burned out and headed toward nervous breakdown territory. It's time for me to start saying no!

    When I don't have any time or mental energy for writing, I get super frustrated. I just need to slow down and let myself write again! Because let's face it. I don't have anything to promote if I don't have time to write!

    We all have other things in life that are important, and keeping a balance is probably the most challenging thing I face. It's hard. But I love to write, so I will make time for it.

  27. Hi Mona, thanks for being with us in Seekerville.

    I can feel your passion for writing and your energy! Plus, your beautiful caring spirit that reaches out to so many in your busy life.

    I'm a big AlphaSmart person! Mine goes with me as well. Often I have to remind myself that a number of short spurts of writing on-the-go can be just as productive as longer times at the computer.

    Thanks for energizing me today. My schedule's full, but I will get pages written!


  28. Oh, what a great post. Loved Dr. Quinn, love your hunt for a TV. What a fan!

    Looking forward to reading your books.

    This makes me feel better about the fact I told my son that I will be working on my book this summer and therefore must schedule out my time and days to be with the grandchildren accordingly. Grandma Juju actually said that!

    Peace, Julie

  29. Greetings from Arizona, all. I'm excited to be back at Seekerville! Had a workout, quiet time, and oatmeal. Mind if I hang out with you all a bit before my shower? We're all friends here, right?

  30. You all are up and at it this morning. I'm reading through your comments and loving them. I agree, WaterBrook did a great job on the cover. Natalie, how's the procratinated synopsis coming along? Ruth, thanks for the laugh. I do remember seeing Jane Seymour in the background. :)

  31. Hi Mona:

    I’m a big fan of not showing the face of the hero or heroine on a cover. This way the reader can imagine the character in any way she wants to. I don’t think most marketing people will agree with me. I sure like your cover. (If I see the hero’s face on the cover, I know for a fact he’s not me!)

    The best writing time saver will always be knowing what you are doing. The first time you build a sailboat in your garage it could take three years. After building four or five boats, you may be able to get this time down to just three months.

    This fact makes time saving tips unequal. The experienced author has all the advantages.

    Next, you need a plan and you need to work that plan. This way you can work on bite-size jobs that just fit the marginal time available.

    Imagine being a pantser shipwright? You start construction without knowing what the boat will look like or whether it will even float? (You can’t even have your wife painting the doors if you don’t even know if it has doors!)

    I think procrastination and pantserism kills more time than all the possible interruptions that could happen. Beware: this view is not universally accepted yet.

    I never missed Dr. Quinn because I liked hearing Jane Seymour speak. She seemed so intelligent and that made her extra sexy. However, I did find it hard to countenance that Fabbio wannabe guy but looking at Jane made it all worth while.

    Question: Is it a spoiler or can you tell us why the bride wore blue? (I hope she's not sad.)


    P.S. I think it is very apropos that a writer would go to a hospital to watch a medical show. That’s the soul of a writer.

    P.P.S. Oh, yes, I’d love to win a copy of “The Bride Wore Blue” – I can 'see' my dream heroine right now.

  32. I totally enjoyed the Dr. Quinn series. I would be interested in reading your book then!

  33. Congratulations on your new book. It looks like a good one.

    Jodie Wolfe

  34. Hi Mona!

    Ahh, Sully! I was in college when Dr. Quinn was on and two friends and I wouldn't have missed it. We'd each get a pint of Ben and Jerry's ice cream and settle in we called it Ben, Jerry and Joe night. We went so far as to write his publicist and each got an autographed picture.

    Anyway, enough about our Sully obsession. You're so right about finding wedges of time, especially when the things interfering with writing time are things you can't say no to (or you risk a pink slip if you do). But even this week while at a conference I was able to get a bit of plotting done while stuck in a seminar on something that has absolutely nothing to do with me. And I made the panelists feel good because they thought I was taking copious notes. :o)

  35. Stephanie, I love it when those opportunities arise. Have fun with that new hour before work every morning. Julie L, thanks for the lake house story--what a hoot. Connie, my AlphaSmart sat around unused for a few years. Now, it's my favorite tool for drafting chapters.

  36. Jeanne T, juggling life with writing is no easy task that's for sure. Sounds like you are on the right track though, learning to say no and reevaluate priorities.

  37. Kirsten!!!! Jodie!!!

    I've missed you,dudettes!!!!

  38. Pam, "routine gets whacked." LOL. Thanks for the laugh at such a frustrating truth!
    Mary, I hear you. Yesterday, I did the waiting thing for a radio interview. I'm sure you did great.
    Donna, about Jane's ever-young appearance...wondering when that commerical was filmed. Just makes me feel better to ask. :)

  39. So, Mona, you've already unwittingly given us a peek into your writing day. What happens next???

  40. Melanie, I'm so thankful my post was timely for you. I can so relate to being overwhelmed by promotional activities that can get in the way of writing. God's best to you in your "comeback."
    Debby, energizing you has energized me this morning. Thank you.

  41. Julie, I appreciate your interest in my novels. Happy reading and writing, Grandma JuJu!
    Vince, you'll have to jump into Vivian Sinclair's story to find out why she wore blue.
    Kristen, LOL! Jerry and Joe night! I love it. That's what was missing--the Ben and Jerry's.

  42. What happens next, Tina? Twice a Bride, the 4th and final book in The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Series releases in October. I'm currently writing the 2nd of 3 novellas that serve as a prequel to my next series. Next month, I take off on a Colorado road trip book tour where I have several events lined up in Colorado Springs and Cripple Creek for Donkey Derby Days. :)

  43. Mona, you are one busy lady!

    Oh, I know we all are, but your list of "what's next" made my head spin.

    My biggest enemy is procrastination. That and allergies making my head fuzzy. Since I set my own schedule, I really need to discipline myself to keep distractions to a minimum. I may need to apply your wedges principle to keep those distractions under control...

    Oh, and I never watched Dr. Quinn (gasp!), although I catch reruns once in awhile during laundry-folding time. The show was on during our early homeschooling years when I was working evenings at our local library. I didn't watch any TV during that time.

    Not even ER. Can you imagine?

  44. Hi Jan,
    Thanks for reading the post. Procrastination is an enemy to us all. So is allergies, which is a big problem here in Arizona too. (: Let me know how my wedges principle works for you.
    Happy writing!

  45. Thanks Tina! It's nice to know I've been missed. I was swamped finishing up graduation requirements for my son. After 16 years of homeschooling, this chapter in my life finished last week on my birthday - May 11th. Now I'm ready to start full-time writing. I'm excited.

    Jodie Wolfe

  46. Hi Mona,

    So glad to learn about this series! Don't know why I've missed out on them, but they sound great. Is it best to read them in order, ie. do the characters overlap?

    Thanks for the memories of Dr. Quinn & Sully. That was such a good show.

    Wedges of time - I usually use spare time in cars (waiting for children) to catch up on my reading. Writing for me is best done at home.

    It's a long weekend up here in Canada. Got to get some dreaded gardening done. The weeds have gone amok now that pesticides are banned.

    Take care & I'd love to be in the draw!


  47. Thanks, Tina!! I've been in and out of Seekerville, but hoping to become a regular again!

  48. Hi Susan,
    I so appreciate your interest in The Sinclair Sisters books. The series premise is four sisters coming west from Portland, Maine and their various experiences. Each book can be considered a stand alone, but the advantage to starting with TWO RICH FOR A BRIDE is that the foundation is laid for their journey and in each successive book, you catch up with the sisters featured in previous stories.
    Happy gardening and happy writing! Oh, reading too. :)

  49. Ruthy, this, for sure, is in the Bible:

    "Neglect not the gift that is within you." 1Tim 4:14

    That's gluing my fingers to the keyboard. ;)

    Thanks for the encouragement!

  50. BTW, all this talk about 'wedges' is sending me images of multi-layer chocolate cakes and wedges of shortbread, lol. Makes those 'wedges' of time even more sweet.

  51. Hi Lyndee,
    Thanks for sharing 1 Timothy 4:14 with us.
    A wedge of shortbread sounds real good about now, and I have the cup of Good Earth tea to go with it. :)

  52. I was going to ask you if the books are set in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

    I'm just a wee bit south of Denver.

    Jeanne who posted earlier is in the Springs area.

  53. BTW I want you to know I never saw Dr. Quinn but last night I fell asleep trying to figure out if Billy Ray Cyrus was her side kick or if I imagine that.

  54. A vacant hospital waiting room? I'm not sure whether to be impressed or afraid.

    Making the most of the moments I have is the only way I find I get the things I say I want to do done. Great post!

  55. Writers will go to almost any extreme to research and gather info... but a hospital waiting room??? Love it! (I adore Dr. Quinn, too. I'm so happy there are still reruns.)

    I'd say my passion quotient is 9.5 -- there are few things that I'd choose over writing except perhaps a family emergency. (And baking because we're out of cookies is *not* my idea of an emergency!)

    I prefer long uninterrupted blocks for any writing, but I like your idea of snatching the smaller chunks for the less demanding aspects. There are always lots of those and it's tempting to waste them because they don't seem long enough for me to get into my space.

    Great post today! Thanks, Mona.

  56. Hi Patricia. Hi Carol. Thanks for reading the post. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  57. Lovely post, I'm a huge Dr. Quinn fan too!

    My mom read your latest book and loved it!

    Finding time to write is definitely tough! I am definitely going to have to work harder to make time :)

  58. I'm at a writer's retreat now with Erica Vetsch. We're in a Bed and Breakfast called the Blue Belle Inn in St. Ansgar, Iowa and it's so so so so beautiful.

    I dont' want to go home.

    The owner Sherrie Hanson is an ACFW member, which is double super cool and she has writer's retreats here! I want in!!!

  59. Faye, say "Hi!" to your mom for me. I'm glad she's enjoying my Sinclair Sisters.

    Hu, Mary, we are all so jealous. The B&B sounds lovely.

  60. Yeah, we ARE jealous!!!! Bring us back pictures.

  61. Ruthy, im being quiet, yes I loved OUAT, it was really good.
    I went to bed early last night cos I got the dreaded cold and felt bad. but I also have to quietly tell you in 2 days I have finished book 2 and 3 in the men of (you know where) series and started yuletime what ever last night. See me sick me cant think.

    Oh I think you may be a crazy American but I love you anyway.

  62. I forgot to say if I got married and had a girl I was going to call her Michaela.

  63. Mona, welcome to Seekerville!

    You're so right about prioritizing. Without that I can't get anything accomplished. There are so many things I should do and so many I'd like to do, but I also want to continue my writing. It's so easy to get pulled in all directions at once!

  64. Hi Mona and its nice to see you here in Seekerville, arent these gals something else. I have bee reading your sinclair sister stories and love them everyone.
    Mary I loved that "Belle" character she knew how to get things done.
    I did not watch Dr Quinn show, I was more Little house on the prarie type. thanks for your post -interesting thoughts of your work. it is good work so just keep on doing what you are doing.
    Paula O(

  65. Great post, Mona---and since I've struggled for years with time management and setting priorities, I'll be re-reading this post many times. ~ Thanks for visiting and sharing with us today! ~ Also, sorry I'm so late stopping by, but I'm on a weekend trip with my husband to FL, and just am getting on my laptop after a full day! Blessings, Patti Jo

  66. I've been editing off and on all day, and just now caught up on the comments.

    Lyndee, keep those wedges away from me! lol

    Oh, they're virtual?

    Bring 'em on, girl.

    I wonder if it would be a bad idea to go to google images and look up luscious chocolate cake?

  67. Hi Cara. Hi Pam. Thanks for reading the post.
    Patti Jo, I'm glad you're finding enough help in my post to want to read it again. Sweet.

  68. Hi Paula,
    It's always fun to meet a fan. I'm glad you're enjoying the Sinclair Sisters. I can't wait for you to meet Father in Twice a Bride.

  69. Thanks, again, for the Seekerville invite. I've enjoyed my day with you all.
    God's best to each one of you!

  70. Mona, the synopsis was finished as of 2:00 a.m. the day of this post! Yay! A little polishing tonight, then submitting it for a critique. Very excited. I know next to nothing about writing synopses (plural sp.???) and am excited to learn! Thanks for asking!

  71. I find it very hard to say NO to people.

  72. GRANDMA JUJU!!! Oh, I feel SO much better now, JULIE H.S.!!! GJJ is what I go by with my new grandbaby and since I am so new at it, I feel silly saying it sometimes, but it sounded so cute when you said it, so now there are definitely two of us!! :)


  73. What a wonderful blog post! I had tears of laughter falling down my face as I read about your trek to the hospital to catch Dr. Quin! What a perfect idea! My sisters, mom and I love that show. We are fortunate to have a grandmother who will loan us her whole box set of Dr. Quinn on DVD when we have that craving.

    As an aspiring writer myself, I want to write, write, write so I can hone my skills. Being a college student has definitely prevented me from writing for far too long. This was a great post to get me motivated to find those extra spare minutes I have to write! Thank you for all of the great tips. I think I may have to copy them down and start practicing them myself. ;)